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#355E: Imprints of propulsors from shoes...

#355E: Imprints of propulsors from shoes of an over 3-metre tall UFOnaut embedded in the asphalt of a NZ footpath


Summary: How would you feel, if you knew that some your distant relative having weapons more effective than yours and known for sinister habits is secretly watching you with malicious intent in your own bedroom sometimes even in the most intimate moments? After all, in item #K3 of this post #355E I present photographed body of evidence, which in connection with other research results proves that each person NOT less frequently than once a month is secretly watched, and then robbed at least of his most valuable resources, i.e. robbed from the "moral energy" and from sperm or ovule - which robbery is explained in more details in {11} from item #H2 from my other web page named "bible.htm". Therefore, item #K3 of this post #355E documents: (1) the empirical (photographic) evidence, that along the pavement of the New Zealand township of Petone in which I live since 2001, not far from my flat, a giant UFOnaut of over three meters tall was boldly walking, footprints trail of whom has revealed that he was playing a "peeping Tom" on people (see ). This UFOnaut used technology that make him invisible to people as he belonged to the technologically extremely advanced human-like race of "Orionians" (i.e. the race of UFOnauts which are the closest relatives of people and thus look like people from Earth, only that they permanently live on planets from the Orion constellation). About this race we already know that it controls the entire confederation of atheistic UFOnauts that practice the brutal and merciless philosophy of evil parasitism (see my web page "parasitism.htm"), which allows them to secretly occupy and exploit the Earth and humanity since thousands of years - in spite that Earth people are their closest relatives. About the existence of this human-like race of UFOnauts one rarely hears even from UFO literature, although the Bible writes about them in verses concerning "fallen angels" - sexual relationships of which with human women caused the birth of giants on Earth. (I.e., among others, they caused the birth of human giants of the "Te Kahui Tipua" tribe, which lived in New Zealand until around 18th century, while the research on mysteriously disappearing skeletons of which - i.e. skeletons which were also secretly stolen from us by UFOnauts who occupy humanity, is described, amongst others, in items #D1 and #I2 from the web page named "newzealand.htm".) Cases of meetings with people and descriptions of this gigantic race of UFOnauts are so rare, because their representatives have mainly ruling and managing positions in their confederation. Thus, apart from some special occasions, they do NOT lower themselves to the level of performing any activities that would force them to appear to their human slaves. Thus, whenever these huge UFOnauts arrive to Earth, they do it either out of curiosity - means as if for "tourism" purposes, or for inspection of their "possessions" which is the entire Earth and the entire humanity, or for some research, training, or testing a new methods or theories of managing humanity - e.g. see a YouTube film entitled "Beware of Angels" (see ) in which such a giant UFOnaut claiming to be an "angel" orders one family to murder its neighbours causing an extraordinary case described in literature as the so-called "Halstead murder case" (see ), while summarized briefly in (6) from item #A2 of my web page named "ufo_pl.htm". Independently from this (1) evidence (i.e. photos) with which I documented the inspection of Petone by this invisible giant-UFOnaut, in item #K3 of this post #355E I also try to reveal: (2) the existing difficulties with identifying, interpreting, documenting, researching, and disseminating this evidence confirming truths which still remain blocked from becoming known to our civilisation; (3) problems that hinder the collection of evidence of the type described here, and the skills required to overcome these problems; and (4) an example of the kind of dangers connected with researching truths in the present situation of humanity, when the majority of people do NOT want to learn new truths and are hostile towards people who try to research and disseminate still unknown truths, as well as (5) the level of courage and caution required for researching such previously unknown and secretly punishable truths. I especially recommend this post #355E to blogs of totalizm to these fellow humans, who on the side of their leg, in the inter-muscular groove halfway between the ankle and the knee, will find a clearly visible scar (in men on the right side of the right leg, in women on the left side of the left leg), discussed and illustrated in Fig. #B4 of my web page named "ufo.htm". This is because such a scar is a proof that systematically at least once every month, without knowing about it, after being technologically hypnotized, they are secretly exploited by UFOnauts, who from so enslaved people obtain under hypnosis the "moral energy" (see #D3 and #D2 from my web page "nirvana.htm") earned each month, as well as sperm or ovule needed by UFOnauts for populating next planets with human slaves which later are subjected to brutal exploitation similar to that which currently humans from Earth are enduring.

#K3. The whitish trail of footsteps of over 3 meters tall UFOnaut who manages the Earth and who walked in the "state of telekinetic flickering" in the direction from west (W) to east (E) along the dark asphalted footpath in New Zealand township of Petone:

Motto: "Human nature was intentionally created in such a way that only a lie or commonly known information of the dictionary type 'what' could be gifted to someone or forced into someone with compulsory education, while in order to learn the truth, or to acquire the wisdom of finding correct solutions 'how' to problems faced, everyone must personally earn with own effort and initiative". (The conclusion which emerges from my research summarized in #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm" and in #H1 to #H2a from the web page named "bible.htm".)

