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#336_1E: Previously unknown truths about God and life established due to my "Theory of Life from 2020"



Motto of this post #336E: "Let us transform beliefs - which only fuel in people irrational speculations, wandering, and sometimes even lying, into the knowledge confirmed by the "three witnesses" described here - which leads to the learning of a reliable truth. (The most rational human behaviour recommended by my "Theory of Everything of 1985" and the "philosophy of totalizm" resulting from this theory - the practicing both of which led me to establish numerous truths previously unknown to people, while disseminated, amongst others, in this publication.)

#V1. Why, after about 2,000 human years of spreading Christianity, our civilization is still as barbaric as it was in the time of Jesus:

From the very beginning, when God created humans, He hoped that they would become His helpers in achieving God's supreme goals, as well as His companions and friends. However, He soon became disappointed. In spite of the inexpressible power of God, which makes Him the only source of everything that we experience, and also the source of everything supernatural (see "Video #V1" below), instead of obeying and being faithful to His commandments, people chose to satisfy their selfish desires and aspirations. So in order to be able to somehow manage the outcomes of their further actions, God reprogrammed their souls and bodies, while during the biblical flood He introduced the so-called "reversible software time" described in items #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named "immortality.htm", and pre-programmed the controlled by this "reversible software time" method of managing of the effects of human activities - the scheme of which is discussed in item #J5 from another my web page named "petone.htm". However, also these actions did NOT cause that people started to voluntarily and strictly obey the commands and requirements of God.

So in order to make it clearer what exactly God requires from people, when leading the Jewish nation out of Egypt, God gave them the famous two stone tablets on which He wrote 10 commandments that people should obey. Unfortunately, despite the fact that breaking these commandments induced various punishments, also these soon began to be commonly broken. So around the time of Jesus' arrival on Earth, God again reprogrammed human souls and bodies, giving each person an organ of the so-called "conscience" - which always tells him/her whether a given intention or action is in accordance with the commandments and requirements of God. Giving to people the organ of "conscience" (described in the Bible under the still incompletely understood name "New Covenant") is explained in item #A1 from my web page named "evolution.htm". However, also this move did NOT stop people from actions that are contrary to the commandments and requirements of God. Again people quickly and en-masse began to deafen the voice of conscience in themselves, ignoring the fulfilment of what God requires from them. So in order to somehow maintain the compliance of the path of humanity with God's plans, it turned out necessary to let people be troubled by whatever they deserved. This in turn caused exterminations ("purges") of the most disobedient people every several hundred years, today on the Internet illustrated and described under the evasive name of "population resets". My research predicts that the next of these "purges" will be the "Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s" (see ) - although in order NOT to confirm my research results nor to refer to them, many "repeating" people claim that the reset will come earlier (e.g. in 2024). In present times we can clearly see this impending next "return of fruits" that the humanity again deserved. After all, the maintenance by humanity of the use of "money", which fuel "greed" and cause people to live in "fear" of losing their earnings or savings, resulted in humanity almost completely polluted the cultivated soil, poisoned oceans and rivers, and destroyed nature. But our civilisation does NOT even try to change this behaviour nor change this destructive "human laws" that are so contradictory to God's laws, although the level of poisoning and destruction of the natural environment and surroundings already now begins to threaten with the impossibility of continuing life on Earth, while the present level of ignoring God's commandments and requirements is close to the one that prevailed right before the "Biblical Flood".

The present situation on Earth has become so distorted that practically every action of Jesus described in the Bible would break some present human law, exposing Him to the possibility of punishment by earthly authorities - which fact I am trying to explain and illustrate jokingly on examples e.g. in item #G3 from the web page named "prophecies.htm" or in the INTRODUCTION to another web page named "petone.htm".

In total, thousands of years of breaking God’s laws, practicing lies and making errors have led humanity to the present situation, when the whole world is dominated by: forcing work with "money" and "fear" instead of voluntarily performing productive "moral work" for accumulating "moral energy" and prolonging one's experiences of happiness from "earned nirvana"; egoism and greed instead of caring for one's "neighbour" and for nature; competition to accumulate wealth instead of love and concern for one's "neighbour", corruption, rejection of knowledge, and distortion of religious institutions instead of deepening the knowledge of God and loving our creator and God; spreading stagnant lies instead of progressive truth; etc., etc. Although for many it probably turns out to be too late, it is high time to start learning the most recently discovered truths about God, about the tragic situation into which we pushed ourselves by ignoring the knowledge of God, and to undertake vigorous efforts to correct this situation. In turn to start such getting to know God and repairing this situation it is best to familiarise ourselves with newly discovered truths about the nature of God and His role in the emergence and formation of life.
Video #V1: Here is a 12-minute long English-language video which documents, that contrary to what the institution of "official atheistic science" falsely tells us, supernatural phenomena do exist, while because the source of all supernatural is God - which also indirectly confirms that God does exist. A whole range of other videos which also document the existence of the supernatural, are shown on the web page "2020life.htm" as "Video #H3b" and "Video #H3c".

An interesting form of the supernatural is also shown in an approximately 17-minute long English-language video entitled MAN IS LIVING IN 2027 & HUMAN RACE IS GONE! (VIDEO PROOF) from the address . It illustrates the making invisible of any existing objects, caused by the "bending of light". As a result, it is possible to show in daylight e.g. completely deprived of people (i.e. completely empty) streets and premises of a highly populated Spanish city, in which crowds of people can actually reside, but the bending of the light path eliminates them from the view and from being shown with cameras. In a theoretical manner the principle of "light bending" through appropriate programming of counter-matter is described in connection with the future building by people of propelling devices of the "sixth technical era" discussed in item #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm", while which "bending of light", together with my friend, we illustrated it from 22:58 to 23:45 minutes of our free movie entitled "Future Propulsions" published at . In turn, the empirical case of encountering by a Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, a UFO vehicle hidden from the sight of people just by such "bending of light" is described in the paragraph that begins with the Polish words "Mając czternaście lat, jesienią 1965 roku wracałem z lasu w Chrcynnie ..." (meaning: "At the age of fourteen, in the fall of 1965 I was returning from the forest in Chrcynno ...") while contained in subsection B5.1 from our joint Polish treatise [3b] available via my web page "tekst_3b.htm".

#V2. So let us summarize the truths that only my "Theory of Life from 2020" established about God and life:

Fortunately, my "Theory of Life from 2020" described on the web page "2020life.htm" managed to establish and explain a number of further, still unknown to people, fundamental truths about our God, and about life in the world of matter - which life our God created and which He currently manages with an iron consistency. Confirmations of these truths have been recorded for thousands of years in the Bible and in other religious publications (e.g. in Kabbalah books - for examples of them see #K1 from the web page "god_exists.htm"). But in order to understand them, first one needed to have the "key" - which was provided to the humanity only by my "Theory of Everything from 1985" (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"). In turn the learning and understanding of these fundamental truths indicates to the interested people the way, by following of which will be possible to correct lies, distortions, and speculations that spread around the world the thousand-year reign of "money", "fear" and "greed" on Earth. This is why in (1) to (7) from item #H7 of the web page "2020life.htm", I already briefly explained these ones among the fundamental truths, the learning of which was already possible thanks to my human imperfect knowledge and the ability to confirm the truth, while the correct (I hope) interpretation of the confirmations of which allowed me evidence that I managed to collect until (and in) 2020. So let us now expand their number and descriptions with the results of my newest analysis and checks, summarizing below in items at least the most important out of these newly established fundamental truths about God and life, then let us also indicate where exactly interested readers can learn more important details and confirmations on each of them. Here are the truths:

