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#352_1E: Miracles characterizing and mysteriously...

#352_1E: Miracles characterizing and mysteriously connecting the names "Arawa" from New Zealand and "Arava" from Israel (part 1)


Summary: In my life I am already used to seeing with my own eyes and to experiencing events in person, the courses of which are contrary to the work of laws of matter recognised by our "official atheistic science", and thus which events deserve to be called "miracles". After all, the linked below list of only the most important among such miraculous events that I have already experienced exceeds the significant number 30. However, starting since 2012, when in the New Zealand (NZ) township called Petone described on my web page "petone.htm" I bought for myself a flat (already then around 50 years old) in a housing company which in the language of local Maoris is named "Arawa", the experience of these miraculous events that cannot be explained solely with principles of "materialistic reductionism" (see ) has increased even more. In this post #352E I report the consequences of the most important among them - which are mysteriously related to the Maori name "Arawa" assigned to our current flat. The first one out of these miraculous events, about which it is allowed to claim that it shook me on a multi-level, was the powerful earthquake of 2016/11/13 which I described more comprehensively in item #R2 and in Fig. #R2abc from my web page named "quake.htm", and also in the post number #278E to blogs of totalizm. This earthquake was so powerful that to manifest its power in my "Arawa" dwelling itself it threw a bookshelf with the force that shattered it into small pieces, while the brick house of our "Arawa" flats was waved to the sides like a tiny boat on the waves of the storm-churned ocean. Thus, it is impossible to explain in engineering terms why walls of my flat did NOT break down into single bricks. But shockingly, neither our dwelling nor any building in Petone suffered then, although this particular earthquake destroyed, collapsed, and also damaged many strongly constructed buildings (supposedly "earthquake proof") located just a few kilometres in all four directions of the world from Petone, i.e. located to the east, west, north and south of this our little township. Even more astonishing was my sighting of the "burning bush" (see ) that occurred just a few hundred meters from our "Arawa" flats - as described from #J3 to #J3z of my web page named "petone.htm". After all, it revealed in a way that does NOT take away from anyone his/her "free will", that at the beach in Petone near the so-called "Celtic Cross" (see ) in the "open sky" there is an inconspicuous place marked with this "Celtic Cross" which displays all the features of a "holy area" which is confirmed by miracles that took place in there. Even stranger was my discovery several years later, that through the name "Arawa" for our company "Arawa Flats" (while through these flats probably also this holy area from Petone), the flat in which currently also I live has some mysterious connection with the "Arava" area in Israel - where from the seeds that have survived since the time of Jesus there was a rebirth of the miraculous palms of Judean dates described in the Bible and extinct for about a millennium. However, I was most surprised by the much later finding that the Maori word "Arawa" for the name of our flats carries the meaning of "Sacred Talk". It was this finding that inspired my search for the laws that govern over the formulation of effective prayer for something very important to us - the request contained in which prayer God would fulfil. Although myself being only a sinful, imperfect and fallible man who knows that our God is NOT allowed to be tested even for the sake of science, I have NO grounds to state that I correctly determined these laws. However, the results of my research on these laws described in this post #352E constitute the beginning of efforts in this direction based on scientific methods - which other researchers and priests may now voluntarily undertake and continue, while religiously motivated fellow humans may now begin to pay attention to in their prayers. In addition, for me, the results of these research are a source of indescribable admiration for the wisdom and omniscience of our creator and God, who created everything in our entire world of matter and in ourselves so perfectly that the level of perfection of its creation makes Him the actual father, inspirer and main "teacher" of all people and all activities of positive implementation of truth, knowledge, progress, as well as the love of God, neighbours and nature.