It was Thursday, 2022/12/1. Around two in the afternoon I managed to publish another post number #354 to blogs of totalizm - which presented what I am describing in #H1 to #H2a from the web page "bible.htm". Because my mind felt exhausted after many hours of effort to finish that publication, I decided to go for a walk to relax it. Unfortunately, although it was the first day of the New Zealand summer, an icy wind was blowing from Antarctica, which caused that my typical walk along the beach in Petone was threatening to catch a cold. So I decided to go for a walk along the nearest to my flat footpath from the township of "Petone", the course of which in the direction of W-E and its buildings shield me from the gusts of this cold southerly wind. Along this pavement I repetitively walked on cold days. It is this one that leads to the place where in 2006 I sighted a miniature UFO probe called "orb" emerging from the underground (this "orb" is described in English in item #I3 from the web page "explain.htm" and also in Polish post #97 to blogs of totalizm), and thus where I suspect is an underground base of human-like UFOnauts from the "Orion" constellation - similar in function to the base of UFOnauts from the "nightmare" race that exists under the castle of Teutonic Knights in Malbork that I described in item #G1 and Fig. #G1ab from my web page named "malbork_uk.htm". Therefore, while walking along this pavement, I was looking at its asphalt, whether by any chance I could discover on it another melting of asphalt with feet of some UFOnaut - e.g. melting similar to the one described in items #K1 to #K2 from the web page named "petone.htm".

I walked only around 100 meters from my flat, when on a short stretch of pavement relatively freshly poured with dark asphalt some four months earlier, I was surprised to see a serpent-like winding of long trail formed of whitish patches permanently embedded in the dark asphalt of this footpath. Similar trails of UFOnauts' footsteps I have seen many times before. But they were always scorched in the grass, which from the action of the field from propulsors in soles of UFOnauts' shoes took a unique red colour - which is documented e.g. on the photograph of newly-formed landing of a UFO-vehicle from Fig. #B1a of my web page named "evidence.htm". Unfortunately, the wind always quickly ruffled the grass forming the outlines of these tracks. So although in the grass they could be noticed with the "naked eye", unfortunately their ruffled paths did NOT allow for their legible photographing. Fortunately, this time the trail of footprints formed in the relatively new asphalt was clear and photographable. Its course documented that the footsteps were made by a UFOnaut walking very slowly along this pavement. This is because these white spots formed the trail of someone curiously looking around and thus writhing like a snake and passing from one side of a wide sidewalk to the other side, and as if searching for another bedroom that would still be worth looking into - see Fig. #K3a below and Fig. #K3d on my web page "petone.htm". Only that in spite that clearly this UFOnaut was walking slowly and lazily like a relaxing tourist, his steps were around twice as long as mine which I take when I am to relax my mind and I also walk slowly and recreationally. Such long strides, a man could take only if he ran and practiced a sport that made him accustomed to running with long strides. In turn if it was e.g. a UFOnaut, then it would have to be of gigantic height. This is because I know that UFOnauts never run. After all, they have their "personal propulsion system" which I described more comprehensively in chapter E and subsection R3 from volumes 2 and 15 of my monograph [1/5] (available for free via my web page "text_1_5.htm"), and which allows them, whenever they wish, to fly even faster than human airplanes. And the fact that for sure it was a UFOnaut evidenced these white spots, which documented that they were caused by the strong telekinetisation of asphalt by propulsors in soles of shoes of the "telekinetic personal propulsion system" of a UFOnaut. This is because the strongly telekinetised matter changes all its attributes - including the colour to chalky white, as I described it in more detail, e.g. in subsections H8 to H8.2 from volume 4, and in the entire chapter KB from volume 9 of my monograph [1/5].

