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Motto: "Because the Bible, totalizm, as well as the evidence presented in item #F11 from my web page 'soul_proof.htm', unanimously and consistently prove that man is a living soul, keeping one's soul at health and protecting it from acquiring "illnesses of soul" by practicing the beliefs, commandments and behaviours required from us by God, will cause that our whole body will also be automatically maintained in the same health as our soul."


Although religions have taught us for millennia that people are NOT just bodies, but also souls, today's "official atheistic science", as well as one of its disciplines - i.e. the "official atheistic medicine" stubbornly deny the existence of souls. After all, they are based on the old and shockingly erroneous assumption of the official atheistic science that the gravitational field is a monopolar field, similar to electric fields and to pressure fields, i.e. in which monopolar field all its manifestations are occurring in the same space showing only a single set of attributes, components and the laws governing over it, and hence in which space the soul with different characteristics and consistency than the body could NOT exist. As a result, all methods of healing used by today's "official atheistic medicine" equally erroneously assume that there are only "illnesses of the body", and thus limit their healing activities to materialistic treatment exclusively as if for illnesses of the human body. Fortunately for our civilization, in 1985 the author of this post and the web page named "soul_proof.htm" (from item #F11 of which this post was adopted) has developed a completely new and still the only true Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - findings of which provide scientific and philosophical foundations for the entire content of the web page named "soul_proof.htm". Because this theory has proved that the gravitational field is a dipolar field (means NOT monopolar - as deceptively the official atheistic science tells mankind), hence similarly like the dipolar magnetic field, gravity also has two poles - i.e. has the "Inlet" pole (I) and the "Outlet" pole (O). In turn what in our world is called "gravitational pull" actually is the "concentrically compressive dynamic pressure" present in every dipolar field - i.e. it is the same kind of "dynamic pressure" which to the delight of onlookers (e.g. delight of scientists who do not understand hydrodynamics), among other things, is able to keep ping-pong balls in streams of water ejecting from water fountains. Thus, my theory of everything reveals to us scientifically, that regardless of our "physical world" which represents the "Inlet" (I) for the gravitational field, the second "Outlet" pole (O) of the gravitational dipole is hidden in the "second world" with features completely opposite to ours physical world - which my theory of everything calls "the counter-world", while the religions and folk wisdom call it that "other world". In turn, in order that the mass of each object from our physical world is balanced in a dipolar manner, in this counter-world there must be a counter-material duplicate of each object from our physical world. Following this line of scientific inference, my Concept of Dipolar Gravity gradually discovered and then formally proved that every object existing in our physical world, including all of us humans, is just a kind of "hardware" for which there exists in that other world the "software" operating each of the objects from the physical world. This "package" of software assigned by God to each object from our physical world, religions call with the term "soul". (I have provided my formal scientific proof for the existence of human souls in item #G2 of the web page named "soul_proof.htm".)


Since, according to the findings of my Concept of Dipolar Gravity, man consists of a hardware body, and the software's soul that manages over this body, if in this double system of "the human body and soul" something e.g. breaks down, then the illnesses which after that break down reveal themselves must be classified into at least two distinct basic categories, namely to (1) "illnesses of the body", and to (2) "illnesses of the soul" - which situation displays a close similarity to today's computers where there may also be (1) the "deterioration of hardware" and completely different from it (2) the "damage of software" (e.g. due to action of so-called "computer viruses"). Thus, the permanent cure of each one out of these two categories of illnesses will require the use of completely different beliefs, principles, methods and tools. Unfortunately the "official atheistic medicine" treats all illnesses equally, as if they all were "illnesses of the body", and thus as if all of them could be cured with material medicine and methods - which situation in fact is an equivalent of, for example, attempts to repair damages of software in today's computers with the help of only screwdrivers and soldering irons. Although my own experience indicates that the official atheistic science and medicine, busy with defending its highly profitable monopoly for research and for education, voluntarily is NOT going to change its views or methods of acting, it is about the time that we, means "victims" of errors, distortions and lies of this official science and medicine, began to understand that there are two drastically different types of illnesses, and thus there is also a need for the use of two completely different kinds of their treatments. Namely, only "illnesses of the body" can be treated with material methods - which the present "official atheistic medicine" only recognizes and uses. In turn for the "illnesses of the soul" it is necessary to develop and introduce completely different "non-material" methods of treatment, which are like equivalents to "fixing" of software problems from today's computers - these "non-material" methods I will indicate and briefly explain in a further part of this post (and item #F11 from the web page named "soul_proof.htm").


