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#343_1E: "Nirvana System" as an example of the role of God and people in achieving the perfection of our world of matter (part 1)


Motto of this post #343E to blogs of totalizm: "In order that someday into our 'world of matter' there would have to come a time when the sources of 'evil' would be completely removed from it - that is, when our entire 'world of matter' would cease to experience the cyclical blooms and destructions so notorious for the present struggles between 'good' and 'evil', it is enough if our wise and the righteous God for the required length of time is to systematically detect, identify, analyze, work out, and then skilfully eliminate from our 'world of matter' individual sources of 'evil' - as previously God did it already e.g. in the matter of pre-programming 'moral energy' that selectively rewards only morally performed 'physical work' and thus that is able to replace the current 'money' which promote evil due to non-selectively rewarding everything that is profit-oriented, while as also at the present moment God does it already e.g. in the matter of ensuring that is born among people the idea of the type 'The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money' (which idea in the best way is expressed in the Polish quest movie with English subtitles entitled: 'Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany' - see ) and that this idea is prepared to be implemented on Earth because it will selectively reward with experiencing the 'happiness of 'earned nirvana' only these people who have already done the productive 'physical work' – and thus such Nirvana System will eliminate NOT only 'money' but also all greed as well as all 'evil' resulting from this greed, as the Bible alerts us about it in verse 6:10 from 'First Timothy'." (The summary of an example of a long-term plan and intentions of God, the announcement of which is skilfully encoded into the Bible, while the confirmation of the already carried out completion of this plan and intentions by God in a manner that respects the "free will" previously given to people - means in the manner that God acts in accordance with the method described by the proverb "God helps those who help themselves" (see ), is already provided by the evidence contained in almost everything that is currently happening in our world of matter, as e.g. it is also provided by all the improvements of human bodies described in item #A1 from the web page named "evolution.htm", and as this is provided by the truth of all facts revealed recently by my "Theory of Life of 2020")

#C8. "How" the distribution of responsibilities and tasks in the process of implementing the "Nirvana System" illustrates to us the importance of God and the roles of people in maintaining the development and continuous growth of the perfection of our entire world of matter:

Perhaps the reader is intrigued or wondering about the "de-golding of money" (see ) carried out about half a century ago. That de-golding destroyed the permanent value that for people used to have coins minted from gold (or silver) or have paper banknotes of some countries officially convertible into gold (e.g. banknotes of the Bulgarian Lev). This de-golding of money now allows, for example, that some today's politicians can print as many "paper banknotes" of a given country as they wish, skilfully and covertly impoverishing all their citizens with the devaluation caused by this printing - when they simultaneously corruptly filling their wallets with it. After all, only God can create gold, and only God decides in what amounts this gold can be obtained by every existing country, nation, or people. Hence, the replacement of gold money (or money convertible into gold) with any printed paper or data on the computer, removed it from the hands and from the management of God's absolutely fair judgment - that fairly, wisely and predictably gave gold to every country, enterprise, nation and person proportionately to productive "manual labour" done or generated by the workers and farmers of that country or enterprise, or by the person concerned. There is a vital reason - first discovered by Karl Marx and described in his publications (thanks to which publications his discovery became a permanent achievement of all mankind) why such money convertible to gold from which money is minted or into which it is exchangeable, symbolically represents the quantity of productive "physical labour" (i.e. physical labour of workers and farmers) generated in the territory where this money is used. In turn such removal from the hands of God of this process of balancing the existing money with gold, in fact handed over the present purely paper or computer money into the hands of "evil forces" and corruptible people that are controlled by these "evil forces". In other words, such "de-golding of money" is another (fortunately only temporary) victory of the power of evil in the eternal struggle between good and evil. Those who do NOT believe in the above, should review explanations from several of my web pages, for example from items #G5 and #G3 of the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm", from [2] in item #L1 of the web page "2020life.htm", or from item #J2 of the web page named "stawczyk_uk.htm" (all my web pages explaining "money" from the point of view of God's goals are most easily searched for with the Polish linking web page named "skorowidz.htm" by using the Polish keywords meaning "money non-selectively" in Polish spelled as: pieniądze bezwybiorczo ). After all, that "de-golding of money" and removing "money" from the righteous control of God, caused that in the end such "de-golded money" brought to the whole of humanity the "neo-medieval epoch" (see Table #K1 on the web page "tapanui.htm") symbolically started on 2001/9/11. Later the economic recession and the pandemic of the "coronovirus" that already lasted several years (because it started in 2019 and lasts until today), accelerated and deepened this neo-medieval epoch, thus initiating a gradual collapse and self-destruction of the entire humanity (see the web page "2030_uk.htm"). This in turn, in connection with the fundamental drawback of money causing that money "non-selectively" rewards NOT only the productive "physical works" that bring good and increased wealth, but also rewards a lot of useless mental and office "white collar work" plus they also reward anti-human and anti-nature activities aimed at profit, which directly cause evil and fall, and thus which should actually be punished instead of rewarded, created the situation we now see around ourselves. This situation can be permanently repaired only by completely eliminating "money" from the use on Earth through the implementation of the ideal political "Nirvana System". This "Nirvana System" I have already explained in more detail, among others, from #C7 to #C7b and in the INTRODUCTION of the web page named "nirvana.htm", as well as we also illustrated it with the Polish quest movie with English subtitles entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" - the title of which means "The Nirvana System: World That Rid Of Money", available in Interned for free at the address (note that the English subtitles can be switched "on" or "off" by clicking on icon at the bottom-right of this movie).
In my publications, including here, I described the present problems with "de-golded money" from the point of view of goals and methods of God's action. However, about the same problems some wiser-thinking financiers and economists warn also from the atheistic point of view of today's "official science". Therefore, I would recommend to readers alerted by this matter to watch a 53-minute film with English and Polish narration, entitled: "End of the Road - How Money Became Worthless | POLSKI LEKTOR | Inflacja | Dokumentacja", since 2021/5/13 disseminated for free on the Internet, among others, at (several only English versions of it are also disseminated in there). If the message of this warning-movie was expressed in one sentence, its alarm could be summed up with e.g. the words: help, excessive printing of paper money has already deprived it of value, so there is only a short time left before our entire current monetary system will collapse painfully!

