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#333E: "Awakening prayer" for the times to come


Motto: "So give back to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's." (Bible verses: Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25.)



#W1. The beauty and wisdom of the words of selected prayers:


Similarly as the words of poems can be both beautiful and wise, there are also many prayers with beautiful and wise words. Due to the Internet, we can now find them quickly and easily. Personally, I am most impressed by the life wisdom contained in the initial part of the English-language prayer from 1951 by a certain Reinhold Niebuhr, disseminated under the name "The Serenity Prayer" (see ) - which is translated into Polish as the "Modlitwa o pogodę ducha" (see ). Its beautiful and wise words say: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference" (in the Polish language: "Boże, użycz mi pogody ducha, abym godził się z tym, czego nie mogę zmienić, odwagi, abym zmieniał to, co mogę zmienić, i mądrości, abym odróżniał jedno od drugiego"). It was because of the wisdom and beauty of these words that "Alcoholics Anonymous" adopted this prayer for their own (see ). Of course, in fact, the above "prayer for serenity" is a beautifully summarized essence of the most important goals of praying, expressed in various verses of the Bible.


From the content of the Bible, I am personally very impressed with the wisdom of prayer written in verses 6:9-13 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew". It is usually known to us under the name "Our Father ...". The NIV Bible quotes its words as follows: "(9) Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, (10) your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. (11) Give us today our daily bread. (12) And forgive us our debts, (13) as we also have forgiven our debtors. (13) And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one." Of course, these words are a translation of the original Bible, hence different Bibles may translate them slightly differently. Also when, in my youth, we learned the Catholic version of this prayer in the lessons of the catechism preparing us for the First Holy Communion, its words were also slightly different then (it can be said that they used more "old-fashioned" Polish, which slightly changed the meaning of its content - e.g. consider the old words "Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" with the meaning explained in item #J2.7 from the web page "smart_tvs.htm", used then instead of e.g. the words of 6:10 from KJV: "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven"). Notice that these earlier words contained very important message (e.g. that in order to avoid distortions, collapse and destruction, these are people that in everything should voluntarily implement or copy solutions worked out by God) - wisely coded into these words in the manner that was NOT too easy to be decoded by lazybones, slackers, unbelievers, or careerists of all kinds - as it is described in (1b) from item #H1 of the web page named "2020life.htm", which vital knowledge in the new versions of these verses, unfortunately, has been lost (intriguingly, this repeated loss of essential knowledge and recommendations in modern translations of the Bible looks as if it was intentionally introduced by someone and secretly coordinated).


In the English-speaking culture, including NZ, a short prayer before meals, referred to as "saying grace", is very common (see ). In the past, it was also commonly said in Poland, for example, I remember as my extremely religious grandfather, Edward Dzieciątko, always used to say it. In the Polish language it is known as the "Modlitwa łaski przed posiłkiem" (see ). In fact, each family and even each person can have their own version of it. For example, its words were anonymously composed into the following poem (in Polish) that I found on the internet:

"Boże, dzięki Ci składamy,

za to co spożywać mamy.

Ty nas żywić nie przestajesz,

bądź pochwalony za to, co nam dajesz.



Such prayers, which contain beautiful words and wise thoughts, usually have to be said by reading them. After all, apart from a few of them most frequently recited, such as "Our Father" or "prayer of grace before a meal", we do not remember the words of most of them on a daily basis. And when we suddenly pray for something, we ourselves have to compose the words describing what we are praying for as we say these words. But this does NOT mean that God does not hear us then. After all, as this is revealed to us in verse 15:3 from the biblical "Book of Proverbs" stating: "In every place are the eyes of the Lord, they look for good and bad" - the truth and work of which I explained in (a) from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm", due to the creation of all "matter" of our physical world from "whirls" of independently living male and female "God Drobinas" 

(for descriptions of which see items #K1 and #K2 from the web page "god_exists.htm") that form like individual living "cells of God's body", these eyes (and also ears) of our God contained in each single "God Drobina", are present in practically every place of the world, and even in our bodies. Hence God always hears our every thought and sees our every move. This is why all pious thinking about God done at any moment of time also becomes a kind of prayer. In turn, when we arrange our thoughts or speech in the form of a spoken prayer, then no matter with what words we are able to express it, or where we took these words from, God still understands it. Also so happens that the time has just come for qualifying and choosing on whose side we place ourselves, thus when if we either just think about God, or pray to God, or even include God in everything we do, may decide to which of the biblical categories of people we will be classified.



