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maj 11 2018 #296E: Beguile or reassurance - what goal...


Motto: "Although the folkloristic knowledge and folk wisdom are treated by our official science like fairy tales far from the truth, in real life more often happens to us what the folklore states than what the official science tells us."

During times of my youth I have heard a lot of folk stories about typically hostile towards people, deceitful, deceptive, intelligently behaving lights or flames, in English called, amongst others, by their Latin name "ignis fatuus" - although various other names, can be used for them, e.g. "will-o'-the-wisp", "ghost-light", etc. These lights and flames are also known in folklores of many other countries. For example, in New Zealand they are known (especially in Maori folklore) as "The Watchman" and under a number of descriptive names. In Poland they are called "błędne ogniki" (i.e. "wandering fires" - because they lead people astray), "strażnicy" (i.e. the "guards" - because they guard the rogue treasures), "ogni szatańskich" (i.e. "satanic fires" - because they typically do evil things to those who are deceived by them), "zwodniczych ogników" (i.e. "deceptive lights" - because they beguilingly lead to destruction those people who succumb to their spell), and a few other terms. In Malaysia they are known under the name "The Spirit of the Jungle" - because they mislead people into the jungle.
I personally have been interested in the phenomenon of "ignis fatuus" for a long time. After all, I know a lot of people who saw them (some among these people have seen them many times). In turn, reports of several witnesses of these flames have been repeated in a number of my publications - for example in the introduction to chapter C and in subsections C1 and D1, from my treatise [4b] (available in Polish only) entitled "Tunele NOL spod Babiej Góry", (i.e. "UFO tunnels under the Witch Mountain"), and in item #E3 from my web page named "newzealand.htm". From my theoretical analysis it appears that the atheistic ideology of today's official science, combined with the lack of scientific research on both, this phenomenon, and other luminous phenomena related to it, cause that to one bag of "ignis fatuus" typically is put a whole array of completely different phenomena which emit light or flame and which show both "supernatural" and "natural" origins. For example, the most frequently for the "ignis fatuus" are taken the miniature computer-controlled UFO probes, commonly known as "orbs" or "rods" - which in the faint light and at nights are glowing with a blue colour (for an example of photograph of one of such an "orb" see "Fig. #G2ab" on my web page named "landslips.htm"). A lot of items of evidence seem to suggests, that there is also a version of blue or silvery glowing spiritual "ignis fatuus", however, typically of irregular spherical shape, which appear in disaster locations with numerous victims, on crime scenes, and, for example, in cemeteries. In fact, flames of burning gases are also seen in wetlands, while typically before earthquakes and during electrical storms some people see fiery balls of electricity. In the woods a rotten fragment of a tree can also emit immobile light. Some "experts" even try a camouflaged accusation, that people reporting such "ignis fatuus" probably saw only insects glowing at nights. (Note how similar is this accusation to the claims of some scientists that people witnessing UFOs had to be drunk.) Out of the swarm of these phenomena, decisively are differing the most rarely reported, deceptively intelligent in behaviours, and thus probably the true "ignis fatuus" that do NOT have a spherical shape, but are a kind of intelligently "dancing" prolonged tongues of gold, orange, or red flame. These in my opinion, are the most mysterious - although so-far almost nobody researches them scientifically. Until the case described in this post, I have never seen such a prolonged flame of "ignis fatuus", although I have already seen several orbs (i.e. miniature UFO probes). However, on an afternoon walk on a black pebble beach not far from my flat in Petone (New Zealand) on a warm, sunny Wednesday of 2018/4/25, I finally saw one amongst versions, or manifestations, of this extraordinary phenomenon, which in the description here I am also going to call "ignis fatuus". To my amazement, the long tongue of this fire appeared on the beach packed with people during the full light of the sunny day, while it glowed with a very strong reddish light visible already from a distance of about 100 meters - although in literature-descriptions regarding such a flame typically is claimed that it appears only in depopulated areas and only in pitch-black nights, while its light is supposedly too weak to be visible in full daylight. For scientific exactitude below I am providing my report from this fascinating sighting - in which the most vital in my opinion element was a confirmation that in fact this fiery "ignis fatuus" really demonstrated the possession of intelligence and the ability to "beguile".
