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#334_1E: Do bodies of supernatural beings contain chemical elements other than those of humans? (Part 1)


Motto of this post #334E: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (verse 8:32 from the biblical "Gospel of St. John".)


#I1. Let us have the courage to analyze the evidence that God created at least two different sets (periodic systems) of chemical elements - out of which the old "official atheistic science" discovered only the first, the components of which we learn under the name of "Mendeleev's Table":


For some time now I have been collecting and analyzing the existing evidence, that in fact God created at least two different sets (i.e. periodic systems) of chemical elements - out of which the old "official atheistic science" managed to discover only the first and most primitive, while teaches us about it in schools and colleges under the name "Mendeleev's Table" (see ). About the existence of this evidence I already mentioned in (g) from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm" - where I also indicated several examples of it. In this post #334E for blogs of totalizm I am going to present most important examples from this extensive body of evidence.


It is also worth explaining here, that the possibility of the existence of any number of different sets (periodic systems) of chemical elements, means NOT just the one about only existence of which the "official atheistic science" teaches us, results from the fact that the creation of individual atoms forming chemical elements is completely different than that one described in textbooks prepared by this science, but is in line with what explains my blocked for 35 years Theory of Everything of 1985 also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"). Namely, the atoms of chemical elements are NOT composed of solid elementary particles, nor the interactions between these solid particles are NOT ruled by sets of permanent "laws of nature" - as if this actually took place then such conditions would be able to form only one set (the periodic table) of chemical elements, i.e. only the one the existence of which is recognized by the "official atheistic science" and taught in schools as components of the "Mendeleev's Table". The truth is, however, that both the elementary particles and the whole atoms formed from them, are created by putting together indescribably smaller than even the smallest elementary particles, and also living, immortal, ever mobile, absolutely obedient to God, positive male and negative female the so-called "God Drobinas" - the attributes and behaviours of which are ruled by a series of management programs individually designed by God for a given atom, the docile to changes of which God’s programs by the official atheistic science are mistaken for immutable "laws of nature". In other words, elementary particles and atoms are formed in the same way as the creation of matter by God is described in more detail, e.g. in item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm", while as the attributes, behaviours, appearances and functions of "God Drobinas" are described in items #K1 and #K2 from another my web page named "god_exists.htm". For example, only the very elementary particles God can form in many different manners through the appropriate programming of whirling circulation of a selected (huge) number of either positive male or negative female "God Drobinas" along a circular closed circuit, so that these God Drobinas form kinds of "whirls" of a toroidal shape (often called "donut" shape). In turn, because such whirls formed e.g. from only male "God Drobinas" will display a positive potential, while formed from only female "God Drobinas" - negative potential, to form e.g. an "elementary particle" of a negative electric charge, God puts together several such whirls, in this number more of whirls composed from negative female "God Drobinas" than whirls composed of positive male "God Drobinas". In turn for the creation of a positively charged elementary particle, God puts together more whirls composed of positive male "God Drobinas" than of negative female ones. Similarly, for the formation of elementary particles with a neutral electric charge (e.g. "neutrons"), God puts together equal numbers of negative female and positive male whirls of "God Drobinas". Then, having already so formed elementary particles, with the use of a different set of individually designed programs, God puts them together in order to create atoms with attributes required by Him. But because God can freely design elementary particles and atoms formed in such a manner, as well as freely design programs that manage their operation - e.g. by choosing: how numerous are particular whirls of God Drobinas, how many of these whirls constitute given types of elementary particles, and what features and behaviours give to the particles and to atoms individually prepared by God programs that put these whirls together and govern over their capabilities; in fact God - if He wishes, is able to form any number of different sets (periodic systems) of chemical elements than just these three, a high probability of the existence of which is confirmed by the extensive body of material evidence, which I already managed to identify, while the fragment of which I presented below in this post #334E for blogs of totalizm.


Notice that the truth of the most important conclusions from my research, which I presented in the descriptions from this post #334E, is supported by the extensive body of evidence highlighted here, originating from as many as "three witnesses" required by the Bible, which witnesses I described in more detail in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of my web page named "2020life.htm", while the reliability, credibility and truth of confirmations of which three witnesses everyone can personally check. According to the explanation contained in the "motto" and in (1a) from item #H1 of the web page "2020life.htm", unanimous confirmation of the results of any research by all these "3 witnesses" actually means that the results of this research are a kind of symbolic "magnifying lenses", which brings closer to the eyes of people and makes it easier for their minds to understand the given fragment of God's actions described by these results, or to understand something that God created. So although the information that I present below is completely contrary to what tells us the old, materialistically oriented "official atheistic science" which still jealously guards its lucrative monopoly on research and on education, still this information in people who recognize it raises the awareness and understanding of life at a higher and completely different level. Hence, it is really worth to forget for a moment about the "common" views that were forced onto us at school or at the university, and for our own good to get to know the evidence-based new views that I present below. Furthermore, to make sure that these new views represent truth, then personally check them by comparing with the evidence which the true reality that surrounds us provides to us in such abundance - instead of just relying on words of some "wise men", to the limited knowledge of whom relates what Shakespeare expressed with his famous "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" (see ) while what the greatest Polish poet expressed with words: "than the glass and the eye of the wise" (i.e. Adam Mickiewicz in his poem entitled "Romantyczność" in the original Polish language stated this with the words: "niż mędrca szkiełko i oko" - see ).

