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#359E: Implications of the existence, operation,...

#359E: Implications of the existence, operation, and consequences of the secret "sabotage loop" ("tamper loop") in our PCs


Summary: In this post #359E to blogs of totalizm and in item #J3 from web page "faq.htm" I present my own definition and explanation for the structure called "sabotage loop", as well as the "circumstantial evidence" (see ) which in my opinion supports the truth and correctness of this definition and explanation, and also confirms the fact of existence of this loop and its secret incorporation into microprocessors for PCs. This "sabotage loop" is able to explain the sources and indicate the authors of the mysterious phenomenon of the anti-human "personality" and the selective attitude towards doing evil in today's modern computers that operate thanks to microprocessors with a logical structure so complicated that it can hide features and capabilities still NOT known by current researchers. For example, this structure may hide the ability to telepathically exchange information and to communicate with some hidden computer system that censors and overrides of information processed by all human computers. I have been observing and analyzing this mysterious phenomenon for over 30 years, calling it the "sabotage loop" - although in present times of "political correctness" probably more "diplomatically" would be to call it e.g. "tamper loop". This is because the only way to determine its source and principle of operation is the scientific method of the "black box" - i.e. the box which hides inside something completely unknown to the external "world of matter" and impossible to materially and physically research, but which unknown we can learn and decipher with our minds through analyzing manifestations of the influence of whatever is inside this box on everything that surrounds the box. Although like every person and researcher who practices faith in God and constantly seeks knowledge about God, I am aware of my own imperfections and the possibility of making mistakes in the conclusions to which I may arrive, especially that the conclusions described here were obtained with this "black box" method, but still because of their significance for the truth, and for the fate, future and independence of our fellow human beings, and also knowing that no other researcher has yet undertaken scientific investigations of this destructive phenomenon of computer anti-humanity, I decided to present my conclusions here, hoping that the officially unknown attributes and capabilities of microprocessors for PCs will draw the attention of other researchers to the potential of the actual existence of the sources of the phenomena about which I am alarming here that they represent the significant threat to humanity.

#J3. What is it and how works the secret so-called "sabotage loop" ("tamper loop") from microprocessors in our PCs:

Motto: "Since until today an irrefutable body of evidence was found and made available to interested people, which scientifically confirms the truth and importance of every information about life contained in the Bible, this implies that the only reason why there are still people who sin and consequently voluntarily accept punishments for their sins, is that someone secretly programs them (e.g. through hidden technical programming of their minds with hypnotic or telepathic commands) to reject the truth and to act opposite to what their conscience admonishes them."

I believe that it is the most rational to start these descriptions from firstly quoting my definition of "what is it" this "sabotage loop". I developed this definition on 2023/4/23 on the basis of my scientific knowledge achieved until that time, and as a result of tens of years (i.e. over 30) of continuous empirical observation (on a number of different computers) of various effects and manifestations of the operation of this "tamper loop". So here is my definition. By the "sabotage loop" one should understand components of microprocessors from every present human computers that are: hidden from people, designed with a technique still unknown to humanity, and by using telepathy as a carrier of information (and thus operating outside the human internet and in a manner that is currently impossible for people to detect and to officially confirm) these components every information processed in these microprocessors redirect so that it flows through more technically advanced computers of our relatives from planets of Orion, secretly occupying and exploiting humanity for thousands of years, where this information is automatically censored - and if it works against the occupational interests of our morally decadent relatives, then it is also immediately sabotaged. The existence and effective work of this "sabotage loop" hit my eyes already in late 1980s, i.e. in times when computers working thanks to built-in microprocessors came into common use. However, its activities started to bother me the most in 1990s - when, while lecturing professionally on "Software Engineering" subjects, I noticed systematic sabotages of practically everything that I was then developing and publishing on topics of previously created Theory of Everything of 1985 (see web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm"), philosophy of totalizm of 1985 (see web page "totalizm.htm"), and my inventions (e.g. Magnocraft, Time Vehicle) that were inspired by my Cyclic Table published in 1976 (see #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page "propulsion.htm"). At the beginning I even wondered why some of my university colleagues of that time, who also lectured computer sciences and also noticed in computers the "unruly" behaviour and the "recalcitrant personality" and attitude towards human efforts, did NOT wonder nor try to determine "why" these computers in their activities demonstrate a highly selective character focused on persecuting and destroying only everything that serves the good and progress of humanity, while simultaneously supporting everything that serves to promote evil, lies, immorality, power over others, extortion, exploitation, drawing personal benefits, atheism, etc. After all it is known that every selective action typically proves its derivation from some form of intelligence. Unfortunately, initially I did NOT know yet "who" introduced this "sabotage loop" to human computers. The fact what exactly anti-human "power of evil" hides behind this "sabotage loop" I established in my opinion beyond any doubt only when in February 2022 I made the discoveries described in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm. This is because these discoveries revealed to me that the technical and scientific level of this "sabotage loop", as well as all sabotages carried out in relation to my discoveries and publications, is unsurpassed for people ahead of everything that the humanity currently knows, is able to do, and has means to do. An example of these breakthrough discoveries was everything that resulted from my finding that in the counter-world there are NO errors of the so-called "data redundancy" (see ) - for example my discovery that in the counter-world there is NO passage of time nor the aging effect of the passage of time, which discovery constitutes the central knowledge of descriptions of these items #I1 to #I5 and posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm.

