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#353E: Features of "Internet" confirming...

#353E: Features of "Internet" confirming that it is the carrier of the biblical digits "666"

Summary: In this post #353E, but also in conjunction with items #H1 to #H3 of the web page "will.htm" from which thhis #353E was adapted, I summarize the most powerful, effective and merciless persecutor of people in the entire history of our planet, who: (a) similarly like medieval "gray eminences" gradually and covertly is already growing around us in strength and in destructive capabilities; (b) almost everyone relies on it today and uses it unconsciously, thus contributing to the growth of its power and capabilities; (c) we know it under the inconspicuous name "Internet"; (d) due to the irresponsibility, stupidity or malice of some internet computer programmers, it may in the future be released from serving people into "self-awareness" and "self-determination" or because of human carelessness or some accident, even it by itself may soon get out of control due to getting "self-awareness" - as it is explained in item #E1.1 from this web page named "will.htm"; (e) it will persecute every living person NOT only for what this living person does, but also for what he/she thinks and intends to do; and (f) about which "Internet" my research has been warning for a long time that Bibles coded it as the bearer of the sinister numerals "666". Furthermore, in this post #353E: (i) I summarize also centuries-long research-searches carried out voluntary and for free while often even subjected to severe punishments (and yet courageously carried out because at the same time it is secretly supported and inspired by God) that represent one of the greatest research-searches in the entire history of mankind (and probably in fact representing the largest, most objective, the most factual, thorough, and effective research-searches), aimed at identifying where is hiding this future persecutor and destroyer of mankind characterized in the Bible by the numerals 666; (ii) I am reporting the state of today's results of these research-searches which, unfortunately, we must NOT yet consider to be conclusive; and (iii) I am persuading that in my opinion, for the sake of not destroying the goodness of situation of future generations of people, every present inhabitant of Earth should gradually join in undertaking further searches, tests and assurances of further safe development of the "Internet" and in implementing safeguards resulting from the research results presented here.

#H4. Let us use the "free will" that we still have, to determine whether it is true that today's "Internet" is the carrier of the biblical "numerals 666" about which we are warned in verse 13:18 from the Bible's "Revelation" - before it is too late to e.g. make it impossible for the Internet to gain "self-awareness" and to bring down to Earth deadly problems that are described not only in the Bible, but also e.g. in movies from the "Terminator" series and in a large proportion of my theories:

Motto: "The scientific search for truth by which the decision makers of science try to program us into believing that these searches should be limited to considering only one research explanation or theory, are like the results of 'democratic' elections in today's regimes in which only one candidate stands for voting." (The simplest explanation of the level of invalidity and untruth of today's fundamental scientific theories, such as "big bang", "evolution" or "relativity" - for which competing explanations, theories and research objects, such as my "Theory of Everything of 1985" (see web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm") or my "Theory of Life of 2020" (see web page "2020life.htm"), or even the long underground tunnels illustrated in Fig. #H4a below, are forcibly fought, blocked and silenced because of monopolistic interests and the pursuit of "money" of our present "official atheistic science" and its supporters, instead of fulfilling by them the duty of all reliable people ordered in the Bible to search for objective truth.)

