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#361_1E: All 10 commandments are for good of "humanity" - so obeying them work for God and people, while disobeying - for evil UFOnauts


Summary: "This post #361E to blogs of totalizm explains the most important methods and devices with the use of which it is possible to detect secret arrivals to our flats or workplaces of UFOnauts or even entire UFO starships, whose more advanced than human magnetic propulsion systems allow them to penetrate through walls and solid objects and to hide from us in a 'state of telekinetic flickering' invisible to human eyes. Furthermore, this post #361E indicates examples of evidence which prove that the diabolical raids of these creatures on our flats and workplaces are an objective truth that is easy to verify by almost everyone. The purpose of such arrivals of these creatures is a brutal exploitation of people residing in there, sabotaging the work that these people do in there, and telepathic and hypnotic reprogramming of these people into practicing the parasitic philosophy of these secretive cosmic aggressors. Furthermore, this post #361E explains 'how' our return to equally pedantic practicing of all 10 commandments of God and other admonitions from verses of the Bible will return us to the path of practicing principles of 'humanity' and will initiate God's help in our defence against hidden forms of exploitation, destruction and reprogramming by these morally fallen our cosmic relatives from Orion planets."


#L2. Summary of commonly available devices and methods that detect when UFOnauts and UFOs invisible to human eyes arrive to our flats or to our workplaces, and even detect long-term sabotaging or exploiting presence of these cosmic aggressors in our flats or workplaces, thus inspiring our moral and spiritual defence against them:


Motto: "Dear reader, I have good news to communicate here - namely that at your disposal you have here numerous descriptions of technical devices and methods which allow you to personally detect, and even prove, that our planet and the entire humanity, including you and your immediate family, is secretly occupied, exploited, tormented and telepathically or hypnotically forced to practice the evil parasitic philosophy of life (see web page "parasitism.htm"). All these atrocities commit UFOnauts who are simultaneously our morally decadent relatives from the planets of Orion and who long ago reached so high technical advancement that for us they look like "supernatural" beings. Thus you, the reader, does NOT need to wait with undertaking your individual defence until those politicians, scientists and priests, who are corrupt, reprogrammed by UFOnauts, and afraid of revealing the truth, officially admit that the entire Earth and humanity has been secretly subjected to such destructive practices for thousands of years, and they will start to implement any defensive actions." (Conclusions resulting from tens of years of research on our morally decadent relatives from the planets of Orion, called UFOnauts and UFOs (see web page "ufo_proof.htm") who continually come to Earth to exploit us and cause our moral decay as well as to adopt their inhumanly evil philosophy of life.)


If we know the goal to which we are heading, then in our actions we have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate path that leads us directly to this goal. In turn, the main goal of people living on the planet Earth turns out to be the behaviour which God Himself explained to us in the God-inspired Bible, which will enable the humanity to create for the use and benefit of itself and other creatures of our "world of matter" a model of "man" and "humanity" to follow - and thus also deserve God's help, protection and inspiration on the way to achieving the goals of this life. Unfortunately, the majority of people still do NOT have the knowledge "how" to prove to themselves what makes people "human" and what attributes certify about their "humanity". So this post #361E I will start from providing logical clues that are able to inspire in us this knowledge, and to explain what "man" and "humanity" are obliged to do. In order for the reader to be able to compare his own knowledge on this subject with the results of my research, firstly I am going to remind here an English saying (idiom) which states: "the devil is in the details" (see - the Polish equivalent of which reads "diabeł kryje się w szczegółach" which in the Polish language means "the devil hides in the details" - see ). After all, in order to find the truth about the "devil" discussed here, one always needs to learn many vital details in which devil literally hides. In turn this idiom persuades the reader to show the required patience in learning the details below, understanding and recognition of which serves to increase useful knowledge, but unfortunately it is NOT a source of neither entertainment nor money - in pursuit of which in present times the majority of people proverbially sell their souls to the devil. And so, in our lives it turns out to be beneficial to learn as many as possible of so-called "truths of life". This is why, for example, it is worth studying the so-called engineering, because although these studies alone will NOT teach us of these "truths of life", still they will direct us to the engineering way of creative thinking in terms of "how", which then allows us to identify these truths of life for ourselves. In other words, such engineering way of thinking in terms of "how" works in creative opposition to replacing thinking with just memorizing of dictionary descriptions of "what" which is destroying principles of our "humanity" - to which situation leads the system of present official education secretly supervised by UFOnauts. (The difference between the engineering thinking "how" and the dictionary memorization of "what", and also the manner in which this thinking "how" can be acquired, is explained in #G3 to #G5 from the web page "wroclaw_uk.htm", and partly also in post #341E to blogs of totalizm - the content of #341E, as well as other English posts to blogs of totalizm, can be learned e.g. from "volume Q" of my Polish publication [13] disseminated for free through the web page "tekst_13.htm".) Although people educated in this replacement of creative thinking in terms of "how" with dictionary memorization of "what" probably will deny this, one of the most vital truths of life is the truth that human nature works in such a manner that "if we are unable to describe something precisely in terms of 'how', then it does NOT exist for us". This is why e.g. in the Bible inspired by God He puts so much attention to precisely encode in there a detailed description (in such terms of "how") of Himself, these devils, the importance of equally pedantic fulfilment of all 10 commandments, etc. Unfortunately, recently less and less people confused and entertained by television, computers and handphones, have enough patience, and also enough intellectual potential, to decipher the truth about God, devils, 10 commandments, etc., from the Bible. In turn the awareness of this fact leads to another truth of life, which states that "the more precisely in terms of 'how' and the more understandably we are able to describe something, the more we become sure that the existence of it is an undeniable truth". This is why e.g. by being educated in the "cocoon of lies" of the communist propaganda that forces into people the materialistic reductionism (see ), after graduation I myself became an atheist - although my mother raised me in the traditions and spirit of Catholicism. To the knowledge that God does exist I was brought back only by the development of my Theory of Everything from 1985 (see web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm"). This is because it revealed to me that on the other end of the gravitational dipole there is another world (the so-called "counter-world") filled with an intelligent "counter-matter" that displays attributes opposite to these of our "stupid" matter. Thus, attributes of this counter-world are amazingly consistent with religious descriptions of God. So the development of my Theory of Everything of 1985 (see web page "dipolar_gravity.htm") allowed me to learn the truth about God, to start to develop the knowledge "how" a about God, and to formulate increasingly accurate descriptions of God - i.e. descriptions that significantly expand what religions revealed to us about God in times of my childhood, and what religions managed to determine about God during over 2000 years of their search for truth, because e.g. this theory revealed to me and to readers of my publications that God is what in present scientific terminology can be called a "living program", and that God lives NOT in just one natural "computer" but in the entire network composed of an infinitive number of them - each individual one of which natural "computers" looks like a miniature man or woman. In turn, the most important discovery which consolidated my ability to describe God precisely in terms "how", and thus boost my certainty of His existence, was the discovery of the existence and descriptions of the so-called "God Drobinas" - means intelligent elementary components of counter-matter which look like miniature (adding) men and (subtracting) women, and which are individual Drobinas (i.e. smallest parts - as the Polish word "Drobina" means "something very small but much loved") of this counter-matter that act like miniature natural "computers" carrying in themselves living programs of God together with programs of souls of people, animals, and everything else what exists in our "world of matter". Descriptions of my discovery and structure (inner construction and way of work) of these "God Drobinas" are provided in posts #325E and #326E and in K1 to #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm", while I extended them additionally with descriptions from the web page "2020life.htm". In turn the hostile to God and people category of creatures, described in the Bible, amongst others under the name of "devils", while by us currently most frequently called "UFOnauts", explained to me in more details a Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała - while reporting to me in 1998 his abductions by UFOnauts to the planet Nea described in Polish treatise [3b] disseminated for free via web page "tekst_3b.htm". Although much earlier I discovered and started to prove in my publications that UFOnauts display all attributes of biblical "devils", only the late Andrzej Domała provided me with scientific data about them, such as where they live, why and how they exploit us, what advanced devices allow them to secretly occupy and exploit us, etc. In turn, such a confirmation of the material existence of "devils" provides us with an extremely important additional confirmation to the already developed formal scientific proofs (see #G2 and #G3 from my web page "god_proof_pl.htm") that God does exist and that the Bible contains the truth and only the truth encoded into it, and also indicates to us methods of "how" through the technical detection of hidden activities of UFOnauts in our flats and workplaces, we simultaneously confirm to ourselves the existence of God, the existence of devils, and the importance of the requirements of being man that practices "humanity" - means "humane behaviour". In turn from all the above considerations stems another truth of life of the "how" type, which is worth learning. It is the fact that about the success of our life or about its loss, decides our 'ability to learn and accept the truth "how" the Bible describes the essence of our qualification to the category of "human" means to the essence of "humanity" ("humane behaviour") and then implementing this truth in our own lives'. After all, it is easy to understand, that e.g. the "human" that displays the essence of "humanity" is NOT yet e.g. the "monkey" of the so-called "evolutionists", although it has hands with 5 fingers that allow it to use tools - which in turn implies that the sources of "evolutionism" originate from agents spreading propaganda of "devils" secretly occupying us. Also humans are NOT e.g. whales, dolphins, or elephants, although they have their own "speech" which allows them to communicate with each other and have large brains. In turn, taking the voluntary, intentional and conscientious, fulfilment of 10 commandments of God as the derived in further parts of this item #L2 most important criterion of "humanity", for belonging to the category of "human" and thus collecting "fruits" of humanity e.g. of the type "everlasting life", we should NOT consider even many present inhabitants of the Earth - for example murderers, employees of political services murdering opponents of the ruling elites or murdering journalists that reveal the truth, leaders of countries that start wars, soldiers shooting at unarmed civilians or raping defenceless women, etc., etc. The clue "how" to determine this again can only indicate to us the engineering skill of creatively working out that "how". Meanwhile, according to the engineering thinking "how": "in order to be able to accurately describe attributes of anything, one needs to compare everything that is closely similar to it, although it does NOT show of having exactly the same attributes". In turn, it so happens that we are in a situation that on Earth we have UFOnauts, means creatures which are similar to people, and some of them even look almost identical to people, but they must NOT be qualified to the category of "humans" because they do NOT display "humanity". These creatures are our morally decadent relatives originating from planets of Orion, popularly currently called UFOnauts, who secretly occupy, exploit, mortify, destroy, and telepathically and hypnotically reprogram humanity into their parasitic philosophy. These creatures are also described in the Bible, only that the Bible calls them devils, dragons, fallen angels, angels of Lucifer, etc. Although these creatures carefully hide from people their existence, behaviours, and attributes, until today various UFO researchers, often at the cost of their own lives, managed to document amazingly a lot of knowledge and descriptions about them - a significant proportion of which knowledge and descriptions is also confirmed in the content of the Bible under the ancient name of "devils". And so we already know that all these beings in the visible state have an approximate shape, appearance, behaviour, thinking and skills of humans, from whom they differ only in a few minor details. One of their races, still living on Orion's planets, is so similar to people that their emissaries beget children with people, interbreed with people and live among people impersonating people. But they are much more technically advanced than people, while their technology, knowledge, medicine, and practicing the lying philosophy of evil parasitism (see web page "parasitism.htm"), allows them to pretend to be "supernatural beings". So almost the only differences between being UFOnauts and being people boil down to the practiced philosophy. Namely, UFOnauts practice the philosophy representing a form of atheism, the essence of which is to coerce with fear, to lie and to break 10 commandments of God, to divide people in order to rule over them, to incite hatred, to use force, subterfuge or deceit for selfishly robbing for themselves everything that others have and that is useful to UFOnauts, and imposing the parasitic philosophy of UFOnauts on other human-like creatures. So if one compares these differences of their philosophy with what characterizes people from the planet Earth and the "humanity" practiced by people, then it turns out that the essence of being "human" and attributes of "humanity" is just practicing a philosophy opposite to that one practiced by these UFOnauts. In other words, to be a "human" and to display "humanity" requires that one voluntarily practices the philosophy received along with our "free will" and given to us by God, which is consistent with the principles of voluntarily telling and revealing truth as described in the Bible, and with the intention of equal fulfilment of all 10 commandments of God, treating everyone equally with love and respect, and sharing everything with our neighbours - means making available to our neighbours what our neighbours need, while the surplus of resources of this we have at our disposal.


