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#369_2E: Let us improve our fate by perfecting...

#369_2E: Let us improve our fate by perfecting our morality towards that commanded by God in the Bible (part 2)


(Continuation from the previous "part 1" of this post #369E)


So if we were to summarize the general regularities in the methods of God's action that emerge from the events to which my attention was drawn by "river spits" - stories of which are known to me and are described in my publications reported here, then this summary could be expressed, for example, in the following words. 'God rewards or symbolically warns the inhabitants of every area of the Earth when the level of their religiosity, fulfilment of God's commandments, and morality shows upward or downward trends, using rewards or symbolic warnings appearing, among others, in specially distinguished "sacred areas" or selected objects, which in coastal areas are, for example, "river spits" or strips of flat coastal land formed from these spits'. In other words, if you want to know what events have already come or will soon come to the area in which you live, then observe your neighbours to check whether their level of religiosity, fulfilment of God's commandments, and morality is increasing or decreasing, and compare the results of this check with the symbolic meaning of the events that have recently occurred or are currently taking place, e.g. in specially marked areas under open sky close to you. Remember, however, that there are many of these distinguished areas, that they are typically formed into "contrasting pairs" that need to be considered together using the method and principle of "contrast" in order to more clearly understand the reward or warning they reveal, that e.g. "feng shui" (see ) expresses the range of influences of their contrasting symbols described by their symbols, and that people are able to detect them because the most important of each of their pairs has a "life-giving" effect and has the so-called "earth chakra" - to which people and some animals are also unconsciously attracted, while the other one is a contrast and a symbolic reverse of the first one. I described these "contrasting pairs" in more detail, e.g. in blog #366E and in #D1 to #D1a from the web page "wtc.htm". In NZ, examples of the "life-giving" of these contrasting pairs are the beach in Petone discussed here - and what it is today trying to make us aware as explained on the web page "petone.htm". In turn the "contrast" to it used to be the flat centre of Wellington - while now it is becoming a more remote area in northern part of the same North Island. In turn, for example, in Poland near Milicz and Wszewilki, the first "life-giving" was the "earth chakra" near the dam on "Barycz" river, while the "contrast" to it used to be the so-called "black pond" (in Polish: "czarny staw") and its role as an informer of the existence and activities of "Werwolf" - both of them are described in #D1 and in the caption under Fig. #D1, and in #H4 and #E2 (and in blog #262E) from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm". The events of each of their pairs symbolically reveal or announce what has already secretly arrived, or will soon arrive, in the area included into the actions unleashed by their "God Drobinas".


Fig. #N2a (top):

Fig. #N2b (down):

Fig. #N2c (by clicking):

Fig. #N2abc: Here is documentation of a type of destructive weed with names: Spinifex Sericeus (scientific), Kowhangatara (Maori), Silvery Sand Grass (popular). The mass "invasion" of this weed's seed balls on the beach in the NZ town of Petone in 2024 lasted for almost the entire month of February. This weed has the ability to suffocate vegetation that previously grew in the area it takes over - see lower Fig. #N2b . It is dry, hard, and its mini-spines, teeth, hooks, or irregularities located on the thin and hard leaves of its wind-blown seed ball make it dangerous to any creature that would possibly eat either the weed itself or its thorny seeds shown on the photograph Fig. #N2c below (appearing after clicking on it).


Fig. #N2a. This is how looks like a single shoot of the weed, which is the NZ version of the famous "tumbleweed" that is causing biological destruction in several countries around the world. Notice that these are parts from which the weed is made of listed top-to-down. The upper ball (1) with seeds in its centre, specially shaped to carry with wind the seeds contained in it and shown below in Fig. #N2c . It is light and shaped to be highly susceptible to being rolled along the ground by the wind. This ball is typically about 20 cm in diameter. Long growth spurt (2). Lower growth leaves (3). Roots (4). In its long shoot (2) there are typically two "elbows" - the positions of which in the photo indicate changes in the direction of this shoot. After the seeds ripen in the ball, one of the stronger gusts of wind breaks the upper of these "elbows" and the ball, rolled by the wind, moves to a new place where the numerous seeds carried in it then germinate and the weed multiplies quickly. Notice that although the principle of spreading the seeds of this weed by rolling its ball (1) with the wind is identical to that of the American "tumbleweed", the features of both are different. For example, the NZ weed is about 10 times smaller than the American one. Moreover, in NZ this weed does NOT die after its seed ball (1) is separated from the shoot and roots, but the next seed ball grows in it from the same roots the following year. (For now I do NOT have photographic documentation of re-growth of the next seed ball, but during the growth cycle of this weed next year I will try to prepare this documentation and publish it in item #N4 of the web page "newzealand_visit.htm".) In turn, its annual re-growth from the same roots causes that once this weed growth takes root, it is almost impossible to get rid of it, hence it continues to destroy other local vegetation.


