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Motto: "The conduct and god-fearfulness of every citizen add its contribution to the situation of his/her nation and country, while on the sum of all such contributions depends whether the land that God gave to this nation and country in custody and in which initially everything was biblically 'very good' will gradually become like the Paradise and the source of happiness of its inhabitants, or it will become similar to a swamp inhabited by gangs of bloodthirsty crocodiles, so that whatever enters in there irrevocably will get bogged and will be devoured or will rot."


An old Polish prophecy which states that "the Polish language will be voluntarily learned and used by all the nations of the world", was widely repeated by older citizens of Poland. Hence, it for sure was consistent with the collective intuition, knowledge and folk wisdom of the entire nation. However, for me it turned out to be the most difficult to scientific and logical justification and acceptance. In spite of this, I have heard it repeatedly from both, old people still in times of my youth, as well as from peers of my generation even in times after my emigration to New Zealand. Actually, even in the beginning of 2019, i.e. at the time of writing the content of this post (or more precisely - writing item #E4 from the web page "prophecies.htm" from which this post is adopted), I also found the repetition of this prophecy in a whole range of Polish web pages indicated by "" and devoted to discussions of various "predictions about Poland" - e.g. see .


I should admit here, that as a scientist seeking a logical justification for everything I hear, see, or read, in the matter of possibility that this extraordinary prophecy may be fulfilled, I have been extremely sceptical for almost my entire life. I considered it rather to be a "pious wish" of Polish citizens, than a prophecy based on some information derived from supernatural sources. After all, I know that in our physical world everything that happens has verifiable reasons and detectable justifications. In addition, I perfectly know the national characteristics of the Polish people (or rather, I should write here: I got to know well and experienced painfully their numerous national flaws). I also know the history of ancient Greece, then Rome, then Spain, and in the newer times of the British Empire - over which the sun never set, as well as Soviet Russia - with its countless tanks crushing all the resistance. Thus, from the historical lessons I know so well that about the language which is used in a given period of time to communicate between nations, decides which country is just a world's super-power that has conquered a significant number of other countries and nations, then forced its own language upon them. Meanwhile, the national traits (or rather vices) which since the historical period of the "liberum veto" (see ) have shaped the Polish nation, undeniably guarantee that Poland will never become a world power again. NOT without a reason in Poland and among Poles from times of my youth, there was a sarcastic saying expressing the rather painful truth that many of my peers repeated. I repeated the content of this saying in a humorous motto to the "part #E" from web page named "prophecies.htm". It stated that "Poland and Polish citizens had a heroic past and will have a bright future, only that the present never somehow came out good for them."


When I immigrated to New Zealand, while after ceasing to use the Polish language I began to intensively acquire the ability to speak English, an unique period of time appeared in my mind, when I did NOT use any spoken language in my thinking. During that unique period I was shocked to discover that I am using some kind of the "universal language of thought" (i.e. "Ulot" or "ULT"), which normally remained undisclosed and unravelled to even my thorough mind trained in logical analyzes and in drawing conclusions. The most important information that then I managed to find out and document about this mysterious language "ULT" (or "Ulot"), are summarised in item #B4 from the web page named "telepathy.htm", while explained in subsection I5.4.2 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]. The "ULT" or "Ulot" symbols, by which in my publications I refer to this internal language of our thinking, are derived from the first letters of its English name the "Universal Language of Thoughts" which at the time of its discovery I have assigned to it. In fact, my research and investigations regarding this "ULT" (or "Ulot") language have never stopped and I analyze it randomly even until today. Also to this day, while writing some explanations, or communicating something orally to someone, I occasionally notice that I know in "Ulot" (ULT) which precisely word I should use to describe a given concept or object, but I am NOT able to translate this word from "Ulot" to its human equivalent in the language I use. (The same phenomenon I noticed as well in other people, who, for example, try to explain something precisely and suddenly they stop in the middle of sentence saying "I am looking for the correct word" - while they clearly know that word in "Ulot", but do NOT remember how to iterate it in the human language they use.) As time passed, I discovered that the language of ULT (Ulot) is used by God to communicate with people and with all living creatures that He has created - for details see item #J5 from my web page "petone.htm". Furthermore, I discovered that UFOnauts also use "Ulot". With the use of "telepathysers" (i.e. transmitters and receivers for telepathic communication - described, among others, in items #C4.1, #E1 and #E3 from my web page named "telepathy_pl.htm") these UFOnauts are able to communicate with people without the need to use speech. Moreover, it is this ULT (Ulot) language that human minds communicate with animals and plants. But what's most interesting, a large body of evidence has already been gathered that the potentially intelligent counter-matter "understands" the language of ULT (Ulot) and is "obedient" to commands issued in it. (Notice here that counter-matter is the natural equivalent of "liquid computer hardware", but located in the counter-world from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity - which hardware in our computers also is "obedient" to the "programming languages" used in human computers.) So if the counter-matter receives in the language of "Ulot" the appropriate "signal initiating its work", then it begins to fulfil the behaviour that is commanded to it by the "words" of that language. For example, it is just due to such initiated by ULT (Ulot) stimulation of the counter-matter to share certain information stored in its memory from the counter-world, or to transform in there various configurations which are harmful to health, that empirically - although usually NOT being even aware of it, for example people practicing radiesthesia or healing repetitively obtain results which contrary to empirical evidence are denied (often out of mere jealousy) by the majority of "luminaries" from official atheistic science.