The tools which enable us to learn and recognize the existence of a significant fragment of the truth about the wickedness of UFOnauts' activities in the reality that surrounds us (which truth is still officially hidden from us), provides us with the knowledge about (and with description "how") whatever results from a more thorough learning and from creatively seeking an engineering "how" during analyzes of my "Cyclic Table for Earth's Propulsion Systems" (see - in Polish called: Tablica Cykliczności dla Napędów Ziemskich - see ). I developed this cyclic table in 1972 (means over 50 years ago) and I discussed it more extensively e.g. in posts #319E, #317E, #315E, #313E, #311E and #309E to blogs of totalizm and in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page "propulsion.htm". An important knowledge that this table reveals to us is an extraordinary attribute of magnetic propelling devices used in Magnocrafts of my invention (see web page "magnocraft.htm" - this starships also resulted from my learning about it from the cyclic table). This extraordinary attribute I named the "state of telekinetic flickering" and I described it in item #C1 from my web page "dipolar_gravity.htm". It allows the magnetic propelling devices of the second and third generation to make those who use them completely invisible to human eyes, and to penetrate through solid objects such as walls, windows, steel partitions and machines, earth, mountains, etc. - achieved without harming people who penetrate them nor harming these solid objects. UFOnauts who secretly occupy humanity use this extraordinary attribute for secretly entering people's homes, where they carry out secret sabotage of the development of human knowledge and technology, still unnoticed by the majority of inhabitants of Earth, and for eliminating the philosophy of Christianity defining "humanity" and based on voluntary giving and on love - as taught to us by Jesus and explained to us in the Bible, as well as use this extraordinary attribute to transform our Christian philosophy into a parasitic philosophy of life of UFOnauts who occupy us, based on the use of "money", coercion, force, subterfuge, etc., for egoistic robbing for themselves from others whatever is useful for those strongest and for destroying fellow humans. Thus, to flats, houses, and workplaces of practically every person, these UFOnauts secretly enter at least once a month, while in cases of some people (including me) almost every day. Out of several different types of vehicles and propulsion systems of the second and third generations, for this entering most often they use the so-called "personal propulsion system", the components of which I showed in Fig. #L2a below, while I discussed them more comprehensively in publications linked in the caption to this illustration. Sometimes UFOnauts fly also into people's flats in invisible UFO starships of smaller types of #K3 to #K6 - which I illustrated and described in post #360E to blogs of totalizm and in #D1 to #D1c from the web page "military_magnocraft.htm". In turn, how such an arrival to a flat or a house of an entire UFO vehicle looks like, is illustrated from 2:54 to 3:15 minute of the 4-minute totaliztic video entitled "How Big is the Magnocraft" - see . Only that on this video Magnocrafts of small types fly in the "throbbing mode" of their propulsion system that is visible to human eyes, and they stop their flight just before entering people's homes, while when really UFOnauts secretly sneak into people's homes, then they use this invisible to human eyes "mode of telekinetic flickering". After all, such flying into homes of the entire vehicle allows them to stay in a given flat or house for a long time (even for several days or weeks) in order to observe and sabotage activities of its inhabitants more effectively, and also allows UFOnauts to carry out robberies of moral energy and sperm or ovule of people living in there without the need for transporting these people onto the deck of a UFO, but just through such positioning of the UFO starship that its operating table levels with the surface of the bed on which a given robbed person sleeps. In turn the most rarely UFOnauts enter human flats and houses in four-propulsor vehicles discussed and illustrated e.g. in chapters D and Q from volumes 2 and 15 of my monograph [1/5] available for free via web page "text_1_5.htm". This is because such four-propulsor vehicles generate pillars of too concentrated magnetic field, which after entering a flat would do too much damage - meanwhile even discoidal UFOs that allow for precise control of their field often also do a lot of damage in flats into which they fly, which damages e.g. in my case were phenomena which drew my attention to UFO entrances to people's homes and initiated the research of these entrances and methods of detecting them. So in order to allow the truth-seeking readers to detect the actual penetration of UFOs into their homes and to confirm the incredibly effective conspiracy which for thousands of years is implemented by UFOnauts and by their human helpers, I have prepared descriptions of this item #L2. Learning and recognizing the truth expressed in these descriptions will provide the reader with two important rewards. The first reward is that this will allow him to convince himself about the truth and materiality of creatures described in the Bible for thousands of years and called in there devils, angels of Lucifer, dragons, etc., while by us currently called UFOnauts. This is because these UFOnauts are material, just like us, only that they are much wiser and more experienced than us in robbing civilizations that they occupy, and also that they use advanced technical devices to achieve effects which human scientists (managed by UFOnauts) still do NOT even try to officially explain, thus which humanity officially still considers to be "supernatural" - see {11} from item #H2 from post #354E to blogs of totalizm and from my web page "bible.htm". Unfortunately, there is a problem in e.g. the manner of presenting these creatures by today's priests of religions detached from problems and methods of real life and thus deliberately "rejecting knowledge" of the engineering type "how" (see verse 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea") - which "how" binds statements of the Bible with phenomena of real life. This problem in presenting of these creatures induces doubts and confusion in many people, and allows our secretive occupants to force many people to believe that these creatures are supposedly "religious myths". In turn, the second reward are consequences of the "satisfaction of the success of the teacher and the student" that typically is felt by every teacher and his/her student, if this student learned something highly significant and increased his or her knowledge with it. Meanwhile, according to the prayer "as in heaven, so on earth" (see blog #333E or item #W1 from the web page named "humanity.htm"), this satisfaction for sure knows, and probably also feels, our God, who is the greatest teacher of people and our creator. So when (or if) knowledge so vital for humanity, which God has been trying to make available to people for thousands of years, encoded in verses of the Bible and in life experiences through which He passes people, finally is understood by a given person and accepted with this satisfaction, it will cause a mutual understanding, rapprochement and relationship between that person and God. This, in turn, will initiate the progress of this person in gaining more and more love, respect and admiration for God, neighbours and nature, and thus also in the voluntary fulfilment of God's commandments, which will result in the initiation of a more personal and two-way relationship of this person and God, to which already for millennia the Bible has been trying to persuade people, and which leads to obtaining from God the daily protection, defence and inspiration promised in the Bible.


Knowing from religion that the Earth and humanity is ruled by the "ruler of this world" described e.g. in the context of 12:31 from "John" in the Bible as a liar, tempter and fierce opponent of God, have you ever wondered why the Bible does not warn us directly about what only I am proving in post #354E to blogs of totalizm and in {11} from item #H2 of my web page named "bible.htm", and then I clarify and name it e.g. in post #360E to blogs of totalizm and in #D1 to #D1cd from the web page "military_magnocraft.htm" ? Namely, why the Bible does NOT warn that the Earth and humanity is secretly occupied, exploited, controlled, and tormented by technically very advanced, but morally decadent our relatives UFOnauts from planets of Orion? Well, if the Bible expresses this directly and in unambiguous words, then the occupants from Orion, who control humanity, would direct life and languages on Earth in such a way that instead of e.g. the word Orion we would use another word - e.g. "heaven" now used in the Bible, thus we (people) still would NOT understand about whom specifically the Bible warns us. Therefore, the Bible can only contain in its verses wisely encoded "indications" and allusions (in English called "hint") which direct thinking people to the truth, and can cause that in the future someone amongst people wisely inspired by God will be able to add to each hint the second half of the truth taken from real life and expressed in today's understandable words, thus revealing to his/her fellow humans descriptions of the whole truth. Of course, immediately the reader may ask: why then these "priests", the "profession" and bread winning job of whose is to disseminate the truth that originates from God, do NOT decode what (e.g. that UFOnauts) really is encoded in verses of the Bible, and then do NOT disseminate it among their neighbours? The answer is that because being, like all people, imperfect in certain areas of their characters and knowledge that priests have accumulated, thus like most of people priests also neglected to diligently fulfil everything that results from the 10 commandments of God, especially what results from the commandments in which God encoded e.g. doing what I point out in post #341E to blogs of totalizm and in items #G3 to #G5 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm", and also is coded into verse 8:32 from "John" in the Bible ("and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"), while what I am trying to emphasize, amongst others, in my explanations e.g. from item #K5 of the web page named "petone.htm", or in explanations from {6} in item #L1 of the web page "evil.htm". In turn, the neglecting of conscientious fulfilment of all these components of 10 commandments, causes that today's "priests", additionally confused by the officially disseminated "cocoon of lies", are afraid to supplement the "hint" encoded in verses of the Bible with the second half of knowledge taken from today's real life and already quite boldly expressed by today's precise names, and as a result of this they reject the knowledge that forms the whole truth - that is, they also lie to people. In turn for "lying" which in case of "priests" takes the form of "rejecting knowledge" (see the Bible, 4:4-9 from the "Book of Hosea"), there are very severe punishments - in the Bible underlined e.g. in verses 21:8 and 22:15 from the "Apocalypse of St. John" and 6:16-19 from the "Book of Proverbs" and resulting from 20:16 in the "Book of Exodus". So let us NOT be afraid to combine every "hint" taken from the Bible with the other half of truth taken from life, because only the whole truth is going to set us free (as it is unanimously confirmed by all 3 most reliable witnesses indicated in (1) to (1c) from post #331E and from item #H1 of the web page "2020life.htm"). By the way, in exactly the same situation as "priests" are also today's scientists, who also "reject the knowledge", e.g. that in the counter-world there is NO time nor the elapse of time - which is explained more comprehensively in entries #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm and in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". In turn, since "priests" and "scientists" are afraid to officially disclose to us the entire truth which reveals that each one of us people is systematically abducted to UFOs and robbed from the most valuable resources by our morally decadent relatives from Orion planets, the only thing that remains for us is that each of us took into his/her own hands the defence against this official lying, robbery and destruction.


