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#358E: If the phenomenon of epigenetic inheritance...

#358E: If the phenomenon of epigenetic inheritance of trauma warns you, you better eliminate the reason for that warning


Summary: The considerations of this post #358E to blogs of totalizm reveal "how" would have to work individual components of a whole human, the existence, operation, and attributes of which components were already discovered and confirmed with evidence by the proverbial "Ariadne Thread" of my "Theory of Everything of 1985" (see my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm"), so that the extraordinary phenomena of so-called "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" explained at , that are bounded by many wise limitations, could warn us about misfortunes that threaten us only in the impending and sometimes even distant future. In turn, the knowledge of this "how" allows readers to logically deduce or identify the truth of the answer to the following question - which perhaps already bothers them: "whether" a set of random coincidences of so-called "natural evolution" could produce e.g. the described here work of components of man that must include both soul and body in order to operate exactly as the known empirical evidence indicates that they do? Descriptions of this #F13 to #F13ab are already my second presentation, which on specific examples of verifiable documentation of evidence discusses explanations "how" with mechanisms of "self-regulation" built into everything that surrounds us God wisely and gradually eliminates evil from working in our "world of matter". The first of these presentations is already published in #N to #N3b from my web page "cielcza_uk.htm" and in post #357E to blogs of totalizm. In turn my research for the third of these presentations is already undertaken and gradually reported in #V2 from the web page "humanity.htm" and is also planned to be prepared in the form of a post to blogs of totalizm. Only that because of the level of novelty and difficulty of this subject, and the lack of availability of publications with data for this research project, and also considering that in the present era of "neo-medieval times" the reporting of truth-revealing results of research on God and on behaviour of women introduces a lot of risk and therefore it requires very careful editing, it is NOT known how long it will take to complete and publish my results of this research project.


#F13. Let us logically debate whether the phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" - formed by the software of our souls, could warn us about the impending future misfortunes, if man was NOT wisely designed and created by God, but come to existence e.g. as a result of a set of chaotic cases of so-called "natural evolution":


Motto: "The unachievable for humans level of creativity and activities that are repetitively accomplished in everything that God creates and does, allows that God always simultaneously encompasses a whole range of tasks and goals, which simultaneously bring a huge variety of benefits - all of which ultimately turn out to be beneficial both, for those who experience this creativity or doing by God, as well as for our knowledge of God, and also for the universe as a whole." (This motto tries to express the most general finding which increasingly emerges from the results of research on God carried out according to indications of my scientific philosophy of totalizm of 1985 (see the web page "totalizm.htm"). If this finding describing God is to be expressed with a paraphrase of a well-known English proverb about a man so skilled that he can to "knock down as many as two birds with just one stone" (see ), then this paraphrase would state e.g. that "God is able to knock down as many as a flock of birds with just one stone". It is worth to notice that accomplishing such multitude of effects with just a single action would be impossible in the situation if true is the practiced by the monopolistic "official atheistic science" the so-called "materialistic reductionism" (see ), nor in such situation would able to evolve complex mechanisms of "self-regulation" - about which the findings accomplished due to indications from my Theory of Everything of 1985 prove that these mechanisms are built into everything that God has created and into fates of everything that God governs, including also built into us people.)


In descriptions from #N1 to #N3b of my other web page named "cielcza_uk.htm" and from post #357E to blogs of totalizm, I explained "how" principles of operation of "self-regulating" mechanisms - which God built into everything that He created and that He governs, persuade us to avoid confrontation by following the biblical advice "turn the other cheek" in all life situations when we are attacked by some aggressive and superior over us power of evil, because this power anyway will be dealt with by these mechanisms of "self-regulation" in due time. In turn, in several parts of my other web page named "mozajski_uk.htm" I explained "how" by including into principles of operation of these mechanisms of "self-regulation" also fruits of virtues of human nature, for example obedience, loyalty, modesty, etc., and including human vices, e.g. pride, contrariness, etc., God caused such self-steering of human behaviours, that the majority of people and group intellects always reward themselves for acting according to God's commandments and requirements described in the Bible, and simultaneously penalize themselves with punishments for breaking these commandments and requirements with their behaviours - which in total causes that morally acting people, institutions and nations lead longer and happier lives with fewer problems and worries, while immorally acting people, companies and countries live or exist shorter, while their fates are full of distortions, injustices, depressions , stress and trauma. From analyzes presented in this item #F13 and its illustration Fig. #F13ab , which discuss an example of the phenomenon of the so-called "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" it results that the action of this mechanism of "self-regulation" should be able to notice in themselves a significant proportion of individual people. This in turn allows that from the content of my other publications linked from here, e.g. from item #F2 on my web page named "karma.htm" or from post #288E to blogs of totalizm, readers who know these my publications could later work out how this self-regulating mechanism works also in case of entire institutions, companies, nations and countries.