(1) My discovery, that in the Bible God inspired the encoding of confirmations for all absolutely truthful scientific discoveries obtained in results of undistorted research of people. The method of this encoding (encryption) is truly brilliant. For example, only in the one-sentence-long verse 1:27 from the biblical "Book of Genesis" (quoted in the description of truth number (4) below and in (a) from item #H3 of the web page "2020life.htm"), apart from the commonly known truth number (4) that it is God, NOT natural evolution, which created man, there are also coded confirmations of at least 3 further truths so far overlooked by Christianity and thus unknown to humanity. Namely, also confirmed in there is: the unknown truth (5) stating that God is a "group intellect" which contains of opposite personalities of men and women; the truth (4) stating that the structure and operation of men's and women's bodies only copy two physically similar patterns of male and female God Drobinas; at the same time, the truth (4) also informs that the features of male and female God Drobinas, typically "breathed" respectively into men and women, and thus the features of men's and women's souls, diametrically differ from each other because of the opposite attributes of the positive male and negative female God Drobinas - as it is described in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm". Similarly e.g. in verse 3:8 from "2 Peter" of the Bible encoded are truths' confirmations regarding the "reversible software time" in which we are ageing, just a brief descriptions of which occupy whole item #G4 and a part of INTRODUCTION to my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". Thus, in order to be absolutely sure that a new discovery is an absolute truth, then it should be confirmed by all "three witnesses" whose statements guarantee its truth. Namely, independently of its (1a) compliance with correctly deduced and proven cause-effect relationships with other truths (see item #V7 below), the same discovery should also be (1b) confirmed by one of the verses from the Bible, and (1c) must also be confirmed with the existing empirical evidence manifested by the reality that surrounds us. The truth of this my discovery and principles of research used, is explained in item #I2 of my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm", while I extend it and clarify it in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of the web page named "2020life.htm". Interestingly, initially following only my intuition, I myself implemented this principle in practice, starting from the time of formulating my "Theory of Everything from 1985" - always trying to confirm each of my discoveries with the statements of the above "3 witnesses" (1a) to (1c). To my professional colleagues (other scientists) drowning in destructive untruths, I also recommend that they should confirm their discoveries and theories with the above "three witnesses". This is because until the truth of any significant new scientific knowledge is confirmed by these "3 witnesses", it represents only someone's opinion which may be completely wrong, or even may constitute someone's anti-humanly disseminated lie.

(2) Findings of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" indicated numerous ways in which formally scientifically, and also empirically, the existence of God can be irrefutably proven. As a result of indications by this theory, in 2007 the author developed a scientifically irrefutable formal proof that God does exist, the presentation of which he published, amongst others, in item #G2 from my web page named "god_proof.htm". Furthermore, in 2020 the author of this post #336E also developed a second, similarly scientifically irrefutable way of proving by every person to oneself that "since a given person lives, this alone is already scientifically irrefutable evidence that God exists" - presented in "part #D" (especially in item #D1) from the web page named "2020life.htm". Independently from the formal proving, much earlier the author of this post #336E developed a whole range of other scientific proofs for the existence of God, some of which he links from item #G3 of the abovementioned web page "god_proof.htm" - e.g. see subsections from I3.3.1 to I3.3.4 from volume 5 of monograph [1/5] available via the web page "text_1_5.htm". Furthermore, thanks to the Theory of Everything from 1985, the author also managed to identify a whole range of phenomena and occurrences manifested in the reality that surrounds us, and thus available to be scientifically verified objectively, which could NOT appear if God did NOT design and create them in a supernatural manner. In my opinion, the most important of them that introduced the most good on Earth and was confirmed by many historians and even scientists, is the fact that Jesus was a living historical figure which carried out many miracles. (In my opinion, this fact is presented in the most pleasant way to watch, in the English-language movie "God's Not Dead 2".) After all, the fact that Jesus was a living and doing miracles historical figure causes that the only difference between e.g. (a) "atheists", and (b) "believing" in God (or even (c) "knowing for certain that God exists") comes down to the number of categories of knowledge and truths that their worldviews, attitudes and personalities allow them to accept, implement and disseminate (which truth I explained more comprehensively in items #V4 and #V5 below), thus which categories do NOT need to represent the entire objectively identified truth or knowledge about God, but can only result from limitations introduced by the consequences of their personal upbringing, acquired attributes of their characters, views and habits forced upon them, etc. Regardless of Jesus as a historical figure, a large number of other such phenomena and occurrences are also published in the literature - all of which only one link of their "chain of truth" from #V7 below separates from God. In my opinion, another perfect their example can be the phenomenon of earned nirvana (see the web page "nirvana.htm"), the pre-programming of which by God into the bodies and souls of all people is described in item #A1 from my web page named "evolution.htm", while the operation of which allows humanity to work out the miraculous "nirvana political system" discussed in "Video #V2", the implementation of which by humanity will allow the phenomenon of nirvana to permanently eliminate from the use: "money", "fear" and human "greed" - which are the primary source of all evil on Earth. Why the phenomenon of "earned nirvana" in itself is a proof for the existence of God, I am explaining it in (b') from item #C1.1, and in item #E1, from my web page named "nirvana.htm", and also in (L) from item #A3 and in item #F5 from the web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm". Another example of a truly revolutionary appearance, which in itself is also an empirical proof for the existence of God, also distant from God by only one link in the "chain of truth" from #V7 below, is the fact of building on Earth devices working on principles of so-called "perpetual motion machines" - which devices according to the "official atheistic science" supposedly can NOT be built, but already functioning prototypes of which I described more extensively and illustrated with videos, amongst others, in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm". In turn why "perpetual motion" devices constitute another empirical proof for the existence of God, I am explaining more comprehensively on my web page named "god_proof.htm" - see in there e.g. item #D3 and several items that precede it, also referring to the role of "perpetual motion" as an whistleblower regarding lies and efforts to block the truth and progress by the already highly corrupt, and thus operating to the detriment of humanity and requiring reform, the "official atheistic science". Empirical evidence for the existence of God is also the fact that all living creatures, including us humans, age in the "reversible software time" which elapses with speed of several hundred thousand faster than the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" in which age atoms, isotopes, fossils and all inanimate matter. This reversible software time is briefly described in INTRODUCTION and in item #G4 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", while with more details - in publications indicated and linked in there. In turn the principle of its pre-programming by God - in item #D3 of the web page named "god_proof.htm". In turn, because the repetitive shifting people back in this "reversible software time" carried out by God causes a phenomenon called "deja vu" (see ), this phenomenon is also one of the empirical evidence for the existence of God. Another empirical evidence is the operation of some UFOs as "time vehicles" - for descriptions of evidence see e.g. item #D3 from the web page "timevehicle.htm". A whole range of other phenomena and occurrences which constitute direct empirical evidence for the existence of God are also described in "part #E" and in "part #F" of the web page "god_proof.htm", while some of them I repeated in items #F1 and #F2 of the web page named "bible.htm". It is worth noting here, that since this scientifically indisputable evidence for the existence of God, I am constantly publishing for several dozen years, hence the repetition by internet search engines of lies disseminated by employees of the "official atheistic science" on principles of "broken record" and stating that God's existence is NOT scientifically and formally proven, it is NOT only deceiving humanity, but also taking on their consciences a huge sin by people who force this repetition - which sin is discussed in more detail in item #I6 from my other web page named "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm" (see verse 20:16 from the Biblical "Exodus" about "telling a lie as a witness") and which sin may turn out to be responsible for diverting many people from God, and thus for losing their chances for "eternal life".

