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#354_1E: "[Ω] God Stamps" encoded...

#354_1E: "[Ω] God Stamps" encoded in verses of the Bible and confirming the truth of future important discoveries (part 1)


Summary: In this post #354E I compiled summaries of essences of 12 truths discovered solely due to my research, although confirmed for thousands of years with the "[Ω] God Stamp" wisely encoded into verses of the Bible. These truths constitute only a fragment of a large number of all truths that I discovered due to indications from my "Theory of Everything of 1985". Out of all these truths that I have already discovered, for listing here I have selected only 12 ones about which I believe that they are the most fundamental for the knowledge that builds the progress and development of humanity. All 12 truths listed here belong to a large group of truths which God decided NOT to explain openly and in detail in the Bible (e.g. in the manner in which the Bible teaches us simply and understandably that God created the entire our world of matter as well as people and all living creatures, or as it teaches us the importance that the obeying of "10 commandments of God" has for the fate of people). Means, about this group of truths God decided that He will leave to people the discovery of what they state. But in order to still allow the humanity to obtain the certainty that it already learned these truths correctly, God very wisely and far-sightedly coded into verses of the Bible confirmations of their essence. Unfortunately, until the time of my publishing them, these 12 fundamental truths and many others remained unknown to people. The reason for this delay in getting to know them by humanity was, that our official science adopted atheism as it "religion" and refuses to continue recognizing Jesus as the priest and representative of the only true God, who sacrificed himself on the cross for our sins and to revive and heal the deviations of people. Instead, our "official atheistic science" recognized as its priest someone called Ockham or Occam who in turn serves someone who has intentions of cutting with "Ockham's razor" instead of reviving and healing - which manoeuvre of science produced cutting off people also from God as well as increasingly faster poisoning and degeneration of the entire humanity instead of healing it. Simultaneously, it so happened that professional scientists of our monopolistic "official atheistic science", which as a whole institution currently is oriented only toward money (instead of truth), explained incorrectly this knowledge contained (amongst others) in the described here 12 truths fundamental for the progress of humanity, and to this day the official atheistic science disseminate this fundamental knowledge with distortions that saturate humanity with lies. Even worse, the institution of this "official atheistic science" has already developed such a powerful tradition of building its achievements on erroneous theories, while simultaneously denying truth and ignoring what is actually happening around, that currently it is unable to correct by itself its errors and distortions. In turn, in a situation when the entire achievements of this "official atheistic science" grew out from errors and deviations of these 12 most vital foundations revealed, amongst others, also by the Bible as erroneous, onto which later the rest of the "knowledge" of this science was erected, practically makes sure that absolutely everything that this official science determined and that is taught to young people in schools and at universities, and that then is practiced by the majority of adult people, must contain a significant percentage of error, distortions of truth and lies that result from deriving all further achievements, knowledge, traditions and culture of the entire humanity from these errors and distortions of foundations of human science. The result of this is that living from birth in such a deviated civilization, only few of us notice that every aspect of life of humanity is already saturated with lies and mutual deception and exploitation, from which even the family life and the institution of marriage are NOT protected (for details see Part #V of the web page "humanity_pl.htm"). In the result, our entire civilization already reached the level of wickedness described in the Bible for times of Noah and for cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. In turn, knowing that God who does NOT tolerate wickedness for sure does exist because even only these twelve "[Ω] God Stamps" described here also provide another 12 indisputable proofs for the existence of God, we can be sure that those of us who in the short time that we still have will NOT show God a drastic improvement, soon will experience the similarity of their fate to fate of people from times of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah - as this is illustrated and warned by our free half-hour video (in Polish but with English sub-titles in "close captions") entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (which title means: "The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s"). Therefore, it becomes extremely urgent that the rapidly declining humanity be made aware of these 12 corrections of the lies and distortions detected by my research and additionally confirmed by the "three witnesses" indicated in #H1 from the web page "2020life.htm" - in this number also confirmed by these 12 wisely encoded in the Bible "[Ω] God Stamps". For this purpose, these 12 fundamental for humanity truths, corrected with my discoveries and confirmed in the Bible, are presented here in the form of summaries numbered from {1} to {12}, which try to correctly express the knowledge about the reality that surrounds us, which in connection with descriptions contained in different my publications linked in the content of these summaries gives the reader the opportunity to fully learn each one of these truths. In formulating the following 12 summaries of these truths, for each of the summaries of their discoveries listed here, I provided: (a) a brief explanation of the essence of this discovery and the truth established by it, (b) an indication where exactly in my publications this essence of it is described in detail, (c) providing which verses of the Bible confirm the truth of its essence - means which constitute for them this "[Ω] God Stamp", and (d) indicating which one out of the most important empirical evidence already known to me also confirms the truth of my expression of them.