The above-described "de-golding of money" caused a whole ocean of evil on the Earth in accordance with the warning from verse 6:10 of the biblical "First Letter to Timothy" - quote: "For the greed of money is the root of all evil." Of course, our wise and righteous God - the existence of which is still denied by the "evil forces" in spite that the fact of the existence of God in scientifically irrefutable way was proved in 2007 with the formal proof described in item #G2 from my web page "god_proof.htm", predicted long ago that this evil would come. So in order to be able to neutralize this evil and restore peace and balance of good on Earth, also long ago God prepared the phenomenon of "earned nirvana" - which in the event of the appearance in humans the "free will" to carry out the correct implementation of the ideal political "Nirvana System" and then the will to be able to live in peace and justice, will enable the humanity to completely eliminate "money" from use, as I have already described it in more detail, among others, in #C7 to #C9 and in the INTRODUCTION of the web page named "nirvana.htm". After all, for a long time God has been gradually introducing to human souls, bodies and to life in our world of matter various solutions, which systematically and permanently eliminate the most important sources of "evil" - examples of which solutions are described more comprehensively in #A1 of the web page named "evolution.htm". In this way, God gradually perfects our world of matter and eliminates sources of "evil" from it in order to fulfil His long-term intentions and plans, which I summarized in the "motto" to this post #343E. Of course, in order to permanently repair our world of matter and eliminate the sources of all "evil", God also needs the help of people of good will - after all, God cannot "force" people and to "forcefully make them happy" - if out of their own "free will" they prefer to live lazily though increasingly highly unhappily. Hence the goal of this post #343E, i.e. the explanation of the role that God plays, and that should be voluntarily taken also by people of good will, in this gradual elimination of sources of evil from the Earth and from our entire world of matter.

So let us start from reminding ourselves here briefly "how" and "why" this "de-golded money" was placed in the management of the "evil powers" - i.e. these "evil powers" that I described in more detail and documented, amongst others, in #A5 to #A5bc from my Polish web page named "totalizm_pl.htm" or in #A2 to #A2ab from my Polish web page named "ufo_pl.htm" - (parts both of which web pages, unfortunately, I had NO time to fully translate to English, but the reader can translate their non-translated parts using any of these free translation programs available in Internet) - in turn which "evil forces" control the actions of corruptible people that led the humanity to the present situation of impending a total collapse (which we already can see very clearly around ourselves). And so, we all know from history that "money" first took the form of coins minted from precious metals, such as gold and silver that were sought and obtained with a large amount of physical labour. In turn, because these elements were created by God, and also God supervised that their extraction and the access to them by individual nations, countries, enterprises and people was proportional to the productive physical labour involved - which workers and farmers of these nations, countries and enterprises already contributed. Thus, in this initial phase of the use of money in the form of gold or silver coins, money actually was a symbolic reflection of the amount of productive physical labour (i.e. workers and farmers) performed by given nations, countries or enterprises - as Karl Marx discovered and defined it as the first researcher in the world. In other words, money - the amount of which was symbolized by the resources of gold and silver that a given country, nation, company or person managed to accumulate, actually represented the definition of "money" first developed by Karl Marx at the time of convertibility of money into gold, and thus the definition possible to be expressed in the words: "money convertible into gold is a symbolic representation of the amount of productive 'manual labour' performed by the workers and farmers of a given nation or country." (Karl Marx this productive "manual labour" formerly symbolically represented by coins minted from gold and silver or by the gold reserves of a given country, named "the labour of workers".) But then, due to the actions of greedy people (see above 6:10 from the biblical "First Letter to Timothy") the power and rule over "money" gradually began to be taken over by the "forces of evil" in order to be able to unselectively and corruptly reward with money all profit-oriented activities of people (including even activities that should be severely punished instead of being rewarded) - such as from several different points of view I am explaining it NOT only here in this post #343E and in the INTRODUCTION to the web page "nirvana.htm", but also in item #G5 from the web page "wroclaw_uk.htm" or in [2] from item #L1 of the web page named "2020life.htm". The breakthrough in this seizure of power over money by "evil forces" was firstly the replacement of gold and silver coins with paper banknotes and the invention of the so-called "mental (office) work" of "white-collar workers". Then came the removal of the balancing of the amount of printed money by the value of the gold owned by the government, means its "de-golding" (see ) - which completely destroyed the role of money as a symbolic representative of the productive "manual labour" rightly managed by God, and thus opened it to manipulations of corrupt people. This removal of the balancing with gold was first carried out by the communist countries (only with the exception of the lev'a of the then communistic Bulgaria, which was the only country in Eastern Europe that until 1989 maintained the coverage of its lev'a with a gold equivalent - see ). Then capitalist countries also introduced such de-golding. (For example, the USA gave up balancing the dollar with gold in 1971 - when it made a "de-golding of the dollar": see .) In other words, replacing gold and silver coins with printing "paper money" and eliminating the balancing of the number of printed banknotes with the reserves of gold or silver held, the "evil power" removed the ruling over amounts of money from the righteous hands of God and handed it over to corrupt people. In turn, after such a transfer of power over money, the hidden goal of every "sale" and "transaction" in the world became the increase and prolongation of the use of paper (and now also computer) "money" on Earth, created in amounts governed only by the "whims" of corrupt people and non-selectively rewarding all kinds of human behaviour focused on gaining them (including the rewarding also doing "evil" which should be punished but NOT rewarded), in order that such massive use of the de-golded money is to prevent the implementation of God's plans for the restoration of just and selective remuneration of those people who are doing productive "physical labour" performed in accordance with God's commandments. Thus, the only presently viable method of returning money to the righteous rule of God would be to implement the ideal political "Nirvana System" on Earth - which would wrestle away the management of remuneration for "physical work" from the hands of corruptible people and entrust it again to the righteous rule of God implemented on the principles of the growth "tree of life" described in #J5, #J5a and #J5b from the web page named "petone.htm". The manner of this implementation of the political "Nirvana System" is briefly explained on Videos #C7ab available on the web page named "nirvana.htm", and also in INTRODUCTION and in "part #L" of my other web page named "smart_tvs.htm".

