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Motto: "Sisterly starfish, living in the same sea bay, however, having different numbers of arms, in me are rising similar questions "why?" like seeing people born without fingers or with more than five fingers."


Atheistically nor scientifically unexplainable sequence of events initiated right next to (in my opinion) "Christian-holy" place from the township of Petone (in which I live), intelligently and without breaking "free will" "guided me" to form and to explain here my private opinion regarding the truthful and objective answer to the question: "whether the variations in the number of arms of the sisterly starfishes of the same species Patiriella Regularis, which were thrown by waves at the Petone beach, are (1) a manifestation of momentum and broad possibilities of the divine creation of "very good" creatures, e.g. during the first 7 days of creation described in the Bible, or are (2) the result of progression in the recently started and ongoing to this day morbid 'mutations' of these starfishes caused by humans industrially polluting their natural environment?" Because my private opinion on truthful answer to the above question implies also various consequences for the future of people, in order to give the reader an opportunity to trace my reasoning and thus to encourage him/her to seek his/her own truth regarding this matter, in this item #B1.1 I decided to describe and explain: (a) the course and phases of this guiding me - which has NOT deprived me of the "free will" (thus which is impossible to explain at present just scientifically or atheistically), (b) facts that have influenced me regarding this my opinion - which I am describing here as representing the truth, (c) what states this my private opinion, and (d) what it implies that it may occur in the future.


Everything about what this item #B1.1 informs, was initiated in 1985 by my development of the still the only in the world real Theory of Everything named the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". This is because the theory allowed me, among others, to develop a whole range of formal scientific proofs, confirming that God exists - in spite of what about God falsely tells us the "official atheistic science" (for descriptions of these formal proofs see items #G2 and #G3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm"). In turn, as it is expressed jokingly by the saying well-known in Poland and commonly repeated by scientists from the Wrocław University of Technology in 1970s (i.e. in years when I was employed by that probably the best technical university in the world) "in findings of theoretical research and theories NO one believes - except for their author, while in the results of experimental research believes everyone - with the exception of their author", I firmly trust that my theoretical proofs for the existence of God revealed the absolute and irrefutable truth. In addition, I also believe that after more than 30 years of constant encountering of the entire ocean of empirical proofs that God exists, my consciousness until now has already risen to the level that "I know for sure that God exists" instead of just believing in His existence (knowledge is better than belief, because one can always stop believing, but one never stops knowing). So instead of unproductively wasting time on further verifications of His existence, I have focused my efforts on the positive, trusting, friendly, scientific, detailed, conscientious and objective cognition of God (including my learning about God's methods, tools and possibilities - for details see my monograph [12]).


The second phase in the process of shaping my personal opinion about the changes in numbers of arms in starfishes, occurred on Wednesday 2018/4/25. By then, both as a scientist and as a human I already was absolutely sure of the existence of God (i.e. sure for as long as since 1985). Namely, that Wednesday I experienced a supernatural event at the Petonian beach - i.e. I saw the flame of "burning bush" that manifested itself to me in there. (I described and illustrated that "extraordinary" event in detail in item #J3 from my web page named "petone.htm" and in posts numbers #296E and #303E to blogs of totalizm.) Since I am a scientist who is used to analyze everything that I see, at the moment when I first saw this enormously bright, red flame emanating from a bush of seaweeds, I quite sceptically assumed that it was a "will-o'-the-wisp" (or "ghost-light"), about attributes of which I heard a lot from the old Polish folklore descriptions. After all, it telepathically tried to convince me to NOT pay any attention to it and to continue my walk in an uninterrupted way - which continuation of walk was almost impossible considering the very strong, red glow and fascinating rhythmic dance of this flame. Later, however, I discovered that in accordance with verses 3:1-5 from the Biblical "Book of Exodus" the place in which such a "burning bush" was manifested to someone, most probably received God's status as a "Christian-holy" place. Because my previous scientific checking repeatedly and indisputably showed that every word of the Bible expresses the truth and only the truth, I absolutely believe now, and definitely act in accordance with my belief, that the place on the Petonian beach that I previously considered to be ordinary and having nothing distinctive, but in which later this "burning bush" was manifested to me, in fact is a "Christian-holy" place. This my deep belief that God has granted the status of a "holy place" to that particular fragment of the Petonian beach, is also confirmed additionally not only by numerous other verses of the Bible (e.g. consider the content of verses: 17:20 and 21:21-22 in "Matthew", 11:23 in "Mark", 17: 6 in "Luke") and by the method of God's acting - which I myself discovered and described in detail, among others, in item #A2.2 of my web page named "totalizm.htm", or in item #F2 from other my web page named "will.htm", but later confirmed for me also by numerous unusual events which I experienced in there since the time of this "burning bush" manifestation and described in items #J3 to #J7 from my web page named "petone.htm". So as from that day 2018/4/25, whenever the weather and circumstances allow it, I go for a walk to this place, to investigate and to report in "Part #J" from my web page named "petone.htm", whether something similarly "extraordinary" again happens in there. Several times and usually in an unpredictable way, in fact I have sighted in there events or symbols, which at the level of knowledge of today's "official atheistic science" can NOT be rationally explained. A few of these events and symbols that were suitable for publishing I have described in the above-mentioned item #J3, and in the illustrations attached to it, from the web page named "petone.htm". With the elapse of time I also noticed that whenever I sighted something "extraordinary" in that particular place, or in connection with that place, it always expressed some important message, information, order, knowledge, wisdom, etc.


