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#351_2E: Manifestations of the living intelligence...

(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #351E)

#351_2E: Manifestations of the living intelligence of God in the governing laws of our world of matter (part 2)


[E] There is one already known foolproof way for people to learn the wisdom of correct problem solving: it is to voluntarily perform many productive so-called "physical works" which are the generators of "wisdom" - especially when done with motivations of love of all our fellow humans and voluntary work for the good of others. (An effective method of acquiring such motivations is explained e.g. in item #A2.12 of the web page named "totalizm.htm".) Simultaneously, the so-called "mental works" are only fillers of memory with "knowledge" stating "what" and freeing thinking deprived of real limitations and requirements, that is, deprived of "wisdom" suggesting to people the procedures "how", i.e. with "knowledge" showing the path to decline rather than to growth. This in turn means, that "educating oneself" solely through putting into education only "mental work" (as this is done by today's schools and universities) can only fill the memory with information "what" but cannot teach the correct skill "how" to solve confronted problems. This is explained more extensively in items #G3 to #G5 from my web page "wroclaw_uk.htm", while the requirement to include in teaching practical procedures "how" with the help of subjects on "manual works" I briefly address in #I5 of the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". After all, the vast majority of today's productive "physical labour" boils down to finding such a solution to the problems of carrying out production of whatever is the final goal and effect of a given "physical labour", that from many possible solutions of a given product of this work the one is find and implemented that in a given situation proves to be the highest level of perfection, or it is either the cheapest, or the easiest to implement with the possessed set of tools and materials, etc. This is why in items #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm" I warn readers that "mental work" allows only to stuff the memory with descriptions of "what" is provided to us by school textbooks under the name "knowledge". However, in order to gain "wisdom" it is necessary to know how to find procedures "how" - which finding is taught only by performing productive "manual labour". On the other hand, present scientists, politicians, decision makers, nor other "white-collar workers" typically do NOT do any "physical work". As a result, they did NOT learn to find "how" which generates "wisdom" necessary to solve any confronted problems. So in life it is worth teaching oneself and others to voluntarily undertake various productive "physical works", which reveal to those who perform them just this intuitive "wisdom", which states that "every problem can be solved in many ways that differ from each other by their level of perfection, while the natural self-solving one of these solutions is already permanently inscribed into the problem itself". As I have already emphasized, this wisdom is the easiest to notice on the streets of today's cities. For example, we can clearly see in there that this engineering problem "how to build a car" can be solved in thousands of different ways, e.g. only in the category of passenger cars as Marcedes, BMW, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Morris, etc., etc., in turn each one of them in a further number of types, versions, varieties, etc., etc. Each of them also has different from others a level of perfection, cost of production, price, type, fuel consumption, etc. In turn the natural self-solving of the problem of "how to build a most perfect car" nowadays are provided by deadly exhaust fumes, which released previous cars on "dirty fuel" and which caused that these cars poisoned themselves out of market, painfully poisoning also a significant proportion of humans and nature.

[F] For every problem there is at least one "perfect" solution, which is morally correct and brings the biggest variety of advantages to people who use it. It is, among others, "how" to find this "perfect" solution for various categories of problems, that the philosophy of totalizm (i.e. that my "totalizm" - always written and inflected with the letter "z") tries to work out and teach us. In turn an example of one amongst such solving, already found by my philosophy to the problem of "money" as the source of almost all evil on Earth, is the "Nirvana System" described on the web page "nirvana.htm" in items #C7 and #C8, and also, amongst others, here in this post #351E. In best way the fact of the existence of such a solution is expressed by the finding of the philosophy of totalizm stating: "everything that is possible to imagine, is also possible to be implemented - only that with work and wisdom one needs to find a way 'how' to do it" - described more extensively in publications linked with the Polish wording of this finding (i.e. with wording: "wszystko co jest możliwe do pomyślenia, jest też możliwe do urzeczywistnienia - tyle że pracą i mądrością trzeba znaleźć sposób 'jak' tego dokonać") by my Polish indexing web page named "skorowidz.htm". Only that a component of human nature (especially prominent in people educated by forcing into them today's "what" but without providing the knowledge on "how" procedures) defends itself against learning this truth and resists searching for, and learning, correct solutions to problems that bother all of us. Therefore, the task of parental education, schooling and universities, political actions of governments, as well as religions, should be to teach people how to overcome such resistance and attempts to defend themselves against the implementation of progress.