Fig. #N2b. Here is what a section of the beach in Petone, NZ, looks like that has already been taken over by the weed discussed here. Notice that this weed chokes and kills everything that previously grew in the place where it settled. When on 2024/2/23 - that is, after just over 20 days, I checked the place shown in the photo above again, practically all the seed balls of this weed had already been blown away by the winds - which means they are probably already colonizing other areas of the Petone beach. At the same time, its roots and shoots continued to grow there, as I believe, to produce another army of wind-blown balls of their seeds by the February of next year. It is worth noting that the weed shown here symbolizes on many levels the secretive "invasion" of evil UFOnauts at the entire our planet and also specifically at town of Petone in NZ. Just the same as inhabitants of Petone do NOT have the strength and means to get rid of this weed from its beach, also the entire humanity do NOT have the strength and means to remove these hidden and already well-rooted on Earth cosmic invaders called UFOnauts. Just as those responsible for the condition of the Petone beach pretend that the problem of this weed does NOT exist, also the elites of humanity cover with their denials the hidden activities of evil UFOnauts on Earth. In turn, just as this weed chokes the vegetation from this extraordinary NZ beach, also UFOnauts gradually choke the progress, economy and existence of the entire humanity. As one can see, what is happening on the Petone beach perfectly symbolizes NOT only what is happening in NZ, but also on the entire Earth.


Fig. #N2c (click to see it). Here's what the seeds of the weed discussed here look like. They are spiky, dry and almost impossible to swallow. So if any creature living in NZ swallowed them, they would get stuck in the throat and would probably kill it. Notice that each of the balls carried by the wind has many separate seeds in it. Although they are difficult to count because they are tightly packed, the top seed cluster from the photo linked above holds about 20 seeds in one bunch. In turn, the lower cluster of the seeds shown in this photo has about 15 separate seeds. From each separate seed also grows several dry leaves of the seed ball, connected to it and able to carry even just one seed with the wind. Moreover, it separates rather easily from the other seeds. Therefore, even when the entire ball of them is stopped by something, still some of its seeds can separate from it and continue to be carried away by the wind to still other places. No wonder this weed multiplies so quickly.


#N3. Let us remember that all matter from our "world of matter" is constructed from living, thinking, and God-obedient "cells" of God's body called "God Drobinas" and that the Bible emphasizes obeying God's commandments and requirements as the most important requirement of God from people, which is bringing humanity closer to "perfection" - so let us NOT be surprised that the nature surrounding us always demonstrates its reaction to the resulting level of moral obedience to God that we show with our behaviours:


In item #F2 of my post #368E to the blogs of totalizm, and also in item #F2 of my web page named "pigs.htm" from which that post #368E was adapted, I provide examples of those verses from the Bible which emphasize that we are all imperfect, we all break God's commandments and we all sin. These examples include Romans 3:23-24 which state - I quote: "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus", or other similar verses e.g. from 51:5 of "Psalms", 2:1-5 of "Ephesians" and 5:8 of "Romans". In that #368E and #F2 I also explained the consequences of our imperfection that influence the topic discussed there. Unfortunately, there is more of these consequences than discussed there. For example, forced upon humanity by today's parasitic distorted laws and the justice system in need of urgent reform, parasitic habits to avoid taking responsibility and to always push our own guilt onto others for actions we take, cause that almost all of us still have the habit of considering ourselves as already perfect, while for carriers of many imperfections we consider all other people features of which are already known to us. In turn, this habit of considering ourselves as already perfect humans causes that, instead of improving ourselves, most of us try to force others to change into people who will seem perfect in their imaginations. Meanwhile, in human nature lies "contradiction" (i.e. "psychological reactance" - see ) which causes us all to strongly resist whatever someone forces on us. As a result, instead of acquiring more and more perfect features that God requires from us, a large number of people, in the best case, continue throughout their lives remaining the same as they accidentally became in their youth (and many even go downhill in their moral development). Of course, my philosophy of totalizm from 1985 indicates a way out of this situation. This way depends on convincing oneself and convincing as many our neighbours as possible to the life attitude that: in order to find happiness and fulfilment in one's life, on one hand it is necessary to recognize oneself as highly imperfect and sinful - who must work on improving their character and behaviour, while personally experiencing how much effort, knowledge and search it takes to increase the level of one's perfection; moreover, at the same time, it is necessary to recognize all our neighbours as struggling with their own imperfections and sinful nature just like we do, and therefore these neighbours are in need of our understanding and acceptance of their imperfections and our example, advice and help "how" they can improve themselves. The problem, however, is "how" to convince ourselves and our neighbours that, firstly, the most appropriate attitude in life is the one accepting that we are also imperfect and we need to start our own striving towards perfection, and secondly, that this striving is to lead us to fewer problems in life and thus to greater happiness and life fulfilment for us and for our neighbours.