The replacement of "money" by "moral energy" planned by God and described in this post #343E, which is to propel the long-term happiness of "earned nirvana" (see the web page "nirvana.htm") - and which in turn allows the development of an ideal "Nirvana System", is only one amongst a number of moves by God that realize to us the permanency and "haw" of the trend that has been implemented for millennia. The long lasting of this trend is confirmed by examples of several other improvements already introduced by God to human bodies and to nature, which I managed to discover and to describe in my publications - for example to describe in item #A1 from my web page named "evolution.htm" and in the publications indicated therein, or described in the post number #316E to blogs of totalizm based on that item #A1 (see #316E in "volume S" from the web page named "tekst_13.htm"). The essence of this trend boils down to the permanent elimination of increasingly more complex forms and sources of evil from our world of matter. This elimination is always done through people, in people, and with the participation of people. And so, firstly God enables people to learn more and more complex forms of evil, and makes people realize what are the sources of these forms of evil, and how with the active participation of people of good will these sources of evil could be permanently eliminated - when at the same time God works out ways to eliminate still others (starting from the most harmful) sources of "evil" on Earth and in our world of matter. On the occasion of this elimination, God also examines and tests the readiness of people for helping God, and the power of their faith in the good intentions and in the people’s benefiting actions of God. For these reasons the process of eliminating "money" described here and in item #C7 of the web page named "nirvana.htm" should be for us NOT only a motivation to stop passively sitting and gazing in TVs at the propaganda of "evil powers" instead of taking actual action, but also it should provide us with a cognitive illustration for such findings of my "Theory of Life of 2020" (see the web page "2020life.htm") as for example: (a) to what boils down each process of permanent elimination of some source of evil, (b) under what conditions and "how" this process can proceed correctly, (c) whether this process could take place without the existence of God and what the role is played by God Himself, while what roles and "how" can (and should) fulfil also people of good will, (d) "how" this process should be carried out, (e) "how" people will be rewarded if they volunteer to participate in this process, (f) "how" people will be punished if they try to prevent the implementation of this process, and also (g) what evidence already known to us confirms that in fact the process of eliminating the most harmful sources of evil is continuously carried out by God since a long time, and what "proves" to us the existence of this evidence. The illustration of these findings of the "The Theory of Life of 2020", in my opinion will be revealed to readers in the best way if they asks themselves the following questions that are indescribably important for the future of people, and then they try to answer these questions on their own in a completely different way (e.g. opposite and atheistic - just as falsely tries to answer them to us the "official atheistic science") - i.e. different to "a priori" way in which I already answered them below in [1] to [7], but at the same time which readers’ way would also reveal the procedure "how" of implementing the subject of a given question and which way is already confirmed by some examples of evidence, e.g. by these the large number of which is indicated and explained in my publications:

[1] Is it possible and achievable to work out and to create an ideal world of matter completely devoid of "evil"? YES it is possible, and there is ample evidence for it. The most convincing examples of this evidence are various material objects, which do NOT break down with the elapse of time. A well-known example of such evidence can be the indestructible bodies made of non-perishable chemical elements (see ), linked in [2] below. In the city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, an unusual bread is baked, which remains edible and non-perishable even after three years - on the Internet one can search for its descriptions with keywords: Samarkand bread to last . Other examples are various devices operating on the principles of "perpetual motion" - which in the past were already built and worked properly until e.g. "modern" (i.e. atheistic) scientists broke them down - e.g. see the forever warming "amphora from Pakistan" described in #E4.2 from my web page "boiler.htm", "Eternal Lights" described in item #F4 from my web page named "artefact.htm", or the non-breakable telepathic so-called "Zhang Heng Seismograph" - the results of my research of which I described on my web page named "seismograph.htm". After all, this telepathic "seismograph" worked correctly and did NOT break down until it was intentionally destroyed by the same "evil forces", which after my rediscovery of the principle of its operation and after describing it in my publications, currently block, disgust and effectively prevent its official research and any attempts to build it. India has a non-perishable iron column that resists rust (see ). In several countries of the world are being discovered steel swords resistant to rust and the effects of time (see ). There are also technical devices built in more "modern" times, which although have NOT proven that they never break, but their operation still seem to be heading towards perfection. Apart from the incredibly durable and reliable sewing machines of the "Singer" company (see ), which work perfectly well in various corners of the world for around 170 years, while even oldest their models are still used until today - thus sometimes can be accidentally seen during various television reports from factories in the Far East or Africa employing the poorest workers, to the group of these "almost perfect" machines belong also some devices described on various my web pages. And so, for example in item #B5.1 from my Polish web page named "tapanui_pl.htm" I described a clock called the "Beverly Clock", which without the need to wind it up works perfectly and indicates the correct time since 1864 until today (means it has been running for almost 160 years). In turn in item #G2 from my Polish web page named "newzealand_visit_pl.htm" I described the "oldest light bulb in the world" which is constantly shining for over 120 years. Etc., etc.

