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Motto: "Whatever God has planned and created is always more perfect than what humans can design and implement."


#320E: The nirvana political system - in what and why it is incomparably more perfect from all previous political systems designed and implemented by people so-far


All existing political systems invented and implemented by people - including former slavery and feudalism as well as today's capitalism and communism, have and display countless disadvantages, for example they use "money" or fear to force people to do work, they lead people away from God, they push nations to bloody wars and revolutions, they neglect love and good of neighbour, they reward injustice, wealth and exaltation of some people over others, destroy nature, distort the characters of individual people and ruin the entire humanity, persistently lead humanity toward destruction, etc. Therefore in items #A1 to #A4 from this post #320E and from the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" that provided the text for this post #320E, you are to read how unbeatably more perfect from them is the "nirvana political system" based on the rewarding "moral work" with miraculous happiness of the phenomenon of nirvana that God designed Himself and already pre-programmed into the souls of all people.



#A1. How and why all primitive human systems based on using fear and money to force people to work, including today's capitalism and communism, are ruining our civilization and distorting human characters:


Motto: "A given kind of evil can only be accepted for as long until people discover that there is a better alternative to it - which alternative God always creates for every situation to balance the evil that prevails in it. In turn after the discovery of this better alternative than that evil one, people already have the obligation imposed by God to implement it."


A long, long time ago, because on 11th of January 2006, I published the web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm". In spite of a common name, it contained a highly "revolutionary" political idea. Namely, it proposed that the commonly known source of all evil on Earth, means "money", is replaced with what is much more attractive to people than money, namely replaced with the experiencing of indescribable happiness of the miraculous phenomenon of nirvana. This is because only 8 years earlier during my professorship in Borneo I personally experienced the happiness of about 9 month long nirvana. So, both from my own experiencing of nirvana, and also from noticing how attractive for other people are effects of chemically induced "simulations of nirvana" (means how attractive are effects of narcotics), I knew perfectly well that the happiness of nirvana has all the features which in action are to allow the replacement of money with nirvana, but without causing that huge ocean of evil that money exerts on people. Unfortunately, replacing money by nirvana would require a drastic change in the political system under which lives the population rewarded with nirvana for their "moral work". Therefore, in order to make more "diplomatic" the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" and soften the possibility of a wrongly "seditious" understanding of it by people, I decided not to name it so drastically. Unfortunately, despite the avoidance of being "seditious", still the change of the political system that rewards with money, into the political system that rewards with the happiness of nirvana, did NOT interest even the proverbial "dog with a lame leg" - in spite of the numerous and huge benefits which this change would bring to people and which I try to support in this post (and in web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm") with various evidence to convince the logically thinking readers.


Since that publication of the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" in 2006 until its present re-wording in 2020 to its current content, have passed over 14 years. In the meantime, "money" has managed to cause massive destruction to our civilization. For example, in 2008, the global economic crisis has begun. (Contrary to what is officially claimed, that global crisis was NOT able to end until today.) Furthermore, increasingly more institutions and governments in the world reached the level of "100% corruption" - many of the destructive consequences of which I described in item #E3 from my web page named "pajak_for_mp_2017.htm" and in post #269E to blogs of totalizm. Cheap disposal of garbage by transporting them with barges to sea and throwing them into the water in the meantime meant that there is now more murderous plastic in the sea than fish, while in the Atlantic a whole new "plastic continent" is being formed. The poisoning of water, soil and air with chemicals and radioactive isotopes has already reached such a level that almost all inhabitants of the Earth are already sick on some kind of illness because of it. In turn attacks of official science on God and the Bible caused that almost all people became full or partial atheists. But the most dangerous for us is that the patience of Almighty God began to run out. In turn, as a result of this exhaustion of God's patience, the forecasts which I described on my web pages named "2030_uk.htm" and "woda_uk.htm", and which are illustrated by a free video (in the Polish language) from the entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (which title means "The Great Purification of 2030s" - see address ), began to fulfil. For example, on 2019/12/8 in China the world epidemic of coronavirus began (address ) which gave us the first foretaste of the incoming consequences of God's wrath. Although this epidemic the humanity may be able to "silence", it will be followed by others, even worse than that, and also followed by droughts, fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami waves, swarms of locusts, famine waves, robberies, lawlessness, chaos, etc. - from which humanity may NOT be able to defend any more. Thus, in the face of these drastic changes which are rapidly occurring almost continuously since the publication of the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" in 2006, I decided that the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" requires rewording so that it would clearly and emphatically explain to the readers that their rescue, both as groups and as individuals, depends on the exchange of political systems which are currently ruining our civilization because they reward work with "money" or with use of "fear" to force people to do work, into a drastically better "nirvana political system" that would positively build a better future for humanity by rewarding "moral work" with the wonderful happiness of nirvana. In addition to repentance, prayers and changes of behaviours, in the Bible described on the example of the city of Nineveh, such a change in the political system is almost the only permanent and sure way on which the humanity may still be able to protect itself against the fast arriving destruction. Items #A1 to #A4 from the beginning of this post (and from web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm") present the required explanations - this time very clearly and emphatically.