Table #I1: Here is the first version of my "Cyclic Tables for Theory of Superior-Beings" - developed on 2018/8/18 and published (with its detailed description repeated below) as "Table #I6" from the web page named "mozajski_uk.htm" - where it supplemented item #I6 with a broad explanation of this Theory of Superior-Beings by a Polish writer named Adam Wiśniewski. The second, improved version of this table, compiled on 2018/12/29, is shown and explained extensively as "Table #J1b" from the web page named "propulsion.htm", and also in "chapter O" (i.e. in "Rozdział O") from my Polish monograph [12] available via the web page named "tekst_12.htm". I am showing the above table here to illustrate to the reader how the creation of such cyclic tables explains the transformation of the reality that surrounds us, taking place in the past and in the future - which in turn allows us to predict what soon awaits us and irrevocably is to come. Furthermore, I show it here to also realize that my life and fate, for some mysterious reasons, periodically returns to the creation and improvement of this type of cyclic tables. After all, my first ever creative product was the multidimensional Periodic Table of Chemical Elements, which I created as an inexperienced student of the Wrocław University of Technology, and the fate of which I described in item #B3 as well as in caption under "Tab. #D4" from my web page named "2020life.htm". (Notice in that description of fate, the highly discouraging treatment, which, with a significant detriment to the level of science and to the international reputation of this university and Poland, I received at that time from my lecturers regarding the issue of publishing this table that has never been developed again by other scientists.) However, experiences accumulated during working out of that multidimensional Periodic Table of Chemical Elements allowed me in about 4 years later, means when I already was a lecturer at the same Wrocław University of Technology, to develop my "Cyclic Table for Earth's Propelling Devices" - which I finally managed to publish in 1976, while the today's appearance and description of which the reader will find e.g. in "Tab. #J4ab" from the web page named "propulsion.htm" and in a graphically even more spectacular finishing in "Tab. #D4" from another my web page named "2020life.htm" (it is also shown and discussed in our half-hour long free YouTube video in English entitled "Future Propulsions" - see ). It is that "Cyclic Table for Earth's Propelling Devices", or more precisely the announcement forecasted by it and stating that our civilization will build Time Vehicles (see my web page "immortality.htm") which will allow people to live indefinitely long, caused that soon afterwards I formulated my ground-breaking Theory of Everything of 1985, which due to the continuous blocking of its dissemination, at present I am still publishing under its first name the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see my web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"). Then I developed a whole range of other Cyclic Tables, including the above one in which I illustrated the extended by results of my own research (especially by the finding that God "feeds on knowledge") the operation of the unique "Theory of Superior-Beings" which was originally developed by a Polis writer named Adam Wiśniewski (pseudonym Snerg - see ), in turn which is explained more comprehensively in that item #I6 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm". In turn, after the development of another breakthrough Theory of Life of 2020 (see my web page "2020life.htm"), the fate guided my research so mysteriously, that on a slightly different level of inquiry, in this post #334E for blogs of totalizm I am again returning to the problem of the principles of formation and operation of sets of existing chemical elements - which together with that my never published multidimensional Periodic Table of Chemical Elements was the first ever product of my creative scientific research. (Click on the above table to see an enlarged view of the version of it that I disseminate in a safe PDF format.)


The "Cyclic Table for Theory of Superior-Beings" shown above interprets the regularities expressed by the content of the genius "Theory of Superior-Beings" developed by a Polis writer, Adam Wiśniewski, and also extends this theory by additional levels of beings, which Wiśniewski neither included nor defined them, but the scientifically proven existence of which living beings was revealed only by my Theory of Everything of 1985 (see my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm") also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, while the definitions of which beings are provided in items #A0 and #D3 from my another web page named "god_proof.htm". In order for the reader to be able to easily distinguish the elements originally included by Wiśniewski in the formulation of his "Theory of Superior-Beings", from the elements that I added as a result of my research, in the above Cyclic Table, the original components introduced by Adam Wiśniewski are marked with a red font. In turn my additional extensions to this theory, this table distinguishes with the use of a standard (i.e. black) colour of inscriptions.


To summarize briefly this brilliant theory, it originally states (see the red font in "Table #I1" above) that there are four levels of beings, such as (level 2) minerals, (3) plants, (4) animals , (5) intelligent people - each one of which for a lower level is a "superior being" which "feeds" through eating a product of life of "beings" from a lower level than it. Thus (3) plants feed on the products of life of (2) minerals, (4) animals feed on the organic matter generated by (3) plants, while (5) humans feed on meat of (4) animals. Also, each level of these "beings" is NOT aware of the existence of higher levels of "superior-beings" - which eat the product of its life. Notice that the broader descriptions of this genius theory and extensions that I introduced into it on the basis of findings of the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (i.e. extensions such as e.g. lever (6) God that feeds on knowledge generated by (5) people), are explained on a number of web pages linked through the Polish key words Teoria Nadistot (meaning the "Theory of Superior-Beings") from my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm". Examples of these broader descriptions are item #I6 from the web page named "mozajski_uk.htm", or "Table #J1b" from the web page named "propulsion.htm".


I will not hide here, that while preparing the above "Cyclic Table for the Theory of Superior-Beings" I confronted a significant problem with finding in our imperfect human language short names and terminology that would accurately and precisely describe difficult concepts relating to God, the entire universe and the essence of life. After all, there is no room for long descriptive explanations in this table. The reason for this problem is the ambiguity of practically all words of the human language, while the full understanding of the above table requires a uniqueness similar to the one with which the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and my scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God define key terms that I use (e.g. see my web page "god_proof.htm" ). As a comparison and example of possible discrepancies in interpreting the words and expressions in human language, consider the problem of chickens from today's supermarkets and from the factory system of growing them. After all, in many of today's supermarkets meat of chickens marked with the English label "corn fed" is sold (see ) - which means that during the growing of these chickens they were fed exclusively (or mainly) with corn. Thus, people who eat such chickens, depending on their knowledge and worldview, may interpret their own diet in at least 2 completely different ways, namely either that they (1) eat chicken meat, or (2) that they eat biologically transformed corn. After all, the meat of such a chicken fed exclusively with corn is actually only (2) a kind of corn transformed in the digestive system of chicken. Thus, in the above table all concepts used in there should also be understood as such (2) "transformed something that is the source essence of a given concept".


I myself got to know the brilliant Wiśniewski's Theory of Superior-Beings for a long time before my emigration from Poland to New Zealand in 1982. I sincerely admired the genius it contained. Thus, after arriving to New Zealand, I was greatly surprised, that local inhabitants never have heard about it. So I propagated it as much as I could. In turn, because in the meantime my development of the Theory of Everything of 1985, also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, revealed to me that the "beings" which Wiśniewski included into the original version of his Theory of Superior-Beings are just a small fragment of a much longer sequence of intelligent living creatures and super-entities, all of which are created from "drobinas of counter-matter" about which in 2020 I discovered that they are simultaneously "God Drobinas", while which mutually "feed on" products of life and existence of beings from lower than they level, in August 2018, on the occasion of improving descriptions from "part #I" on my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm" I have developed the "Cyclic Table for Theory of Superior-Beings" shown above. In my Cyclic Table I extended Wiśniewski's theory to include beings and super-beings further to these that he originally identified. The most important of these extensions was the addition of the Superior-Being of our God and the generation of "knowledge" by people, which is consumed by God - the inclusion of which extremely important components in his theory, probably for important reasons Wiśniewski omitted, but which special meaning for God in a coded, farsighted, anticipated and symbolic way is confirmed by the "Parable of the Talents" contained in verses 25:14–30 from the Biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" while is interpreted by items #I1 and #I2 from my web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm". (Notice that even the old "official atheistic science" managed to discover recently that elementary particles and atoms behave intelligently - which fact practically means that they meet the definition of "beings" from Wiśniewski's theory. In turn my Concept of Dipolar Gravity has long time ago proved formally that "counter-matter" from the counter-world, and thus also everything that is made of it, e.g. whirls of counter-matter, as well as elementary particles, atoms and practically all matter, contains intelligence that is well hidden inside, means it also represents "beings" from Wiśniewski's theory.)