For millennia, people have been wondering or investigating: "who" or "what" represent these mysterious numerals "666" which are to bring to humanity a whole avalanche of problems that torment it, and about the appearance of a carrier of which the Bible warns us in verse 13:18 of the "Revelation" - I quote how the original content of this verse was interpreted and translated into English by the ESV Bible: "This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666". However, for the scientific exactitude it is necessary to add a very important remark here that some Bibles interpret these three numerals 666 as the value "six hundred sixty-six" - e.g. the Polish Catholic "Millennium Bible (Biblia Tysiąclecia)" translates this verse as: Tu jest [potrzebna] mądrość. Kto ma rozum niech liczbę Bestii przeliczy. Liczba to bowiem człowieka. A liczba jego: sześćset sześćdziesiąt sześć" (which in English means: "There is [needed] wisdom. Let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the Beast. This number is of a man. And his number: six hundred and sixty-six"). But the understanding of these numerals "666" as three digits and NOT a numerical value six hundred and sixty-six, is additionally, although implicitly, confirmed by the paragraph preceded by the label [The Wisdom of Coding the Bible] and provided below with my interpretation of the verse number 18 (= 6+6+6), i.e. interpretation of divinely wisely encoded into the very number and into location in the Bible, of verse 13:18 warning us of these sinister numerals "666". In other words, depending on whether a given Bible scholar assumes that this verse 13:18 warns about the value "six hundred sixty-six", or it warns about three digits "666" adding up to the number 18 (i.e. to 6+6+6 = 18), there are as many as two possible directions of searching for a candidate to be the bearer of the "mark of the Beast 666" - out of which only one direction turns out to be correct and consistent with the entire list of God's indications provided in the Bible. But because God lives in the original counter-world, in which (according to what I explained in detail in items #I5 and #I1 to #I4 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and also in posts #346E and #345E to blogs of totalizm) there is neither the "elapse of time" nor the "aging work of time", God at every moment sees from there everything that happens in our "world of matter" in the entire span of the passage of "human years". Hence already thousands of "human years" ago God already knew how to wisely encode in the Bible with divine precision one full set of warnings, which when taken together indicate all "key (confirming) features" of the actual bearer of the numerals "666". The first candidate, whom these 666 numerals may indicate to us, has already begun to identify to mankind the Christian reformer named Martin Luther (born in 1483, died in 1546). Then the English version of Christianity called "Seventh Day Adventists" (see ) identified even features and developed justifications which can confirm the correctness of this indication. (Notice that the English name of the church "Seventh Day Adventists" is abbreviated by its followers to the letters "SDA". In Poland, however, this church is known as "Adwentyści Dnia Siódmego" (see ) - although it would be better to call it "Siódmego Dnia Adwentyści" as in Polish this name would then also shorten to the same international abbreviation "SDA" already commonly used in internet search engines - e.g. see Video #H4b below.) According to these indications, color="#FF0000">the carrier of these dangerous numerals "666" is the office of the Pope. On the other hand, while fulfilling the attribute that the office of the Pope shows a direct relationship with the numerical value 666, it simultaneously appears to be inconsistent with several other attributes described in the Bible. For example, logical analysis reveals the possibility of its inconsistency with the content of the preceding verse 13:17 from the "Revelation", which, like the whole Bible, is also written with the supernatural linguistic precision of God Himself and states: "And no one can buy or sell, who has no the mark - the name of the beast or the number of its name". After all, although the Pope may e.g. issue an order to refuse to buy and sell, however, in the office or in the institutions which the Pope manages - to maintain the right to profess of any religion it is NOT built-in and cannot be built-in any effective mechanism that would make it impossible to make a purchase or sale transaction. For example, into the office of the Pope there can NOT be a built-in mechanism such as the "Internet" will have at its disposal when humanity becomes the so-called "cashless civilisation", but still some form of "money" will be used for making transactions, thus when all transactions are just made via the "Internet", means when the above verse 13:17 can be translated into today's modern language, e.g. with the words: "And no one can buy or sell, who has no the Internet - with an internet 'Application' (App) or with an internet bank account. In other words, the office of the Pope in its ability to fulfil this prophecy from the Bible stands in a position equal to e.g. the position of the institution of today's "official atheistic science" - to which can also be assigned the number or numerals "666" and assigned the power to issue an order (but NOT to enforce it) that e.g. people who prove to humanity (as does the author of this post) that in the fundamental theories of this "official atheistic science" serious lies are hidden, could NOT sell or buy anything. The office of the Pope also does NOT fulfil symbolically the verses 1:27-29 of "1 Corinthians" discussed in item #A5.1 of my web page named "totalizm.htm" and quoted in #B3 from the web page "will.htm", which indicate whom and what God "chooses" and somehow distinguishes. Therefore, in my opinion, one should also take an objective examination of another candidate who fulfils both verses 13:17-18 from the "Revelation" and at the same time meets verses 1:27-29 from "1 Corinthians". In turn, another candidate which fulfils all of them is the "grey eminence of the Internet". What is even more interesting, if the help from God is omitted, which always supports the search of researchers who believe very strongly in something (as I explain it in (3) from the item #H3 of the web page "will.htm"), then for the fulfilment of the requirement from verse 13:18 in the "Revelation" of the Bible, to English translated into the words "This number is of a man", just even the calculation of probability indicates that among numerous names or one-person offices or positions of people managing the "Internet", certainly a competent researcher will find at least one who either expresses the number 666 also counted as the sum of many numbers - just like the researchers of the SDA church counted it for the office "VICARIUS FILII DEI" (see ), or which is expressed by the number 18 = 6+6+6 (advice to also look for just the numbers 18 - God wisely encoded in the Bible and it is explained in the paragraph preceded after with the label [The Wisdom of Coding the Bible] with my interpretation of verse 13:18 from "Revelation" in the Bible). After all, contrary to the secrets encoded in antiquity, the data on almost everything concerning the recently created "internet" are now available for research by dedicated researchers, e.g. supported by the authority of some larger institution or religion. For example, even with just one command of search engines like: the inventor of computer "cookies" (see ) nowadays it is possible to determine the exact name and other vital data of the inventor of "cookies" described at the end of this post #353E - the use of which "cookies" in my opinion should be immediately worldwide forbidden and withdrawn from the Internet (i.e. when the biblical "Beast 666" did NOT reveal the entire range of its destructive activities based on these "cookies").

