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#354_2E: Twelve "[Ω] God Stamps"...

#354_2E: Twelve "[Ω] God Stamps" correcting errors of science and confirming the truth of my fundamental discoveries (part 2)

(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #354E)


{7} The perpetual mobility of elementary components of "counter-matter" (means "God Drobinas") from the counter-world allows us to build machines for generating perpetual motion in our world of matter, and thus also to build generators of clean free energy that operate on principles of "perpetual motion" - see "fe_cell.htm". This is because the present problem with such generators of pure free energy that operate on principles of "perpetual motion" is that the "official atheistic science" falsely and insistently tells politicians and the majority of people that such generators supposedly cannot be built. Meanwhile, the eternally moving counter-matter which since infinity formed in the counter-world the phenomenon by myths of ancient Greece called "chaos" (see ) was by God formed into equally eternally moving "whirls" described more extensively in #I2 from the web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm" and in the post #330E to blogs of totalizm. In turn these ever-moving "whirls" propel in our "world of matter" the movements of e.g. all celestial bodies and all elementary particles and atoms - thus turning our entire "world of matter" into one gigantic "perpetual motion machine". But if the wise and far-sighted God formed our entire "world of matter" into a kind of "perpetuum motion machine", this alone implies that He foresaw and pre-programmed also how people will be able to build similar "perpetuum mobile" devices, which will provide them with the required energy - only that on the manner of building these devices for sure God imposed requirements that people firstly reach the required level of morality and spiritual advancement before God allows them to build these devices.

The finding of another "[Ω] God Stamp" and empirical evidence for the discovery due to my "Theory of Everything of 1985" that "God Drobinas" are eternally mobile and precisely execute commands of God pre-programmed into them, was gradual. This is because in the Bible there are many verses which contain wisely coded confirmations that our "world of matter" works as one gigantic "perpetual motion machine", and thus imply that for sure God also created the possibility for people to be able to build described in many of my publications generators of pure free energy operating on principles of "perpetual motion" - see my web page "free_energy.htm". Examples of such verses are those in which information is encoded about God causing movements of e.g. the moon or planets. However, in my opinion the most significant and meaningful example of a verse encoded in the Bible which confirms the existence of ever-moving "whirls" capable of propelling e.g. human "perpetuum mobile", and thus which constitutes the actual "[Ω] God Stamp", is verse 3:17 from "Book of Zephaniah" in the Bible. The most accurately I interpreted this verse in (7) from item #C12 of the web page "bible.htm". However, I also discuss it, among others, in (2) from item #L2 of the web page named "god_proof.htm", and in item #I2 of the web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm" indicated earlier, as well as I published them later also in post #330E to blogs of totalizm.

It is obvious that the empirical evidence documenting the existence of "whirls" of counter-matter which propel both the rotation of our Earth, and which cause a whole range of other phenomena on our planet, is widely described in a number of my publications. Excellent examples of documenting the existence of these whirls of counter-matter and their ability to cause motion in our "world of matter", are phenomena of tornadoes and hurricanes, and consequences of their operation on Earth - described e.g. in item #C2 from my web page named "tornado.htm" or in item #C2 from my web page "hurricane.htm", or phenomena described in subsections H4.2 and H5.4 from volume 4 of my free monograph [1/5] available from the address "text_1_5.htm".

The most commonly known example of sources of "whirls" of counter-matter, which practically all people know, is every magnet. After all, the commonly known so-called "magnetic field" is actually a body of force interactions caused by "whirls" of counter-matter formed by the action of magnets.

In turn the most convincing empirical evidence that "perpetual motion" generators can be constructed and used, is that a lot of such devices have already been built - some of which are documented in my publications (e.g. see the web page "free_energy.htm") - only that descriptions of their existence still are officially blocked and hidden, while the fact that they work is lately contradicted anew by increasingly fictional and atheistic "requirements" cunningly invented for them by present scientists (who changed their claims and this time try to convince people that although these machines do work without consuming any external energy provided to them from the world of matter, still they do NOT fulfil these cunning "requirements" invented anew by scientists, which allegedly should be fulfilled by every "perpetual motion machine"). One of these machines is even exhibited in the Technical Museum in Vienna - see , and further information about it can be searched for with e.g. keywords: Technisches Museum Vienna PERPETUUM MOBILE Perpetual motion machine .