My philosophy of totalizm from 1985 also suggests that this common lack of understanding by each of us that we, personally, are highly imperfect and sinful, and therefore that we also need to work on improving our character and the level of fulfilling God's commandments, results from the lack of a correct definition of "what is perfection?", and the resulting lack of knowledge "how does someone's striving for perfection manifest itself? (i.e. what are the characteristics of those who strive for perfection)". In other words, in the matter of knowledge about "perfection", we are all at the level of the UFOnaut Pontius Pilate, who sentenced Jesus to death, and whom I described in more detail in my blog #366E and in #D1 to #D1a from the web page named "wtc.htm". After all, Pontius Pilate, despite the technical advancement of the civilization that sent him to Earth, still did NOT know "what truth is". Similarly as my "Philosophy of Totalizm from 1985" (see web page "totalizm.htm"), has the totaliztic definition of the concept of "absolute truth (Ω)" provided in that blog #366E but formulates it in a way that is NOT acceptable neither by Evil UFOnauts who fight God, nor by the monopoly of today's "official atheistic science", also quoted below the totaliztic definition of the concept of "perfection" is NOT acceptable for all of them. (E.g. compare the totaliztic definition of the concept of "perfection" given below with how currently "perfection" is officially defined, e.g. on the Internet or in scientific publications.) They do NOT know that in order to be able to recognize and develop the totaliztic definition of "perfection" one must think in previously mentioned engineering categories of "how", instead of thinking in dictionary categories of "what" - exclusively in which think all practitioners of the philosophy of evil parasitism from 1985 (see web page "parasitism.htm"), and also think the majority of today's atheistic scientists. After all, my philosophy of totalizm with this definition makes us aware of, for example, the following truth, so far overlooked by humanity: "perfection is an impossible to know or predict the final state that would be assumed by, for example, any being, idea, or object, physically and repetitively manifesting itself in the reality surrounding us, if they were intelligently and creatively improved continuously for an infinite period of time, and this improvement would never be abandoned". In other words, "perfection" remains unknown to practically everyone, but this does NOT prevent us all from instinctively striving for it. In this endeavour, it is helpful to learn how the pursuit of "perfection" would manifest itself and what features it would display, which manifestations can be developed if one knows the above totaliztic definition of "perfection". This means that if we all knew at least "how" someone's striving for perfection is manifested and what are the features of this striving for perfection, then we would all start striving for it and try to imitate these manifestations and features. It so happens that intuitively we all feel that God and God's son Jesus both manifest striving for perfection and show the features of this striving, but to be honest, we ourselves are NOT able to clearly understand the manifestation of these features. In turn, all religions avoid scientific examination and explanation to us, proverbially in the so-called "down to earth way", that we humans are incapable of defining the perfection of any rational being, including the perfection of us humans, and they avoid explaining to us what are the manifestations and features that lead to the acquisition of perfection. So let us consider here "how" we should understand at least two short examples of the features of striving for "perfection", and let's leave the discussion of the rest of them to one of my next blogs and publications, devoted exclusively to discussing the topic of people striving for "perfection". And so, one of the features of any intellect heading towards "perfection" is that {a#N3} it will constantly, i.e. throughout the entire period of its existence, improve itself - that is, it will improve its knowledge, understanding of the truths it has already learned, its actions, tools he/she uses, etc. This is because, as the past experiences of humanity and God have already revealed to us, all features such as knowledge, truth, etc., can be enlarged and improved indefinitely. There is NO limit to their learning, nor their quantitative limit. This is best experienced and best known by engineers who, already at the current stage of human development, have realized that no matter how perfect something is, it can still be improved further - as examples, consider the history of, for example, a