I know that there is a race of giant UFOnauts. Although people see it extremely rarely, because this race represents the very leaders of the confederation of UFOnauts who manage the secretive occupation and exploitation of Earth and humanity. I briefly described representatives of this race in subsection V5.3.3 about the "ruler of the world" from volume 17 of my monograph [1/5]. These Ufonauts are described as having significantly higher height than people, with simultaneous indescribable beauty of their bodies and faces with human proportions and appearance like these in people. Every person who saw them, is unable to hide his impression and admiration with the beauty of their bodies and faces, and with the grace and dignity of their movements - reactions of people after seeing these UFOnauts perfectly imitate the content of descriptions of "Lucifer" from verse 28:12-15 in the "Book of Ezekiel" from the Bible - to which descriptions I refer in {11} from item #H2 from my web page named "bible.htm", where I prove that the "[Ω] God Stamp" from the Bible with its far-sighted descriptions of devils and Lucifer wisely and predictively warns us that the Earth is occupied by material and biological creatures (today called "UFOnauts") whose bodily nature differs from the spiritual nature of true angels of God. Unfortunately for us, UFOnauts have a technology which in human eyes looks like giving them "supernatural" capabilities. In my research I even had the opportunity to meet someone who saw a pair of these gigantic UFOnauts of both sexes: male and female. This someone even later expressed his admiration for the appearance of these UFOnauts in the TV program "Holmes" dated 3 May 1989, which in TV NZ reported about my research on the UFO explosion site near Tapanui - see my web page "tapanui.htm". (It was this program on TV and the reactions that it caused at the university in which I lectured, that later became the direct reason for expelling me from Otago University.) Also a Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, probably later murdered by UFOnauts with their famous "machine for inducing cancer" for revealing the truth about UFOnauts that occupy us (see from #J1 to Rys. #J1b from the Polish web page named "tekst_3b.htm" or see post #350E to blogs of totalizm), also heard about these "rulers of the world" from other UFOnauts whom these "Orionians" impress immensely. In his reports he called them "Orianie" (Orionians) because they inhabit planets in the "Orion" constellation. For example, he reported about them that they are the only civilization in the confederation of UFOnauts who occupy us, who can even "wrap light" (in Polish "zawijać światło") - as I explained in more details in items #J1 to #J3 from the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in post #349E to blogs of totalizm, and also in #A1 to #A1c from the web page 'tapanui.htm" as well as in post #350E to blogs of totalizm. These "rulers of the world", means UFOnauts of gigantic height, are always described as highly respected by all other races of UFOnauts, having an extremely beautiful appearance, and never doing any work because everything that is to be done for them, they order either to other UFOnauts, or telepathically or hypnotically extort from us people. This is because between subsequent races of this confederation the same relations prevail as UFOnauts managed to implement on Earth. In the most diplomatic manner these relations can be described with an old Polish proverb "everyone has to peel own turnip" (in Polish words: "każdy sobie rzepkę skrobie") - means no-one helps anyone over there, but only orders and demands. Each race is left to itself. Most illustratively such their principles of conduct are disclosed in the English-language one-hour long video of 2017 entitled "Beware of Angels" disseminated for free on YouTube at the address . It is a great luck for us people that even in their bodies and souls every "God Drobina" in its memory and brain contains the superior program of God - so that similarly as they control and dispose of people, God is able to control and dispose of their behaviour, while when they become useless to God - God even may end their present "non-existent existence" described in #H5 from my web page "immortality.htm".

Having all this knowledge - links to which I provided above, and seeing these white traces of like human walking, I understood that my duty of scientific honesty towards my fellow humans still dishonestly lied to about UFOnauts, is to objectively research, scientifically interpret, and document as well as publish the truth about what these white trails of footprints reveal to us. After all, I am aware that other people, even if they are scientists, will walk on them, and in spite that they have eyes and ears, they do NOT see nor hear (or maybe they do NOT want to see or hear) - as I justify this in the caption under Fig. #H2a from my other web page named "bible.htm" and from post #354E to blogs of totalizm. Only that realizing how difficult as a pensioner I am going to have to carry out these researches while confronting the present attitude of people to truth, and how many dangers, obstacles, and shortcomings I am going to have to face in carrying them out, I understood that their completion would take me a lot of time which always I have in deficit. Thus I decided that I would start this research the next day from measuring and photographing these trails of footprints then systematically writing down here my findings and their results, as well as writing interesting facts about the process of carrying them out. This is because from previous experiences I know that whenever my research is carried out in some public place, for some strange reasons (probably because these UFOnauts have vehicles that transport them through time, thus they can read from my publications in the future about places, times, and details of what I research at present) my research always is a source of many adventures and dangers easily induced by someone who has the technology for making himself invisible and is able to telepathically and hypnotically pre-program people needed later to implement whatever this pre-programming is supposed to serve.

The first problem I had to deal with before I started documenting on photographs these trails of white footsteps, was to prepare a camera. After all, my previous electronic camera, which served me well for years, was burnt out on Saturday 2022/6/11 by UFOnauts at the UFO exhibition - as I described it in Fig. #K2b from the web page named "petone.htm". In turn I do NOT want to spend my pension funds on a new one. So I decided that I would use a worse quality camera built into one of the mobile phones that we were given. Various our friends, seeing that we do NOT use mobile phones, from time to time give us their old phone when they buy a new one. Thus, having several of them, I first had to choose which one to use. This is because I know that cameras from the majority of hand-phones do NOT allow to automatically write the date and time of taking photos. Meanwhile, for the scientific reliability of the documenting photographs, the date and time of their taking are vital. So I started from finding on the Internet which phone has the option of entering the date and time - it turned out to be the "android" of Chinese production that we have. After I pre-programmed onto it to write the date and time of taking by it every photograph, I was ready to start documenting this trail of footprints already the next day.