Around 4 pm, beautiful, sunny and windless Wednesday of 2018/4/25, I was walking along the black pebble beach of Petone. When, after turning back, I was already heading towards my flat, in the area of the beach opposite the Celtic stone memorial cross (see "Fig. #J3b" below) I noticed the tongue of a strongly glowing red flame which was bursting from a bone-dry fragment of bush of some seaweed that was lying on this beach (in English this kind of sea bush is called the kelp seaweed). The dimensions of the tongue of this flame that was visible to me, when viewing it from a close range, I estimated at: about 2 cm wide and about 5 cm high. I have NOT seen this flame when I also passed by this area about half an hour earlier. The flame itself strangely fascinated me and attracted my attention. There was something intelligent, not accidental, and as if "human" in its behaviour. It looked as if it was "dancing" lively and happily, although there was no wind at that time - by which could be explained its rhythmical, intriguing, and as if intelligently executed dance moves. Its movements resembled for me the graceful and rhythmic dance movements of today's single women dancing - which I know perfectly well from my "playlists" with my favourite songs and dances that I have programmed for a frequent watching on LG's "smart" televisions, and on PC computers that work under the search engine "Google Chrome", hence which the reader can also look at, for example at or . In spite of its small size, this flame was glowing so strongly that it caught my eye when I was still a considerable distance away from it, which (the distance) I would estimate at about 100 meters from it. Its vividness and colour reminded me of a night-time flame from an oil lamp viewed closely - which my grandmother living in Cielcza used to lit up at nights in her electricity deprived cottage. Only that being as broad as the low flame rising from the wick of an oil lamp, the visible fragment of the tongue of that flame from Petone beach was about three times higher than its width.
I walked very slowly close to the edge of sea water, while at that time the low-tide significantly withdrawn water from the beach. Thus the tongue of the flame "danced" about 20 meters to the left of the extension of the trajectory of my walk. Because I noticed it from a considerable distance, thus by walking very slowly I watched it and analyzed for at least around 5 minutes. However, already after the first sight of it I was immediately overwhelmed with some unintelligible and strong doubts about this flame. When later in my flat I started to analyze these doubts, I came to the conclusion, that the flame seemed to telepathically try to "beguile" me and make me stop being interested in it, but just continue my walk in an undisturbed manner. However, it so happened that I already knew such telepathic coercion from my previous accidental encounters with UFO starships - which also typically spread around themselves a telepathic command stating something around the lines "what you see is nothing unusual, so stop taking an interest in it and continue doing whatever you are doing". (The reader can read about this telepathic command in subsection VB4.1.1 from volume 17 of my monograph [1/4]. It is just because of my detection of the existence of this strong telepathic coercion, that in my publications I have worked out and recommend to readers the following behaviour "first take pictures, and only then start to analyse" - unfortunately, the sticking to this behaviour I disgracefully neglected in the case of the "ignis fatuus" described here.) The first among these strong doubts that has gripped me, was that this flame is nothing unusual. This is because in that day the beautiful weather made a lot of Petonians to gather on the beach. Several out of them were sitting at close distances on almost all sides of the flame. The closest ones, because only about 5 meters beyond this "dancing" tongue of flame, was sitting a group of about 5 young people on a low wall that separates the beach from the pavement - e.g. it is behind this pavement that stands the Celtic cross shown on "Fig. #J3b", (I did NOT bother at that time to count exactly how many of these young people were sitting in there, so being 5 of them is just my estimation.) These young people were turned towards the sea, and thus towards that "dancing" flame. Since the flame at a first glance reminded me of the fire from a powerful cigarette lighter, the initial doubt that affected me, said that someone from this young group probably pressed a burning lighter into the sand, hiding it in a dry piece of seaweed bush lying on the beach, and now they all are entertaining themselves by watching how walkers and passers-by will react to it. (I have NO idea from where such doubt, that felt as if imposed onto me from the outside, came to my head, because I have never seen anyone who did such a thing, nor did I hear about anyone who would do that.) So I decided that although I was going to continue to be attentive in watching this flame, I will walk uninterruptedly, pretending that I am NOT interested in this burning fire. However, when I was at the point of the walk that was positioned nearest to that flame, and only about 25 meters from the group of these young people, I noticed that they do NOT look at the place where the flame "danced", but watch the sea-horizon lying in the distance. In fact, they gave me the impression that they cannot see the flame - although it "danced" right under their noses. So I changed my initial intention and decided to come closer to check what is producing this fascinating flame. When I came to a distance of about 10 meters from it, the flame began to behave, as if it had the intelligence and senses of a wild animal, which noted that someone is approaching it. It stopped its fascinating "dance" and froze - as if listening or watching. As I continued my approach towards it, the flame