Unfortunately, people are so created, that if they do NOT experience something in a manner that allows them to accurately describe to themselves with an engineering "how", then they refuse to recognize that it does exist. This is why readers who have NOT experienced by themselves any spectacular encounter with UFOnauts or UFOs, most probably will NOT believe me in what on the basis of my research and my own life experiences I am describing and documenting in publications of totalizm about the oppression, exploitation, destruction, and reprogramming of humanity by morally fallen relatives of people from planets of Orion. Meanwhile, from my old research on UFOnauts and UFOs, it appears that almost every inhabitant of the Earth, including also you, the reader, and your loved ones, in normal circumstances is subjected to the exploitation of moral energy and sperm or ovule by UFOnauts at least once a month, and on occasion of these exploitations frequently reprogrammed with telepathy and post-hypnotic commands into practicing the parasitic philosophy of UFOnauts. So almost everyone typically at least once a month has at nights in their flat secretly arriving in there invisible to human eyes UFOnauts or UFOs hiding from people in the "state of telekinetic flickering". Thus, in order that any of the readers could obtain the certainty that he or she personally is also the subject of such evil exploitation, and thus could confidently start his/her active defence against the attacks of UFOnauts described above, firstly he/she probably wants to make sure that what I am describing here actually reflects the long-hidden and a very bitter truth for humanity.


The best way to find out about the truth of the above descriptions would be if the reader managed to make himself a revealing device for visual detection of objects that hide from our sight in the state of telekinetic flickering. This is because so-far politicians and decision makers of science are afraid to make a decision about its production, while DIY hobbyists are afraid to undertake its implementation by themselves. Thus this revealing device still cannot be purchased. It is pity, because the design and principle of operation of this device was gifted to us by the totaliztic civilization from stars, which sympathizes with our miserable fate - which donation of it guarantees that it is correctly designed. In turn how to build this "revealing device" is explained more comprehensively in our free Polish treatise [7b] disseminated in internet via the web page (in Polish) named "tekst_7b.htm".



However, although it is highly doubtful that anyone finds the courage to build this "revealing device" from Polish treatise [7b], or the "telepathic pyramid" described in English treatise [7] (see web page "7_text.htm") and treatise [7/2], still the defence against aggression of our fallen relatives from Orion should be undertaken personally and even alone by the bravest inhabitants of the Earth. The most effective and safest way to carry out this defence is to simultaneously deserve to be defended and protected by God Himself. After all, being exposed to attacks of "powers of evil" so common in our world, has too great a chance of massively negative consequences, to ignore the undertaking of our defence against this continuous aggression of UFOnauts that lasts for many thousands of years.


Therefore, the first step in undertaking a defence against attacks of evil UFOnauts, which each person can voluntarily implement almost immediately (if he/she has NOT undertaken it yet), is to deserve the defence, protection, and inspiration by God. After all, in verses of the Bible it is quite clearly explained how one can deserve the protection and defence by God. This explanation takes the form of many verses of the Bible emphasizing that if you love me, obey my commandments - indicated in {6} from item #L1 of the web page "evil.htm", for example takes the form of verses: 14:15 from "John", 14:21 from "John", 5:2-3 from "1 John", 3:1 from "Proverbs", 13:13 from "Proverbs", 48:18 from "Isaiah", 7:21 from "Matthew", 11:28 from "Luke", and a few others. (Notice that the more important something is for the course and results of our lives, the more verses of the Bible emphasize this with various words.) Thus, in connection with the truths revealed in the Bible by verse 11:23 from "The Gospel according to St. Luke" admonishing that "Whoever is not with me is against me; and he who does not gather with me scatters" and verses "Matthew" 5:37 and "James" 5:12 commanding "Let your speech be Yes, Yes; No, No. And what is more, comes from Evil", all this logically implies that if you voluntarily and out of love obey all 10 commandments with equal conscientiousness, then you are NOT against God and you are NOT scattering of what God gathers, means as accurately describe this Bible scholars, we meet the essential requirements of deserving God's defence and of God help in our battles against evil - see . More extensive explanation of the above short logical justification of "why" for the defence, help and inspiration from God in typical situations probably deserve only people who voluntarily and conscientiously, out of love for God and for their neighbours, fulfil 10 commandments of God, I included e.g. in {8} from item #L1 of the web page named "evil.htm", and in the summary to item #K5 from my web page named "petone.htm". In turn, from the information from the INTRODUCTION and #J3 to #J3v of that web page "petone.htm" it also appears that it is good to declare your initiation of voluntary and diligent fulfilment of all 10 commandments of God with your prayer asking for support after undertaking e.g. a short-term pilgrimage to the nearest holy area, many of which just for this purpose, God created within the range of one-day commuting by every person - such as e.g. for NZ it is a holy area marked with the "Celtic cross (Iona) from Petone" - see , discussed on that web page "petone.htm", in the area protected by which holy ground miracles are already happening, although hardly any local people notice them because of the confusion by "cocoon of lies" with which the freedom of thinking, noticing, and telling truths by humanity is increasingly suffocated today.


The second step in undertaking our defence should be obtaining, and if possible also documenting, personal confirmations that our morally decadent relatives from Orion planets actually operate in the reader's home, or at least operate anywhere on Earth. For this purpose, it is worth to e.g. install as many as possible of various "UFO detecting" devices in various places of our own flat. Simultaneously, in the largest possible number of situations to document (i.e. to film or photograph, e.g. with your "mobile phone") everything that unusual happens in the vicinity. (In publications of totalizm I describe such documenting with the slogan "firstly photograph and only then deliberate" - for examples see photographs #K1a, #K3c, #K4c, #K5a and #K5c from "petone.htm".) After all, if the camera of "mobile phone" captures only something trivial, you can always delete it later. In turn, if it captures something really vital, then it will be possible to draw the attention of neighbours to the truth documented by oneself, and to correct with it lies of human helpers of evil powers.


In the role of free UFO detectors, you can use a lot of objects or technical devices, which are useful, needed, and used in our homes anyway, only that usually we do NOT know how to interpret their indications and alarms. For example, one of the simplest detectors of invisible UFOs are metal doors or windows, which nowadays are often installed in flats or houses. That such doors perfectly alarm us about the arrival of UFOnauts to our flat I learned during my professorship in KL. The apartment that I occupied in there had loosely hinged metal doors to the balcony. Because I intensively researched then the UFO phenomenon, between around 2 to 4 am UFOnauts parked their UFO vehicles in the air above a small meadow which was located under my balcony - on the occasion of this parking they burned tens of round UFO landing sites on this meadow - see e.g. . After this parking, using only personal propulsion system, through these metal doors they flew into my flat in order to cause me various damages and to sabotage my publishing, while in the flat their arrival was also confirmed by various other devices the operation of which as "UFO detectors" I had already learned. At the moment of their entry, this metal door "clattered" very loudly, almost always wake me up from sleep. It so happens also that the metal "safety door" which entirely is a kind of metal grille, is also in my present flat. They act as the second door to our garden - you can see them in the photo Fig. #N1c (see ) from my web page named "solar.htm" - showing my flat from the direction of the garden. They also are "clattering" very loudly if an invisible UFOnaut or a UFO vehicle penetrates through them. The reason is that if an invisible UFOnaut or an entire UFO vehicle penetrates through such a metal door or metal window, the pulsating magnetic field from its propulsors induces electric currents (and thus also a magnetic field) in this metal, causing them to jerk strongly - which causes a loud noise of pounding metal even during windless weather - which for us should be an alarm that a UFO is just visiting or leaving us. In turn UFOnauts usually choose to enter houses through doors or windows, because they know that there are NO electric wires in there, which during the time of penetrating them can noticeably "kick" (i.e. electrocute) their bodies with electric current. In turn in my apartment on Rolla Street in Dunedin, NZ (above which house a friend even photographed a cigar-shaped UFO landing there), a good UFO detector was even a heavy armchair. Because I noticed in there that during cold nights for some reasons blankets often fall to the floor from my bed that was standing with its long side by the wall, I started to put a heavy armchair to the other long side of the bed so that it would prevent blankets from falling onto the floor. After the armchair was placed, I entered the bed like an acrobat from the header side. However, I quickly noticed that on nights for which my other "UFO detectors" noted the arrival of UFOnauts, this armchair in the morning is put away from the bed. Clearly this armchair disturbed someone who came to harm me somehow e.g. under hypnosis, so he put it aside, and then either did NOT want to put it back, or was angry with me for something and took revenge by allowing me to freeze in the cold night because my blanket was on the floor. In the same apartment (Dunedin is a very cold city), in order that my legs wouldn't freeze, in addition to my pyjamas I also put on warm socks for nights. In turn, in order to be able to get dressed quickly in the cold morning, near the bed I kept full clothes for the next day, placing on the very top a pair of other socks "for the day" of a different colour and pattern. So sometimes in the morning I woke up wearing these other socks, or only one of them and another warm one that I put on for the night, while the missing ones were entangled and hidden somewhere in the bedding. Because this kept happening on days when my other "UFO detectors" showed UFO raids, it is worth to notice that for perceptive people even secret change of socks at night can be an effective UFO detector.