{8} Every person is shifted by God back in time two or three times. The discovery of another "[Ω] God Stamp" encoded in verses of the Bible, which confirms this shifting people back in time, was caused by my repeated observations that I myself am shifted back in time many times in my life. Some of my shifting back in time I described in a number of my publications - e.g. see items #D6 and #D6.1 from the web page named "timevehicle.htm".

In the Bible, this shifting back in time of each person is confirmed by verses 33:25-30 from the "Book of Job" - as I report and interpret this in more detail in item #B4.1 from my web page "immortality.htm".

Independently from the Bible, the fact that each one of us in our lives is shifted back several times in time is also confirmed by a lot of empirical evidence - e.g. by the phenomenon of "deja vu" (see ), or e.g. by phenomena described and illustrated in item #D2 and on Fig. #D1 from my web page named "newzealand.htm".

{9} The correct principle of operation of the "Time Vehicle" was discovered and worked out due to my research. This principle is described in a number of my publications, the most important of which are: the web page "immortality.htm" and also the Polish-language monograph [12] devoted to the description of the operation of reversible time and time vehicles, disseminated free of charge via the Polish web page "tekst_12.htm".

The finding of described in next paragraph "[Ω] God Stamp" encoded in verses of the Bible, which confirms the correctness of my principle of operation of "Time Vehicles", was made by my acquaintance priest, who systematically reads my publications - including also those describing this principle, thus who pointed me to the correct verse from the Bible.

That my principle of operation of Time Vehicles is correct the Bible confirms with the "[Ω] God Stamp" from verses 20:1-11 of the "Second Book of Kings" repeated again in verses 38:1-8 from the "Book of Isaiah" - which verses on the basis of my knowledge about the work of time I interpreted more comprehensively in items #B4 and D5 to #D5.2 from my web page named "immortality.htm" and also in post #175E to blogs of totalizm.

Furthermore, the truth of the possibility of time travel is also confirmed by quite numerous empirical evidence described e.g. in #D6 to #D6.1 from the same my web page "immortality.htm" and in post #191E to blogs of totalizm.

The construction of Time Vehicles of my invention will be very important for humanity, because it will allow for a repetitive return to the youthful age after reaching old age, and thus for living in the so-called "imprisoned immortality". Even more interesting, if someone carefully studies the principle of their operation described in my publications, then he or she will discover that an open-minded handyman well-knowing his tools and with inventive capabilities, should be able to build a stationary version of such a time vehicle having at his disposal only machines and tools which are on the equipment of virtually every major car repair shop today.

{10} The clear wish of God is that people on Earth implement the "Nirvana Political System" which will completely eliminate the use of "money" by entire humanity. In this wish God invested a lot of His creativity, through pre-programming human souls and bodies to experience the phenomenon of nirvana - as this is described in detail in item #A1 from the web page "evolution.htm" and in post #316E to blogs of totalizm. This "Nirvana System" is illustratively explained on our approximately half-hour Polish film (but with English subtitles) entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (which title means: "The World Without Money: Nirvana System") available for free at the internet address , while based on the content of my web page named "nirvana.htm".

In the Bible the "[Ω] God Stamp" confirming this wish of God that the humanity completely eliminates "money" from use and replaces it with the rewarding of morally performed productive physical work by the phenomenon of miraculous happiness of earned nirvana was directly encoded in two verses, namely in verse 10:8 from "The Gospel according to St. Matthew" - stating "You have received for free, give it for free!", and in verse 6:10 from "The First Letter to Timothy" - stating "For the root of all evil is the greed of money". This God's wish to voluntarily and at free will elimination of money from use on Earth, together with these verses 10:8 and 6:10 from the Bible, is briefly supplied with evidence in [D] from item #C9, and in item #C7, from my web page named "nirvana.htm" and also in posts #351E and #328E to blogs of totalizm. Furthermore, the indirect removal from the use of "money" by people - which is the "root of all evil", the Bible also persuades in a huge number of other verses which admonish people to eradicate evil both from their own actions, and from everything on which they have an influence. As their example see verse 4:17 from "James" - quote: "Therefore, if one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is a sin for him."