In the "introduction" to the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" I explained that all political systems that prevailed on Earth until now, including the capitalism and communism systems still maintained in present times, were always based on "fear" and on "money" (wealth) to motivate people to work. Unfortunately, both "fear" and "money" are extremely destructive to our entire civilization. They distort the characters of individual people, ruin the entire humanity, and push our civilization to destruction. In addition, they discourage decision makers and rich people from improving the systems in which they live. This in turn causes that humanity as a whole has long ago given up all attempts to improve its political systems. Therefore, these political systems are continually deteriorating into increasingly overwhelming stagnation, corruption and warping. Let us try to summarize briefly in several numbered paragraphs below, what and how "fear" and "money" cause that they have already managed to ruin our entire civilization to the level we see around today, i.e. to the level when we are only a small step away from the global extermination illustrated by a Polish-language film available free of charge on YouTube under the title "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (address ). And so:


(I) These systems are increasingly moving us away from God. After all, from the very beginning of humanity God commands everything that everyone can read from the Bible. For example that people must NOT neglect to love their neighbours to just increase own greed, wealth, lust for power, to exalt oneself, judge one's neighbour, spread injustice, etc. - as an example, consider verse 19:24 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" - quote: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." Because these commandments of God were repeated by practically all religions, the greedy elites that ruled over humanity and accumulated their own wealth due to this rule, reacted by eliminating God from everyday life. In this elimination they came to today's situation, that the majority of people blindly begin to believe the lie of the official atheistic science that God supposedly does NOT exist (in spite that there is already published a formal scientific proof for the existence of god - for details see items #G2 and #G3 from the web page named "god_proof.htm"). Also was stopped the official research of God in a rational manner - i.e. the kind of research that is carried out by the author of this post. After all, if e.g. a scientist researches God, then in order to "NOT lean out" from the atheistic statements of the institution which pays him/her a salary, he/she limits its work to only adding his/her lies to the choir which tells the humanity that God does NOT exist. In turn if a priest today entertains himself with God's research, then he usually limits his activities mainly to analyzing the meanings of individual words of the Bible in order to find in them anything that would justify that his faction of faith is the "only correct" or to be able to create his own cult or version of religion.


(II) The political systems invented by humans increasingly more separate us from our neighbours. This is easiest to notice in situations wherever money or fear dominate our lives. For example, consider the rapid increase in differences between rich and poor people due to money and the wealth of the elite. Consider the constant increase in taxes and fees caused by the corruption of the ruling elites that with these taxes and fees compensate their growing appetite for money and the wealth that money bring to them. Consider present employment habits in which a large number of well-paid jobs are now only granted to family members and to friends. Consider what people are now doing in an increasing number of countries around the world, because they are desperate and fear to lose what they need for living. Etc., etc.


(III) These political systems cause increasingly more powerful destruction of nature. You don't need an eagle's eye to notice that money, as well as the caused by money greed and ruthlessness of the ruling elite, accelerate the destruction of nature. The greed of industry has already turned huge amounts of arable land into industrial, post-mining and landfill deserts. There is already more plastic in the seas and oceans than fish. We are constantly losing new species of living creatures. The air pollution is so huge that it is almost impossible to breathe. By heating the climate, we turn lands into dry deserts, and the shores of oceans and seas into areas flooded with tides. Etc. etc. Human greed does NOT know the moderation in the destruction it causes.


In the initial item #A1 of this post I am only trying to signal the underlying fact, or more strictly the problem of current political systems, namely that they distort the character of individual people and ruin our civilization as a whole. Realizing this fact will allow the reader to more rationally approach what I explain in the next items of this post and in the rest of web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", namely that it is necessary, worth doing and should urgently be undertaken to replace the current highly destructive political systems by the incomparably better, new "nirvana political system" described here, the implementation of which would create an opportunity to completely eliminate the current destruction and replace it with growth, happiness, wealth for all, continuous improvement, justice, and other advantages. But in order to NOT unnecessarily distract the reader from the main purpose of this post #320E, and to NOT stop making the reader aware of "how" and "why" political systems used so far by people based on fear and money, including today's capitalism and communism, are ruining our civilization and distort people's characters, further explanations of this truth (and problem) I will continue in the final "part #X" of the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" - to which the reader may look later as he/she finds the time required. Now I recommend to continue reading this post.



#A2. Why attacking, disgusting and sabotaging my Theory of Everything of 1985 and my philosophy of totalizm which originates from it, including attacking (and scoffing at) my person, as well as blocking and hindering the dissemination of my scientific achievements around the world, provide the best confirmation of the actual value and revolutionary power of the results of my supposedly "hobby" research deprived of official support and funding, but still able to develop the "nirvana political system" described here, which has the potential to save humanity and bring it to a higher level of awareness:


Motto: "The significance of each new idea is easiest to judge by the fear this idea raises among its enemies and by the ferocity with which these enemies try to destroy it."