On the above "Cyclic Table for Theory of Superior-Beings" my extensions of Wiśniewski's theory are NOT finished. In December 2018 I wrote "chapter O" to my new monograph [12] (in Polish) - explaining how works our artificially programmed by God reversible "human time" and how due to the existence and operation of this "reversible software time" each person adds its own contribution to the peaceful evolution of an increasingly perfect universe. While writing that "chapter O" I was repetitively forced to notice that showing the example of the next "Cyclic Table in the Evolution of the Universe" will be the most effective and most convincing way of illustrating to the readers the cause and effect relationship between the "knowledge" generated by each person as a result of experiences to which God is able to subject him/her due to controlling his/her life with the use of just this artificially pre-programmed "reversible software time" in which his/her life takes place, and the evolution of the entire "universe" which is infinite in size and in time - only a limited in size fragment of which universe is our "physical world" created by God. So although the development of a new Periodic Table always consumes a lot of my chronically scarce time, the prospect that this new table will contribute, among other things, to popularizing this enormously important Theory of Superior-Beings developed by a Polish writer Adam Wiśniewski, I decided to invest my time, energy and motivations into it . A component of this new "Cyclic Table in the Evolution of the Universe", of course, by definition are the regularities, rules and similarities already expressed in the above "Cyclic Table for Theory of Superior-Beings". For the descriptions of this my newest Cyclic Table, which illustrates, among other things, the importance of regularities originally described by Wiśniewski's genius theory for the ever-increasing evolution of the consciousness of the entire unlimited universe, you can download my Polish monograph [12], available in a secure PDF format from the web page named "tekst_12.htm" and study the "chapter O" contained in it, or at least watch the new "Cyclic Table in the Evolution of the Universe" - a copy of which, also prepared in this safe PDF format, you can download e.g. from . Notice also in it, that the regularities originally discovered by Wiśniewski and described in his Theory of Superior-Beings, which continuously and repetitively operate in our "physical world", and which, by their existence, stimulate the operation of the cause-effect chain and thus continuously influence the growth of consciousness in the entire universe of unlimited size and time of existence, this my new "Cyclic Table of Evolution of the Universe" also emphasizes with bold red font.



#I2. The most important type of evidence for the existence of at least one more, much more permanent and more perfect set of chemical elements than the one we already know, probably contain the "incorruptible bodies of saints":


A breakthrough in our (1a) theoretical knowledge about the mysteries of the existence of incorruptible bodies of saints was provided only by my, blocked already for over 35 years from disseminating under the deserved by it name of the Theory of Everything of 1985, the revolutionary scientific theory which I am forced to disseminate under its first name the Concept of Dipolar Gravity. This my theory reveals that there is already a wealth of evidence available to us that God actually created at least two different sets of chemical elements, for the presentation of attributes of which our official science would need to develop at least two different "periodic tables of chemical elements" (i.e. at least two different "Mendeleev's Tables"). Features of the first and the most common out of these two sets our "official atheistic science" has already learned and teaches people about the elements that are composed into it, using a graphic representation of them called the "periodic table of elements" or "Mendeleev's Table". In turn about the existence of further such sets neither science, nor UFO researchers, nor even priests of various religions still do NOT know - although skilfully encrypted indications that it exists, for around 2000 years are (1b) coded into verses of the Bible. On the other hand, out of these differently formed and hence more perfect elements of further such sets, God forms bodies of Angels - as I explained this in (g) from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm" - also providing in there several examples of the confirmation (1c) of these facts by empirical evidence (including filmed evidence for the existence of Angels - see "Video #H3c" in there). Simultaneously, in the verses of the Bible, God encrypted the information that numerous "embodied" Angels reside on Earth and mix with people while performing tasks assigned to them by God. What is most interesting, currently widely available film cameras contained in present cell phones and in street CCTV security monitors have already managed to empirically document evidence that "embodied" beings with the capabilities of Angels actually operate on Earth. These beings have just such more perfect than human bodies which can emit light and are capable of, for example, to: form telekinesis, change the speed of the passage of time, penetrate through walls, become invisible, move extremely quickly, transform into various objects (e.g. in "balls of light" shown below in "Video #I5b", cars, bicycles, stones, statues moving, statues crying or drinking liquids), or in non-human creatures (e.g. in "pigeons", "cats", " bears "), etc. Examples of extraordinary capabilities of these beings documented on films are shown in the set of films from "Video #H3c" on my web page "2020life.htm", and also on "Video #I5a" and "Video #I5b" below on this post #334E. Knowing about these indications encoded in the Bible and about this empirical evidence, it is NOT difficult to deduce, that if during the fulfilment of their service on Earth, for some reasons their human-looking and more perfect than ours bodies must be killed, then the perfection of the chemical elements that form their bodies will cause that they will NOT decay as do bodies of dead people. Means the bodies of these extraordinary beings formed from such more perfect than the already known to us set of chemical elements, neither bacteria will touch causing their decomposition, nor will they be eaten by worms, nor even the water that they contain, which is more perfect than our water, will dry out of them, causing e.g. a change in their appearance with the passage of time. The search engine describes numerous such bodies of former Angels under the key words incorruptible bodies of saints (see ) and illustrates their incorruptible bodies at . The information already available and presented on the Internet about these deceased, whom the Catholic Church recognized as saints due to their incorruptible bodies, in fact probably should be interpreted completely differently than they are interpreted so far. Namely, that the owners of such incorruptible bodies acted in such a holy manner that it drew the attention of their surroundings, because in fact they were embodied Angels sent by God to Earth in order to fulfil specific tasks. Among people living in Poland, such a body made of chemical elements other than those already known to people probably had, amongst others, the saint patron of my "family church" in town of Milicz in Poland bearing the surname "Andrzej Bobola" - the fate of which saint I described in item #D5 from the web page named "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm". I should also add here, that still as a high school student in the Lyceum of Milicz, I personally saw such an "incorruptible body" of a young, beautiful woman in the basement of a wooden church from Trzebicko near Milicz. To those interested the circumstances of seeing her are reported in the caption under "Fig. #D23" from my web page named "milicz.htm" - about my hometown of Milicz. It's just that this beautiful woman from Trzebicko with incorruptible body and clothes has never been declared a saint. What is even more unusual, about 20 years later I met a woman in NZ who looked identical to her, and even whose most favourite corduroy dress was of the same colour and cut as the plush (velveteen) dress of that young deceased woman from Trzebicko - which facts I described in more detail in item #J2 from my web page named "malbork_uk.htm".