On my other web pages named "immortality.htm" and "2020life.htm" I also explained "how" self-erasing and self-learning programs from our software soul control our path through time - including shifting us back in time and re-experiencing some of the botched periods of our lives. In turn both in the Bible and in publications of the philosophy of totalizm of 1985 it is explained, that whenever our life gravitates towards some danger, always in such cases we receive a warning - only that it is left to our so-called "free will" (see web page "will.htm") whether we take advantage of this warning. My philosophy of totalizm of 1985 also discovered that the most important out of these warnings sometimes are delivered to us by software programs of our souls. For this warning they use the "self-regulatory" acting phenomena already known empirically and described under the name of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma". (Unfortunately, the explanation of these phenomena involving the software soul is still ignored by the monopoly of today's "official atheistic science". But, fortunately, these phenomena are explained here as originating from the software soul by the newly born "totaliztic science" explained in #C4 and #C6 of web page "telekinetics.htm".) So it is also worth to learn about the possible benefits that such "self-regulating" warning creates if the person experiencing it first learns the analyzes described below revealing what probably these phenomena are, what attributes they display and "how" and "why" with their use programs of our "soul" warn us about what for us in the future will be the most dangerous.


So if you, the reader, repetitively have some unpleasant dreams that illustrate always similar content or messages, or your body reacts to something unknown to you by repetitively behaving in a highly unusual manner, or you have irrational fears, premonitions, phobias, disgusts, or "panic attacks" (see ), or frequently experience "deja vu" (see ), or you remember some traumatic events from your previous reincarnation, then in order to be able to understand their significance for your present life, you firstly need to know well the key findings and discoveries presented below, resulting from a number of theories that I developed - e.g. from the "Theory of Everything of 1985" and from "Theory of Life of 2020"), which in further part of the content of this item #F13 will allow you to understand "why" some people experience manifestations of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma", and also what these phenomena try to warn them about, "how" to understand these warnings, and "how" they could prevent these warnings from coming true and to cause them to disappear.


Explanations where comes from, how works, what attributes has, and how to eliminate this "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" are provided by a whole range of discoveries and findings which I made relatively recently. The most important for learning this explanation turns out to be my discovery from 2020, revealing that in the counter-world are living the eternally mobile, self-aware, thinking, all-knowing, absolutely obedient to God, miniature male and female "people-like-entities" which in my publications I call "God Drobinas", while which I described and illustrated in detail in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". It is on their example and likeness that God created man and woman - as I explained more comprehensively in (a) plus (e) from item #H3 from my web page named "2020life.htm" and from post #331E to blogs of totalizm. It is also the memory of these God Drobinas that is the carrier of the software of our soul, which together with them is "breathed in" by God into our body only at the moment of catching our first breath, means just before breaking or cutting the umbilical cord - which truth, because of its enormous importance, I explain, amongst others, in #L1 to #L3, in (e) from #H3, (E) from #H2, (1b) and (1a) from #H1, and in the INTRODUCTION from my web page "2020life.htm" and also in item #C6 of the web page "soul_proof.htm", as well as in posts #342E, #331E and #194E to blogs of totalizm. (In there I also explained that because of such a late "breathing in" of the soul, e.g. "abortion of pregnancy" does NOT take the life of a foetus, because then the foetus is NOT "alive" yet.) By themselves being like individual "cells of the body" of God, these "God Drobinas" also have an insight into the so-called "Omniplan" which is also vital for learning the explanation discussed here, and which, amongst others, describes our future designed by God. From the point of view of the "role fulfilled", Omniplan is described more comprehensively e.g. in items #C4 and #C4.1 from the web page named "immortality.htm". In turn from the point of view "how God updates this Omniplan", I described it in item #J5 from my other web page named "petone.htm". Only God Himself is able to change this Omniplan, and thus also the course of our lives - e.g. in the result of our prayers. However, we ourselves do NOT have access or insight to it. If from this Omniplan these living God Drobinas that form our soul read that in the future we are threatened by some serious danger, then according to the promise of the Bible that about everything that is dangerous for us we will be warned, these God Drobinas that carry our soul warn us against the most dangerous event about which they know that in our present situation we unconsciously pull upon ourselves. This warning is conveyed to us in the form of phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" that are fulfilling the "canon of ambiguity". Thus, the easiest way to cause the disappearance of these phenomena is to change one's current situation in such a way that the danger shown by them disappears, means cannot be fulfilled.