#W2. The time has come when our praying together is becoming indescribably important:


There is no reason to hide it! Each of us separately, and all of us together, have sinned a lot. After all, each one of us individually, and our entire civilization collectively, slowly turns away from God, so that apart from rare occasions when we somehow "wandered" to a church or by accident we open a religious program on television, we almost never hear the God words officially. We are also slowly forgetting how to pronounce the word God, and we forget what the cross looks like and of what symbol it is. When soon after the Second World War I was still a young boy, everyone commonly practiced the recommendation from the proverb "there are NO atheists in foxholes" (see ) - which practically meant that in difficult situations everyone prayed for God's help in overcoming the situation in which they found themselves. Today, however, most people do exactly the opposite: the harder times get, the more people turn their backs on God and focus on worshiping the modern god - which is "money" (see #A1 to #A4 on the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm"). That it is so, it is undeniably the personal fault of each one of us (including myself), NOT just e.g. groups of: elites ruling over us, atheistic scientists, personalities unleashing the power of "money", or priests "rejecting knowledge" (see verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea") - to all of which groups, because of our passivity, conformist attitude, and lack of objections, we allowed to bring-about on our behalf such a regrettable state of affairs (as I explain it in items #J1 to #J3 from my web page "smart_tvs.htm"). After all, from events taking place in the reality that surrounds us and from analyzes of the empirical evidence that these events represent and provide to us, the philosophy of totalizm established that each one of us is personally responsible for also all the consequences of actions of "group intellects" in which he/she is a component, and thus is a co-creator of all good and evil caused by these group intellects - for a more detailed explanation of this our usually overlooked moral responsibility for the behaviour of groups to which we belong see items #E2 and #A2.8 from the web page named "totalizm.htm", or e.g. see item #F2 from another web page named "karma.htm". Therefore, since 2021/2/7 I started to develop and publish on my web page named "humanity.htm" the text of provided in item #W3 below the "awakening prayer" - the development of which now allows me to read it repetitively in my free time. With this prayer I am trying to express my constant repentance, regret for what I have committed contrary to the will of God, assurance about the perseverant continuation of my efforts to repair the evil that has already arisen, and hope that God will NOT cease the grace with which He previously treated both my person and the fate of these "neighbours" the lives of which are on my heart, together with the countries of my birth and work, and places the honour of living and creativity in which He blessed me so generously. I also quietly hope that through the open and public disclosure of the content of this "awakening prayer" in item #W3 below on this post #333E, I will create an example and add courage to openly reveal my views to those "neighbours", who so far seem to be ashamed to acknowledge and publicly implement the irrefutable scientific proofs that God exists - about the development and availability of which I am reminding everyone and to which I am linking in item #W7 below of this post #333E, and who so far seem also to overlooked the primary role that God plays in the life of each one of us. Furthermore, I hope that I will convince these "neighbours" to become adherents of prayer and open recognition of my scientific proofs for the existence of God and my discoveries of methods God uses in managing the course of life of each one of us - e.g. those methods which are described in item #J5 from the web page named "petone.htm". Perhaps I will also inspire the readers of my publications to join in saying this prayer. After all, according to the promise of Jesus from the Bible verses that I quoted in the "motto" to the following item #W3 of this post #333E, our concordant prayer would increase the power of our humbling ourselves before God and our request for grace for ourselves, for our "neighbours", and for our place of residence and country.


Both "covid-19" in years 2020 and 2021, as well as other cataclysms that are already intensifying, prove that it is high time to restore the cunningly plundered from us the old tradition of active cooperation with God in pedantic implementing the fulfilment of God's commandments and recommendations, so that in everything we get back to our dependence on God - as our ancestors did, and to stop being ashamed of recognizing that everything in our lives depends on God. In turn one of the ways how to do this, is the repetitive reciting of a properly formulated prayer. After all, a well-formulated prayer, among others reminds us of what God is for us, what He does for us, why we do not respond to Him by acting only in the ways that He recommends to us with the laws described in the Bible, and why we should ask for forgiveness and inspiration to actually improve our behaviour and character as well as to intensify the love for "our neighbour" and care for the God-created nature.