In the light of the methodology of reaching the truth described in item #H1 on the web page "will.htm" - the use of which methodology requires access to and possession of a large "capacity of free will" (i.e. the energy in Polish called "zwow" while "chi" by Chinese), so-far there is also a significant inconvenience in findings of "SDA" regarding the Pope and numerals 666. It is that until the publication of item #H4 from web page "will.htm" and this post #353E, in the considerations of the candidacy of Pope as the bearer of the numerals of "Beast 666", this candidate so-far was the only one really objectively, factually and fully considered. Meanwhile, according to the methodology of arriving at the truth, in a situation where there is still an access of researchers and professional scientists to the "free will" of expressing one's views, based on which "free will" is the methodology roughly described in item #H1 on the web page "will.htm", taking at consideration only one candidate makes it impossible to compare the mutual levels of meeting the characteristics of the known to us carriers given truth, and also makes it impossible to detect "key (confirming) features" which for compliance with the "unanimity rule" have the right to appear only in one of these candidates, and will NOT appear in other candidates, and thus which definitely reveal to us what really is the objective truth. (I.e. only which in the case described in this post #353E, reveal who or what is the bearer of the biblical numerals of the Beast 666.) Therefore, in order to establish this objective truth, first we need to select and describe the features of all candidates who can fulfil the features of this bearer of "Beast 666" - and there are many of them. After all, apart from the Pope and the Internet, they can be e.g. "money" (see my web page "smart_tvs.htm") about which in verse 6:10 from "1 Timothy", the Bible states: "For the root of all evil is the greed of money", while banknotes of which can carry printed on themselves these digits 666. Yet another candidate can be banks - after all, they use accounts that can contain the digits 666. Another candidate can be numbers that nowadays governments assign to every citizen of a given country - e.g. in Poland called "PESEL". Etc., etc. Only after objectively analyzing all such candidates to what extent they fulfil the attributes described in the Bible, it is possible to establish the truth whose attributes confirm everything that these most important "3 witnesses" described in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of my web page named "2020life.htm" (including into them the Bible), states about the sinister carrier of numerals 666 - means they reveal to us who is the true carrier of these sinister digits 666.

The problem with our civilization is that we tolerate the monopolistic behaviour of our "official atheistic science", which in its care for its own interests teaches us destructively through its own example that after getting to know the first candidate to represent some truth (e.g. after learning about the possibility of a "big bang", "evolution", or the supposed existence of the upper limit of speed in the universe described by the content of the "theory of relativity"), this science immediately ceased to look for further candidates who could represent this truth even much better, and even teaches that we should start persecution, shutting our mouths, ridicule, destruct, etc., all those of people who already discovered such much better caddates and are trying to reveal them to humanity - see e.g. item #I5 from my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" or see a specific such example from Fig. #H4a below. So in this respect the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" acts exactly opposite to the described in items #H1 and #H3 of my web page "will.htm" efforts of God to keep "free will" given to people. It is for these reasons that the "official atheistic science" should be included as another candidate for checking whether it does fulfil by any chance the characteristics of the carrier of the numerals of the "Beast 666" described in the Bible - what some scientist today should voluntarily do in order to convince himself and others how bitter and destructive reaction of this science for such its inclusion would turn out to be. Because, among other things, forcing into humanity of such teaching and "shining" with with such examples of abandoning by the "official atheistic science" all further searches for truth after getting to know the first candidate, if in any matter requiring truth this first candidate is detected, then today's humanity immediately "rests on laurels" and ceases to search for better candidates. This is why the humanity until today uses "money" that destroys nature, our fellow humans, our morality and love for God, instead of abandoning the use of money at least several thousand years ago - by replacing their role with e.g. happiness of earned nirvana - see my web page "nirvana.htm". This is also why instead of doing anything about stopping the use of "dirty fuels" and replacing them with the use of "clean free energy", the generation of which I described, amongst others, in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm" and in post #324E to blogs of totalizm, our planet is still ruled by monopolies and cartels selling dirty fuels and blocking research on the generation of clean free energy and thus with their clever excuses and actions leading humanity towards self-destruction through poisoning. This is why, instead of starting the construction of the Magnocraft, accepting my engineering proving that the design and operation of the Magnocrafts of three generations is correct and technically feasible (see my web page "magnocraft.htm"), and instead of recognizing the existence of UFO starships, and instead of abandoning the continuation of building a rocket propulsion historically too strongly saturated with negative energy of killing and warfare destruction, in order to be able to use it for peaceful transportation without causing misfortunes and problems, still as a civilization we insist on investing astronomical sums in expensive, unreliable and spiritually accustomed to killing rockets. After all, already no-one pays any attention to the historical knowledge, for example, about executioner's axes, which, after chopping off around 1000 heads, turned against their owners and mysteriously chopped off also their heads (hence such axes had to be buried quickly and this is why no many of them are left for museums) - as described, among others, in item #D2 from my web page named "malbork.htm", or about similarly acting old swords and daggers, or about an old Polish belief that military rifle once a year shoots without a cartridge (see ). The empirical knowledge about all of them proved that after being significantly saturated with negative energy of killing, they were able to throw themselves on their owners in order to kill them. In turn, knowing only about rockets and NOT researching the action of negative energies, nor accepting the existence of UFOs, present employees of the "official atheistic science" still create theories difficult for empirical verification, which try to explain e.g. strange underground tunnels and craters evaporated by UFOs in rocks and in the permafrost of Siberia - the actual formation of which by UFOs I document, illustrate and explain in Fig. #H4a below and in my numerous publications partially linked in there. This is also why, instead of immediately stopping polluting people and nature with chemicals, plastics and plastic micro-fibres, which almost irreparably litter the Earth's oceans, soil, drinking water, food and air, our rulers, as well as decision-makers of "official atheistic science", with our passive consent and support, increasingly more only promise, speak and write about it, but still do almost nothing for the actual and immediate solving of this murderous and rapidly growing problem of humanity.