(This entire item #A2 I was forced to cut out due to memory limitations of this blog - I suggest reading it from my web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm".)



#A3. What characteristics and abilities of the "nirvana political system" cause that embedded into this system the futuristic ideas adapted from the Bible, from my Theory of Everything of 1985, as well as from the philosophy of totalizm, are found so terrifying that these ideas are secretly blocked by some powerful institutions of the currently existing political systems which use fear and money to manage the present life on Earth:


Motto: 'In theory achieving the "totaliztic nirvana" by generating "moral energy" (zwow) through performing "moral work" is very simple - it is enough to act exactly as God commands us in the Bible, doing everything exactly in the ways described in the Bible and in our actions breaking none of the divine commandments and requirements; in practice, however, the requirements for achieving nirvana are more complex than those of today's complex professions, and we all need to learn a lot to be able to generate and maintain nirvana effectively throughout our lives.' (Summarized in one sentence "part #D" and item #C6 from my web page named "nirvana.htm" which explains why before the author of this post no other scientist in the world has ever experienced or researched nirvana.)


In item #F1 (and also partly in (11) from item #G1 and in item #D3) of my other web page named "nirvana.htm", I explained in detail how the political Party of Totalizm could gradually implement the highly effective "nirvana political system" into real life. So in order to NOT repeat these explanations, in this item #A3 I will try to only compare the tools (i.e. "fear" and "money") that to-date ideologies and political systems already existing on Earth use to force people to work for producing necessary consumer goods, with the only tool (i.e. the rewarding "moral work" with happiness of the totaliztic nirvana) which for the same purpose inspires people to perform productive "moral work" and is to be used by the "nirvana political system" proposed here for implementation. To make this comparison easier to understand, these tools will be listed in paragraphs numbered with letters.


(A) The production and the dispensation of produced consumer goods. In all current political systems (A1), ruling elites use money and fear for forcing people to work that produces consumer goods. In turn for the distribution of manufactured goods, these elites use the "money" which everyone needs to buy required or wanted consumer goods. Of course, those ones who dispense money typically keep for themselves the "lion's share" of the funds. Hence, these goods can be purchased only by those people who serve these elites. On the other hand, in the new and much better "nirvana political system", (A2) all consumer goods will be produced as a result of "moral work" which every healthy citizen will voluntarily try to do in their chosen specialization, action, place, time, quantity, etc.; in order to keep oneself in a state of immense happiness of the totaliztic nirvana. In turn after these goods are produced, every citizen can choose to have them for free if needs them for living or for work. After all, their wasting, or immoral use, will then cause the automatic dissipation of the previously earned "moral energy" by moral mechanisms contained in the soul of every person, and thus in case when some people immorally abuse this free access to all consumer goods they need, then they will lose their totaliztic nirvana.


(B) Absolute equality of all people. All old ideologies implemented (B1) the Roman principle of "divide and rule." According to this principle, all people have always been divided at least into rich "ruling elites" and a poor "workforce" (i.e. into today's "employees"). Ruling elites used all the tools at their disposal to force their "employees" to do work, e.g. used for this purpose "fear" or scarce "rewards" (i.e. "money"). In turn (B2) the "nirvana political system" will implement the principle "all are equal". After all, receiving for free and free use of everything that is needed for life and for doing "moral work" completely eliminates interpersonal differences in the level of wealth of individual people. In turn to inspire people to undertake useful work, only the single "reward" will be used, which will be the opportunity to earn the phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana.


(C) A way of getting people to do productive work. In all old political systems, (C1) people were forced to do work, through either money (getting rich) or fear. Furthermore, the methods of rewarding them have always been highly unfair - so that those who performed the most important and the most difficult jobs usually received the lowest remuneration. However, after the implementation of universal rewarding with fruits of "moral work" (i.e. with accomplishing the "totaliztic nirvana"), (C2) all work will be done voluntarily. No-one will need to be forced to do even these most despised works today. After all, the worse and more difficult the work is, the more "moral energy" it generates - which moral energy is necessary for staying in the state of "totaliztic nirvana" desired by everyone. In turn laws and mechanisms that govern the generation of moral energy have been justly designed with enormous knowledge and foresight of our God. Thus, the remuneration for the totaliztic nirvana will be extremely fair. So unlike today's methods of remuneration, in the future no-one will have any reservations regarding matters of their remuneration. Moreover, there will be no taxes, charges, bills to pay, inflation, increased costs of living, etc.; which would cause the devaluation of reward (nirvana) for "moral work" being done.


(D) Receiving for free only those material goods which a person needs for life and for doing "moral work" which he/she performs at a given time. After all, God commands to have what we need, NOT what we would like to have. This in turn will eliminate today's overproduction, waste, rapid depletion of natural resources, formation of unnecessary reserves of goods, generation of garbage, etc., etc.