began to slowly crouch or hide, still standing motionless and only slowly lowering its height (i.e. it behaved like a man who is hiding, and noticed that someone is approaching him). When I approached it at a distance of about 5 meters, the flame suddenly disappeared. So I went to the dried fragment of the seaweed bush from which the flame was coming out, to see if there was a lighter hidden in it - but nothing was in there. (How approximately this fragment of a bone-dried seaweed looked like, is showed on "Fig. #J3a" below.) Also, the fragment of the seaweed bush itself did not show any signs of burning, charring, smoke or soot - which is very strange considering that the flame burned for a rather long period of time, and hence a fragment of the dried seaweed bush from which it was emerging should partially burn, char, or burst. So in total, this bush of dried seaweed showed the same lack of burning as the "burning bush" described in verses 3:1-5 from the biblical "Book of Exodus" - from the body of which the flame also was coming out, however the "burning bush" itself did NOT burn from that fire. So I used my leg to move the seaweed bush to the side, to see the sand of the beach and investigate what is beneath it - but again no opening or soot, smoke, ash, charring, burning or anything different from normal sand, under this dry seaweed bush could be noted. Sand and seaweed looked as if the tongue of that mysterious flame was rising in the air instead of coming out of the earth or from anything else, and also as if the flame was NOT generating any heat, nor sparks, ashes, soot, smoke, etc. Because nearby sunbathers started to pay attention to what I was doing, I did NOT check sand or seaweed if they were temperature hot, but I retreated to a distance of about 10 meters from the place of fire and started to wait to see if the flame would appear again. However it has not reappeared. But both, this group of about 5 young people, as well as other sunbathers sitting nearby on the beach, all of them began to behave as if my strange activities stimulated their curiosity and initiated their whispered commenting. So I came to the conclusion that they probably did not see this flame. In order to unnecessarily NOT give them an opportunity to assign me a label of a person who behaves strangely on the beach, I have ceased further awaiting whether the flame will reappear, and I set out onto my way home. After all, from what about myself is written in the Polish Internet, I already know that for every so labelled inhabitant of Petone, obtaining such a label would later induce equally undesirable consequences, as for myself has the labelling of me by the Poles and by almost all of Poland with the label of the alleged "pseudo-scientist" and "conspiracy theorist" (while in fact, I am scientifically, and for free, just trying to research and to popularize everything that our costly official atheistic science refuses to research - in this case, to examine the phenomenon of "ignis fatuus").
It was only in my home that I recovered from this unexplained "beguile", which caused in me the sight and the closeness of that flame, which shone brightly, but it did NOT burn or smudge anything. I began to realize, that I was a witness to a highly rare, mysterious and rather unusual phenomenon, most often called the "ignis fatuus" - to which thousands of folk legends refer, although the official atheistic science ignores its existence. What is even stranger, this glow appeared on a beach full of people in the daylight and on a nice sunny day - while there is a widespread belief that such flames are seen almost exclusively in remote and unpopulated areas and only during unpleasant to people and pitch-black nights. The flame also displayed intelligent behaviour and telepathic abilities. In addition, this flame appeared near the commemorative Celtic cross. This is because behind the wall, on which these around 5 young people were sitting, there is a Celtic stone cross, with a commemorative plaque embedded in it, the picture of which cross reader can see below on "Fig. #J3b", as well as in Google, while the inscription on a commemorative plaque of it one can read from the photograph of its close-up, in April 2018, shown at . This plaque informs that on February 23, 1840, the first New Zealand public mass was conducted in that place, by just send from Scotland Reverend, who then founded the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. One can guess that during that mass, the makeshift altar was located just in the place in which this unusual flame appeared - after all, the flame reminded me, among others, the so-called "eternal lights", once burning also in churches, an unusual tradition of which lamps I describe more extensively in item #J2 from the web page named "immortality_pl.htm". From items #D2, #E2 and #E3 of the web page named "malbork.htm", describing my research on the accumulation of so-called "moral energy" by objects and areas that are recipients of human prayers, it seems to stem, that because of the historical significance of this Celtic cross for the development of Christianity in New Zealand, and because effects of later prayers of New Zealand Christians, the entire area associated with the tradition of this cross, including probably a fragment of the township of Petone (possibly along with my flat located near the cross) accumulates a lot of moral energy - thus gradually acquiring supernatural attributes. So I would NOT be surprised at all if, in the future, this area (and the cross) would acquire the ability to make miracles, e.g. of the kind of phenomenon that I report here, or the future ability e.g. to heal people or to fulfil realistic dreams conceived at this place (i.e. like such a fulfilment of realistic dreams is already happening in my native Polish village of Stawczyk - as I described this more extensively in items #A1 and #F2 from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm").