In turn, during my professorship in Borneo, a kind of UFO detector turned out to be my "mosquito net" - means a net that protects the entire bed from mosquitoes. I did not want to spoil the wall for the owner of the apartment by using screws or nails that would hold my mosquito net in a hover, so I glued its hooks to the wall with adhesive tape. And I slept there in a volumetrically small bedroom. Thus, during each entry of the UFO into the bedroom, the field from its telekinetic propulsors washed over this tape, eliminating the stickiness of its glue. As a result, the mosquito net fell down. I also noticed then, that mechanisms that work on principles of friction, behaved as if the friction in them temporarily disappeared. For example, screws, to which in order to unscrew them normally one needs to put the unscrewing work that overcomes their friction, during air raids of UFOs unscrewed in there by themselves. In the same apartment, during UFO raids, paintings hanging there on nails fell from the walls, although their nails were still stuck in the walls in the morning. This falling of paintings (NOT caused by e.g. nails falling out of the wall), I explain with the phenomenon of resonating in metal of nails of the phenomena of telekinetic flickering which in a pulsating manner eliminated their material nature, turning them into a kind of vibratory energy pattern which of course was NOT able to support the weight of paintings. Independently from the above events, about UFO raids I was also informed in there by other devices described here, the alarm signals of which I already knew then how to correctly interpret, and with which I used to surround myself for several years (and still surround myself). All these phenomena that I experienced during that professorship in Borneo, confirmed to me a number of previously identified secret methods of persecution of people, which threaten interests of these morally decadent UFOnauts. For example, they confirmed that UFOnauts identify and secretly destroy the equipment that is most needed by a persecuted person for life and for work (i.e. they practice a cunningly wise rule: "minimum destruction - maximum effects of destruction"). For example, in Borneo a UFO burnt my fridge without which it is very difficult to live in a tropic, and also burned in there a computer used for publishing truths about UFOs. In turn e.g. in New Zealand they already twice damaged ovens used for cooking. They also confirmed that UFOnauts steal vital documentation even if it is protected by locking it with a key - e.g. at night they stole in there from me from a locked suitcase the detailed electrical diagrams of the Swiss Thesta Distatica (see my web page "free_energy.htm" ) which I was preparing for publication in predecessor of my monograph [1/3] - see "tekst_1_3.htm". Several years later these phenomena also confirmed that UFOnauts put into a locked suitcase (and thus also e.g. into human safes) some objects or evidence with which they wish to "frame", discredit, or mock this person. They also use clever ways to undermine authority in the workplace. For example, in Borneo they repeated their expensive trick with many hours of telephone calling in the middle of night from the place of work to the country of origin - as this is described in #4 of subsection V8.3 from volume 16 of monograph [1/4] in English - disseminated for free from "text_1_4.htm". Previously, in NZ, they telephoned to Poland from the telephone in the lift of the Polytechnic on which I was lecturing at that time, while I was the only Polish citizen working in there, thus UFOnauts with this call caused an astronomical bill. In turn at the university in Borneo at night they telephoned to New Zealand from my dean's office, also causing an expensive bill. Fortunately, it turned out that I did NOT receive keys to our office, so there was NO way I could come at night and make such a call. Furthermore, they sabotage texts and illustrations of publications that one writes on computers, using the "sabotage loop" (see post #359E below). They also use an effective method of causing in mentally less resistant among people persecuted by them a kind of persecution paranoia. For example, several years earlier in NZ I arranged a meeting with a famous local UFO researcher and author of several books. During the meeting, he took me for a walk, spoke almost in a whisper, and constantly looked around and behind him. When I asked him "why", he replied that the secret services of some country were constantly spying on him. It surprised me. The explanation was realized to me only by UFOnauts themselves when they made an attempt on Borneo to cause similar paranoia in me. Under my windows for hours started to park in there a large American car without a roof, while its foreign-looking driver did NOT leave the car, but constantly stared at my windows. However, when I ran out to talk to him, he and the car rapidly drove away. This probably is a well-proven method of inducing paranoia by UFOnauts, because I remember a case described in post #340E to blogs of totalizm and in the caption under Fig. #G2a from my web page "wroclaw_uk.htm", when I still lived in Poland and while sitting alone in my university office someone (Man In Black?) through the office window started to film me from the pavement with a huge camera of filming professionals, but when I ran out to talk to him, no one was there. In turn, when in Borneo I was going out to city, always in the distance of several dozen meters I was followed by some distinctively dressed and NOT local looking individual, who also quickly kept disappearing when I turned back to talk to him. By my office, on the other side of the wall near which I was sitting in there, there was a parking with a lot of cars of other lecturers, many of which had anti-theft alarms installed. Several times alarms of these cars started to howl in there, forcing their owners to turn them off manually - so several car alarms howling simultaneously also effectively detect arriving UFOs. However, one event from Borneo to this day I do NOT understand. Until today it puzzles me "why" and "which kind" of UFOnauts caused it (i.e. whether these are UFOnauts who occupy us in order to intimidate me that their "couriers through time" constantly follow my future, or whether these are aliens who remotely help us to support me morally in what I do). This is because on the lawn of the local promenade on which I often walked because it was located right next to the house in which I lived at that time, a "heart" appeared, burnt by the magnetic field of a UFO, which I show in Fig. #J4a and Fig. #J4c from my web page named "petone.htm". And the "heart" is a symbol of "love", NOT parasitic hatred.


A good UFO detector is also a simple compass. This is because its needle, after being placed in the magnetic field of an invisible UFO, starts to behave unstable or deceptively, e.g. it spins, vibrates, or indicates false directions of the world. Only that UFOnauts are intelligent creatures, thus when they see that we are approaching them with a compass in hand, they cunningly move to a different place to avoid being detected. So somehow one needs to mask one's intention of detecting them - e.g. by modifying or hiding the compass. Also all electronic devices can additionally serve as UFO detectors, especially if they contain clocks or are clocks. This is because the magnetic field of UFOs blocks or changes their expected (typical) operation. For example, good for detecting UFOs are sold in shops popular electric alarm clocks powered from the mains. In order that they do NOT falsify indications, the logic is built into their electronics that if after setting them to wake-up us but in the mains there is suddenly no electricity, their indications on the screen start pulsating to alert us that indications may be wrong, although after the power returns these alarm clocks do NOT stop counting the time elapsed. So when the current supplying them is stopped by the field of a UFO or a UFOnaut that entered our flat, the flashing of their indications is NOT only a proof that on a given night UFOnauts were attacking us, but also indicates when exactly that night their aggression took place. UFO detectors are also "smoke detectors" because the shell of UFOs is sometimes covered with so-called "onion-shaped charcoal" (see my web page "evidence.htm") to which these detectors react with an alarm, as if they detected a fire. TV remote controls also detect UFOs or UFOnauts in the "state of telekinetic flickering" invisible to people, if these UFOnauts or UFOs stand between the viewer and the TV set (such an invisible UFO will prevent the correct control signal of the remote control from reaching the TV set). And in situations when we watch TV, UFOnauts like to hover between us and TV in order to be able to watch us closely and e.g. to study how to manipulate our thoughts and psychology. Emissions from UFOs also sometimes turn on or off televisions or radios during their arrival or presence - thus televisions or radios also sometimes act as UFO detectors. Computers are also excellent UFO detectors, because if they run the so-called "sabotage loop" explained in post #359E to blogs of totalizm or in #J3 to #J3a from the web page "faq.htm", then this means that an invisible UFOnaut looks into these computers (e.g. through the shoulder of users) and reacts with sabotage to whatever users just do. However, the best UFO detector are all recording cameras, such as CCTV, cameras for surveillance of sleeping children, or hidden cameras sensitive to movements. More about UFO detectors is provided in subsection U3.8 from volume 16 of monograph [1/5].