(E) No use of valuables. Today's (E1) money, as well as differences in the level of wealth of individual people, cause that the rich people accumulate "valuables" (i.e. gold, jewellery, precious stones, works of art, expensive villas and cars, etc.), which they then only use for upholding their prestige and raising their position compared to other fellow men. However, when (E2) everyone will receive for free everything they need for life and to perform their "moral work", and at the same time everyone will be equal and no ones will artificially maintain own prestige or exalt themselves, accumulating valuables and highly precious objects will be NOT needed or justified. After all, since all raw materials that people need to perform their moral works they will receive for free, everything will be produced in the highest possible quality and durability, and all this will be available (distributed) for free to everyone who needs it. Hence whatever today represents the locked in dark safes and kept away from people valuables, signs of prestige and objects of exaltation, and now is very rarely used even by its extremely rich owners, in the future will go to museums, so that everyone can watch, study, and even use it personally for some time if necessary, if his/her "moral work" is related to it.


(F) Health. I do not remember being ill during times when I was experiencing my 9-month long totaliztic nirvana, although I am rather susceptible to illnesses and in other times I often get sick. Unfortunately, so-far I do NOT have data to determine whether it is the nirvana that causes the absence of illnesses, or whether I was simply healthy at that time for other reasons. However, I know that (F2) even if in the described here times of rewarding with nirvana there are any cases of illnesses, then sick people will be quickly and freely healed by others. After all, it is already known that the current performance of nursing (i.e. probably also the function of a doctor) belongs to the kind of moral works that generate one of the largest amounts of moral energy.


(G) Criminality. In today's political systems (G1) crime exists, because while being unable, just with their legal work and earnings, to satisfy whatever is created by a fancy of fashion and by comparing themselves to others, some more greedy individuals resort to crime. However, when everyone is equal, jewels and wealth will NOT be used, while (G2) everyone will receive for free everything he/she needs for a prosperous and devoid of worries life and for performing the kind of "moral work" with which in a given period of life he/she decides to maintain the nirvana, crime will simply disappear due to a lack of willingness to possess goods that are currently acquired by breaking God's commandments and requirements. In eliminating crime, highly helpful will be the prevailing at that time knowledge that God surely exists, which will replace today's full of doubt shaky faith in God.


(H) Garbage, waste, and squandering. In today's political systems (H1) many goods are purchased "just in case" or "for prestige, to impress others, or to satisfy own ego". Hence, for example, many rich people have several cars, although to live and to work they need only one. In the result, currently there is a huge squandering and waste, while practically the majority of what is produced ends up as garbage, sometimes completely unused. Meanwhile, when (H2) everyone receives for free what they need for life and for "moral work", the need to create reserves disappears. Thus, then will be produced only what is required for leading a prosperous and devoid of worries life and for performing the types of "moral work" chosen by given people. And people will then choose to carry out this kind of "moral work" which is most compatible with their interests, and will be able to change it into another type of moral work whenever their interests or knowledge is to change. So nothing will be wasted, not even human intentions. After all, then people will NOT need to stock up, everything will always be available to everyone, and there will always be room for more people doing similar "moral work" - because "everything can be improved even more". Also, after a renovation, repair and recycling, many goods that are no longer needed by previous users will be made available again to next users. As a result, 100% of the goods produced will be "recycled", while garbage will NOT be generated at all. This in turn will help the protection of natural resources of Mother Earth, and take increasingly better care of both people and nature.


(I) Unemployment. In previous systems of government, (I1) unemployment was used as one of the methods of spreading "scare" in order to force people to work. In turn such use of unemployment caused a whole range of social problems, e.g. psychosis, "soul sickness" (currently called "mental illness" - for details see item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm"), forcing people to do work in which they are completely uninterested nor it coincides with their knowledge or experience, but was just offered by employers, etc., etc. On the other hand, when rewarding with totaliztic nirvana, (I2) employers are NOT needed. Everyone can search for themselves and voluntarily perform any work that meets the requirements of "moral work" and is in harmony with their interests, knowledge, experience, time available, place where wishes to live, etc., etc. In turn because there are almost infinite numbers of jobs that people can voluntarily do, then for everyone there will be some employment and will be NO "unemployed" people. Thus, then will also disappear all present evil, problems and undesirable consequences that unemployment causes for people.


(J) The disappearance of today's money. In the "nirvana political system" it is planned to eliminate money completely. After all, they exist for forcing labour, while forced labour does NOT generate "moral energy" which is absolutely necessary for maintaining nirvana. Only in the transitional times described in item #F1 from the web page named "nirvana.htm", when a society still is not used to work without receiving financial remuneration (but work only in order to maintain the continuation of its nirvana) nor is used to receive for free all the goods it needs to live and to work, it will still expect to use money.