Of course, independently from the above "[Ω] God Stamp" encoded in verses of the Bible, this wish of God that people voluntarily eliminate "money" from use is also confirmed by a lot of empirical evidence. The most important example of this body of evidence is the actual existence of the phenomenon of the wonderful happiness of the earned nirvana described on the web page "nirvana.htm", the earning of which for myself and experiencing for around 9 months is described in more detail e.g. in INTRODUCTION and in part #L" from the web page "smart_tvs.htm". Other examples of this evidence can be numerous moral requirements imposed for earning for yourself the experiencing of this phenomenon of nirvana, described more extensively in items #D3, #D2 and #C7 from my web page named "nirvana.htm" and in #A1 to #A4 from my other web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" as well as in the post #320E based on them. An empirical example of evidence for the wish of God that people voluntarily replace the rewarding of work with "money" with the implementation of the "Nirvana Political System", is also the fact that God pre-programmed into bodies of all people a natural mechanism of generating "moral energy" with the use of morally performed productive physical work - which is described in more details in item #A1 from the web page "evolution.htm" and in post #316E to blogs of totalizm. In my opinion, one of the most convincing examples of such arguments of God why people should voluntarily eliminate "money" from use, is the impending collapse of money-based humanity in 2030s, the fast approaching of which collapse is best illustrated by our half-hour film on "The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s" disseminated for free at the address , which soon will illustrate to everyone what leads to that excessively long-term use of money by people unable to control their greed.

{11} For thousands of years the Earth is secretly occupied and exploited by a technically highly advanced confederation of UFOnauts that practice the philosophy of evil parasitism (see web page "parasitism.htm") which contradicts intentions of God. This confederation of UFOnauts, instead of forging a better future for everyone with its own work and peaceful coexistence based on love (which principles are the essence of the religion of Christianity described in the Bible), chose to practice laziness and to improve only its own situation by preying on the work of other creatures that by force or deceit are subordinated to them, and by robbing everything they need from these other creatures. The philosophy of parasitism that practices this confederation of UFOnauts and that uses more animal than human principle of "survival of the fittest", for thousands of years the confederation imposed also on humanity. (As this can be clearly seen lately: it managed to impose on us this parasitism with a huge success.) The confederation of these evil UFOnauts consists of a wide range of various races of creatures which already mastered interstellar travel and which differ from each other in many attributes, amongst others in height - e.g. for human-looking creatures, their height starts from giants, a trail of longer than human steps of which I documented in Fig. #K3abc from the web page named "petone_pl.htm", and ending with small humanoids of the size of a small bottle of lemonade - a photograph of one of which I showed and discussed in Fig. #H4ab from the web page named "explain.htm". Races of UFOnauts from civilizations that are part of this confederation include also beings that differ in appearance and in genetic structure - starting from our cosmic relatives with appearance almost identical to people - only that with indescribably more beautiful appearance than us, and ending with flying monsters covered with snake skins similar to ancient snake-like "dragons" with horns and bat-like wings. Each of these races probably also has many primitive civilizations and planets under its occupation, with situations similar to those of humanity, which they mercilessly but secretly exploit from all the resources and goods they need. This group of different civilizations of confederation of UFOnauts that arrive to Earth in order to exploit us and keep us under their occupational subordination, until recently people called "UFOnauts". In turn now themselves these occupants who rule over us try to confuse us by introducing increasingly misleading names for themselves. In turn in the Bible they are described under the ancient names "fallen angels", "devils", "demons", Lucifer, Satan, sons of god, snakes, dragons, etc. - which names try to express their attributes and appearance.