We already know from the history of human computers’ development, that people first used their "native language" to design and build a hardware component of their computers, and only then they used some of the most significant words from their native language (usually English) to form a "programming language" for these computers. In other words, in the case of people and the computers developed by people, firstly there was a human "mother tongue", only then a few of its "words" were selected to create "programming languages" and programs for these computers. However, the situation with the language "Ulot" (ULT) had a completely opposite course. Namely because the "potentially intelligent" counter-matter understands the "words" of the "Ulot" language and performs the actions that are expressed in these "words", firstly the accidental behaviours of the "chaos" of this counter-matter put together these "words" in the memory of counter-matter into a germ (or starter) of a self-aware and self-learning program, which over time eventuated into the self-evolved essence of superior Being that now we know under the name "God" (or more strictly - under the name of the software component of God by Christianity called "Holy Spirit"). Notice that this self-evolution of God I explained, among others, in descriptions from item #C2 of my web page named "god_proof.htm" and from item #I2 of my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", while the essence of this explanation I have scientifically expressed in the totaliztic definition of God provided in item #A0 from my web page named "god_proof.htm". Later, means only after the end of God's self-evolution, the same language of "Ulot" was first used by God to so pre-program the behaviour of invisible to human eyes counter-matter, that it formed the visible to human eyes matter from our physical world and the bodies of all the creatures and people living in this physical world, and afterward (means initially - straight after finishing the creation) God could use "words" of the same language "Ulot" (ULT) to communicate with the living creatures and humans created by Him. Only some time later (i.e. in times of building the Tower of Babel), experiences with wayward people made God to create "mother tongues" that people used to communicate with each other, and also made God to create the programs for translating thoughts between "Ulot" (ULT) and these "native languages" - due to which translating programs God could continue the communicating with people. In other words, in the case of "Ulot" (ULT) language, the "words" of that language existed before everything that exists in the physical world arose, including the situation that "words" existed before God formed them into the natural programs which from invisible counter-matter created all our visible physical world and humans. This is why in verse 1:1 from the biblical "Gospel of Saint John" was stated - I quote from the Good News Bible: "Before the world was created, the Word already existed, he was with God and he was the same as God." It is worth to emphasize here the fact that "Ulot" language commands the counter-matter how it should behave, while these behaviours of counter-matter produce (or form) the whole reality that surrounds us. This in turn causes that whatever can NOT be expressed in the ULT language cannot exist in the reality that surrounds us, nor people are able to think about it. This vital philosophical truth is expressed in the best way by the finding of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm. This finding states that: "everything that is possible to think is also possible to accomplish - only that through work and wisdom we must first find out a way how to do it".


In the second half of 2018, I devoted a lot of effort and research to the propulsion devices of distant future from the fifth and sixth "technical era of humanity" - note that currently humanity still sinks, clinging to the very destructive "second technical era" and uses only one more advanced motor from the "third technical era", i.e. uses the so-called "electric motor" invented as long ago as in 1836. These fifth and sixth "technical eras of humanity" are described in more detail in item #J4 from my web page named "propulsion.htm", and in the "Tab. #J4" available, for example, at the address . The principles of operation, on which will work these propelling devices from the fifth and sixth "technical era of humanity", can already be roughly predicted at the present level of our knowledge and described due to the regularities contained in the so-called "Cyclic Table for Earth's Propulsion Systems" - i.e. regularities which the existence and systematic implementation on Earth by God, I discovered and published in 1976 in the Polish Journal "Astronautyka", issue 5/1976, pages 16-21. (The reader can view this my Cyclic Table by clicking e.g. on the following link: ) Unknown previously to human science principles of operation of these most technically advanced propulsion systems from the fifth and sixth "technical era of humanity" I described in more detail in item #J4 of my web page named "propulsion.htm". In turn the operation of the most important out of these propelling devices, i.e. the operation of the "Time Vehicles of the 5th and 6th technical era" - which will be able to shift people and their equipment to any historical era or to any times from the past, I described, among others, in chapter H from my Polish monograph [12] (which I intend to also translate into English, when I finish the fine tuning and final improvements of that [12]). The time vehicles of the 5th and the 6th technical era I also discussed shortly in item #J2 from my web page named "immortality.htm".