In order to know how the God Drobinas learn about the danger that threatens us in the future, it is good to know how the Omniplan works. After all, this Omniplan is like a landscape created by God but make of software, showing all objects from the entire our "world of matter", together with the visualization of changes in time and events to which each of these objects is going to be subjected. (Means "Omniplan" is like a software film showing the entire life of all objects from the world of matter, including each one of us people, and also showing all events that have happened and will happen.) Only that apart from three linear dimensions of our "world of matter", i.e. apart from X-width, Y-thickness, and Z-height, this "Omniplan" also consists of the fourth dimension of the timelessly existing counter-world - which is G-depth. Each of the objects from our world of matter, which we people see as only three-dimensional (i.e. appearing in dimensions: X, Y, and Z) actually exists in this Omniplan in four dimensions. Only that in the "G-depth" dimension it is cut into thin slices which in item #D3 from my web page describing my formal proof for the existence of God from 2007 and named "god_proof.htm" and in post #294E to blogs of totalizm I called them time "pancakes". In turn the entire chain of these time "pancakes" creates in Omniplan a long four-dimensional (4D) film which in 3D illustrates successive stages of life of a given object. On the web page "soul_proof.htm" I call this film the "program of life and fate". Throughout the length of this film which describes the life of each one of us, our consciousness moves in jumps with a frequency that is a harmonic to 11 Hz. Thus in our eyes everything around us looks as if we were a kind of cinema and watched the landscape of a three-dimensional film (3D) in the formation of which we also participate, and which causes that what we see rapidly changes in jumps. However, the inertia of our eyesight converts these jumping changes into a smooth motion - although in fact it is a jumping viewing of the content of successively motionless time "pancakes" in the volume of which we are present, very similar to watching a (3D) movie in cinemas. Unfortunately, we see with our eyes only these "pancakes" of the immobile Omniplan, through the content of which our consciousness currently jumps. But these God Drobinas living in the counter-world and forming our soul containing the "program of our life and fate" see all the "pancakes" for our lives from the entire "Omniplan". Thus these God Drobinas see long in advance the dangers that are going to threaten us in the future. So they can warn us about these dangers in advance, using for this warning the phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" described here, served to us in a manner that fulfils the "canon of ambiguity" absolutely necessary for us to maintain our "free will".


