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#357_1E: Why totalizm advises against confrontation...

#357_1E: Why totalizm advises against confrontation and pride, and recommends Biblical "turn the other cheek" (Part 1)


Summary: On my web pages and publications for many years I repeatedly explain, that into everything that God does and that God manages, God builds in the spiritual mechanism of the so-called "self-regulation" of bad and good consequences of given situation. How this mechanism works in practice, is explained most simply in [A] from item #C9 of my web page named "nirvana.htm" and in post #351E to blogs of totalizm - using the example of predators and their victims. Namely, if, for example, predators multiply too much and eat too many of their victims, then for many of them there will be no food and they will die of hunger - thus restoring through such self-regulation the required balance between good and evil. The newest explanation of the operation and common existence of this mechanism of self-regulation is summarized at the end of item #J3 and in the "motto" to #J1 of my web page named "korea.htm". In turn to older explanations of this mechanism, links are provided from the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" - searched in there with the Polish keyword: samoreguluj (meaning: self-regulate). For people this mechanism is extremely important because it brings countless benefits to all who implement it in their actions. For example, due to its work, whenever we are confronted by evil, we do NOT need to fight with this evil, because in the right time God will appropriately "adjust" this evil by using the mechanism of its "self-regulation" built into it. The only thing that then we should do is to somehow "avoid" focusing on us the entire fury of this evil - e.g. by implementing the advice of the Bible "turn the other cheek". But because people themselves are unable to implement such a "self-regulation of evil" in their legislations, nor do they read my publications in order to learn about its existence and operation in everything that God created and that God rules, they rarely intentionally use benefits that it brings. On the other hand, in close connection with this mechanism operates another principle described in the Bible, which if translated from the very careful language of the Bible into the "down to earth wording" then it could be expressed with words: "regardless of how we react to the evil that happens to us, God will also settle justly with this someone who does this evil later, using, amongst others, this "self-regulation". In other words, if there is some evil happening, we do NOT have to fight with it and e.g. risk that it will kill us, because in due time God will settle accounts with it. This is why on my web pages and publications I explain for a long time e.g. that "for totalizm one should live instead of dying" - see item #H1 e.g. from the web page named "totalizm.htm" or see 7 from item #C4.2 of the web page "morals.htm". Unfortunately, my publications are too intensively blocked and disgusted that the people who would benefit most from such discoveries could learn about their existence and essence. Therefore, in the following items #N1 to #N3 of this post #357E I have put for consideration or debate of readers whether is true the thesis of my philosophy of totalizm of 1985 which states that: there is NOTHING which directly does NOT originate from decisions, judgments, or acts of God, that would be worth to voluntarily expose one's life to breaking or even to voluntarily die for it. Expressing this in other words, the only reason for someone's death should be that God decided, judged, or acted so that the time has come to call this person before Him. In the following items #N1 to #N3 I presented the evidence (and provided links to its broader descriptions) which documents that this thesis of my totalizm actually expresses the truth. However, bearing in mind that God intentionally gives to every person the so-called "free will" (see my web page "will.htm") so that everyone can adhere to and implement in his/her life the views which their world view considers to be expressing the truth, both myself and my readers would be willing to learn the evidence which can be presented to us by these people who believe that this thesis does NOT express the truth. On the other hand, it so happens that the time is fast approaching when a whole range of subsequent forms of evil and its sources, examples of some of which will be mentioned below, are going to collapse spontaneously because of the work of these "self-regulating" mechanisms established by God. This is why the earlier learning of the above thesis by readers will provide them with an opportunity to experience the good that will result from the knowledge of it for each one out of both groups of people mutually confronted each other because of these forms of evil.


#N1. Why is it worth to start a debate, implement in ones life, or at least learn and have our own opinion on this subject, regarding the truth of the thesis put up for debate here, postulated by the philosophy of totalizm of 1985 and stating that: there is nothing of human origin for which would be worth voluntarily dying by people or e.g. expose themselves to unjustified by bible verses danger of premature death


Motto: "Nothing that does NOT originate from a decision, judgment, or act of God, is worth dying voluntarily or exposing oneself to the danger of death that is not justified by verses of the Bible" - this is why the philosophy of totalizm of 1985 (summarised on my web page "totalizm.htm") recommends that we live for it, NOT die for it. (This motto presents the truth that is worth to recognize and implement, because it results from a huge body of evidence and empirical examples of history, for example from God's commandments, verses of the Bible, the work of the "morally self-regulating spiritual procedure" and a number of other messages worth noticing.)