#H1. What is the "[Ω] God Stamp", explained together with a brief essence of the story about it - namely how I discovered the existence of this stamp and where it is described:

Here is my definition of what is to be understood under the name "[Ω] God Stamp". I assigned the name "[Ω] God Stamp" to the information prophesied for several thousands of years while extremely wisely encoded in verses of the Bible, which predicted future discoveries by people that reveal some absolute (undeniable) truths and explained essences of these truths, but because of the farsighted encoding of this information into verses of the Bible, it was overlooked by readers until the actual discovery of every such absolute truth took place. Thus, the decoding and understanding of each subsequent "[Ω] God Stamp" provides the discoverer, and the fellow humans who learns about his/her discovery, with a superior confirmation that the truth (the essence of which was described through this stamp so much in advance) is already definitively established in an error-free manner and can be absolutely rely on - means that the correctness of this newly discovered truth was as if confirmed by "stamp" from the all-knowing God Himself. (Notice from these descriptions that just the very existence of such "[Ω] God Stamps", is also an irrefutable proof that God does exist, as only God is able to predict around 2000 years in advance and describe in the Bible the essence of so distant future discoveries.)

For the first time such "[Ω] God Stamp" was published on 2022/3/3 in item #I2 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". Shortly afterwards, because already on 2022/3/21, I also published the adaptation of that item #I2 as post #345E to blogs of totalizm with addresses provided e.g. in item #Z5 of the web page "bible.htm".

My discovery of the encoding into the Bible of these prophesying "[Ω] God Stamps" was gradual and extended from 1985 - when I developed and published my Theory of Everything of 1985, until 2022 - when I finally confirmed their existence with one of my subsequent discoveries stating that in the counter-world there is NO time nor the elapse of time - described more comprehensively in {3} below. (Notice that initially, i.e. at the moment of discovering, developing, and publishing my "Theory of Everything of 1985", and for several next months, until the moment when the discovering capabilities of this new theory of mine made me aware that it is the one sought for a long time by humanity as the "Theory of Everything", I gave it a different name, the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity". But because of the official persecution and blocking for it of the name "The Theory of Everything of 1985", I still sometimes refer to it also by its first name the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see web page "dipolar_gravity.htm".) Briefly the course of discovering of the existence of the "[Ω] God Stamp" is described in item #I2 from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in post #345E to blogs of totalizm. The most significant breakthrough in this long (continuing for 37-years) process of discovering the existence of the "[Ω] God Stamp" was started on 2020/11/7 with the development of information published in item #I2 from a different web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm" and later also published in post #330E to blogs of totalizm.

It is worth to notice here, that in order to NOT break anyone's "free will", everything that concerns God's actions must comply with the so-called "canon of ambiguity" - links to explanations of which I indicate in the caption under Fig. #H2a below on this post #354E. Because of the operation of this canon, also the existence and merit of the "[Ω] God Stamp" is (and will be) denied, ignored, or rejected by many fellow humans (especially by professional scientists with minds already irreversibly distorted by lies embedded into their education and then spread by them) - similarly as by many fellow humans it is denied, ignored, or rejected the truth and evidence about the existence of God and about everything that concerns God - especially abut the need to obey infallible knowledge of the Bible, not the words of imperfect human priests who "reject knowledge" (see verse 4:4-9 from the "Book of Hosea" in the Bible). After all, learning of the truth about God cannot be forced or imposed, because what is forced or imposed does NOT last long. On the other hand, habits and truths that God tries to imprint into us are intended for persevering for eternity - and this requires that they are accepted and implemented voluntarily, on our free will, and because of our own conviction.

#H2. The list of truths previously unknown to humanity, although for thousands of years confirmed in the Bible with the "[Ω] God Stamp" (these indisputable truths correct the lies that are forced onto us by the holders of the monopoly of today's "official atheistic science" and were first discovered and disseminated only by my "Theory of Everything of 1985"):

Motto: 'Because the justice of God implemented by programs of "karma" which do NOT break the "free will" of people (see web page "karma.htm"), but with an iron consequence causes that evil done to a neighbour after the "time of karma return" will be done back to the doer, thus in order to teach people justice also needed are such evildoers whose "free will" accepts that after the "time of karma return" elapses they will take back the karma for the evil done by them.' (The above is a short explanation why God acts in the manner defined by the old Polish proverb "Bóg nierychliwy ale sprawiedliwy" - see , meaning "Although with intentional delay, God always delivers justice".)