In order to understand also why these warnings are delivered to us in the form of phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma", such as dreams, unusual behaviours of the body, panic attacks, deja vu, etc., it is also necessary to understand the "canon of ambiguity" - the descriptions of which are on web pages linked from my Polish index web page named "skorowidz.htm" with the Polish key word: kanon niejednoznaczności . This canon was established by God in order to NOT take away from anyone the so-called "free will". The most understandable explanation of its operation is the example of the so-called tornadoes (see web page "tornado.htm") and hurricanes (see web page "hurricane.htm" ). As we all know, these tornadoes and hurricanes are highly destructive swirling winds which can ruin entire buildings and cities, and kill lots of people. Unfortunately, until today people have NOT developed an agreement regarding the true mechanism of their formation. So still their origins are described by as many as 4 unproven to the end or unresolved theories or speculations. The first (1) and the oldest out of them originates from the name "acts of God" with which for centuries people call tornadoes and hurricanes, and all other destructive cataclysms, because in past people believed that only God has the power and ability to cause them. But when our "official atheistic science" adopted the theory of evolution (see web page "evolution.htm"), and then started to adhere exclusively to atheistic views thus limiting the entire universe to only the "world of matter" (see ), then it cut out God with the philosophical "Occam's Razor" (see ) and formulated the second (2) theory or speculation which started officially claiming that tornadoes and hurricanes are caused by purely accidental "behaviours of nature". Some scientists even managed to learn how to produce miniature swirls of smoke in laboratories, which supposedly served as proof that apparently tornadoes and hurricanes are formed by such purely random "behaviours of nature". Unfortunately, this science still does NOT even try to explain to us the mystery "why" majority of these tornadoes and hurricanes carefully avoid temples and churches, avoiding their destruction - which is NOT an accidental, but definitely someone's intentional action. In turn instead of explaining this mystery, in increasingly corrupted nations secretly bans are issued for showing on television and for publicly discussing such churches or temples that have survived from destruction and stand alone in the middle of endless areas of ruins. That such bans are actually secretly implemented in real life, it is easy to find out by trying to find e.g. a single command which, for example, in the search engine from would allow to find all videos that exist in there, which would show such surviving churches or temples in areas ruined by some cataclysms - like the same software easily allows e.g. with a single search command to find in there all videos showing the mocking of Jesus during the carnival from Brazil (for example see: ). In turn because the inability to use such a single search command to also find escaped destruction churches causes that the truth about this selective avoidance of destruction of churches and temples by cataclysms is today difficult to prove and for many people is inaccessible. The development of atheistic science also caused that people in some countries have learned, for example, how to crudely control the climate and weather - thus inducing the third (3) kind of speculation that tornadoes and hurricanes can secretly be formed by a country. As an example of this speculation, consider a company that works on manipulating the climate for a profit (see ), which by intentionally polluting the upper atmosphere would allow to receive the so-called "carbon credits" (see ). In addition to the above three, many years after the atheisticization of our "official atheistic science", it so happened that I discovered a possible reason for the fourth (4) source of a significant proportion of tornadoes and hurricanes. This is because I discovered that for thousands of years our planet is secretly occupied and exploited by diabolically parasitic relatives of people who live on other star systems (e.g. on planets of Orion) and arrive to Earth in UFO starships. These our degenerated relatives are briefly described in {11} from item #H2 of the web page "bible.htm" and in publications linked from there (for a biblical reference to them see the final part of the caption under Fig. #F13ab below). In turn, some of the material evidence of their secretive occupation and extremely predatory exploitation of humanity that I researched, are described and illustrated e.g. in #K1 to #K4 from the web page named "petone.htm". In their predatory habits, these creatures used to rob humanity and the Earth from everything that they found useful in our planet - e.g. history and legends tell us about their gold mines. In turn in present times these creatures "milk" us just from all raw materials that only living people are able to generate - as this is described in numerous my publications. For example, using the so-called "chambers of coldness" on UFO decks they suck from our bodies the "moral energy" which they then use on their planets in "regeneration compartments" to maintain their vitality and to extend length of their lives. They also rob human sperm and ovule from which they then breed slaves called by them "biorobots". These slaves on their planets do all physical work - as at the cost of his life experienced it the Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, and described it to us (in the Polish language) in the treatise [3b] available for free from web page "tekst_3b.htm". On the occasion of these robberies of sperm and ovule in UFOs, people robbed in this way are often also raped - which sometimes leaves painless (because telekinetically healed) bruises on bodies of women and on penises of men who defend themselves against such a rape. These bruises by folklore of China are called ghost pinch and described in more detail under Fig. #K1a from the web page "petone_pl.htm". Furthermore, some myths of the Far East inform us, that these creatures catch even souls that are leaving from dying people who because of atheism and living contrary to God's commandments are given up to the power of "devils". Then they imprison these souls for as long as their civilisation exists. Today it is easy to guess, that these souls later they employ in the same role for which the humanity tries to work out the so-called artificial intelligence (AI) - see , i.e. they use them to control everything that requires a knowledge, skills and logically living intelligence - e.g. to intelligently control their UFO vehicles. Acting contrary to God's commandments, these creatures continually try to hold back the awareness and technical development of humanity. For this purpose, these creatures NOT only developed methods "how" with their UFO starships they are able to secretly form any cataclysms, including also tornadoes and hurricanes, but in fact they purposely form a lot of cataclysms on Earth (e.g. see web page "tapanui.htm"). For example, in January and February 2023 they apparently attacked NZ in this way - which I am explaining, amongst others, in in the caption under Fig. #N3b from my web page named "cielcza_uk.htm" and from post #357E to blogs of totalizm. As it stems from all the above, currently humanity is subdivided into as many as four numerically large camps, each of which believes that tornadoes and hurricanes are formed by someone else, i.e. formed: either (1) by God, or (2) by accidental behaviour of nature, or (3) secretly by people from technically most developed countries, or (4) secretly by UFOs. So if God included into the action of tornadoes and hurricanes some easily identifiable phenomena, which beyond any doubt would reveal e.g. that tornadoes and hurricanes are formed by only one of these four possibilities, e.g. secretly by (3) people, then with such phenomena He would broke the "free will" of the adherents of the other three camps - thus obstructing or making completely impossible our search for truth and our progress. This is why God introduced the "canon of ambiguity" described in this paragraph, which in everything that God does and that God manages simultaneously inserts several different sets of evidence, each of which confirms a different but in fact completely possible origin of given event. Examples of these several different sets of such evidence are described, amongst others, in item #C2 from my web page named "tornado.htm". Because God also manages the phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" described in this item #F13 of the post #358, in their manifestations for subsequent people also different sets of evidence will appear simultaneously, so that the requirements of the "canon of ambiguity" are met. Thus, for example, for the fulfilment of this canon, warnings can be contained e.g. in dreams - in which today almost no-one believes (although they are the expression of many prophecies described in the Bible). But these dreams, for example, will imitate what actually experienced one of the ancestors of a given person. In addition, they may also contain information which indicates still other sources of their origin - e.g. reincarnation or/and the theme of a recently watched movie or an event that was learned in the past. However, it is worth to add here, that apart from the explanation provided here, which is confirmed by a number of empirical discoveries described in this item #F13, none of the other present explanations of these phenomena so far has so many empirical confirmations.