If the reader is able to raise his or her attention above insignificant details and analyze the entire history of humanity from the point of view of the continuous fight between good and evil, then he or she will notice one very important regularity. Namely, will notice that every political system and every country from the entire history of humanity to-date is a carrier of some existing independently from it but unique for it form of evil - which evil divides all people that are in the power of this political system or country into two mutually fighting sides, i.e. into: (a) "rewarded" with a given form of evil, means those who draw benefits, comfort and wealth from the fact of maintaining the existence of this evil, and (b) "disadvantaged" by this form of evil, because they are subjected to exploitation so that these benefits are brought to these "rewarded". My philosophy of totalizm of 1985 has proven (which fact on the example of "money" I am to remind or reveal below) that because of the independence of given form of evil from the political system or country that maintains it, the form of this evil can be peacefully removed without any major alteration of the political system but only through its improvements - but, of course, only if the citizens and government of that country do it voluntarily because they consider their political system to be sufficiently good for them.


Examples of political systems and countries that so divided people who are in their power are all that have existed so far in the entire history of humanity, starting from the slave system and the state of ancient Rome, through feudalism and even communism of Soviet Russia, and ending with the present forms of capitalism. In each of them the (a) "rewarded" always benefited by maintaining the evil that this political system and state created - e.g. in ancient Rome senators lived like gods who could do everything and whose every whim was fulfilled. Under communism, senior members of the party did the same. In turn in today's capitalism the "rewarded" similarly benefit from the evil caused by "money" which they distribute mainly among themselves. Simultaneously those (b) "disadvantaged" by this form of evil, who earn these benefits, must endure all harm that results from a given evil - e.g. in capitalism from the existence and role of "money". In ancient Rome these "disadvantaged" were all slaves and all nations living outside the borders of this empire, which became the source of these slaves. And in communism - they were all workers and peasants and all the surrounding nations exposed to the danger of aggression of a given communist state and its ideology.


I used to expose my life to breaking or deviation due to my active fighting against communism. Only when I emigrated to capitalism I empirically learned that the problem then was NOT the political system that prevailed in there, but the lack of democracy and civil liberties in the country implementing this system. Similarly still is in today's capitalism - its inhabitants do NOT distinguish between the "democracy" that is part of capitalism (which is its main advantage and the source of civil liberties) from the "use of money" that is part of the same capitalism (which is the root and source of evil of all political systems that use money). Therefore, now I see that I made a mistake by actively fighting against the system, while the problem and the source of evil results from the "use of money" and from the "lack of democracy", and also from several other reasons that boil down to ignoring truths and recommendations of the Bible (e.g. from corruption, monopolies, cronyism, lack of independence and occupation, distortions of science, lack of love of fellow humans, lack of knowledge about the omnipresence of the "self-regulation of evil" described here, ignorance of the reasons for the need of biblical "turning the other cheek", etc.). So with my present research I am trying to fix this error.


Of course, both people "disadvantaged" by the evil that is unique for a given political system and country, as well as some out of people endowed with a sensitive conscience among "rewarded" by this evil, were aware what this evil does to people oppressed by its power. Thus they attempted an active or even an armed fight either with the evil itself, or with the political system and state that spread this evil. As a result of these attempts to fight, millions of people died unnecessarily in the history of humanity. After all, evil always won this fight until the time when started to work mechanisms of self-regulation which God builds into every development of situation from our "world of matter". As it turns out, only the divine mechanisms of self-regulation are able to overcome the power of evil that is uniquely spread by a given political system and state. Therefore, all efforts of people to fight this evil are just a useless waste of their lives. Thus, the most general conclusion that results from the analysis of the entire history of humanity summarised here, carried out from the point of view of the continuous fight between good and evil, is the finding that the active or even armed fight of individual people against the political system or the state which is the source of a specific evil, is always fruitless, thus individuals are needlessly wasting their lives by taking up such a fight. The only effective manner of overcoming carriers of this evil is a peaceful and passive but determined disapproval of it, which depends on fulfilling commands and requirements of God described in the Bible, or suggested to us by the organ of our conscience, instead of fulfilling commands of people causing given evil. This is because such passive but determined disapproval of it releases the self-regulating mechanisms that God built into the evil caused by a given political system or country, causing that this system or country with the elapse of time is going to collapse or disintegrate on its own. In turn, this collapse or disintegration through mechanisms of self-regulation will the faster happen, the greater percentage of people affected by it starts to oppose it spiritually in a peaceful and disapproving manner recommended by the Bible.