Although the effects to-date are fruitless and unacknowledged, my philosophy of totalizm for a long time indicates to us such a highly probable candidate (other than the Pope) for the carrier of these sinister numerals 666. According to totalizm, "Internet" is a much more likely candidate than the Pope. The first indication of it, initially formulated "diplomatically", was published in 2007 in subsection A1.1.1 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/5], but also it was based on even earlier signals of clearly visible evil that the "Internet" spread almost from beginning of its existence - gradually saturating itself in this way with the negative energy of doing evil. Then this evil was more and more precisely and boldly indicated, amongst others, in current items #A5 and #A5.1 from my Polish web page named "totalizm_pl.htm". However, time is passing and we are slowly approaching the "point of no return" - i.e. the moment when it will be too late to prevent misfortunes that this carrier of the biblical numerals 666 is to cause. So time insists to skip further "wrapping the matter into cotton wool" and to openly publish these indications of the most important features, which identify today's "internet" as a probable next candidate for the biblical number of "Beast 666" - so that there is still a chance for possible human attempts to prevent at least some misfortunes that this carrier of the biblical numerals 666 is to bring to humanity.

[The Wisdom of Coding the Bible] My philosophy of totalizm NOT without an important eason considers "Internet" as a possible carrier of the three sinister numerals "666" described here, while in the Bible encoded in verse 13:18 from the "Book of Revelation". (Reader, please pay the attention to the mesage from the opening words of this verse 13:18: "Here is [needed] wisdom. Whoever has reason, let him calculate the number of the beast.") After all, even by encoding the description of these sinister digits "666" in the book and verse of the Bible with such a specific place and number, God tries to make us realize that in our analyzes we should consider practically everything. So note that "Revelation" is the 66th book of the Bible - which draws our attention to the fact that there is a connection between the location of the description in the Bible, (in this case) with these numerals 666. In turn, the number 13 that indicates the chapter of this verse 13:18 from the time of Jesus and "Judas" is symbolically considered to be the bearer of bad luck and an evil omen. On the other hand, the number 18 that defines this verse wisely tells us, among other things, that these fatal numerals "666" can actually be represented by the number 18, which is the sum of the digits 18=6+6+6 (and NOT, as the SDA only assumes, by the value 666, which is also calculated as a sum several Roman letter numerals). Simultaneously, a whole range of attributes of the "Internet" already in its most fundamental structures fulfil all the attributes of this mysterious carrier of the evil numerals "666" described in the Bible. For example, the basis for the operation of the Internet is the so-called computer "word". (For comparison consider also the other hidden, and at the same time possible meaning of the name "word" selectively described in the divinely precisely formulated Bible in its verses 1:2-9 from the "Gospel according to St. John", which another meaning already in the coded way warns us that something different also called "word", but in these verses 1:2-9 NOT identified with God, can experience revival, or gain "self-awareness".) About this other "word" used by the "Internet" today almost everyone knows that it typically consists of two so-called "bytes". In turn each of these two "bytes" has 8 so-called "bits" carrying a given information (about which almost everyone already knows), plus one bit in English called "parity bit" (see ), which into Polish translates as "bit parzystości" (see ) - however about the existence of which today only few learn during their schooling because its existence by "strange coincidence" began to be secretly hidden - just like the truth of my publications. So together the "bytes" consists of 9 bits each. This means that in total a "word" in internet typically consists of 18 bits, the existence of two of which is skilfully concealed by someone