The fact that this "ignis fatuus" appeared in the fragment of dried bush of seaweed and in the grindstone of historical and religious significance for the development of Christianity in New Zealand - commemorated with the Celtic cross erected in there, it gives also to that my experience another, different meaning. After all, regardless of the example of "beguile", this experience may also represent "inspiration", "disclosure", and "reassurance" - in which this intentional "beguile" played on me, in combination with, for example, the lack of evidence (photograph) of this "ignis fatuus", may execute the principle of maintaining "free will" in sceptical people who profess different views. Such "revealing" and "reassuring" role of this event even seems to be confirmed by the analogy of its course to the "burning bush" observed by Moses and described in the above-mentioned verses 3:1-5 from the biblical "Book of Exodus" (which description, due to its importance, was later repeated, expanded and refined in verses 7:30-43 from the biblical book of "Acts"). After all, one of the verses from the biblical "Book of Exodus" (also repeated with emphasis in "Acts" of the Apostles), i.e. the verse 3:5, states, among others - quote: "... the place where you are standing is holy ground." New Zealand practically does NOT have yet a ground that would be considered by its inhabitants as Christian-holy - such as for example in Poland is the whole of "Jasna Góra" from the town of Częstochowa. There are many areas and objects in NZ, for example stones, hills, places of someone's landings, battlefields, cemeteries, lairs of "Taniwha", etc. - by the local Maori considered to be "holy", however, the character and origins of these objects exhibits features which are NOT Christian-holy, as defined by the Bible. (As an example, consider the stone "Te Kohatu-O-Hatupatu" shown in "Fig. #D1" and described in item #D1 from my web page named "newzealand.htm".) However, since Christianity ultimately is to spread all over the world, such Christian-holy place will probably appear also in New Zealand. So if God would e.g. decide to establish such a Christian-holy place in NZ, He would probably let somehow know this fact to local people - but in ways, that would NOT break anyone's "free will" (means in ways similar to events described in this post). This in turn means, that in such a place, and in its vicinity (similarly as in the NZ town of Petone) in the future may happen a lot of "unexplained" events, similar to those that so far I managed to notice and describe on the web page named "petone.htm".
The whole event described above was characterized by a series of at least "mysterious" features that multiplied various questions in my mind, but they did NOT give any definitive answers. For example, how is it possible that this "ignis fatuus" appeared in a public place, in daylight and in sunny weather - after all, I have never heard about its public and daylight appearances. How is it possible, that while recommending in my publications "first take pictures and only then deliberate", and also that I had a camera in my pocket, I have NOT photographed this flame - means I did the same as in the situation described in subsection Q1 from volume 14 of my monograph [1/4] acted my friend, A.J. Huddy, who loved the operation of television cameras, and his house was overloaded with ready-to-use TV cameras, but when at 2:56 on the morning of 23rd March 1989, a four-propulsor UFO appeared behind his window, he only watched it visually, instead of grabbing one of his cameras to permanently document that UFO. How it is also possible that I was probably the only person on this beach who saw and analyzed this flame, while it "danced" literally "under the nose" of many other sunbathers - the closest of whom sat only about 5 meters away from it and looked straight in the direction of it? Why did I NOT see the flame half an hour earlier, when I had passed this place in the opposite direction of my walk - whether the flame did not appear yet, or it was already "dancing", but I did NOT notice it? Why the flame did not burn, charred or covered with soot the bush of that dry seaweed, or the beach sand, from which, if it was a physical phenomenon, it should be emerging? Why this intelligent flame telepathically so strongly "beguiled" me, that it prevented me from photographing it (after all, its logical point of view should be, that in Google already are available numerous photos and videos of similar flames - so one or more of them would NOT make almost any difference)? What "power" was hiding behind the intelligence and deliberate actions of this flame? Is it possible that this "ignis fatuus" tried to confirm, on my example, that in spite what the official atheistic science is saying, it actually can "beguile" and telepathically influence human behaviour in an intended and intelligent way - that is, it can anyone (including me) freely make "to wander"- just like on the subject of "beguiling" nature and attributes of these flames have long claimed the folk tales of virtually all nations of the world? After all, in its case I did the exact opposite to my scientific training, thinking, and previous experience. Is it possible that my "beguile" was only meant to NOT take away the "free will" from other people, while providing a new "disclosure", "information" and "ensuring"?