When on Wednesday, 2019/1/16, I went there again for a short walk after the strong southern winds had stopped, opposite to the site of my previous sighting of the "burning bush", on the beach right near sea were a few of "cushion starfishes" quite commonly appearing in NZ waters and called the Patiriella Regularis. Their appearance resembled six-armed, plump, miniature cushions artistically stitched out of some grey material - a good idea of how they looked like gives the picture from "Fig. #B2d" below, originally available at the address: . However, since I am NOT interested in biological sciences, and previously I have seen several times starfishes on beaches of NZ, their sight did NOT make an impression on me that I am looking at something "extraordinary". So I continued my walk along the seashore without taking pictures of them. But soon afterwards an intriguing inquiry began to build up in my mind, as if someone was whispering: "since the six-armed Israeli Star of David and these six-armed starfishes are based on the same geometrical figure, then whether the biblical David (the same who killed Goliath) drew the inspiration for the adoption of a six-pointed star as his 'coat of arms' due to e.g. him seeing previously such marine starfishes?" Considering this question for some time, I continued my walk without seeing any other starfish - on that day the sea threw out a small number of them. Only later I came across a different section of the beach with a few starfishes thrown out by waves. However, they all had five arms each. This shocked me, because I was sure that the couple of them previously seen at the place of "burning bush" had six arms - so they were similar to the one shown in "Fig. #B2c" below, picture of which is available, among others, at the address: . Something was telling me, that seeing first a couple of starfish with six arms, then more of them with five arms, is an analogy to seeing, let say, firstly a few people with more than two hands (i.e. looking like the multi-handed Vishnu – see ) and only later - a lot more people with two hands. Could I first see the six-armed "mutations" of these creatures, while only later were thrown out by waves the "normal" their versions with five arms? I knew from previous experience that whatever "extraordinary" I noticed near the place of the "burning bush", it always contained some very important message. In addition, I also realized by that time the uniqueness of development and the course of this whole event - for example, the presence of intelligent "promptings" that wisely, gradually and without breaking my "free will" guided my attention from the accidental sighting of six-armed starfishes, in which I was NOT interested at all, to the scientific question "why?" and to the induced by this question analysis of true reasons for changes in the number of arms in these starfishes (i.e. analysis, which out of my duty as a scientist who is obliged to search for truth, I decided to carry out in spite that I am NOT fascinated by biological sciences and before that event knew almost nothing about starfishes- apart of seeing them occasionally).