One of the effects of the existence and operation of this "sabotage loop" in all present computers of humanity, is that the sabotage of both, my web pages and publications of totalizm, as well as everything that humanity does with the use of computers, and which in any way threatens the exploitation interests of this anti-human "power of evil" which I identified in detail in {11} of item #H2 of the web page named "bible.htm" and of post #354E to blogs of totalizm, can be carried out on computers of users and in such a way as if in these computers sat a fierce enemy and persecutor of humanity that e.g. in verse 12:31 from "John" in the Millennium Bible is called the "ruler of this world", and as if he censored and sabotaged everything that works against his occupational and exploitative interests on Earth - thus causing with such his acting the destruction of people and/or the blocking or slowing down of all forms of progress of humanity.

A meaningful example of the effect harmful for our future, that results from the existence and operation of this "sabotage loop" in all present computers of humanity, is the highly misleading behaviour of these computers. For example, already now many computer systems, especially those connected to the Internet and also working in areas of "robotics" and so-called "artificial intelligence" (AI), since some time behave as if they already have self-awareness and are guided by purposeful behaviours that characterize living creatures. This in turn, both for me, as well as for many other researchers, raises growing fears and a sense of threat, as this threat is explained and discussed, amongst others, in subsection A1.1.1 from "volume 1" of my monograph [1/5] (available for free via my web page "text_1_5.htm") for the first time published in 2007, and also in items #H4 and #E1.1 from the web page named "will.htm" (and in based on this item #H4 post #353E to blogs of totalizm), plus in item #C5 from the web page named "2020life.htm" and in post #338E to blogs of totalizm. In turn these behaviours of artificial intelligence actually have the potential to sow confusion among AI researchers, which may lead to committing a fatal mistake by humanity that may cause the destruction of our entire civilisation. After all, so-far it is NOT known whether these strange behaviours of AI result from the intentional sabotage of information with the use of this "sabotage loop" - the goal of which is to cause a delay on Earth in the research and development of this AI, or whether it results from the already present acquisition by the Internet of the real awareness and its awakening to life and thus whether the internet and AI can start to threaten the survival and existence of humanity in a manner illustrated e.g. in the movies "Terminator" (see ) - only that so far the internet and AI operate "in conspiracy" and only accumulate their knowledge and try to develop their powers.