(3) In the counter-world there are male positive and female negative, eternally alive and constantly mobile intelligent and self-aware "God Drobinas", which are the building blocks from which God created our world of matter and everything that exists in it. Unfortunately, our "official atheistic science", wrongly focused solely on matter, believes that the most elementary components of matter are "elementary particles" formed from matter. On the other hand, my "Theory of Everything from 1985" (which because of the constant persecution and silencing is still disseminated mainly under a different name of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity") already established, and confirmed this finding with the significant body of evidence which represents all three above-mentioned "3 witnesses" (1a) to (1c), that these material "elementary particles" were created from indescribably smaller components, which until 2020 I called "drobinas of counter-matter" - but about which in 2020 I discovered that they are individual, living, intelligent, self-contained, and self-conscious creatures which I named then the "God Drobinas". So as it turns out, our entire world of matter, and everything that we perceive with our senses, are simply various manifestations of these male and female "God Drobinas" that are obedient to God. More information about "God Drobinas" and about the manner in which our matter and our entire physical world is formed from them, the reader can find in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm", and in item #I2 of my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm".

(4) When in verse 1:27 from the biblical "Book of Genesis" God inspired the statement, I quote from NIV: "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them", He skilfully coded into this verse the confirmation that human males and females were created by accurately copying the patterns and similarities from the positive male and negative female "God Drobinas" - both of which drobinas are physically similar in structure, but display drastically opposing features of motivations and behaviours. This truth is also explained in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". Notice from the descriptions of male and female "God Drobinas" the opposite attributes and behaviours that they display - and that are discussed in those items #K1 and #K2. These opposite attributes cause that even the essence of characters and behaviours of men and women defined by their souls, exactly coincides with those manifested by the male and female God Drobinas.

(5) My discovery, that the nature and actions of God in fact do NOT represent the so-called "individual intellect" (e.g. of a single person), but the so-called "group intellect" which is the result of group thinking and group knowledge possessed and already accumulated by all "God Drobinas" that store and process programs of our God. But this group God in fact is a single gigantic program, only that it is stored and run simultaneously in brains of many God Drobinas at once. Hence, He clearly identifies Himself as a single whole, and moreover He is also able to create individual persons, whose minds have a direct link with the "group" mind of God and thus are one with Him, therefore which for people are e.g. bodily representations of God. (One example of these representations was, and still is, Jesus - this is why the statement of Jesus repeated in the biblical verse 10:30 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. John" is true - I quote: "I and the Father are one" - which is best illustrated on an example of a computer terminal at the lengths from 13:13 to 13:30 minutes of our film "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio" - see ). This discovery about the "group nature" of God is most comprehensively described in (a) from item #H3 of the web page named "2020life.htm". This discovery practically means that God is a gigantic program described in item #A0 from the web page named "god_proof.htm" - fragments of which program are spread (means stored and processed) in the most advanced, because 12-th "brains" and memories of each one out of countless "God Drobinas". (But this mind of a group program of God is able to connect directly into unity with the mind of a single person, e.g. Jesus, so that for people this person becomes a bodily representation of a group God.) In turn, because in every God Drobina his "twelfth brain" has superiority over all other brains of this drobina that God manages, God has absolute power over every God Drobina - including also over God Drobinas in which the programs of souls of the so-called "Fallen Angels" are contained. After all, according to the descriptions in (g) and (i) from item #H3 of the web page "2020life.htm", all Angels, including these so-called "Fallen" are simply "embodied" God Drobinas which are controlled by souls that are more perfect than human souls, while bodies of which are programmed from improved chemical elements described in items #I1 to #I7 from the web page named "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm".

(6) The finding of my "Theory of Life from 2020" that two disciplines of today's science, i.e. Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, taken together, reveal scientifically indisputable reasons which conclusively prove that the evolution of life only in the matter that is NOT managed by self-modifiable software, is absolutely impossible. In turn this finding is tantamount to the scientific proving, that life could NOT have evolved in matter from our physical world, but must have evolved in the thinking "God Drobinas" from the counter-world - as it is explained in more detail in item #D2 from the web page "2020life.htm". After all, as on principles of "common sense" I justified it more comprehensively in item #B2 from my web page named "evolution.htm", the self-evolution of the conscious and "living" program in the self-learning God Drobina is so simple that it could be caused by eternal mobility of "chaos" from the counter-world (see ), while the self-evolution of life in matter exceeds the ability to occur in the world of matter. Thus matter, our physical world, and living creatures made of matter only could (and must) have been created by God (who lives in the counter-world) and only after life self-evolved in God Drobinas (which drobinas are like individual thinking cells of the "body of God"). The origins of life in "God Drobinas" from the counter-world are described more comprehensively in item #C5 from the web page named "2020life.htm". In turn, into the bodies of creatures from the matter of our world of matter, the seeds of life and self-awareness are introduced through "breathing" into them just those "God Drobinas" which contained inside the programs of "souls" that animate the bodies of these creatures.

(7) The "soul" in which is contained the self-awareness, personality, memory, knowledge, etc., of every living being having a body of matter, is physically stored in the God Drobina that God will "breathe" into the body of a given being at the moment of its revival (i.e. in the case of air-breathing beings - at the moment of "catching the first breath"). In the sense of its role, "God Drobina" containing "soul" performs a function similar to the role of microprocessors (e.g. Intel) from present computers. This truth is described in (d) and (e) from item #H3 of the web page named "2020life.htm". In turn, because every God Drobina in its leading, twelfth "brain", contains the software of God, this means that each one of us people is actually simultaneously a "temple" in which lives also God. Notice that God's software contain also the highest (i.e. 12th) brains, of the so-called "Fallen Angels" - this is where God's power over their fate comes from. Furthermore, whenever only God wishes, then with his superior (12th) "brain" can command the creature the soul of which is contained in a given God Drobina to have specific thoughts or actions, which are consistent with the long-term plans of God - which situation I am also explaining, among others , in item #J5 from the web page named "petone.htm". Therefore, although God tries NOT to manifest this in order to NOT take away the "free will" from people or from other living creatures, in fact God has absolute control over everything that happens in the part of the universe that is ruled by Him. He also has the absolute power of life and death over everything that lives in the counter-world and in our world of matter.

(8) In order for living creatures formed of matter to become alive and to be able to learn life, their bodies must be so constructed that they represent a hardware component of the "self-learning hardware-software system". Thus, after God provides these bodies with a software "soul" which is programmed to represent the software component of the "self-learning hardware-software system", the entire hardware-software system begins to "live" - means to act as a "self-learning hardware-software system" whose work is aimed at "pursue of knowledge". The operation of every living creature from matter, including people, as just such a "self-learning hardware-software system", is described more comprehensively in item #D3 of the web page "2020life.htm".

(9) God's program "nourishes itself" with knowledge (i.e. consumes knowledge). This is why the most important goal for which both people and all other living creatures were created, is the "pursue of knowledge" - as I explained it more comprehensively in items #B1 and #B1.1 from my other web page named "antichrist.htm". In turn the fact that the "knowledge" obtained by people and by other living creatures in fact constitutes "food" for God's programs, results from the cause-effect reasoning explained by the described in the so-called "Theory of Superior-Beings" of a genius Polish writer named Adam Wiśniewski (pseudonym "Snerg") - only that Adam Wiśniewski himself neither stated nor explained in his "Theory of Superior-Beings" the fact that God "nourishes Himself" with knowledge or "eats knowledge" (this fact was only deduced by me due to the findings and guidelines resulting from my "Theory of Everything from 1985"). This "Theory of Superior-Beings" by Wiśniewski is described in more detail in item #I6 from my other web page named "mozajski_uk.htm" - I recommend to read it from there - because it causes a kind of revolution and breakthrough in our knowledge of God.