These propelling devices of distant future from the 5th and 6th technical era of humanity, will be the most advanced propulsion systems that mankind will ever have in the possession. We will only be able to build them when either in the fifth technical era we will learn how to use ready-made programs contained in counter-matter, or when in the sixth "technical age" we will learn how to ourselves program the counter-matter. So in order to indicate to the future "totaliztic researchers" the correct direction where they could find hints helpful in learning how to program the counter-matter, my attention was drawn to that old Polish prophecy stating that in the future all nations of the world will voluntarily learn and use the Polish language. This is because, as my analyzes revealed earlier, out of all the today's spoken languages of the world, at which I had the opportunity to come across during my "globetrotting", the Polish language displays the structure and operation which is the most close to the ULT (Ulot) language - unfortunately, now I look with horror at how Polish fans of various "toys" fiercely and quickly distort their native language. At the same time, my analyzes revealed that other languages of the world since a long time have significantly departed in their structure and principles of expressing thoughts, from the construction and operation of the "Ulot" (ULT) language - making these other languages completely useless for learning the principles of programming in ULT. Hence, getting to know the Polish language is, among other things, a very helpful key, guide and source of hints for the learning about how to learn and master the use of ULT - and therefore also the key, guide and source of hints for the learning how to program "counter-matter" and how to build some of these futuristic devices the work of which borders with miracles (i.e. technical devices which in their operation are based on the proper use of software from counter-matter).


Let us provide here for the reader’s knowledge some examples as to what kind of capabilities will have these (explained in more detail in item #J4 from my web page named "propulsion.htm", and in monograph [12]) "miraculous" technical devices of the future humanity. Well, the use of the software already existing in counter-matter, in the fifth technical era will allow, among other things, that instead of travelling physically or instead of transporting something through space or time, it will be enough then to change in the "Omniplan" from the counter-world the program of location of given person or thing - and this changed program immediately places that person or thing in another (selected by us) place and time from our physical world and from the reversible (human) time. In turn, if we need to build walls or statues, then the appropriate selection and activation of counter-matter programs will allow the stones to transform themselves into the required shapes, and then regardless of their weight, they would fly in the air and set up on their respective places in walls or statues - as we know descriptions of just this happening from the myths about the formation of megalithic buildings of Peru, Bolivia and Egypt. Learning and understanding the ULT language, as well as building technical devices that read and write thoughts before they are translated from ULT to native human languages, will also allow to build devices called "telepathysers" that will enable us to communicate with any creatures, and even with plants, as well as to build "telepathic telescopes and projectors" that will allow for thought communication with beings living in different galaxies, or even in different than our worlds. ("Telepathysers" are discussed in more detail in items #C4.1, #E1, and #E1.1, while "telepathic projectors" - in item #C4 from my web page named "telepathy.htm". In addition "telepathic telescopes and telepathic projectors" are also discussed in subsections K5.1 and K5.2 from volume 9 of my monograph [1/5].) The skill of commanding actions in the "Ulot" (ULT) language also allows to build various "technical healing devices" (modifications of which devices after falling into "bad hands" could also be used for criminal purposes, as "devices for inducing diseases" - e.g. to induce cancer) operating on almost the same principle as the so-called "healers" - for descriptions of these devices see e.g. (4) in item #C3 from my web page named "telepathy.htm", while an example of demonstrating the use of modification to such a device I described in item #B1 on my other web page named "bandits.htm".)