The next day, i.e. on Friday 2022/12/2, turned out to have sunny weather. So when the sun was already high I went to photograph and to measure these trails of white footprints. However, I was unable to measure the entire length of the photographed section of the asphalt pavement, on which as many as 22 of these white marks were clearly visible with naked eye, because I had NO one who would hold one end of the measuring tape when I stretched it, while on the hard pavement there was NO way to fasten or fix the end of this tape without attracting attention and reaction of nearby people by performing some unusual actions. However, "by eye" I estimate that in fact it had the length indicated by 22 of these stepping marks distant from each other by around 94 cm. After returning home, however, I was disappointed to discover that these white marks are almost NOT visible on photographs, and that almost all my photographs are spoiled by shadows from a power pole and power lines that ran above the pavement. So I decided that I must go again at a slightly later time the next day in order to photograph when these shadows change their positions. However, when on Saturday 2022/12/3 I reached these footprints, I noticed that using a Saturday free from work, a resident of the house near this white trail was washing and cleaning his car. Thus, when I started my photographing, he walked several times to the middle of the pavement to deduce my intentions of staying in there for so long - but from his behaviour I noticed that he did NOT pay attention to the existence of the trail of footprints. This made me wonder what his reaction would be if I explained to him e.g. that: "I am photographing footprints of a giant UFOnaut, who inspected our township by looking into human bedrooms". So I cut short my photo-session and returned home. Then it turned out that on the photographs the contrast between the blackness of the asphalt pavement and the whiteness of these chalk marks is too small that after publishing these photographs the reader could see them clearly. So I decided to do the next few sessions while the shadows are coming over the tracks, but the reflected sunlight is still good. Unfortunately, due to the low quality of the camera in my phone, even these came out poorly. The only thing left for me, is to choose the best photographs out of those already taken, and to publish them on the web page "petone.htm" and in this post #355E to blogs of totalizm.

My web development experience also revealed to me another serious problem with photos taken with the phone's camera. Namely, they take up too much memory. For example, in present times, in order a web page would NOT load for too long - especially during intercontinental browsing, the experience dictates that photographs illustrating it should occupy the memory of at most around 200 KB. Meanwhile, the phone that I used was taking photos with around 30 times greater demand for memory. So in order to be able to publish them on my web page, I was forced to reprogram these photographs in order to reduce their demand for memory - which additionally decreased their already low quality (contrast). Of course, I kept these NOT "slimmed down" originals of photos in case that in the future there will be some good use for them.

When I measured the span of individual steps of this trail, it turned out that each of them was separated from the other by the same distance of about 94 cm. So assuming that the span of steps of a relaxed walk of human-shaped creatures is proportional to their height, and knowing that with the same kind of lazy walk of as if a relaxing "tourist", my own steps are spaced around every 50 cm with my height of 167 cm, it can be calculated that the height of this UFOnaut was over 3 meters tall. This means, that if due to the use of telekinetic propulsion system - which allows him to penetrate through walls and fences directly into human apartments and spy on people in there while remaining invisible to human eyes, this UFOnaut would succumb to his habit of being a "peeping Tom" (see - in Polish named "podglądacz" which word means a "voyeur" see: ), but would sneak into one of the New Zealand one-storey houses, then in order to fit in this house under the ceiling and be able to look around, he would have to crouch down - but this would degrade his "dignity" of the ruler and owner of humanity. In turn, in order to look around while proudly standing, he would first have to enter at least two-storey building and, standing on the ground floor, look around the bedrooms from the next floor. Because I know that on the same street and not far from the place where I saw these footprints, there is a two-storey building relatively rare in the single-storey buildings of the township of Petone, I went to check whether the examined trail of footprints - which led from the direction of that building, do NOT come out from it by any chance. To my surprise, although the asphalt of the sidewalk by this two-storey building was already a bit older, and thus faded so much that the traces of this UFOnaut were more difficult to distinguish from the whitish patches of the asphalt itself, still there were traces of this UFOnaut in the place where he left of that building and penetrated onto the sidewalk through the walled fence surrounding the building. These trails of footprints are described in the caption under, and illustrated in, Fig. #K3f from the web page named "petone.htm" (see e.g. ), while their highly meaningful course I additionally marked in there in Fig. #K3f22 with plastic numbers of a bright yellow colour (see e.g. ). Most clearly earlier this UFOnaut decided to entertain himself as a "peeping Tom" (means a pervert in Polish called "podglądacz" or "voyeur") and looked in this building to rooms located on the second floor (in NZ bedrooms of owners of two-storey buildings usually are located on the second floor). Is it NOT intriguing that with the use of e.g. English keywords: true peeping tom stories (see ) or e.g. Polish keywords: podglądacz prawdziwe historie (see ), in the Internet one can find reports of numerous people who panic and become hysterical at the sole thought that someone may be watching them in private moments. Simultaneously, the same people for years have been ignoring the results of my research and even the empirical evidence, such as the one presented here and additionally supported by the "[Ω] God Stamp" documented in {11} from item #H2 from my web page named "bible.htm", although these evidence conclusively prove to those who want to know the truth that practically every person at least once a month is NOT only secretly spied on without his/her knowledge in even the most intimate situations, but also without their consent brutally robbed of everything that people have most precious, means from "moral energy" and from ovule or sperm, and sometimes on the occasion of this robbing is even raped under hypnosis.