#I3. Knowledge similar to the bodies of saints can also be hidden in "waste" originating from UFOs:


If someone reads the results of rational research on UFO manifestations (e.g. see my web page "ufo_proof.htm"), then perhaps he/she noticed that in spite that the illusive phenomena caused by these UFO vehicles leave a lot of traces and material remains on Earth, still our "official atheistic science" is NOT competent enough to see or investigate anything meaningful about them. For example UFO vehicles frequently lose a gelatinous substance called "angel's hair" - which I described more comprehensively, among others, in subsections G3.3 from volume 3 and in W4(#7) from volume 18 of my monograph [1/5] (available via my web page "text_1_5.htm"). Although this substance was subjected to scientific analyzes, nothing specific about it could be determined. It has only been speculated that it is probably some kind of organic-like chemical compound in which the carbon atoms are probably replaced with silicon atoms - which gives it a unique "mineral" character rather than being similar to our organic substances.


Toilets from UFO vehicles leave behind a lot of "excrements" on Earth. During my research on numerous UFO landing sites from New Zealand, I saw faeces on them with a clear similarity to what we humans get rid of in our toilets. Because I also researched how these UFO landing sites change with the elapse of time, I was always surprised that these droppings are unable to deteriorate. This is because neither they were decomposed by Earth bacteria, nor were they affected by any insects or animals, which would normally eat such waste. What is more interesting, when roofs of buildings in New Zealand started to be massively bombarded with faeces from UFO toilets, as I described this in items #B8 from my web page named "evidence.htm", and in (g) from item #H3 from another web page named "2020life.htm", then the scientific research of such faeces indicated that it is a substance of mineral, NOT organic nature - despite of the fact that it smelled and looked exactly like the contents of human public toilets. This in turn indirectly confirms, that the substance of such faeces most probably was formed from chemical elements different than known to humans. In spite of its many-sided similarity to the excrements from human toilets, present professional scientists who investigated such faeces from UFOs did NOT have sufficient competences to be able to identify them as to their actual chemical composition. One can also guess that even if the employees of the "official atheistic science" managed to establish that such faeces contain chemical elements unknown on Earth, still as I described it in item #I6 below in this post #334E, the information about it would be hidden or distorted.



#I4. Questions - the answers to which may contain the remains of "Fallen Angels":


According to the Bible, there are two categories of Angels. The first (attributes of bodies of which I summarized above in item #I2 of this post #334E) faithfully serve God, thus God provides them with indestructible bodies. But according to the Bible, on Earth are also supposed to be "Fallen Angels" that long time ago are "expelled" from heaven - means the subordinates of Lucifer. In the Bible at least two key pieces of information are encrypted, which seem to indicate that their bodies also probably were formed from chemical elements that differ from those in human bodies. The first of these pieces of information is verse 6:4 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis", which I commented in more detail in item #I2 from my web page named "newzealand.htm", and which informs that after sexual relations of their male representatives with human women, these women gave birth to giants. The second one is the biblical verses from Matthew 22:23-30 and Mark 12:25 - which I commented in (2) from item #A3 of my web page named "humanity_pl.htm", and which state that today's Angels are NOT able to reproduce - what seems to suggest that after the "Fallen Angels" had been removed from heaven for the needs of the bodies of the angels still faithful to God and for the use of the remaining angels in heaven, God created yet another, more perfect set of chemical elements. However it is also known, that these Fallen Angels were male and female and could reproduce with each other - which is confirmed by the Greek myths about the habits of the god "Zeus". So there is a probability that their descendants living among humans today have bodies slightly better than us humans. So probably it would be worth to take a closer look at the features of bodies which are more perfect than human ones, because e.g. after death they do NOT break down at all, but only undergo the so-called "natural mummification" (see ), means which neither bacteria nor worms break down, but only the water contained in them gradually evaporates over time, but at the same time are NOT as "incorruptible", as the bodies of angels faithful to God - which do NOT undergo mummification and stay in the condition in which they were found at the time of death (see ). I came across information that just such a naturally mummified body was buried in the basement of the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary from town of Cieszków near Milicz, Poland (see ). Because it was buried in a wooden coffin, the body, however, did NOT deteriorate when it dried up. The reason why probably it is now officially claimed that bodies similar to the one from the church in Cieszków were "naturally mummified", may be the lack of knowledge among people about the possibility of the existence of such non-perishable chemical elements created by God that constitute a different than the one still known to the official atheistic science the "periodic table of chemical elements".



#I5. "Supernatural animals" and "supernatural objects" the existence of which is postulated by the findings of my Theory of Everything of 1985:


A short definition of supernatural animals, derived from my Theory of Everything of 1985, states that "supernatural animals are animals called into existence by any supernatural creature". The creature that creates them does NOT need to be God, but can also be any among the supernatural creatures described in (a) to (j) from item #H3 of the web page named "2020life.htm". Only that if the creation of a large number of such supernatural animals at the command of God is carried out by e.g. the faithful to God the so-called "Angels" described in (g) from item #H3 of the above web page "2020life.htm", then God who supervises the course of this creation gives "souls" to all of these animals (which souls only God is able to "breathe" into them) and thus these animals will be alive - as is the case with e.g. "rains of live fish", or rains of other living creatures or objects - shown in "Video #I5b" below. However, if a large number of such supernatural animals is created by one of these "Fallen Angels" described in (i) from item #H3 of the web page "2020life.htm", then God will not "breathe" souls into these animals, thus they will be dead - although their bodies can still be identical to bodies of their counterparts living on Earth.


In turn the long (complete) definition of supernatural animals states that: "supernatural animals are any creatures with appearance or behaviour different from that of humans, which with their actions either break the laws of nature known by the 'official atheistic science' (e.g. they can: stop, slow down, or accelerate the passage of our time, run on the surface of the water - like the 'moose cow' shown below in 'Video # I5a', either materialize in a place where nothing was before, or suddenly disappear from the human view, or remain invisible to people - although they can be seen by other animals, etc.), or the features of their bodies, shapes, behaviours and abilities drastically contradict similar features of all creatures permanently existing on Earth and usually already known by the 'official atheistic science' (e.g. they have bodies, wings and the manner of flying once described as characterizing dragons)". It is worth noting, that all the supernatural beings described in (a) to (j) from item #H3 from my web page "2020life.htm" are also capable of rapidly turning into supernatural animals or supernatural objects selected by them - behaviours of which will reflect the nature of these beings, while bodies (structures) of which supernatural "animals" or "objects" will have extraordinary attributes that are characteristic for bodies of creatures who incarnated into them. Such a turning is possible because bodies of supernatural beings are temporarily created by appropriate pre-programming of "drobinas of counter-matter" in the manner which is discussed in more details in items #J4.5 and #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm", while is illustrated with the example of creating of so-called "Inca Walls" (still existing in Peru - e.g. see my web page "p_nfi.htm") on our 18-second long free video entitled "Wall 4K" (see ). This is why, on the order of a given supernatural being, their bodies can immediately dissipate into a cloud of drobinas of counter-matter invisible to humans, and then in the blink of an eye they can either: reassemble into the shape of e.g. a completely different "creature" (the ability to change shape and appearance in such a way is called "shapeshifting" - see ), which such a new creature is also alive because its soul is contained in the immortal "drobina of counter-matter" that resides in this body and that stores the soul of e.g. "Fallen Angel"; or reassemble into the shape of some "Object", which, however, will be able to perform intelligent actions because it actually is a different materialization of e.g. the same "Fallen Angel" - for an example see "Video # I5b" below.