Unfortunately - as humanity repetitively has already experienced painfully on itself, everything that can be used for building, improving and for someone's good, after falling into the hands of bad people can also be used for destruction, spoilage and evil. For example, learning how counter-matter programs allow for creation or levitation, also allows the use of these programs for destruction or bombardment. Communication of thoughts also allows spying, forcing and imposing. Healing machines can also induce diseases. Etc., etc. That is why the learning of knowledge on how to use the "Ulot" (ULT) language, is flanked by many difficulties, causing that today's greedy and power-hungry people, nor future super-powers with possessive, destructive, or exploitation-oriented impulses, are NOT able to master this knowledge. The deviation of the mother languages of nations with possessive tendencies from similarity to ULT is just one of many already known such difficulties. Other safeguards include, among others, the action of the "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotency" in countries and nations in which the fall of morality NOT only disallows access to the most powerful technical devices described here that people will ever build, but will NOT even let them to build such relatively simple devices of the future, as propulsor for starships and energy storage invented by myself and named the Oscillatory Chamber, or the disk-shaped starship named the Magnocraft. It is NOT without a vital reason, that still the almost only propelling devices that can be build by today's possessive superpowers, are highly poisonous for people and for the environment the internal combustion engines and highly primitive (when compared to my Oscillatory Chamber) rocket propulsors.


In turn in the sixth "technical era of humankind", the learning how the "Ulot" (ULT) can be used by people to program counter-matter by themselves, will allow to do literally everything that one will want - in this number to do also easier and quicker everything that will allow us the building of the devices from described above fifth "technical era of humanity". (Of course - if this knowledge accidentally fells into "bad hands", its owners could also destroy, exploit and oppress everything and everyone in the ways that I described above.) For example, then the invisible to human eyes counter-matter can be transformed into matter that is already visible to human eyes and simultaneously formed into any objects of any shape and in any space and time of the user's choice (e.g. counter-matter can be transformed into giant stones that are created directly in the required places of the wall that someone wishes to erect - type of the "Inca wall" and these stones can be created already inserted in the required places of the wall with the precision preventing even leakage of water through their joints). People also can, for example, make the matter of a chosen object to be soft enough - that for example rocks softened to the consistency of butter can be sculpted by ordinary tablespoons into any shape or likeness, or can e.g. soften rocks to the consistency of honey or pottery clay - so that these rocks can be cast or moulded into beautiful pots or vases. In addition, people will be able to annihilate (or more strictly - transform into invisible counter-matter) any objects that they do NOT need anymore. People who program counter-matter by themselves will also be able to order others to do everything that they want them to do, or to place in minds of others any thoughts or actions. They will be able to instantly regenerate lost parts of the body, heal, and restore previous states, situations and times. Etc., etc.


The realizing of the above facts that the structure and the operation of the ULT (Ulot) language probably has the highest in the world similarity to the mother tongue of Polish people (perhaps because the vast majority of Poles are peacefully, morally and friendly disposed), in connection with other my discoveries indicating what can be achieved due to the proper use of ULT language, suddenly aroused in me a conviction that actually this old Polish prophecy has a good chance to be fulfilled one day. After all, according to my estimates, the advent of these fifth and sixth "technical era of the humanity" - i.e. the times when a mixture of the most moral people from all nations of the world, perhaps after already receiving the immortal bodies, will start to learn how to program the counter-matter, probably occurs only after (or near) the end of the present world and already in times when nations will NOT lead any more wars among themselves, while the governing over all people will be in (or very close to) hands of omniscient Jesus and His gathering of the brightest. Of course, in such times, the decision which language is to be used by all nations, will be resulting NOT from the military power and the size of the empire of the leading nation, which uses this particular language, but by the usefulness of such international language for "higher" purposes. But due to the national characteristics of Poles (i.e. due to their statistically high sensitivity and susceptibility to whispers of intuition), till present times the Polish nation have managed to develop the native language, which logically proves itself, that in applications for these "higher" goals probably is to beat all other languages in the world.


Of course, it is also known that everything that is already very good, with the passage of time can be further improved, or spoiled - just as, for example, the humanity has already spoiled, among other things, the surrounding nature and the common foods, which immediately after the creation God recognized as "very good" (which facts I described in detail in items #A1 to #A5 from the web page named "cooking.htm", and in post number #265E to blogs of totalizm, published among others, in my publication [13] available from the web page "tekst_13.htm"). Unfortunately, when I was taken to the future, and I visited my native village of Wszewilki - as I described this in items #J2 and #J3 from the web page named "wszewilki_jutra_uk.htm", the spoken Polish language that I heard at that time deviated significantly from the one that Poles use today. (Could it be, that the main reason for that visit in my native Wszewilki and revealing to me the possible ways that the future Polish language may be distorted, was to make me disseminate similar to this one messages of warnings and inspiration for every nation, especially for Poland, to take special care of the purity and original quality of their native language.) So only if in time from the current years till the end of today's world, inhabitants of Poland manage to avoid devastating the structure and operation of their native language in the way that other nations already did, then perhaps the old Polish prophecy discussed here will actually be fulfilled at some stage of humanity’s development.