car, a watch, or a telephone. Our God is also fully aware of this, thus He found out and encoded it in the content of the Bible, that whatever God already knows, e.g. at the present time, qualitatively and quantitatively is better and more extended compared to what our God knew and used, e.g. at the time of the creation of people or at the time of the escape of the Israelites from Egypt. Each of the existing intellects is also able to determine changes in this "relative level of its perfection" through "estimates of changes in its own perfection (or imperfection) assessed by itself in at least two distant moments in time" - which I tried to explain to my neighbours a long ago using the example of God, e.g. in #M1 of the web page "evolution.htm", or even in #D6 of the web page "newzealand_visit.htm". Another feature of every intellect striving for "perfection" is, for example, that {b#N3} instead of "rigidly" defining in a dictionary terms "what" characterizes someone who is already "perfect", it defines in engineering terms "how" to strive for this "perfection". (For example, instead of explaining in dictionary terms "what" a perfect husband or a perfect wife does, it rather explains in engineering terms "how" to achieve marital perfection by replacing forced "taking" with voluntary "giving" - as I explain it in more detail in blog #365E and in #V1 to #V1a from the web page "humanity.htm".) After all, logic suggests that the characteristics of someone "perfect" cannot be predicted or described earlier, before someone achieves this perfection. At the same time, achieving "full perfection" is NOT possible for the simple reason that there is an infinite amount of knowledge, truths, methods, tools, etc., all of which can be learned and formed with an increasingly higher level of perfection practically indefinitely. Fortunately, for practical purposes it is possible to achieve a "practically useful level of perfection" - which allows the entity, object, or idea exhibiting it to be allowed to be used for a given purpose. For example, engineers often define it as the expected length of use without breakdown of a machine, bridge, skyscraper, etc. - which allows them to be used for a practical purpose or to determine the so-called "warranty" given to those who buy them. Unfortunately, engineers simultaneously discovered that with the increase in life expectancy, the requirements for this "practically useful level of perfection" also increase. This means that although in the case of today's people, who live on average, e.g. to the present age of 80s, in order to obtain their "practically useful level of moral self-perfection" the knowledge that God exists and what approximately states the 10 commandments of God is enough, unfortunately after the construction of my time vehicles (see web page "immortality.htm") allowing people to achieve the so-called "imprisoned immortality", this knowledge alone will no longer be sufficient and they will then have to pedantically fulfil all these commandments of God and only perform the so-called "moral work". Only this will allow them to achieve the so-called happiness of the "earned nirvana" (see web page "nirvana.htm") before going back in time to the years of their youth. After all, without achieving this earned nirvana, they will either voluntarily quickly commit "suicide", or they will blow up themselves and their entire civilization after just a few shifts back in time due to reaching the state of "eternal self-condemnation", i.e. becoming indescribably unhappy - as I explained it, among others, in items #H8, #I1 and #M1 from the web page named "immortality.htm". In other words, for people to whom God will give immortal bodies, this requirement of a "practically useful level of moral self-perfection" may be even several dozen times higher than for present people. It is also worth noting here that God already knows what is the "practically useful level of moral self-perfection" that individual people must achieve before God gives them immortal bodies and allows them to move permanently to the so-called "New Jerusalem" described in the Bible and in 5 from item #J3 of the web page "malbork_uk.htm", and also from post #233E to blogs of totalizm. Unfortunately, nowadays we are all still very far from this level - after all, if today's people were given immortal bodies, they would murder each other in that flying "New Jerusalem". This is why "it is NOT worth believing the false claims of some priests that the end of the world is near - because although the "end of humanity" (if humanity turns out to be irredeemably parasitic) or the end of the Earth may soon come, but our "world of matter" will continue its path towards perfection, the pursuit of which is one of God's main goals.