[2] Does our God defined for Himself the goal of creating such an ideal world of matter devoid of "evil" and then of transferring living people into it? YES, God defined such a goal - after all, people themselves, without God's help, nor the randomness of supposed "natural evolution", would NOT be able to develop such a world (the best proof for which fact, is the impossible to appear due to random evolution - but already pre-programmed into our souls and bodies, the mechanism of generating "moral energy" which allows us to experience the "earned nirvana" and to implement the ideal political "Nirvana System" - for an explanation "why" it is so, see (L) from #A3 of the web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm"). Such world devoid of "evil" is described quite clearly in the Bible. After all, already in the initial books of the Bible inspired by God it is explained, that the world of matter that God created from the very beginning was "very good". Unfortunately, later when people spoiled this world, God was forced to lower its quality in order to adjust it to the level of these people who are submissive to "evil forces". After all, for example, this perfect initial world, in which people did NOT die, had NO bacteria or carcass-eating animals that would eliminate bodies of dead people. So when people initiated their dying, such bacteria had to be created, while causes and methods that killed people had to be found. It was probably then that God created the second, less perfect periodic table of "deteriorating", wrestling with each other and fighting chemical elements - which we now know under the name of "Mendeleev's Table", while which, together with the original set of non-perishable chemical elements I described in items #I1 to #I7 from my web page named "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm". In turn, where the descriptions of the Bible are coming to an end, God reassures us that He will once again create an ideal world of matter and will place in there people deserving of eternal life, so that they could live in such a world and serve God for as long as they wish - see verse 21:4 from the biblical "Apocalypse of St. John" - I quote from the NIV Bible": "He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away."

[3] Does our God have the tools and means capable of creating such an ideal world of matter and then maintaining its existence and operation? YES, God has the required tools and resources. After all, our God is the only being that has the knowledge, as well as tools and materials required for this. Namely, God has countless "God Drobinas" obeying His commands - which are the "building blocks" from which God built everything from our world of matter, and God also has "space" in which He placed the newly-created world of matter - i.e. He has as many as four-dimensional "counter-world", into three dimensions of which He built in our world of matter, while the fourth dimension of which He subdivided into thin "pancakes", creating from them individual "frames" as if of a movie in leaps flashing in front of our eyes (while for us this real movie actually is representing the "software model of our world of matter" that I named the "Omniplan" while the empirical proof that our eyes can see fast leaps of its "frames" is explained in items #D1 and #D2 from the web page named "immortality.htm") and which film for both, means for us people as well as for all living creatures, is representing the passage of "reversible software time" - in the fast leaps of which time we experience all life events while the artificially created by God which leaping reversible time is described more comprehensively in item #D3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm" and also in "subsection #G1" as well as in chapters F and G from my Polish monograph [12] (which describes the operation of "reversible software time" and "time vehicles" which I invented in order we could travel through this reversible time - see the web page "tekst_12.htm"). In addition, God also created for His use, and also for the use of Angels and future people, such executive tools as the presence of the program of God in the most-superior, because the twelfth, memory and brain of every "God Drobina" that is the carrier of the "soul" of any being or person with a body of matter, including the soul of every "Fallen Angel" - which enables God to invalidate actions of the owner of a given soul that are inconsistent with God's intentions, as I described it, among others, in (a1c) from (a) in item #H3, in item #H4, and in (5) from item #V2 from my web page named "2020life.htm". Furthermore, God also has the "mechanism managing events of our world of matter and life", which also allow for the implementation or invalidation of the results of all moves and events that confront His will - which I described in item #J5 while illustrated with "diagrams of growth" (trees of life) on "Fig. #J5a" and "Fig. #J5b" from the web page named "petone.htm". Of course, God also controls all forces of nature, which are able to destroy at any moment this or those who violate the balance of "good" and "evil" by acting contrary to God's intentions, while are also able to intensifying the good and life of those who fulfil God's will.