God so inspired the content of the Bible that it avoids being censored or eliminated from use, and simultaneously it contains wisely formulated recommendations how such a passive but determined fight should be carried out. For example, in case of people who live from benefits that are offered by evil formed by a given political system or state, the Bible recommends "DO NOT carry out orders that cause evil or do NOT do evil from your own initiative - only that Bible uses wisely chosen words, also expressing, amongst others, the above recommendation. "Where" and "how" the Bible explains how those "rewarded" by a given form of evil, still can obey God's commandments written in the Bible by avoiding carrying out orders that cause evil, and avoiding bringing on themselves the fury of the power that spreads this evil, I try to explain to the reader e.g. in item #L3 and in the discussion of the moral test from Fig. #G1 of the web page "cielcza_uk.htm".


In turn "where" and "how" the Bible explains ways of avoiding, with which the "disadvantaged" by this form of evil should divert from themselves the focus of all its fury, or even lose their lives because of it, also is explained e.g. in item #L3 of the web page "cielcza_uk.htm". As an example of this avoidance in ordinary life situations, when we are confronted by some powerful evil that oppresses us, consider the "turning the other cheek" recommended in the Bible (see Bible, verses 3:26 and 3:30 from "Lamentations", 5:39 and 23:3 from "Matthew", and 6:29 from "Luke"). In turn in case of a war - avoiding conscription to the army and the need to kill our fellow humans, through e.g. emigrating abroad, or e.g. by declaring oneself officially the "conscientious objector" - as described in item #S4 from my web page named "2030_uk.htm" and in post #291E to blogs of totalizm. (The name "conscientious objector" can be explained as "a person who refuses to comply with a particular requirement because of the dictate of his/her conscience" - see .)


One of the postulates which the above analyzes emphasize for our careful consideration, realizing, and even debating, is the thesis of the philosophy of totalizm presented here that: "NOTHING which directly do NOT originates from a decision, judgment, or act of God, is worth the risk that our lives are to break or even to be lost for it". Reasons for the importance of this thesis for the life of every person I am going to present in the next item #N2 of this post #357E.


#N2. Main reasons "why" people should NOT voluntarily die because of ambitions of other people, but only because of a decision, sentence, or act of God:


Motto: "Hard times make people strong, strong people make good times, good times make people weak, weak people make hard times." (This motto summarizes one of the best examples of principles of operation of "self-regulating spiritual procedures" which govern laws established by God that compensate morally degenerating consequences of human deviations, immoralities, imperfections, etc. - for example the effects of use of "money" - which being the "root of all evil" cause cycles of rise and fall of empires, families and individuals. The formulation of this example was popularized by Sheikh Rashid - the founder of Dubai (see ). It is most beautifully expressed in a 1.58-minute video entitled "Camels on the horizon" (see ) disseminated for free, for example, at: or . Unfortunately, like every truth, this "morally self-regulating spiritual procedure" is also viciously criticized - for example by believers of random evolution. However, in the absence of evidence contradicting its operation, critics focus their attention on details irrelevant to the spiritual procedure that they refute, instead of e.g. focussing on reasons for its existence and consequences of its operation - see . Meanwhile, e.g. the destructive action of "money" which is self-regulated by the action of this procedure, independently noted the folklore of many nations of the world, perpetuating it in their proverbs - e.g. consider the Japanese "When a man earns money, his son will spend it, while his grandson will be poor again", Chinese "Wealth is going to last only for three generations", English "Father buys, son builds, grandson sells, while his son begs", etc. The self-regulating consequences of every action of people already since thousands of years are also encoded into many verses of the Bible which I listed e.g. in #2I4.1 from subsection I4.1 in volume 5 of my monograph [1/5] available for free vua the web page "text_1_5.htm" - e.g. consider the Bible verses stating: "He who sows evil, reaps misfortune" (Proverbs, 22:8), "They sow the wind, they will reap the storm" (Hosea, 8 :7), "What you sow, you reap" (Galatians 6:7), etc. Also my philosophy of totalizm, almost from the moment of starting its continuous development in 1985, tries to realize to readers on various examples that in everything that God creates, principles of "self-regulation" are always embedded. For example, these principles are revealed by the operation of the moral law developed by the philosophy of totalizm and called the "Boomerang Principle" while described e.g. in item #B3 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm" and in publications linked from there. Quite clearly this principle is revealed also by the explanation that "every problem contains in itself its own solution" discussed e.g. in #C9 to #C9a from my web page named "nirvana.htm" and also in post #351E to blogs of totalizm.)