My formulation of the "awakening prayer" quoted in the next item #W3 of this post #333E, has been inspired by the fate of the city and kingdom of Nineveh described in the Bible in verses 3:4-10 from the "Book of Jonah". After all, in the case of Nineveh: prayers, humiliation, repentance and change of behaviour; caused God to forgive them for the numerous sins they had committed. In a similar manner verse 4:10 from the Biblical "Letter of St. James the Apostle" promises - quote from the Bible": "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up."


Meanwhile, our civilization is just in the situation of Nineveh. Simultaneously, most of us, instead of humbling ourselves before God, prefer to exalt ourselves by pretending that God does NOT exist, or even worse - publicly acting as if God does NOT exist. In spite that the events of "cleansing humanity", announced by my web page named "2030_uk.htm" and by our film (in Polish) with the scenario of impending future entitled "Zgłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s" - see ), are quickly approaching, my careful monitoring of what is happening in the world revealed e.g. that from all numerous countries in the world only Georgia is the sole country that officially recognized the coronavirus as a manifestation of God's anger and punishment, through engaging in open, public and widely supported prayers aimed at obtaining forgiveness from God (see ). And it is worth noting that Georgia is NOT the country which caused the most of damages. Thus, for the rest of us, the personal prayer is even more necessary. For example, prayer would bring us all together in a joint effort to ask for forgiveness, grace and God's help in repairing of what we have already spoiled with our sins, tolerating ignorance, and rejection of truth and knowledge, as well as it would also be an expression of our will to do whatever is required for our countries and nations to survive this quickly impending time of trial and purification, and afterward to emerge better than we were before. So I hope that I managed to refine the following prayer to become worthy of fulfilling the intentions for which it was created.


So here I am providing item #W3 of this post #333E with the content of my "awakening prayer". Independently from the web page "humanity.htm" indicated below, I decided to publish this prayer also on "blogs of totalizm" addresses of which I provided in item #Z2 from the web page named "humanity.htm". After all, it is time to publish the posts number #333 and #333E in these blogs - means posts which, from the point of view of numerology, symbolically represent the "broken in half" number 666 meaning the broken evil power of "antichrist", and thus which expresses the symbolic will to overcome and get rid of the evil that so-far tormented mankind (we remember that God coded into the Bible information about the power of selected numbers - as an example consider the sacred symbolism of the number 7). On the formulation and elaboration of this "awakening prayer", I, Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk (author of this post - see my web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm") have been working since 2021/2/7, with the hope that other people of good will, as Jesus inspires us to do so in the verses quoted in the motto to item #W3 of this post #333E, will join me in saying it by reading it carefully, with understanding and the inner wish to be fulfilled, then they will try to take its content into account in everything they do. Alternatively, readers can also use this example of the "awakening prayer" to write their own versions (e.g. on own computers) and then return to reading them repeatedly, implementing and improving in appropriate moments.



#W3. Here is the "awakening prayer" for the times to come, to which I encourage the reader to pray together with me (through reading it carefully with understanding and with an inner wish it is fulfilled):


Motto: "Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." (Jesus' promise contained in verses 18:19-20 from Biblical "St. Matthew" quoted from NIV Bible.)


"Creator of our world and God of everything that lives, including my person. From the Bible inspired by You, I know that you know my name. I also know that although you manage our gigantic physical world and the part of the infinite counter-world occupied by our world, you still with your innumerable eyes and senses follow the movement of each person - including me, and listen to every, even the innermost, thought of each of us - including me. I also know that You better than I do it myself know all that I do, as well as all my shortcomings, imperfections and deeds in which I have failed you, God, by breaking, disregarding, or overlooking what Your commandments and laws require. I confess that I am aware of how significantly I have sinned. I also admit that sometimes, when I am experiencing the grace shown through, for example, compliance with the proverb 'there is no such bad thing that would not work for good', then despite of the sense of humour and understanding your God's intentions, I cannot very much show that it makes me happy - which I hope you will forgive me. I also know that the time is coming slowly to make me accountable for what I have done and do. So, God, hear my 'awakening prayer', in which I firstly want to reassure you, our Heavenly Father and Creator, that I regret very much what I have done wrong and that sometimes in oblivion I even cannot stop myself from doing it again, that I will intensify my efforts to improve my activities and character, and that I count immensely on Your God's help and inspiration to make me aware of my inadequacies and disabilities as soon as they appear, and to reveal to me the ways how I should prevent or eliminate them.