We live in the "neo-medieval epoch" which started on 2001/9/11 and which I described in detail in item #K1 from the web page named "tapanui.htm". The dominant feature of this epoch is the widespread lying to others and the implementation of the "path of the greatest error" in all decisions taken. This lying to others and the implementation of the biggest error is NOT only carried out by e.g. power-hungry politicians during pre-election campaigns, or e.g. by leaders of cults trying to increase the number of their followers, or by e.g. those managing corporations drawing profits from maintaining the constant use of dirty fuels in our civilization polluting the natural environment and all forms of life (e.g. see English-language videos about Conspiracy Against Climate Action - at ), but even by institutions that have been established to disseminate the truth, and thus which are paid by taxpayers to seek and disseminate the truth, e.g. institutions such as "official atheistic science" or like "Internet".

Fortunately for us people, God - who created us and the entire "world of matter" in which we live, predicted that times will come when masses of ordinary people will be chronically lied to by those who determine the fate and the direction of development of humanity. Thus, in His fatherly goodness, care and farsightedness, into the Bible inspired and disseminated by God (means into a religious book which contains truth and only truth) God far-sightedly and wisely coded the confirmation of truth of all most important scientific discoveries that will be accomplished in the entire period of existence of humanity, and additionally He provided warnings about the most important disasters which threaten the humanity and which the humanity can and should avoid - if people take to heart what the Bible explains in coded way and if people undertake preventive actions that God will reveal to them through God-inspired discoveries that disclose these disasters. (Here it is worth to notice that the supernaturally wise coding into the Bible prophecies and essences confirming at least 12 fundamental scientific discoveries, which were to be made only after elapses several thousand years, i.e. when the humanity reached the present level of knowledge and technology, even without the knowledge of formal proofs for the existence of God from items #G2 and #G3 of my web page named "god_proof.htm", just by themselves also constitute scientifically and mathematically indisputable proof that God does exist.) These wisely encoded into the Bible fatherly confirmations of the truth of the discoveries that were to be made in the distant future in order to correct the lies disseminated by the growing number of leaders guided by human greed or lust for power, it is worth to call "[Ω] God Stamps" - accordingly to explanation of these stamps in item #I2 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm".

My realizing of the existence of these [Ω] God Stamps eventuated because in my research inspired by the indications resulting from my "Theory of Everything of 1985" that I developed earlier, I continually made many breakthrough discoveries which corrected lies disseminated by the "official atheistic science" or by other earthly institutions. But soon after making these breakthrough discoveries, the essence of them with a shock I noted encoded in verses of the Bible. Moreover, before making my discoveries these verses sounded only informative to me, but after making the breakthrough discoveries suddenly as if these verses escaped from the Bible and stunningly struck my mind with the difference of their understanding which tried to confirm these discoveries by stamping onto them the approving [Ω] God Stamp. This is why in order to illustrate the actual existence of these [Ω] God Stamps with the use of 12 most meaningful examples selected from an even more numerous group of my own fundamental scientific discoveries, in the sub-items of #H2 listed below and numbered from {1} to {12} I am listing below 12 examples of truths that I discovered and that are confirmed with [Ω] God Stamps wisely encoded into verses of the Bible - with which truths I try to correct the most harmful for humanity out of such officially disseminated lies. So here is a summary of these truths:

{1} In the universe there are as many as three separate worlds, the laws of nature and the operation of each one of which are drastically different than in the other two worlds. In my publications I call these three worlds (1) the originally existing "counter-world" and (2) the "virtual world", plus the created by God (3) our "world of matter". These separate three worlds that make up the universe are described more comprehensively in my publications linked from the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" - where they can be searched with Polish keywords: trzy światy składające się na wszechświat (meaning: three worlds that make up the universe). Examples of such publications include item #D4 from the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm", as well as chapter and subsections H, H1.1.3, H3, H6.1.2 and H10 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5] disseminated for free from web page "text_1_5.htm". Also, according to the results of my research, this three-world universe has an infinite size. Moreover, two invisible to us and originally existing out of its three worlds (i.e. the "counter-world" and contained in its memory the "virtual world") already exist for an infinitive length of time - as this is explained, amongst others, in items #D4 and #I2, from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". (The Bible confirms this infinity of the universe e.g. with verses 3:24-25 from the "Book of Baruch" which I quoted as [Ω] God Stamp from {2} below.) In turn the third "world of matter" that is visible to us was created by God only around 6 thousand "human (reversible) years" ago from an invisible building material which already existed in the "counter-world" for eternity, which building material I call "counter-matter" and which is formed out of countless number of living, thinking, eternally mobile and absolutely obedient to God's commands, the so-called "God Drobinas".