Although the path of humanity towards perfection is already difficult due to the above-mentioned lack of understanding of "what features are manifested in striving for perfection", it is also complicated even further by the fact that already as small children we learn that in the "world of matter" in which we live there is an unique "canon of mutual sharing of everything". This canon causes that if, for example, we hit something, e.g. a wall, with our fist, head, or nose, then this something, e.g. the wall, will share our acting and will hit back our fist, head, or nose with equal force. Then, at school, during physics lessons, we learn that this "canon of mutual sharing of everything" even has its own name the "law of action and reaction". In turn, if throughout our further life we keep our mind in a state of this childlike openness to the lessons given to us by the "world of matter" in which we live, e.g. about cause-and-effect mechanisms, then with time we discover that this "canon of mutual sharing of everything", a small component of which is the "law of action and reaction", also works in the spiritual world. And this is what I am trying to make scientifically aware and supported with specific and verifiable examples that I have provided in the above items #N1 and #N2, to all interested parties. Namely, in the spiritual dimension, the equivalent of the same canon operating there states that our spiritual attitudes and beliefs that we have developed in our lives and which govern our attitude towards everything that surrounds us, i.e. our treatment of God and His commandments, the content of the Bible, our neighbours, family, nature, all living creatures, public good, laws, giving and keeping promises, truth, taking care of one's funds, goods and objects, etc., etc., they all in unison cause that everything from our surroundings will treat us with exactly the same attitude and in the same ways as we treat them. (In my research I call this spiritual equivalents of the "canon of mutual sharing of everything", a part of which is "law of action and reaction", with the names "totaliztic karma" - see web page "karma.htm", or the "moral Boomerang Law" - see web page "morals.htm".) In other words, as whatever we are in the so-called "depth of our soul", exactly the same are to turn out to be the people in power who govern our affairs, the behaviour of nature, our neighbours, our friends and enemies, etc., etc. What is most interesting, the above spiritual equivalents of the "canon of mutual sharing of everything" and the "law of action and reaction" work exactly the same both in the cases of so-called "individual intellects" (i.e. single people) and the so-called "group intellects" (i.e. entire families, towns, factories, institutions, nations, countries, and even entire civilizations). But in the case of "group intellects", these responses of the reality surrounding us to our group state and actions will depend NOT on the moral state of any single person, but on the average or resultant moral state of all participants of a given "group intellect". After all, according to what I explained in items #A2.8 and #E2 of my web page "totalizm.htm", as well as in (7#G1) from blog #367E and in item #G1 of my web page "artefact.htm", by the very fact of participating in a given "group intellect", each of us becomes co-responsible and co-guilty accomplice of everything that this collective intellect does, what will happen to its collective level of morality, and also what "answers" or "returns" from the surrounding reality this entire collective intellect will receive. It is high time that we all began to realize the existence and operation of these spiritual versions of the "canon of mutual sharing of everything" and the "law of action and reaction".