As it turns out, until today it has already been possible to identify a lot of "illnesses of the soul" - means these ones for the permanent healing of which it is necessary to use "non-material" beliefs, principles, methods, tools, etc. If these "illnesses of the soul" are NOT healed, or are cured incorrectly, then they can be as deadly as "illnesses of the bodies", only that usually they kill after they reach 100% level of their advancement - which, for example, for some among these illnesses resulting from the deficiency of the so-called "moral energy" is manifested by a drop to zero of the level of moral energy accumulated in the soul of a given intellect (thus liberating the phenomenon of so-called "moral suffocation" described, for example, in item #D4 from my web page named "parasitism.htm"). In addition, to these illnesses can fall victims both, individual intellects (i.e. individual people), as well as entire group intellects (i.e. the entire factories, nations, states, and even civilizations). Only that depending on whether they are troubling individual intellects, or group intellects, the same "illnesses of the soul" are called by different names. For example, what is called the "psychological depression" in an individual person, in a group intellect may be called the "economic depression" or the "corruption" - some among the murderous effects of 100% level of advancement of which corruption, in Polish I described in item #E3 from my Polish web page named "pajak_dla_prezydentury_2020.htm" (the English language version of which description is available in item #E3 from my web page named "pajak_for_mp_2017.htm"), and also in post number #269E to blogs of totalizm (note that the post #269E is published in "volume V" of the publication [13] containing all my posts to blogs of totalizm, and disseminated in the safe PDF format through the web page named "tekst_13.htm"). One of the symptoms that a given country, or even the whole civilization, is already on the verge of "moral suffocation" (while countries that have already fallen down to such a low level of their "moral energy" in today's world is quite a lot), is that virtually nothing constructive can be done in it to improve the situation of its inhabitants, hence everything is only "debated", quarrelled and promised in there, but any actual action for various reasons ceases to be possible in such countries. So it remains only a matter of time, when is to start in them whatever I described on the web page named "2030_uk.htm", while is illustrated in the YouTube video (in Polish) entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (which title can be translated as "The Great Purification of 2030s") available via the addresses: . In turn the "illness of the soul", which in an individual person is to be called the "demonic possession", in the group intellect may be called, for example, the "hysteria of crowd" - an example of which hysteria I described, among others, in item #C5 of my web page named "nirvana.htm".


Most commonly known group of "illnesses of the soul" affecting individual people includes, among others, (1) all so-called "mental disorders". For example, practically everyone has already heard about "psychological depression" - means the most devastating out of these "mental disorders", which due to the erroneous way of today's treatment with methods designed for "body illnesses" excessively and unnecessarily often ends in the death of its victim. The results of my research reveal that "psychological depression" results from the deficiency of the so-called "moral energy", which "moral energy" in human souls fulfils the same role as oxygen fulfils in physical bodies of people - it is why about this depression, and about the effective way of its permanent treating, I try to educate people, among other things, in items #E1, #E2, #C3 and #D2 from my web page named "parasitism.htm", in items #D10, #D9, #D4 and #E5 of the web page named "totalizm.htm", and in item #C6 of another web page named "nirvana.htm". To the illnesses of the soul also belong (2) "all addictions" - including all types of drug addictions (also resulting from the loss of moral energy through its wasting, combined with the lack of willpower and putting to the practice the erroneous beliefs and lies). The illnesses of souls include also (3) all memory losses - e.g. "Alzheimer" and, for example, "Parkinson" (about the fact that "Parkinson" is also an illness of memory depending on "forgetting", means on cutting off access to this part of the memory of the soul which contains programs that control the movements of the body, reveal us the functioning of the soul); and (4) "illnesses of uncontrolled reflexes" - for example those in English called "Tardive Dyskinesia", "Myoclonus", "Hyper-activity", "Tics", etc. In addition, they include (5) all "allergies" - which today's doctors wrongly consider to be purely of a "material" origin - only because they generate clearly visible material manifestations (as indeed all other "illnesses of the soul" do). There are also illnesses of the soul the recognizing of existence of which today's official atheistic medicine is still refusing - one of them, still unrecognized by the official science (although recognized and treated by religions) is the so-called (6) "demonic possession" more comprehensively described in item #F5 from the web page "soul_proof.htm". Of course, there are numerous further "illnesses of the soul" than just these listed above, but only for naming and briefly describing all of them I would have to publish a whole long separate web page.