(K) Who and for what motivations would perform works that now are despised. Currently (K1) the most despised (and hence the least paid) jobs are done by the least-favoured members of the "labour force". This is because today all work is done visibly and people do NOT hide their immoral opinions (the stating of which causes their "moral energy" to drop faster), indicating e.g. which of these works in their opinion belong to the most "despised categories". But when people can and are able to achieve the totaliztic nirvana, (K2) these "despised works" of today, in future are going to be the most sought after. After all, they generate the most of moral energy in the shortest period of time. Thus, they lead to the most intense form of totaliztic nirvana, to creating in our soul a supply of "moral energy" which allows us to periodically deal with matters NOT generating this energy (e.g. designing, teaching, relaxing or mental work), and to as fast as possible recovering nirvana that was temporarily lost for some reason. In addition, the implementation of this kinds of work could already now, and in the future certainly will always be assisted by the automation and the use of well-programmed robots.


(L) The conversion of faith in God into knowledge about God. The phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana could NOT arise as a result of "accidental evolution" which falsely tells us the present official atheistic science. Accidental evolution is able to realize only skills and attributes the development of which was forced by previous practicing them. On the other hand, the achievement of the totaliztic nirvana no-one previously practiced. Furthermore, the extraordinary compliance of statements of the Bible with the requirements of doing "moral work" that leads to nirvana, clearly indicates that the phenomenon of nirvana and the content of the Bible were designed by the same omniscient creator. For these reasons, the experiencing of nirvana by practically every person will provide everyone with the personal proof that God certainly exists. In turn when having such proof, everyone will start to pay attention to whatever they do in life. In this way, today's shaky faith full of doubts typical for imperfect people, the "nirvana political system" will turn into the knowledge and the certainty of God's existence. In turn these will cause that everyone will start studying God, while present religions will be replaced by reliable research of God similar to this carried out by the author of this post.


(M) God-inspired faster development of science and technology. Nowadays (M1) the official atheistic science blocks these ideas and truths which it considers harmful to its monopolistic interests - this is why, amongst others, for around 35 years this official science has systematically rejected, criticized and blocked my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. Furthermore, many inventions and accomplishments in technology cannot be implemented, because the level of technical power of people cannot exceed the level of their morality. Meanwhile, the acquisition of knowledge about God and the certainty of God's existence will cause profound moral changes to humanity. This in turn causes that (M2) people will attach a lot of importance to creative thinking and mental search for truth, because the pleasing positive thinking increases the efficiency of generating energy in "moral work" and reduces its dispersion - as I explained this in item #D5 from my web page named "nirvana.htm". Furthermore, in the situation of commonly practiced highly moral behaviour which then will prevail on Earth, God will start to inspire people to quickly develop their true knowledge and power of their technology. For example, then can also be constructed the powerful propelling devices from all six technical eras of humanity extensively described in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 of my web page named "propulsion.htm" (also described in posts #319 to #309 from blogs of totalizm) while very well illustrated on the 35-minute long free video from entitled "Future Propultions" (address ) - including the constructing of "time vehicles" of my invention, which enable people to lead an infinitely long life by repetitive shifting back to the years of their youth after each reaching an old age, and also including the telepathic devices for immediate interstellar communication that will allow humanity to communicate, amongst others, with these friendly creatures who passed on to Miss Daniela Giordano the gift of the "telepathic pyramid" described and illustrated e.g. in item #E1 from my web page named "telepathy.htm".


(N) Implemented by voluntary effort of all citizens the quick improvement of the sought qualities of life of the population. In today's political systems, in order for anything to be accomplished, (N1) first "money" must be gathered for this implementation, then must be completed the bureaucracy of various superior institutions and "white-collar workers" who typically have nothing to do with the implementation of a given task, and only at the very end, usually scantily paid manual workers come to the site to make it happen. In the result, the majority of whatever would increase the quality and wealth of people's lives either is NOT implemented at all because one of the links of this long performance chain for some reasons "does not work", or is performed carelessly, unreliable and with a great time delay. On the other hand, in the situation the creation of which aimed are the goals of the "nirvana political system", (N2) every citizen seeing something awaiting to be accomplished, while doing it would meet the requirements of "moral work" and falls within the scope of his/her personal skills, would immediately voluntarily do it. In turn because there would then be no unemployed people, while everyone would continually carry out the "moral work" the need to accomplish which they would notice, renovation and improvement of everything that in life is needed and is useful to people would occur indefinitely quickly and effectively. As a result, anything that in any way would improve the quality and wealth of people's lives and/or nature would be implemented quickly and with increasing perfection. So probably after a few generations of such a working nation, the quality, comfort, wealth and pleasure of life of a given population would reach a heavenly level which at present no-one can even imagine, nor which people have never experienced in the entire history of our planet.


* * *


Note: The above lists contains only the most important of the differences discussed here. There are many more of them. However, my chronic lack of time, as well as the need to minimize the volume of texts that I write so that my voluminous texts do NOT provide ammunition for criticism by numerous enemies of the results of my research, forces me to skip describing further such differences. However, if one day I find some spare time and in the meantime readers start asking about something, then I will add to above descriptions several other most interesting among such differences.