#A3. The relationship of "Judean dates" miraculously revived in the area of Israel called "Arava" after over a thousand years of extinction, with my flat named with the identically sounding Maori name "Arawa" about which only almost 10 years after the purchase of this flat I discovered that its Maori name "Arawa" means "Sacred Talk", and which, by God's will, is located only about 400 meters from the place where appeared to me the "burning bush" - (that is, "what" these numerous rules and cause-effect relationships that are affecting us reveal to us about the laws that God established to govern over the results of our prayers, as well as "whether" in these numerous rules and cause-effect relationships that I already discovered and described in my publications as ruling over my life as well as over lives of every other fellow human, but about which many atheistic researchers claim that these are only so-called "coincidences" or "conjunctures", actually is contained the pre-planned by God in advance our fate and course of our life, ruled by the "tree of life" from Kabbalah, and also are included the requirements and exams to which I and each one out of other fellow humans are constantly subjected by God?)

Motto: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ..." (Bible, beginning of passage 7:7-11 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" quoted from the Internet. The above is one of a series of verses of the Bible containing the requirement of God encoded in it that if someone wishes to receive from God help, action, intervention, etc., then in ordinary situations he/she should first ask God for it with his/her personal prayer that fulfils several laws and attitude requirements discussed in this item #A3. After all, the correct asking for something from God with our prayers is one of the preliminary indicators that we turn to God voluntarily and out of our "free will", means that we were NOT "forced" to do so, and thus that it is governed by the "laws of prayer" described here, NOT e.g. by the laws that govern over the "growing problems" born from "forcing", "extortion", "tribute", "corruption", etc. - as described in item #C9 from my web page named "nirvana.htm" and in post number #351E to blogs of totalizm.)

I am aware that the web page named "1964/klasa_uk.htm" and the information from this item #A3 is also read by people interested in learning the results of my unconventional scientific research - i.e. NOT only by those who were attracted here by some connections with the class of Madam Hass of the Secondary School of General Education (in Polish named: "Liceum Ogólnokształcące") from the Polish town of Milicz (see web page "milicz_uk.htm") - i.e. who are e.g. descendants or relatives of my high school colleagues and friends from the time when we all were educated together as students and graduates of Madam Hass's class of 1964. For example, I believe that this item #A3 will also be read by people who are interested in some wording, surname, or name that they will find in internet search engines, in the introduction to any web page, e.g. that page named "klasa_uk.htm", or e.g. in statements of their friends. After all, it is also their lives that are ruled by the methods of God's action, which are described by the results of my many years long research, while to fragments of which I am going to link the reader in this item #A3, although which may state something very shocking for them, namely that: whatever any one of us does in his/her life, the actual source of this his/her action is that for vital reasons God has already pre-programmed it in advance into the destiny and into all details of the behaviour of this person - as I explain it scientifically with the action of the so-called "tree of life" from Kabbalah described in item #J5 from my web page named "petone.htm" (repeated also in post #299E to blogs of totalizm), and define with elaboration of the work of the so-called "reversible software time" in which we people age and which I described e.g. in item #D3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm" and in the post #294E to blogs of totalizm based on that #D3, and furthermore as I described it in more detail throughout my Polish monograph [12] disseminated for free by the web page "tekst_12.htm". In other words, in the light of my many years long research and numerous scientific discoveries previously unknown to people, if for some reasons someone e.g. reads this item #A3 or does anything else, it actually means that God recognized that this particular action is able to fulfil a very important task in future life and destiny of that person. This is because in the world ruled by omniscient God (while according to my "Theory of Life of 2020" described on the web page "2020life.htm" we actually live in just such a world ruled by omniscient God), nothing happens to anyone by "coincidence" or by "conjuncture", but everything was carefully pre-planned by God for enormously important reasons and has already been pre-programmed into the "landscape of events" of this particular person. (Note that this "landscape of events" is located in the so-called "Omniplan" described in more detail, inter alia, in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named "immortality.htm".) Only that, unfortunately, the still very primitive and atheistically-oriented level of our "official science" and stubbornly disseminated by this science increasingly more erroneous knowledge based on its "a posteriori theories" of the "evolution", "big bang" or "relativity" type - already proven to be completely inconsistent with the reality that surrounds us (for details see e.g. items #I5 or #I1 to #I4 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", or see the posts number #346E or #345E to blogs of totalizm) - causes that most of us ignore and "fail" at least taking into account that his/her this life designated for educating oneself, was strictly designed by God and serves the acquisition of specific knowledge and life experiences. In turn "failing" anything that is served to us by God Himself, never is without bearing the required consequences for it. After all, one of the requirements of universal justice administered individually to each one of us by God, is NOT only that obeying God's commandments and requirements is to be rewarded, but also that breaking what God commands us to do and what God requires from us, must be punished justly - unless have occurred some exceptional circumstances described in the Bible, which will induce God to forgive us these offences that are especially difficult to avoid. (About this truth clearly laid out in the Bible, the religions - which unfortunately are striving to increase the number of their followers, have recently "forgotten" to inform their faithful. This is why in order to learn this truth and other equally important knowledge stubbornly "rejected" by the priests of today's religions (see verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea") - one needs to oneself start studying the Bible, the content of which was inspired by God Himself, instead of only listening to the interpretation of the Bible by humanly imperfect priests of the religion that one practices - especially in matters discussed in publications of my philosophy of totalizm summarised on the web page "totalizm.htm".)