[3a] When I started my research on God with the help of a tool that I created myself, and which to the achievements of this research turned out to be a breakthrough - i.e. with the help of the first in the world "Theory of Everything of 1985" - see the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" (because of hidden attacks, silencing and blockades of dissemination, with which this my "Theory of Everything of 1985" is constantly persecuted by the "evil power" indicated above, I was forced - and still am, to publish it under the initial, different, and not at all reflecting its versatility, name the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"), for me personally the most intriguing questions turned out to be "out of what?" and "how?" God created the contents of our world of matter. This is because I previously experienced and knew that the progress of knowledge of the whole of humanity requires just {a} asking the right questions, {b} finding correct answers to them that represent the objective truth which is confirmed by all these most important and competent "three witnesses" described in (1a) to (1c) from item #H1 of the web page named "2020life.htm", and {c} finding a way "how" to avoid blockades and persecutions unleashed against every truth by the "evil powers" that occupy Earth - when the truth of these answers-found will be disseminated among people. Notice in the above summary of my experiences regarding the advancement of knowledge, that in it I am underlining the words advancing the knowledge of whole of mankind. I do so because the progress of knowledge of individual people, institutions and countries does NOT require the dissemination of truths already established by them - although unfortunately, the principles of operation of history and moral laws confirm that such knowledge and truth concealed by authors and producers is quickly and irretrievably lost for the entire humanity (means the humanity never uses it in the long term). Thus, both ordinary logic and the empirical evidence, unanimously show that also the history of humanity never commemorates the original discoverers of this hidden knowledge and truths, nor commemorates the technologies and procedures "how" that constitute their essence. After all, from antiquity we know many examples of concealed inventions, about which we learned that they existed and that someone has already built them (for their examples see [1] above), but because their procedures "how" were kept secret, their creators and technology of execution did NOT go down in history nor to the enduring heritage of mankind. One of such inventions, about the fulfilment of the fate of which now a lot of information has been collected, is the invention of a kind of ancient "crossbow" confiscated from the Greeks, which was secretly built and used by the army of the Roman Empire, while about effects of sowing mass destruction by which the Romans boasted under the name of "manual ballista" or "Manubalista". Descriptions, photos and films of this "manual ballista" reconstructed just a few years ago from Greek descriptions, can be viewed NOT only at , but also at . But because the humanity learned its technology "how" only in times of using machine guns, ballistic missiles, and also nuclear bombs, learning about the construction and operation of this "ballista" is now useless as it only satisfies a historical curiosity. Nowadays we also have many examples of such secret technologies and inventions. So if we trace the fulfilment of fate of any of them, we will probably see again that their existence will never enrich the permanent achievement of humanity. One of the most famous examples of them in the world today is the secret recipe for making "Coca-Cola" - see . So when I found answers to these two intriguing questions from [3a] about the origin of the contents of our world, it turned out that God formed our world of matter on the principle similar to that present manufacturers of home computers create today's computers. Namely, having at his disposal countless "God Drobinas", each one of which can be compared to the natural counterparts of today's computer "microprocessors", and having a four-dimensional "counter-world", which is like an equivalent of the multidimensional "screen" from today's computers, God created the "software model" of our three-dimensional world of matter (i.e. He created that "Omniplan") in a manner analogous as the "picture" is created on the screen of some computers. In this picture we people are like endowed with self-awareness heroes of a kind of "computer games" or "interactive movies" - means of events quickly flashing in leaps and bounds before our eyes, pre-programmed abruptly into individual "frames" (i.e. "pancakes") of this "Omniplan". The events of this "Omniplan", amongst others, God interactively plays out with our conscious participation and through us, so that with our help He can e.g. accelerate the expansion and increase the number of types of experiences and knowledge through which in our world of matter can now pass these self-aware "God Drobinas" and other living creatures, "souls" of which are contained in the memories of these God Drobinas - as it is explained e.g. in [I] to [VII] from item #H2 of my web page named "2020life.htm". Events of this "Omniplan" God also plays in order to, amongst other things, be able to discover and remove sources of all "evil" that already exist or may appear in the future in the entire universe. Thanks to this, we people also make our personal contribution to the gradual creation of the future universe, which will be completely devoid of "evil", and thus which will NOT have to experience repetitive blooms and destruction about which we know that the existence and actions of evil always cause such blooms and destruction, while the actual occurrence of which in the past is documented not only by human histories, but also by various ancient mythologies concerning the ascent and fall fate of the entire universe - examples of which I am mentioning e.g. in {B} and {C} from item #C6 of my web page named "2020life.htm".

[3b] My discovery of "God Drobinas" described in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page "god_exists.htm" revealed to me also the answer to the second question that intrigued me, namely to the question: "how?" God managed to create a permanent and stable world of matter out of these ever-moving God Drobinas - the behaviour of which is most precisely described by the Greek term "chaos" - see , while each of which God Drobinas is a kind of individual cell of God's "group body". After all, these positive (i.e. adding) male, and negative (i.e. subtracting) female, intelligent "God Drobinas", miniature bodies of which by the appearance are almost identical to bodies of a man and a woman, the only thing they can do is to move in the manner and direction as their brains command them, and also to communicate with each other through movements, telepathy, and light signals. So their execution capabilities are identically limited, as the execution capabilities of microprocessors from present human computers, which also the only thing they can really do is add together two binary numbers - but which various algorithms managing this addition of two numbers were then able to create all these countless abilities that we can see embedded into today's computers. So in a similar manner as later God inspired it in the construction and operation of present human computers, through the use of various effects of mutual elementary movements of these "God Drobinas" and their manners of communicating with each other, God also created this countless separate manifestations, phenomena, sensations and manifestations of living which we now experience in our three-dimensional world of matter, but which are unable to occur in the four-dimensional "counter-world". The key to this creation turned out to be the ability of God to pre-program in the counter-world such movements of "God Drobinas" that they would form permanent "whirls" in the shape of "donuts" - in which individual God Drobinas (i.e. drobinas of weightless and invisible substance, which until the year 2020 previously were called drobinas of "counter-matter", while the old "official atheistic science" until now calls them with the term "dark matter" - see ) circulate along circular paths, while the perpendicular to the trajectory of their closed circuits the axis of their spinning is also formed into a loop that creates a closed circular shape. (In other words, each such a permanent "whirl" in the shape of a "donut" is like a snake that holds in mouth the end of its tail while the entire its body spins around its spinal cord.) In turn how God pre-programmed God Drobinas into permanent "whirls", I described it more comprehensively in my numerous publications - for examples of these descriptions see item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm" and in publications linked in there.