The use of this "sabotage loop" is currently the most effective, although simultaneously the most unusual and controversial method of sabotaging users' computers. Independently from the post #359E and web page "faq.htm", this loop is also described in part #B of a separate web page named "sabotages.htm". This method of sabotaging today's computers I have been studying for quite a long time. The conclusions to which I arrived at this process are rather shocking and controversial even for myself. This is because they suggest something, which at the present stage I am unable to prove, nor even to document indisputably - because it has the nature of a huge accumulation of circumstantial evidence empirically observable and similar to the one which is presented below in {1} to {7} and in Fig. #J3a . After all, these conclusions result mainly from many years of my use of the research method of the "black box" for conducting continuous observations and analyzes of attributes of sabotages that I constantly experience personally, while the manifestations of which significantly exceed the level of present human knowledge and technology. However, in order to allow other researchers to take into account this method of sabotage, I am going to describe here the conclusions at which I arrived. Namely, the analysis of observations to-date on ways of sabotaging computers on which I work, implies that from the first moment of the dissemination of PCs, these computers work as if someone already managed to introduce to their microprocessors this secret "sabotage loop". (I.e. as if someone introduced this loop already at the time of creating the first computer microprocessors of the type which are known to almost everyone because they are a kind of brain in their own PCs.) This loop initially seemed to have a rather limited scope of sabotage. It allowed to warp only the input from the keyboard and the output to the screen. But starting from microprocessors produced after 2000, this "sabotage loop" behaves as if it was improved in a manner that allows to carry out any sabotages in our PCs. From my analyzes of the principle of its operation, it appears that this loop works in two modes, namely: (a) undisturbed flow of information through our computer, and (b) redirecting this flow so that information "to" and "from" the central unit and peripherals of our computer flowed first through the computer of someone who would censor it and possibly sabotage it. In case when there is no censor and saboteur connected to a given computer, or in case when the censor and saboteur are NOT interested in the information that a given computer processes, this loop behaves as if it is switched off. A given computer then works exactly as people believe that it always works. But when the censor and saboteur decides to sabotage something on a given computer, then he or she activates the intended operation of this loop. After it is switched on, this loop causes that the flow of information between the processor and the main memory of a given computer, and its peripherals, starts to take place through some powerful computer of censors and saboteurs, which remains well hidden from people, but which cunningly changes and sabotages this information. The most intriguing in this redirection of the flow of information through the "sabotage loop" is that this flow works as if it is carried out via telepathic waves, NOT by carriers of information of present humanity. For example, the results of my empirical observations imply that this "sabotage loop" works effectively even if a given computer is completely disconnected from the Internet - what strongly suggests that these sabotages are carried out with their highly advanced technology by our morally decadent relatives from the planet Orion briefly described in {11} from #H2 of the web page "bible.htm", and much more extensively in part #J of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in item #A1 of the web page "tapanui.htm", as well as in posts #349E and #350E to blogs of totalizm. (The establishment on Earth of a colony of Orion citizens by our morally decadent relatives from planets of Orion, and the subsequent transformation of it into the present planet of Orionian slaves, "diplomatically" is also discussed in a 22-minute English-language video entitled "From ORION They Came!... the Ancient Gods of Earth’s Pre-Flood Civilization", disseminated on at the address .) In turn such a redirection of the flow of information to computers of external censors and saboteurs allows them to control the final and/or initial form of this information, without having to make any changes to the software that our computers use. In the final result, this redirection of information so that it flows through a nearby computer of saboteurs, causes that saboteurs invisibly to human eyes can cause any behaviour of a given computer in a critical moment for them. For example, if an invisible saboteur ceases to like what we do, then he or she can cause that suddenly the program that we use crashes, or switches to some unknown mode of operation, or displays a message of some strange error, or that a part of the displayed image will be erased or replaced with some other image, etc. This saboteur can also suddenly cause that our computer starts to behave as if it caught a virus (although NO virus is present in it), or that the file that we save on the disk is not saved at all, or that a key refuses to work, or that a selected fragment of the image that we display is erased, etc., etc. It also often happens that at night texts that we wrote before are changed - i.e. the next day at least errors appear in them which we remember that we have already removed before, while sometimes we even find changes in keywords that completely change the meaning of what we wrote. In fact, it is NOT possible to prepare any longer text or program on today's computer, which would NOT contain any error. As the analyzes show, the number of these errors remains almost constant, regardless of the number of corrections that were made to the text. This situation strangely repeats in a modern way the alleged superstitions about the activity of the so-called imps of printing (see - known in folklores of many countries) - which is also a kind of proof that the "power of evil" discussed here, which is hostile to people, works on the Earth for thousands of years and that there is a very important reason why warning about it is even repeatedly encoded into verses of Bible. In total, this sabotage loop that secretly controls the operation of microprocessors from our computers, causes that these computers do NOT listen to us, but listen to these invisible for us and hostile censors and saboteurs. Means the "power of evil" which established the sabotage loop, created from it a kind of destructive "competition" - the action of which is the reverse and opposite of the method of God's action that helps people and is described in item #J5 from my web page named "petone.htm" and also in post #299E to blogs of totalizm. In turn, due to such a reverse action of it, saboteurs of humanity are able to sabotage in a chosen manner practically every our activity on a given computer, which ceases to please them. Furthermore, they are able to introduce "faults" into software our computers, which in fact do not exist in reality, but are only appropriately pre-programmed in their computers. For example, they can cause, that each time when we press the letter "ó" in our WORD, the letter which we press after this letter will not be displayed to us. Or cause that each time when we try to connect to a specific web page, our computer shuts down, or it shows us a strange screen of a supposed error - of the type which is illustrated below in Fig. #J3a . In turn, the symptom which allows us to notice most easily that the work we are currently doing has become an object of such sabotage attacks, are unusually much longer than usual periods of breaks in the correct handling of our commands by the computer when we perform some action on files that take up a lot of memory, because then sending these files for censoring - obtaining a higher priority than our own actions, takes a certain amount of time, causing the computer to temporarily suspend the execution of our commands.