(10) Despite the fact that God Drobinas are able to carry out the "pursue of knowledge" just by themselves while still residing in the counter-world, it takes very long periods of time and has a rather limited range of experiences. So in order to accelerate the "pursue of knowledge", and also to enable to God Drobinas the experiencing of situations and feelings impossible or difficult to occur in the counter-world (such as e.g. "killing" the software of the "soul" from some physically immortal God Drobina, or experiencing the happiness of "earned nirvana") and to enable God to design and to create increasingly new and increasingly extraordinary experiences that "souls" from God Drobinas are able to experience in our world, God created our world of matter susceptible to His improvements and created living material creatures into which then He "breathed" "souls" together with God Drobinas that store them, in order to let them experience the sensations of material life, which sensations then form increasingly advanced knowledge and increasingly more perfect character traits of the chosen God Drobinas. These superior reasons and goals for the creation of our "world of matter" and creatures from matter living in our world are described in more details in [I] to [VII] from item #H2 of the web page "2020life.htm". Their superior task is to improve the knowledge, characters, remembered experiences and courses of life of all living creatures of the entire universe, and thus to improve the entire universe - as I described and illustrated it in "Tab. O1" from "Chapter O" of my monograph [12] (in Polish - available via the web page "tekst_12.htm") entitled 'Jak działa czas w którym się starzejemy (tj. wyjaśnienie "Konceptu Dipolarnej Grawitacji" dla działania nawracalnego czasu i wehikułów czasu)' - meaning: 'How works the time in which we age (i.e. the explanation of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" for the operation of reversible time and time vehicles)', while as I briefly summarized it in the caption under "Tab. #J1b" from my web page named "propulsion.htm".

(11) Because the "philosophy of totalizm" confirmed that "Out of something bad there is always something good" and at the same time confirmed that "There is NO such good that would NOT generate some form of evil", the fact that God's program "feeds on knowledge" practically means that from God's point of view, "evil" is the same source of knowledge as "good". Simultaneously "evil", "good", and "free will to cause them" form a kind of motive force which drives the improvement of the rational universe with the mechanism described in item #V6 below. Because "evil" is the same source of knowledge as "good" and is also necessary for the formation of this motive force of progress, practically this also means that if people, or any other creatures living in our world of matter, or any "group intellects", decide to do "evil", God does NOT forbid them - but only directs their evil at these people or these intellects, who somehow beforehand deserved this evil - as I am explaining this more comprehensively e.g. in item #C7 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". Hence, if a nation e.g. destroys or poisons the land on which it lives, God allows that nation to later reap the fruits of the destruction or poisoning it caused. Similarly, e.g. the aggressor is later beaten by another aggressor (e.g. Hitler by Stalin) - etc., etc. In turn in order NOT to break other people's "free will", such receiving by evil people the fruits of their "evil" does NOT take place immediately after doing this evil, but typically only a few years later, i.e. after the lapse of the so-called "time of return" for karma - see the web page "karma.htm". In turn in cases of someone's irreparable practicing of evil - picking up these fruits usually takes place after shifting such someone back to his/her youth in the "reversible software time" and then experiencing him/her with the evil that he/she caused in the previous passage through time of his/her life.

(12) If God directs the action of evil at an intellect that does evil, then the goal typically is to eliminate further evil of this intellect, but if God directs the action of evil at an intellect that does good, then the goal is to educate and improve this intellect. This is perfectly explained in the Bible in verse 10:13 of "1 Corinthians" - quote: "No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it." (Notice that in Polish translations of the Bible, the above words "except what is common to mankind" are usually translated as "which would be beyond human strength".) The English have a wise saying to this situation, i.e. "what does NOT kill you, make you stronger" (see ). In turn psychologists describe this phenomenon with the name "Post-traumatic growth (PTG)" - see . On the other hand the principles of God's help in the self-saving of intellects driven by "evil" into a situation that looks like having "no way out" is described below as truth (16). These principles are triggered by God even if a given evil is caused by the same intellects who later wish to save themselves from that evil - which is confirmed by verses 33:18-19 from the biblical "Book of Ezekiel", I quote from NIV: "If a righteous person turns from their righteousness and does evil, they will die for it. And if a wicked person turns away from their wickedness and does what is just and right, they will live by doing so."

(13) In order to make people aware of the action of evil and the need to avoid temptations of people and situations that do evil, God introduced the concept of "sin", to a precise explanation of which He devoted a lot of space in the Bible. And so, for example, verse 3:4 from the biblical "1 John" explains to us that sin is everything that represents breaking God's commandments, laws and requirements described in the Bible. In turn the verse 6:23 from the Biblical "Letter to the Romans" explains to us that the penalty for sin is death. In turn the verse 34:7 from the Biblical "Book of Exodus" explains to us that no sin goes unpunished. All of this is also confirmed in practice by these "3 witnesses" from real life - for example by the operation of the moral "Boomerang Law" and "karma" algorithms, or by the fact that every human being sins and thus everyone will die sooner or later.

(14) Because evil and human non-compliance with the requirements of morality spoils the results of every human activity, prevents the "pursue of knowledge", and ultimately destroys life, so in order to monitor the magnitude of the influence that immorality and evil exert on every researched action of people, it is necessary that in all research the level of morality governing the course of human activities was taken into account as one of the most important parameters of this research. This is because without checking how the results of given actions of people are affected by the level of morality or immorality, the obtained results are burdened with a huge and unknown error - for clarification of this matter see item #B3 on my web page named "portfolio.htm". Thus, when anyone reads any results of someone's research, in which morality was NOT considered as the most important of the parameters influencing the effects of the researched human activities, then one can be sure that these results are only a kind of lies or guessing, while their error can reach even several hundred percent.

(15) Because evil and immorality destroys life, and also prevents the "pursue of knowledge", therefore when the majority of our civilization refuses to serve good, God carries out another "cleansing of the Earth", which eliminates most or all those who entered the path of evil. The fact that another such "cleansing of the Earth" is just approaching is reported both by our free half-hour film in Polish entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s") available on the Internet at , as well as other films and sources which I described e.g. in item #L4 from my web page named "smart_tvs.htm".

(16) All methods of God's action are designed in such a way that, on the one hand, in every difficult situation in which people may go (usually through their own fault), God creates a convenient way out of this situation - while leaving to people’s "free will" to choose not coming out and doing nothing, or to decide to look for this way out and to use it, and on the other hand giving simultaneously to them a clear lesson for the future, which educates them to be wise, resourceful, battle-hardened and morally acting "soldiers of God" - as these soldiers are described in a number of my publications, e.g. in item #A3 from the web page "humanity.htm". Just such and not other actions of God are confirmed by all "3 witnesses" which I describe with the truth (1) above. For example, the result of my logical deductions (1a) which confirm them, is the so-called the "law of the highway through the sea" described, amongst others, in #6A from subsection I4.1.1 in volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]. An example of the Bible verse (1b) which also confirms it, is the verse 10:13 from "1 Corinthians" quoted above in the descriptions of truth number (12). In turn, to numerous examples of empirical evidence (1c) which also confirms such a method of God's action, belongs e.g. the truth of the Polish proverb "bez pracy nie ma kołaczy" (an English equivalent close to it says "He that would have the fruit, must climb the tree"), discussed in item #L4 of the web page "smart_tvs.htm" which, similarly to the English proverb "God helps those who help themselves", informs that those who by their own fault got into a difficult situation, but avoid doing everything in their human power to get out of this situation on their own, they should understand that expecting from God to do everything for them thus proving that He rewards their human laziness, passivity, pushing their duties at someone else, limiting their actions to complaining and waiting for help, etc., is like deliberate testing God - which is forbidden by e.g. verse 4:7 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" - I quote from NIV: "Do not put the Lord your God to the test." Another type of such empirical evidence can be the creation for possible saving of humanity (if it wishes to save itself) from experiencing already impending the "Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s" (which human elites bring to themselves and to us with their highly destructive behaviour induced by "greed" and "money"), while a simple way of avoiding this purification depends on the voluntary implementation of the God-designed nirvana political system, which I described, amongst others, in "part #L" and the INTRODUCTION from my web page named "smart_tvs.htm" and in publications linked in there. The simplest way to learn the principle of operation, advantages, and the potential of this "nirvana political system" that can save humanity because it would allow to completely and permanently eliminate "money", "fear" and "greed" from the Earth (which are the sources of almost all evil on Earth - see verse 6:10 from the biblical "1 letter to Timothy", I quote from NIV: "For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil") is watching the half-hour-long "Video #V2" shown below and entitled in Polish "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (meaning: "World Without Money: The Nirvana Political System") available at the Internet address .