In spite that a significant proportion of the Bible is devoted to the exact descriptions of these UFOnauts who exploit and occupy us, their descriptions are provided very wisely, far-sightedly, and in a coded manner. After all, if they used direct descriptions and phrases, as I am doing here, the Bible would have NO chance to survive until present times without significant censoring and removal of verses. This is because the human-looking UFOnauts keep the Earth and our entire civilization under their absolute control and rule. Therefore God inspired their descriptions in the Bible as a kind of "puzzle" which still needs to be deciphered when human discoveries and knowledge about attributes of UFOnauts allow their full understanding. And so, in the Bible a number of categories of verses describing these creatures can be distinguished, forming as if multi-verse "[Ω] God Stamps". So let us discuss here the information that constitutes the essence of at least the most important of these categories. Here are already discovered truths that these most important categories confirm to us:

{11a} These beings display traits that are brutally destructive to humanity and contrary to God's intentions. These traits are confirmed by the "[Ω] God Stamp" devoted to the discussion of their typical behaviours, beliefs, ways of thinking, methods of acting, life goals, etc. Examples of verses for this God Stamp can be: 6:11 from "Ephesians", 28:17 from "Ezekiel ", 14:12-14 from "Isaiah", 12:3-4 and 12:7-9 from "Revelation", 5:8 from "1 Peter", 11:14-15 from "2 Corinthians", or 4:5-6 from "Luke" talking about even Jesus being tempted by the devil.

{11b} Nature of these beings is mortal and biological (similar to our humans) and marked by human-like weaknesses. For this information, the main "[Ω] God Stamp" confirming it, is composed of: verses 6:1-4 from the "Book of Genesis" revealing that they begot giants through intercourse with human women, and also verses 22:30 from "Matthew" and 12:25 from "Mark" - which reveal that if they actually were angels (even later "fallen"), then because of the spiritual (NOT bodily) nature of angels, they would be unable to beget children - which implies the easily drawn conclusion that they are mortal and biological like us humans, but massively more advanced technologically than us. This God Stamp and verses in manners wisely and far-sightedly encoded into verses of the Bible emphasize the mortality and biological nature of these creatures, only that extended by their enormous technical and scientific advancement - which to us with our technical primitivism to-date, gave the impression that they are supernatural beings. However, since the Bible emphasizes and confirms their materiality (as opposed to the spiritual nature of angels) and their biological organisms, it means that they are mortal beings and can be defeated just like us humans. Thus, in spite of their technical advancement and wisdom, still if we are able to mobilize ourselves to do so, then with the active help of God we have a chance to free ourselves for good from their occupation and exploitation. In fact, almost the entire Bible tries to show us methods with which we can defend ourselves against their brutality, occupation, and exploitation, and against their secret ways of "converting" us to their parasitic philosophy and atheism. The Bible itself is a perfect example of effectiveness of methods of defence provided in it. After all, the descriptions of these creatures coded into the Bible managed to survive until our times, although these creatures actually rule the humanity and without any problems could at any time censor and remove from the Bible all verses about themselves - as they already did with the biblical confirmations of the existence of reincarnation documented in item #C4 of the web page "bible.htm". (It can be seen that it was enough to flatter their vanity by comparing them to angels and sons of god, and emphasizing their beauty, wisdom, and capabilities - e.g. see verses 28:12-13 from "Ezekiel", while wisely coding the truth about them.)

{11c} So far these creatures are useful to God - after all the actions of their harming and tempting allow to test and disclose the "power of faith" in individual people. This in turn allows God to check the suitability of every human candidate for the army of 144,000 "soldiers of God" which God tries to recruit and train at the present stage of the development of humanity, before He gives immortal bodies to these 144,000 people already tested in the most difficult tasks. The "[Ω] God Stamps" which confirm this also are composed of several verses of the Bible. For example verse 3:1 from the "Book of Genesis" informs, that similarly as everything else, also these creatures were created by God. In turn verses 1:6-12 (and next after them) from "Job" let us understand that God allows UFOnauts to test the "power of faith" of candidates for future "soldiers of God" by subjecting them to various persecutions or by tempting them to abandon the obeying of God's commandments and to "convert" into practicing the parasitic philosophy of these UFOnauts (which in present times starts to be practiced by the majority of humanity). In turn verses 7:4, 14:3 and 21:17,27 from the "Revelation" confirm that only carefully selected by God 144,000 (who pass such rigorous exams and tests) will be given immortal bodies. After all, we do NOT need to be surprised by this - even people already discovered that what soldiers of an army are worth can only be proved by letting them go through real wars, NOT e.g. only by occasionally parades or by greetings of dignitaries. NOT for nothing to express this truth the English use the proverb "the proof of pudding is in the eating" (see ) - which if applied to the "soldiers" training and morale, can be explained with words: "the proof of a quality and morale of army is whether and how morally they win a war".