#A3.1. How probably the social life of people will be organized after the humanity gains access to immortality:


Motto: "If the leader indicates far-reaching noble goals to be achieved, explains the path leading to them, reveals rewards worthy of those goals that await them, and through personal standing in the first row of doers repeatedly reaffirms his people in the determination to achieve these goals, then there are NO obstacles his people wouldn't undertake to overcome, NO requirements that they wouldn't voluntarily agree to fulfil, nor NO such hardships and sacrifices which in full awareness and voluntarily they wouldn't accept." (Repetitive historical truth about the sources of success of great human leaders - especially in military campaigns, e.g. Alexander the Great or Jan Sobieski.)


Have you ever wondered how will be organized the social life of the future version of humanity with already immortal bodies? (I.e. the life of this group of people who in the sixth historical era illustrated and described in "Table #A1" from my web page named "humanity.htm" after the present physical death described in the Bible will gain a second physical life in already immortal bodies and on another, new Earth.) After all, today priests who "reject knowledge" (see verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea"), proclaim and write a lot about the times of this second life of ours, but they never explain anything about it. On the other hand, similarly as it is with the possibilities and creative powers of God which I described in item #A0 from my web page named "god_proof.htm", also this second life will NOT happen in a vacuum and depend only on the eternal singing of religious hymns. Rather it must be organized in a way that does NOT undermine God's authority nor discourage people from serving God faithfully for an endless number of years. Also must generate new knowledge - which knowledge according to the "Theory of Superior Beings" described in "Table #J1b" from my web page named "propulsion.htm" and in item #I6 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm", our God is "consuming". In addition, this second life must also provide to people their planet-home, accommodation, food, transport and interesting kinds of jobs, duties and daily activities for all people who will be called to this second life. Meanwhile, the biggest difficulty in organizing this next life is the basic principle practiced by God, that unlike human rulers, who use money or fear and punishment to force their subjects and subordinates to do everything that needs to be done, God knows perfectly well that in order to make people serve Him faithfully for millennia and never question His rule, everything that God wants them to do for Him should be done voluntarily and as "free will" of the people over which He rules. Well, the comparisons presented in item #A3 above give us a preliminary and fairly good understanding of the principles of this organization of the future second life. After all, these comparisons reveal what I briefly tried to summarize with the "motto" to the previous item #A3, namely that in order people on their own free will and voluntarily could perform in their second life even the most difficult and the dirtiest work only in ways that are in accordance with God's will, God programmed and introduced into the human souls the mechanisms of the phenomenon of nirvana which were pre-programmed so wisely and so far-sightedly, that people are rewarded with nirvana only when in every work that they do, they pedantically fulfil God's intentions in full compliance with the commandments and requirements specified in the Bible. Of course, those my brief comparisons from item #A3 are limited only to matters of social life. Meanwhile, in the future version of immortal humanity practically everything will be different compared to what we see today. For example, human bodies will then be immortal, which is why today's people's ability to reproduce will be blocked - as the Bible states in verses 22:23- 30 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" and in verse 12:25 from of the biblical "Gospel according to St. Mark", and as I explained it in item #A3 of the web page named "humanity.htm". These 144,000 selected "soldiers of God" will live in the flying city called "New Jerusalem" and together with the whole city for research and for the increase of knowledge will travel constantly throughout the universe and through time - see descriptions from item #J3 on my web page named "malbork_uk.htm". Human research interests will then cover everything that surrounds them and will change into oriented more empirically than today. The human diet will also be completely different then - based on fruit and devoid of meat. Planet Earth will be new then - without oceans and deserts. Predatory animals will change their diet to vegetation. Etc., etc. - see descriptions in the Bible.


* * *


Independently from the above, in my many years of research I also came across examples of empirical evidence which assures that the "nirvana political system" is already implemented by various totalizticaly living civilizations. Here are the best documented and most convincing examples of this evidence:


(Parts of this item #A3.1 I was forced to cut out due to memory limitations of this blog - I suggest reading them from my web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm".)


(3) My visit to village Wszewilki-Stawczyk from the distant future, where all people I encountered seemed to be experiencing the state of nirvana. In my life I experienced many events that cannot be explained on the basis of just present level of official atheistic science. The list of dozens of such personally experienced miracles and unusual events is provided in item #F3 from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm". One among such extraordinary events was visiting in the distant future my home village named Stawczyk. That my journey in time to Stawczyk from the distant future is described more comprehensively in items #J1 to #J3 from a separate web page named "wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm", while I also mentioned it briefly in item #C4 from the web page named "stawczyk_uk.htm". When I now remember the details of that visit, then I realize that all people whom I saw at that time in Stawczyk clearly behaved like people in the state of totaliztic nirvana. Everyone looked very happy, smiling, happily chattering at each other, shouting nice words, waving their arms, etc. - meaning they all behaved in a way that documented their happiness at the level of nirvana. In addition, when I watched a group of young people boarding the double-dekker bus, I noticed that none of them paid for the ticket. This, in turn, can also be interpreted, among others, as a sign of the elimination of money by the "nirvana political system" that already was implemented in Poland at that time.