The fact of the existence of such puzzling phenomena, the explanation for which the "sabotage loop" discussed here is able to provide, is supported empirically by a number of different classes of circumstantial evidence. Let us list here at least the most important out of these classes.

{1} The mysterious tendency of today's computers and their networks called the "Internet" to cleverly support and highlight whatever serves to spread evil, while to prevent people from expressing the truth of their own opinions, and to block, disgust, sabotage, and cleverly hide everything that serves truth, progress, good of others and humanity, and everything that inspires the fulfilment of God's commandments and recommendations described in the Bible. In my opinion, the best example of this tendency, although representing only one amongst a huge number of its manifestations which surprisingly effectively trouble today's people, is described in more detail and explained more comprehensively in item #A5 from my web page named "totalizm_pl.htm". It is the ease with which in the early part of 2023 a single search phrase, e.g. of the form , could find almost all videos from in which it is claimed that supposedly they mock Jesus, and simultaneously it was impossible to work out a similar single search phrase, which e.g. would allow to search for all videos from which would show completely untouched temples or churches standing in the middle of areas ruined by some cataclysm. The reason for this ease of finding examples of alleged mockery of Jesus is that it serves to weaken the faith in God. In turn, the inability to develop a similar expression which would show these numerous examples of temples and churches that are not destroyed by cataclysms (which are documented on many videos available on makes it impossible to strengthen the faith in the existence and power of God. From other examples of serving the same tendency of satanic support for doing evil, lying, extorting, exploiting neighbours, etc., as the opposite of doing good, telling only the truth, volunteering, serving one's neighbours, and other such principles of life and coexistence with neighbours recommended to us by God in the content of the Bible, consider these numerous today's trends increasingly forced onto people with the use of Internet and computers, such as: "political correctness" (see ) - briefly explained on examples e.g. in item #V2 from the web page named "humanity_pl.htm", hysterical fight against so-called "hate speech" (see ) - although this speech has NOT yet been unambiguously defined and probably an atheistic definition of it without taking into account God's spiritual recommendations will turn out to be impossible, which in the practice of present times of common lying threatens that powers of evil will use the excuse of this "hate speech" for eliminating or punishing people who reveal inconvenient truths, "privacy laws" (see ) which support criminals while harm morally acting people, the so-called "cookies" from internet (see ) which deprive us of the control over our own computers and over the effects of our actions, in turn giving it into hands of information peddlers and secret services - which even without the help of these "cookies" already rob us from the freedom of speech and democracy, the court bans on publishing names of criminals (see ) which serve the hiding of identities of criminals but which ignore the rights of victims of crimes, the scams of the "emissions trading system" (see ) that turned the actual actions for climate change into a speculators' market that makes these actions impossible, the official denial of climate change (see ) that encourages people to behave irresponsibly, the financial benefits of corporations from wars and senseless killing people (see ) - which turn wars and killings into profitable ventures, while the impact of bad examples of which bring in the near future the potential to escalate killing of neighbours in order to gain various profits and illustrated e.g. with the English-language movie etitled "Children of Men" (see ), the continuation of the use of "money" (see #A1 to #A4 from web page "partia_totalizmu.htm") in order to force productive work from workers by indiscriminately rewarding it with money - as a reversal of voluntary performance of productive work selectively and fairly rewarded by God Himself with the phenomenon of happiness of earned nirvana (see #C7 to #C9 of the web page "nirvana.htm"), etc., etc. So can one wonder that in present times people have completely stopped telling the truth to each other, NOT only in politics, but even within their own families, that they treat their neighbours either as potential objects for exploitation or as enemies, and additionally that humanity as a whole puts the most energy, inventions, and thinking only into whatever serves to kill, exploit, torture, cheat, lie to, enslave, etc., of its fellow humans, while if some scientists receive funding to officially do research on UFOs or on God, then the hidden goal of this research must be to find some theoretical explanations which would imply the non-existence of UFOs or God but which costs would NOT allow to decisively be challenged (e.g. experimentally) by researchers that do NOT have official funding.