The awareness that everything that surrounds us with the passage of time people can distort increasingly more in comparison to the originally given to it by God and described in the Bible as "very good" quality (see verse 1:31 from the Biblical "Genesis"), realizes that our "native language" originally programmed into us by God, under the pressure of people with power, as well as human imperfections, fashion, various human modern "toys", etc., can also be subject to gradual distortion. This in turn stimulates a very important question to be asked, namely "what" and "how" can affect the "compatibility" or the "incompatibility" of the "ULT" language with the mother tongue that we use on a daily basis? (Or, expressing this in different words, if these individuals who love intellectual laziness and mindless games and "toys" completely spoil the native language of their country or the inhabitants of Poland, then what bad consequences will this irrevocably bring for them?) The answer to this interesting question is given to us by the work of our organ from the counter-world, called the "conscience" - which in us serves as a "telegraphist who receives telegrams directly from God". After all, since the time God sent Jesus to Earth and made with people the so-called "New Covenant" described in the Bible, each person began to receive from God the previously non-existent in people the organ of "conscience" programmed in the counter-body of this person and located in the counter-world. The purpose and functions of this newly-introduced by God counter-organ of "conscience" were symbolically encrypted, among others, in the content of verse 10:16 from the Biblical "Letter to the Hebrews" - I quote it from the Bible: " 'This is the covenant that I shall covenant toward them after those days,' says Jehovah: 'I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds I shall write them.' " Since then, every time when anyone takes any action, the counter-organ of "conscience" whispers to him/her whether this action is "compatible" with, or whether it violates, the commandments and requirements of God. The New Covenant with God, giving to people the counter-organ "conscience", while due to it correctly and unequivocally informing us how every our action will be judged by God, have been in force for us for over 2000 "human years". Only that, unfortunately, since then increasingly more people are learning the fatal skill of "jamming" the promptings of our "conscience". (More explanations about the origin and essence of the operation of the "conscience", discussed in today's strict manner and with the use of "scientific" terminology, the reader will find in "2" from item #K1 of my web page named "2030_uk.htm". On the other hand, descriptions of deadly consequences of "jamming" of our "conscience", based on my empirical findings, everyone can learn from my publications linked by the web page named "skorowidz.htm" under all the keyword-phrases containing the word conscience.) Similarly as it is with all rules of God's conduct in the matter of suppressing the promptings of "conscience", these rules most probably also have their counterparts in God's dealings regarding the distortion of the structure and use of our mother tongue - that is, the distortion of the previously "very good" translation software between ULT and our "mother tongue". After all, there is nothing that would let people get away without suffering any consequences if they spoiled and distorted it while originally it was "very good" quality - for examples see my web page named "woda_uk.htm" devoted to the consequences of the current poisoning of waters by people. Extrapolating, therefore, these "conscience" rules to the "native language", it can be said here that the more the "native language" of a nation begins to deviate from ULT, the more people speaking in that language will be deaf to the whispers of their conscience, and hence in their actions they will deviate from the voluntary fulfilment of God's commandments and requirements, while they will show an obedience to only what human authorities and legislation would force onto them with power and immediate punishments. Interestingly, this is the general trend that we are seeing in our physical world. After all, for example, a feature of the languages of countries and nations which by breaking the commandments and requirements of God due using aggression, enslavement, spreading oppression and injustice, colonizing, etc., have subdued a considerable number of other nations in the past, is that the structure and operation of these languages differs significantly from ULT (thus also differs from the Polish language). So it is not a surprise, that the humanity led by such countries which are deaf to the commandments and requirements of God, goes straight to the cataclysm, which by the prophecies of the Hopi Indians is called the "Great Purification". My research indicates that this fast-approaching the "Great Purification" of Earth and humanity can come as early as in the 2030s. This is why I am scientifically trying to warn everyone about it on my web page named "2030_uk.htm". Later that web page was also illustrated graphically in the free Polish film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (which title literally translates as the "Extinction of humanity in 2030s". (The reader can run and view this film with one click, for example from my web page: .) Note that this excellent film has already exceeded its first million views by people volunteering to watch it (see the badge specially designed to educate, remind and commemorate for readers of my publications the success of this film - which badge I showed below on "Fig. #E4"). In the quantitative success of viewership of this film, I deliberately emphasize the word "voluntarily" because unlike other films officially introduced to programs and hence watched only because there is nothing more interesting to do, or imposed by prevailing fashion, command or someone's authority, as well as oppositely to short fun films for people looking for trivial fun and entertainment, the film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" was viewed as a result of its conscious choice by only volunteers - despite the fact that it is 34 minutes long, there is nothing fun in it, the film summarizes the results of scientific research, and my name, tied to its script for many years by enemies of truth, atheists, ignorants, doubters, sloths, etc., is assailed with indiscriminate insults that discourage to learn the results of my groundbreaking scientific research which despite of everything I still carry out in the name of increasing awareness, knowledge, well-being and progress of my fellow men.