After learning the above key components which reveal the truth about the phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma", I am going to describe now a very simplified "model" which easily and quickly allows to understand everything that concerns these phenomena, and also allows to develop methods of avoiding their fulfilment. And so, in this model our life can be imagined as a walk through a symbolic hilly city called "life". This city is crossed by streets running in many different directions, each of which ends at the edge of the city where life ends. We are NOT sure what hides behind these edges. Path to everything that is best leads uphill in it. Having been born on one of these streets, we spend our time getting to know what other streets of this city contain. We usually don't know where we want to go. However, at each intersection of these streets, we must decide where to turn in order to go further - unless someone else makes this decision for us. What can help us in making right decisions is: learning about the commandments of God that protect us from making mistakes in life, information that outside or in the city hides a liar Lucifer and a band of his devils who use all temptations and tricks to direct us into a street which leads to disaster, and also earphones which are our "conscience" which know everything but are able to whisper into our ears only the word "YES" or "NO", and our "soul" which also knows everything but unfortunately is allowed to only control our feeling and generate informative dreams at night. So if our vices (pride, contrariness, etc.) or lusts of the body cause that we do NOT act in accordance with God's commandments and we ignore whispers "NO" of conscience, while the devil succeeds in tempting us to turn into the street at the end of which the punishment awaits for what we have done that breaks God's commandments, or if someone (e.g. an employer, government, army, etc.) forces us to enter that street, then our soul starts to repetitively and for a long time alarm us and warn us that for whatever we do or have already done we bring the punishment upon ourselves, and at the same time it lets us know what the punishment will be. For example, the soul generates a "panic attack" in our mind, sends us a warning dream which repeats the content already learned e.g. from family stories about a trauma of an ancestor, etc. Then we have several possibilities to choose from. For example, it is easiest to show regret to God for what we have done or plan to do, and then "cancel our previous decision" to enter a given street leading to punishment. We can also be scared before we reach the end of the city by that street and run away to survive - just as one of our ancestors escaped and survived in the story on which our dream was based. Etc. Of course, we can also ignore these warnings, but then we risk that we will NOT survive until the time of understanding the moral lesson, for experiencing and thinking about the meaning of which God sent us into the life that God has just given us, and gave us the soul that takes care of us. In turn, the only preventive way to completely avoid accidentally entering one of these dangerous streets that end with misfortune, is to lead one's life strictly obeying God's commandments - which will make impossible to succumb to the temptations that are the reason for the mistakes of people entering these streets that end with a self-inflicted punishment.