All illnesses, i.e. both the "body illnesses" as well as the "soul illnesses", are the result of either (A) actions based on lack of knowledge or on lies, or (B) actions based on knowing but ignoring correct knowledge and truth. For example, if one has sex with a person who lies that he/she is physically healthy, while in fact he/she has, for example, AIDS or syphilis, then one may be infected with this dangerous illness of the body. Similarly, if one believes in the lies of official atheistic science, that supposedly God does NOT exist, then one acquires beliefs, attitudes, customs, likes and dislikes, etc., which corrupt his/her "moral skeleton" and hence which lead straight to serious "illnesses of the soul". Or, for example, if one hears current WHO warnings that "an industrially processed food is harmful to health", however, the truth of these warnings is ignored and one still stuffs own body with only food that supermarkets sell in cans and nice packaging well concealing tiny and almost an unreadable long list of chemicals that this food contains, then at an early age one may die, for example, due to cancer, instead of dying many years later due to an old age. Similarly, if one reads my publications warning that only maintaining a high level of accumulation of the so-called "moral energy" in the soul protects us against many "illnesses of the soul", but this knowledge and truth is ignored and one mindlessly deflate the level of his/her moral energy with e.g. narcotics, then one may quickly die due to "moral suffocation" initiated by the "psychological depression". So the keys to health of both, the soul and the body, are: "searching for the truth" and "increasing the right kind of knowledge". Unfortunately, learning the truth as well as having the right kind of knowledge in present times of lies and "political correctness" just by themselves do NOT have any impact on the increase of our health - if the truth and knowledge are NOT turned into action of doing "good deeds" (i.e. turned into morally correct behaviours and doing what is required by God). After all, every action just by itself, depending on the beliefs, attitude, reason, etc., with which it is implemented, can both, cause health, or cause illness. For example, if one believes deeply that some harmless pills will heal him/her, then the act of eating these pills will cause the so-called "placebo effect" - which will actually give health to one even if these pills are, for example, from ordinary flour. Similarly, if one deeply believes that something is poisonous to him/her, then the act of eating it may cause that this something actually poisons him/her - even if it is also just an ordinary flour. (That is why, for example, those people who believe in ghosts, see ghosts, those who believe in Satan, experience Satan, those who believe in the bad luck of a black cat are actually unlucky when such a cat runs their way, those who believe in a good talisman, that talisman brings them happiness, etc.) Therefore one have to learn how to distinguish between the types of faiths, attitudes, reasons, goals, etc., which are the bearers of good and health, from those types which are carriers of evil and illness. In turn learning this distinction requires that we constantly expand our knowledge and seek the truth, including through learning the commandments and instructions from the Bible, listening to the whispers of our conscience, learning e.g. the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm, etc. These are the sources of knowledge and truth which teach that if, for example, something is done with the wrong attitude (e.g. that we do it only to make ourselves rich), then instead of protecting us against body and soul illnesses, this doing will only push us into illness. In turn, the production of the same goods, however made with our motivation to love our "neighbour" and to help our "neighbours", will increase in us the level of moral energy, and improve the health of our body and soul. If, therefore, in one's actions one starts to obey what I am explaining here, thus continually implementing into action the beliefs based on the Bible and on whispering of conscience, then he/she may be able to self-cure even the most unpleasant illnesses of the soul or body - if these belong to the "curable" category.