(This entire post #343E would NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #343_2E)


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lut 20 2022 #343_2E: Why and "how" the violation...

(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #343E)


#343_2E: Why and "how" the violation of the balance between good and evil always has to be painfully corrected (part 2)


[4] So why God still delays and does NOT create such an ideal world and does NOT transfer us into it? There are many reasons for this. But if we briefly summarize them, then the most important of them is a kind of tendency to "contrariness" ("defiance") and dislike towards everything that is "NOT ours" or that is yet "unknown to us", which exists in the mentality of all living creatures, while which those who are to live in the perfect world must get rid of voluntarily. It was because of this "contrariness" that the ideally created Lucifer turned against God and tried to take God's place. It was also because of this "contrariness" that Eve from the Bible symbolically accepted from Satan the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil - in spite that both, her and Adam, God ordered not to do it. Etc., etc. The operation of the world of matter can be compared to the operation of some machine - see Films #C8bc below. Hence the sources of any evil that appears in our world of matter are a kind of more comprehensive analogies to the sources of problems with the correct operation of machines built by people. This is why, in His intention to remove these sources of evil, God also acts like today's people dealing with machines. Only that because of the incomparably higher complexity of the world of matter and living creatures as compared to our machines, the detection, development of a method of eliminating, and removing from them every source of evil is extremely difficult, and thus sometimes it takes God as many as thousands of "human years". After all, in order to remove evil, God also (4a) must first allow the evil to reveal itself. This is why God gave people the so-called the free will (see the web page "will.htm") to do whatever they want - including "evil", e.g. in order to be able to determine what kinds of new evil some people reveal with their actions. This is also why God made people maximally imperfect - as I described it in item #B2 from my web page named "antichrist.htm", although God could also create us ideally perfect - as I am explaining it from #A2.12 to #A2.12b of my web page named "totalizm.htm". After the evil is revealed, God needs to (4b) carefully research it. This is why God does NOT always quickly eliminate people who do evil, and sometimes He removes them according to "what" described in verse 22:11 from the biblical "Apocalypse of St. John", while He makes us do the "what" that is described in numerous verses of the Bible ordering us love your enemies means in those verses written, for example, in 5:44 from "Matthew", 6:35 "Luke", 3:9 from "1 Peter" and in several other books of the Bible. In the meantime, God may, among others, also research the evil that these people do, and then analyse the final effects of this evil. Furthermore (4c) God looks for solutions how to most effectively remove this evil completely, then (4d) He gradually pre-programs these solutions wherever they are required - e.g. in the case of evil caused by "money", the solution has already been pre-programmed into the form of "earned nirvana" possible to exist in the bodies of all people. Then (4e) God uses some method to disclose (reveal) to people that there is a solution to this kind of evil. An example of such a disclosure can be my lasting 9 months experience of the happiness of "earned nirvana" and then my drive to gradual development of the idea of the political "Nirvana System" resulting from my habits of a researcher. Further (4f) God allows that the struggles between people who support "good" with people who support "evil", in all people form in their memories records of the history of the action of a given evil and simultaneously intensify the action of this kind of evil to the level when damage and suffering that such evil causes will silence their innate "contrariness" ("defiance"), and thus mobilize them to undertake the developed by God implementation of a permanent method of eliminating this evil - in the case described here through the correct implementation of the ideal political "Nirvana System". Finally (4g), God helps people to permanently implement a method of eliminating a given type of evil - as he did, e.g. after mixing up languages during the symbolic construction of the Tower of Babel and then also in helping people to develop national languages and finally to develop a language with international use (i.e. English).

[5] So is there any way to permanently overcome this tendency to "contradiction" in living creatures? YES there is. The first requirement to eliminate any evil, is to realize that such "evil" does exist, and to learn exactly its sources. But in order to get to know these sources (i.e. to test them), it is necessary to allow this evil to reveal its action. In turn in case of people, in order for evil to reveal its action, people must have an absolutely unfettered "free will" to do whatever their natural inclinations push them to, while neither their evil nor good doing can be prematurely prevented. This is why verse 22:11 of the biblical "Apocalypse of St. John" states what it says. Hence, the most important requirement to create conditions under which people learn the source of "evil" that torments them, is to give this evil a chance to reveal itself and allow people to learn it thoroughly and document it historically, and also to allow God to research it and find a practical implementation of ways with which it can be permanently eliminated, and at the same time giving people who are after good the right to expose this evil and to show others how to eliminate it. So in the case of our world of matter, God fulfils this requirement by maintaining a balance between the power of evil forces and the power of forces of good. This is because in whatever direction this balance is disturbed, the process of research and subsequent elimination of evil cannot be properly carried out. Hence, one of the roles of our God is to use the tools described in [3] above for the continuous maintenance of the balance between the power of evil forces and the power of forces of good. In turn the role of people is to learn from the example of evil that they see around them, and to make efforts to cooperate with God in the permanent elimination of this evil. After all, for as long as humanity does NOT get rid of its tendency to "contradiction" and does NOT prove to God that as a whole it is determined to help God in eliminating the evil that surrounds it, humanity will NOT "pass the exams and tests" checking its readiness to be transferred to an ideal world. This in turn means, that the present one test in the history of humanity, which could be called the "test for Nirvana System", will NOT change anything in its fate, if also this time this test is NOT passed. And let us remember that God has infinite time at his disposal, while we humans only have a rapidly shrinking, shorter and shorter time each, just up to for several dozen years.