The fact that this trail of footprints appeared only around 100 meters from my flat and on the sidewalk on which I sometimes walk, means that planning of our actions in advance by God through configuring the "Omniplan" - as it is described in item #J5 on the web page "petone.htm", was done already a long time ago. Namely, God pre-planned that I should see, research, and publish these trails of footprints. This in turn empirically confirms that in "God Drobinas" (i.e. those God Drobinas described most comprehensively in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page "god_exists.htm" and in posts #325E and #326E to blogs of totalizm) the 12th highest memory and brain, in fact are used by God. In turn by having superiority over the rest of memories and brains of God Drobinas, they can force even Lucifer and his "devils" (means UFOnauts practicing atheism) to make a decision to walk along this particular sidewalk - which decision God pre-planned in advance to enable me to find and research this trail of footprints.

In turn the fact that around 4 months earlier just this section of pavement was covered with new asphalt so that the white footsteps of a UFOnaut could be clearly visible against dark background of asphalt, indicate how carefully and precisely God plans every event that happens to us. After all, in order for this pavement to be covered with asphalt, the decision needed to be taken by properly selected people in the authorities of the township of Petone, who for some reasons wanted to select this particular pavement for renovation. (And NOT to choose some other old pavement - on which I never walk, and thus trail of UFOnaut footprint would NOT be discovered by anyone on them.) In turn, that just these particular people should be elected to the management of Petone township (as others would choose a different old pavement that also requires renovation), earlier it was necessary to prepare the campaign and voters so that they would properly vote for the required candidates, etc., etc. So this confirms how long-term, carefully, precisely and teachingly God pre-plans the fate of everything that happens in our "world of matter" and in the lives of each one of us people - as this is explained in item #J5 of the web page "petone.htm".

In my life I noticed many times that every single event is so precisely and at long-term prepared by God. As another example of this preparation, I suggest the reader to consider how much time and work it took to make a video about the plaster casting of a giant three-toed footprint of a UFOnaut-monster named "Lizard Man" with red glowing eyes, discussed more comprehensively in the caption under Fig. #K1e and caption under Fig. #K3h from the web page "petone.htm". The plaster cast of the imprint of three-toed foot of this giant, which looks identical to the three-toed foot of a female UFOnaut-nightmare shown in Fig. #K3h from the web page "petone.htm", is one of the main tourist attractions in the "South Carolina Cotton Museum" (see ) from the town of Bishopville, South Carolina, USA, and also the attraction of the entire that town. Thus, in order for me to consider this imprint also the same significant because it reveals a previously unknown truth, it was firstly necessary that I managed to see it on the video shown in NZ television from channel 8 named "eden" only on 2022/12/30 at 17:14 to 17: 21. Means the work on video showing this footprint must have been undertaken many months (or maybe even years) earlier, and then the presentation of their results in television of NZ must be precisely synchronized with my research. After all, as I believe, the purpose of broadcasting in NZ this video about the "Lizard Man" was to confirm and empirically expand the documenting of the truth that also miniature UFOnauts from the three-toed "nightmare" race (succubus and incubus), similarly like every other race of UFOnauts, also have their gigantic counterparts like the one described in item #K3 of this post #355E. But in order for me to firstly notice and then convincingly document this truth, I first needed to gather the empirical evidence which I am presenting in item #K3 of this post #355E and the existence of which I discovered only on 2022/12/1. Means the date of broadcasting in TV of NZ the video from Fig. #K1e of the web page "petone.htm" about the around 2.5-metre-high giant "Lizard Man", and the content of that video, must have been precisely designed - which fact strikes me repetitively in everything that the manifestation of it God commands in our "world of matter". Although dozens of videos documenting this "Lizard Man" are already available in YouTube - see , if with the help of God we do NOT learn "where" and "how" to look for information about it, we have NO chance to learn the truth about it. So it is a pity that so few other people notice this repetitive help from God, while in rare cases of noticing it - typically atheistically thinks that it is just an extraordinary so-called "accident" or "coincidence". After all, if they started to notice this and take to heart for what these events actually are, means for the intentional precision of God's actions, then our descendants and future generations of people would NOT have to live in this "vestibule of hell" that people unaware of this truth, and thus NOT afraid of the consequences of sinning, prepare for the future inhabitants of the Earth with their decisions following the line of the greatest error.