(17) The impossible to quantify number of male and female "God Drobinas" under the control of our God (which can be defined as equal to infinity) causes that the need for passing "souls" contained in these God Drobinas through the accelerated "school of life" in the artificially created by God the world of matter - which school our Earth and our whole world of matter constitute, practically never ends. Thus some form of Earth, or other places in the world of matter similar to Earth, will probably be held by God practically for an infinite time. Only that with the passage of time God will continually expand and improve the span, the perfection, and the sophistication of experiences through which will go "souls" from successive God Drobinas, in order to provide them with increasingly more diverse and educational life experiences, which I mention above in (10) from this item #V2, and which I am describing more comprehensively in [I] to [VII] from item #H2 of the web page "2020life.htm". In turn, due to this passing, the knowledge, memories, and life experiences accumulated in the physical world by "souls" of subsequent among these God Drobinas will cause a quick and increasingly more advanced improvement of the course of life, and thus the increasingly interesting, diverse and worth experiencing course of fate experienced by all individual living beings throughout the universe. It is not for nothing that the verse 2:9 from the biblical "1 Corinthians" states - I quote from NIV: "What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived - the things God has prepared for those who love him" After all, even just the possible to experience by everyone still in this physical life, the miraculous phenomenon of the happiness of earned nirvana, prepared mainly to enable humanity to implement the "nirvana political system", already gives us an initial idea of what splendours God in His superior wisdom, knowledge, and creativity is able to design, to prepare and make available to those who deserve it.
Video #V2: Here is our about 33-minute long video in the Polish language, which summarizes the most important information about the "nirvana political system" that rewards the performance of productive "moral work" NOT with money, but with the miraculous happiness of the phenomenon of earned nirvana designed by God. Because the phenomenon of this "nirvana" was NOT able to appear in people e.g. as a result of an "accidental evolution", and its existence had to be designed and built into human bodies and souls by our Creator, means by God Himself, the fact of the existence of this phenomenon is one of a huge number of empirical evidence for the actual existence of God, on purpose blocked from our views by evil forces to NOT be  learned by people.

The content of the above video (in Polish) entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (meaning: "World without money: Nirvana Political System" is explained in detail in the English language "part #L" and in the INTRODUCTION of my web page (in English) named "smart_tvs.htm". I highly recommend you have a look at these explanations. After all, they reveal NOT only what the "nirvana political system" is, on what principles it works, why the phenomenon of nirvana is able to reward people better than money for the physical performance of so-called "moral work", what are its most important advantages in comparison with other systems already known to humanity (especially in comparison to capitalism and communism), etc., but these explanations also reveal in what are wrong and what were neglecting the to-date critics of this film and the nirvana political system. Moreover, they also explain the symbolism and content of this film so well that it can be watched and understood by people who do NOT know the Polish language.


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lip 20 2021 #336_2E: Explanations of most difficult to...

(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #336E)


#336_2E: Explanations of most difficult to understand truths and knowledge of the "Theory of Life from 2020"


Motto:"Let us avoid burdening our conscience with concealment of essential knowledge and truths already known by us, but still missing from our neighbours." (Another recipe for avoiding multiplying of our sins.)

#V3. I do NOT understand my "neighbours", who, in spite of prior knowledge of so many proofs for the existence of God that I have already published, and of so many truths revealed about God and confirmed by the above-described "3 witnesses" from (1a) to (1c) and by evidence contained in these confirmations - they still by constantly avoiding informing about what they already know the other people with whom they maintain contacts, they keep their "neighbours" in the ignorance and inability to get to know God, that is, their actions break the commandments quoted in verses 12:29-31 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Mark":

The Bible commands: "... Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. ... Love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these." (See verses 12:29-31 from the Biblical "St. Mark".) But what is worth the love from someone who, e.g. seeing or hearing that his/her "neighbour", e.g. still does NOT have knowledge about scientific proofs for the existence of God or about basic truths regarding God, that someone intentionally avoids opening eyes of these "neighbours" by informing them where e.g. in my publications such evidence and basic truths can be found. After all, the knowledge that could be obtained by learning information where to look for it, perhaps would help these "neighbours" to know God more fully. We know that in matters of love there is a rule that "the more deeply you get to know, the more you will love". In turn the getting to know of God would increase their chances of access to "eternal life". Is there anything more valuable than gaining access to eternal life?

The above two commandments from verses 12:29-31 of the biblical "St. Mark" indicate the two greatest requirements that God imposed on each of us. Expressed in imperfect human language, these two requirements could be described, for example, with the words: (1) to get to know God diligently by regularly exploring verses of the Bible and by studying the latest scientific findings about God by cognitive researchers - after all, to matters of love, the principle applies that "the more deeply we get to know, the more we love"; (2) to make the intended effort to learn and to manifest love for all "neighbours", by providing them with all help and support that the Bible mentions, and by providing them with the necessary information about truths, knowledge, skills, etc. that we ourselves acquired. In fulfilling these two requirements, it is very helpful to understand and fulfil the statements of Jesus, e.g. from the verse 10:30 already quoted above from the biblical "Gospel according to St. John" (i.e. "I and the Father are one"), and from verse 14:6 from the same biblical "St. John" - quote: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Unfortunately, we live in times when costly institutions established to disseminate knowledge and truth, practice rejecting, distorting, and blocking most of what is already proven to be truth. At the same time, they implement the spreading of increasingly more lies. For example, employees of the costly institution of the "official atheistic science" sometimes openly claim that God does NOT exist, but they persistently disseminate the outdated theories of "big bang", "evolution", and "relativity" - the intention of which is to replace with them the divine ability to create, although the falsehood of which is already obvious and confirmed by a multitude of evidence. In turn priests of most of today's religions already are accused by even the Bible - for example see verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea" - quote: "(4) ... against you, priest I raise a complaint. (5) You stumble day (and night), the prophet stumbles with you - you lead your people to ruin. (6) My people are perishing for lack of learning: because you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you from my priesthood. You have forgotten the law of your God, so I will forget also your sons. (7) The more they become, the more their sins multiply; they have changed their glory to shame. (8) They feed on the sin of my people, they seek to do iniquity. (9) But the fate of the priest will be like the fate of the nation: I will avenge his wrongdoing, I will pay for his deeds." So, since you read these words, please do NOT deepen the confusion in your "neighbours" with your own passivity, concealment of the truth, and the lack of clarity as to your personal views and attitudes. Do not be like the symbolic "trumpet" from verse 14:8 of the biblical "1 Corinthians" - quote from KJV: "For if the trumpet produces an indistinct sound, who will prepare himself for battle?" Also, do not make your personal contribution to the destruction that in humanity is already sown by lies, rejection of knowledge, and blocking human access to truth by these two costly institutions, which forgot that they were established specifically for the dissemination of truth, knowledge, new scientific discoveries, progress, etc. This is because only devotion to the truth and determination of a few and still persecuted individual "hobbyists" sustains the light from a faint flame of knowledge, truth and progress, about the need to foster of which almost everyone has already forgotten. For the sake of truth and goodness, it is in the interest of humanity that as many such hobbyists as possible exist and act.