Myself being, like every human, only a fallible and imperfect person and a single researcher with limited processing power, I am probably explaining the above idea rather awkwardly or complicatedly with these descriptions from #N1 to #N3. However, I am NOT the only one who tries to make others aware of the same message about the interdependence of our spiritual state that we maintain within ourselves and the "response" of the surrounding reality that our state will cause. For example, on YouTube I found a perfectly worded video that expresses the same message in words that touch our hearts - and it is in English. This 7:36 minute video has the title "I went to space and discovered an enormous lie" and the address . Our national bard of Poland and Latvia (see "Romantyczność" by Adam Mickiewicz e.g. at ) also expresses the same with short but very eloquent words: "feeling and faith speak to me more strongly than a sage's glass and eye" and also "have a heart and look into the heart." (in Polish: "czucie i wiara silniej mówi do mnie niż mędrca szkiełko i oko" and also "miej serce i patrzaj w serce").


In order to better judge people and classify them into both categories in the Bible described as "grain" and "chaff" or as "sheep" or "goats", and also to be able to gradually eliminate evil from the entire universe, our almighty and wise God and creator gave us the so-called "free will" (see web page "will.htm") to choose what kind of people we will become in this proverbial "depth of our soul". It means choosing whether we will be open to the truth, to the importance of fulfilling God's commandments, to increasing all our knowledge and experiences, and to improving the features of our character and spirituality; or rather, we will become irredeemably imperfect because we will acquire chronic conceit, pride and arrogance, and then we will limit our worldview only to what we already know and to understanding reality in the way we have previously accepted and to rejecting new lessons that the reality around us gives us. What we choose will determine the "returns" with which everything around us will react to our actions and provide us with events from which we should draw the right life conclusions. At the same time, the manifestation of what we have chosen for ourselves is our stand on any issues about which our conscience tells us that they reflect the truth we should strive to. After all, in every matter we can accept its essence - because our conscience tells us that it is true; or reject the truths contained therein - because our views, education, habits, or life comforts tell us that it is more beneficial or convenient for us to find reasons to reject these truths contained in given matter.



God built into everything from our "world of matter" mechanisms of warning and letting every intellect to know if it strayed from the path to perfection. The engineering knowledge of "how" these mechanisms work results from the behaviour and role of living, thinking and obedient to God these human-shaped "God Drobinas" - which I describe in a whole series of my publications, starting from items #K1 and #K2 of the web page "god_exists.htm", and ending with all the newest posts to totalizm blogs (e.g. see posts #369E to #359E). After all, it is from these thinking "God Drobinas" that everything that exists around us was created. These living and thinking "God Drobinas" also form all phenomena of the universe around us. Hence, the information contained in these #K1, K2 and #369E to #359E create the foundations for understanding self-regulating mechanisms that manage nature's responses to current changes in the level of morality and perfection in the population inhabiting a given area, including ourselves. In turn, the behaviour of nature and inanimate objects in this area provides confirmation of the truth of the "thesis" of these items #N1 to #N3 of this post #369E, which "thesis" I provided in the summary before their beginning.


Unfortunately, the resultant (i.e. average) "morality" and "perfection" of people changes constantly. Practically, my observations show that within only about 3 years, a change in e.g. the political and economic situation can change it to almost the opposite of the previously prevailing one. Therefore, we should NOT be surprised that changes in the behaviour of the nature surrounding us will also change equally rapidly. Fortunately, in the hands of people living in a given area there is a "key" with which, if they wanted, they could program these changes to move in a direction that is beneficial to them. This key is to make an effort by each one of us to improve ourselves and move towards moral self-perfection, and to convince other neighbours to do the same. After all, we were created to achieve this final moral "self-perfection" together with God. Moreover, we ourselves, with our selfish tendencies and thought and performance limitations, that is, without being inspired, taught and supported by God, have NO chance of moving in the right direction towards perfection. So instead of sometimes having a grudge against God for NOT doing what we wanted in our imperfection and tendency to sin, let us become voluntary partners and executors of God's will so that with His knowledge, methods and His ways we can strive towards the perfection of both the entire universe with God, and also us humans. After all, God also counts on our voluntary role as supporters, helpers and partners in His efforts to form an increasingly perfect "world of matter" by paving new paths that God shows us in the content of the Bible. As for now, the programming of changes in the level of perfection of our "world of matter" and the rest of the universe, humanity leaves to the whims and decisions of the so-called "powers of evil" described in the above-mentioned posts #369E to #359E to the blogs of totalizm - the result of which, so far, is our striving in the opposite direction than the perfection to which our true and eternally living God and creator is striving.