As a retired researcher, I realize that the research documented here leaves much to be desired. For example, the photos are of low quality and the measurements are only rough. Thus, they fulfil the so-called "canon of ambiguity" described in more detail on the web page "bible.htm" - e.g. see over there the caption under Fig. #H2a . Probably the "Omniplan" intended to document them in this way on purpose - after all, it is the ambiguity of this canon that inspires people to search for truth. However, in the situation in which I find myself and with the capabilities that I have at this stage of my life, only such photos and measurements are all that I am able to do alone, without any helper or required equipment, and remembering from my previous life experiences about the common disapproval of the truth which these research reveals and about the long tradition of other human fellows that all attempts to reveal this truth and efforts to find ways to improve the tragic situation in which humanity finds itself, should be treated as a crime requiring severe punishment. It is also a pity that the passivity and apathy of today's people will cause that these professional researchers, who have many helpers and have the required equipment, will allow that with this trail of footprints is to happen the same fate as it was experienced by the footprint from Fig. #K1a and Fig. #K3h of the web page "petone.htm" - i.e. that their existence was completely ignored by everyone, and that this already chronic ignoring of threats from UFOnauts could additionally increase the audacity, insolence, and arrogance of UFOnauts who monthly spy on and exploit each person, including also these well provided researchers and those whom these researchers love the most.

Also, I do NOT see the possibility of carrying out all research that for this footprint trail of a UFOnaut-giant should be carried out. For example, the strongly telekinetised dark asphalt that changed its colour into a chalk-white one, is a unique substance. After all, such chalky-white, telekinetised substances and powders, are claimed to have miraculous properties - e.g. they show the loss of a large proportion of their mass and supposedly have extraordinary healing abilities. So one could carefully scrape off a part of this substance from the microscopically thin white layer that formed on the surface of asphalt and pebbles mixed with asphalt. Then a sample of this substance obtained in this way could be subjected to further research. But since only the photographing of the trail of the footprints already evoked unfavourable reactions, it is easy to deduce how could end the sight of someone precisely scraping this white substance from the pavement, and then sucking it from the pavement in a required complicated manner in order to collect it. After all, after scraping it, the substance would NOT be easy to collect from unevenness and crevices of the asphalt full of pebbles (e.g. see Fig. #K3c below). In turn the white colour of it could induce various suspicions. Furthermore, from where in the present situation of economic collapse and high prices, such a pensioner like myself could then take funds for a thorough research of the physical and biological attributes of this substance? After all, present laboratories operate only for a high fee, and long gone are the times when research could be carried out by someone on principles of a friendly favour.