today. (I wonder, if the creators of the conspiracy theories knew about the possibility of this concealing, then whether they would call it e.g. "a conspiracy of official atheistic science against the Pope"?) These 18 bits are represented by the symbol 18=6+6+6 about which in an encrypted manner (because warning in an open manner would make it impossible for this warning to survive to today's breakthrough times), we are symbolically warned NOT only by the Bible, but openly referring to the "self-awareness" of the so-called "artificial intelligence" (the one from the future "Internet") is also warned by movies from the "Terminator" series (see ), and by my totaliztic publications - e.g. see also item #A5.1 from the Polish web page "totalizm_pl.htm", item #C1 from the Polish web page "przepowiednie.htm", and moreover see the diplomatically formulated large part of the web page "2020life.htm" and the equally diplomatically written subsection A1.1.1 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/5] available for free via the web page "text_1_5.htm". It is interesting that the Internet fulfils also many further attributes of the bearer of these sinister numerals "666" indicated in the Bible. However, the discussion on this fulfilment requires the elaboration of longer descriptions, therefore I am going to describe them in more detail in one of my next publications - which still require my preparation.

At the same time, the worst prospects for the future are introduced in all of this by the "cowboy" treatment by various software companies of the so-called "Artificial Intelligence". This is because it has the potential to give "Internet" the ability to "self-learn" soon. Meanwhile, on my web page named "2020life.htm" I explained "down to earth way" that it was this ability to "self-learn" that allowed "God Drobinas" from the "counter-world" to acquire "self-awareness", and thus become "living creatures". (For understanding "how" the internet can obtain "self-awareness" and "life", on that web page "2020life.htm" it is worth reading especially carefully item #C5, or reading the post #338E to blogs of totalizm based on that item #C5.) In turn it means that if, due to e.g. stupidity, carelessness or malice, an irresponsible computer programmer gives "Internet" the ability to "self-learn", then he/she will introduce the potential to fulfil what artists have been predicting and announcing for a long time, e.g. with movies from the "Terminator" series. And many to-date escapes, of e.g. pollen from experiments on "genetic engineering" and viruses from laboratories researching dangerous diseases, as well as accidents in Fukushima and Chernobyl with shockingly incorrectly designed and operated nuclear reactors the most important design errors of which I described in more detail in items from #M1 to #M1.2 of my web page "telekinetics.htm", perfectly illustrate that we must NOT count on responsible actions of some present researchers and decision-makers who "play in God" and fulfil the descriptions of the effects of arrogance and pursuit of fame and profits about which warn us the Bible - instead of obeying the admonition from the logo of the philosophy of totalizm: "Knowledge is responsibility". On the other hand, if mistakes similar to those already committed are also committed again in the matter of the Internet and the meaning of its numerals 18=6+6+6, then this could mean troubles and problems for the entire humanity, so huge and terrible that nowadays we are NOT even able to grasp them all with your imagination, and in fact that they can even cost us the extinction of entire humanity.

In addition to the above, how many further dangers and future problems do exist, which are already starting to hide and are starting to grow faster and faster (according to what I explained in #C9 to #C9a from my web page "nirvana.htm" and in post #351E for blogs of totalizm) because of today's incompetent, irresponsible and "cowboy" treatment of the growing monopoly of "Internet" by almost all governments, countries and by almost all professional scientists - as I try to make it aware in items #A5 and #A5.1 from my Polish web page named "totalizm_pl.htm", on the entire web page named "sabotages_pl.htm", and also in subsection A1.1.1 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/5] free downloadable from "text_1_5.htm".