Having this text in volume 16 from monograph [1/5] (see web page "text_1_5.htm"), it is also worth to read subsections U3 to U6 in there, because our body and our fate also constitutes an excellent detector and documentation of many forms of robberies, rapes, and medical experiments that people experience during UFO abductions - if you know what to pay attention to. And that people are abducted to UFOs mainly to experience robberies, rapes, medical experiments, and programming with telepathic and post-hypnotic commands, i.e. to experience atrocities similar to those to which humanity still subjects its animals, this is reported by almost all people abducted to UFOs, who remember or recall the abductions they have experienced. The best and most factual reports of them were published by Professor John Mack - who, like the Polish citizen the late Andrzej Domała, probably for this reporting was murdered by UFOnauts. He wrote an excellent book [1T1] of editorial data: Professor John E. Mack, M.D., "Abduction - human encounters with aliens", Ballantine Books - a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0- 345-39300-7 (also available in the Polish language, under the Polish title: "Uprowadzenia - spotkania ludzi z kosmitami"). For example, in order to reveal "how" our bodies are also "detectors of rapes committed on UFOs", in subsection U3.7.1 of monograph [1/5] I explain that after being raped on a UFO, the neck in women increases its girth by around 2%, means if it is normally e.g. 33 cm, then it will increase its girth by about 0.6 cm (i.e. by 6 mm). This in turn can already be detected by measuring the circumference of the neck in the morning (as I described in there) with a slender tape cut exactly to the size of the normal circumference of the neck. Especially that it allows to check or confirm what really happened when during nights of our secretive abductions to UFOs our bodies and beds behave differently than normal, e.g. UFOnauts that arrive make it difficult for us to fall asleep, in the morning we are "washed out" of energy, while our bed looks like fierce battlefield. Furthermore, e.g. the knowledge of how to estimate our level of "moral energy" (what is this "moral energy" explains e.g. #D3 from blog #318E as well as #D3 and #D2 from web page "nirvana.htm") with a bit of practice allows us to notice nights when UFOnauts rob us from this energy. But, of course, we must remember that UFOnauts also have a special device, the two electrodes of which placed in women to the right cheek and the left top of head, and in men to the left cheek and the right top of head, completely eliminate from our memory the awareness of every UFO abduction. Long-term or very frequent use of electrodes of this device also causes easily noticeable in a given person types of square burns and discoloration or blackening of the skin in places where they are applied. In turn in young and healthy men every robbing of sperm or rape during night abduction to a UFO causes strongly foaming of urine at the morning exit to the toilet. So this foaming, together with other supporting signs that I already discussed, can also be a kind of UFO abduction detector. (Unfortunately, in older men this foaming of urine probably can also be caused by health factors - thus for a rape or robbery of sperm they should be considered only if one has simultaneously same other evidence that an abduction just took place.) And UFOnauts need a lot of human sperm in order to populate increasingly more new planets with their future slaves (they developed an equivalent of "pyramid Ponzi scheme" - see , in continuous creating new planets of slaves), and also to enable the reproduction of female inhabitants of planets from their confederation populated exclusively with women - into which "female only planets" our morally decadent relatives from Orion turn the planets of their former slaves, if these planets raise their technology to the level of building and owning Magnocrafts. (I.e. they turn planets that fulfil similar roles, and achieve a similar level of technology, which now is performed and achieved by present humanity - on which planets, however, earlier than they accept them into their parasitic confederation, they use their criminal medicine to completely turn down to zero the so-called "sperm count" of men in there, making local men infertile, and thus still making this planet dependent on their power - which deceptive tactics they are gradually starting to implement now on Earth.) This is because our morally decadent relatives from Orion know how to separate fertilizations that form female foetuses from fertilizations that form male foetuses, and also know how to genetically modify sperm and ovule. From such an exclusively female planet came e.g. a female UFOnaut whom in a forest met a Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała - as she is described in Polish treatise [3b]. Thus a lot to think about causes the fact that during abductions to UFOs men unfortunately are also often raped (e.g. the late Andrzej Domala was also raped on a UFO deck - as reported in [3b]). Some female UFOnauts in power purposely choose to be impregnated "naturally" by a human and tactile man, rather than to obtain a "test-tube baby" impregnated with an unknown sperm donor. During these rapes of human males, the human-like race of raping female UFOnauts pays particular attention to hygiene. For this purpose, before being raped by them, the man they choose is thoroughly "disinfected" with a kind of jelly-like substance with the consistency of "gel". After drying, this substance forms a kind of micro-layer on the surface of the skin. So when in the morning after being raped a man takes a shower, then this layer becomes hydrated and becomes unusually slippery. This slipperiness is easy to notice, because in normal baths almost nothing makes the skin so slippery. One amongst those abducted and so raped, who later reported the use of this disinfecting gel, was a farmer from Brazil named Antonio Villas Boas. His brief report is summarised, among others, on page 382 in the book [#A2] "The Encyclopedia of UFOs", edited by Ronald D. Story (New English Library, 1980, ISBN 0-450-04118-2), and also on page 20 in the book [5P2] by Joshua Strickland: "There are aliens on earth! Encounters", Grosset & Dunlop, New York, 1979, ISBN 0-448-15078-6. Boas’ descriptions of this substance can also be searched on the Internet, for example with the keywords: Antônio Villas Boas ufo gel - see . Unfortunately, another race of female UFOnauts, which in item #K1 of the web page "petone.htm" is described and illustrated under the name of "nightmare" (in Polish "zmora"), does NOT use any "disinfection", but simply overpower their "favourite man" with a weapon for remote hypnotizing and then simply rapes him. In addition, if these female UFOnauts-nightmares much like someone, then they enter his bedroom in order to rape him practically every few days for periods of many years - and they live much longer than people. Some abductees are also subjected to brain drillings on the side of the nose right at the corner of the eye (left in men, right in women). These drillings leave a repetitively reproduced scab, which I describe at the end of item #A2 from my web page named "ufo_pl.htm", while the execution of this drilling is illustrated by a clip entitled "Alien experiments" from the movie "Fire in the sky" (i.e. the movie based on true abduction to a UFO of someone named Travis Walton), disseminated free of charge on YouTube, e.g. at the address . After abductions to UFOs, painless bruises called: ghost pinch (descriptions linked in web page "skorowidz.htm" - in Polish: uszczypnięcia ducha ) remain on people's bodies. These are formed as a result of iron grips of UFOnauts, when they either transport a given person to a UFO, or incapacitate him/her if they defend or throw themselves, and then telekinetically heal the resulting bruises so that they do NOT hurt and thus do NOT look like they were induced in a "material" manner. Such "ghost pinch" can have both men and women, usually on arms, where typically they have shapes like fingerprints during a strong grasping of a given person's arm with a three-fingered hand, sometimes with claws clearly reflected in the shape of a dark blue bruise. In women, such bruises also often appear around the thighs and hips, looking as if they were created as a result of defence from rape. Also each person carries on the side of his/her leg a proof that he or she is systematically abducted to a UFO. This proof is a small scar left after inserting a small identification implant into his shinbone (i.e. a kind of "identity card" or "ID" which we continually show to UFOnauts), which I illustrated and described in Fig. #N3b from post #357E to blogs of totalizm and from #N3 to #N3b from my web page "cielcza_uk.htm" and from publications linked there.

(This entire post #361E would NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #361_2E)

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lip 21 2023 #361_2E: How to detect invisible UFOnauts...

(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #361E)


#361_2E: How to detect invisible UFOnauts in our flats and how to defend ourselves against their manipulation, aggression, and destruction


A particularly reliable detector that allows to visually determine the length of stay of UFOs in our flat is a unique type of LED bulb with the commercial name ST64 or Pilot ST64, which works on alternating current of 220-240 V, and is suitable for use in incandescent lighting lamps from present houses. The company "General Electric" produces versions of this light bulb (called "REST") with a very low brightness reaching even just 250 Lumens (it was the lowest brightness that I found, although from descriptions it appears that perhaps General Electric produces these light bulbs even with a lower brightness - if the reader finds one, then it is worth to buy it for use as a "UFO detector" because the lower this brightness, the lower its "thermal inertia"). In NZ their price is around NZ$15. The filament temperature of such a light bulb is then only about 2000 Kelvin, which produces dark red light. This bulb also has a very high efficiency, because from each Watt of electricity it produces at least 100 Lumens/Watt, thus it consumes very little electricity (Energy Used) - at most only 2.5 Watts (Watts), thus one can afford to illuminate with it during entire nights e.g. a dark corridor. This gives its fibres an extremely low so-called "thermal inertia" which causes that its light is very sensitive to disturbances in the supply of energy. So when the pulsating magnetic field from the propulsor of a UFO accidentally sweeps over the electric wire that is not shielded with any metal and supplies current to this light bulb, then the pulsations of this field will cause an increase in fluctuations in the supply of electricity. In turn, because of the very low "thermal inertia" of this bulb, the fluctuations of this current will be pictured by the "vibrations" of the light of this bulb (as the so-called "stroboskopic lamp" would react to the fluctuations of the current - see ) - which vibrations will immediately alert the person looking at the bulb that a UFO vehicle has just directed one of its magnetic circuits onto an unshielded wire that supplies electricity to this bulb. (It is worth remembering, however, that this bulb can also be hidden, so that it is seen by the researcher of UFOs, but NOT seen by UFOnauts because then they will set their propulsors differently, or it is worth to confuse UFOnauts e.g. by placing several of these bulbs in the flat.) It is thanks to the "hint " passed to me by this light bulb, that in days from May 21 to June 10, 2023, I discovered and confirmed that when I work intensively on my computer on some new idea that I intend to publish, then the entire invisible UFO vehicle of the third generation stays in my flat sometimes constantly until for several consecutive days, while its sabotage crew is looking over my shoulder for what I do, and immediately sabotages it in various ways with the use of the "sabotage loop" which I described in post #359E to blogs of totalizm and in #J3 to #J3a from the web page "faq.htm". Simultaneously I noticed that this sabotage is so important for them, that these UFOnauts sabotaging me are guarded and supervised by a giant-UFOnaut from one of the planets of Orion (probably their boss), footprints of whom I discovered then on the access road to my flat and showed and discussed in #K5 to #K5ab from my web page "petone.htm". (Videos of three such giants from the planet Orion are shown on "Mind Blowing Videos You Should NOT Watch Home Alone" - see .)


The ability of the pulsating magnetic field of UFOs to distort the course of all electric vibrations or electromagnetic waves, which then in human electronic devices are transformed into disturbances noticeable by our senses, turns into "UFO detectors" a whole range of human devices, the operation of which is characterized by a very low inertia of these transformations. In research on superimposition of waves, the phenomenon of such distortions is usually called the "beating effect of vibrations" - see . For example, if a radio receiver finds itself in the pulsating magnetic field of a UFO, then because of its small inertia of waves superimposition, e.g. human speech is changed in it into a grating, squeaky, and as if echoing - as if in the throat of the speaker someone was sawing metal or cutting glass. The same is the case with speech and sometimes also with the picture from a TV set affected by pulsating field of a UFO. Although I had no opportunity to find out what UFO fields cause e.g. in radars or electroscopes, by analogy we can still deduce that their images and indications are also significantly distorted by UFOs.


However, the most important step in the implementation of our defence should be revealing to our neighbours the truth about UFOs, which UFOnauts so decisively block from learning by humanity. After all, the dissemination of truth is the most powerful defence against all forms of cheating, lying, exploitation, and destruction that we currently have, about which we are assured both by the Bible - e.g. in words of verse 8:32 from "The Gospel of St. John" - I quote from the Catholic "Bible of the Millennium": "and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free", as well as by the practice of everyday life - which also confirms that evil, deceptions, lies, etc., can exist and bear their deadly fruits only in the situation of a "cocoon of lies" which already stripped humanity of the previously defined "humanity" and currently suffocates our entire civilisation, i.e. when the truth is punished and with fear kept silent by almost everyone, while the only thing that is spoken officially, loudly, and for a significant reward, are increasingly destructive lies.



Fig. #L2a: Here is a typical garment of the "magnetic personal propulsion system". It allows its owners to noiselessly fly in the air, walk on water, jump onto tallest buildings, etc., without the use of any visible propelling devices. In more technically advanced versions, when its cubical "Oscillatory Chambers" of the first generation from propulsors in heels (1) and waist (2) or shoulder epaulettes are replaced with octagonal or even 16-sided propulsors that generate telekinesis and are capable of flights in the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering", this propulsion system allows also its users to become invisible to the human sight, and even to penetrate through solid walls, barricades, rocks, ground, or through any other solid obstacles. (This "telekinetic flickering" is described in item #C1 on a separate web page about the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - see "dipolar_gravity_pl.htm".) In turn, in the most advanced, third technical generation, when its cubical oscillatory chambers are replaced with 16-sided chambers of the third generation that allow to even manipulate the elapse of time (footprints of which telekinetised in the old asphalt of the driveway to my flat are shown on Fig. #K5a from my web page "petone.htm"), the same personal propulsion system allows NOT only for magnetic flights, visual invisibility, and penetrating through walls and solid objects, but also for stopping, rewinding, or speeding up the passage of time. Because the propulsors from the heels of shoes of such a personal propulsion suit in some substances (e.g. in PVC, asphalt, tar, grass) leave noticeable marks, while UFOnauts secretly and on massive scale invade our flats, workplaces, and towns, people who know about the fact of the secretive occupation of Earth and about the destruction of people by our morally decadent relatives from Orion planets, they can e.g. discover near their own homes footprints of UFOnauts that use these personal propulsion systems. Examples of how these footprints look like in real life I compiled on my web page named "petone.htm", showing them in there for the purely magnetic propulsion system of the first generation in photograph #K1a, for the telekinetic propulsion system of the second generation with octagonal Oscillatory Chambers - in photographs #K3b, #K3c, #K4b , #K4c, #K5c, while for the propulsion of the third generation with 16-sided Oscillatory Chambers (capable of manipulating time) in the abovementioned photograph #K5a. The discussion of some of these photographs is also repeated in posts #347E and #355E to blogs of totalizm, and below in photographs #L2d and #L2e.