To provide here an example of "how" under the names of so-called "coincidences" or "conjunctures" are hidden events which are indescribably important for every reader who experiences them, I am going to describe one of them that happened to me personally in 2011. Namely, after reaching 65th birthday, that year I received my retirement pension. In turn together with my wife Sue since a long time we intended to move to the New Zealand (NZ) city of Christchurch, the architecture, layout and central location of which on the South Island of NZ we both liked very much. Unfortunately, on 2011/2/22, the "urging" earthquake from Christchurch - which I described more extensively, amongst others, in item #P6 from my web page named "quake.htm" caused that this city was ruined and threatened with further devastating earthquakes. So we both, i.e. I and my wife Sue, decided to give up Christchurch and buy a flat in the township of Petone described on my web page "petone.htm" - in which we lived since 2001 in a previously rented flat. As soon as we finally decided to stay in Petone for the rest of our lives, something persuaded me to return from my walk on a pebble beach in Petone to our rented apartment along different than normally streets. During this return from a walk, by a four-apartment house near which I was walking then, I came across an advertisement that there was one small flat for sale. It also turned out to be rather inexpensive (at least for the disproportionately excessive NZ prices), built of brick, and with a tiny garden - everything these I especially liked. Only during its purchase I have found out that it is the NZ equivalent of a kind of the "cooperative housing" known to me from the former communistic Poland. Means, these flats do NOT become the property of the person who bought them, but still are the property of a small housing company (enterprise) established solely to build, then keep inhabited and maintain these flats - i.e. in the case of this flat, the enterprise called "Arawa" Flats (see ). In turn the entire activity of this housing enterprise (which does NOT employ its own employees and operates only thanks to the voluntary and unpaid work of the owners of "Arawa" flats) boils down to the use of these four flats. In turn, as a buyer of one of these four flats, I automatically became one of the four directors of this small enterprise - only that for this "directorship" I do NOT receive any payment, but only have the right to live in the apartment that I just bought into.