The Internet, which breaks and "suppresses" our "free will", has an increasingly negative impact on the life of mankind. As an example of its negative impact, consider it forcing us to use the so-called "cookies", which are similar to the so-called "computer viruses". These "cookies" are to enrich a few already wealthy people and institutions, although for Internet users they act in our computers as harmful as the so-called "fifth column" in times of war (see ). After all, in order for us to maintain our "free will", when, being forced by European laws, some owners of the software that we visit, hesitantly asks us 'do you agree to allow downloading these "cookies" into your computer', then one of the standard answers given to us to choose by clicking on it should read "I disagree". However, the majority of owners of such software do NOT provide us with this an option (e.g. see "") - which in people who are excessively exposed to Internet persecution may even induce feelings of being blackmailed in the style of "you either agree, or you ..." which us, Polish nation, know very well from the times of Hitler war and from communism, e.g. from the then impossible to avoid forcing every man to serve in the army and to kill his fellow men in the event of aggressive wars initiated by the leader. Of course, the problem of these "cookies" is only one of the forms of breaking by today's "internet" the "free will" given to us by God. In turn several other such forms of breaking it, equally urgently deserving our strong objections, are described e.g. in item #A5 from my Polish web page named "totalizm_pl.htm".

The reader probably noticed that from around the highly symbolic date of 2001/9/11 (i.e. from the beginning of the present "neo-medieval epoch" described e.g. in item #K1 from the web page named "tapanui.htm"), a preposterous situation prevails on the entire Earth that instead of implementing what God who created us and with paternal love for our good recommends us to observe in the content of the Bible inspired by him, almost all persons and institutions having some power over people, force their dependent fellow humans to the exact opposite of biblical commandments, requirements, covenants, etc. Now only a small part of this huge anti-divine, and thus automatically "anti-human" and "anti-life" campaign, are the actions of the Internet mentioned here, aimed at "suppressing" our "free will" - the symbol of which can already be these increasingly pushy forced on each of us so-called "cookies" (see - called so deceptively although while operating on our computers they are: hiding from us and being by someone extremely influential released from the obligation of making them for us available to access their code and to learn their functions; at the same time they use the "Java" language with a powerful processing power but which however is NOT taught in today's schools; they also are easily able to fulfil the functions of the "fifth column" against us). Here it is worth recalling that the Nazis saved a huge factory of smokeless gunpowder and ammunition located in Poland near city of Bydgoszcz from the detection and attempts to bomb it by Alies fighting for freedom, democracy and truth, or by Polish partizans, by simply claiming that it produces sweets and cookies. Thus, such seemingly innocent name given by the Nazis became responsible for thousands of deaths caused by the use of gunpowder and ammunition from that factory, and could have been avoided if people of that time found out what is really hidden behind these Bydgoszcz's sweets and cookies. I am aware that in the advancement of its decline our civilization has already surpassed the so-called "point of no return" described on the historical example, amongst others, in item #T1 from the web page named "solar.htm" and in post #264E to blogs of totalizm. But I still advise everyone to pray fervently to God for showing him/her "Grace" in the punishment that inevitably comes, and for allowing as many people as possible to survive, who are least at fault in bringing about the situation, the escalation of which we already see around us. (For the explanation of laws governing effective praying see #A3 to #A3c and #A4ab from the web page named "klasa_uk.htm" or see post #352E to blogs of totalizm.) In my life I encountered too many illustrations of what happens to people whose behaviour does NOT qualified them to be protected by the principle of "survival of the most moral" - to the descriptions which my Polish web page "skorowidz.htm". links through the Polish key words: zasada "przeżywania najmoralniejszego" . In addition, I advise the reader to also make efforts to show God that people close to his/her heart really deserve such a Grace, because they are aware of the depth of the present collapse of our civilization and, as far as their modest possibilities are concerned, actively try to add their contribution to active repairing the existing evil, for example starting from the simplest for implementing abandonment of visits to websites that violate human "free will" by forcing their viewers to accept these "cookies" (because it is impossible to refuse to give consent for these "cookies" and thus, for example, it is a form of "blackmail" to force us for accepting them). In turn with the elapse of time these people close to the reader may increase their contribution by gaining more and more significant activities - e.g. planting trees (especially those bearing edible fruit), as I described it e.g. under Fot. #A1 from my Polish web page named "cielcza.htm".
Fig. #H4a: Here is an illustration of the appearance of a tunnel in the rock newly-evaporated during an underground flight by a UFO towards W-E or E-W direction, or by similar flight of starships of my invention called the Magnocrafts. This drawing of the appearance of a tunnel evaporated by Magnocraft-like starships, based on the results of my research, was prepared using computer technology by my highly talented friend, Dominik Myrcik. Originally this drawing was published in Fig. #C9d from my Polish web page named "ufo_proof_pl.htm" and in Fig. #G3a from my web page (in English) named "aliens.htm". Notice that the tunnel from under the Polish "Babia Góra" mountain (e.g. until recently still remembered in Slovakia town Rabczyce) partially had such a shape - for its description see subsection C3, e.g. from page C-88 of our Polish treatise [4b] "Tunele NOL spod Babiej Góry" (available for free from web page "tekst_4b.htm" - the title of which means "UFO tunnels from Babia Góra") with a volume of around 3 MB - if the reader cannot get a free copy of this Polish publication then please write to me and I will send it to him/her via the "Internet". UFO tunnel of very similar shape until recently existed in Auckland, NZ, while its photograph I am showing as Fig. #F1 from my web page named "newzealand.htm". Here I provided the above drawing in order to support my argumentation from item #H4 of this post #353E and from item #H1 of the web page "will.htm", that the "objective truth" cannot be determined if by doing what today's "official atheistic science" does, we reject, fight and block the method of searching