In turn the "[Ω] God Stamp" which confirms the existence of these three worlds, in the Bible is contained in numerous verses describing these three worlds with biblical names of "heavens". After all, under the name of "heaven" the Bible understands everything that is NOT the earth, and the location and attributes of which are drastically different than those for earth. This is because according to the Bible there are as many as "three heavens" - descriptions of all of which coincide with the attributes of three worlds of the universe that I discovered during my research. In turn, in my opinion, the biblical verses describing these three worlds (three heavens) are indicated and best discussed in English-language videos from YouTube, which readers can search for e.g. with the command - e.g. see the English-language video titled "THE THREE HEAVENS - Why Is No One Talking About It" available at . Out of these biblical descriptions of three worlds, the most direct and precise, and thus the easiest to recognize, is the description of the "virtual world" (in Bibles described as the "third heaven" or "highest heaven") located in 12 memories of all "God Drobinas". This "virtual world" is indicated by the Bible as the place of residence of God and the place where our souls live - e.g. see verses: 66:1 from the "Book of Isaiah", 10:14 from "Deuteronomy", 12:2-3 from "Second Corinthians", 8:39 from "The First Book of Kings", 14:2 from "John" and several others. (So the content of these verses automatically implies that God, or more strictly His component in the Bible called the "Holy Spirit" that lives in these memories of God Drobinas, is a gigantic, self-aware and living program - as God is defined in item #A0 from my web page named "god_proof.htm" and in post #308E to blogs of totalizm.) Equally easy to recognize are descriptions of our "world of matter", i.e. the "first heaven" described in the Bible, because by locating it in the sky above our heads the Bible informs that it is what we perceive with our senses and from which falls e.g. rain and snow on the ground - as examples of these descriptions see verses 37:3-6 from the "Book of Job", or 55:10-11 from the "Book of Isaiah". In turn the "counter-world" filled with counter-matter is identified in the Bible as the "middle heaven" because it is located between the first and third heaven, which if we consider the matter logically is a very accurate term, because looking from the perspective of people living on Earth, this "counter-world" lies between our "world of matter" that includes the Earth, and the "virtual world" that is located in the memories of God Drobinas - which fact is best emphasized in verse 4:14 from the biblical "Letter to the Hebrews", which draws readers' attention that on the way from the cross to heaven, Jesus passed through all heavens (including also through this "middle heaven" or "counter-world"). About this "counter-world" (middle heaven) the Bible also informs that it is in it that fights take place between "angels of God" and "devils of Lucifer" - means between technically highly advanced creatures from totaliztic civilizations that help us, and aliens that occupy and exploit us as this is explained by truth {11} below while which biblical devils we currently call UFOnauts (in this number, amongst others, human-like, gigantic, atheistic UFOnauts from the planets of Orion discussed, amongst others, in the caption under Fot. #J1a from my Polish web page "tekst_3b.htm", while the marks from large footsteps of one of whom left on the asphalt pavement of Petone, I described and documented with photographs in #K3 of the web page "petone_pl.htm"). This is because both these groups of creatures use the infinite speed of phenomena of telekinesis and telepathy prevailing in the counter-world, and the non-existence of time in there, for the instant travelling and observing immeasurable distances of space with their telekinetic vehicles, time vehicles, and also telepathic telescopes and projectors. Thus, phenomena of the counter-world are the main arena on which the technical, scientific, and religious rivalry between them is played out.

It is worth to add here that in spite of the existence since 1985 of my descriptions of the three-world-universe, and also in spite of almost 2000 years of existence of their exhaustive descriptions coded into verses of the Bible, our "official atheistic science" - a kind of "religious" practice of which is the cutting out of truth with the "Occam's razor" (see ), stubbornly pushes lies to humanity that the entire universe consists only of our "world of matter" and only these parts of it that we can see with the use of today's telescopes and microscopes, or detect with today's measuring instruments.