The word "Arawa" from the name "Arawa" Flats is a Maori word. In NZ, old names often mix words of the local Maori language, such as the word "Arawa", with English - such as the English word "Flats" added to this word Arawa. (At present, however, probably for the so-called "political correctness" - see , such adding of English into names has been abandoned.) So I asked several local people what the Maori word "Arawa" means, but no-one knew it, nor was able to indicate to me who would know this word. This is because with the Maori language is a bit similar as with every language of a small local unique population living among a large population using a different language and grown up in a different culture (e.g. as with the language of the Gypsies in Poland). This is because for members of this large population with a different culture, typically there are NO motivations to learn the language of this small, unique population. After all, in today's world, which strives for the highest universality, the knowledge of the language of a small, unique population becomes practically useless. To make it even more complicated, for example, almost every Maori word has many different meanings, which depend on the context of the sentence in which they are used, and also in each of the large number of Maori tribes this language and the meanings of its words may be slightly different. Hence, since "Arawa" was only a fragment of the name, I gave up further, highly difficult, inquiry what the meaning of this word is. After all, although the internet is full of publications about the Maori language, most of them are underdeveloped, lopsidedly programmed, full of gaps and inaccuracies, and typically very difficult to use - means using the computer terminology: are deficient in "user friendliness" - see . After all, typically work on them ceases immediately when the government funding granted to each one of them is exhausted - thus there are many extraneous projects concerning this language, but most of them are NOT refined to the final required quality. Thus they differ significantly, for example, from dictionaries and computer translators of other languages, to the breadth of vocabulary and ease of use of which we are so accustomed. As a result, when one needs to learn the meaning of a rarely used Maori word, or to translate something from or into this language, it is still almost impossible to precisely accomplish it with the use of the Internet, and this requires asking local Maoris. This is because practically they only really know their local version of this language, because they use it in everyday conversations among themselves.

Although almost my whole life is full of miracles and extraordinary events (for more than 30 most important examples of them see descriptions from item #F3 on my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm"), another surprise awaited me regarding the Arawa flat. After all, after we moved to one of these four "Arawa" Flats, suddenly even more strange things began to happen with my life. Here I am going to describe only one of them because it is another important supposed "coincidence" in my life, which drastically influenced my fate. Namely, when on a beautiful, sunny, autumn day on 2018/4/25, I was walking along the beach in our small township called Petone, I noticed from a distance a seductively "dancing" single tongue of a very strong red flame coming out of the already dry seaweed bush thrown onto this beach by the sea. The brightness of the light of this flame was so powerful that it could be compared with the power of dazzling sparks of an electric welder. Thus, it drew my attention to the flame from a long distance when I was walking facing it. Shockingly for me, this tongue of light telepathically began to put thoughts into my head, as if "trying to convince me" about itself. My sighting of this seductively dancing tongue of fire was in a place only a few meters away from the commemorative stone Celtic cross by the Petonian beach shown below in Fig. #A3abc - see also . It was also near this Celtic cross that much earlier, because in April 2011, I noted and photographed the "heart" burned in the grass and shown below in Fig. #A3c . At the same time this cross is located in a place very close to my flat, because it is only about 400 meters from "Arawa" Flats. How exactly the sighting of this seductively dancing fire was carried out, is described in more detail from item #J3 to the video #J3z from my web page named "petone.htm". From the course and features of events that took place then, shortly afterwards I deduced also that it was an extraordinary sighting of the miracle phenomenon in English called "burning bush" - see (while according to my observation, it is much more aptly called in Polish as "krzew gorejący" - see , because it emitted a very strong red light and at the same time did NOT consume the bush with fire - which situation in English much better than with words "burning bush" would be expressesed with the phrase "ardent bush" - see ) first seen by Moses and described in the Bible in verses 3:1-5 of the "Book of Exodus". As I later deduced it from the accompanying circumstances and described it in these #J3 to #J3z from the web page named "petone.htm", this extraordinary experience of seeing a "burning bush" was probably revealed only to me so that in my publications I could disclose in a manner that does NOT break anyone's "free will" my descriptions of the "temple under the open sky" which protects Petone from all cataclysms and creates an unique "holy area" for ordinary New Zealanders cut off from the outside world, due to the existence of which holy area God can now offer special treatment to those most ordinary local people who need it and who are to pray for it by this Celtic cross because cannot afford expensive pilgrimage to other holy places of the world. After all, because of the widespread criticism of whatever I discover, other people, depending on their views, knowledge, and spiritual state, may believe or reject what I am describing, thus my findings and descriptions do NOT break their "free will". On the other hand, if the same was officially stated e.g. by the Pope or by the Primate of New Zealand, then his authority would cause that other people would NOT be given complete "free will", as everyone would be "forced" by his authority and have a religious duty to believe it. In turn my research indicates that everything resulting from "forcing", "coercion", "extortion", "tribute", "corruption", etc., is ruled by completely different "laws of problems", which are described in item #C9 of the web page "nirvana.htm" and in post #351E to blogs of totalizm, instead of laws that govern over prayer - which are described in this item #A3.