[5a] Personally, I am most impressed by the way with which God so programmed all laws governing the reality that surrounds us, that they can restore the required balance of good and evil on the principles of "self-regulation". The effect of "self-regulation of good and evil", described a bit more extensively in items #B3 and #B3.1 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm" was achieved by God by combining all elementary laws of: morality, physics, biology, social lives, etc., into closed cycles through the use of still by humanity unrecognized balancing moral mechanisms that are superior to these laws. As a result, whatever happens that violates this balance of good and evil, some time afterwards it triggers such a superior balancing mechanism which causes an opposite trend, which after some time restores this balance. My philosophy of totalizm describes this reliable operation of the superior balancing mechanism with the use of an old Polish proverb extended into the form of two opposing statements, informing that: "There is no such evil, that would NOT generate some kind of good" (which in Polish states "NIE ma takiego zła co by na dobre NIE wyszło" and which has an English equivalent stating "out of something bad comes something good"), and at the same time "There is no such good that would NOT generate some sort of evil" (which in Polish states "NIE ma takiego dobra, co by NIE wygenerowało sobą jakiejś formy zła") - for descriptions of both these opposite statements see e.g. item #F3 from the web page "wszewilki_uk.htm" or seek other publications with Polish key words from these statements - linked by the Polish web page "skorowidz.htm". In turn examples of the operation of this mechanism in real life can be the moral "Boomerang Principle" or the phenomenon of "totaliztic karma" described on the web page "karma.htm" - in item #F2 of which there is also provided an example confirming that also group intellects (e.g. entire countries) experience karma returns in an almost identical way (but after a slightly longer return time) as karma returns to individual people. Anyway, readers will probably easily notice that today's times are those in which we all experience the operation of this superior balancing mechanism, which after many years of the more and more intensified advantage of evil, now begins the reverse process of restoring the balance of good and evil in a way that the future generations of people will NOT forget nor overlook. What is even more interesting, because the collective consciousness and memory of people has already started to notice and to document the origin of these hidden "evil powers" cleverly and effectively pushing down the inhabitants of the Earth, this reverse process gradually begins to include them as well - to which fact I try to draw the attention of readers e.g. in #A2 to #A2cd from the Polish web page named "ufo_pl.htm".

[6] So on what actions of people depends the demonstrating to God that they have already accumulated a sufficient number of well-remembered history and empirical experiences to voluntarily and by own will remove from themselves this tendency to "contradiction" (defiance)? In order NOT to limit the human "free will", God intentionally limited His actions to causing on Earth only events that people are unable to unambiguously assign to Him, and thus everyone has a "free will" to be able to be led by his/her "contradiction" and interpret them on his/her own way - for an example see item #C2 on my web page named "tornado.htm". On the other hand, God works intensively in the inaccessible to humans and material beings sphere of pre-programming the operation of "souls" of creatures from matter and the improvement of software that controls the operation of laws of nature and bodies of creatures from matter. But those people who believe in God and have already got rid of their "contradiction", can (and should) make their own contribution to the improvement of our world of matter and to the implementation of long-term intentions of God - of a kind of implementation of the political "Nirvana System" described in my publications. After all, God continually exposes each person to exams or tests, the results of which will decide about his/her future fate. These exams or tests are also formulated in such a way that no one of them exceeds the ability of examined person to pass them morally and correctly - which is clearly announced in the Bible (e.g. see verse 10:13 in the biblical "First Letter to the Corinthians" (NIV): ... God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear ...).

[7] But what happens if people do NOT demonstrate to God that they voluntarily and by free will got rid of this tendency to "contradiction"? Unfortunately, in such a case God will have no choice but to continue the struggle between fragments of humanity that support "good" contra adherers of "evil". The continuation of this struggle will enable the humanity to accumulate further examples of history and empirical experiences that will illustrate to them what happens when people are unable to get rid of their tendencies to "contradiction". In practice this means that adherents of "evil" will continue to use "money", force and violence, so that they please themselves and all others in their own way to "make happy forcefully", while still driven by "greed" will devalue "de-golded money" until the moment when the entire economy of mankind will collapse, moreover will continue to produce plastic until the natural environment is completely clogged with plastic micro-fibres and various micro-fragments while the seas turn into plastic dumps where the life of fish will be impossible, they also will continue to poison water, air, and food until the body of even adolescents will be sick from these poisons already at the time of birth, also pharmaceutical concerns will continue to increase their profits by producing drugs that do NOT heal permanently nor do they eliminate the illnesses, but only by reducing symptoms make the sick patients dependent on constant buying and taking their products to just alleviate suffering through repetitive applying the medicine or its "boosters" practically until the very death, etc., etc. After some time, the accumulation of all these and others forms of human-generated "evil" will trigger the arrival of times illustrated with our Polish film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" - see (the title meaning: "The Great Purification of 2030s") - means the times of fulfilment of the old Polish prophecy described in the INTRODUCTION to "part #H", and also in items #H1 to #H4 from the web page named "prophecies.htm" and stating that the "people will bring upon themselves such a doom and depopulation, that later a man will kiss the ground from joy if he sees the footprints of another human."
Fig. #C8a: Here is a drawing of the starship of my invention called the Magnocraft. Originally it is published as "Fig. #A0" from the web page named "magnocraft.htm" - where a detailed description of it is also provided. Since this starship is going to be built by people, thus similarly to every machine, the first prototypes of it will have many disadvantages and a hidden potential of causing various evil. Thus, it is worth starting to study God's methods described in these #C8 to #C8bc from post #343E, which teach us how our wise and far-sighted God takes on removing defects and on perfecting everything that He already created and will create to the level of absolute perfection.