Personally, I am most puzzled by the effectiveness with which even the most obvious evidence for the existence of UFOs, some group of omnipotent "deniers" (most probably being human-like experts from the group of UFOnauts themselves sent to Earth on purpose in order to impersonate human decision makers and to dissuade humanity from reliable research on UFOs) can invalidate and disgust this evidence in eyes of ordinary people who themselves are victims of exploitation carried out by these UFOnauts. After all, although I gave up my UFO research a long time ago, still only in 2022 my principles of scientific honesty directly forced me to inform my fellow humans about as many as three types of evidence of this well-hidden occupation and exploitation of humanity by UFOnauts, which evidence against my intentions imposed itself onto me by being disclosed NOT more than about 100 meters from my flat. Two out of these three cases of evidence had the form of footsteps of UFOnauts embedded in the asphalt of NZ footpaths described in item #K3 of this post #355E and in the item #K1 from web page "petone.htm". The third one was a UFOnaut flying in the air, also not further than around 100 meters from my flat. I saw this UFOnaut flying in the air on Sunday, 2022/12/18. That Sunday I got up earlier than usual because I was planning to make a very important for me foreign phone call. As I talked through telephone, I looked out the north-facing window of my flat. Despite the slightly cloudy sky, it was already a bright NZ summer day well lit by the morning sun. When the other side of the conversation was explaining something to me, I suddenly saw a humanoid figure flying in the air from the west to the east (i.e. in the direction of the footprints of an over 3-meter UFOnaut described here) - across the area of visibility from this window. The angular height of this human-looking figure, turned to me obliquely from the right side and front, corresponded to what one sees when looking at adult people who are in the distance of around 100 meters from us. In this figure, however, I was struck by its slimness which is rarely seen in New Zealand, and in comparison to typically rounded local people almost even its thinness - as if this someone was malnourished. This humanoid figure flew NOT waving its arms nor moving its legs, as if it was standing in the midair, while something quickly carried it to the east - although at that time the wind was blowing from north to south. Although I know that it could turn on the "state of telekinetic flickering" which would make it completely invisible to human eyes, it remained clearly visible. This in turn means that the creature either knew perfectly well habits of people and knew that on Sunday morning almost everyone in the township will still sleep - while if someone still accidentally sees the flying figure then probably thinks that this is a continuation of his/her night sleep, and then will be afraid to mention it even to own family, or this humanoid already got used to such a bold behaviour and arrogant disregard for knowledge and perceptiveness in people, that it was sure what the Bible claims about us, namely that even though they have eyes and look, they still do not see. The humanoid was dressed in a dark grey jumpsuit tightly fitting its body, but it also had some lighter clothing items, including boots, a belt, and a headdress. It was clearly NOT carrying or wearing anything that looked like a backpack or wings. Since a long time I repetitively come across on YouTube a large number of videos documenting just such human-like figures flying in the air, which can be searched e.g. with the command - as examples of these documentaries, see the less than one and a half minute long videos from the addresses: , , , or . So I was not surprised at all when I saw one of them in person. However, because of the distraction of my attention by this event during an important telephone conversation, I was unable to refrain from surprising the person with whom I was talking by immediately sharing the information about details of the just sighted human-like creature flying in the air - please imagine the kind of impression that this information aroused.

I know that the majority of people, even if they learn about results of my research, in advance categorize them as a "fantasy" or even "ridiculousness". Few of them ever wonder: what if the multitude of evidence confirming these results means that they reveal the truth - NOT some unproven fantasy or absurdity, and what impact such truth has on their own fate, course of life, and thoughts in final moments each of the people, including everyone who avoids learning the truth. After all, until today on NO topic that UFOnauts allow to be researched by employees of the monopolistic "official atheistic science", the humanity has accumulated so huge amount of scientifically indisputable evidence as it have done on UFOs. Also the evil nature of the same material and biological UFOnauts is disclosed and confirmed by "[Ω] God Stamp" reported in {11} from item #H2 of my web page named "bible.htm". So if not for the fact that these secretly sent to Earth human-looking UFOnauts rule over us and make all vital decisions for people, it would NOT be possible that the matter of secret exploitation and occupation of humanity by UFOnauts would be ignored for so long, nor would it be possible that these decision makers with their either intentionally avoiding action, or taking action opposite to what is required, secretly push humanity towards the self-destruction of the 2030s.


Fig. #K3abc: Here are photos, documentation, and my interpretation of the trail of white footprints of a giant-UFOnaut, telekinetised in the still dark, because recently poured, asphalt of the New Zealand pavement from the township of Petone. From the calculations presented above in item #K3 of this post #355E, it appears that this UFOnaut was over 3 meters tall, thus most probably he originated from the human-like race "Orionians" which governs the entire occupation of Earth and other planets by the confederation of evil UFOnauts, and thus from the race very rarely reported even in UFO literature. This gigantic UFOnaut probably inspected the township of Petone only around 100 meters from my flat, walking along the pavement in the "state of telekinetic flickering" that is invisible to human eyes, which I described more comprehensively in item #C1 from my other web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm" - which state also allows UFOnauts to penetrate through solid walls and fences. The complete documentation of the white marks which the propulsors from the shoes of his telekinetic personal propulsion of the second generation telekinetised into the almost new dark asphalt of the New Zealand pavement poured only around four months earlier, is presented here on a series of photographs, three of which (i.e. Fig. #K3a, #K3b and #K3c) I am displaying permanently above, while the remaining ones can be displayed by the reader by clicking on their green links which I am placing in their descriptions from item #K3 of the web page named "petone.htm".