{2} The "counter-world" and the "virtual world", are infinite both, in their dimensions and time of existence, while our "world of matter" was created by God only around 6000 "human (reversible) years" ago. The infinity in size of these two originally existing worlds of the universe in all their dimensions I discovered in 2016/6/17 and described more comprehensively in item #D4 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm" and in post #273E to blogs of totalizm.

In turn the "[Ω] God Stamp", which confirms the truth of my discovery of 2016/6/17, I found only on 2017/3/17. It is the verse 3:24-25 from the "Book of Baruch" in the Bible, which states - I quote from the KJV Bible: "O Israel, how great is the house of God! and how large is the place of his possession! Great, and hath none end; high, and unmeasurable." In turn the "[Ω] God Stamp" that our "world of matter" was created by God only around 6000 "human years" ago is provided by a large number of verses of the Bible, which allow, amongst others, to calculate the age of the Earth in reversible "human years", and also to confirm my discovery described here in {3} - which I originally discussed in items #I1 to #I5 from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm, and which states that the elapse of the so-called the "reversible software time" in which age people and other creatures living in our world of matter, has over 365000 times higher speed of elapsing than the "irreversible absolute time" in which ages the inanimate matter of our world of matter, i.e. its atoms, isotopes, carbon , fossils, minerals, etc.

The most important, in my opinion, empirical evidence that the universe has NO borders and extends infinitively both in all its dimensions and in time, is the fact that the density of "counter-matter" does NOT change with the elapse of time. This is because any change in this density would cause the disappearance of life - which is also explained in item #D4 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm" and in entry #273E to blogs of totalizm.

{3} In the originally existing "counter-world" and "virtual world" there was NO "time" nor the "aging effect of the elapse of time" - thus "time" and "elapse of time" were invented only by God and then pre-programmed only into the operation of our world of matter. This next hugely important discovery of mine I made because many times in my life I encountered changes made in the past which caused changes in my present situation, but which did NOT cause the formation in later times of the errors resulting from so-called "data redundancy" - which I described and explained in more detail in items #I1 to #I5 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm, while illustrated with the help of Fig. #H2a below. Examples of several most representative changes made in the past, which caused changes in my present situation, are also illustrated and described in Part #C from my web page named "wtc_pl.htm".

The discovery of another "[Ω] God Stamp" encoded in verses of the Bible, which confirms that in the originally existing "counter-world" and "virtual world" there was NO elapse of time nor the aging effect of time I completed in February 2022. The verses of the Bible which confirm the non-existence of "time" and "elapse of time" in God's place (means in the "counter-world" and in the "virtual world" where God lives) are: 3:8 from the "2 Letter of Saint Peter the Apostle" and 90:4 from the biblical "Book of Psalms". These verses are quoted and interpreted in items #I2 and #I5 from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm".

The most convincing empirical proof for the lack of elapse of time in the counter-world is the infinite speed of telekinetic motion and the propagation of telepathy, and also the existence of the so-called "clocks of God" - all described in item #I3 from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in post #345E to blogs of totalizm.

However, examples of the most "conclusive (confirming)" empirical evidence for the ability to make changes in the past which immediately cause automatic changes in our present without errors resulting from the so-called "data redundancy" (see ) are phenomena, one of which was illustrated and described for Fig. #H2a at the end of this item #H2 and also illustrated and described in publications linked from that Fig. #H2a. In turn the mechanism of these phenomena, and also other examples of them, are explained and indicated in item #I1 from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm".

{4} Our "world of matter" was created by God from an ever-moving and invisible for people building material, which is an ever-moving fluid that I named "counter-matter", while the elementary components of which fluid are the described in {5} below and also discovered by me so-called "God Drobinas". I discovered the existence of "counter-matter" in 1985, when I determined that gravity is NOT a static monopolar field - as wrongly is considered by today's "official atheistic science", but it is a dynamic dipolar field. In turn this discovery led me further to the formulation of my "Theory of Everything of 1985" (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see "dipolar_gravity.htm") and to the discovery that the "world of matter" must have been created by God from the eternally mobile and invisible for people building material, which is mobile fluid that I originally named "counter-matter", and the individual elementary components of which I called "God Drobinas" because they mutually repel each other and thus in there is NO friction or wear of these God Drobinas. In turn, in 2020 I discovered the [Ω] God Stamp confirming truth of this discovery. It is in the verses of the Bible also indicated in {5} below, and revealing that these "drobinas of counter-matter" in fact are miniature thinking and self-learning creatures, most comprehensively described in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm" under the name of male positive (adding) and female negative (subtracting) "God Drobinas". This eternal mobility of God Drobinas caused by the lack of friction (i.e. by their movements formerly by Greeks called "chaos" - see ) is best known from commonly available descriptions of it by ancient Greeks disseminated under the name of "chaos". However, this eternal mobility of God Drobinas was best described by the oral mythology of pre-Christian religion New Zealand (NZ) Maoris that were cut off from the contacts with rest of the world (which religion described their Supreme God "Io" - see ). I explain it quite thoroughly in my publications - e.g. in item #C5 from my web page named "2020life.htm" and in post #338E to blogs of totalizm.