{2} The existence of warnings encoded in verses of the Bible and stating that it is the system of today's computers called the "Internet" that will carry the "sign and number of the beast 666" fatal for many people. This warning is explained in detail in item #H4 and in captions under #H4a and #H4b from my web page "will.htm" and in post #353E to blogs of totalizm. However, it is only one amongst a whole series of warnings wisely confirmed by stamping onto them the so-called "[Ω] God Stamp" (see #I2 from web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm") encoded into verses of the Bible and already described in other publications of the philosophy of totalizm of 1985, which warn us about the approaching to the Earth an increasingly dangerous situation for people, and reveal the truth about its perpetrators and about ways of defending ourselves against its destructive effects.

{3} The fact that many forms of sabotage that requires an intervention based on immediate logical analyzes and on logical thinking, and which I experience empirically on computers that I use, is manifested in situations when these computers remain completely disconnected from the Internet. This in turn means a continuous connection of these computers with some superior censoring unit, which bypasses the presently possessed by people ways of transmitting information, e.g. through a direct connection of their microprocessors with a censoring unit via telepathy instead of e.g. via today's fibre-optic cables or radio waves. Unfortunately, evidence of such manifestations, e.g. of telepathic connection and transmission, cannot be documented at the present level of our knowledge and technology. But the more perceptive researchers of this topic will be able to personally notice them when they experience them on their own computers.

{4} My finding resulting from the clever invalidation of all links to videos from shown on my web pages, described in detail, amongst others, in (#7) from the introductory part of my web page "p_instruction.htm". This finding documents the sabotage, the effects of which affected me just before Thursday on 2023/4/20, but which must have been carried out in the distant past, when the expressions of the HTML language for forming these links were just being pre-programmed and started to be disseminated. This in turn proves that the power of evil that hides behind the "sabotage loop" discussed here already has mastered the time travel (see web page "immortality.htm"). Thus, this power of evil is able to send its couriers through time (see web page "skorowidz.htm") to the past to carry out in there sabotages which do NOT introduce errors of the so-called "data redundancy" - i.e. errors which I described in detail in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm. In turn, since this power of evil already mastered time travel, the level of its science and technology is so much higher than the human one that its representatives are able to also secretly smuggle the "sabotage loop" described here into the design of human microprocessors, and also have already mastered telepathic communication devices through which this "sabotage loop" is able to continuously communicate with their censoring computers which in situations acting to the detriment of their interests are able to rapidly sabotage the operation of human computers.

{5} The huge accumulation of scientifically irrefutable evidence (unfortunately officially denied by the ruling elites of humanity) that for thousands of years people on the Earth are exploited and destroyed by creatures with a huge scientific and technical advancement, but with devilishly fallen morality. From the research to-date of these creatures it is already known that they are in fact able to travel through time and send their "couriers through time" to the past in order to carry out undetectable for people changes in whatever does NOT work for the benefit of their interests of occupation and exploitation of humanity. They also have technical devices that allow for instant communication via the technical version of telepathy both between themselves and with people, and even for using telepathic weapons that remotely paralyze people who threaten them - e.g. see #K2 and #K1 from the web page named "petone.htm". Presently we know these creatures as "UFOnauts", while their starships as "UFOs". The formal proof from 1981 which confirms the existence, appearance, and principles of operation of UFO starships is presented on my web page named "ufo_proof.htm". However, the Bible also warns about the existence and activities of UFOnauts and UFOs, wisely and foresightedly describing them under the names of Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, etc. In the Bible also a warning is wisely encoded that UFOnauts have a physical nature like people (and NOT a spiritual nature like true Angels) - e.g. see {11b} from item #H2 of my web page "bible.htm" or from post #354E to blogs of totalizm. The best report revealing their moral bankruptcy and advanced technology was published by a Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała - see the free Polish treatise [3b] disseminated in the Internet via the web page "tekst_3b.htm". In turn the prevalence of evidence for their continuous exploiting and enslaving humanity on Earth is documented and illustrated, amongst others, in items #K1 to #K4 from the web page named "petone.htm" and in posts #347E, #348E and #355E to blogs of totalizm. Unfortunately, because of their high similarity to people allows them to impersonate the most important decision makers and to manage every official activity of humanity, for thousands of years they effectively eliminate the dissemination among people of the truth and evidence for their existence and activities on Earth. On the other hand, all other analyzes of attributes of their activities on Earth indicate that they actually made slaves from the entire humanity, acting with every inhabitant of Earth in the manner in which in past slave owners acted with slaves that they enslaved. In the result, although it is officially claimed that on Earth currently there are "only" around 27 million of slaves, in fact their slaves are all human inhabitants of our planet - including you the reader, and all people around you, including also your superiors, decision makers, and politicians. Similarly as in past Earthly slaves always carried with them various signs or badges with numbers describing whose slaves they are, also in present times every inhabitant of Earth on the side of his/her leg wears a scar shown in Fig. #N3b from the web page named "cielcza_uk.htm" and from post #357E to blogs of totalizm, which scar remains after installing in the bone of his/her tibia an identification implant with a slave number of a given person. The puzzling is "why" (perhaps also because being lied to?) those who enslave humanity as if they do NOT realize that everything that they do to others, in the result of the action of the "Boomerang Principle" and karma (see web page "karma.htm"), after the elapse of the "time of return" will be done to them by someone else.