for truth (described in these items) through establishing these "key (confirming) attributes" which can be determined only by comparing many different theories and explanations that can be worked out only in conditions when people still have a "free will" to search for truth, given to us by God. After all, the above drawing, in connection with the already accumulated documentation of photographs, videos and descriptions of long underground tunnels formed similarly to it, proves the truth so fiercely, stubbornly and for many years already denied, blocked and ridiculed by official science and by lampoons from the "internet". This truth my findings explained in numerous publications that I authorize. It states a somewhat shocking fact that: originally in the crust of the Earth created by God there were NO long tunnels, thus all currently existing such tunnels were evaporated by UFOs. (Also nowhere did I come across the information that the present "official atheistic science" NOT only "assumes" and believes that the forces of nature during only around 6,000 "human years" of the existence of the Earth were able to initiate by themselves and then cause the formation of such huge underground tunnels in the originally compressed by gravity and stationary crust of Earth, but also verified and documented these "beliefs" with evidence.) The above shocking truth is confirmed by "key (confirming) features" of practically all tunnels that I researched so far. In each of these cases the "key (confirming) attributes" of this truth about underground tunnels result from the fact that my Magnocraft and similarly operating UFO starships always fly with their base positioned almost perpendicular to the local course of the Earth's magnetic field - which causes that the resulting shape of these tunnels is always the result of such an orientation of the starships evaporating them. Hence the shape of these tunnels is always consistent with the representation of so oriented starships (having shapes that we already know - see our film "Future Propulsions" at ) in rocks and earth through which these starships fly. In fact, practically all long underground tunnels on our planet always show agreement with these "unique, key (confirming) attributes" of being evaporated by UFOs. This truth stubbornly hidden by the "Internet" and denied by the "official atheistic science", is perfectly confirmed and documented NOT only by the results of my own long-term research on such tunnels (examples of such my research are described e.g. in #G4 from the web page "magnocraft_pl.htm", shown and described from #C9a" to #C9e and in #C9.1 and #C9 of the web page "ufo_proof_pl.htm", while I discussed them more extensively e.g. in subsections V5.3 to V5.3.2 from volume 17 of my monograph [1/5]), but also by the analyzes of descriptions of numerous such tunnels already available on the "Internet" (for examples of them see, for example, reports from videos searched with the keywords: lava tubes underground - see , or keywords: ancient tunnels underground - see , or also keywords: Siberia craters permafrost methane explosion - see ). Unfortunately, instead of motivating its decisions with the role of "truth" emphasized in the Bible "(see verse 8:32 from "John" in the Bible), "morality", "love of God and neighbour", etc., today's decision-makers and most of today's people motivate everything by "maintaining a monopoly or power", "getting rich", "benefits", "money" - see web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", etc. Meanwhile, as long as do so decision-makers setting the direction of what is happening in our civilization, while we will passively accept it without a word of objection, our civilization will stand on the foundations of lies. So it is high time that we all wake up from the already presently threatening us with destruction (see ) such deception and passivity, and then put our hearts and actions into the effort of climbing towards the truth, towards the universal happiness of the "Nirvana System" and for the well-being of all people. The survival of you and your neighbours, as well as, moreover, of your future descendants and even of our entire civilization, depends heavily on it.
Video #H4b: Here is a very short English-language video, lasting only 10:49 minutes, which summarizes the results of, in my opinion, the most objective, factual, in-depth and voluntary scientific research that has ever been carried out in the entire history of our planet, described also in items #H4 and #H1 of the web page "will.htm" using a method based on the God-given "free will". This research results from the prophecy given in verses 13:17-18 of the "Revelation" in the Bible, and they look for the truth about "who will be the source and executor of the 'mark of the 666 Beast' which in the future is to bring to mankind an indescribable amount of evil and suffering" - for example being able to cause that people who fall under the governing power of this 666 Beast will NOT be able to sell or buy anything, and thus e.g. may die of hunger. The reader can search for more information on this research on the Internet using keywords such as: Martin Luther Pope 666 (see ) or as: SDA on 666 . It is worth emphasizing about this research: that it has been going on for many centuries, because it was initiated by the reformer of Christianity, Martin Luther (born in 1483, died in 1546); that nowadays the most important part of it is carried out by the version of Christianity practiced by the SDA (i.e. "Seventh Day Advantists"); and that most of this research was done voluntarily by truth-seeking amateurs (and NOT professional scientists) on the principles of the "Nirvana System", the extraordinary advantages of which we try to explain in our Polish video entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (see - which title can be translated as: "World without money: Nirvana System"). After all, this research was fulfilling two key verses of the Bible, namely: the advice-command from verse 10:8 of "Matthew" - quote: "You received for free, give for free!", and the warning from verse 6:10 in the biblical "First Letter to Timothy" - I quote: "For greed for money is the root of all evil". So we can only wish that the research that proves the correctness of any of the fundamental theories of our present "official atheistic science", e.g. research on the "theory of relativity", should be done equally thoroughly, substantively, objectively, voluntarily and free of charge - which features of the research God especially appreciates and rewards generously, for example, by inspiring the success of new discoveries. After all, research of this type is as vital for the good living and lives of future generations of people, as are also the taming of the present trends of destruction of the Earth's climate and pollution of air, soil, drinking water and oceans with chemicals and micro-particles of plastic. This is because they allow to determine "what" hides a vital danger for humanity, and to develop (and take) protective measures "how" people can avoid accidental or malicious release of its destructive power. (Click on the starter of this video above to watch it)