In the further part of my walk, I started to look for the next starfishes and check each of them carefully. After some time I discovered a starfish with four arms. I immediately photographed it after it was placed next to the "normal" five-pointed starfish, which was thrown out by the sea next to it - see "Fig. #B2a" originally available at the address: . (To see how they both look from the underneath - click on the following link to their photo taken after the reversal of their sides: .) Continuing my walk and already carefully looking at the beach, after some time I came across a seven-pointed starfish. Immediately I also took its picture after placing it next to another five-pointed (normal) starfish - see "Fig. #B2b" below, originally available at the address: . (To see how they both look from the underneath - click on the following link to their photo taken after the reversal of their sides: . ) Mainly, however, I was looking for a six-armed starfish, because based on my previous experience I suspected that (as usual) when I get back to, in my opinion, the "holy place" of the "burning bush", that couple of large, symmetrical, nice-looking starfishes with six-arms, which reminded me of the "Star of David", while the task of which was probably to induce my curiosity about the reasons for changes in the number of their arms, may already NOT be in there - in which suspecting I have NOT made a mistake. (I.e. on my way back, in fact, there were no starfishes in that place of "burning bush".) After further walking of some distance, I found also a six-armed starfish on the beach. Although it did NOT look as magnificently, symmetrically and similarly to the "Star of David", as these beautiful starfishes seen near the place of "burning bush", I immediately photographed it with a "normal" five-pointed starfish, and the photo is shown below in "Fig. #B2c" - available, among others, at the address: . (To see how both of them look from the underneath side - click on the following link to their photo taken after the reversal of their sides: .) After finding it, I turned back toward home. For on that day, the sea threw ashore only a small number of starfishes, so in order to continue finding and photographing "atypical" their versions, my search would have to take too long. It was fortunate, that the starfishes sisterly to "normally" five-armed, but having a number of arms different from five, in that day appeared on a Petonian beach in a relatively large proportion - which I would estimate for nearly 10% of the entire population being thrown out of the sea.


Although the next day 2019/1/17 I again went for a walk on the same section of the Petonian beach, NO starfish was there any more. Two days later, i.e. 2019/1/18, during a similar walk, I did NOT notice any starfish on the beach for most of my strolling. However, at the end of the walk, just before returning home, I came across a 10-meter long pile of rotting sawdust thrown onto the beach by waves and mixed with seaweeds. The extraordinary fact about this short pile, was that this particular day it was the only pile of rotten sawdust that was thrown onto the beach in Petone - while typically, if the direction of wind and waves causes sawdust to be thrown out on the shore, then these piles usually extend over the entire length of the beach along which I am strolling. Tangled with these rotting sawdust were several dozens, or maybe even over 100, starfishes - which is also unusual. After all, the piles of such rotten sawdust can be seen relatively often, but I have never before seen any starfishes entangled into them. I decided to check if among them there were also starfishes different than the "normal" five-armed ones - although it required digging up into the rotted sawdust and checking each of the starfishes found in such unpleasant way. I quickly found 9 of them with a number of arms different than 5. After rinsing them in water and arranging them on a clean section of the beach, I took a picture of them shown below as "Fig. #B2d" - originally published at the address: . From that photograph it is clearly visible why, when I first saw two days earlier these 6-armed starfishes by the place of "burning bush", I was struck (and inspired to doing the research) by the geometrical similarity of them to the Israeli "Star of David".


It is worth adding here that I have been living in the township of Petone since 2001, going for walks along this beach almost every day when the weather is good and my circumstances allow it. Meanwhile, the two cases discussed in this item #B1.1 were the only ones when I saw starfishes thrown onto the beach in there by the waves. Does this mean that the number of these creatures in the bay near Petone is extremely small, and perhaps even close to extinction? Probably only some rituals of starfishes (e.g. reproductive), in this exceptional case taking place just during days when blows of strong southern wind threw them onto the beach, caused that only in those two days a few starfishes were thrown in places where I found them. My previous encounters with these creatures have always took place on NZ beaches other than near Petone and facing the open sea while located in areas where there was NO a bigger city nearby.


After thinking over all these events difficult to scientific or atheistic explaining because they were as if "intelligently guiding me towards a specific goal", I believe that there must have been a very important reason why these starfishes were presented to me in a very wisely designed way that did NOT break my "free will", but it initiated my desire to learn the truth, and also directed my attention to the relationship and interdependence between the number of arms at the starfish and the level of water pollution. Thus the next day, I started intensive research into this matter. After all, if the reason was the option (2) from the first paragraph of this web page, i.e. morbid "mutation" of starfishes due to some impurities present in sea water, then whatever has been so effectively overcoming the inborn resistance of primitive starfish organisms, after some time it may also overcome the resistance of better designed human organisms. However, because biological sciences are NOT the subject of my interest, in this research I am forced to rely on the works and publications of other researchers.