God, I am very grateful for the graces and blessings that I have already received from You. After all, I know that although you manage our world and the counter-world (heaven), still I, a tiny transient speck of dust in a huge world, owe to You everything that I have, know and can. After all, you gave me life, body and mind with which I can faithfully serve you for the good of my fellow human beings and nature. You led me through my life full of dangers. You protected me from what could be even more devastating to me. You helped me learn the truth, the necessary knowledge and experience. You taught and allowed me to experience right from wrong. You have shown me both the beauty of what you have created and the ugliness of what has become distorted, and also the deceptiveness of the whispers of evil. You prevented me from falling into ignorance. I also believe that you are with me at every moment and that you only do what is for my good in long-term action. So thank you so much for what you have already blessed me with, and I hope that your favours and blessings will continue.


However God, I am also full of various fears. I can see where the world is heading in which me and "my neighbours" are living and acting. I see evil is dominating increasingly more and I know that either with my personal contribution that tolerates or actively spreads irresponsibility, iniquity, errors and ignorance, or through my passivity and conformist attitude, I am adding my own contribution to this evil. So I inexpressibly regret that I am acting in this way and that I am not trying harder. I also hope that by returning to reading this prayer, I will remind myself of my own inadequacies and deficiencies in the conduct, and that these reminders will allow me to avoid actions that cease to serve Your God's glory nor do good to "my neighbours" or nature. I also know and fully understand that as before, whenever I do something wrong that I will NOT be aware of, you, God, will remind me about it in a way that I will NOT be able to overlook.


So I am asking You, God, to continue to inspire and guide my life. Inspire me on the 'when' and 'how' to break through my imperfections and improve my character, and help me quickly find ways to do it most effectively and long-lastingly. Continue to lead me through the experiences - conclusions and results of which I will be able to turn for the good of "my neighbours" and nature, and for Your glory, my God. Let me also get to know You, my Creator and God, increasingly more deeply, to better understand the content of the Bible that you inspired, as well as to understand and implement Your laws and recommendations which pedantic observance I should learn increasingly more diligently. At the same time, help "my neighbours" to wake up from the present lethargy and lack of will, to free themselves from the evil powers of "money" that spreads hypocrisy, harm and fall, and to implement the "nirvana political system" that builds truth, growth, happiness and prosperity and to be able to understand the good of knowledge and truth and officially blocked inventions that were born due to your divine inspiration, so that they would stop rejecting knowledge and truth to date, learning of which has the potential to free them from the presently enslaving lies and bring them happiness, wealth, justice, and other essential qualities of life and that they seek ways to transform this knowledge and inventions into the greatness and growth of their families, places of residence, nation and country, and that by getting to know better You, our God, and faithfully fulfilling your commandments, laws and recommendations, as many of them as possible survive through the time of penance and payment for the already committed wickedness, distortions and errors, then in a new and better world that has yet to be born and accepted by people and wisely and lawfully implemented into life, they could build truth, justice, happiness, volunteerism, knowledge and progress of future humanity. Amen!"



#W4. If you, the reader, believe in the merit of renewal which the author of this post #333E is trying to initiate, join also me to the "prayer for directing us to a narrow gate and a narrow road leading to life", provided in item #Y1 from my web page named "2020life.htm":


This "prayer for directing us to a narrow gate and a narrow path leading to life" you (the reader) can find in item #Y1 from my web page named "2020life.htm". Also there, in the motto to "part #Y", verses 7:13-14 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" are quoted to the recommendations of which this prayer refers. So if you, the reader, join me in carefully reading that prayer with understanding and the inner wish for fulfilment, then for such directing at least two of us will already be requesting agreeably of our God who arts in heaven.