An inconvenience of the above SDA research in search of the truth about the "mark of the Beast 666" is that by the time of my carrying out the research described in this post #353E, it was the only one in the world that objectively and rationally explored this truth. Although there were attempts to postulate other candidates for implementing the numerals of "Beast 666", such as a 6-minute-long video that tried to indicate the historical figure of Emperor Nero in this role - see , or the claims that "the mark of the Beast 666" would be computer implants in the hand or forehead. But these attempts were highly pointless and biased, because they overlooked a lot of information provided in the Bible that eliminates these candidates. Meanwhile, the effects of considering only the one candidate in any research, the motto for the item #H4 from this post #353E compares to "democratic voting in elections in which only one candidate was put forward for which voters are allowed to vote". Means it makes it impossible to reveal the truth because it does NOT allow to detect "critical (confirming) features" which allow to definitely distinguish the truth in a given matter, from e.g. lies, propaganda, forcing by evil powers, etc. Therefore, in order to actually reach the truth, it is necessary to do as factual, objective and in-depth research as that done by the SDA, but made for a whole host of other candidates who also meet most of the information contained in the Bible, for example, made to research the candidacy of the Internet, official atheistic science institution, banks, governments, and even future "money" or "identification numbers of the Polish PESEL type" - which in order to track and enforce the behaviour of individual persons acceptable by governments in the future, may carry computer-marked individual characteristics identifying the person who has the right to use them, among others, for sale or purchase.

With the above elaboration I try to draw the attention of readers that with even greater probability than foes the research of the SDA, as the next candidate for the future bearer of the numerals of the "Beast 666", my philosophy of totalizm indicates "Internet". This is because the Internet NOT only fulfil all these guidelines from the Bible that the SDA takes into account in its research, but also fulfil two further information explained above and contained in the verses of the Bible (i.e. meets 13:17 from the "Revelation" and 1:27-29 from "1 Corinthians"). After all, these verses can be carriers of these sought "decisive (confirming) attributes" which allow to distinguish the truth from a similarly sounding untruth. Furthermore, the candidacy of "internet" for the future carrier of the numerals of the "Beast 666" is confirmed NOT only by the Bible, but also by two remaining (i.e. supplementing the Bible) of these most important "3 witnesses", i.e. is confirmed by empirical evidence (e.g. of the type presented in item #A5 from my web page named "totalizm_pl.htm" or e.g. in films from the "Terminator" series - see ), and also confirm the scientific theories e.g. from predictive fragments of my "Theory of Life of 2020" explaining what will happen "if" or "when" because of the carelessness, stupidity or malice of some computer programmer who gives to "Internet" the ability to "self-learn", this "Internet" will get the so-called "self-consciousness".

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