The above illustration is shown and described in Fig. E2 from volume 2 of my monograph [1/4] disseminated for free via "text_1_4.htm", while the types and principles of operation of personal propulsion system are illustrated in there in Fig. E1 to Fig. E4. The magnetic personal propulsion system of the first generation works on the principle of propulsion of the Magnocraft of my invention, explained roughly e.g. in post #360E to blogs of totalizm, and more comprehensively e.g. in chapter F from volume 3 of my monograph [1/4] - i.e. on the principle of mutual repulsion and attraction of two sets of magnets. The first of these sets of magnets is, for example, our globe (although it can also be the field of the Sun or the Galaxy - all of which are huge natural magnets). The second set of magnets from this personal prpulsion system are the so-called "magnetic propulsors". These propulsors are a kind of extremely powerful magnets with miniature dimensions. These magnets work on an interesting principle of the so-called "Oscillatory Chamber" that is described in more details e.g. on the web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm", while the complete engineering information "how" about them is described e.g. in chapter C from volume 2 of my monograph [1/4]. In the above propulsion system, the "side" magnetic propulsors are mounted in a special eight-segment belt (2) which the person using this propulsion puts on himself. Due to the repulsive orientation of these side propulsors from the belt in relation to the Earth's magnetic field, they silently lift the user of this propulsion into the air. In order to better stabilize the flights of this user, in heels from soles of both shoes (1) he has mounted another two "main" propulsors, which this time are attracted by the Earth's magnetic field. Due to such an arrangement of the main and side magnetic propulsors, the propulsion discussed here silently lifts a given user into air or space, keeping im/her always in a "standing" vertical orientation, simultaneously allowing him to fly in the air like birds. This supporting a given person or a given UFOnaut in a standing position, makes them as if weightless, and thus eliminates the fatigue of long standing and allows e.g. UFOnauts to be able to e.g. to stand motionlessly for many hours without being tired hidden in one spot of our flats and watch what we do, or e.g. reprogram us telepathically. Furthermore, it is that "detail in which the devil hides" described under Fig. #L2e below, which detail allows to distinguish a human-looking UFOnaut flying in a standing position, from e.g. a real human flying in the air the propulsion of whom requires positioning of him/her with head pointed towards the direction of flight. And UFOnauts increasingly arrogantly start to fly in such a standing position on our planet even in daylight. For example, in the township of Petone in which I live, which is currently swarming with UFOnauts, on Sunday of 2022/12/18 I saw through the window of my flat a flying UFOnaut just like that - as I described it in the penultimate paragraph from post #355E to blogs of totalizm and from item #K3 from my web page "petone.htm". In that paragraph I also provided links, and a command to the search engine, showing numerous free videos made by other people who managed to document on videos UFOnauts flying in that manner in the air and to show them on YouTube. The magnetic personal propulsion system gives also many other attributes, such as e.g. it makes the user inductively immune to our bullets, knives, and sabres. It also causes that it can glow slightly in flight (especially strongly glow his/her eyes), can walk on water and on our ceilings, is able to disappear completely from view, etc. Users of this propulsion system "bullets do not harm", and also they can do almost miracles - no wonder that formerly they were considered "supernatural" beings. Exactly such a propulsion system is used only by creatures which today we call "UFOnauts", while in past they were called devils, nightmares, strigos, pixies, etc. The village of Wszewilki in Poland (where I was born - see web page "wszewilki_uk.htm") has a special contribution to our present knowledge of this magnetic personal propulsion system. On Earth it was invented by someone who was born in Wszewilki, means me - Dr Eng. Jan Pająk. (Perhaps this is the reason why some "devils" so viciously persecute this village. After all, it was the inhabitant of this village who decoded and revealed to other people millennia long secret of UFOnauts.) A more comprehensive description of this extraordinary "magnetic personal propulsion" is provided also in chapter E from volume 2 of monograph [1/5] disseminated free of charge via any of my website. It is also described on numerous web pages, e.g. named "oscillatory_chamber.htm" or "magnocraft.htm".
A complete suit of magnetic personal propulsion typically consists of: (1) shoes the heels of which contain "main" propulsors which stabilize the orientation of the user during the flight (some UFOnauts called "nightmares" may have these propulsors mounted in shoulder pads instead of shoes); (2) an eight-segment belt containing "side" propulsors which provide the lifting force; (3) a one-piece suit made of magnetoreflective material, which also includes a hood (5) or a helmet - this suit protects the user from the action of a strong magnetic field generated by the propulsors; (4) gloves with membrane-like connectors between fingers - these gloves protect against painful spreading of fingers pushed away from each other like leaves of an electroscope. All this is supplemented with a control computer attached to the back of the neck - which reads the user's biocurrents and converts them into propulsive actions, and a cream based on graphite which covers the exposed parts of the skin to protect them from the action of a strong magnetic field. Probably it is this graphite-based cream that caused the name of "Greys" for the most frequently seen race of UFOnauts, the old Polish folklore name of which is "zmora" meaning "nightmare" (in West they are called "succubi" - see ) because they have this nasty habit to rape people at nights after hypnotically paralysing them with their personal weapon - I described this race in more details e.g. in post #347E to blogs of totalizm and in items #K1 to #K1abc from web page "petone.htm". When a heavier work needs to be done, additional bracelets containing reinforcement propulsors can be put on wrists (these bracelets are shown as (3) in Figure E4 "a" in volume 2 of my monograph [1/4]). The propulsors from these bracelets cooperate with propulsors from the belt and from shoes or epaulettes, providing the user with "supernatural" physical strength, e.g. enabling him/her to pull out oaks with roots, lift huge boulders, knock down buildings or walls, etc.




Fig. #L2bc: I realize that the UFOnauts who occupy the Earth deliberately distorted human education in such a way that it would accustom people to vague dictionary descriptions of the "what" type, which always hide a lot of untruths (lies), while teach them to avoid engineering descriptions of "how" details - which reveal the truth (which "what" and "how" I discussed more extensively in the above-mentioned post #341E to blogs of totalizm adapted from items #G3 to #G5 of my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm"). So in matters as vital for the entire humanity as the defence against secret mortification of people (including you, the reader) by our morally decadent relatives from Orion planets, the reader should show patience and read the details illustrated and described in this Fig. #L2bc, which will allow him/her e.g. the truth revealed by marks left on Earth by personal propulsion of UFOnauts (examples of such marks I am going to show below in Fig. #L2d and Fig. #L2e) to be distinguished e.g. from lies of calling these "marks" to be e.g. "stains" on the ground, grass or asphalt. This is because the difference between recognizing the truth of "marks" from the lie of "stains", boils down to learning a few small details of the design and operation of e.g. octagonal twin-chamber capsules of oscillatory chambers from propulsors of the personal propulsion of the second generation that I for a long time illustrate in part "2s" from Fig. C8 in volume 2 of monograph [1/4] disseminated free of charge via my web page named "text_1_4.htm", while in parts "2i" and "2o" of which figure I showed how outlets from such twin-chamber capsules look-like while working in the "mode of internal flux dominance" and in the "mode of external flux dominance" - if one looks at them in daylight (notice here in Fig. #L2d and Fig. #L2e that because of the black colour of asphalt and the whitish colour of telekinetic deposits of marks or pebbles, this appearance emphasized with asphalt or with asphalt vapours and documented in NZ Petone will be opposite to the appearance from those drawings that I made many years ago, i.e. in the "2o" mode black will be what is shown in "Fig. C8" as white). So below I provide an explanation of these drawings "2s" and "2i" and "2o", while in the next photographs #L2d and #L2e I illustrate how these marks look like in real life after being left on asphalted streets or sidewalks.


Fig. #L2b. Here is the design and appearance of a twin-chamber capsule with octagonal oscillatory chambers from propulsors of the personal propulsion of the second generation, capable of forming of the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering" that make its users invisible to human eyes and that allows the penetration through walls and solid objects. Such a twin-chamber capsule consists of as many as two octagonal Oscillatory Chambers, the smaller of which (dimensions which I marked with small letters) is inserted into a larger chamber (dimensions marked with capital letters) and is held in there in a suspended non-contact position by the magnetic field generated by both chambers. The magnetic poles of both chambers are opposite to each other. Therefore, the entire field output of this chamber, which generates a lower magnetic flux, is immediately returned and flows through the other chamber with a higher magnetic flux. Such a return to the second chamber of the output of one of them divides the total output of both chambers into two streams, which in Fig. #C5 from [1/4] for an example of a cubic chamber of the first generation are marked with letters C and R, and called C = circulating flux that is trapped inside of the capsule and R = resultant flux that is discharged from this capsule to the environment. Because the magnetic field produced by the Oscillatory Chambers is so powerful that light is able to flow in it only along its lines of force, while the light shining at an angle on these lines of force is absorbed so that seen from the side they look like "black holes", people in daylight looking at the outlets of such twin-chamber capsules, e.g. see the circulating flux (C) as a "black hole", while the resulting flux (R) as a "bright window" - which is illustrated in Fig. #L2c described below. Because each of both oscillatory chambers of such a twin-chamber capsule can be the one with a higher output, such capsules can work in as many as two modes of operation, called: i = "internal flux dominance mode" of this capsule, and o = "external flux dominance mode". How such capsules look like in both these dominations of the output and thus in the modes of operation "i" (inner) and "o" (outer), are shown in Fig. #L2c below and also in Fig. C6 from volume 2 of my monograph [1/4].


Fig. #L2c. Here are the daylight appearances of the outlets of propulsors using such octagonal Oscillatory Chambers of the second generation in both their modes of operation, i.e. in "i = inner flux domination mode" and "o = outer flux dominance mode". For more detailed descriptions of these appearances see "Fig. C8" from monograph [1/4] or see examples of real representations of imprints of outlets of these propulsors shown below in #L2d and #L2e e.g. on asphalted footpath and asphalted street, and also in grass and during the flights of UFOs in the air.