#W5. If you, the reader, have a sceptical nature (e.g. such as by being a modern scientist and a retired university professor I am obliged to have) then I recommend reading my documentation as to how research and gathering knowledge gradually convinced me to the supernatural power of the holy area from Petone, NZ (see ), distant only about 400 meters from my flat, which protects the township of Petone (and probably also the whole of New Zealand) with a similar power as by "Jasna Góra" (see ) is protected the Polish town of Częstochowa (and perhaps also all of Poland - see ):


Motto: "If you have grown up from childhood years when 'the path you walked was chosen for you by the orientation of the pants you wore', then do NOT allow the views that someone previously forced onto you prompting you to 'reject new knowledge' that has the potential to decide about your entire future." (A reminder of the author of this post #333E to NOT confuse "caution and scepticism caused by the requirement to be objective" with automatic "rejection of all new or unfashionable knowledge.")


On a sunny autumn afternoon of 2018/4/25, on a beach full of people from the small township of Petone located at suburbs of the New Zealand capital of Wellington, I saw a flame emanating from a seaweed bush thrown onto the beach, the brightness of which from a distance looked close to the strength of light of an electric welder - only that it was shaped into a gracefully dancing tongue of a flame, NOT like in a welder into a strongly luminous point. My subsequent research identified this flame as the revelation of a "burning bush" (see ). This "burning bush" glowed with a very strong red light in the place which from old photos can be deduced as the probable location of the provisional altar of the first Presbyterian (i.e. Christian) open-air mass in New Zealand held on Sunday, February 23, 1840. Currently, the area located a dozen meters inland - on which the crowds of people participating in this mass were probably standing, is marked by a Celtic stone cross (see ), the photograph of which I showed in "Fig. #W5" below on this post #333E. Although in verses 3:1-5 from the "Book of Exodus" in the Bible such a "burning bush" is indicated as marking of location of the "holy ground", my scientific-sceptical nature first took it for everything other than what it actually was - and this in spite that after arriving to Petone in 2001, with great delight and amazement I started to document the scientifically inexplicable uniqueness of this township - to life in which I was initially forced by my incessant life journey in "search for bread". Fortunately, the same sceptical nature always forces me to repeatedly revise all knowledge that in the meantime I have accumulated on a given topic. In turn in the case of the "burning bush" from the township of Petone, this knowledge was already then huge, highly meaningful, and well documented. For example, it involved the enduring of my brick-built flat in Petone against the powerful earthquake of 2016/11/13 which is described in item #R2 and under "Fig. #R2ab" from the web page named "quake.htm", and which earthquake in my flat smashed into pieces a bookshelf for books about UFOs sent to me from Poland (I wonder whether it was symbolically trying to tell me that to the content of these UFO books a saying applies "it is not worth the paper it was written on" - see ), although it simultaneously left undamaged standing next to it an identical bookshelf with Bibles and with dictionaries, and which earthquake ruined also a whole number of buildings from practically all towns surrounding Petone, although in Petone itself no house was torn down by it. I should add here that because of my "scientific" scepticism, at the moment when this earthquake happened, I did NOT notice the extraordinary fact that from two identical bookshelves that stood next to each other in identical orientation, the one that contained books about UFOs was smashed into pieces while to the one that contained equally heavy Bibles and dictionaries nothing happened. Initially I put these differences in their survival to the "coincidence" and to the wave-nature of earthquakes, in which destructive factors arrange themselves into a different spatial distributions. However, recently I came across YouTube videos which show situations when in the middle of areas completely ruined by some disasters there are still standing untouched temples devoted to God, so these videos made me realize that the survival of my bookshelf with Bibles is NOT a coincidence (I showed an example of the Polish-language video with the surviving basilica as "Wideo #D3a" from my Polish web page named "day26_pl.htm", while an example of the English-language video documenting mosques-survivors among the plains full of ruins is shown and linked in 2 from item #F3 of the Polish web page named "quake_pl.htm"). Other similar cataclysmic events that always omitted Petone are listed in items #J1 and #J2 from my web page named "petone.htm". Under the pressure of the results of repetitive analyzes of what actually happens in Petone, I gradually overcame my unnecessary "scientific" scepticism, while now I privately do NOT only believe strongly that in Petone, NZ, the area marked by the commemorative Celtic stone cross shown in "Fig. #W5" below on this post #333E, is a kind of "temple under open sky" representing the Christian holy area with a power similar to that of "Jasna Góra" from Polish town of Częstochowa, but I also do NOT hide these beliefs and openly disclose them to others for possible checking, research, or simply accepting from my descriptions presented in item #J3 (as well as illustrations and videos attached to this item #J3) of the abovementioned web page named "petone.htm".