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#367E, 2024/1/21 - seven superior phenomena of the counter-world the existence of which monopoly of the official atheistic science neither recognize nor research to the detriment of humanity (#G1 to #G1a from "artefact.htm")
#366E, 2023/12/24 - "evaporation of the WTC by UFOs" and "what is truth" by UFOnaut Pontius Pilate, contrast method, calculating the probability of truth, examples of truth and untruth (#D1 to #D1a of "wtc.htm")
#365E, 2023/11/20 - hidden invasion of UFOnauts on the institution of marriage, requirements of the defence strategy, symbolism of the baobab flower (#V1 to #V1a of "humanity.htm")
#364E, 2023/10/21 - evidence for a hidden invasion of UFOnauts-giants on Petone in NZ (#K5 to #K5e from "petone.htm")
#363E, 2023/9/21 - "how" people are possessed by material UFOnauts from Orion through synchronising minds by technical telepathy after telekinetic entering to their bodies (#M1 to #M4 of "evil.htm")
#362E, 2023/8/21 - the method of "depriving privileges" for reforming the human justice system, and four-propulsor UFOs hijacking our planes and ships (#I1 to #I6 from "bandits.htm")
#361E, 2023/7/21 - the dissemination of truth in the role of defence against raids by invisible UFOnauts on our flats (#L2 to #L3a of "evil.htm")
#360E, 2023/6/21 - my Magnocraft as a source of keys to knowledge and truth developed on Earth (#D1 to #D1cd from "military_magnocraft.htm")
#359E, 2023/5/21 - secret "sabotage loop" from microprocessors in our PCs (#J3 to #J3a from "faq.htm")
#355E, 2023/1/21 - trail of propulsors from the shoes of an over 3-meter tall UFOnaut telekinetized into the asphalt in Petone from NZ (#K3 to #K3i from "petone.htm")
#351E, 2022/8/27 - how the laws governing problem solving confirm the presence of God's living intelligence (#C9 to #C9a from "nirvana.htm")
#348E, 2022/6/30 - powers of a mini-UFOnaut from the "nightmare" race (in Polish "zmora") revealed by engineering analysis "how" of video from Aceh (#K2 to #K2b of "petone.htm")
#347E, 2022/6/21 - footprints of a UFOnaut with 3 toes and about 80 cm tall, embedded in the hard asphalt of a NZ sidewalk (#K1 to #K1c from "petone.htm")
#343E, 2022/1/27 - the roles of "what" God and "how" of people in the implementation of the ideal "nirvana system" (#C8 to #C8bc from "nirvana.htm")
#341E, 2021/12/21 - why avoiding performing "physical work" causes the inability to develop an engineering procedure "how" and a lack of competence (#G3 to #G5 from "wroclaw_uk.htm")
#328E, 2020/11/21 - summary of the features of the "nirvana political system" eliminating "money" and "forced work" (#C7 from "nirvana.htm")
#327E, 2020/10/17 - mysteriously disappearing skeletons of human-looking man-eating giants, and extremely important truths which by removing these skeletons are hidden by some "evil power" that exercises actual reign over humanity (#I2 from "newzealand.htm")
#326E, 2020/9/21 - the subtracting female "God Drobina", which is the opposite of the adding male "God Drobina" (#K2 of "god_exists.htm")
#325E, 2020/8/17 - features, appearance, structure and operation of adding male "God Drobina", which is also "drobina of counter-matter" (#K1 of "god_exists.htm")
#322E, 2020/5/17 - hidden formation of hurricanes and tornadoes by giant starships with the structure and capabilities of my Magnocrafts (#J1 to #J5 from "hurricane.htm")
#303E, 2018/11/17 - NZ is planning a Catholic pilgrimage route - is there a chance that the holy site of the "burning bush" of seaweed from the beach in Petone could be included in it? (#J3xyz from "petone.htm")
#298E, 2018/6/25 - if you are on "Babia Góra" in Poland, look out for everything unusual, and maybe something will show you a "rock" that hides a "gate" to UFO tunnels with treasures accumulated in there over the centuries (#G3 from "aliens.htm")
#296E, 2018/5/21 - a shocking sighting on the beach in Petone of a "bright flame" communicating via telepathy and intelligently "dancing" over a seaweed bush (#J3 from "petone.htm")
#283E, 2017/5/15 - because every elementary action generates both good and bad consequences, assign at least two actions simultaneously to each more important issue, which you will choose carefully so that their "bad" effects that interest you will compensate each other (#A2.11 of "totalizm.htm")
#262E, 2015/9/9 - werewolves from forests of Stawiec near Milicz, who acted so perfectly that some people claim that they were NOT there at all (#E2 from "wszewilki_uk.htm")
#244E, 2014/5/8 - "good intentions" plus "disservice" (in Polish: "bear's favour" - "niedźwiedzia przysługa") equals "life problems for a lot of people" (#I1 from "pajak_for_mp_2014.htm")
#233E, 2013/6/10 - does reincarnation exist, and hence how to explain the mystery of my duel with the Teutonic commander of Olsztyn castle (#J1 to #J4 from "malbork_uk.htm")
#143E, 2008/2/7 - we must not wake up the evil-doing "serpent" - so instead of restoring the statue of the old Madonna, hostile to Polish nation, we should rather symbolize the fate of the lands once supervised by her with another scene of new symbolism of the statue of a different Madonna (#C5 of "malbork_uk.htm")


Let totalizm prevail,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk

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