There is one unique "illness of the soul" - for the discussion of which I have prepared this post and the entire item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm". In English it is called the "Foreign Accent Syndrome", abbreviated to "FAS" - see the addresses: . I am discussing it in more detail here, because this particular illness of the soul (a) is so spectacularly striking everyone's eyes, and at the same time it is characterized by such symptoms that it is impossible to pretend that its existence is not noticed, while at the same time if one recognises of what is described in this post, its symptoms immediately make one sure that it must be derived from some kind of "illness of the soul" (means NOT from the "illness of the body"). In addition (b) this illness has already been recognized by the "official atheistic medicine and science". Hence, the medicine and science will NOT be able to "turn away from it" in the future, claiming e.g. that this illness is only a product of the imagination and in fact it does NOT exist (as this science unofficially refers, for example, to all cases of "demonic possession"). What's even more interesting, (c) the mechanism of this illness described below contains in itself, and thus also automatically discloses to us, the beliefs, methods and tools with which it should be healed. In addition (d), this illness provides us with obvious and verifiable to everyone empirical evidence for a number of facts and truths so far deliberately ignored, concealed, or negated by official atheistic science and medicine. In turn these facts and truths reveal and prove to us, among others: (d1) that God exists, (d2) that the soul exists, (d3) that it is in the soul, NOT in the body, that is contained the entire essence of our personality, all the memory of our life, and programs of all skills that we have learned and applied in all our life; while our brain is only a kind of "transceiver" (i.e. input-output "terminal") that allows the communication between the physical body and the soul - for details see subsection I5.4 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5]; or see the video (in English) entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" available at the address , (d4) that aging of people occurs in the "reversible software time" - which the reversible "human time" allows God to repetitively move us back in time to years of our youth, (d5) that for the correct upbringing sake, God lets us through the physical life more than once sometimes in a completely different country than our present one, etc., etc. - all of which are truths and facts denied, concealed and criticized by today's atheistic science and medicine. A wider list of these facts and truths revealed to us and confirmed by the "foreign accent syndrome" is indicated and discussed near the end of this post, and also in item #E4 from another my web page named "prophecies.htm".


The symptoms of this enormously educational "illness of the soul" (so far described only in English and called the "Foreign Accent Syndrome"), i.e. the symptoms described further down in this post, cause that the person who acquired this syndrome suddenly starts talking with a heavy foreign accent, and that he/she is NOT able to get rid of this foreign accent in an equal sudden manner (or more strictly, that today's official atheistic medicine is NOT able to cure it permanently). How these symptoms manifest themselves, as well as a number of further features of this syndrome, one can study from YouTube, looking in there, for example, at the available from June 13, 2018 short, because only around 13-minute long Australian video (in English) entitled "The women who woke up with foreign accents | 60 Minutes Australia", disseminated via the address: , or by searching on YouTube or on the internet for other videos about this syndrome through the English keywords: foreign accent syndrome (e.g. via the address: ).


This sudden acquisition of a strong foreign accent by a person who has never studied a given foreign language and never in the current life was in a country the accent of which he/she suddenly acquired, and who previously spoke its native language perfectly, provides us with a whole range of empirical evidence for truth and facts, which the official atheistic science refuses to recognise, although which have been described to us for millennia, for example in the Bible, and since 1985, which are also scientifically confirmed by the currently most moral modern philosophy of the world developed by man and called the philosophy of totalizm (i.e. that "totalizm" typed by "z" - i.e. NOT by "s'). For example, the existence of this syndrome proves that the ability to speak is controlled by the programs contained in our software soul, NOT by the action of our brain, muscles, and the tongue configuration in our mouths. After all, the sudden appearance of this syndrome in one moment when only a short (though strong) migraine accompanied it, would NOT be possible if it resulted from a physical change of the human brain and memory, muscles, and from the need to re-do the tongue configuration in the victim's mouth - just as wrongly tell us today's atheistic medics. This syndrome is a consequence of accidental redirection of the speech management control to another program contained in the soul, which program was created during the previous passage of a given person through life in a country different than his/her present one.