The above explanation of phenomena typically described under the name of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma", which was developed due to a number of theories, discoveries, and findings that make up my philosophy of totalizm of 1985, indicates to interested people many truths which are able to become a source of numerous benefits for these people who learn them and will understand them. For example: these truths suggest how one could avoid the calamity announced by these phenomena and simultaneously cause the disappearance of these usually highly unpleasant for us repetitions of the warning itself, allow us to get to know God and the Bible better - which in turn teach us to deserve rewards, NOT punishments, understand truths about the reality that surrounds, etc. Let us list below in items {1} to {7} the most important of these benefits. Here they are:


{1} Understanding why warnings from our "soul" typically take an unpleasant form for us. The experiencing of pleasant phenomena typically is soon forgotten, while for a long time we remember mainly what is unpleasant. For example, pleasant dreams are often forgotten at the moment of waking up. On the other hand, sometimes we remember unpleasant or terrible dreams for many years. Similarly is with experiencing pleasant moments, and with experiencing e.g. a "panic attack". Meanwhile, all warnings that may come true are worth remembering for a long time in order to be able to remedy them. Thus our "soul" makes sure that phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" have an unpleasant nature. Therefore, people who experience their warnings, should treat them like going to a dentist or like "birth pains" - namely, although they are unpleasant, they are highly helpful and serving the human good - especially if they are NOT ignored, but treated as an inspiration for studying how their fulfilment can be prevented and their repetitions ended.


{2} The explanation why not only God's warnings, but also everything that God does or manages, must always fulfil the so-called "canon of ambiguity" (in Polish: kanon niejednoznaczności ). This canon is explained briefly here, while it is described in more detail e.g. in the INTRODUCTION to my web page "petone.htm". This is because of this canon that to warnings from God will pay attention NOT only believers or some priests, but also atheists, scientists, and even politicians. Also everyone will interpret these warnings in their own way - which in uncorrupted nations should induce official discussions and searches for truth. (Unfortunately, in nations of our already highly corrupted civilization, such an official discussion and search for truth in matters of God and UFOnauts is secretly punished and officially prevented.) However, regardless of what interpretation one believes, the most vital in these warnings is to treat them as I am describing here, i.e. as warnings passed to us by soul that with our actions we have already pulled on ourselves, or are just now pulling on ourselves, a specific punishment, which need to be personally investigated, interpreted, and after determining what it mean, steps should be taken to avoid their fulfilment and to cause the lack of further continuation of such warnings.


{3} Reminder of God's promise in many different ways expressed in the verses of the Bible, and informing that we will be warned about all God's actions that will significantly affect our fate and life. For example, this promise is expressed in verse 3:7 from the Biblical "Book of Amos" which states - quote: "For the Lord God will not do anything, if He does not reveal His intention to His servants, prophets". In a different manner it is also promised in Bible by e.g. verse 11:7 from the "Letter to Hebrews". In turn the awareness of the existence of this promise of God, in connection with the warning discussed here, is a source of many beneficial consequences for those who take it seriously. For example, it allows avoid a disaster that is announced by a given warning. It also allows to learn methods of God's work, and to establish a closer relationship with God Himself. Furthermore, it certifies the absolute truthfulness of verses of the Bible, and assures that God always loves us, cares for us, and does everything for our good - even if sometimes, as befits a just and wise father, He is forced to scold or even severely punish us in a manner that we will perceive as something highly unpleasant (e.g. see the Bible, "2 Samuel", verses 7:14-15).