Fig. #K3a (top). A photograph of the final section of the footprints trail of this giant UFOnaut on the newly asphalted footpath. If the reader has difficulties with noticing the location of individual imprints of his footprints trail, then on a different photograph Fig. #K3a22 (see ) the location of individual footprints of the trail I deliberately marked with coloured plastic numbers, while the last, 22nd white patch of them I marked with the letter X. Notice over there that on a part of this trail, the UFOnaut comes so close to the fence, that his body must have penetrated the matter of the fence, but it did NOT change the rhythm or mutual distances of his footprints. This reveals how perfect is the "state of telekinetic flickering" (in Polish reading: stan telekinetycznego migotania ), to the descriptions of which I am linking with its Polish name in the index of researched terms from my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm". In this state, objects made of solid matter penetrated by a UFOnaut using telekinetic propulsion, do NOT pose any resistance or physical force to the UFOnaut that passes through them. After this last whitish patch of his trail, there are NO further marks - although this new dark pavement was poured over a considerable further length of the street. In turn, their disappearance documents that the UFOnaut took off to fly in the air using his "personal propulsion system" and either carried out further inspection of Petone from a "bird's eye view", or returned to the deck of his "presidential" UFO spaceship of the "ruler of the world" - in which he flew over "properties" that he owns and inspected on Earth and on other planets. I took this photograph in the direction east (E) towards west (W). It most clearly illustrates the last step of a UFOnaut (as if it resulted from a stronger field of his propulsion system than in previous steps) visible just before the bulge of spilled black tar that ends this fragment of the renovated pavement. In addition, it also illustrates the section of the track leading to the last step and going along the fence. The clearest visibility of the whitish spots of this trail is when viewing them in a slightly darkened room and on a clean computer screen, and even better when viewing them, e.g. after a significant enlargement of the photograph. (How to enlarge the photograph in the easiest way is explained at the end of the introductory part of the web page "petone.htm".)

Fig. #K3b (middle). Here is a photograph showing one of the walking footprints of a UFOnaut that used a different "magnetic personal propulsion system". (Such a "magnetic personal propulsion system" is described and illustrated e.g. on Fig. #H3 from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm".) This footprint was left on the floor made of PVC tiles in the apartment of Mr Jerzy Wasilewski from Wrocław, Poland, on 4 September 1979. The UFOnaut, whose inspection of that flat produced long trail of such footprints, belonged to the "nightmare" (succubus) race, women of which are around 80 cm tall, while men can grow even up to 120 cm tall. These tracks from Wrocław on average had around 13 millimetres in diameter and displayed a black wavy pattern on their surface - which suggests that they were formed by the propulsor of the magnetic propulsion system. Originally the above footprint is shown and discussed in Fig. R6 from volume 14 of my monograph [1/4] disseminated for free via my web page "text_1_4.htm".

Fig. #K3c (lowest). Here is a close-up photograph of a single mark telekinetised into the asphalt of NZ pavement by the propulsor from the sole of the shoe of the "telekinetic personal propulsion" of the UFOnaut discussed here - over 3 meters tall. All marks left by this UFOnaut, independently from the left or right leg, show almost identical pattern, which reveals the principle of operation used in the entire symmetrical personal propulsion system of this UFOnaut. These marks have the shape of a white patch telekinetised (or as if embedded) onto the surface of darker asphalt, in the shape of which can be seen the rounded outline of an octagon - means the outline of the outlet of the telekinetic propulsor that uses the octagonal Oscillatory Chamber (see Fig. #L1b from my web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm") shown also in Fig. F8 from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5]. Outside of the sole of this UFOnaut's shoe, sometimes less clear spots were telekinetised, one of which on the photo #K3c touches the lower-left corner of the ruler with the number 30 mm. The diameter of the white patch of each trace was about 7 cm. So if we take a very rough assumption that the diameter of the outlet from the propulsor in shoes must be proportional to the height (and thus weight) of the race of humanoids that this propulsor is going to lift, and remembering that the Wrocław’s mark of around 13 mm in diameter shown and discussed in Fig. #K3b was scorched by the lifting propulsor of about 80 cm tall UFOnaut from the race of "nightmare" described also in items #K1 and #K2 of the web page "petone.htm", then it could be calculated that the footprints discussed here were telekinetised into the asphalt of the NZ pavement by propulsors in shoes built for UFOnauts of around 4 meters in height. But because the design of telekinetic propulsors is much more complicated, and thus also more extensive in size, than in magnetic propulsors shown here and discussed in Fig. #K3b, the exact height for which they are built probably will be slightly lower than the one calculated above on the basis of the trace from the purely magnetic propulsor.

Note: Shown above is less than a half of photographs with which on my web page "petone.htm" is documented the trail of footprints of an over 3-metre tall UFOnaut telekinetised into the asphalt of a New Zealand pavement. But because showing many photos on a blog is highly cumbersome, if the reader is interested in additional viewing of further photos NOT shown or linked here, and learning their descriptions, then I recommend him/her to view them from Fig. #K3d to Fig. #K3i of my web page named "petone.htm".


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