Fig. #L2d: Footprints from propulsors in shoes with "i = dominance of the internal flux". This "Fig. #L2d" shows the real appearance of the footprint of a propulsor from the heel of the personal propulsion shoe of the second generation with octagonal oscillatory chambers, operating in the "i = internal flux dominance mode". Only four propulsors in the belt of this UFOnaut-giant were turned on - which is revealed by four "magnetic circuits" connecting the photographed footprint mark with the propulsors’ outlets from four propulsors in the belt. This is because this UFOnaut walked along the sidewalk like a "tourist" and relaxed, using only 4 out of 8 or 16 propulsors from the segmented belt, because he switched his personal propulsion of the second generation with octagonal oscillatory chambers only for the certainty of his safety into the "state of telekinetic flickering" which made him invisible to human eyes and impossible e.g. to be shot by our firearms. For more information about the marks that this UFOnaut left on the asphalt pavement from the township of Petone in New Zealand (where I live) see #K3 to #K4abc from my web page named "petone.htm". The propulsors in the centres of UFO starships can also work in the "i = internal flux dominance mode". Unfortunately, UFO propulsors of the second generation are difficult to find on photographs of UFOs, because the starships that use them usually fly over the Earth in the "state of telekinetic flickering" invisible to eyes and to cameras. However, I found one photograph which shows the outlet from the main propulsor of the second generation located in the centre of the UFO flying in a visible mode - see Fig. P19 from volume 13 of my monograph [1/4]. On the other hand, the outlets of the main propulsor of the first generation (with cubical oscillatory chambers) are shown in a lot of photographs of "i-mode" from my monograph [1/4] - for example, an imprint scorched in grass at night by a UFO landing near my flat in Timaru New Zealand (in order to abduct me and to rob me) is shown on photograph , while the view of the main propulsor working in this way viewed from below during the day is shown in there on photograph .


#K5c ze strony "petone_pl.htm":

Fig. #L2e: Footprints of personal propulsion, the propulsors of which work in the "o = external flux dominance". The English have this saying which is extremely important NOT only for engineers who creatively develop the "how" procedure explained in post #341E to blogs of totalizm and in items #G3 to #G5 from the web page "wroclaw_uk.htm", but also is extremely important for the results of even everything else that do people accustomed to erroneous thinking in dictionary terms of "what". This saying (idiom) states: "the devil is in the details" - see . (Notice that in the Polish language exists a similar saying stating "the devil hides in the details" which in the Polish language reads: diabeł kryje się w szczegółach ). In the evidence which I present here, the understanding of the meaning of engineering details of "how" usually overlooked or intentionally ignored by present people used to describing everything in dictionary terms of "what", decides about the ability to distinguish lies from truth. Means it allows to distinguish e.g. a lie which the UFOnauts who occupy us together with their human helpers are to explain to us as a "stain" or "accidentally formed damage on the ground", but which I e.g. in my photographs from #K1a to #K5cd from the web page named "petone.htm" document and explain as "footprint traces made of evaporated asphalt during the use by UFOnauts of the magnetic propulsion system" similar to the one shown above on #L2a" (i.e. the propulsion system which I invented and details of which I engineered from the "how" point of view). In turn this distinguishing a lie from the truth is to decide whether the viewer considers my proofs to be true, or ignores them. Thus only finding in these alleged "stains" just these tiny details that appear only when such supposed "damages accidentally formed on the ground" were formed by magnetic propulsors of UFOnauts, is the "final proof" that my claims are true. On the other hand, only when we recognize this truth, we have an internal motivation to undertake our defence described in item #L2 above against this secretive cosmic invader, exploiter, destroyer, liar and enemy of humanity from UFOs, which has an absolute power over humanity and which just pushes humanity to self-destruction. This is why I am providing above on #L2d and #L2e photographs of such footprint traces of UFOnauts, in order to explain below which "details" constitute these "conclusive evidence" and "final proof" which confirm that these are "footprints", NOT e.g. accidental "stains".


The footprint mark of UFOnaut-giant from the above Fig. #L2e illustrates typical characteristics of marks left by personal propulsors operating in the "o = external flux dominance" mode. Although the street on which it was formed already has an old and significantly damaged asphalt, and thus the above footprint track looks a bit chaotic, it still contains these "details in which the devil hides", and which prove that it is an authentic footprint track of a UFOnaut-giant. (As it appears from the footprint shown below at Fig. #L2f - this giant has a height of at least around 3.30 meters.) For example, in the centre of this footprint there is still an area of around 6 cm in diameter of pebbles NOT tarnished with asphalt fumes, so remaining due to being located exactly under the inner oscillatory chamber (i.e. that one which does NOT discharge a pillar of its output to the environment) in the twin-chamber capsule from the shoe of this UFOnaut. Such untarnished area is best shown in Fig. #K5c from the web page named "petone.htm" - e.g. see . In turn all marks which in this area of Petone (distant by around one kilometre from the footprints shown on #K5c from the web page "petone.htm") were left by this UFOnaut-giant during the landing after arriving from the direction from south to north, are shown on the photograph Fig. #L2e2 (if you wish analyze them e.g. after they are enlarged, their address is - notice also that all photographs concerning footprint tracks from #L2e and #L2f discussed here were taken so that their upper side was always turned towards the magnetic north). From this photograph #L2e2 it can be seen that the above footprint #L2e marked here with the yellow number "0" was created under the UFOnaut's right leg, while the next position "2" of this right leg was distant by a "giant's step" means by as much as by 214 cm (i.e. by 84 inches, or 7 feet) to the north of this "0" footprint, while left-next to this next one was the "1" footprint from his left leg, the centre of which I marked on the #L2e2 and #L2e3 with the yellow letter "X". Unfortunately, both these next footprints "2" and "1" shown at #L2e2 and #L2e3 were slightly blurred because for some reasons this UFOnaut immediately ascended back into the air, and then hovered above this place for some time with both legs apart, forming with its magnetic field an almost rectangular mark shown close-up in Fig. #L2e3, the dimensions of which were the width (i.e. the spacing of side edges of both burns "1" and "2") around 80 cm, while the height was around 30 cm (what means that in that hovering, its propulsors from shoes that had a diameter of around 19 cm, increased by only about 11 cm the diameter of pillar of their magnetic field discharged to the environment).


The above footprint from "Fig. #L2e" is very similar to the footprint from #K5c2 that illustrates the appearance of yellow "mark 2" from heal of shoe of personal propulsion system of UFOnaut-giant described more comprehensively in Fig. #K5d from my web page named "petone.htm". That mark "2" from Fig. #K5d was created when the energy from the propulsor in the heel of the UFOnaut's shoe that landed on a street in Petone NZ evaporated the asphalt from under whitish stones which were the newly-poured over the street, while the black asphalt vapours settled on the upper surface of these whitish stones. In turn, this "detail in which the devil hides" from the English proverb, is that in all three footprints formed in there, in the centre of each footprint with the largest diameter reaching even around 28 cm, there was left an octagonal area with a diameter of around 9 cm, in which whitish pebbles of street were NOT covered with black asphalt fumes. Unfortunately, as UFOnauts always have this habit, the above footprint was secretly devastated by UFOnauts immediately after I published its existence - while the above photograph was taken a day after the documenting value of this trace was sabotaged - for comparison see photo from Fig. #K5c from the web page "petone.htm" which I managed to take before the devastation of these footprints. However, moving on to examples of landing marks left by entire UFO starships, in turn the mark scorched in the grass by the main propulsor from the centre of the UFO landing site with the "o-mode" of operation of the UFO starship that uses cubic oscillatory chambers, in volume 14 of monograph [1/4] is shown on the photograph In turn the view of the outlet from such a propulsor seen at night in a UFO viewed from below, in volume 14 of monograph [1/4], is shown on the photograph



Fig. #L2f: Here is a photograph of cleverly made footprints of a UFOnaut-giant - traces of activity of whom in the township of Petone I document on numerous photographs from item #L2 above and from items #K3 to #K5 of my web page named "petone.htm". This UFOnaut probably creating a kind of sarcastic joke decided to share with me his philosophical views about the role of truth in the Christian philosophy of humanity and the lack of its influence on the fate of their civilisation. The above imprint of his foot finally allowed me to measure him more accurately. The footprint has a length of l=0.50 meters (from the tip of the toes to the end of the heel imprint). This means that according to the formula h=6.666*l which I use and discuss in #K5ab and #K5cd from my web page named "petone_pl.htm", this UFOnaut-giant had a height "h" of at least around h=3.30 meters. Notice that the feet of this giant give a different shape of footprint than human feet, looking as if their heels are deformed and tilted inwards, or as if he walks on the ground with only the outer edges of his feet. Also notice that the above photograph was taken in such a way that the top of it pointed toward the magnetic north, while the left side was directed to the west. These footprints show features of a deliberately (though cleverly) made for me to notice them, as they were specially located on my way back from a walk after photographing the footprints shown above in Fig. #L2e . For example, in order to obtain it, a UFOnaut who used personal propulsion system with main propulsors in epaulettes (thus who did NOT use shoes similar to human ones, but rather for a better feeling of the ground his feet were protected with a kind of wear-resistant socks or tight pants legs) wet his left leg in a puddle or nearby sea and left the footprint visible in the lower part of the above photograph, the heel of which I marked with the yellow number "1". This footprint was directed with the heel to the east and the toes to the west. This foot is either deformed in comparison to a human foot, or for some reason the UFOnaut intentionally did NOT rest it flat and completely on the pavement, but only touched the pavement with its outer rim - as when we were children and when our foot was injured or when we walked on something hot. Then he rose higher into the air, and then either with the same foot "1", or with his right foot "2" (I leave the reader to deduce this detail) turned by 90 degrees in relation to the imprint "1" of his left foot, on toes of that first imprint this time placed the heel of his foot, forming the impression marked above with the number "2", directing the heel to the south and the toes to the north. In this way he formed NOT only a cleverly artistic imprint of its foot or feet, but also out of sympathy or irony about my fruitless efforts to document the truth, he also formed a sort of philosophical message addressed to me, the probable content of which I am going to provide at the end of the next paragraph. Of course, by being only a fallible human, I may be wrong about the interpretation of his clever mark. After all, it could equally well have been formed by an ordinary accident, e.g. because of the intention of this flying UFOnaut (who accidentally wet his feet in a puddle or sea) to enter a two- storey house towards which this track was directed first, and then change of this intention and turn 90 degrees in the air to fly to the houses further north.