{4} Delivering the warning in a manner that allows us to decipher the misfortune that it reveals. Each warning given to us by the "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" contains details that can be deciphered by the person so warned about the impending disaster (consider 10:13 from "1 Corinthians" in the Bible). For example, the moment when they appear for the first time allows us to determine which our decision is going to result in the warned misfortune - so the easiest way is to cancel or reverse this decision. In turn e.g. the content of a dream or a panic attack usually tells us what disaster awaits us, and thus allows us to deduce ways on which it can be avoided. Unfortunately, these details usually are like "symptoms of an illness", i.e. we need to undertake research in order to determine for sure "what" and "how" they announce to us, and at the same time educate ourselves and get to know our God better. Furthermore, these researches should be carried out by the interested person himself/herself - because the warning is always formulated in such a way that only for the interested person it is fully understandable. So consulting various "mediums" can give completely wrong results. After all, e.g. almost the same dream for different people will mean different misfortunes. This is because by warning in such a way God simultaneously persuades to devote due respect, time, thoughts, and effort to getting to know God and the warning received from God through given soul.


{5} The confirmation that in our capabilities and our "free will" lies the prevention of events about which we are warned by the described here phenomena of "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" (see the Bible, verse 10:13 from "1 Corinthians"), and in turn when we prevent the warned events with change of our behaviours, any further continuation of unpleasant manifestations of these warnings will also disappear spontaneously. In turn the manner of preventing these events depends on firstly finding out what such event is going to be about, and then on undertaking such actions that its occurrence becomes impossible. For example, if we are going on a selfish or profitable trip to another country, while the warning induces in us panic attacks from the moment we started planning this trip, it is better for us if we change our plans. Or when we plan to build a backyard swimming pool, or
buying a house with a swimming pool, and the warning informs us e.g. with dreams that we are going to drown or someone very close to us is going to drown, then it is better if we abandon this building or buying of the swimming pool.


{6} Confirmation that God builds mechanisms of "self-regulation" practically into everything that we do, and into everything that we see around us. These mechanisms cause that regardless of whether we repair the evil that we caused, or whether we ignore the effects of this evil, the evil will repair itself with the elapse of time - only that because of it both, other people, as well as ourselves, must suffer. Therefore, instead of waiting until these mechanisms of "self-regulation" convince us with painful punishments to obey God's commandments and requirements described in the Bible, a much better solution is our voluntarily obeying these commandments and requirements - which will allow us to avoid irrevocably incoming punishments for disobeying them.
{7} Confirmation that the content of the Bible contains the truth and only the truth - but for many reasons it is wisely encoded. Therefore, the study of truths given in the Bible, and leading a life in a manner commanded and required by the Bible, is the most important activity of our lives and the most valuable way of educating ourselves. This is because for each one of us it does NOT matter what is fashionable and what are doing other people, other institutions and other countries, but it matters and we are strictly accountable for "what" and "how" we personally do, and what are doing institutions or countries in which we are parts of whatever happens in there.