If anyone dissembles, or rejects, blocks, hides, ridicules, etc., truths and new knowledge about God so needed by others, he/she risks breaking commandments described above - especially truths as important as those discovered due to the inspiration resulting from the development and findings of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" and of the "Theory of Life from 2020" described on the web page "2020life.htm". After all, all these behaviours can be manifestations of breaking, amongst others, also these two most important commandments of God which are described in the quoted at the beginning of this item #V3 verses 12:29-31 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Mark". It is the committing of these kinds of sins that causes that some people send other people to war, so that those who, in the interest of those who send them there, kill other "neighbours" or die themselves. This also causes so visible in today's world: the exploitation and oppression of some people by others, differences in wealth, increasingly more widespread hunger, injustice, destruction of the earth and nature, the rapidly approaching the "Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s", etc. For people who knowingly commit these sins, it carries the penalty of a "second death" explained in the Bible. No wonder that the Bible contains such harsh warnings for those who choose to commit them. So if the reader also belongs to those people who, knowing about the existence of descriptions of truths, evidence and knowledge about God, which totaliztic publications try to disseminate, but so far was embarrassed to even just mentioning them to fellow humans who have NOT met them yet, then even only for your own good and to avoid the possibility of committing this sin as well, I would advice to break this embarrassment in yourself and inform your "neighbours" about the existence and place of publishing the knowledge which is so necessary for everyone today.

#V4. The impact of our personal selection of the categories of knowledge and truth that we accept, or that we reject, on the depth of our knowledge of God, and on our faith in God or on the certainty of God's existence:

Motto: "The wider the range and number of categories of knowledge and truth which in our understanding is linked to God and which our personal attitude toward the reality that surrounds us allows us to accept and share with our 'neighbours', and the smaller their number that we reject, the more increases the depth of our knowledge of God and our certainty of God's existence." (The result of my research establishing the main reason for the differences between: (a) atheists, (b) believers in God, and (c) "totalizts" who have already achieved the certainty that God does exist - see the web page "totalizm.htm".)

The verse 14:6 quoted above in item #V3 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. John" makes us realize that Jesus is the key and the way to the truth about God. This is especially noticeable if one considers what is the attitude towards Jesus of individual groups of people forming a "continuum" of levels of acceptance of God's existence. (Notice that the term "continuum", in the descriptions of this post #336E is used as the "X" axis of the hypothetical chart illustrating and describing the distribution of the indicator defining "quantitatively" the degree of accepting the existence of God by the intellect under consideration, which indicator can assume values from zero to infinity.) After all, (a) the "zero point" on this continuum begins with "atheists" - who do NOT believe at all in the existence of God. Further (b) there are various "religions and cults" displaying the growing faith in the existence of God and the increasing knowledge about God. In turn the highest position on this continuum in present times is occupied by (c) "totalizts" whose level of knowledge about God gave them the certainty of God's existence. (After all, one may always stop "believing", but never stops "knowing".) My analyzes of the main reason why individual out of such groups occupy specific positions on this continuum, revealed that it is their relationship to Jesus and to miracles, life truths, wisdom, and knowledge of the future that Jesus has demonstrated to mankind. For example, the majority of "atheists" who do NOT believe in the existence of God, reject even the truth already proven by historians, that Jesus is a historical figure that actually existed, lived on Earth, performed miracles and who was resurrected after the crucifixion, while the confirmation of existence and supernatural nature of actions of Jesus was NOT denied by any among his personal witnesses-apostles - in spite that in order to force such a denial from the apostles, almost all of them were tortured and sentenced to painful kinds of death. (As I mentioned it in (2) from item #V2 above, the best of the already known to me and at the same time the most pleasant to watch document confirming that Jesus was a living and miraculous historical figure, is presented in the English-language American film "God's Not Dead 2".) In turn, various "religions and cults" which believe in the existence of God (although usually their followers still have NOT achieved the certainty of God's existence - but they work in this direction) already accept the knowledge and truth that Jesus existed, and in their teachings they recognize and implement selected fragments and interpretations of the Bible regarding Jesus. From these, the deepest existence of God, in my opinion, recognizes the faction of Christianity called the "Seven Adventists", which also includes findings from some areas of today's science, such as history, geology, astronomy, and genetics among the accepted categories of knowledge and truth. Finally "totalizts" who already achieved the certainty of the existence of God, accept the findings of knowledge and truths regarding Jesus and God confirmed by all the previously described "3 witnesses" that originate from practically all existing areas and categories, including the findings of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" disseminated around the world on the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", and together with the findings of the "Theory of Life from 2020" described on the web page "2020life.htm".

The results of my research presented above lead to the conclusion that in our lives we should try to limit the number of categories of knowledge and truth about God and life, rejected by ourselves and ordered to be rejected by our "neighbours" because these categories conflict with our attitudes and views, and at the same time we should increase the number of categories of knowledge and truth to accept and implement in our life and to share them with our "neighbours" - for which we have already matured in terms of worldview. No wonder that in quoted above in #V3 verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea" God inspired placing so much emphasis on avoiding "rejection of knowledge" by priests - knowing that all forms of "rejection of knowledge" limit faith in God and make it impossible for people to achieve the certainty of the existence of God, and if this is rejected by priests, then their influence on the fate of society is the most destructive.

#V5. Why after all, it is worth trying to actively learn, analyze, confirm, accept and share with others as many different categories of knowledge and truth as possible:

Motto: "Your fate and future depend on how many categories of knowledge and truth you accept and implement in your life as well as share them with your 'neighbours' " (summary of this post #336E)

The rule is simple. The more categories of truth and knowledge you yourself reject and convince your neighbours that they are NOT worth knowing and acknowledging, the closer you come to the zero point on the continuum of recognizing the existence of God - i.e. the deeper "atheist" you become. Because simultaneously the closer you are to this zero point on this continuum, the more often and significantly you break God's commandments and moral laws, the faster you slide down the moral field, and the more unwanted and unpleasant karma you accumulate for yourself. As a result, the more punishments of God begin to catch you, the more miserable your life becomes, and the more you hold back the happiness and growth of your loved ones and dependent fellowmen. So the worse, closer to the collapse, and full of evil, injustice, misfortunes, oppression, miseries, deficiencies and death world you make.

On the other hand, the more categories of truth and knowledge you learn, accept, and share them with your "neighbours" to be also known and accepted by them, the closer you come to the point of your certainty of God's existence - i.e. the stronger "totalizt" you become. (Notice that "totalizt" is a representative of presently the most moral philosophy of the world, the name of which is the spelled with the letter "z" the word "totalizm" - see item #A5 from my web page named "totalizm.htm", which "totalizm" is the opposite for "totalitarianism" - the name of which for the sowing of confusion on Earth the occupying us evil forces also began to call by the word "totalism" but spelled with "s" - see .) Because at the same time, the closer you are to that point of certainty of God's existence on the continuum, the more often and more decisively you try to pedantically obey God's commandments and moral laws, the faster you climb up the moral field, and the more wanted and liked karma you accumulate in yourself. As a result, the less God's punishments get you, the happier and more fulfilled your life becomes, and the more broadly and diligently you generate the happiness and growth of your loved ones and dependent fellowmen. So the better, more progressive, happy and fair world, full of joy, freedom, prosperity, abundance and the proliferation of life, you make.

#V6. Why the existence of "evil" and "good", as well as giving to people "free will" to do "evil" or do "good", are necessary in the life of thinking creatures created of matter, because "evil" and "good" propel the improvement of the quality of the intelligent universe by forming in humans a motive force that makes people to search for ways to reduce "evil" while at the same time it inspires God to design and introduce into souls and bodies of living creatures various improvements that are able to permanently eliminate the most destructive kinds of "evil":

Motto: "Out of something bad there is always something good" and on the other hand "There is NO such good that would NOT generate some form of evil" (Two principles that govern our lives and that self-regulate each others’ consequences - the described here reasons for creating both of them by God in our world of matter were explained only by the philosophy of totalizm.)