My sighting of the "burning bush" from the Petone beach had also further continuation. Namely, after almost 10 years of living in these "Arawa" Flats, i.e. on 2021/11/30, in the evening I was browsing over videos from - as I usually do when nothing interesting is on NZ television. I was then interested in videos about the long-extinct Judean date palm from ancient Israel, which in present-day Israel was revived due to stubbornness, determination and consistent overcoming numerous obstacles faced by one learned and open-minded woman-scientist. This learned woman managed to revive the palm from around a thousand-year extinction with the use of ancient seeds of this date palm found during excavations of the ancient Israeli fortress "Masada" which was ruined by the Romans around 2000 years ago. For small sample of these ancient seeds, however, she needed to beg archaeologists for years. Videos about these dates resurrected by her from extinction are shown on the web page "klasa_uk.htm" at #A4ab .

Those struggles to revive the extinct Judean dates of a woman-scientist from Israel initially fighting for them just alone, took her almost all of her professional life. After all, this woman had to overcome the enormously fierce resistance of those who under the excuse of advancing and spreading science, did everything in their power to prevent such a revival from happening - no wonder that the Bible frequently uses the name of "wolves in sheep's clothing". But probably thanks to the help of Jesus this woman-scientist won her fight in the end. How this fight unfolded I already explained briefly in item #L3 from my web page "2020life.htm", and in post number #342E to blogs of totalizm. In turn "diplomatically" described in the own words of the true scholar, her long-term struggle to revive these extinct Judean dates is presented in an 8-minute English-language video (with verbal narration and with text inscriptions of close captions "cc") entitled "Extinct tree from the time of Jesus rises from the dead in Israel - BBC REEL" distributed free of charge at also linked on the web page "klasa_uk.htm" in the caption under #A4ab . What a pity for all mankind that the so-called "Nobel Prizes" - by their founder intended to reward mainly scientific achievements, unfortunately nowadays are wasted by distributing them to politicians who usually only speak floral, but are unable to do practically anything useful for humanity - as in Bible warn about it verses 23:1-12 from the "Gospel according to St. Matthew" which I interpreted more extensively in item #L3 from my web page named "cielcza_uk.htm". After all, in my opinion, one of these awards justly deserves this learned woman from Israel, who has managed to overcome the forces that hindered her actions for years and in fact has resurrected the Judean dates described even in the Bible as having extraordinary properties, that were extinct since around a thousand years.