Unfortunately, it soon turned out that other researchers are NOT as precise in their publications as determining the truth in this case would require - if the reader does NOT believe me, I suggest him/her to search on the internet, for example, for data "when the first time" (dates) and precisely in which areas of the Earth the starfishes were sighted that "normally" have five arms, but in there they also have a number of arms other than five. In fact, the authors of today's Internet publications about starfishes extremely rarely quote any date, and almost never, for example the date of founding a given web page publication. They also rarely reveal exact places and dates of making their findings and document these findings with photographs. Meanwhile, learning about the above dates, locations and data would be necessary to determine "how" over the years the number of arms in starfishes from different parts of the globe have changed, while knowing also the types and intensities of contaminations prevailing in water to which these starfishes were exposed, would allow to determine "whether" or "how" that number of arms changed as the polluting and poisoning of natural environment of these starfishes has progressed.


In the publications already reviewed, I was also struck by the fact that their authors practice the dominating current science and the highly harmful for our progress principle of trying to "NOT stick out" (i.e. the "trying to be like the bosses want to see an employee" - see consequences of "NZ tall poppy syndrome"). Means, they practice the principle which, among others, caused in science that until 2017 - i.e. until in appeared numerous videos documenting the existence of a perfectly functioning "perpetual motion" engines called the "Bhaskara Wheels" (described in item #J2 from my web page named "free_energy.htm") that were invented in India in 1150, the professional scientists were vociferous that supposedly there are "laws of thermodynamics", which cause that the "perpetual motion" engines can NOT be built (fortunately for mankind, fewer and fewer people believed in these false declarations). In the name of the same principle of "NOT sticking out", today's professional scientists are under pressure from their colleagues, supervisors and reviewers of their papers, as well as from official doctrines, from statements of their institutions, and from other famous scientists, that in cases where the surrounding reality is contrary to these doctrines, statements and pressures, they should rather spread lies completely contrary to the truth, than risk persecution for stating what the reality reveals to us. This is probably why I noticed that the researchers writing about starfishes avoid in their publications the most important questions, such as "why?", "how", "from where", "what it implies", etc., and also avoid attempts at answering these questions. Their publications are written as if e.g. it was absolutely certain that the variations in the number of arms in the starfishes were something "natural" and completely unrelated to the pollution of the natural environment of these creatures. So although their earning for living through the continuation of work in the institutions of "official atheistic science" forces into them the atheistic attitudes, thus regardless of their true beliefs requires that everything they must explain by "accidental evolution", in fact the scientific stand of authors of these publications represents the option (1) from both possibilities considered at the beginning of this item #B1.1 - only that God from this option (1) is replaced by them with this "accidental evolution". (Perhaps the reason for the "NOT sticking out" principle of current professional scientists is also the hypersensitivity of decision makers in science and people in power caused by the "telepathic noise" of today's "neo-medieval era". These decision-makers may be afraid that knowing the truth could imply who is responsible for the occurring situation - this is probably why the fingerless or limbless born, or otherwise injured descendants of people exposed for example to some kind of radioactivity, or people exposed to some poison governmentally and officially approved for common use, or soldiers disseminating "Orange Agent", etc., have serious difficulties in obtaining, for example, compensations for someone's causing their disability.) In total, in order to come to any truth-stating results that also take into account the possibility of the actual validity of option (2) from the first paragraph of this item #B1.1, I will probably have to conduct my research for a long time, constantly confront empiricism with scientific publications, avoid relying just on findings of individual scientists, and search for general trends hidden in the content of a large number of these publications. Furthermore, probably I have also to prepare myself that my search for the truth in the name of the good of others I will encounter again a blatant criticism, and perhaps even persecution.


Out of the general trends that have already caught my eye after browsing a large number of publications available on the Internet on the number of arms in particular species of starfishes, the most important trends I would formulate with the following words (until now these trends no other scientist dared to put into words):


(1) The five-pointed starfishes, typically living in areas of the globe, where the waters are still relatively clean and unpolluted by humans, for example living in the waters of Antarctica, equator, near the coasts of Africa and South America, etc., "normally" do NOT have a version with other than five arms, that would be reported in recently dated publications. This in turn for me is a scientific premise, stating that by creating these animals, God intentionally designed their organisms as highly susceptible to "mutations" only under the influence of some kind of water pollution in which they live, so that they serve to people as "early alerting organisms" - which visually will warn people of the consequences they face for the thoughtless production of impurities that destroy the natural environment.