#A4. How to start the creating of the political party of totalizm and what to do next after its creation:


Motto: "For upbringing people into experienced, wise and battle-hardened 'soldiers of God', God does NOT replace them in the battles that they have to fight, but instead those who fight for God's glory, He discreetly directs onto the path which will end in victory."


If we look at what is happening around us now, then we will be shocked. Our world is quickly heading for "suicide" which I described, among others on the web page named "2030_uk.htm", and which is illustrated by a free YouTube video in Polish entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s"). Unfortunately, many people still have doubts whether this self-inflicted extermination of humanity is actually coming. To those who think so, I suggest reading my descriptions originally provided in item #D3 from the web page named "nirvana.htm", and also getting acquainted with the linked from there item #A1 from the web page named "evolution.htm". They reveal what is happening with all intellects (and thus also with our entire civilization, including Poland) in which since the arrival of the so-called "neo-medieval epoch" on 2001/9/11, the level of their "moral energy" is fast decreasing and slowly approaching the inducing "suicide" value of "µ=0". Then it is worth to follow my analyzes of post-war changes in the level of moral energy in Poland and Europe described in that item #D3. In order to NOT interrupt here the reader’s thinking, these analyzes are repeated in the next paragraph which I am quoting here:


The ability to relatively accurately estimate changes in the level of moral energy in any intellect from the "3-friendliness" state, which, however, has just experienced some "re-evaluating event" that initiates the process of its rolling down to increasingly lower "µ" values, is highly useful for forecasting (and possible Saving) of further fate of this intellect. To illustrate this forecasting (and saving), let us use here an example of the post-war fate of Poland and Europe (i.e. times and intellects, fates and states of which I still remember relatively well). At the end of World War II, Poland and Europe were in a "4-provocative (µ=0.3)" state and began to increase the level of their moral energy. The level of "3-friendliness (µ = 0.4)" Poland has already reached around the mid-1950s, and its peak level "2-adoration (µ = 0.5)" in the early 1970s. Unfortunately, after reaching this peak moral level, in the 1970s politicians and decision-makers overdid the situation toward loss of moral energy. At the beginning of the 1980s the moral state of Poland began to return to the level of "3-friendliness (µ = 0.4)", while on 2001/9/11 a "re-evaluating event" took place which initiated the increasingly rapid loss of moral energy. In 2008, Poland and Europe reached the beginning of the "4-provocative (µ = 0.3)" state characterized by the advent of depression, while in 2019 the state of "5-marasmus (µ = 0.2)" was clearly prevailing in there. Because the loss of moral energy tend to occur increasingly faster as its value decreases, it can be predicted that even before 2030 Poland and Europe will already be in the moral state of "6-destructiveness (µ = 0.1)" which in all intellects, including entire countries, means the onset of suicide activities described e.g. on my website named "2030_uk.htm", and illustrated in the Polish video from YouTube entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s"). This in turn means that if neither Poland nor Europe voluntarily and from own unimposed free will does NOT undertake any actions to reverse this increasingly faster decline, which actions according to the proverb "God helps those who help themselves" would convince God that it is worth to "extend to them a helping hand", then shortly before the year 2040 both Poland and Europe will cease to exist. Of course, being born in Poland, I am very worried and hurt by the results of this forecast. Therefore, on the basis on my knowledge and experience, in items from #A1 to #A4 of this post and the web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", I am indicating and explaining a simple and relatively easy to implement action, which has the power to reverse the process of such collapse. This action boils down to establishing the political "Party of Totalizm" in Poland. The party would set a democratic (bloodless) goal of changing the old and destructive political system which, because of its corruption, is no longer able to generate "moral energy" (zwow), for a new and incomparably better "nirvana political system" based on phenomenon of nirvana, the mechanism of action of which nirvana God intentionally so designed that it effectively generates moral energy. In turn the results of my research on methods of God's work suggest that by undertaking by the Party of Totalizm efforts to establish "nirvana political system" which would reverse this process of decline and the loss of moral energy, one can predict with almost a certainty that it would result in God's intervention beneficial for the continuation of existence and for the better future of Poland and Europe. (Perhaps the old Polish prophecy stating that "a spark is to come out of Poland" refers to just such a turn of the situation.)


From my analysis quoted in the above paragraph, it appears that since the current year 2020 we have less than 10 years of time left to convince God that we deserve that God "extends to us a helping hand" and allows us to avoid the incoming destruction. Like all actions taken by people, it would be the most effective if it was undertaken by some organized group of people, i.e. by the "party of totalizm". (Of course, each individual person can also significantly contribute to it, e.g. by creating an important example to follow by others through the earning of miraculous phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana.) One of the more realistic in the present situation ways of convincing God by a group and organized action, can be the taking an active measures to reverse the process of Poland's slipping towards "death through moral suffocation" which without taking these actions will certainly come soon if shortly before 2030 the value of "µ" drops in Poland, Europe and the rest of the world to, or even below, this suicidal value "µ=0.1". According to my personal knowledge of the situation, such an action that would convince God to help Poland, Europe, and the rest of world, would first be the creation of the "Party of Totalizm" the goal of which would be to consistently implement whatever commands us to do: the Bible, the philosophy of totalizm, and the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985; while what I described in items #A1 to #A4 above in this post #320E. In turn after the creation of the Party of Totalizm, the next action of it would be a prudent and thoroughly thought-out implementation of the goal for which the Party of Totalizm was created, namely a gradual and well-planned implementation of the future "nirvana political system".