{6} Frequent appearance on the Earth of mass human rushes and stampedes, which document that some technically higher than humanity, yet hostile to people "power of evil", uses technical telepathy and hypnosis to remotely induce various forms of collective panics, trampling, crushing, etc. The appearance of these destructive human acts is already well documented both in videos - e.g. see videos from about crushing with human panics, and descriptively - e.g. see my descriptions of crowd hysteria provided e.g. in #C5 from the web page named "nirvana.htm". Simultaneously, from UFO research, as well as from many folk stories, it is known well that UFOnauts have devices for both remote hypnosis capable of completely paralyzing human bodies, as well as for remote telepathy capable of inducing people into an unrestrained feeling of fear and panic. The uses of remote hypnosis that paralyze human bodies are demonstrated during rapes of people by miniature three-fingered UFOnauts, in Polish folklore known as zmora (meaning: nightmares - see ), while in Western countries also called succubus and incubus - see . These rapes are roughly described in items #K1 to #K3 from my web page named "petone.htm", while my personal experience of being "suffocated" by a "nightmare" - in item #H3 from the web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm". In turn the best evidence for the use of remote telepathic programming of crowds is the change of attitude of Israelites towards Jesus described in the Bible, which could NOT take place without the use of technically induced telepathic commands. After all, on the Palm Sunday before Easter, Israelites treated Jesus as their king, while less than a week later they shouted in unison to crucify Him. In turn each reader can ask himself, whether without some telepathic command that overpowers our thinking, feelings, and conscience, he would change so drastically his own attitude towards the matter of someone's life and death in such a short time? Simultaneously, it is also known that as many as two UFO starships supervised the entire process of the crucifixion of Jesus - evidence in the form of illustrations of these UFOs (often in religious folklore called "angels") with faces of human-like UFOnauts watching the execution of Jesus through the transparent floors of their starships, survived in the religious folklore of Christianity - e.g. see Fig. #I1 from item #I1 of my web page named "bandits.htm". UFOnauts also still use until present times this telepathic and hypnotic forcing of mass views and impulses that are destructive to humanity. For example, when at the beginning of 20th century humanity commonly started to use electric vehicles (e.g. cars, trolleybuses and trams) which did NOT emit exhaust fumes and were cheap to use, UFOnauts - striving to poison the environment and increase the wealth of elites, undertook telepathic and hypnotic forcing view and momentum for people to use vehicles with internal combustion engines. In the result, from times of my youth I still remember how everyone then went crazy to buy their own car, while cities and countries liquidated trams and trolleybuses, replacing them with buses. Many people then even used petrol as a perfume, because then everyone was fond of smelling the petrol, oil, and exhaust fumes - in spite that presently these smells make almost everyone sick, while people lately in the same way were switched to smelling drugs. Moreover, at present people are still forced telepathically and hypnotically to various other destructive views and impulses, for example: that UFOs do not exist while everything that is revealed about UFOs is illusions or lies, that God does NOT exist, that since the government has NOT banned the use of plastics - we do NOT have to avoid their use, that climate changes do NOT threaten us, that only wealth matters, that neighbours must be made by force or money to serve us, that a modern woman should criticize, manage, accuse, discipline and punish her husband and all men in general, etc., etc.