Everything that happens in our "world of matter" God so wisely controls on purpose, that it becomes another fragment of a larger self-regulating mechanism of a given form of evil that currently prevails in our world of matter. In turn, this entire mechanism of self-regulation of a given form of evil causes that the material reality which was the carrier of a given form of evil (i.e. that considered political system, ideology, state, superpower, etc.) with the elapse of time spontaneously either collapses or is changed into something much better. This is how collapsed or changed all systems, states and powers that existed before today's situation on Earth. It is also in the same way that will fall down today's users of "money", who spread the evil that results from the immoral abuse of the power of money.


Unfortunately, while inspiring the content of the Bible, God had to take into account that there will be rulers who will censor it (e.g. Emperor Justinian described e.g. in #C4 and in Fig. #1ab from my web page "bible.htm"), and even people or institutions that will decide to prevent the translation of Bible into native languages and prevent learning what exactly it states (e.g. medieval inquisition). That is why the Bible is written very wisely. For example, it explains "what" in its verses, but avoids giving detailed "how" and "why" - leaving this to be determined by the readers themselves or to be discovered by future scientists - e.g. see item #L3 of the web page "cielcza_uk.htm", or see #I1 to #I5 from another my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", repeated later also in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm. So although the Bible contains encoded almost everything that is described in these items #N1 to #N3 about mechanisms of self-regulation of evil, still it is described in there with dictionary formulas "what" explained in item #G3 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm" - and this is done without the use of today's terminology. Thus, in order for the majority of people to understand it, it was necessary to decipher it and to translate it into the present language (what I am doing here).


However, although people were NOT aware that the Bible actually describes mechanisms of self-regulation of evil pre-programmed by God into everything that happens around us, still somehow these mechanisms were spotted in the real life because of their work due to such pre-programming. For example, from the operation of these mechanisms often are benefiting politicians and various decision makers from state offices paid for by taxpayers - who deliberately delay innovations that solve problems which trouble people over whom they rule, counting that with the elapse of time these problems will soon solve by themselves. I remember from the times of communism in Poland that in those years there were even jokes circulating among people about how easy it is to be a decision maker. This is because it is enough to have a desk with two baskets with inscriptions (A) problems which time will solve, and (Z) problems which time already solved. Then the only thing that the decision-makers are then doing (and as I believe this also applies to many present politicians) is transferring documentation from basket (A) to basket (Z) and in their speeches telling the ruled people how much they supposedly are busy with repairing what their predecessors broke.


So let us now review in items {1} to {5} below the most important examples of evidence which confirms that is true that the "self-regulatory mechanisms" embedded by God in everything that surrounds us are omnipresent and continually work, and that people who will be aware of the existence and operation of the described in this post #357E such mechanisms will greatly benefit from this knowledge.


{1} Prohibitions of killing highlighted in the Bible. Knowing that the emotional nature of people in every situation when there is a confrontation between "rewarded" and "disadvantaged" by a given form of evil will try to persuade to the escalation of the struggle, the Bible forbids people both, the aggressive killing and committing suicide, as well as admonishes against becoming a killer. Therefore, about these bans we must remember in all situations, in which confrontations between both sides representing "rewarded" and "disadvantaged" by a given form of evil, create an opportunity to force people to aggression and killing (e.g. in situations of being called up to serve in an army for an aggressive war). So instead of coercing and confronting, both parties should trust the effects of the mechanism of self-regulation of good and evil described here, which spontaneously balance the situation without the need for mutual struggles by both parties. For the most unambiguous formulation of this prohibition of aggressive killing see the commandment of God in the Bible given in verse 20:13 from the biblical "Book of Exodus", and discussed in more detail in [3] from item #L1 of my web page named "2020life.htm" and in post #342E to blogs of totalizm. The Bible also explains that murderers rather cannot expect to be forgiven for their sin (in the same way as committing some other sins can be forgiven) - e.g. see verse 21:8 from the biblical "Revelation".


{2} Reminder from verses of the Bible that the human body is the "temple of God" - see verses 3:16 and 6:19-20 from "1 Corinthians". Hence, anyone who contributes to the death of this body becomes guilty of destroying the temple of God. And it is NOT hard to guess that God will NOT show enthusiasm for forgiving those guilty of destroying temples of God - see in the Bible verse 3:17 from "1 Corinthians". After all, it is known that even in cases of destructive cataclysms temples of God are typically avoided by destructions - for descriptions of such situations see e.g. items #F3 and 5 from item #P5 of my web page named "quake.htm".