From my other research on "unexplained phenomena" it is also clear that all events that are to leave people able to preserve their "free will" due being interpreted in any way one wishes, are purposely controlled so that they do NOT generate irrefutable evidence - for more details see item #C2 from my web page named "tornado.htm". In other words, it always happens that to the essential truth people must be convinced by the conscious effort of the process of their own learning, NOT by being e.g. effortlessly forced by the significance of the evidence presented to them by someone. But in order that they can undertake such a process of self-learning, firstly someone (like me here) must help his "neighbours" (in the religious meaning of the word "neighbours") by leading them towards the direction at which the truth is hidden, for example by providing them with the knowledge that has the potential to direct their thinking at the right track - while the process of persuading oneself to this truth these "neighbours" will then be able to carry on through their own efforts.
Fig. #J3abc: Three photographs that may have a mysterious relationship with the above-mentioned "ignis fatuus" - unfortunately, they were snapped on other days than the day I watched that "will-o'-the-wisp". (Click on one of these photos to view it enlarged.)
Fig. #J3a (upper): A bone-dried fragment of a seaweed bush in English called the kelp seaweed. I photographed this fragment of kelp bush as it lied on the Petonian beach one day later after I watched the "ignis fatuus" discussed above. Unfortunately, the fragment from which the "ignis fatuus" was dashing, and thus which I moved with my foot to see if there is a hole, ash, smoke, or anything else that would explain the origin of this strange flame, a day later I could NOT find. So I photographed another piece of dried kelp seaweed, also lying on the Petone beach, to give the reader a rough idea as how a bone-dried piece of "kelp seaweed" bush looks like.
Fig. #J3b (middle): A taken by myself photograph of a memorial Celtic stone cross erected by the beach in Petone, NZ. A few "coincidences" that I experienced in Petone seem to suggest that the strange phenomena which I list and describe in items #J1 to #J3 from the web page named "petone.htm" may be somehow related to this cross. For example, the "ignis fatuus" that I sighted, appeared on the beach near this cross - means in the area where an altar would be located during the mass commemorated by this cross. In turn, on the opposite to that beach side of the cross, i.e. on a narrow strip of dried grass existing between the two lanes of the Petonian street named "The Esplanade", around February 2011 landed the smallest UFO (type K3) starship - the photo of marks left after this landing is showed on the lowest photo "#J3c". I wonder if also all these other strange phenomena described on the web page named "petone.htm", have something to do with events and prayers commemorated with this cross - such as e.g. the fact that around Petone live these 10 "righteous" people described in the Bible and that fate caused me to live here as well, or the fact that all disasters and weather anomalies that affect surrounding towns leave Petone untouched. After all, the quotation from the verse 3:5 of the Biblical "Book of Exodus" - quoted above in text of this post, seems to suggest that the yielding of flame from a fragment of dried seaweed bush, that caused NO burning nor smoking of that bush, may indicate a place that is a holy ground - which situation would also explain the origin of all these strange phenomena, occurrences of which I sighted and noted in Petone since a long time, and which I described on the web page named "petone.htm".
Fig. #J3c (lower): A UFO landing shaped into a "heart", which I accidentally noticed by the Celtic cross from Petone in April 2011. That UFO landed on a narrow strip of lawn located between the two opposing lanes of the street named "The Esplanade" - which runs along the Petone beach, next to this Celtic cross. I took a photograph of this UFO landing site in April 2011, means just when I first saw it. However, the landing site itself already then looked like it was scorched by a UFO around two months earlier, i.e. perhaps in February 2011. Because when I took this picture, the entire grass of this lawn was already dry, hence the normally well visible outlines of grass burned with magnetic field of UFO landing, in this picture are difficult to visually distinguish from the rest (also dried) grass. Fortunately, a careful look at this photo still allows one to notice slightly stronger burns of grass to the bare soil, forming a kind of "heart" shape. UFO landings in the shape of "hearts" are formed when UFOs land in a hanging position and are inclined at a significant angle - usually greater than 45 degrees. A more clearly visible shape of this kind of UFO landings, plus an illustration of the principle of scorching such heart-shaped UFO landings in the grass by spinning magnetic circuits of a UFO, are showed in the next illustration marked "Fig. #J4abc". Notice that a UFO type K3 is the smallest manned starship, eight side magnetic propulsors of which are located along the circumference of a circle with diameter d = 3.1 meters. However, because these UFOs actually hover in the air during their "landings", hence depending on the altitude on which they hover, their elliptical magnetic circuits scorch "landings" of a diameter that is smaller than "d". How looks like such a UFO starship type K3, the reader can learn from a 4-minute video on YouTube available at the address , or from the illustrations published on my web page named "magnocraft_pl.htm" (viewing the illustrations shown in there is worth to start by reading the short item #K2 from that web page "magnocraft.htm").