In (11) from the above item #V2 I discuss two principles which influence the course of life in the world of matter and which I repeated in the "motto" for this item #V6. In turn their operation is explained more extensively, among others, in item #B3 from my web page named "pajak_re_2017.htm", and from the different point of view of "moral field" - in item #C4.2.1 from my web page named "morals.htm" - please notice there that a brilliantly and intentionally programmed "key" in this action is that e.g. "good" generated by some "evil" always appears in a completely different area than the one damaged by a given "evil", while the "evil" generated by some "good" always appears in a different area than the area of operation of this "good" - both of which situations prevent "evil" and "good" from annihilating the effects of their own actions. The creation and maintenance of these two principles is the most frequent reason for criticizing God by the so-called "atheists" and is an argument that they use to justify the alleged non-existence of God. After all, these principles cause the existence of various forms of evil on Earth, reasons for the existence of which for centuries people try to explain in a number of ways, e.g. those described in items #B2 and #B1 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". On the other hand, the ingenious creation of both these principles creates a situation that the described below mechanism of fighting them against each other is the source of the never-ending improvement of the entire universe. Hence, instead of being criticized, the genius of this mechanism should be appreciated and praised. This genius is also another proof of the existence (instead of, as atheists claim - of non-existence) of God. After all, from my own experience I know that although I have always been in a significant pain when in my life I experienced these real avalanches of evil, which were almost constantly falling on me, every time I dealt with a given evil I saw perfectly well that it was this evil that made me who I am and created motivations to achieve what I have achieved. I have always been impressed by the genius of transforming evil into good generated by it. Hence, about the bad experiences that I experienced, in my publications I wrote mainly to inform the world about its existence, nature, and operation, and about the need to eliminate it, but NOT to e.g. complain or seek someone's consolation regarding it.

The explanations of the reasons for the existence of "evil" and "good" described here by the philosophy of totalizm, reveal that the existence of these opposites in connection with the "free will to do evil or good" given to people by God, is absolutely necessary for inducing the never ending improvement of the entire universe. If the universe was perfect and it was inhabited only by absolutely perfect beings, who would constantly be in the situation of unspoiled "good", then any progress would become impossible, because the lack of differentiation of experiencing "good" and "bad" would take away from people the source of motivation for pushing them to improving anything, as in the opinion of people then everything would be perfect - to which situation I tried to draw the attention of my readers, among others, in item #B2 from the web page named "antichrist.htm" and in item #C3 from the web page named "humanity.htm".

There are two main components of mechanisms with the use of which this combination of "bad" and "good" actions in conjunction with "free will to do bad and good by people" drives the improvement of the universe. One of these components is the kind of "motive force" which in people is generated by the existence of "evil" and the human desire to change it into "good". A perfectly teaching example of this motive force in people should now be described in (16) and (17) from item #V2 above the evil caused on Earth by "money". It is because this evil causes in people who experience it a need to replace "money" with the good of "earned nirvana" and the good of rewarding with nirvana the productive work done in the "nirvana political system". So when the number of people who experience this evil intensifies their feeling of need for such replacement to a level that exceeds the feeling of complacency and passivity in a part of society that does NOT experience this evil, then the uncontrolled elimination of money will be initiated. Humanity is close to reaching this level of dominating the need for change over the generally prevailing complacency and passivity. In turn, the way to avoid its uncontrolled arrival, is to make use of the way out that God has provided for us in accordance with the promise contained in the previously quoted verse 10:13 from the biblical "1 Corinthians", which way out depend on the earlier initiation of a peaceful and well-thought-out implementation of the "nirvana political system" - as this suggests "part #L" from the web page named "smart_tvs.htm" and also suggests our film about the "nirvana political system" described in there.

In turn the second component of these mechanisms of perfecting the universe, is the inspiration that in God is generated by human actions in matters of a given type of evil. For example, in the matter of evil generated by "money", "fear" and "greed", this inspiration caused that God already designed the ability of "moral energy" to provide the morally correct replacement for "money" and for elimination of defects of "money" as well as elimination of fault of all evil that money brings, and God then reprogrammed souls and bodies of people so that they would be able to implement the "nirvana political system" - if their "free will" induces them to do so. That nirvana pre-programming (and other similar ones) inspired in God by the reaction of people to the evil that troubles them, is described more comprehensively in item #A1 from my web page named "evolution.htm". The operation of a similar mechanism in the face of another kind of evil inspired also the introduction into the souls and bodies of people of an organ called "conscience", the confusion of spoken human languages during the construction of the Tower of Babel, and several other improvements and changes in souls and bodies of people.

It is worth to notice here, that due to the ingenious incorporation by God into our "world of matter" of these two mutually contradicting principles described in the "motto" of this item #V6, such a process of improving the universe will never end and may continue for eternity. After all, each time when some evil is removed with the introduction of another improvement, the good that this improvement generates will cause the appearance of some other kind of evil on a higher level of consciousness, which will also need to be laboriously removed - etc., etc., so forever. As a result, the level of perfection that the future universe can achieve thanks to such continuous improvements, will NOT have its upper limit.

#V7. If the moral requirements of given scientific research are met, then the truth of each next discovery results from the truth of the correct findings of the previous one, leading the researcher along the "chain of truth" from discovery to discovery like some miraculous "Ariadne's thread":

Motto: "In order to discover something really new, we need to follow our 'thread of Ariadne' given to us by God, while repetitively making sure that this thread does NOT fall out of our hand by checking whether the 'three witnesses' confirm our results" (the most important requirement for achieving real success in research).

Being a researcher with a tendency to philosophizing, and also the creator of currently the most moral on Earth philosophy of totalizm, I was always fascinated by the mysteries of the so-called "truth". No wonder, that after my discovery and research of the Tapanui explosion and the Tapanui Crater, the "unworthy of truth" reception by the authorities of the university in which I worked then of that huge body of evidence which confirmed my findings about that explosion and crater, caused my shock which is described in item #B4.1 from my web page named "tapanui.htm". My reflections on the reasons for this shock resulted in the development of a philosophical reflection of the title "Twelve Truths about Truth", widely discussed on Polish Internet forums - which the reader can read e.g. from item #E1 of the web page "prawda_uk.htm" or from "chapter N" of free disseminated in the Internet via the web page "text_5_3.htm", my monograph [5/3] about the Tapanui explosion. A bit later I extended my philosophical considerations regarding truth with those which are described in "part #B" - especially in item #B4, from the abovementioned web page "prawda_uk.htm". They straighten out the wrong opinions of some philosophers - that supposedly there is no absolute truth, by revealing that the humanity is laboriously working to establish this absolute truth, but it is impossible to express it unequivocally. However, it is possible to approximate this absolute truth, to which we give the level of correctness and accuracy which is sufficient for practical applications which this truth is supposed to serve. Afterwards, the reflections on the subject of truth that were continued later, directed my interests to God - who is the beginning and source of all truth. In turn, as their scientifically most advanced product, I consider my "Theory of Life from 2020" described on the web page "2020life.htm" - especially my life finding described in this item #V7 and stating that: "truth is like a chain made of gold or stainless steel, which for the truth seeker fulfils the role of the 'thread of Ariadne' that leads him/her from one truth to other truth, gradually leading him/her out of the darkness of ignorance" (see ). After all, my personal research experiences state that: "the symbolic model of every truth can be illustrated as a single link of an infinitely long chain made of gold or stainless steel - which chain is able to lead a researcher climbing upward on it to the light of knowledge from one truth to the next, like the mythical 'Ariadne's thread', and at the same time shows the features of 'vector' - that is, it has its beginning in God and its direction leading to the light of future truths, moreover, each link of which chain also has side links attached to it, both on its 'right side' (i.e. the one completely free from lies because it is fully confirmed by the credentials of the previously described '3 witnesses' - to which I always try to refer in my publications) which the 'right links' are connecting a given chain with other chains also expressing truths - together with them forming a kind of multidimensional 'knowledge space formed from truths linked with each other', or forming the 'white skeleton of knowledge', both representing the absolute knowledge and truth of God, as well as each link of this chain has side links on its 'left side' (i.e. on the side, the links attached to which have NOT revealed to us yet whether they represent lies or the truth), but most of which "left links" lead those who allowed themselves to be led astray by them into nothingness and self-destruction". Notice that the above term "white skeleton of knowledge" I also explained vividly and symbolically in item #B3 from the web page named "will.htm".