(This entire post #334E and the films of evidence illustrating it did NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #334_2E)


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#334_2E: Where can we find data on other than known to us (God-made) chemical elements? (Part 2)


Most often, single such "supernatural animals" are formed by beings described either in (g) or in (i) from my web page "2020life.htm" - when these beings change into such animals in order to be able to carry out some actions imperceptibly for people. However in order for such a supernatural animal is able to "live", it must have a soul. But only God is able to "breathe in" souls into a large number of such created completely a new supernatural animals (i.e. not created by "changing") - consider e.g. "rains from live fish"). This means, that if e.g. "Fallen Angels" create a large number of such animals, then only dead animal bodies will be created - although these "Fallen Angels" can change themselves into living supernatural animals because while changing they also shift their own souls to a new body - as it is demonstrated to people on decks of UFOs.


Practically all religions of the world confirm the supernatural formation and appearance on Earth of such "supernatural animals". We know a lot of them from the religions of the ancient Greeks, in which for example the god Zeus was known to chronically turn into an eagle or other animal in order to be able to sneak up on a beautiful human female and have sexual intercourse with her (see ).


The truth that "supernatural animals" endowed with intelligence actually appear on Earth is confirmed by all "three witnesses" which I indicate and explain in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 from my web page named "2020life.htm". And so, based on the findings of my Theory of Everything of 1985 the witness (1a) means "theoretical deductions" are the explanations and illustrations described in item #J4.5 from the web page named "propulsion.htm", and revealing how from whirls of "God Drobinas" (drobinas of counter-matter) can be temporarily formed "bodies" of these supernatural animals. In turn the deductions described in (a) to (j) from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm" explain from where these short-term created supernatural animals or objects take their "souls" that give life to their bodies. In turn the witness (1b) means the "Bible verses" provides numerous cases when the Bible informs us that such intelligent "supernatural animals" were actually created. Examples of (supernatural animals) are described, for example, in the Bible verses: (the Holy Spirit descending as a dove) "Matthew 3:16", "Luke 3:22", "John 1:32"; (Abraham's sacrificial ram) "Genesis 22:13"; (fish) "Matthew 14:19-21"; "Mark 6:41-44", John 21:11; (Moses' rod turned into a serpent) "Exodus 4:3"; (Satan that took the form of a serpent) "Genesis 3:1". In turn numerous witnesses (1c) in the form of "empirical evidence" are provided by people who saw such "supernatural animals" and documented their sightings for the use of other people - for an example see "Video #I5a" below, or see my own sighting of a "griffin" which I described in subsection R4.2 from volume 15 of my monograph [1/5], or on web pages for the key words griffin (in Polish spelled gryf) listed on my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm".


Unfortunately, the "official atheistic science" continually ignores the existence of such supernatural animals or objects and pretends that those who saw them are probably "insane". The reason why this monopolistic science remains so deceptive is the incompetence of its research tools and employees resulting from the rejection by this old, ossified and to the bones corrupt science, the truth about God and about other supernatural beings, as well as resulting also firstly from its stubborn refusal for over 35 years to recognize the merits of my Theory Everything of 1985 which by the official science is forced to be disseminated under its first name the Concept of Dipolar Gravity, and resulting secondly from the rejection of my Philosophy of Totalizm which is opening people's eyes to the truth (see my web page "totalizm.htm").


On the other hand, factual and objective research of the supernatural "animals" or "objects" described here can provide extremely valuable confirmations and information "how", "when" and "why" such supernatural creation of living creatures or objects is carried out, what attributes these creatures can acquire and demonstrate to people, and what benefits the humanity will gain from learning and accepting the fact of their existence (see examples of these benefits described in items #J4.5 and #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm"). As such, this research is able to finally open human eyes to the so far hidden from them truths about the reality that surrounds them, and to the power and possibilities that the learning of these truths will put into human hands.

Video #I5a: Here is a supernatural female "moose" running on the surface of water from a lake in Alaska, documented in a free English-language video entitled "A Moose defies gravity and runs across open water?" (2:15 minutes long). Because only supernatural "creatures" and "objects" are able to break the laws of nature, e.g. by walking (like Jesus) or running on the surface of water, the actual filming of this moose provides us with another amongst today already very extensive body of (1c) empirical evidence that supernatural "animals" and "objects" do exist and various people sometimes see them and document their sightings (similarly as a teenager I saw and documented the mentioned above "griffin"). It is worth adding here, that near New Zealand an extinct "bird of Jesus" (i.e. "Storm Petrel") was filmed, which was described in items #G3 to #G3.2 from my web page named "prophecies.htm" and in item #F4.1.3 from the totaliztic web page named "stawczyk_uk.htm" - which film probably also documented another "supernatural sea bird".


Probably numerous cases of such violations of the "laws of nature" taught in our schools and colleges, are also summarized in a 23:57-minute-long English-language YouTube video entitled "20 Teleportations & Time Travelers Caught on Tape", in April 2021 available at - which I already recommended to readers to watch in the caption under "Video #H3c" from my other web page named "2020life.htm". This video compiles a whole range of filmed evidence on the supernatural creatures, supernatural animals and supernatural objects (e.g. bicycle, motorcycle and car) which either suddenly disappear from view, or suddenly become visible to people in places where previously no one nor them could be seen - e.g. watch on it from 8:56 minutes the disappearing supernatural bird (just like Zeus used to disappear) and from 20:03 watch the disappearing supernatural cat, then from 18:37 watch also the supernatural dog suddenly appearing, which previously was NOT in there. The above film also shows disappearing and suddenly appearing objects (e.g. cars) and human-looking creatures. Several of the cases shown in the above video are also commented (in Polish) in the video from "Video #I5b" provided below. For example, the appearance of the previously invisible cyclist, shown above from minute 19:19, on "Video #I5b" below is shown and explained in Polish starting from minute 0:44.