How this "foreign accent syndrome" arises and works, quite accurately explains my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - especially the part of this theory presented on the web page named "soul_proof.htm". To save the reader from searching for relevant information in broad descriptions of this Theory of Everything (which, by definition, is very extensive, as it concerns practically of everything), I will briefly describe here in numbered items the reasons and mechanisms of the "foreign accent syndrome" and indicate sources of information and evidence which confirm the correctness of my descriptions of this mechanism. Here are subsequent such reasons and mechanisms:


(1) The previously existing already in the human soul source of foreign accent, which this syndrome only restores to work, is the previous passage of a given person through his/her physical life. Namely, the verses of the Bible (more strictly verses 33:25-30 from the biblical "Book of Job") clearly indicate that God passes each person through his/her life at least twice. (The content of the above verses 33:25-30 from the biblical "Book of Job" I have quoted and interpreted in more detail in items #B4.1 and #B4 from my web page named "immortality.htm" - having the look at which I would recommend to interested readers.) In turn my research reveal that this multiple passage through life typically and mainly occurs without the need to repeatedly die - but only due to blocking the previous memory and simultaneously shifting back to years of youth in the so-called "reversible software time" (i.e. in the reversible "human time" in which all living creatures are aging, and which is briefly described on web pages linked by the Polish name of it "nawracalny czas softwarowy" from the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" - e.g. is briefly described in the Introduction and in items #G4 and #D4 from my English web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", while in detail it has been described in my Polish monograph [12] disseminated free of charge via the web page named "tekst_12.htm"). My research also reveals that this more than a single passage of each person through his/her physical life (often reminded to us by God with the phenomenon called "deja vu" - see item #F6 from the web page named "soul_proof.htm"), aims at the best possible upbringing of people into "soldiers of God" that are previously hardened in the fight against all adversities and in a pedantic search for truth and knowledge. However, this turning back in time to the age of youth should NOT be confused with the so-called "reincarnation". Reincarnation, that is, restoring to life again a long time after the death of a given person, is used only in rare cases justified by existing situations (after all, too long awaiting for reincarnation invalidates the skills developed in previous life). From my research it appears that this shifting in time, and also reincarnation, are also connected with simultaneous blocking of automatic (normal) access to stored in the soul the memories and the programs of previous skills of a given person - although these memories and the skills' programs still remain permanently recorded and are (e.g. hypnotically) accessible in the data and programs stored in the soul of that person. My research also shows that most people in each of these passages through their own lives have completely different parents, and often even live in different countries or even on other continents.


(2) In the human soul, the entire memory of all repetitions of a given person's life is contained, as well as the programs of doing of everything that this person has learned in his/her previous passages through subsequent repetitions of his/her physical life. So the next information about the mechanism of work of this syndrome results from the content of the web page named "soul_proof.htm", or more strictly from my findings presented in there, that in fact the most significant essence of all attributes of each person is recorded and programmed into his/her software soul. That is why in the Bible people are described as "living souls". After all, our physical bodies are only types of hardware vehicles that allow for "self-generation" of data and programs contained in these souls. In other words, when someone his/her previous passage through life had in a different country with a different language, then in his/her soul are gradually accumulated the self-written programs which he/she developed for translating into the "spoken language" his/her thoughts originally existing in the "mental language" called "Ulot" (ULT) - the descriptions of which I am to provide below in the next paragraph (3). In turn, these are the problems with these programs for translating our thoughts from the language of "Ulot" to the used by a given person "spoken language", that are responsible for appearance of the "foreign accent syndrome". Because the entire history of each person is permanently recorded in the person's software soul, these translating programs between "Ulot" and spoken language remain in the soul of this person also in times when he/she leads the next life, for example in a different country. So if something causes that the software of the soul, which manages what programs are used for what activities, for some reasons is changed from the present life to the previous one, then the person suddenly (or more precisely "immediately") starts to speak with the "accent" that he/she developed in this previous passage through life in another country. Of course, such a redirection to different software in the soul can NOT be corrected with just a material medicine, but it is necessary to use for this purpose the non-material methods that correct the software of the soul. Therefore, because of the highly erroneous (i.e. atheistic and material only) present view of the world around us, our current "official atheistic medicine" is NOT (and will NOT be for a long time yet) able to permanently heal the "foreign accent syndrome". Fortunately, this syndrome can be healed by methods of curing for "illnesses of the soul". One of such methods, which when additionally supported by other activities, may allow even for self-healing from virtually all "curable" illnesses of the soul, as well as from many "body illnesses", is the so-called "correcting of beliefs" which I described more comprehensively in item #A2.2 from my web page named "totalizm.htm".