How entire countries, or their individual inhabitants (including Poland and Polish citizens), could save themselves from the rapidly approaching "Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s", I have been trying to make people aware since 2015 - i.e. since the time when I put forward my candidacy for presidential elections in Poland. Namely, a group rescue for the entire nation lies in the establishment of a special "verification office" that would check every law and decision passed by the government for compliance with the commandments and requirements of God, and thus which would act as a human equivalent to the collective "conscience" of the whole country. The correct operation of such an office would make it impossible to infiltrate the authorities and the government - and hence to continue further devastating activities against a given country, by immoral, corrupt, selling, offensive, power-hungry, self-inflated, or simply stupid individuals who by the use of cunning or by some other means, always find their way to "slip" into ruling authorities or the government. Thus, such an office would reverse the long-term tendency of year-on-year deterioration of lives of the inhabitants of a given country, growing corruption, exploitation, injustice, privatization, secretive loss of independence and becoming someone's colony, etc., and would direct the country toward the correct path of growth, glory, power, independence, and divine grace, support and help. However, in order the establishing of this office become possible, the structure of the government's operation would have to become similar to the "diagram of growth" shown and described in "Fig. #J5b" from the web page named "petone.htm" - only that "executors" (1) and ( 11) in this "diagram of growth" would represent: (1) - the government and governmental offices, and (11) - that "verification office". Moreover, this "verification office" would have to be led by a person of impeccable morality, broad life experience and a deep knowledge of the Bible, the philosophy of totalizm and the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. The person at the head of this "verification office" would also have to be someone with the highest official authority and power in a given country - for example in the case of Poland, either its President elected by the whole nation, or the elected Polish King - restored from the time of the union between Poland and Lithuania. In turn, all the laws in force for a given country would have to be transformed in order to achieve their full compliance with the commandments and requirements of God. In addition, regardless of the current learning of the atheistic theory of evolution and the big bang, each pupil and student of that country would also have to go through the alternative learning of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and the philosophy of totalizm, to balance his/her knowledge, worldview and the future path to truth. More information about this "verification office" I have included, among others, in the introduction (blog #276) and items #A2, #A3 (throughout), #A4, #F1, and #J3 from the Polish web page named "pajak_dla_prezydentury_2020.htm". (Some out of indicated above items from the web page named "pajak_dla_prezydentury_2020.htm" are translated to English on the web page named "pajak_for_mp_2017.htm".) In turn, how to carry out an individual defence against this incoming destruction, it is described in items #S3 to #S3.3, #S5 and #R2 (blog #300) from the web page named "2030_uk.htm".