I am personally impressed by the high sense of humour with which supernatural creatures sometimes amuse themselves due to the mere knowledge that ignorance will NOT allow people to find out "what is really going on". An example of just such a situation is documented from 8:13 to 8:31 minute of a 10:18 minute-long English-language YouTube video entitled "MOMENTS YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES" available at . It shows a funny for them situation, when someone filmed felling a tree, while in a tiny hollow that appeared in the trunk of this tree left in the ground, a bear materializes several times larger than the diameter of this hollow. As in the knowledge of people the creature playing this amusing trick foresaw, no-one realized "what was really going on then". This video also provides us with a very valuable information, stating that if there is a hidden hollow in a tree, or an empty space in a stone, then one of these supernatural creatures exiled to Earth may live in them, which after going outside takes a form of either a human or an animal, or a monster that reflects its nature with the appearance of which it can scare people. No wonder that the Malaysian cult of trees and stones named "Datuk" does NOT worship these trees or stones, but the supernatural creatures that inhabit them - asking these creatures for various supernatural favours in return for worshiping them and praying to them. Now I also understand why one of the worshipers of these creatures informed me that he saw a "Datuk" living in a tree to which he prayed, which Datuk while emerging from the tree assumed the appearance of a wild duck. By analogy to these "Datuk" one can also deduce that, for example, the empty space in the figure of the Teutonic Madonna from the niche of the castle church in Malbork, Poland - which clearly did NOT like Polish people (as both phases of my personal problems with which figure I described in "part #E" - especially in item #E2, from my web page named "malbork_uk.htm" and in item #D6.1 from another web page named "timevehicle.htm") probably was also inhabited by one of those exiled to Earth supernatural beings who in exchange for worshiping it provided various supernatural services to the former Teutonic population of Malbork and East Prussia. Another example of the manner in which these supernatural creatures amuse themselves at the expense of people, is the skill with which for centuries they use versions of the saying "if you want to hide a tree, plant a whole forest around it". I am puzzled the most by the fact that the majority of people still did not manage to get to realize this. (This saying is explained in more detail in a number of examples from my publications linked with its Polish key words "jeśli chcesz ukryć drzewo, posadź wokół niego cały las" from the Polish web page "skorowidz.htm" - e.g. I am explaining it in item #A5 from the web page named "totalizm.htm"). An example of the use by these creatures of the version of the saying that states "if people plant somewhere their own forest, then you can secretly plant there a few of your own trees with fruits satisfying your pleasures" - in English report numerous videos that can be searched for e.g. with the command: - e.g. watch from 8:04 to 8:50 minutes of 10:48 minutes long video at . A Polish-language example of a presentation that gives a taste of people's lack of understanding of what really happened there, can be viewed at lengths from 3:55 to 4:40 minutes from the 9:30 minute long video available at . I wonder if the reader (if he knows Polish) can figure out what the humorous nature of the situation discussed there was about?


An example of the benefits obtained from the empirical evidence for the existence of supernatural beings breaking a number of laws recognized by official atheistic science and called "laws of nature" can be the analysis of the anatomy and behaviour of a supernatural creature called "Mothman" which in the period from 1966/11/15 to 1967/12/15 terrorized the population of the town of "Point Pleasant" in the state of Virginia, USA (see ). This analysis allows to establish that this creature belonged to exactly the same species of supernatural creatures as another similar creature of the species, which in the vicinity of present Polish towns Cieszków and Milicz used to terrorize the population and scare local children under the warning "Sapieha flies" (in Polish "Sapieha leci"). This Polish "Mothman" is known to me from childhood folk tales which I am discussing in item #G1 of the web page "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm", while the appearance of whom I am illustrating on "Fig. #G1" from the web page "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm". There is even a short, 8:54-minute Polish-language film on YouTube entitled "Złota Piątka: Stworzenia, które MOGĄ ISTNIEĆ!" (meaning: "The Golden Five: Creatures that CAN EXIST!") which in its length from 6:47 to 8:26 minutes discusses this "Mothman" from "Point Pleasant" in the USA. This video is available at . Another example of such benefits that can be achieved from the findings presented in item #I5 above of this post #334E, can be the ability to categorize the belonging of whatever is seen, e.g. on the basis of the criterion described above in #I5 of this post #334E - which criterion checks whether in the case of producing a large number of bodies of some creatures, these bodies already have "souls" and hence are "alive", or are merely the shapes of certain creatures, but are dead. An illustration of this benefit can provide 1:26 minute of length from the free to watch video entitled "Dynamo The Magician - fish from a bucket" available at . Yet another benefit may be the understanding of the principles and mechanisms that cause in some of the numerous videos already available on YouTube to document statues moving, crying or drinking liquids - for their examples look through use the command or the command .


Of course, such supernatural beings that torment people did NOT appear just now. They are already described in the Bible. They have been known to folklore of various nations since time immemorial - for example in Poland under names: Zmora, Licho, Zła Czarownica, Czarnoksiężnik, Chochlik Drukarski, Poltergeist, Krasnoludek, etc. As their animal example, consider the American Romance horror movie of 2011 entitled "Red Riding Hood" (see ) based on medieval legends of "supernatural werewolves". What puzzles me about this film is the fact that when, starting from 2021/3/27, I was just in the initial stage of writing "part #I" of the web page summarised in this post #334E for blogs of totalizm - for lack of space NOT intending at all to discuss in it historical legends about supernatural creatures, "Someone" by showing the above film on 2021/4/1 between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on the TVNZ 2 channel of New Zealand television, making it the only movie that was available to watch that day, as if making sure that I will also watch it, made me understand that I should NOT skip discussing these creatures. Because I do NOT believe in the so-called "coincidences" - I fill in that admonition and include here information about this next convergence of what is happening around me, with the truths about which I am trying to inform people who read my publications.


The findings described above in item #I5 of this post #334E, which this "Video #I5a" illustrates, are still only preliminary results of research based on my Theory of Everything of 1985 - i.e. the theory which due to hidden and continuous blocking of it I am forced to disseminate it under the unrecognized by the world its first name Concept of Dipolar Gravity, while under the name "Theory of Everything" that belongs to it and that I assigned to it shortly after its formulation, internet search engines popularize some propaganda film costly fabricated many years later to distract people from this theory that is extremely important for humanity (see ). However, still already now the above findings of this theory allow for the accumulation of empirical evidence, which in the future may generate numerous benefits for humanity, for example by freeing people from the sources of hidden oppression that torment them now as well as from keeping everyone in the darkness - both of which forms of oppressions are caused by these hidden evil powers which for thousand of years managed to prevent the elimination of "money" from Earth accomplishable through the implementation of the "nirvana political system" summarized briefly in item #C7 from my web page named "nirvana.htm" while in the most enjoyable way learnable by watching of our half-hour long, free Polish-language film entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (meaning: "World without money: Nirvana Political System" available to everyone at the Internet address .