From my analyses of the world views of other people, I am aware that the so-called scepticism or atheism in matters of God typically results from the fact that unlike me, instead of continuing to accumulate new knowledge on this subject, others are contented with what they have learned a long time ago from only one source - thus which led them to this scepticism or atheism. Therefore, for other people as sceptical as my "scientific me", I have here one universal advice, namely: never base your entire views on what you can learn from only one source, but dispel your ignorance by drawing knowledge from many different sources or from at least two (or even better - three) unrelated "witnesses" - as the Bible recommends it to us with verses that I interpreted in item #C5 from my web page named "bible.htm" and a I do in my research while explaining it in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of the web page named "2020life.htm". In turn in matters of God, it is worth to start gaining new knowledge from item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm", and then expand this knowledge from the sources indicated in there.

Fig. #W5: Here is my photo of a commemorative Celtic stone cross erected next to the beach in New Zealand township of Petone that manifests evidence of getting a special treatment from God (see ).


A number of supposed "coincidences" which I experienced in Petone seems to suggest that the strange phenomena which I am listing and describing in items #J1 to #J5 from the web page named "petone.htm" probably happen in connection with the meaning of this cross. (Over there, e.g. in item #J5, I am explaining in detail why in the world ruled far-sightedly by Almighty God via the Omniplan, there is NO such thing as "coincidences", but there are only comprehensively planned actions of God.) For example, this "Burning Bush" - see (which at the time of my sighting, I first took for a beach "prank" of bored local youth, then for a "jack-o'-lantern", in English also called "ignis fatuus", "ghost-light", "jack-o'-lantern", etc., and only after pedantic research and checks I recognized it as a "burning bush"), appeared on the beach near that cross - means in the place where the altar would be located during the historically first Presbyterian (Christian) mass in NZ commemorated with this cross. In turn on the opposite to the beach side of this cross, i.e. on the narrow strip of dried grass that exists between both lanes of the Petonian street called "The Esplanade", around February 2011 a UFO of the smallest type K3 landed, burning there in the grass the outline of the "heart" commonly recognized as sign of "love" - a photo of traces of this landing site is shown in "Fig. #J3c" from the abovementioned web page named "petone.htm". Furthermore, since I saw the "burning bush" near this cross, I noticed several further intriguing events, some of which I documented on "Fig. #J3def". Personally, I also believe that other strange phenomena described on that web page "petone.htm", e.g. the fact that around Petone are concentrated these 10 "righteous" described in the Bible and that fate (Omniplan) made me also live here, or the fact that all cataclysms that affect the towns in surrounding areas leave Petone untouched, also have some connection with the events and prayers commemorated with that cross. After all, the verse 3:5 from the Biblical "Book of Exodus" seems to suggest that the emergence of fire from a fragment of a dried seaweed bush, without causing the burning or tarnishing of this bush, indicates a place in Petone which is a "Christian holy ground" - this also explains the origin of such strange phenomena bordering on miracles, the occurrence of which I already noticed and documented in Petone, while descriptions of which I provided on my web page named "petone.htm".



#W6. The importance of "volunteerism" and "group nature" of human actions in accordance with the commandments and recommendations of God expressed in the verses of the Bible:


If one carefully analyzes the Bible, it will be noted that a significant weight or importance God attaches to the "voluntary" actions of "groups" of people in full compliance with God's commandments and recommendations described in the Bible - means to the actions opposite to these commonly performed at present during working for "money" and for personal benefits, or when working on "orders" or because of being forced to do so, and in manners that "break" almost everything that God requires from us. The significance of such voluntary group actions, emphasized in various ways, is also confirmed by all "three witnesses" which I describe in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of my web page named "2020life.htm". For example, the Bible has skilfully encoded it in a large number of its verses - as an example consider verses 18:19-20 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew", which I quoted in the "motto" to item #W3 above on this post #333E. In turn logically deduced findings of the philosophy of totalizm reveal this significance, e.g. in items #E2, #A2.8, or even #A1 from the web page named "totalizm.htm". However, the most visible emphasizing of this significance provides to us the empirical evidence revealed by the meaning of events that we currently observe in the world around us. If we analyze these events, then it becomes clear that e.g. "group karma" influences much stronger fate of individual people than their "individual karma" - as on a specific example it is illustrated and explained e.g. in item #F2 from the web page named "karma.htm" or item #B2.2 from a different web page named "mozajski_uk.htm", or as in the years 2020 and 2021 it is illustrated e.g. by moves of governments on the "covid-19" pandemic. Even more clearly than the "group karma", this significance is emphasized by phenomena that God programmed to allow the humanity to implement the most ideal and most just as possible, the political system briefly summarized in #C7 from the web page "nirvana.htm", and called the "political system of nirvana". The phenomena that reward the productive work performed in the system of nirvana were so perfectly designed by God, that they NOT only completely eliminate the source of the majority of evil on earth, which is "money", and also in order to achieve the commonly experienced in it extraordinary "happiness of earned nirvana" each person NOT only will voluntarily perform physical work according to the commandments and recommendations of God, but also in order to just begin with implementing of this system of nirvana the majority of citizens must first unanimously cooperate in the voluntary effort of its democratic introduction to the nation or country that intend to benefit from it. In addition to the above, it can already be noticed empirically, that e.g. individual actions undertaken by individual people are only able to slightly change the fate of themselves - while actions undertaken in accordance with God's commandments and recommendations by entire "groups of people" (even by groups as small as only two or three people - see above verses 18:19-20 from "St. Matthew" in the Bible) are already able to change the fate of entire mankind. Clearly, God tries to raise for Himself a group of people (i.e. "God's soldiers") on whom He will be able to rely, that although each one of them acts and "acquires knowledge" as an independent and individual creative personality, all together voluntarily acting within "group intellects" kept in coherence and consistency due to the pedantic fulfilment of God's commandments and recommendations, will behave similarly to these "God Drobinas" - the perfection and efficiency of mutual synchronization of actions of which are illustrated by "bird swarms" of e.g. starlings shown in "Video #H3a" from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm".


About this importance of voluntary group activities for the glory of God and the good of "our neighbours" and nature, it is worth realizing when in our lives we undertake any action aimed at influencing more than just our own fate. So instead of continuing the typical in these days behaviour of the type "everyone struggles alone" (in Polish expressed by the cheeky proverb: "każdy sobie rzepkę skrobie") for "money" or for other benefits or the fulfilment of "orders", let us rather create "human teams" which voluntarily unite in a concerted group effort to achieve superior goals in accordance with God's intentions.



#W7. To what obliges us the fact that there is countless evidence for the existence of God, while only the author of the above "awakening prayer" managed to prepare two scientifically irrefutable proofs that God does exist (in 2007 and in 2020), both of which additionally strengthen the meaning of a huge number of other such proofs developed by a wide variety of researchers:


Planet Earth and humanity are under the control of "evil powers" - about which fact even people who are blind can still learn as to what is happening around them from practically countless sources, including the Bible. For example, for biblical references to these "evil powers" see item #A3.4 from my web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm". In turn, the everyday empirical evidence of the existence and work of evil powers is the fact that humanity is still subordinated to "money" and to powers which manage "money" - although for decades it has been known that God developed an indescribably more perfect and oriented towards causing good, instead of (like money) evil, system of rewarding productive work. This system under the name of "nirvana political system" is briefly described in item #C7 from the web page named "nirvana.htm". In spite of this omnipotence of evil, there is already a multitude of highly convincing and scientifically derived proofs for the existence of God. At the same time, there is no single evidence which would be able to scientifically prove that God does NOT exist - although from the point of view of logic, if something does NOT exist, then it is always possible to prove its non-existence somehow (as an example of just such a situation consider the described in item #D3 from the web page named "2020life.htm" the procedure of my proving that 'machines and objects formed exclusively of "inanimate matter" cannot be given the ability to "self-learn" and thus to initiate "life", because they are deprived of the necessary for this ability access to "soft software" composed of "words" written on, and erasable from, some information carrier'). Unfortunately, the fact that the Earth and humanity so-far remained under the control of the "evil power", causes that if someone wishes to get acquainted with one of these numerous proofs for the existence of God, then it is extremely difficult for him/her to find descriptions of the most convincing out of them. On the other hand, inscriptions originating from atheistic scientists, such as "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life", one can sometimes see even on city buses - as it is explained in (8) from item #A2 of my web page named "timevehicle.htm". So in order to facilitate the finding of descriptions of proofs that, contrary to the propaganda of these evil powers, it has already been scientifically proven that God does exist, below I am going to provide links and a brief summary of two of them - which I myself developed. (Notice that between the years of their development elapsed a meaningful number of "human years" amounting to twice the number 7 - which is considered to be sacred by the Bible.) These two proofs include:


2007: the scientifically irrefutable proof for the existence of God, which I derived during my professorship at the Ajou University in Korea using the mathematical logic method, and then published in items #G2 and #G3 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". This proof was derived from the empirical finding of biological sciences, that the formation of bodies of all living creatures is governed by the so-called "genetic code" that fulfils all the characteristics of intelligent codes. In turn, the so-called "Claude E. Shannon's Theory of Communication" (see ) - determined that all codes are varieties of languages and all languages are formed by intelligent beings. In turn, because this "Theory of Communication" created the scientific foundations for several extremely important disciplines of science and technology, which have already proved their correctness by achieving countless implementation successes, for example for such disciplines as Computer Science, Informatics, Electronics, Genetics, or some branches of Philosophy, hence only ignorant people who are utterly unreasonable may attempt to question the findings of this theory. So since the genetic code is a language that must have been formed by some intelligent being, the mere extent of dissemination of this code proves that it must have been developed by God Himself. In turn, if God developed a genetic code, it obviously means that God exists.


2021: the personally carried by every person and thus empirically irrefutable proof for the existence of God, developed on the basis of findings of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics (Computer Sciences) while published in March 2021 in the township of Petone from New Zealand - means in the township which demonstrates evidence of receiving from God a very special treatment - which proof I described in more detail in items #D1 to #D5 from my web page named "2020life.htm". This proof results from the findings of two disciplines of present technology, namely from Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science - in both of which God allowed me to achieve the position of a professor at four different universities of the world. Mechanical Engineering provides this proof with the finding that NO device nor object with a purely mechanical structure formed exclusively from inanimate matter (i.e. without access to any "soft software" that would control its operation) is able to form just by itself the ability to "self-learn" leading in turn to the emergence of life. On the other hand, the discipline of Informatics (Computer Science) established that the ability to "self-learn" is obtained only by programs composed from some "words" written on an information carrier which gives them the ability to "self-modify" (which fact practically means that this ability to "self-learn" is possessed by e.g. programs of "soul" recorded in memories of so-called "God Drobinas"). So taken together both these findings of the Mechanical Engineering and Informatics (Computer Science) disciplines lead to the discovery, that life could NOT evolve in inanimate matter from our world, but must have arisen in "drobinas of counter-matter" (i.e. in "God Drobinas") from the counter-world - as I described it in item #C5 of the web page named "2020life.htm". In turn, together with these "God Drobinas" that carry them, the seeds (programs) of life must be "breathed in" into our bodies made of matter by God only at the moment of catching the first breath (see (e) from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm"). In turn, because in accordance with the abovementioned findings of these two disciplines, it turns out that it was God who "breathed in" life into all of us, what causes that the following statement which is important for all of us becomes true: "since I am alive, this alone is enough for an irrefutable proof that God exists".


In my personal opinion, it is really worth knowing at least about the existence of the two scientifically irrefutable proofs for the existence of God described above, which add to the huge number of other proofs developed by different researchers - and which all together urge: wake up from lethargy, because God exists, and with His countless eyes, He constantly looks for good and for bad (see verse 15:3 from the Biblical "Book of Proverbs"). In turn after learning these proofs, it is worth remembering about them and in our everyday activities to conscientiously implement everything to which they oblige us, and to continue our praying at every opportunity from the remainder part of our lives.


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