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Fig. #F13ab: The above two photos illustrate one of Korea's national treasures. The upper one shows the document which describes and confirms this treasure. The bottom one shows its photo. I have never heard that Poland or Polish citizens (or New Zealand and New Zealanders) officially recognize someone or something as their "national treasure". Fortunately, other countries, for example Australia and Korea, recognize and take pride in their national treasures. In Australia such treasures are, amongst others, their most famous singers (see ) - as I also report this in item #C4 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm". In turn in Korea one of these treasures is the bell called "Beomjong" (see ) which promotes the so-called "truth" - means this something, the respecting of which in today's "neo-medieval" era (see #K1 of web page "tapanui_pl.htm" - by journalists usually called the "post-truth" era, means the era which arrived "after era of truth") almost completely disappeared in our civilisation. No wonder that mechanisms of "self-regulation" described here already begin to restore this truth in a quite painful manner for liars. The Beomjong bell has a different construction from European bells - i.e. it is typical for East Asia bells. Their beating is caused by hitting them with a wooden log hanging next to them, instead of knocking with their metal "heart" - thus their sound is also different. This type of bell was the largest bell in the world, the famous and mythical the "Great Bell of Dhammazedi from Myanmar" (see ), which, weighing almost 300 metric tons (i.e. almost 300,000 kg), was so heavy and so full of supernatural powers, that after it was robbed from a Buddhist pagoda, it sank in the river the ship that was trying to transport it to Europe. ("How" people praying to something give supernatural powers to these objects, this is explained in items #E2, #D1, #D2, #C1 and #C7 from my web page "malbork_uk.htm", among others on the example of the statue of Madonna of Teutonic Knights from Malbork, which was known from supernatural harming Polish nationals - which harming I personally experienced with regret.) The use of bells of the Beomjong type in morning and evening religious ceremonies as a constant reminder of the truth and the meaning of truth is shown at a length of approximately 27 to 28 minutes from our half-hour, Polish-language (but with subtitles in English) educational video entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (which title means: "World Without Money: The Political System of Nirvana") available for free at the internet address . Intriguingly, just this type of bell, only smaller in size, was found in New Zealand by one of the first European explorers (missionary) of those islands far from Europe and Asia - in spite that the population of that island/country at that time did NOT know metals - see caption of Fig. #M1 from the web page "quake.htm". This bell found in NZ is called "Colenso's Bell" (see ) after the name of its discoverer, while currently it is supposedly kept in the national museum "Te Papa" - although it is NOT exposed to visitors of this museum (what is pity, because I would love to see it). In turn the above photographs, which I took during my professorship at the Ajou University in Korea in 2007, show how Korea does respect and celebrate this extraordinary national treasure, which directly and daily reminds every inhabitant of it about the truth and the duty to seek truth in everything that one does. The upper document shown in these photographs, entitled "National Treasure No. 120" and displayed next to an ancient Buddhist bell, has an inscription stating: "The Korean word 'Beom' refers to truth and every being in the universe. And Beomjong is the bell that makes such a sound. The religious meaning of beomjong lies in the salvation of all creatures, including the creatures in the Hade since it is said that one can escape from all evils hearing the sound of this bell as wisdom wins evil passions in the minds of all beings. A Beomjong rings at the occasion of daily rites in the morning and in the evening." (After I translated this document to the Polish language and published it in the Polish version of this post #358E, the document states in Polish: "Koreańskie słowo 'Beom' referuje do prawdy i każdej istoty we wszechświecie. Z kolei Beomjong jest dzwonem jaki wytwarza brzmienie tego słowa. Religijne znaczenie beomjong sprowadza się do zbawiania wszystkich istot, włącznie z istotami w Nieprawdzie ponieważ jest powiedziane iż daje się uciec ze wszelkiego zła słysząc brzmienie tego dzwonu jako że mądrość wygrywa nad pożądaniami zła w umysłach wszystkich istot. Beomjong rozbrzmiewa przy okazji codziennych obrzędów każdego rana i wieczora.") Below the inscription is a seal officially confirming: "Korea Monument". While reading this document that indicates one of the tools leading to avoidance of self-inflicted punishments for lying, and thus to the universe of truth and salvation, the reader probably now understands why I predict that God will probably choose Korea as builders of my starship "Magnocraft" (explained on the web page "magnocraft.htm") and thus choose for the responsible honour of becoming the next and last the leading nation of humanity - as I predict it in item #H1.1 from my web page "prophecies.htm", and as this prediction is discreetly and respectfully illustrated by our free video entitled "Future Propulsions" available at the address .


The above illustrations represent the prevailing in Korea totaliztic conviction that the truth will overcome all manifestations of evil - means it will also overcome the evil described in item #F13 of this post #358E, i.e. which is warned by the "epigenetic inheritance of trauma" and which is self-inflicted by people due to the work of the mechanism of "self-regulation". Simultaneously, in Christianity, precisely the same role of truth is confirmed by the Bible in verse 8:32 from "The Gospel of St. John" - quote: "and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free", while in the surrounding verses 8:12 to 8:59 the Bible also explains, in a coded way, from whom the truth is going to free us, only that in order to understand at whom these verses really point, one needs to know what I explained in {11} from item #H2 of my web page named "bible.htm" and from post #354E to blogs of totalizm.


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