{3} Recommendation developed as a result of research on the philosophy of totalizm. This also confirms the recommendation of the Bible that on the occasion of fulfilling the self-regulation described here, people should avoid confrontation between parties representing the "rewarded" and the "disadvantaged". One of the products of this recommendation is the statement emphasized by the philosophy of totalizm that "only such ideas are worth human support, which require that we live for them and NOT die for them". This is why totalizm advises what I explained above in the "summary" to this post #357E and in item #N1.


{4} The awareness of humanity. This growing awareness causes that an increasing number of "disadvantaged" by a given form of evil starts to disapprove the situation that they are exploited by "rewarded" to whom this evil gives power over "disadvantaged". Hence, on the one hand, protests, riots, or "dodges" of the type such as trying to avoid serving in an army, or being sent to war, are increasingly frequent. On the other hand, the evil unmasked by this awareness pushes more and more strongly to human confrontations.


{5} Direct manifestations of the operation of the "self-regulating principle of operation of all laws established by God" described here. These reveal themselves e.g. in situations of self-neutralization of evil caused by deviations, immorality, and imperfections of people. They are the main cause of the self-destruction of every kind of evil. It is described in more detail, among others, in motto to #J1 and in #J3 from my web page named "korea.htm" and in post #356E to blogs of totalizm (with addresses from item #Z3 of the web page "cielcza_uk.htm"). They cause that every evil done to people with the elapse of time carries out its own self-repairing, and therefore it is NOT worth that anyone should die in the human effort to repair it. Therefore, if any evil threatens someone with death, then it is worth to look for a way how to avoid being killed by it. Examples: the collapse of communism and other oppressive regimes, "conscientious objectors", people emigrating abroad and hiding and escaping to protect themselves from conscription to the army, etc.


#N3. Advantages and disadvantages of the situation when the majority of the population of Earth would be aware of the truth of the thesis put up for debate here, while postulated by the philosophy of totalizm of 1985 and stating that: there is nothing of human origin (i.e. nothing that is not justified by the Bible verses) for which would be worth to die voluntarily or e.g. to expose themselves to the danger of experiencing harassment or premature death:


Similarly as it will be with every decision that we make in our lives, also the decision of entrusting to the finding of philosophy of totalizm of 1985 disclosing that the "mechanism fo self-regulation of evil" described here will on our behalf balance evil, good, justice, etc., is to create for us both the knowledge of having a group (A) of advantages, and a group (B) of disadvantages. Let us list here at least the most important amongst them.


And so to the group (A) of advantages of the awareness of the existence and effective operation of the "mechanism that self-regulates every evil", as described here, can be included that:


(A1) We are (and feel so) relieved from the obligation to confront the defenders of a given form of evil. This will save us many problems, suffering and personal enemies. After all, defenders of every form of evil always represent the "official" side of the overwhelming power that has "money", law, police, army, prisons, penalties, propaganda, etc., etc. So any attempt to actively fight with them (instead of the passive disapproval and avoidance recommended by the Bible) for many fighting people will result in the loss or distortion of the rest of life.