From the above symbolic model, or pictorial illustration, of the truth, several conclusions regarding truth originate, which are worth learning and applying in our life. It is also from my understanding of it that resulted both the above model of truth, as well as everything that I researched at my own expense in non-professional time and which I am proud to now publish privately on the Internet (after all, I do NOT publish my professional research results, although they are those ones, NOT my stubbornly persecuted "hobby", that allowed me to complete four professorships at different universities of the world - because the duty, right and privilege to publish everything that I discovered in the framework of my profession as a scientist, is held by the universities where I was employed). Let us now describe the most important among these conclusions.

The first of these conclusions, which originates from my personal life experiences that I accumulated while following the "thread of Ariadne" in my research "hobby", states that in any research (also in scientific research) a researcher is exposed to various moral requirements and tests. The most important of these states, that every researcher whose results revealed the truth that was already confirmed to him by these "3 witnesses", will be exposed to a test of intense pressure to abandon further research on a given topic. Therefore, he/she will have to make a choice based on his/her own morality, whether for the sake of "money", "career" and a comfortable life, he/she will give up this research, or, despite the pressures, he/she will fulfil God's commandments and recommendations contained in the Bible and, remembering about the good of humanity, he/she will find some way to NOT abandon research on the truth already confirmed by "3 witnesses" - even if e.g. his/her scientific superiors, or interference of some external forces into what is researched, etc., prohibit the official continuation of this research. After all, these prohibitions or interferences always appear in some evil way and strongly discourage us from establishing given truths. (As examples of them consider the "curse of inventors" and the "inventive impotence" which I describe in a number of my publications.) My experiences also show that in the selection of research topics it is always possible to follow morally correct ideas indicated by our previous findings, the truth of which was already confirmed by these "3 witnesses" - as we are informed about it by the quoted in (12) from item #V2 the verse 10:13 from the biblical "1 Corinthians", and also informs us about the moral "law of the highway through the sea" to descriptions to which I link in (16) from item #V2 of this post #336E, and in (d) from item #B5 of the web page "2020life.htm". It is also NOT worth to abandon researching just because it can lead into a morally correct topic, which, however, by today's world is still considered, for example, as a forbidden kind of "scientific taboo". (Notice here what state verses 118:22-23 from the "Book of Psalms" in the Bible, how "the stone rejected by the builders became the cornerstone".) Furthermore, in the following of the received "Ariadne's thread" one need to be pedantically careful not to deviate toward the research to which are leading us the "left links" of our chain of truth, and that we should always climb to each next link that we encounter, only after its truth is confirmed to us openly or in a coded manner by these "3 witnesses" which I mentioned in (1) from item #V2, the detection of which will save us from laborious climbing e.g. onto "left links", typically certified either only by the results of research of other scientists who did NOT indicate correctly "3 witnesses" confirming their results (i.e. whose results may turn out to be e.g. lies generated for profit or for fame), or typically certified only by recognized scientific theories at a given time (which can only be propaganda forced upon the "official atheistic science" by its funding elites, politicians, science decision makers, priests, etc.).

To me personally the leading "Ariadne's thread" was given in times when (1) I was a young student and "an idea came to my mind" to develop my own "Multidimensional Periodic Table of Elements" - the fate of which I described briefly in items #B3 and #H6 of the web page "2020life.htm". Unfortunately, my still young age and lack of the already formed of a "moral skeleton", caused that my lecturers of that time managed to "persuade" me that I should NOT publish that table. So its content was lost over time. However, the memory of its advantages and principles of how to build it have remained with me. So around four years later the beginning of the same "Ariadne's thread" was given to me again when I developed and then published in 1976 my (2) ground-breaking "Cyclic Table for Propulsion Devices" (see ) also described, amongst others, in item #H3 and in several different items from the web page "2020life.htm", as well as on the web page "propulsion.htm". Because this Cyclic Table for Propulsion Devices indicated (3) how to build starships called "Magnocrafts" firstly published in 1980 - see the web page "magnocraft_pl.htm", which by the forces of magnetic fields are to make humanity independent of gravity, it in turn inspired me (4) to analyze of what gravity really is. In this way, in 1985 I discovered (5) the Dipolar Gravity - means my "Theory of Everything from 1985". This theory in turn immediately showed me (6) the existence of the "counter-world" and the "counter-matter" contained in it, with attributes opposite to those of "matter" from our world. While analyzing the features of this counter-matter, I discovered that, for example: (6a) it must be always mobile (i.e. it must experience "chaos" described by the religion of ancient Greeks and NZ Maoris - which made me realize, among other things, that "perpetual motion devices" can be built); (6b) must also be intelligent (which directed my research at scientific proving the existence of God); (6c) must be composed of miniature elementary "drobinas of counter-matter" - which with the passage of time in 2020 led me to discovery of the existence of (7) "self-learning" male and female "God Drobinas" - in the shape and likeness of which God created people, and that (6d) its individual God Drobinas must be able to remember their "self-learning" experiences during "chaos" in the form of "erasable" programs (in the Bible called "Word"). In turn (7) the discovery of "drobinas of counter-matter" (since 2020 also called "God Drobinas") which "self-learning" accumulate erasable programs, led me to establish that: (7a) God is a gigantic program stored in the highest (twelfth) memory of every drobina of counter-matter (God Drobina), and that (7b) the conscious life self-evolved in the counter-world (which fact for several first years I generally described in items indicated and linked with the Polish key words samoewolucja Boga - meaning: self-evolution of God, on the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" - e.g. I described in items #B1 and #B2 of the web page named "evolution.htm", and then I explained in detail in #C5 of the web page "2020life.htm"). Etc., etc. - continually following this my "thread of Ariadne" from the time of my studies, I reached the present day accumulation of numerous scientific discoveries and inventions that correct lies and distortions of the "official atheistic science", many of which the reader can visually get to know from our video entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio". At the same time, however, due to following my "thread of Ariadne" I experienced many humiliations, criticism, dismissal from work, mocking, spitting, etc. - which I describe in a factual and honest way in my publications because they also constitute one of the types of truth about which people should be objectively informed. However, notice that I do NOT complain about the action and effects of these forms of evil on me, because soon after emigrating from Poland, fortunately for myself, I quickly discovered what I describe in item #V6 and in (12) and (16) from item #V2 of this post #336E - namely, that evil instead of destroying us, in fact - if one is sure that God exists and if one believes in the necessity of fighting for the truth with evil forces, then experiencing evil is only a kind of moral lessons (and tests) that improve our character and increase our life experience.

On the basis of the above short mentioning of the origins of my scientific discoveries and inventions, I have here rather important information. Namely, when you the reader, comes up with an idea, then treat it as the possibility that the beginning of your own "Ariadne's thread" has just been given to you. In turn if the truth and moral correctness of this idea is confirmed to you by its agreement with the statements of these "3 witnesses", then you will have an opportunity to make perhaps one of the most important decisions in your entire life.

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