To the above it is worth adding here, that the starship "Magnocraft" of my invention shown here is also shown on several films that we developed together with my talented friend Dominik Myrcik. For example, without a comment, although after sounding it with the soul-moving song of American Indians, the Magnocraft is shown on the around 4-minute long film entitled "How big is the Magnocraft?" (see ) and on the approximately 35-minute long, commented in English-language film "Future Propulsions" (see ).

Notice also the described in Fig. #L2 from my web page "2020life.htm" an old folklore of "Far East" talking about intelligent and self-aware "soul" imprisoned in some machines, making them "living, spiritual machines" that behave like humans.

The key to constructing a working prototype of the Magnocraft is to build firstly the "propulsor" which propels it - means to build the propelling device of my invention called the "Oscillatory Chamber"- see descriptions of this device on the web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm". The constructing of this "propulsor" would overcome the resistance that UFOnauts put up to the growth of the technical advancement of humanity, and would bring the advancement of human technology closer to the level already achieved by the UFOnauts that are occupying us. With the elapse of time, this would probably also allow us to free ourselves from the occupation, exploitation, and destruction of humanity by "evil forces". Unfortunately, in order to be able to do this, it is necessary to stop believing the official propaganda of UFOnauts disseminated on Earth, who spread so many different lies about every truth that for people who are used to avoiding the use of their own reasoning, logic and wisdom, it is no longer possible to recognize the truths that these lies cover up. Fortunately, God inspires people by revealing a whole range of sources of knowledge, inspirations, and confirmations of the truth as well as the correct line of development, which quite precisely indicate how to build this "propulsor" for the Magnocraft (see web page "propulsion_pl.htm"), and on what principles it works. Some of these sources of knowledge and inspiration, i.e. ancient holy "technical drawings" called "Thangka" (see ) which reveal the design of the Oscillatory Chamber, are shown and described from #H3 to #H3d on my web page named "ufo_proof.htm". In turn descriptions of my invention of the "Oscillatory Chamber" revealing how this propulsor is constructed and on what principles it works, are summarized on the web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm" - while full descriptions of it are provided in "chapter F" from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5] disseminated free of charge through the web page named "text_1_5.htm".
Films #C8bc: Here are examples of educational videos that illustrate the complicated operation of an internal combustion engine - which is still a highly imperfect device that burns "dirty fuel" and causes indescribable harm to humanity and nature. Unfortunately, the improvement of it almost completely stopped, because God allowed the improvement to be taken over by "evil powers" which gave it into the hands of imperfect people who are used to earning "money" and to do only whatever is aimed at achieving personal gains. But because in the "world of matter" the features and operation of the entire reality that surrounds us are very similar to those of a complicated mechanical machine - for example similar to the operation of an internal combustion engine, in order to understand "how" our world of matter works and "how" our God gradually perfects it, it is also worth knowing "how" complex mechanical machines work, and learning procedures "how" for eliminating defects and evil produced by these machines. It is the similarity of both of them, i.e. the mechanical machines and the world of matter that surrounds us, that I try to emphasize in these descriptions #C8 to #C8bc from post #343E. (If you want to watch these videos then click on their starters above)

So I suggest the reader to look at one of the videos showing the operation of a modern internal combustion engine, if he or she wishes to understand various problems of the "how" type, which our God must constantly solve by trying to gradually work out them with the hands of people (but at the same time avoiding breaking their "free will" through e.g. "forcing a happiness into them") the material world which would be characterized by the reign of only good and justice in it, and a complete absence of "evil". For example, I suggest that the reader look at the English-language video: or at an illustrative animation of the operation of such an engine from the address . (I do hope that the reader understands the indescribably significant for the progress of humanity differences between stating "what" and working out "how" - which differences are explained more thoroughly in #G3 to #G5 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm" - because unfortunately even many of today's scientists do NOT understand nor appreciate that "what" can e.g. be repeated by everyone who remembers the required "knowledge" acquired by doing "mental work", but a new "how" can only be earned by those who acquired "wisdom" by performing productive "physical work" while sticking to morally correct motivations.) Then I suggest to consider "how" the reader himself would act having such a flawed motor and knowing well that, like everything else in our present world of matter, this motor also constantly breaks down and has countless flaws that cause various forms of "evil" - meanwhile, e.g. the reader would be in a situation when, for example, he/she would be forced to improve this engine himself/herself to the state in which the engine would be perfectly working, means when it would NOT show absolutely any defects, nor would it cause any evil through its action. After considering this proposal inspired by the findings of my "Theory of Life of 2020" does the reader appreciate the correctness of the divine procedure "how" presented here in #C8 to #C8bc?

Copyrights © 2022 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk

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The above post #343E uses the example of implementing the ideal political "Nirvana System" (the need to implement of which is absolutely necessary for the eternal survival of humanity - which anyone not blinded with "money" can already notice from the direction "towards the abyss" in which our entire civilization is heading) to explain on this example: "how" with the participation of "people of good will" God continually perfects our world of matter with the intention that one day He will completely eliminate all forms of "evil" from it. This post constitutes an adaptation of the content of items #C8 to #C8bc from my English web page named "nirvana.htm" (update of 2022/1/25, or later) and is available, among others, at the following addresses:
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