(3) Our accent is controlled by a program from the soul which translates into "spoken language" whatever in a completely different "language of thought" (called "Ulot" or "ULT") we in a flash plan in our thoughts that this is what we are to say. This sudden and persistent appearance of a foreign accent when speaking in their current native language proves, in the first place, that there exists in fact yet another one, different from our speech, discovered by me in 1982, an important "language of thought", which I named "Ulot" or "ULT" (from the English "Universal Language of Thoughts") - this is why, apart from this post, the "foreign accent syndrome" I also described in item #E4 from my other web page named "prophecies.htm", in which I also discuss in more detail the language of "Ulot" (ULT), its meaning and use, and the evidence for its actual existence. Therefore, the appearance of the "foreign accent syndrome" originates from the occurrence of shift in the execution control from our souls, i.e. shift from the normally required execution of the program currently developed and used in the present life for translating thoughts from the language of "Ulot" to the "spoken language", into the ill-execution of another similar program which, however, was self-programmed during our previous passage through the physical life taking place in a country other than at present - for more details see item #E4 indicated above from my other web page named "prophecies.htm".


(4) People for many years know about the need to separate the "spoken language" from the "language of thought" (i.e. for example, separating "English" from "Ulot" or "ULT"). This knowledge results directly from long ago developed principles of the practically most effective formulation of communication between software and physical objects with which this software communicates - i.e. from the knowledge already accumulated by a modern discipline called "Software Engineering" (in which discipline NOT long ago I have worked as an university professor). For example, programs from today's computers "think" in "binary language". However, in order to communicate with people, these programs use procedures for translating the binary language to one of the "programming languages" understood by people. So it is obvious that since imperfect and fallible people have already been able to discover and implement the truth that the language in which they think, for practical reasons (e.g. for efficiency and universality) must be clearly separated from the language in which these thoughts are to be communicated, while for the creation of the "bridge" between both languages it is enough to develop and use translation programs (i.e. translators), the more infinitely perfect than us and all knowing God has already made the discovery of this truth thousands of "human years" before us. It is a great pity, then, that it will be many more years before the "official atheistic medicine" clinging to its monopoly recognizes the truth of this discovery and fact - what, however, should NOT stop us, i.e. the potential "victims" of errors and distortions of this official medicine, to begin for our own sake, the recognition of this truth immediately, and then to undertake actions in accordance with this truth.


A lot of information about the operation of the "foreign accent syndrome" (and hence also the hidden information on how this "illness of soul" should be treated) can be obtained from the analysis of the Bible verses. For example, verses 11:7-9 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis" describe how God confused the languages in builders of the Tower of Babel - here is the quote from the New World Bible: "(7) Let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not listen to one another's language. ... (9) That is why it name was called Ba'bel, because there Jehovah had confused the language of all the earth. ..."; or verse 2:4 from the Biblical "Acts", describing how the Apostles were given the ability to speak languages previously unknown to them - here is the quote: "and they all became filled with holy spirit and started to speak with different tongues, just as the spirit was granting them to make utterance." To not go here into longer explanations (for which I recommend to look at above item #E4 from the web page named "prophecies.htm"), I only emphasize that these verses quite unequivocally imply that both the language in which we speak and the so-called "accent" which we have when we learn a language other than our native one, can NOT originate, for example, from the body - means from our physical brain, mouth muscles, nor from the configuration in which we put tongue in our mouth while speaking, but from "programs" contained in our soul, which programs we self-generate when we learn to speak, and which translate our thoughts from the language of "Ulot" (ULT) into our spoken language. For only to the "programs" the Bible assigns the name "Spirit", and only the programs, NOT the whole our body, God is able to instantly transform or additionally expand with just a single "breathing in" them to the body so that they form another fragment of the software from human soul. In addition, these verses induce scientifically relevant questions - for example, is there a detectable in the current situation relationship between adopting by a given person views or beliefs related to those that once plagued the builders of the "Tower of Babel" and the manifestation in this person of the "illness of the soul" depending on some form of "language confusion" similar to e.g. "foreign accent syndrome"? After all, the learning scientifically of the answer to this question would later facilitate a more precise refinement of non-material methods of permanent healing of this syndrome, similar to the "correcting beliefs" method linked from this item.