In good old times, when I was still learning, my teachers and professors used to advise that achieving success in life and in research requires acquiring the ability of asking inquisitive and bold questions, and consequently finding the correct answers to these questions. I have taken that advice to heart and throughout my life I ask such questions - then I keep finding correct answers to them. In this way, acting alone, as a single researcher, without any financing and working just like on principles of my "hobby", I managed to find the correct answers for dozens of extremely important questions, on which for centuries proverbially "break their teeth" these large numbers of high-paid "sages" having expensive and better than mine "lenses" and much more cared than my "eye" (note, the above words refer to the expression "feeling and faith stronger speaks to me than the sage's lens and eye" and "have a heart and look into the heart" from the poem "Romantyczność" by the Polish and Lithuanian national poet-bard named Adam Mickiewicz - in the Polish language these words say: "czucie i wiara silniej mówi do mnie niż mędrca szkiełko i oko" oraz "miej serce i patrzaj w serce") - only that by finding and publishing these answers, I accidentally crushed under my foot painful prints of some self-absorbed "luminaries" and their supporters. (Fortunately, regardless of their views and disgust, the truth remains true, and what I have discovered is doing good for increasingly more people.) This is why to young readers of this post I should repeat the advice of my teachers: learn to ask inquisitive and bold questions and find correct answer to them!!! For example, only topics discussed in this post (and in item #E4 from the web page "prophecies.htm") allow to work out a whole range of such questions that can lead to revolutionary truths and discoveries. In order to give here an example as how to formulate such questions, I am going to provide a small example resulting from the content of previous paragraphs: why being able to simply and openly write in the Bible that it was during times of sending Jesus to Earth when people received from God their organs of "conscience", God preferred to symbolically encode this fact in numerous verses scattered all over the content of the entire Bible - so that deciphering and understanding what physically is symbolised by the expression "New Covenant" requires to firstly know my Concept of Dipolar Gravity and to learn the resulting from this Theory of Everything the definition of God, and also to gain the knowledge regarding operation of the "reversible software time" described in my monograph [12]? After being asked, the above question leads to a whole series of revolutionary answers which before me nobody could provide, thus which answers many of those people who are familiar with my philosophy of totalizm probably have already encountered many times. For example, leads to the answer that God constantly tries to inspire each person to "pursue the knowledge" or that the Bible intentionally has been written in such a manner that it provides a set of encrypted confirmations for truth seekers, but simultaneously it does NOT push ready-made solutions to ignoramuses, disbelievers and sloths of all calibres. However, the most important answer to the above question is the following: God openly does NOT inform in the Bible that the organ of "conscience" could be given to people only in the times of sending Jesus to Earth (although descriptions of the "New Covenant" symbolically informing about the intended giving of the organ of "conscience" are included even in the Biblical Old Testament), because the existence and operation of the mechanism of "conscience" provides an easily verifiable by everyone empirical evidence for the existence of God, at the same time scientific explanation of the physical operation of conscience is NOT possible without knowing firstly the correct definition of God and without priori learning the knowledge about the counter-world and the work of time, made available to the humanity only by my Concept of Dipolar Gravity - hence the inclusion into the Bible of an unencrypted description of the organ of conscience would take away the "free will" from atheists and from other people who have NOT deserved to know the truth about God. In other words: (A) the organ of conscience would NOT be able to exist and tell us in accordance with the Bible and with God's commandments the judgement of every our action, if God having the access to knowledge of the future has NOT existed, has NOT judged our actions by His superior knowledge and intelligence, and has NOT passed on His judgments directly to the mind of each one of us - so that we know clearly what the whispers of our conscience tell us about given our actions; (B) about the fact that the organ of "conscience" exists and that it works properly, each person can easily convince himself/herself by simply listening to what this organ of "conscience" tells him/her (while if he/she still has doubts about the correctness of these prompts of "conscience" - by the additional verification of these prompts on the content of the Bible or on the recommendations of totalizm); (C) "why" the conscience exists and "thanks to Whom" it works correctly and in accordance with the Bible (just as everyone can empirically test that it actually works), no atheist, nor any atheistically thinking scientist, is able to correctly explain without prior acceptance of the existence of God and without admitting that this organ of conscience is like a recipient of "thought telegrams in the ULT - broadcasted by God directly to our mind" while informing us whether what we are just doing is compatible, or breaking, the divine commandments and requirements which already for millennia are described in detail in the Bible - but which scientifically, functionally, physically, etc., could be explained only since 1985 due to the Theory of Everything called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and due to the discovering and describing methods of God's action by the philosophy of totalizm; and (D) because of the disbelief and the mocking atmosphere which surrounded all the scientific discoveries by the author of this post (i.e. by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk), and which atmosphere is still continually rekindled by all sorts of doubters, ignoramuses, sloths, enemies of truth, atheists, etc. - in spite of the existence of enormous body of evidence confirming the truth and merits of these discoveries, the explanations presented here about the truth regarding "conscience" and about my physical interpretation of the software mechanism implementing the work of biblical "New Covenant", will NOT remove the "free will" from anyone. After all, people who in spite of such noisy discouragement still motivated themselves to get familiar with results of my research are perfectly aware that these results were accomplished by just an imperfect and fallible man. Hence, in contrast to the descriptions from the Bible - which due to their inspiration by God are acceptable even just on the basis of the divine authority and omniscience, the merits of all my statements each person automatically verifies on the empirical evidence and on the logical deductions with which I always have supported whatever I have determined, as well as verifies on the personal experiences and knowledge of the reader. That is why these people who voluntarily became acquainted with my research and accepted merit of my discoveries, do so because with their intellect and experience they already have verified the layer of new knowledge and truth that I am able to share with them due to the success of research methodology of the new "totaliztic science" that I created. In turn, for those ones who are NOT familiar with and/or do NOT recognize truths contained in my discoveries and in findings of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity", and subsequently do NOT mobilized themselves to the objective and factual analysis (from the point of view of these truths) of what is described here, will for sure dismiss my findings and NOT accept them as scientific truth, thus everything described here will be for them, at the most, the object of disbelief or even mockery. Therefore, results of my research will also NOT take away the "free will" from any atheist, doubter, ignoramus, sloth, or any other person by the Bible symbolically called "chaff" or "goat" (i.e. the person whom God judges oppositely to people called "grain" or God's "lamb") - who for sure will either ignore my findings, or at most - disbelieve and mock these findings.