The existence of these secretly occupying and exploiting creatures in present times called "UFOnauts" which are technically so highly advanced that their actions to us seem to be "supernatural", is also confirmed by a huge body of empirical evidence. I even developed a formal scientific proof for the existence of UFOs which I published, amongst others, in my web page named "ufo_proof.htm", while to which also refer, amongst others, my web pages: "ufo.htm, explain.htm, evil.htm, military_magnocraft.htm", and several others. The newest example of this evidence can be the "melting into the hard asphalt of the NZ pavement of the footprint of a UFOnaut from the nightmare race", described in items #K1 to #K3 from my web page named "petone_pl.htm" and in posts #347E and #348E to blogs of totalizm. Even a newer discovery revealed to me the evidence in form of a trail left by a UFOnaut-giant over 3 meters tall, whom inspected a two-storey house in Petone, NZ - as documented in #K3 to #K3abc from the web page named "petone_pl.htm".  Such a perfect proof was also the abduction by a UFO of a Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, to the planet Nea, described in our joint treatise in Polish entitled "Kosmiczna Układanka" (which title means: "The Cosmic Puzzle") disseminated free of charge in the internet by the Polish web page "tekst_3b.htm", while briefly discussed in posts #349E and #350E to blogs of totalizm. My friend from Italy, Daniela Giordano, published an extensive book in English about UFOs illustrated on widely known religious paintings, the content of which book she herself discusses in a 48-minute long video disseminated for free at the address . (Unfortunately, the sound of this video was sabotaged by UFOnauts, but fortunately this video also displays "closed-captions" in English, which repeat in writing everything that she said.) And of course, the evidence for the parasitic activities of UFOnauts that occupy us, is the secretive murdering of human researchers who are too close to raising our civilization to a higher level of knowledge, technology, and awareness - as this is documented in numerous my publications.

A whole large category of empirical evidence for the existence of UFOnauts who secretly occupy and brutally exploit humanity, are marks which inhuman methods of their exploitation leave on bodies of people. An excellent example of these marks is the scar on the leg, which visibly is more or less well healed, which can be found on leg of every person on Earth, and which I illustrated and described in Fot. #B4 from my web page named "ufo_pl.htm". Other are the drilling marks on the left (and sometimes also on the right) side of the nose right next to and slightly below the eye, and also burn marks on the left cheek of some men systematically abducted to UFOs (including me), which I illustrated and discussed in Filmy #A2ab on the above Polish web page "ufo_pl.htm".

In my opinion, a potentially highly intriguing empirical evidence can also be the fact that in almost all ruling personalities, who in the past let us know about them for doing something devastating to the situation of humanity, there are details of anatomy which I described and illustrated from item #G3 to Fig. #G2f of my web page named "evil.htm", and the presence of which details in human-looking UFOnauts exploiting people on decks of UFOs is reported by people who remember their abductions to UFOs. Unfortunately, until people start building handy device for "bringing to visual sight" of UFOnauts hiding in the "state of telekinetic flickering" described in our free treatise (in Polish) [7b] available from web page "tekst_7b.htm" - the title of which says "The device for revealing invisible objects hidden in the state of telekinetic flickering", we lack a tool which would allow to effectively determine whether these details represent innocent cases of coincidences or significant information. It is highly intriguing that the same details (even including a single vertical wrinkle in the middle between eyebrows) can be recognized in images of William Occam (see ), who with his "Occam's razor" (see ), cut out, amongst others, truth, God, UFOnauts, telepathy, telekinesis, etc., from the area of interests of the "official atheistic science" - as I mention this in the "summary" of this post #354E.