Video #I5b: Here is a Polish-language film with a length of 9:39 minutes, which in its length from 5:49 to 6:34 minutes illustrates one of these objects most often described under the name of "ball lightning". These objects that emit very strong light always act in a manner that shows high intelligence - which suggests that in fact behind their appearance and behaviours there is some supernatural creature. How intelligently they behave, it is relatively well illustrated by the 5:45 minute long film in English entitled "Ball lightning" available at , which combines documented on film cases of their appearing. Most often they have a spherical shape of various diameters - as they are described by their observations which I published e.g. in items #E3 and #E3.1 from my web page named "newzealand.htm" and in subsections C, C1, D1 from our treatise [4b] in Polish (available for free via my web page "tekst_4b.htm"). I personally saw such an intelligently behaving strong red light - which even seemed to communicate telepathically with me, but in my case it had the shape of a captivatingly (and I could even say - "hypnotizing") dancing red flame-tongue, which I described in item #J3 from the web page named "petone.htm". Intelligent actions are able to demonstrate also large stones - one of which, i.e. the "walking" stone from Atiamuri, New Zealand, is described more comprehensively in item #D1, while illustrated on "Fig. #D1" from the web page named "newzealand.htm". Of course, I assume that the reader also heard about the world famous "walking stones" from the so-called "Death Valley" in the USA - about which from time to time we are sensationally informed by various atheistic scientists who believe only in the existence of matter and the power of "laws of nature", that they allegedly "decoded" the mystery of "what" and "how" causes them to wander.


Of course, there are also much larger "objects" that break the laws of nature known to science, than just balls of light, or stones. Another example of them are "rains of various creatures". The most common of these are "rains of alive fish" (see ). Official atheistic science believes that it knows the explanation for their existence based solely on the behaviour of inanimate matter, which explanation is claimed to be provided by work of tornadoes (see my web page "tornado.htm") - which supposedly suck water together with live fish, and then throw the fish to the ground along with the rain. But the problem with such "scientific" explanations lies in the fact that those who disseminate them probably never saw such rains of alive fish with their own eyes. Hence their explanations are untrue in a whole range of vital details, while we all know the saying "the devil is in the details". For example, in my childhood I watched such "a rain of alive fish called roach" through the window of our family house in times when nobody heard about "tornadoes" because for hundreds of kilometres around "in living memory" no tornado appeared then (my sighting of "rain of alive roach fishes" is described in the caption under "Fig. #D24" from my web page named "milicz_uk.htm" and in subsection I3.5 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5], and also frequently I mention about it in item #F2 and in the caption under "Fig. #F2" as well as in (2) from item #F3, from my web page about the home village of Wszewilki). In addition to the lack of evidence for "tornadoes sucking them in", living creatures falling with such rains are extremely strong and active - which would NOT take place if they travelled in the air for a long time and hence were as close to death as the proverbial "fish out of water". Employees of official atheistic science also do NOT take into account the fact that almost always these alive fish are of only one species and size, looking as if they were created with the help of exactly the same working program run countless numbers of times, and that they usually fall with the rain for a long time, while if they are actually lifted by a tornado, then they should be of different sizes and species, and fall almost all at once.


Independently from the "rains of fish", various other living creatures can also fall from sky. For me the most to think about are "rains of poisonous snakes" (see ) - because when knowing that there is some superior intelligence behind them, they stimulate for me, for example, questions of the type "for what", "why", "what they symbolize", etc. A single photo of "snakes rain" shows the 20:17 minutes long English film at its length from 0:33 to 1:10 minutes, entitled "If You See This While Swimming, Get Out Of the Water Right Away" available at , and also shows at lengths 1:00 and 5:04 minutes another 8:21 minute long Pakistani film entitled "Sanpoun Ki Barish Wali Real Video Dekhein" available at .


Of course, there are many more similar creatures or objects behind which the intelligence of one of the supernatural beings is clearly hidden. However, I think that only the examples provided here are already enough to give the reader a good understanding of what I wish to draw his/her attention to, but the vital truth of what is still ignored or falsely distorted to the detriment of humanity.



#I6. Can we "count on" that the research of the institution of "official atheistic science" (which, for example, with repressions forces its employees to break God's commandment from verse 20:16 of the biblical "Book of Exodus"), will find and provide us with the truth and correct answers regarding the evidence described here for the existence of at least a second unknown to this science set of chemical elements?


Motto: "If you have grown up from childhood years when 'the path you walked was chosen for you by the orientation of the pants you wore', then do NOT allow the views that someone previously forced onto you prompt you to 'reject new or unfashionable knowledge' that has the potential to decide about your entire future." (A reminder of the author of this post #334E to NOT confuse "caution and scepticism caused by the requirement to be objective" with immature "rejection of all new or unfashionable knowledge.")


We almost all know the "10 commandments of God" in the Bible presented in verses 20:3-17 from the "Book of Exodus". One of them, expressed in verse 20:16, states - I quote from the Catholic "Millennium Bible": "You shall not tell lies against your neighbour as a witness." Despite the fact that breaking God's commandments is a very serious sin, the institution of "official atheistic science" forces its employees with various repressions to burden their conscience with the sins of lying to the detriment of their neighbours, when, for example, they lecture students or disseminate publications claiming that: people arose as a result of "natural evolution" - means NOT as God's creation; that our physical world of matter was created out of nothing as a result of a "big bang" - instead of admitting that even God does NOT create something out of nothing (hence God created everything in a manner described in the Bible with the words "what we see was not made of visible things" - as He assures us about it in verse 11:3 from the "Letter to the Hebrews" in the Bible) means instead of revealing the truth that e.g. "matter" of our world was created from "counter-matter" from the counter-world; that the "theory of relativity" - instead of the "reversible software time" confirmed by the Bible, rules over the laws of the elapse of time; etc., etc. In this situation can we "count on" that this institution of the "official atheistic science" will try to establish the truth about the non-perishable bodies of saints and about the existence of at least another set of chemical elements created by God - used, among others, for forming the bodies of Angels? In turn if this science accidentally comes across such a truth, as it could happen in the cases illustrated in the films from "Video #I6a" shown below, then whether the philosophical horizons narrowed down by the philosophy of its employees allow them to investigate the evidence containing this truth in a way that broadens knowledge of mankind, and even if "yes" - will the decision makers of this oppressive science allow these employees to disclose the discovered truth to the public? Especially that the possible finding of the actual existence of such at least one more set of chemical elements would provide another scientific confirmation that God does exist, and that the insistence of official atheistic science on statements of the "theory of evolution" is just lies.