Fig. #J4abc: Three illustrations showing the appearance and principle of the formation of a heart-shaped UFO landing. (Click on any of the above illustrations to see it enlarged.)
Fig. #J4a (upper): Myself (i.e. Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk) photograph by the landing of a UFO type K3, scorched into the shape of a "heart" on the lawn near the flat that I occupied during my professorship on the tropical island of Borneo. It was taken in September 1998. Notice that the shape and size of this UFO landing site coincides with the shape and size of other UFO landing site, also type K3, which about 13 years later I photographed in Petone and showed on the previous "Fig. #J3c".
Fig. #J4b (middle): Illustration "Fig. F35" from volume 3 of my monograph [1/4]. It explains how the spinning magnetic circuits (blackened) of a UFO starship that hovers near the ground in a hanging position, form a scorched landing in the grass. In the lower part (c) of this "Fig. #F35" is shown the appearance of such a scorched landing in the shape of a ring, which is formed if a UFO starship hovers in a position at which its floor is exactly parallel to the surface of the grass, while its spinning magnetic circuits are just touching the ground - note that for the stationary magnetic circuits, scorched is the shape shown in part (b) of this drawing. Although I have NOT prepared yet a drawing which would illustrate how this situation could change if a UFO was hovering at a high angle, the reader can work out by himself, that the magnetic circuits of a tilted starship, spinning along a "donut" trajectory, would cause a scorched UFO landing that would assume the shape of the "heart" - because then a part of these trajectories of spinning "donut" that scorches the grass would curve back in the air, instead of just after penetration under the surface of the grass.
Fig. #J4c (lower): The same UFO landing side shaped into a "heart" as in part "#J4a", only that photographed about half a month later. However, because I photographed it without showing my person on the photo - this picture reveals that the landing site really has a "heart" shape, almost identical to the shape of the UFO landing site from "Fig. #J3c" above. Notice here that the identical shape of the "heart" of both UFO landings shown in illustrations "Fig. #J4ac" and the previous photograph "Fig. #J3c", while taken in two islands of the world, thousands of kilometres away from each other, documents for us the evidence for a whole range of truths at once, which official science does NOT want to research, and about which ordinary people do NOT want to know - although these truths significantly affect the life of every inhabitant of the Earth. (For example, read and view the scar on the leg shown in "Fig. #B4" from my web page named "ufo.htm" - and after careful examining your own leg and legs of your loved ones, you will find out visually that you have it too, and that all your relatives have it also.)
Video #J3v: If the reader is interested to learn how the supernatural flame of the "burning bush" looked like - the exceptional honour of witnessing which on the beach in Petone was granted to me, then I recommend him/her to review the above short (only 2:22 minutes long) English-language video, or even better - to review all the free videos from YouTube showing the so-called Eternal Flame Falls, means showing the "eternal flame" located in a tiny grotto under waterfalls (or more accurately, behind the water cascade from a single long waterfall with a complicated passage) from the hiking trail in the Chestnut Ridge Park in western New York, USA. These waterfalls and their miraculous "eternal flame" are briefly described on English-language websites and blogs that can be found on using the keywords: Eternal Flame Falls. Unfortunately, the filming process typically distorts quantitative, qualitative and emotional perception of visual impressions. Thus, it causes, among others, that this New York's supernatural flame on YouTube videos looks less red and less intensely luminous than the supernatural flame that I saw on the beach in Petone, New Zealand. (The intensity of the Petonian flame reminded me of the intensity of the dazzling light generated during electric welding - only that the light of an electric welding machine is usually blue, while the light of the flame from the beach in Petone was intensely red.) However, if this distortion is taken into account, then the "eternal flame" from New York manifests the same features, behaviours and effects of its work, as did the flame from the "burning bush" in Petone - which I described in item #J3 above. Both flames described here, i.e. both the one from the Petone beach and the one from New York, document the possession of attributes that prove they have a supernatural origin. (Click on the above starter for this video to view it.)