Please notice here that the evidence indicated above, which confirms the existence and manner of work of the "foreign accent syndrome", introduces also many additional consequences. For example, it is the source of information about various truths and facts, which atheistic scientists and deceived by them today people stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. Let us now present in numbered items (i) to (vii) below the most vital among these truths and facts:


(i) The FAS syndrome clearly proves that any attempts to cure this "foreign accent syndrome" will NOT be effective if these are done with only materialistic methods of today's "official atheistic medicine" (i.e. without taking into account the knowledge stemming from the existence of the language of "Ulot" and the knowledge of soul programs that translate our thoughts from Ulot into our spoken language). In other words, to permanently cure consequences of the appearance of this syndrome it is necessary to redirect (i.e. restore) control over someone's speech back to programs in the soul that were self-programmed during the current passage through our lives (instead of allowing that our pronunciation still continue to be controlled by programs from our soul pre-programmed in one of the previous passages through life, to which programs this syndrome rapidly redirects control over someone's pronunciation). Of course, in order to be able to make such a redirecting of the execution control in one's soul, it is necessary to drastically "correct one's beliefs" - as I explain this in item #A2.2 from the web page named "totalizm.htm".


(ii) The existence of the "foreign accent syndrome" also provides empirical evidence for correctness of the described in items #B4.1 and #B4 from the web page "immortality.htm", my interpretation of verses 33:25-30 from the biblical "Book of Job". The point is that these verses provide an extremely vital information that every person is passed through life at least two times (and hence it implies that some people passed during their previous lives through a different country than in their current life - i.e. that they lived in the country, the accent of which the FAS syndrome reconstructed) - what also means that the "reversible software time" that I discovered and described in my publications listed above actually exists and works for every human and for other living creatures.


(iii) This syndrome also proves that our present "official atheistic medicine" is extremely wrong (and thus lies to humanity) attributing all illnesses to our bodies only. This is because there are also non-material "illnesses of the soul" - as I described it at the beginning of this post.


(iv) "Foreign accent syndrome" also documents that our software soul contains software records of everything that makes us, while our body is only a kind of walking quasi-computer hardware that allows the self-programming of this software soul. In other words, this syndrome proves that the "soul" is NOT just an abstract name, which religions often use without providing explanations with the use of today's terminology of what the soul actually is, but it is a kind of complete "software system" or program "package" that independently from our self-awareness contains also in itself precise data about everything we experienced and we have done in each out of our passages through life, as well as it contains detailed programs of doing everything that we have learned in our passages through "reversible software time" and through all our physical lives.


(v) Furthermore, it reveals that the so-called "group intellects" also have their "collective souls", and that their collective souls are also susceptible to "illnesses of souls". In other words, entire families, institutions, factories, cities, universities, communities, cults, religions, nations, countries, etc. (all of which totalizm calls "group intellects"), also have their own group souls in which they have saved their unique skills, culture, features, behaviours, etc., while the software of these group souls can also be subjected to various illnesses of souls.


(vi) It also provides additional (although indirect) confirmation that we receive "souls" only at the moment of breaking the umbilical cord - as I explained this in item #C6 of the web page named "soul_proof.htm". Namely through illustrating to us, that adding or changing the soul software can be carried out at any moment of time, this syndrome reveals that God "breathes" into us our soul in the most suitable for this moment of time, namely just after we are born and catch our first breath, means at the moment when the umbilical cord is broken. So NOT true is the assumption that we automatically receive souls at the moment of egg fertilization - which moment is the most unsuitable for receiving the soul, but which moment wrongly are trying to adopt and impose onto people various religions, thus harmfully deviating from truth the beliefs of combatants of contraceptives and arsonists of pregnancy termination clinics.


(vii) What is the most important, the syndrome indicated here is also an additional empirical evidence for the existence of God, for the truth of the Bible verses, for correctness of my Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the resulting from this theory currently the most moral philosophy of the world developed by man and called totalizm (i.e. the "totalizm" spelled with "z"), and for the truth of outcomes of the results of my research which I described in this post.