In videos about the resurrection of Judean dates from the extinction I was most shocked by the name "Arava" for the desert valley in which "Kibbutz" is located, where one of the seedlings of this date palm resurrected from extinction has already borne fruit for the first time. Because the Maori language (similarly to Polish) does NOT recognize the letter "v" and instead of it uses the letter "w" in the same pronunciation, this Israeli name "Arava" becomes the same as the Maori name "Arawa" used in "Arawa" Flats - the right to live in one of the apartments of which I purchased for myself in 2012. So this time I did NOT stop searching until I managed to find in what exactly the Maori word "Arawa" means. Of course, as in the past, Maori dictionaries still either did NOT Work properly, nor they did NOT contain this word. However, on the internet, I was able to find the exact English translation of a Maori sentence containing this particular word. Its meaning, revealed by this sentence, almost caused me to fall off my chair. This is because the meaning of the Maori word "Arawa" is described in it with the English expression "sacred talk", which is more fully expressed in the following repetition of the sentence with this word found on the Internet - I quote: "According to Te Arawa oratory is sacred talk because when you see and hear the elders and the men of Te Arawa making speeches their talk begins with an apt saying which words translate into Polish as: Według oratorium Te Arawa jest to Święta Mowa, ponieważ kiedy widzisz i słyszysz przemowy starszych i mężczyzn z Te Arawa, ich mowa zaczyna się od trafnego powiedzenia (note that the word "Te" in the Maori language is the equivalent of the English word "The" which into Polish can roughly be translated as "this" or "it"). This unusual name which reveals that I was destined to live now in the Flat of the "Sacred Talk" explains these miracles and unusual things that happen to me after starting to live in my present apartment and which I describe in my numerous publications - including in #J1 to #J3z from the web page "petone.htm". I also understand why God caused my flat to be called "Arawa" Flats instead of e.g. Flats of "Sacred Talk" - after all, when potential inhabitants do NOT understand what this name means, God is able to direct to these apartments whomever He chooses, and who will fulfil the requirements of the old Polish saying "nobility obliges". More interestingly, the name "Arava" used by the Israelites for the place where long-extinct Judean dates were revived also has a similar meaning "arid land", meaning "dry land", "immaculate land", or "pure desert land". So there is also a partial convergence of meanings of both words, i.e. in meaning of Hebrew "Arava" and Maori "Arawa" - because what is holy is usually also clean and dry.

All the above I described here, because depending on the worldview, the reader can interpret it either as a kind of letting him/her to understand that by being directed by fate to read these descriptions, God imposes on him/her a kind of task. In turn to undertake this task in a manner that does NOT break anyone’s "free will" one can voluntarily and willingly decide, because it will probably define the one's future fate. Alternatively, if one's philosophy of life tells one to act differently, one can take all this as a meaningless "coincidence" or "conjuncture", or even as an ordinary "gibberish of a 76-year-old pensioner", then do nothing further in this matter and forget about it completely - which, according to my research and verse 4:17 from the biblical "Letter of St. James the Apostle" ("Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin") will also undoubtedly somehow affect one's future fate.

If we confide in what is happening around us, doing what God commands us, or remaining passive, will soon decide the fate of each one of us. After all, evil-forces have complicated our present life so much that practically almost nothing that really works towards human good can be obtained or done without prayer and without the discrete help from God. Unfortunately, so far only distant countries have had so-called "holy areas" with increased power to fulfil correct formulated prayers. For example, only in Poland I know about the existence of four such areas. I listed and described them briefly in [C] from item #C9 of my web page named "nirvana.htm" and from post #351E to blogs of totalizm. From my visits to some of these places, I know that it is in them that most miracles occur, such as: curing diseases that today's medicine was unable to cure, restoring fertility to infertile women, referring people to the path of family happiness, setting aside or solving long-term problems that bother someone, correcting the mistakes made, bringing success in the matter currently carried out, etc., etc. Expressing it in other words: the greatest chance of avoiding the fate that, according to the absolute justice of God, consciously or unconsciously someone deserved because of their previous actions which were inconsistent with the commandments and requirements of God described in the Bible, is accomplished by praying for such avoiding of the fate in the place which miracles that previously occurred in there indicate as a "holy area". In turn, in order to be able to ask God for a chance to experience in there such a repeal of an unwanted fate, one needs to show one's determination by coming to such a holy area and then praying personally there in a manner consistent with the verses of the Bible.