I came across the information about the miraculous "eternal flame" from New York only "coincidentally" and in a way that perfectly illustrates the method of God's action described by the old Polish proverb stating that "when God closes the door He opens a window" - in the original Polish wording: "Kiedy Bóg zamyka drzwi, to uchyla okno". (The information about New York's flame is disseminated only by private enthusiasts, so about the existence of this miracle I have never heard before.) Of course, for reasons which I explained more comprehensively in item #J5 from the web page "petone.htm", I know with certainty that in our physical world such things as "coincidences" do NOT exist at all - thus everything that is manifested in our world is a deliberate act of God. Nevertheless, I understand that this kind of "coincidental" finding of officially ignored information about this miraculous flame for centuries seen behind the cascading water from the New York's waterfall, is aimed at avoiding the breaking of anyone's "free will". So I understand also, that the programs of the God's "Omniplan" could NOT allow me to photographically document Petonian "burning bush" using the "door" from the above-mentioned old Polish proverb. After all, my taking of its photos could force someone to believe in what I described in item #J3 above - while everything that is connected with God and what people should believe, they are obliged to recognise voluntarily by themselves (means NOT by being forced to it by evidence or proofs presented to them). This is probably why God helped me to complete the documenting of Petonian flame only after opening for me a "window" from the above-mentioned old Polish proverb. It has happened when I was browsing the internet on Tuesday, July 31, 2018. I "accidentally" came across a first free YouTube video that illustrates the appearance of another flame that looks and behaves very much like the intelligent flame from the Petonian burning bush. This first video was about 20-minute long, rather sceptically commented, in English and disseminated in with the title "This Mysterious Island Appears is Out of Nowhere & What Happens Next Is Surprising". It was available at the address . On its length from 6:22 to 8:17 minutes, this video shows the Eternal Flame Falls from the national park "Chestnut Ridge Park" in western New York, USA. Already the first sight of this eternal flame touched me deeply due to its compatibility with what I saw on the beach at Petone. So I immediately searched the internet for further information. I discovered then that this miraculous waterfall, along with its "eternal flame", is shown on a much larger number of videos made by private persons. Only that most of them repeat the lies of the official atheistic science, which tell the viewer that this eternal flame supposedly has a simple explanation and does NOT represent a supernatural phenomenon. Fortunately, for me already are well-known lies, incompetence, carelessness, methodological gaps, lack of theoretical foundations, research laziness, etc., with which today's uninformed scientists with their "taken from the ceiling" and objectively unsupported by any factual research claims try to deny the existence of God and manifestations of the supernatural. So I easily found, and revealed in items that follow, various errors, inconsistencies and omissions contained in these "scientific speculations" about the miraculous eternal flame from western New York.
In my disclosure of lies and erroneous speculations with which scientists try to convince interested people that the New York’s flame does NOT have a supernatural origin, helped me the sighting of supernatural "burning bush" from the Petonian beach, and my noticing of attributes and consequences which characterized this Petonian supernatural flame and which I have already described above in this post. So the only thing I needed to do, to disclose that, like that from Petone, also the New York's flame is of supernatural origin, was to view carefully videos and read thoroughly publications that show and discuss this New York's flame, then just point out and emphasize these features and consequences of the New York's flame, which I have sighted earlier due to the seeing the Petonian supernatural flame described above in this post, which features and consequences would NOT occur in both of them, if both these flames had NO miraculous origin. So here are features and consequences detailed in subsequent items, that testify about the supernatural origin of the two flames discussed here (note that below I discuss only the features and consequences of the New York's flame, because for the flame from Petone, I have already described them above in this post - only that I did it in a different than here order):
(1) Intelligent behaviour, mesmerizing influence on viewers, telepathic influence on the arriving people. As befits a supernatural phenomenon, similarly like the Petonian one, also the New York's flame behaves intelligently. For example, it looks, burns and dances differently each time. Each time it also looks as if it is blasting from another spot of the floor in a miniature grotto in which it burns - although the gas emitted from under the ground could NOT change the cracks in the rock through which it escapes. Sometimes it can be seen as one flame, sometimes it appears as a few flames starting in different spots of their small grotto. Sometimes it shows itself as a solid, thin and long tongue, sometimes it is low and wide. Etc., etc. From the analysis of videos made by the onlookers, one can also notice that it has a mesmerizing influence on them, intrigues them and stimulates their excitement with its dance, as well as it telepathically influences them depending on their beliefs, history, morality, character and goals of the current activity.