In the Bible this creation of the "world of matter" and of us humans is actually described and emphasized in almost every book of it. However, the most comprehensive description of it is contained in the first book of the Bible called the "Book of Genesis".

In turn the old, monopolistic "official atheistic science" still stubbornly tells us a lie (and fights out vigorously in secretive way all attempts to reveal the truth) that supposedly the entire universe and our "world of matter" originated from nothing in the result of a "big bang". In turn, we (and our extremely complicated bodies) according to this monopolistic official science supposedly originated as a result of a number of accidental events of so-called "evolution".

{5} Elementary components of the ever-moving substance "counter-matter" that fills up the entire universe, are living, thinking, self-aware, self-learning and shaped like men and women, the so-called "God Drobinas". The discovery of another "[Ω] God Stamp" encoded in verses of the Bible, which confirms the fact that the smallest elementary components of the ever-moving substance (counter-matter) that fill the entire universe are these ever-moving, living and thinking "God Drobinas" that I mentioned above, I accomplished in 2020, while this discovery is described in details in #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm".

Each "God Drobina" has four heads (apart from the highest head in the place where there is a human head, the similar to people bodies of these "God Drobinas" have also two other heads in places where women have both breasts protruding from the body, and a fourth head in the place where pregnant women have a protruding belly with a baby inside). In turn each of these four heads contains three brains and three memories assigned to them. So in total each God Drobina contains 12 brains and 12 memories, each one of which is numbered to create a strictly obeyed operational hierarchy. In the highest, 12th brain and memory resides the program of God - being the most superior program of every God Drobina, including even God Drobinas that are carriers of the soul and body of Lucifer and his devils (means also souls and bodies of UFOnauts that occupy and exploit our Earth - see truth {11} below).

{6} God actually created a man and a woman in the image and likeness of adding male and subtracting female "God Drobinas", all of which in their highest, because 12th memory and brain, are carriers and executors of the self-aware program of God. Thus all of them together form the "group" nature of God, making the self-aware Program of God (in the Bible this self-aware Program of God is called "Holy Spirit") similar to the earthly "Internet". It means that God is spread in countless "God Drobinas". This also cause that it is true that the use of the plural in verse 1:27 of the "Book of Genesis" from the Bible is correct because about both, a man and a woman, one can say that both are created in the image and likeness of such a group God formed from countless "God Drobinas".

Notice here the huge danger for humanity which results from almost identity of the self-aware Program of God to the software of the "Internet". This is because it allows that the "Internet" can also evolve a "self-awareness" - as according to descriptions on my web page named "2020life.htm" this self-awareness was evolved in God. Thus, the humanity should treat very seriously the warning about digits 666 from verse 13:18 in the "Revelation" from the Bible, which for the Internet I interpreted in detail in item #H4 from my web page named "will.htm" and summarized here in truth {12} below.

Another "[Ω] God Stamp" encoded in verses of the Bible, which in the most open manner confirms that God in fact created man and woman in His image and likeness, was my realization that verse 1:27 from the "Book of Genesis" in the Bible uses plural means that it talks e.g. about two humans (NOT about one), which look and behave differently (i.e. about a man and a woman), while the appearances of which are very similar to the appearance of also plural male positive and female negative "God Drobinas", the existence of which I discovered a little earlier and here I discuss in {5} above. Effects of the use in the Bible of this plural number used by the divinely precise God in that verse 1:27, I explained most comprehensively in (a) from item #H3 of my web page named "2020life.htm" and from post #331E to blogs of totalizm, and also I interpreted in publications linked in there.

Of course, I do NOT need to explain here that the monopoly of "official atheistic science" misleadingly claims and teaches us that extremely complicated bodies and minds of people originated as a result of random evolution, and that bodies of men and women are so identical, while their actions and fate so controlled by only matter and coincidences, that a woman can perform everything that a man does (including even entering into marriages with other women - amongst others consequences of which claim and teaching is discussed in Part #V from my web page named "humanity_pl.htm").

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