Fig. #E4: Here is the badge of "Złoty Rekord" (the Polish "Złoty Rekord" in English means the "Golden Record"), designed specifically to inform, remind and commemorate for the readers of my publications the fact and the date when volunteers interested in learning the groundbreaking results of scientific research (that I must carry out on the alleged "hobby" principle - forced onto me by the society) have exceeded the first "million views" by the based on this research and disseminated free of charge on YouTube 34-minute Polish film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (approximately meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s") - which the reader can view (among others) through my web page named "djp.htm", or simply by running the following link: . (Notice, that viewing this film in Polish should allow you to have a first taste of the Polish language - which most probably your future descendants will voluntarily learn.) The above badge is also illustrated in the "Introduction" to my web page named "2030_uk.htm", and in item #A2 from the web page named "portfolio.htm", while its wider description, in addition to this post (thus also to item #E4 from "prophecies.htm") and to this "Fig. #E4", was published in the entries number #307 and #307E to blogs of totalizm (these entries #307 and #307E are the most easy to read from "volume T" of my publication [13] disseminated free of charge via my web page named "tekst_13.htm" that collects texts of all entries to blogs of totalizm). The movie film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" was uploaded to YouTube on 2018/5/6, and the first million views it reached on 2019/2/16 - i.e. after 9 months and 10 days. (The first 500 000 views it achieved after 4 months and 13 days.) Taking the opportunity of reaching such a "Golden Record" I would like to warmly congratulate and thank Mr Dominik Myrcik, whose huge graphical talent, knowledge, imagination, diligence, attention to detail, mastery of computer graphics tools, professionalism, love of truth, and other positive features, allowed that the report with dry results of my research, initially intended to be published as just another my web page named "2030.htm", was further expanded and transformed by Mr. Dominik into a true cinematic masterpiece. As a result, instead of receiving the traditional for online reports on the results of my research "treatment" by enemies of truth, typically involving spitting, mocking, sabotaging and disgusting for others everything that the knowledge of I managed to develop - no matter how well and how verifiably for everyone I managed to document it and confirm it, this time the reporting of my results on film have awaken the wide interest and spoke convincingly to a huge audience. (And indeed, how few scientists living today had the honour that the results of their research were presented in a film and voluntarily watched by over a million people.) In turn this awaking of wide interest allowed that the appeal of facts and emotional charge accumulated in this cinematic masterpiece have opened the eyes of increasingly more people previously passive and closed to the truth. As a result, at last some of us begin to be moved by realities of the tragic situation into which all of us have been placed and continually are submerging even deeper due to: turning our backs towards God and towards the principles of morally correct behaviour laid out in the Bible, destruction of the nature, continuous replacing the bitter truth by nicely sounding lies, the desire for power and subjugation of others, turning money to be the idol, chasing after pleasures, taking care of only profits and satisfying own selfish desires, humiliating one's neighbour, spreading injustice, doing only whatever is the easiest and what brings instant benefits, chasing of what one "wants to have" instead of what one "really needs", avoiding insisting on the correct knowledge and on what for centuries has been proven in reliable operation - only because it is NOT compatible with the latest fashion, etc., etc. This cinematic masterpiece draws also our attention to the truths which I presented in the above post (and in item #E4 from "prophecies.htm") - for example to the truth that people would NOT place themselves into the tragic situation shown by that film, if they were guided by the promptings of their own "conscience". Moreover, to the truth that regardless of what "fashions", "toys" and temptations reach our nation from those who have been silencing their consciences for ages, still every citizen of Poland, like any other inhabitant of the Earth, with irrefutable computer accuracy and objectivity will be irrevocably judged and settled by how attentively he/she listens and fulfils the whispers of his/her conscience; and also to the truth that the responsibilities of every Polish citizen and every other inhabitant of the Earth include the caring for everything that God gave him/her into the custody - including the caring for the perfection of the native language which biblically "very good" quality and potential for the future, the Polish nation (and others) inherited from the ancestors.


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