Furthermore, there is also evidence suggesting that sporadically arrive to Earth UFOnauts representing totaliztic civilizations that try to help humanity, or that God simulates the arrival of such UFOnauts that actually represent God's angels sent to Earth.

{12} It is NOT the office of the Pope, but the institution of the Internet disclosed by my research a long time ago, which will be the bearer of the sinister numbers "666" in the Bible described in verses 13:17-18 from the "Revelation", which the bearer of numbers "666" will bring upon humanity a huge amount of evil and persecution of people who believe in God. The Pope for carrying these numbers "666" is unjustly accused by various reforming churches already for around 500 years, means since the times of the German church reformer named Martin Luther (born in 1483, died in 1546). The reason is that the official title of the Pope "VICARIUS FILII DEI" contains Roman numerals which add up to "six hundred and sixty-six" (see ). However, in item #H4 from my web page "will.htm" and in post #353E to blogs of totalizm I presented results of my own research, which indicate that in the Bible verse 13:18 from the "Revelation" contains the information wisely encoded by God that these digits 666 should be counted from the number 18=6+6+6, NOT from the sum of 666 received by adding together Roman numerals contained in the name of their bearer - as the Church of SDA counts it for the title of the Pope "VICARIUS FILII DEI" (see ). Simultaneously, my many years long research indicate that all information encoded in the Bible about the carrier of digits 666 is fulfilled by the institution of today's Internet.

That my discovery of the information wisely encoded in verse 13:18 from the "Revelation" that the bearer of digits 666 should be counted for the number "18" being the sum of 18=6+6+6, actually provides us with the "[Ω] God Stamp" confirming the correctness of my research, while invalidating previous research misleadingly indicating the office of Pope as the bearer of numbers 666.

Of course, independently from the Bible, there are also numerous other "witnesses", which also confirm that the institution of Internet (if we allow it) may become the future greatest persecutor of humanity about which the Bible warns us with numerals 666. The most important out of these other witnesses I indicated in that item #H4 from my web page named "will.htm" and in post #353E to blogs of totalizm, and also in my other publications linked from there.

* * *

I should also add here, that I deliberately chose the number 12 for listing the above most fundamental, although unknown to people, "[Ω] God Stamps". This is because the number 12 can also be a source of considerable confusion in all matters of God and heaven, about which it is worth knowing. After all, in bodies of "God Drobinas", from the capabilities and behaviours of which mechanisms of operation of all three worlds of the universe and their contents are formed, physically there are also other forms, which various religious mythologies that use various words and expressions for their descriptions may confuse with the concepts of "heaven". Namely, these physical forms are 12 separate brains and memories that each God Drobina contains in its four heads - for their details see descriptions of God Drobinas provided in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm". Precise methods of acting by God cause that each of these 12 brains and memories in God Drobinas represents as if a separate sector of the "Virtual World", means as if a separate "heaven" for some category of creatures. This matter is best explained by the pre-Christian mythology of New Zealand Maoris, cut off from the rest of the world, concerning their Supreme God "Io" (see ). Knowledge very similar to Maoris was also explained to me by a mystic of Hinduism with whom I had a very long and fruitful conversation during my professorship in Kuala Lumpur. He claimed that everything that exists in the universe are living beings that can be divided into four categories - but NOT all of which categories received from God the so-called "free will". Thus, each of these categories of beings belongs to a separate level of the universe that contains awareness of three kinds of beings. Currently, knowing about 12 brains and memories of God Drobinas, I understand that with the words "the four levels of the universe" he actually referred to these four heads in God Drobinas, in each of which 3 brains and memories are contained, while individual ones from which brains and memories support thinking and behaviour of different kinds of beings. This mystic described to me that the lowest out of these four levels of the universe contains consciousnesses of elementary particles, atoms and minerals - means the so-called inanimate matter. In turn, the highest sector contains the self-awareness of God and the consciousness of God's chosen Angels. In other words, the existence of these 12 brains and memories located by three of them in each of the four heads of God Drobinas, in connection with the superior precision and repeatability of organizing everything by God, causes that also the "Virtual World" is divided into four levels, in each of which levels there are located 3 sectors that maintain self-awareness and centres of thinking of a separate kind of beings - which by various religions (in their religious mythologies using different words and expressions) can be identified with different kinds of "heaven". Thus, we should NOT be surprised when, for example, we learn that any of the religions NOT based on the Bible will claim that there are more than three heavens, while in each of them reside different souls or beings - because this statement under the term "heaven" will mean NOT the entire "virtual world" (nor the entire "counter-world", and NOT a fragment of our "world of matter" which we will see when we look up under the "naked sky"), but only one out of 12 separate memories in "God Drobinas" in which the entire "virtual world" is located.