The history of the above footprint from Fig. #L2f is quite puzzling. After all, on that day a relatively good weather appeared after several consecutive days of rain. So I decided to go for a walk and at the same time measure and photograph the footprint shown above in Fig. #L2e which I discovered some time earlier. Streets and sidewalks at that time of day were already dry - as documented by photographs from Fig. #L2e . While going for a walk I was walking on the opposite, eastern side of the street on the western side of which the footprints #L2e were located. Only when I approached them, I crossed the street and took pictures of them, then I went for a walk. On the way back after the walk, I followed the same path - although this time walking along the already dry footpath on the western side of this dry street which at that time looked completely empty. After passing the footprints from #L2e photographed a little earlier, near the next house on the footpath that I was walking I came across the above footprints from Fig. #L2f . They were still dripping with water and gave the impression of being intentionally imprinted only a moment earlier with wet foot or feet, and intentionally placed on my path so that I would notice them. Since I had a measuring tape, yellow numbers and a telephone camera with me, I measured and photographed them, and now I show them above. In turn seeing that the length of the UFOnaut's foot (50 cm - i.e. almost 20 inches) means that it was imprinted out by a giant-UFOnaut, I looked around and noticed that both houses, i.e. located by the footprints from #L2f and at the footprints from #L2e, have a large attic spaces in which these UFOnauts-giants like to hide when they observe and hypnotically or telepathically pre-program people who live in there. Because it was a beautiful sunny day, during which this footprint mark evaporated quickly, it allowed me to believe that soon it would become invisible, and suggested that its imprinting was made just a short time before my arrival thus also meant that it was made on purpose for some reasons typical for the philosophy of UFOnauts. In turn, since the next day the good weather still continued, I also went for a walk and I decided to check again whether this footprint from #L2f is still visible - after all, by then it should dry up completely and disappear. But to my surprise, still clearly visible were its contours that were marked with a darker black of asphalt vapours on a lighter background of an old asphalt pavement - see for yourself a photograph of it from Fig. #L2f2 taken the next day and available e.g. at the address . So it will probably be seen for many days to come. This in turn means, that tens, or maybe even hundreds or thousands of people will pass by it or just next to it, which the Bible characterizes as "looking but NOT seeing", while if the life makes them to see, then they still are to sin by breaking God's commandment from the verse 20:16 in the "Book of Exodus" of the Bible, because as witnesses they most probably will hide the truth from their neighbours. Some or all of them will do this hiding by rejecting the knowledge and the truth which, according to verse 8:32 from "The Gospel of St. John" of the Bible, has the power to free us, and by irresponsibly ignoring footprints given to me and to all of us, which after accepting and revealing probably would confirm for us UFOnaut message with a content that could be expressed, for example, in words. "Hey you, the man who is so proud of the virtues of your philosophy of 'humanity', here I am leaving for you this material footprint on your life-path to prove to you that I am still the absolute ruler of the proverbial 'life and death' both over you and over all inhabitants of your country and place of living. My philosophy which you call 'parasitism' allows me to live like a proverbial king, to gorge the population of our planet in abundance during many times longer than your lives of each one of us, while our entire confederation to rule over you from the first moment you came into existence. Our ' couriers through time ' (see pages linked by "skorowidz.htm") already warned me that you would come here, so I waited here for you to provide you with this highly evidential trail. However, even if you photograph it and publish it e.g. on the Internet, which is also under our absolute control, apart from us reading your descriptions for entertainment and to get know you better, still almost none of you humans will take your descriptions seriously, and as we live longer than you, we will erase your work since the one with our philosophy who lives longer always changes history in his favour. Even now, more than 90% of you people also practice our philosophy. So it remains only a matter of time when after 'saving' the most obedient out of you people from the self-destruction that you voluntarily bring onto yourself with your inaction in all matters in which proverbially you previously 'did NOT sold your soul', e.g. in needs that do NOT bring 'money' and profit, we will be able to transfer these most obedient to one of our planets and include them in our confederation."


#L3. What revealed to us the deletion by UFOnauts of the English-language web page "evil.htm" which deletion was an immediate revenge for my publishing the Polish blog #361 reporting information from item #L2 above:


Motto: "The most important component of every confrontation is intelligence - after all, every move of our opponent is like a filmed instruction of what we should be most afraid of and where are hidden his Achilles' heels - see ".


When on 2023/7/1 I published the Polish version of this post #361E to blogs of totalizm that adopted descriptions from #L2 to #L2f of the Polish web page "evil_pl.htm" - thus revealing with them the information necessary for our defence regarding the detection of hidden attacks of morally decadent our relatives from planets Orion popularly called UFOnauts and UFO, their revenge was immediate - on the night of the same day the English-language web page "evil.htm" - the translation of the latest items of which I was advancing for publishing, was deleted and replaced with its old version dated 2014/8/6. In the result of this deletion, I lost already prepared texts from 4 parts of the web page "evil.htm", i.e. from parts #I, #J, #K and #L, which shifted back my advancing them for publishing by at least several months - if I tried to restore to English the lost texts. But simultaneously this move of UFOnauts to delete parts of this web page revealed a lot of information about them. So let us summarize below the most important of these pieces of information.


{a} Their belief in own racial supremacy. All intelligent creatures (including creatures that belong to their confederation) UFOnauts seem to divide like Nazis did - i.e. into more or less superior races, and place them in a strict hierarchy. Therefore, they consider themselves to belong to the race superior to humans. This is probably also why e.g. on Earth they keep destroying bones of human giants in order to hide from present own giants what treatment they served to their ancestors in past. Their sense of superiority is based on the level of technology, science, medicine and the effectiveness of methods of operation and management, which of course are still superior to human ones, although if as a civilization we deserve God's help, this situation may soon change - especially when we release the creative potential of all people through implementing my nirvana political system. However, simultaneously they are genetic relatives of people, and as such they also have the same weaknesses and imperfections as we do - what cause that they make a lot of mistakes of the same type that trouble us.


{b} Spying on us and using any of our secrets against us. For example, by deleting the latest English version of my web page "evil.htm" on all my web sites and in all corners of my computer, and by replacing it with the version from 9 years ago, and simultaneously ignoring the deletion of the "counter of visits" which I introduced to this web page only on Tuesday 2023/6/20, UFOnauts revealed that they perfectly know all my login passwords, and that they observe practically all my actions, including e.g. where in my computer I hide additional copies of whatever I am just working on. I wonder how many other my publications they changed to their advantage in a similar manner, while so far I have not been able to detect these their changes?


{c} Revenge. This unfortunately results from the "philosophy of evil parasitism" that they practice. So one cannot count in them for understanding or for Christian separation of the need to forgive for the sake of living in harmony, and e.g. praying for enemies, e.g. from ruthlessly enforcing own personal resentments and desires.


{d} Making mistakes and omissions that reveal their moves. For example, by deleting all these 4 most important parts from my English-language web page "evil.htm" and simulate it to be the version of this web page from 9 years ago, they did NOT remove from it the "counter of visits" that I recently added there. However, regardless of fallibility of making mistakes and omissions, this non-removal could also be done on purpose, e.g. because either this counter could be under their full control and they need it somehow, or because by leaving it not removed they wanted to send me a message similar to the one that I provided above at the end of the caption under Fig. #L2f , i.e. a message emphasizing the superiority of their methods and techniques, and their absolute control over my actions and fate (about which control I already know anyway, and hence counteracting of which I am still learning).


{e} Practicing specific habits resulting from their parasitic philosophy. For example, they never say NO, but always YES, even if they intend to do NO. They flatter even if they judge someone to the worst category. In their confederation it is like in Nazism and in the world of animals which follow the principle of survival of the fittest (see - instead of the principle encoded in verses of the Bible which promises: survival of the most moral - as explained on web pages linked from "skorowidz.htm") - i.e. among UFOnauts if someone is the bigger, stronger, or more dangerous, the higher the position in the hierarchy is holding. E.t.c.


{f} Habit of detailed supervision and coercion of subordinates. For example, on 2023/7/1 in the afternoon on the driveway to my flat I discovered two new circular footprint marks of the telekinetisation of old asphalt by propulsors of the personal propulsion system of a 5-metre tall UFOnaut, similar to the footprint photographed on 2023/6/3 and shown on Fig. #K5a from my other web page named "petone.htm". I guess it was made by the governor overseeing, among others, team of UFOnauts-saboteurs, which now almost constantly resides in my flat. Because only a few hours earlier these footprints were NOT there, I am almost sure that the personal arrival of this high-rank UFOnaut official was caused by the publication of my Polish post #361 to blogs of totalizm a few hours earlier. Their governor probably came in person to order a rematch (revenge) to his subordinates by e.g. causing the deletion of the English version of my web page "evil.htm" described here.



Fig. #L3a: Is it possible that the above unique whitening on the access road to the house located in the vicinity of footprints of a giant UFOnaut captured in Fig. #L2f from item #L2 of this post #361E, is a representation of the sole with a propulsor from the right shoe of this UFOnaut. (The above photograph with its upper edge also points to the north.) The shape and characteristics of this whitening show several attributes, which have a probability to confirm such a possibility. For example, (a) the heel of this sole has a characteristic deformation, which is documented by photograph #L2f of the footprint of this UFOnaut. In addition, (b) the dimensions of the whitening are in line with those that a shoe accommodating such a large foot would have to have. Also the whitening of this entrance road seems to suggest that (c) it was created by an additional coverage of a white telekinetic deposit on the darker surface of cement of this road. On the periphery of this whitening, there is (d) a more blackened rim along the edge of the sole of the shoe, which confirms that the force lines of the magnetic field formed in the propulsor from this shoe created returning loops to the belt - the formation of these loops results from the impermeability of the material of the shoe to the magnetic field, which pushes force lines of this field outside of the sole and concentrates them along the edge of the sole of the shoe. In addition (e) this whitening is directed to a neighbouring house with a large attic, in which, according to my best knowledge, lives a lone woman. The dimensions of the outline of this whitening are approximately: length (from toes "2" to heel "X") 63 cm, width in toes (along "1" and "2" line) 26 cm, width at the narrowest point in the middle of the foot (from "0 " to "6") 23 cm. What is even more interesting, in Petone I noticed more than one such whitening. So if someone would be able to confirm in a laboratory the telekinetic origin of the deposit that formed this whitening, then we would have a lot of evidential footprints of present UFOnauts-giants for scientific research and documentation.


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