(2) Five-armed starfishes, typically living in areas of the globe, where coastal waters are already heavily polluted by humans, for example in waters of North-East Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, regardless of their "normal" five-pointed version, typically also have four-armed and six-armed versions. (Their seven-pointed versions in the publications dated before 2010 do NOT seem to be massively recorded nor reported.) This trend may be the source of another scientific premise that the factor which probably causes the "mutations" of starfishes is some kind of pollution generated by humans, NOT by nature, and that this factor is produced by human industry. After all, since, for example, the growth of bees onto clearly differing mothers, drones and workers depends on what kind of food eat their larvae, if the factor causing the starfishes' mutation was something natural and almost always present in sea waters - which for thousands of "human years" are connected with each other and constantly mixed due to sea currents, then these mutations would be visible in every place on our planet.


(3) There are also creatures called "starfish" in which the "normal" number of arms is always higher than five. An example of this is "Morning sun star" (Solaster Dawsoni), living in the North Pacific, off the coasts of Japan, Russia, Alaska and the Western United States, and reported as having arms numbers from 8 to 16. (A publication that would report what number of arms they had before the advent of the "nuclear era" I could not find.) Answering a lot of questions is a curious characteristic of such multi-armed starfishes, that the increased numbers of their previously unknown species were recorded at outlets from the undersea hot volcanic water rich in various chemicals - including many chemicals strongly poisonous. Thus, this third trend can be considered as the source of another scientific premise, namely that the factor which causes "mutation" of the starfish "Patiriella Regularis" probably are some chemicals factory-made by humans and for a long time getting (discharged) into the sea (such as for example "fluorine"). In turn the fact that the "mutating" factor can be chemicals long used by people, hides a serious danger. Their long-term use by people means that also human bodies are exposed to their action for a long time, and thus their accumulation in human tissues may already be close to the "threshold saturation" - which in humanity may soon begin to cause the same consequences as in the starfishes.


Let us now draw a conclusion emerging from the above general trends. Well, at the present stage of my research and attempts to answer the question "why?", the publications that I analyzed from the point of view of general trends hiding in them (i.e. trends which are possible to be revealed only after a very thorough analysis), I gradually shaped my private opinion (but not yet certainty), stating that out of both options which I formulated in the first paragraph of this item #B1.1, the truth expresses the option (2) - namely that poisoning and pollution of the natural environment must NOT be ignored or rejected as a possible cause for the appearance of multi-armed starfishes on Earth, while their "mutation" - as a possible mechanism which changes their natural number of five arms. After all, while creating starfishes, one of the far-sighted goals that God could give to their lives, could be their use as a kind of the first and highly sensitive "alarm signal" that will illustrate what starts to happen and affects people, if mankind, led by greed, will NOT stop polluting and poisoning its natural environment.


What's even more interesting, if one considers the features of a chain of events described here, which displayed a high intelligence and a kind of "guiding routine" that cleverly make me to be interested in the matter of relationship between the number of arms in the starfishes and the level of pollution and poisoning of their natural environment - and thus also "guided" me to write this report, it is possible to conclude that some power is trying hard to direct our attention to this relationship without breaking anyone's "free will", that it warns about consequences, and that it even gives us symbolic indications as to "by what" and "why" this relationship manifests itself as "mutations".


The above findings correspond also closely to the increasing number of phenomena that as well can be interpreted as the results of "mutations" of other living organisms. I described their examples, among others, in item #T7 and on "Fig. #T1" from my web page named "solar.htm", and in item #F5 from other web page named "cooking.htm".


It is also worth mentioning here that my previous experiences seem to postulate that clearly visible effects of the above-threshold level of poisoning of the natural environment began to be noticeable "for" and "in" people only from about 1990s, although their effects on living organisms last already for about two centuries. For example, the lasting until today massive polluting of the natural environment in the southern hemisphere of Earth began with the large-scale emigration of Europeans to that areas, i.e. at the beginning of the 19th century (but in the northern hemisphere even earlier). Thus, the severity of factors that can cause mutations, constantly increases in the natural environment - but we do NOT know the time when it exceeds the threshold value overcoming the resistance of human organisms. In addition, when these effects became clearly noticeable "for" and "in" people, it still has NOT become clear or investigated "what" or "who" causes these effects. But since most of the currently available publications on e.g. starfishes were produced already after these 1990s, now it will be extremely difficult to prove indistinctly that, for example, the different than 5 numbers of arms in starfishes are NOT "natural" phenomena and are effects of morbid "mutations" induced by thoughtless actions of greedy people. In turn without such a proof, the habit of having "evidence" will stop any preventive measures from being taken. Hence, there is a great danger that if, with the passage of time, people start to massively share the fate of these starfishes, then it will be too late to fix the situation. So it is about the time to start researching these matters right away - before numerous our descendants start to be born either without limbs or fingers, or with extra limbs or fingers - forming, for example, human mutations that look like multi-handed Vishnu (see ).