Unfortunately, I am in a situation that prevents me from taking up personally the task of creating such a Party of Totalizm or from actively joining this party when it is created. Thus, the possible creation and carrying out of its activity are only able to undertake those ones who practice the philosophy of totalizm, who read this post, and who have in heart a happy future for themselves, for their descendants and for their country, and who are willing to protect their country and nation from rapidly approaching depopulation. Of course, I would be able to provide them with advisory help remotely - it is enough to write to me in this matter an email explaining what exactly requires clarification or guidance, while I will quickly complement the web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" with the information required. In the meantime, I recommend that the reader also familiarizes himself/herself with item #F1, and possibly also #D3 and #C5, from my web page named "nirvana.htm".


I am well aware that the ongoing around 35 years of continuous disgusting, harassment, blocking and sabotaging of everything that I have scientifically discovered and postulated, described in item #A2 above, carried out without even getting acquainted with the content of my research results, DO NOT encourage people to voluntarily join the process of firstly creating the political Party of Totalizm, for the organising of which I call fruitlessly since 11th of January 2006 (means for over 14 years), and of secondly implementing the based on the earning of totaliztic nirvana a new and incomparably better from all previously existing the "nirvana political system" - for establishing of which the Party of Totalizm would be responsible. A lot of people are afraid of being classified in the same category, to which henchmen of the ruling elite have already judged me in absentia and trumpeted this on the internet. However, those people who have any resistance regarding this matter I would like to make aware of the following:


(I) The ruling elites who live out of exploitation of other people will continue their interrupting of the task of establishing the Party of Totalizm and implementing the "nirvana political system" for reasons which I described above in item #A2. However, their motivations for this continuation are highly immoral, namely exploitation, greed, maintenance of their wealth, exaltation over others, humiliation of poorer than themselves, etc. So they are another example of what people do against God, the Bible, divine laws and commandments, requirements of justice, etc. As such, common righteousness prescribes to oppose them and do the opposite of what they force people to do or persuade to do.


(II) Since God created for people a miraculous phenomenon of "nirvana", it would be illogical to think that God does NOT want people utilise benefits of nirvana in their lives. Simple logic therefore states that undertaking the peaceful and democratic establishment of a "nirvana political system", which instead of using the hitherto "fear" and "money", would use happiness of nirvana to motivate people for volunteering to perform hard physical "moral work", is clearly in accordance with God's will. So these individuals who undertake the difficult task of implementing the "nirvana political system" based on the rewarding hard physical labour with the totaliztic nirvana, will almost for sure become "soldiers of God" who will implement in life what is God's intention since a long time.


(III) Irrevocably is approaching the "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s"). Its coming slowly becomes increasingly more obvious even for almost blind to what is happening around them. In fact, we all almost have nothing to lose. After all, if we continue the previous "sitting on our own hands" and doing nothing, this depopulation will irrevocably hit us - as already now perfectly visible signs of its coming are becoming increasingly clear to us. In turn, if we try to establish the Party of Totalizm and implement a new and incomparably better "nirvana political system" based on God's pre-programmed nirvana reward - instead of forcing us with fear and money being used so far, then we have some chance that the depopulation will be either delayed or even completely cancelled. On the other hand even if we lose the confrontation regarding the implementing of "nirvana political system" with the henchmen of the ruling elites, who are still strong and quite skilful in harming humanity, there will still be a chance that pleasing God through starting efforts to implement His intentions will be appreciated and that God will intentionally save us from falling victim to the incoming depopulation - so that right after the disasters finish we still can establish the new nirvana political system for organizing social life on Earth on the basis of divine nirvana rewards.


(IV) Everyone has the opportunity to personally check the truth of what I described here. After all, in order to earn a totaliztic nirvana for oneself, one does NOT need permission from governing elites, corporations, or from employees of official science. The only problem with it is the lack of conditions in today's workplaces and places of residence to achieve it doing professional or paid work. Therefore, to achieve nirvana, one must either be independent of employers forcing him/her to perform a specific job in morally hostile conditions and being watched, for example, by corporate psychopaths (address ), or one must work in one of the few professions that still allow the achievement of nirvana (e.g. in the profession of a nurse). After all, when the nirvana appears, everyone who actually and personally experiences it, will experimentally gain the certainty of the truth of what I learned a long time ago, namely that for happiness and the honour of prolonging the state of maintaining the totaliztic nirvana, we are ready to perform with great pleasure even the heaviest "moral work", or the dirtiest one, or considered by others to be the most shameful,

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