* * *

The 12 examples of [Ω] God Stamps presented above also bring an important lesson for each of us. This lesson states that in the Bible, inspired by the omniscient God, every word of it has a meaning and every word of it was chosen with truly divine precision and foresight. So what one day or for one group of people sounds like a trivial digression of ancient shepherds, on a different day or for someone else may turn out to be a wisely encoded by God the essence of some extremely important future discovery or invention. It is for this reason that if one day the new "totaliztic science" (postulated in #C4 and #C6 of the web page "telekinetics.htm") started educating young people with truth (as an opposite to the present education of young people with distortions of truth and with wrong definitions of dictionary "what" instead of engineering "how" - see #G3 from web page "wroclaw_uk.htm"), then in my opinion selected fragments of the Bible, including also e.g. verses 1:27 from "Genesis", 90:4 from "The Book of Psalms", 3:8 from "2 Letter of St. Peter the Apostle", or 13:18 from "Revelation", should become the required reading where young people would learn to know the divine art of expressing the most important ideas in the simplest words.
Fig. #H2a: A photograph of the entire class of Madam Hass from the Lyceum of General Education (Secondary School) in the Polish township of Milicz (see web page "milicz_uk.htm"), taken in 1964 - means when the students of the class of Madam Hass recorded on it (in this number also the author of this post #354E and the web page "bible.htm") were around 18 years old. (At the time of writing this item #H2, those of them who are still alive were already around 76 years old.) I am showing this photograph here, because on 2022/11/21 I noticed in it a "person" which previously was NOT on it, but which God probably introduced to it on purpose quite recently in order to confirm and give to believers and to those who are open to the truth, a proof that in fact in the natural counter-world there is NO time nor the elapse of time, but which confirmation and proof fulfils the "canon of ambiguity" described e.g. in item #C2 from the web page "will_pl.htm" with a perfect example of empirical evidence confirming the actual implementation by God of this "canon of ambiguity" I presented, amongst others, in item #C2 from my web page named "tornado.htm". This non-existence of time and the elapse of time in the "house of God" which is the "counter-world" and "virtual-world", in turn allows God, for example, to make changes in the past which in present times completely do NOT cause the formation of so-called "data redundancy errors" (see ) - as this is briefly summarized above in {3} from item #H2 of this post #354E, while in details as I explain it in #I1 to #I5 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm. This "person-of-interest" that fulfils the "canon of ambiguity" is someone who was NOT a participant of Madam Hass's class shown on the above photograph, and probably was NOT even a student of the Lyceum in Milicz in 1964, whom none of the participants of Madam Hass's class is able to recognize, and who does NOT fit into this photo because is dressed in a shirt or blouse with a "golf" type of collar-cut (i.e. a shirt or blouse with a narrow collar with like a rolled up "sleeve" at the top, which tightly covers the entire neck of the person who wears it). After all, such shirts or blouses with a "golf" collar-cut started to be widely used in Poland only in 1980s. This is because in order to produce them with the process of machine knitting, highly elastic fibres are needed, mass-produced only after stretching plastic fibres become popular. This mysterious "person-of-interest" in a "golf" cut shirt or blouse, the reader will find on the above photograph in the uppermost layer of the photograph in the fourth position counting backwards from the end (i.e. from the right side) of this curved uppermost layer. In turn, if from descriptions under "Fig. #10" on the web page named "1964/klasa.htm" the reader finds out where I (i.e. Jan Pająk) am on this photograph, then he/she will find this person intentionally placed in such a way that his/her left shoulder touches my right arm - means in a way that by any accident I still should NOT miss or overlook the fact of adding this mysterious person to the photograph. Further detailed descriptions how this person from later times could be inserted into a group photo of our class taken in 1964, the reader can find in item #I1 (extending also in #I2 to #I5) from my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and from posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm. (The insertion of this person into the above photograph could have occurred in a similar manner as the unconscious transfer of me to the empty church of Blessed Virgin Mary in Poland from Święty Lipka distant by several hundred kilometres from Warsaw - described in item #D6.1 from the web page named "timevehicle.htm" and in items #E3 and #E2 from the web page "malbork_uk.htm".) When events as described here continually take place on Earth, although the majority of people (including almost all scientists and politicians who cut themselves off from the real world and life in their "ivory towers") chronically refuse to notice them and to acknowledge their existence, we should NOT be surprised that in the Bible many times are emphasized admonitions of the type ... they look but do NOT see ... (e.g. see in the following Bible books and verses: Acts 28:27, Ezekiel 12:2, Isaiah 6:10, Jeremiah 5:21, Mark 4:12, Matthew 13:13-15, Psalms 115:5-8, Psalms 115:6, Romans 11:8). After all, no matter how much scientific evidence would present to people by both, myself in my publications, as well as by videos and reports on YouTube and the Internet would document it, still it is officially claimed, and for the maintenance of the monopoly of official science and governments it will probably be stubbornly claimed in an official manner until the arrival of the time of "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (i.e.: The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s - see ), that for example: we cannot be shifted back in time, changes in the past cannot be made, time travel is impossible, while UFOnauts who for thousands of years have been travelling in time and occupying the Earth supposedly do NOT exist at all. (Click on the above photograph to be able to see it enlarged - as this is explained in the final part of the introduction to e.g. the web page "bible.htm".)