The reader probably have heard the saying "There is no such evil that would not generate some good" and understands also its opposite "There is no such good that would not give rise to some form of evil" - both expressing two deep life wisdoms, scientifically explained by the philosophy of totalizm as behaviours and characteristics of the so-called "moral field". The work of both these wisdoms causes that those ones who caused that now "they carry their cross" in the form of the "foreign accent syndrome" described here, at the same time are giving a favour to the entire humanity by proving with their "illness of the soul" the truths and facts that I described above in (i) to (vii). This in turn means that regardless of the inconvenience or suffering caused by this syndrome, they were also having the honour of being distinguished by God. Due to this distinction, we - that is, other people, should now "keep our fingers crossed" so that some of them take seriously enough the "pursuing of knowledge" which with their inconveniences or sufferings they are carrying out, and thus they will implement in their lives the principles of treatment for "illnesses of the soul" which I describe here, while with their full and permanent curing this syndrome they will illustratively prove to rest of us that souls do exist and that the knowledge about souls can be worked out, expanded and accumulated by inquisitive human minds.


As I have already explained this before, the appearance of the syndrome discussed here is probably the result of practicing a belief in life, the implementation into action of which may be contradictory to the commandments and requirements of God, thus the identifying of its contradictory nature can probably be attempted, for example, on the basis of biblical descriptions of builders of the Tower of Babel. Therefore, non-material self-treatment of this syndrome should begin with the use of the method of "correcting one's beliefs" - described in detail in item #A2.2 from my web page named "totalizm.htm". In this method one should first (I) analyze own beliefs in order to find among them a wrong "belief" which is responsible for the appearance of the "illness of the soul" in the form of this syndrome. This erroneous belief can be known from the fact that probably it will be related to the manifestation of this syndrome (e.g. it will probably be somehow related to a given language, to a given nationality, country, etc.), while its implementation into actions will be contrary to God's commandments and requirements described not only in the Bible, but also for example: prompted to us by conscience, manifested through behaviours of the "moral field", imposed on us by moral laws, realized by the behaviours of moral energy, etc. This old wrong "belief", or/and the way it is implemented into action, one must change into the new belief that is its own opposite or version, which will be consistent with the content of the Bible, promptings of conscience, etc. Then (II) one needs to find a "talent", which will allow to correctly "implement into action" this new belief or the way it is implemented, thus to eliminate their prior incompatibility with the Bible. It is best for the "talent" to boil down to the high level of ability to do some kind of physical work that generates for us a lot of the so-called "moral energy". After all, people troubled by the "illness of the soul" typically "bled out" almost all of their moral energy. In the end (III), with the constant "implementation into action" of the "talent", through which we should altruistically (i.e. in the way deprived of expectations for gaining any own benefits from this) we keep helping our "neighbours" and follow humans in need, thus proving to God that we acquired a permanent habit of behaving in accordance with God's commandments and requirements, and that old wrong acting and old way of implementing of the old belief has been completely removed from our "moral skeleton". Of course, the effort of helping of our fellow humans and permanent acquiring of the correct habit will take much longer time than e.g. swallowing some pharmacy pill. This is why the method described here do NOT yields the "instant" results - to which are used the present impatient people. But the outcomes of it are permanent, it does NOT generate adverse side effects, and it produces simultaneously many completely different outcomes which will turn out to be beneficial in long term.


Because implementing in our actions from everyday life, the wrong beliefs that we hold but are contrary to the commandments and requirements of God, is the most primary cause of practically all problems and illnesses that plague both individual people and the so-called "group intellects", I personally advise those readers who are just experiencing some illnesses incurable by material medicines or experiencing some impossible to eliminate problems, to also try the described in detail in item #A2.2 from the web page named "totalizm.htm" method of "correcting one's beliefs". After all, in contrast to today's "material" medications, this method does NOT form adverse side effects, while with its correct implementation with the elapse of time it may cure almost every curable illness and solve almost every problem. Why, then, do not try it?


In conclusion I should add that some information regarding "foreign accent syndrome" (FAS), as well as regarding the language of "Ulot" (ULT) - the learning about which provides a foundation for the treatment of this "illness of the soul", I also presented in item #E4 from my other web page named "prophecies.htm".


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