(A2) Typically we always feel a kind of contentment and inner peace, if we do exactly what the Bible recommends to us in the matter of the evil experienced. However, in the nature of many people there is a resistance against the implementation of the Bible's recommendation, e.g. of the type "turn the other cheek". Although it recommends exactly what Jesus did, unfortunately this resistance was programmed into us by human traditions, e.g. of wars, propaganda of rulers such as "honour and homeland", performance of professional duties, etc., and often additionally strengthened by the physical vice of our "pride" and defiance. However, our conscience, and sometimes also memory, expresses satisfaction when e.g. we actively took care (or when God did it for us) to protect our lives from persecution or destruction by avoiding confrontation - means to protect another "temple of God" which is our own body and life. Unfortunately, in ordinary cases, we may overlook this satisfaction. Especially if we managed to avoid some confrontation alone and just by ourselves. However, if we are participants of a larger group of people, and although we avoided the confrontation, many other participants of this group were unfortunate to focus on themselves the entire fury of evil power that the other side has at its disposal, then we have the opportunity to realize what we managed to avoid. I experienced such a situation on 1 May 1968, when the communist authorities prepared a provocative confrontation aimed at removing from the Technical University of Wrocław these students who showed ANTI-communist inclinations. I almost fell victim to this confrontation and subsequent purge. Fortunately, God intervened and saved me using my girlfriend for His tool - as it is described in item #F2 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm", and also briefly summarized in item #E5 from my web page named "rok_uk.htm". As a result of this provocative confrontation, about 40 students were expelled from the university, which purge broke or distorted practically their entire lives. Then the government changed into one consistent with what these students were fighting for, yet these expelled students never received an apology or any form of compensation or indemnification. I was deeply moved by those events and I still remember them to this day. After all, if that intervention of God did NOT take place, then e.g. neither my philosophy of totalizm of 1985 (see my web page "totalizm.htm"), nor my Theory of Everything of 1985 (see "1985_theory_of_everything.htm") and the Theory of Life of 2020 (see "2020life.htm") would exist, while my inventions, for example the Magnocraft (see web page "magnocraft.htm") or the Time Vehicle (see web page "immortality.htm"), would NOT get an opportunity to be born. In turn myself, instead of carrying out my research in many different countries of the world, I would probably spend the rest of my life as a poor farmer or as an unemployed helper, while out of regret after the lost of life chances I would get drunk every Saturday. To be honest, for the reason why God saved me then, until today I believe that God knew what I would do in my adult life and considered it worthy of His intervention. It is for this reason that in item #D1 from my web page named "god_exists.htm" I explain and persuade totalizts to be very careful "how" they lead their adult lives because "premature death or whatever else happens to us in a young age will be a result of what someone does just in his/her later adulthood".


(A3) The breakthrough value that has for us the knowledge that a given form of evil is going to disintegrate by itself as a result of the action of the mechanism of "self-regulation" described here. This value is increased e.g. by the empirical discovery that sometimes this self-disintegration can take place even approximately after a similar time that it would take us and our fellow humans to overcome this form of evil with active fight.


(A4) Taking fewer casualties, or even no casualties. Because the self-disintegration of a given form of evil devoid of our active interference will have a more peaceful character, it will NOT cause as many victims as the struggle of both human sides, and also will cause less destruction than if this evil is removed as a result of the fight and e.g. military struggles between "rewarded" by this evil, and "disadvantaged" by it.


(A5) The birth of a new and better situation for humanity. After each case when a form of evil is subjected to self-disintegration by the mechanisms of self-regulation described here, always a new and much better situation and quality of humanity is born on Earth - as described in the Bible while I am commenting in the last paragraph from item #J3 from my web page "korea.htm" and from post #356E to blogs of totalizm. (Except that, unfortunately, with the elapse of time human imperfections, tendencies to corruption, and various temptations such as power, "money" and wealth, leading a comfortable and lazy life, etc., will cause a gradual deterioration of this new situation and quality of humanity, and will reveal the hidden different forms of evil that exist in it - gradually leading it to the state that also it will test human "pride", subdivide the humanity, and must be subject to the "self-regulation" described here. Such cycles of self-regulating downfalls and births will be repeated until the moment when with the help of humanity God eliminates from the universe all possible sources of evil.)


In turn, the group (B) of disadvantages includes:


(B1) Lack of the kind of carnal satisfaction that we personally dealt with a given form of evil. Typically this will be increased by the scepticism that characterizes people and by the lack of absolute certainty in atheistically inclined individuals whether the mechanism of "self-regulation of evil" described here actually works in a given case and whether it will cause the self-destruction of given form of evil.


(B2) The need to undertake various evasions, of the type described in item #L3 of the web page "cielcza_uk.htm" and above in #N1 - in order NOT to cause a confrontation between those "rewarded" by given evil, and "disadvantaged" by it. For example, if this evil needs soldiers to carry out an "aggression", those who expect that they are enlisted to the army to kill their fellow humans living in another country may be forced to emigrate from their homeland. (Notice here that to soldiers defending against aggression apply different moral laws that govern the duty of defence, than laws relating to soldiers of the aggressor.)


(B3) The possibility that the waiting time for self-regulatory mechanisms to start working will be longer than our lifetime. After all, these mechanisms will work in the most appropriate time selected from the point of view of goals, intentions and creativity of God. These in turn are different from our personal goals and expectations (see verse 55:8-9 from the Biblical "Book of Isaiah").


(B4) The need to experience various forms of pressure and persecution that those "rewarded" with a given form of evil will serve to the "disadvantaged" with it - which are to feel very insulting for people who adhere to the vice of "pride". An example of such pressures and persecutions can be the fate that during the Second World War, and immediately after it ended, was experienced by the so-called "conscientious objectors".


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