Those who see the above photograph of students of Madam Hass's class from the Secondary School in Milicz, will probably notice this common embracing and mutual touching by subsequent participants of this class. This is because it shows that after four years of joint learning, all participants of that class were and felt like one big family, and thus that in that family subsequent members had close friends for whom they felt the greatest sympathy, and thus in those times they innocently liked to embrace each other and touch. Unfortunately, in present times of growing tensions, problems, and the global epidemic of the "war of sexes" described in detail in Part #V of my web page named "humanity_pl.htm" the Earth was overwhelmed by a "worldwide pandemic" of such negative trends as "female narcissism" (see ), "toxic version of feminism" (see ), "hookup culture" (see ), and several other highly destructive negative trends with names quite mysterious for my generation, e.g. "red pill" (see ), "black pill of forced celibacy" (see ), "marriages starved to the point of divorce by lack of sex" (see ), etc. In turn these negative trends changed what the above photograph shows as natural and innocent, into something which in the present culture strayed away by deviations and unnatural behaviours forbidden by the Bible, induces various negative feelings and reactions.

I should also explain here, that the above photograph illustrating a change in my distant past which introduced changes into the course of my present life that caused the search for truth and knowledge, is just one of many such cases when I noticed that God confronted me with some change in the past, which was to cause a noticeable changing my present life to inspire a search for truth and knowledge. The most important out of these extraordinary cases of direct interactions of God through my past on my present life, knowledge, and research, I list, illustrate, and provide with links to their more detailed descriptions in part #C from my other web page named "wtc_pl.htm". I also know that similarly truth-transferring experiences are served by God to practically every other person (after all, the reaction of them allows God to collect data later qualifying given person to either the biblical "seeds" or "chaff") - only that the majority of people either "look but does NOT see them", or although they notice them, still because these are contradictory to what was officially taught to them in schools, such people ignore verses of Bible advising "obey God NOT men" (search - or see e.g. "Acts" 5:29) and try hard to quickly forget these experiences.

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