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Fig. #B2abcd: Ignored so far by the official atheistic science changes in the number of arms of sisterly starfishes "Patiriella Regularis" from the Petonian beach - do these changes document: (1) a manifestation of wide possibilities of divine creation of "very good" creatures, or (2) a sign of progression in the morbid "mutations" of these starfishes caused by e.g. increase in industrial poisons polluting the natural environment? This illustration is briefly summarized also in the caption under "Fig. #J3g" from another my web page named "petone.htm". On the left side of each of the photographs (a) to (c) and in the centre of the picture (d), I have shown the certainly created by God and described in the Bible as "very good" version of the "normal" five-pointed starfish "Patiriella Regularis" most commonly occurring in seas of NZ. In turn the rest of starfishes shown in these photographs, may represent only the deviated later, sisterly versions, means morbid "mutations", with 4, 6 and 7 arms. I firstly saw six-pointed starfishes, although I initially downplayed their uniqueness and did not photograph them. But soon in my mind their appearance associated them with the Israeli "Star of David" - which their geometry reminded me of. Then this appearance gradually stimulated similar queries like the view of people born with 6 fingers or completely without fingers. In order to shorten the downloading time of this web page, only the two most crucial of the following photographs are shown here automatically at the stage of starting its run. Other photographs can be viewed by clicking on their green links.



Fig. #B2a: Starfish "Patiriella Regularis" with 4 arms – originally available at the address . I found it on the beach in Petone on 2019/1/16 in the circumstances described above in item #B1.1. On left of it is shown a "5-pointed" starfish which is "normal" for this specie and which I found close to it on the beach. (If both these creatures gather together for breeding purposes, then their offspring would probably be mutants.) To see how these two starfishes look from the underneath - click on the following link to the photo showing them after turning upside down: .


While walking along the Petonian beach on 2019/1/16, a few of beautiful, looking like the Star of David, six-armed starfishes, which later induced my curiosity, was thrown out by sea waves to the beach where on 2018/4/25 I sighted a "burning bush" and thus about which I strongly believe, and I act according to this my belief, that this is a "Christian-holy" place. Because at this place I also noticed a lot of other events for which the today's "official atheistic science" has NO explanations, and which always contained some important symbolic messages, my walking on this beach slowly prompted me to start carefully watching the starfishes thrown out the sea by waves. As a result, on this beach I noticed later that the "normal" version of these starfishes has 5 arms. However, I also found, and then photographed, their versions, or "mutations", with four, seven, and six arms. This immediately prompted me to ask the question "why" sisterly starfishes belonging to the same species are born with such different numbers of arms, and whether this is "natural" and for centuries seen in starfishes from all regions of the world, or rather it represents morbid "mutations" from relatively recent times caused by industrial poisons?



Fig. #B2b: A starfish "Patiriella Regularis" with 7 arms - click on the following link to view it: . I also found this one at the Petone beach on 2019/1/16 in the circumstances described above in item #B1.1. On the left side, for comparison, I also showed a "normal" for this species 5-armed starfish found near it. To see how both of these 5 and 7 armed starfishes looks from the underside - click on the following link to the photo showing them after turning upside down: . I also found a similar 7-armed starfish two days later. You can see it on the photo from "Fig. #B2d" below, where it is shown in the centre of the lowest row. A lot of consideration may be roused by the fact that from my current review of literature available on the Internet, it seems that normally 5-armed starfishes do NOT appear in the version or in "mutation" with 7 arms, if the water in which they live is characterized by a natural purity.



Fig. #B2c: A starfish "Patiriella Regularis" with 6 arms - click on the link to view it. I also found this six-armed starfish on the Petonian beach and photographed it on 2019/1/16 in the circumstances described above in item #B1.1 (on its left I also showed a "normal" for its species, a 5-armed starfish). To see how both of these 5 and 6 armed starfishes look from the underside - click on the following link to the photo showing them after turning upside down: . As many as 8 similar starfishes, also with 6-arms and looking like miniature pillows shaped into Stars of David, I found on the Petonian beach two days later - their photograph can be viewed in "Fig. #B2d" below.