Unfortunately, until the miracle described here of my seeing the "burning bush" on the beach in Petone, the inhabitants of New Zealand were NOT informed that they also have such a "holy area" where they can pray to God for miracles in relation to matters in which human only actions remain helpless. As a result of the research I carried out, I personally believe that the prayer in the "temple in the open sky" by the beach in NZ town of Petone is able to give the same effects as the prayer in every other holy area of the world. Hence, for many ordinary New Zealanders increasingly more cut off from the world, increasingly poorer, increasingly more forced to do what their beliefs forbid them to do (hence what creates rapidly growing "problems"), and increasingly more tormented by the lack of previously widely available opportunities for them to be obtained just by carrying out human activities in very important for them matters, this local "holy area" by the beach in Petone allows to try to ask God for a discreet help that does NOT break anyone's free will, regarding their personal matters which cannot be obtained in human ways in the present world that is increasingly hostile and expensive for ordinary people. Only that in order for such prayer to lead us more effectively toward the grace and help from God, it is best if it obeys several laws that God seem to established for it and which are expressed in the content of verses from the Bible. Below I am to list in numbered paragraphs, seven in my opinion the most important of these laws, the honour of identifying of which I do hope have been granted to me despite my human imperfections and fallacies. Here they are:

[1] For God to help us, act, intervene, etc., in whatever matters pertaining to us, we first have to ask for it through our personal prayer. We are best informed about it in verses 7:7-11 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" - I quote their initial fragment from the Catholic "Millennium Bible": "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ..." So instead of complaining or unsuccessfully demanding from today's representatives of the authorities and rulers, whose actions are increasigly more similar to what Jesus expressed in verses 23:2-4 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" (that they say but NOT do), it is much more rational and productive to pray for God's help in a given matter. Especially in present times, when most of the goals previously achievable in an ordinary human way, nowadays without the supernatural help from God has become unattainable for ordinary people. It is probably because of the need to create an opportunity for ordinary people to ask God with a prayer for supernatural help in gaining what has become unattainable by human means, as I believe God recently designated "holy areas" in almost every country or larger island of the world - in which they have NOT existed yet, and now locations of these areas God shows us through miracles. In turn in these areas prayers receive a special consideration by God. After all, in order to pray in there, the "Power of Faith" of the person praying and his/her "motivations" must be significant and appropriate - what is partially demonstrated by their very breaking of internal resistance and coming as a pilgrimage to such "holy area". I believe that it is for these reasons that the "holy area" from Petone, New Zealand, described here, was designated and shown to us by miracles. It is also possible that since one of the first signs of the sanctity of this area in Petone was burning a "heart" in the grass near it, in the world are also at least two further such areas in which I noted and photographed similar "hearts" burned in grass, the occurrence of which I described and documented in the caption under Fig. #A3c from this post #352E, i.e. the lawn near my former apartment in Borneo, and the vicinity of the ancient church in Malacca, were also already designated by God as "holy areas" - only that the next miracles which are to confirm this God's designation, are either overlooked or ignored by the people who experience them, or are withheld from public disclosure because they contradict official statements of present-day science or representatives of the ruling elite. In turn if these "holy areas" are indicated to us through the disclosure of miraculous flames characteristic for the "burning bush" described in the Bible, then until today at least three such areas are revealed in the world - i.e. the area described here at the Celtic cross in Petone, New Zealand, and two further and older areas that I described and documented in #J3v from my web page named "petone.htm", i.e. the area called "Eternal Flame Falls, w NY, USA" (see ), and the area called "Jwala Devi Temple in Kangra India" (see ).

[2] We always need to pray to God Himself, NOT e.g. to someone or something raised by people or created by God - e.g. NOT to that cross from Petone shown below in Fig. #A3abc, or to some religious image or figure. After all, this cross, or any other symbol of a holy location, serves only to designate a "holy area" - due to the motivation and effort of someone to go to which area, God for example judges more urgently the "Power of Faith" of the person praying in there and, amongst others, his/her need for a level of divine Grace. The best expression of the important requirement of praying only to God Himself is in verse 20:3-5 from the biblical "Book of Exodus" - I quote from KJV: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God ..." I have interpreted these verses in more detail, among others, in #D1 from my web page named "malbork_uk.htm", where in a number of other items I also explained my experiences with the consequences of my erroneous decision to pray (long ago) to the figure of the Teutonic Madonna, historically known for the fact that she does NOT like Polish citizens.

(This entire post #352E would NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #352_2E)

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