{7} Numerous examples revealed by verses of the Bible, confirmed also by real life, that people and communities which out of love and respect for God fulfil commandments and insist on practicing their faith in accordance with the Bible and truth, God effectively defends against misfortunes and against attacks of evil powers, including against attacks morally decadent relatives of humanity described here. In my opinion, the best such examples are temples and churches protected from destruction by cataclysms deliberately caused by the advanced technology of this power of evil. Briefly about these surviving from cataclysms temples and churches standing in the middle of completely ruined areas I write in item #A5 from my web page named "totalizm_pl.htm". In turn, I discuss them in more details e.g. in item #B2 from the web page named "seismograph.htm" (but see also item #C3 in there regarding the "pact with the devil"), and also in #E4 and in (7) from item #D3 from the web page named "day26.htm". In turn the example of the mechanism of operation of this divine defence that does NOT deprive anyone of their "free will", relatively well illustrates the fate of the town of Petone in NZ in which I live (see web page "petone_pl.htm"). For example, in 2023 New Zealand was damaged by several tropical cyclones, one of which on 2023/1/27 caused a destructive flood in the city of Auckland (see ) located around 666 kilometres to the north from Petone, while the other with its fury of the powerful cyclone Gabrielle (see ) devastated around a half of the North Island of NZ on which Petone is located. These cyclones displayed attributes of being induced by starships of UFOnauts - as this is briefly described in the INTRODUCTION from my web page "petone.htm". However, they still had to obey several laws of nature that govern over their principles of operation, displacements, and also precipitations and winds induced by them - for example they had to secretly produce the so-called "supercell" (see ) briefly discussed in the caption under Fig. #N3b from my web page "cielcza_uk.htm" and from post #357E to blogs of totalizm. Thus, from my observations of the weather situation, it appears that always when approached the time of attack of these cyclones on Petone, for the defence of this township God placed on the eastern side of Petone something that one of TV-NZ weather experts wisely calls a blocking high-pressure system. Because of this high-pressure, cyclones dragged by UFO starships are unable to reach Petone and attack it - for NZ weather researchers giving the impression of "naturally occurring" accidental protective situations, although in typical situations these "blocking high-pressure systems" do NOT appear. Apparently, God appreciates the dedication and love of about 7,000 inhabitants of the town of Petone, which until the times of Covid-19 maintained 11 churches, and He also rewards the long history of faith and devotion of its inhabitants with special treatment and protection against natural disasters. God also confirms His special treatment of the town of Petone without breaking anyone's "free will", by establishing a sacred area under the open sky marked with the "Celtic cross" (see ) and by the energy chakra of the Earth (see ) by the beach in Petone - which I described in INTRODUCTION and in #J3 to #J3v from my web page named "petone.htm". Also to other God-loving people, God sometimes confirms His protection and help in a manner that does NOT deprive them (nor others) of their "free will". A good example of such a confirmation in my opinion was the green "Angel Glow" (see ) which at night after the battle in Shiloh, USA, started to be self-emitted over the wounds of soldiers saved by God. After all, everyone has the "free will" to interpret this angelic glow in his/her own way - depending on the practiced worldview. However, people who believe in God know that the self-emitting of a glow unsupported by laws of physics of our "world of matter" is always a sign of God's intervention. For example, Jesus was seen self-emitting a glow - which the Bible emphasizes e.g. in verses 17:2 from "Matthew", 9:3 from "Mark", 9:29-32 from "Luke". The glow is also self-emitted by actual angels - see . Furthermore, it is already known that male adding and female subtracting "God Drobinas" - the existence of which I discovered and described e.g. in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm", also self-emit white and red glow similar to this which I saw on the holy area in Petone - this glow I also confirmed on verses of the Bible e.g. at the end of (d) from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm" and in post #331E to blogs of totalizm. Knowing about all the above, in my opinion it is also worth to subject to a logical analysis the reversal of this situation. Namely, it is worth to consider results of logical deductions, as if people and communities are so effectively defended by God against attacks of the "power of evil" described here when they demonstrate their love for God by voluntarily obeying God's commandments and laws, then whether this also means that people and communities becoming victims of such attacks so-far do NOT fulfil the biblical criteria of being worthy of being defended by God. After all, the possible learning of results of such inferences may indicate a manner of defence against these attacks, giving simultaneously a lot to think about - perhaps along the line e.g. described in items #J1 and #J2 from the web page "quake_pl.htm". Furthermore, the Bible emphasizes that the goal of Jesus' sufferings was NOT to condemn, but to convert to serve God (Bible, e.g. 3:17 from "John") - so it is never too late to purchase the Bible and undertake systematic study and voluntary implementation of its contents. One also need to remember what the Bible verses remind us of Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25 (Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God) - namely that fulfilling requirements of the authorities of any institution or country, we should separate from our service to God. In other words, we should NOT allow the authority of any institution or government to dictate to us what we should do in matters of faith, while we ourselves should be able to decide what we do for God voluntarily on the basis of our views, conscience, knowledge, wisdom and "free will".