Fig. #B2d: Starfishes "Patiriella Regularis" with 5, 6 and 7 arms - available, among others, at the address . I found these entangled in a short, because only about 10-meter long, pile of rotting sawdust mixed with seaweeds, which a weak southerly wind threw onto the beach on 2019/1/18 - that is, two days after the previously shown starfish from parts (a) to (c) of this illustration. After washing them and arranging them on a clean area of Petonian's beach, I took the above photograph. It shows 8 six-pointed starfishes and 1 seven-armed starfish. Also, for comparison, I placed one "normal" and most often found 5-armed starfish (the one in the centre). I have NOT found a four-armed starfish on that day - which fact may mean that probably they are the rarest ones. The above photograph perfectly illustrates how much these 6-armed starfishes are similar to the Israeli Star of David - which originally inspired my interest in the appearance of these creatures, then intelligently and without breaking anyone's "free will" guided my attention into the investigation of possibilities of "mutating" their appearance caused by water pollutions generated by people (as I explained this in item #B1.1 above).


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P.S. (2019/1/27): Instruction on how to get to probably the "holy place" in Petone. When you find yourself on the main street of Wellington (the capital of NZ), look for the bus-stop number 83 (ordinary = cheaper) or number 91 (fast = more expensive) and buy a ticket to Petone from the bus driver. After about half an hour's ride on this bus along the rocky edge of Wellington Harbour, you will reach the main stop of the township of Petone - located about the middle of length of the street named "Jackson Street". You should easily recognise this bus-stop because on the left (northern) side of the street that you arrived, you should see the red signage of the post office (on its right/south side there is a local police building - but not too prominent). Also, for the fast bus number 91, it is the only stop in Petone. Notice where you are, because your return to Wellington will also start from the stop on the opposite (right/south) side of that street, by bus with the same number. After leaving the bus, continue walking along the same "Jackson Street" in the eastern direction toward where the bus you just arrived is to drive off (i.e. opposite to your arrival from Wellington). How far you should walk, you will notice immediately after seeing the intersection with the traffic lights (with the "Cuba Street") - which is visible from the bus stop. The best if you will be walking on the right/south side of this street. After about 300 meters (or about 10 minutes) of this walking you should reach the outlet of a small street located on your right/south side and marked "Tory Street". You should easily recognize it, as it will be the last small street without lights, located some 30 meters just before the intersection with traffic lights. Turn right (i.e. towards the south) into this "Tory Street" and follow it until you reach the end of its buildings (i.e. for another around 10 minutes). In front of you should be visible a gray "Celtic Cross" made of stones and cement, rising at the edge of the beach. About 5 meters behind the wall separating this cross from the beach, a "burning bush" manifested itself to me - which I described in item #J3 and in accompanying illustrations from the web page named "petone.htm" - from P.S. of item #J3 of which is also copied this instruction how to arrive to that "holy place". By the cross there are two benches sheltered with a hedge. After sitting down on one of them, you will be on the Petone's "holy ground" and you can, in your private prayer, submit a plea to God in the matter for which you have made your journey to this "holy place".


If someone would ask me what is different about the prayer-request addressed to God in a "holy place" and a similar request addressed in an "ordinary" place, e.g. in one's own home/apartment or in a church, I would reply that according to my experiences - the "priority". Explaining this jokingly, if in an "ordinary" place one is asking God for something on principles expressed in the old Polish proverb "when in fear then to God" (in the original Polish language stating "kiedy trwoga to do Boga" - which has a similar meaning as the English "there are no atheists in foxholes"), then one may need to keep asking until a time when is ending the divine tolerance to being constantly bombarded with one's prayers, hence to get a bit of peace and silence, for example, God may fulfil the request (unless one has the faith greater than the "mustard seed" described in the Bible - see verses 17:20 and 21: 21-22 in "Matthew", or one knows a highly effective way of praying - e.g. the one which is described in item #G7 from my web page named "will.htm" and in my post number #224E to blogs of totalizm). On the other hand, if one makes an effort of praying for something important for him/her in the place to which God has granted the status of a "holy place", then if there are NOT any significant reasons why God should NOT decide to fulfil a given request, it will suffice for the requester to present in there only one prayer for whatever he/she wants to ask God.


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