I personally believe that in order that humanity ever learns the truth regarding the evidence discussed here for the existence of at least two sets of chemical elements, another one of which God uses (amongst others) for the formation of bodies of Angels described in (g) from item #H3 of my other from the web page named "2020life.htm", first on Earth must be officially established at least one competitive university operating according to the canons of the new "totaliztic science" that seeks and promotes the truth - which I describe more comprehensively in my publications, e.g. in "part #C" from another web page named "telekinetics.htm" (especially see in there e.g. items #C1, #C4 and #C6). Furthermore, the new "totaliztic science" should also take over the objective and factual research of God from the hands of today's "knowledge-rejecting" priests - so that the humanity would finally obtain an institution that would stop acquiesce "nodding" (as today's priests do) even to obvious lies about God, while instead of conformist nodding, this new institution would undertake objective scientific research, which would begin to discover and disseminate amongst people the full and factual truth about our God.

Video #I6a: Here are links to examples of filmed evidence (with comments in English), which, depending on the philosophical horizons of scientists who have the opportunity to study it, may either (A) lead to stagnant conclusions full of understatements and deficiencies and thus to maintain the "official atheistic science" and knowledge that it has reached on a previous "petrified" level, or (B) may lead to scientific discoveries that will elevate humanity to the next level of consciousness. These films show corpses of various creatures (including possibly of supernatural beings - of the kind that I described above when discussing "Video #I5b"), which were "buried" in hollows of trees with no entry. In the video from the highest of the links provided above, such a corpse of a woman can be seen starting from 1:29 minutes of the length of the video, while in the second one a corpse of a dog is shown from 2:39 minutes. So if the philosophy of scientists who have the ability to research such corpses is mediocre because it is narrowed to the present views of the "official atheistic science" which has the habit of using Occam's Razor (see ) for overdoing "cut out", including cutting out everything that limits the ambitions or greed of its decision makers or most obstreperous employees, then the existence of these corpses will be explained by these scientists with some banal statement, which will completely contradict the situation in which the corpse was found (for example, it will claim that the living carriers of this corpse "entered" the tree - although the hollows in which they were found had NO entrance opening, or e.g. the position of the corpse in the hollow will be reversed than it should be in the manner of their placement in this tree described by scientists). As a result, human knowledge will NOT move forward in spite of having access to this evidence. However, if this corpse is examined by someone with broad philosophical horizons, then perhaps he/she will take into account the premises contained in the above items #I2 and #I5 of this post #334E, which may lead e.g. to the discovery of the existence of the so-far unknown to humanity "new periodic table of elements", and thus what suddenly would then raise the knowledge and awareness of our civilization to a completely new level, and perhaps would also change the suicidal path that humanity is currently following.


If, in accordance with the "motto" from the above item #I6 of this post #334E, in research and conduct one distinguishes between "caution and scepticism caused by the requirement to be objective" from the childish insistence on views forced upon us at school and from "rejecting any new or unfashionable knowledge" due to the prior acquisition of such views imposed by force, then knowledge is released from bonds and can rise to any level. Examples of what can then be noted and understood are revealed not only by these items #I1 to #I7 of this post #334E, but also e.g. by "parts #L" (especially item #L1) from the web page named "god_proof.htm", "part #W" from the web page named "humanity.htm", item #I2 from the web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm", or from the entire web page named "2020life.htm".


I found the above videos on YouTube around mid-April 2021. However, many of the films shown there are deleted over time, and new ones are placed in there. Hence, if the reader wants to check if the above films still exist in there or if there are any new films presenting the same categories of evidence, then he/she should search for them with, for example, using commands: or . Knowing tastes of these beings and their habits of hiding in hollows of trees and in empty stones, I would NOT be surprised if their achievement was also the famous puzzle from UK Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm? - discussed in YouTube on dozens of videos.



#I7. It is in our own interest that we do NOT reject the truth only because we consider it incompatible with the views biasedly and falsely forced onto us:


"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." Unfortunately, sometimes with indescribable detriment to themselves a large proportion of people reject the truth only because they consider it inconsistent with the views previously forced onto them in schools. They do NOT notice, that those ones who forced onto them these views: (a) ruthlessly destroy all who reveal the truth; (b) are in fact a lucrative monopoly that prevents the emergence of truth-seeking competition; and (c) from 2001/9/11 they reveal to us that the hidden goal of this forcing is to bring humanity to the collapse - in which they have almost already succeeded, as our Polish film with the title "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" - see (i.e. of the title meaning: "The Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s") tries to warn everyone about it. Meanwhile, the rejection of the truth will most likely cost the "rejectours" the loss of the so-called "eternal life". This is why in "part #L" of my web page named "god_proof.htm" I am trying to explain how already at the present level of our knowledge and understanding of the situation on Earth we are able to identify those who force evil and confusion onto us, and thus NOT to be persuaded by them and therefore prudently to avoid inscribing on our foreheads or hands the "mark of the beast" described in the Bible and, unfortunately, from bearing the sinister consequences of having this mark. After all, the safest way in life is to follow the "narrow path of precaution" (see verses 7:13-14 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" discussed in "part #Y" of my web page named "2020life.htm"), in every matter making sure "whether there are for it" and "what state" these "three witnesses" described in (1) to (1c) from item #H3 of the web page "2020life.htm", who for every truth on which it is worth to rely and we should rely they always confirm the truth and compliance with God's intentions.


Copyrights © 2021 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


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Let totalizm prevail,

Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


PS: If you know the Polish language or know someone who can quickly translate for you from Polish into your native language, and you DO NOT know yet that there is a very simple way to prevent once and for all the misfortunes affecting humanity and turn the present fall and suffering of people into their future development and happiness, then you should watch our half-hour, watchable for free, Polish-language YouTube video entitled "World without money: The Nirvana Political System" (in Polish saying: "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany"). This video is available at . It explains how it is possible to completely eliminate "money" and "fear" from the Earth, and with them eliminate also the human greed - which are the sources of almost all evil that torments people. After watching this film, it is also worth getting to know details of the phenomenon of "earned nirvana" that generates indescribable happiness and that is designed by God, while since 2006/1/11 it is adopted by the "Nirvana Political System" to be used around the world to replace "money" and "fear" in motivating productive work of humans. The descriptions of this phenomenon of "earned nirvana" are provided in item #C7 of my web page named "nirvana.htm" and in publications indicated there - for example, publications such as "part #L" and INTRODUCTION from my web page named "smart_tvs.htm" which explain what is worth to take notice in the phenomenon of nirvana and in the above film, and what their critics overlook in the to-date discussions of this project for the peaceful and democratic improvement of the principles of human life and also of our entire world of matter.


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