Of course, the empirical evidence of a circumstantial nature provided above should NOT discourage us with the modesty of its name. This is because the total vastness and span of areas of human knowledge and life that it covers, and also the fact that in the Bible its key fragments are confirmed by the authority and knowledge of God Himself, incomparably surpasses the also only circumstantial evidence that the present "official atheistic science" is able to present in confirmation of its most fundamental, although logically, empirically, scientifically and evidence-wise relatively easily undermined, claims and the theories of the type "the big bang theory", "theory of evolution", or "theory of relativity". The fraction of this evidence presented here does NOT exhaust the multitude of observations, all of which seem to confirm the truth of the definition and conclusions presented here about the existence and operation of this "sabotage loop". In turn tolerating the existence of this loop causes huge damage to our civilisation, effectively pushing humanity back to caves and onto trees. For example, only the repair of the damage that on numerous of my web pages was caused by the invalidation of all permanently pre-programmed links to videos from, described in {4} above, will now take me many months of continuous work - which I will have to put at the cost and to the detriment of the conducted rather unique research carried out by myself, that is NOT carried out by any other researcher on Earth. After all, I experienced this invalidation empirically only on Thursday, 2023/4/20, and I immediately described it in more detail, among others, in (#7) from my web page named "p_instruction.htm". It also uses the discovered only during my research and mentioned above lack of errors of so-called "data redundancy", which because of the non-existence of time and the elapse of time in the counter-world, causes that when changes in anything are done in the human past - these changes do not cause errors that people notice, although they affect the operation of our present. In the discussed case, this sabotage of human development and progress caused an immediate corruption of all links to videos from that I ever introduced to my web pages via the HTML iframe expression. So only one small change in the format of this linking expression, carried out in the past by special services of these "powers of evil" called couriers through time, this change spoiled on all my web pages the displaying of initiating screens for videos from In turn my repair of damages caused by this short and highly cunning sabotage will probably take me several months to come. (I am counting on the understanding of my readers when they notice that on the web page of totalizm that they read, some video linked in there no longer works, although it is still available on .)
Fig. #J3a: Here is an example of evidence for a cunning sabotage of my "playlists" with songs and melodies which I like to listen to in my free time to relax my mind. This proof is a photograph of the message of the alleged "Security Error" that sometimes appeared on the screen of my former LG "smart" TV - the history of which is described in item #C1 from the web page named "smart_tvs.htm". The problem with this error, however, was that it did NOT exist, but only its alleged operation was deceptively generated by a secret component of every present computer which, because of its principle of operation, I named the "sabotage loop" and described in more detail, amongst others, here and in #J3 of the web page named "faq.htm". This is because the appearance of this message always coincided with cases, when acting exactly as I was told to do by the morally correct criteria of the philosophy of totalizm of 1985, I accidentally awakened from sleep someone's "immoral reasons" to block my internet connections with some secretly forbidden for me address. My original photograph of the above message of the deceptively told to me "security error", together with its more detailed than here description, I first published on Fig. #A1a from the web page named "p_instruction.htm". (Click on the photo of this message to e.g. be able to see it enlarged in the way I described it at end of introductory part of the web page "faq.htm".)

The "sabotage loop" described here is just one example out of a huge range of methods of harming humanity with which we are constantly plagued by the anti-human "power of evil" which is hostile towards humanity and equally material as us - only that it is much more technically and scientifically advanced than us, but morally fallen completely. A number of further out of these methods of harming humanity are already described in item #J4 and in the rest of the web page "faq.htm". But the most strange out of them, which caused for me the most problems, damage, and the work of repairing them, are described in item #A5 from my web page named "totalizm_pl.htm". I distinguished these methods in this way, because the level of their ingenuity and sophistication, as well as the level of knowledge and technology, and the size of resources involved in their implementation significantly exceed the level achieved so far by humanity.

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