(2) Burning in a place with the characteristics of the "holy area". In several publications about the New York's eternal flame, it is carefully suggested that for centuries (or even for millennia) its place of origin was known to the local Indians and considered by Indians as a sacred area. In turn, about the holy areas and about the human settlements carrying holy names, my philosophy of totalizm determined that according to the principle described in the old French maxim "nobility obliges", on the behaviours of people from these places God imposes particularly strict moral requirements - as I explained this more extensively, among others, in item #C4 from my web page named "seismograph.htm". Therefore, nobody should be surprised that the holiness of New York's "eternal flame" is also emphasized by accidents and even death of people who do NOT show in there the required respect for the sanctity of this place. Also, it cannot be ruled out that it was the close proximity of this ancient holy place that was, among others, a cause of events described on my web page named "wtc.htm", and a reason for the location of the UN in New York. Personally, I suspect, although so far I have NOT found any written documentation on this subject, that just as it already begins to confirm itself for the area surrounding the Petonian "Celtic Cross", also prayers for something at the location of New York's eternal flame, e.g. for healing a chronic illness, or for solving someone's problem, would eventuate in the fulfilment of this prayers for people who due to their moral behaviour deserved it.
(3) Providing people with ambiguous evidence to deliberately avoid breaking the "free will" in those ones who do NOT want to believe the supernatural origin of the flame. In the vicinity of the miniature grotto in which the New York's eternal flame appears, one can register various ambiguous evidence, which, among other things, seemingly suggests a simple explanation for the mechanism that caused the appearance of this flame - in accordance with what I explained in item #C2 from my web page named "tornado.htm" about at least three different categories of evidence, which in order to avoid breaking anyone's "free will" God always includes in each manifestation revealed by Him. For example, in the vicinity of the New York's flame, the stench of broken eggs is spreading, due to which sometimes its appearance (and place) is even called rudely "flaming fart of nature". The surrounding water reservoirs also document the existence of underground gas leaks. In spite of all this, until today scientists have not been able to establish what actually powers and sustains the centuries-long burning of this holy flame.
(4) Appearing only to those people who deserved to see it. Although the majority of people who made the pilgrimage to the place where the New York's flame is located, already are finding that it burns, I also noted videos on which some people, especially those ones who on the way to flame do not show the required respect, find it extinguished and are unable to reignite it - even if they try very hard.
(5) Burning without generating the accompanying heat, smoke and soot. Flames powered by underground gas typically generate a lot of heat, smoke and soot, the significant impact of which changes the characteristics of their surroundings. Thus, for example, on the video with the address - showing the flames from the Mount Chimaera in Turkey powered by underground gas, as well as on the video with the address - showing similar flames from the vicinity of Murchison in New Zealand, also powered by underground gas, these typical products and consequences of gas combustion are clearly documented. Meanwhile, in the New York's eternal flame, you cannot see: (a) neither vapour of water into which the splashes from the waterfall should be turned by such a heat-inducing gas flame, (b) nor the tiny rock grotto (in which the "gas" supposedly burns) being smoked, filled with fumes and warmed almost to redness by the long-lasting blazing fire, (c) neither does this flame go out - although the ordinary gas flame would quickly be extinguished due to water splashing all over it.
(6) Containing hidden evidence for its supernatural origin. An example of such evidence is e.g. the shape (and colour) of the flame itself. Gas flames have the shape of a "jagged" leaf that chaotically twitches and curls up. Their colour is typically blue. On the other hand, the supernatural flame behaves dignified, dances fascinatingly, is uniform (not jagged) and has a uniquely intense red colour of the setting (or rising) Sun.
(7) Inability of today's official atheistic science to establish the true mechanism of appearance of this flame. In several of the more bold publications about the New York's flame, there is a hint that official science is still NOT able to explain satisfactorily and verifiably, where this flame actually comes from - in spite that it is officially proclaimed that everything about it is simple and already well known. For example, scientists still have fundamental difficulties with measuring, empirical research, and scientific documenting of: (a) "what kind" of "gas" really is burning, (b) "from where" this "gas" is coming to the grotto, (c) "why" the products and the combustion process of this New York's "gas" differ so much from the products and the combustion process of natural gases in other places mentioned above (e.g. in Chimaera from Turkey, or in Murchison from New Zealand), etc.
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