[G] An indicator which allows to identify people who have already learned correct problem solving, is that to all their ideas and explanations they are able to include descriptions of a correctly functioning engineering "how" and to indicate the most competent "3 witnesses" defined in my publications which will confirm the correctness of this " how". Therefore, my advice is that, for example, during the democratic elections of representatives to the authorities, the most important verification whether a given candidate deserves our vote is to check whether the only thing he/she can do is announce "what", or whether he/she already has this absolutely needed to solve problems the habit and skill of revealing the proposal "how" to accomplish of that "what" he/she proposes. The most examples of such descriptions "how" together with "3 witnesses" confirming them, are contained in my presentations of truths from the web page named "2020life.htm". In turn several next examples of them the reader can find in #I2 of the web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm" or in #A1 of the web page "evolution.htm". Furthermore, the explanation of the absolute need for such presentation of new truths and ideas is discussed in the abovementioned items #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm".

The times today are precisely the time when a whole pack of problems that humanity's leaders have been ignoring for too long has now chosen to reveal its natural way of self-solving. We see it in everything that surrounds us, e.g. in: the amount of rubbish and plastic in the oceans and soil, and chemicals in food, water, air and soil; in the on-going extinction of nature; printing money in unreasonable amounts; the rise of terrorism, armed conflicts and wars; climate change; the increasingly more dangerous diseases that plague us but for which "modern" pharmacy lacks effective medications; the intensification of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions when at the same time the "official atheistic science" ignores for years the research and development of the telepathic "seismograph", which has already proven itself in operation over 1000 years ago and the operation of which I described in detail on the web page "seismograph.htm" while the appearance I illustrated on Fig. #C9a below in this post #351E; the limiting of interests of an increasing proportion of people mainly to the matters of money, sex, food and pleasure; the ineffectiveness and corruption of governments that multiply "prohibitions" to conceal their inability to find "how" to solve the ever-mounting problems; turning people away from God; etc., etc. In turn, the best illustration of what attitude to problems and their solution is still demonstrated by the entire humanity is the to-date development of the history of the "Nirvana System" described above and in items #C7 and #C8 of the web page "nirvana.htm", and also in #A5 to #A5bc of the updated after 2022/2/14 my web page named "totalizm.htm".

* * *

We already know that the laws governing over the solving of people's problems show cause-effect relationships with all other laws that God established and pre-programmed into our world of matter (as I explained this more comprehensively in item #B3 on my web page named "will.htm" and in item #V7 on my web page "2020life.htm"). So we can already predict, that at some stage of the continuous removal of the sources of evil and the improvement of the world of matter by our God - as described in item #C8 of the web page "nirvana.htm", people may discover and will already know the full list of the remaining laws [H] to [Z] supplementing the above-listed laws [A] to [G], which I already indicated and described in this item #C9. In turn, because it is God who establishes and pre-programs all these laws [A] to [Z], which in the Greek alphabet are represented by the letters [Alpha] to [Omega], at the moment when humanity discovers all of them and gets to know them thoroughly, each of us people will indisputably acquire full knowledge of the truth why our God sometimes refers to Himself as "Alpha and Omega"!

https://www.google.com/search?q=Zhang+Heng+Seismograph&tbm=isch (Zhang Heng Seismograph in Google)

Fig. #C9a: Here is an example illustrating how God inspires people to actively solve problems caused by selfish actions, as well as to actively shake off the lethargy that introduced to people the approval of lies that caused an apparently "comfortable life" which briefly and temporarily occurred on Earth in the second half of the twentieth century as a result of breaking the commandments and requirements of God in the pursuit of profit and non-selective rewarding with "money" also for types of activities that deserve more punishment than reward (see #A1 to #A4 from my web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm"). Namely the above example is a photograph of a model of a telepathic device for remote detection of impending earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, which device is today highly erroneously described under the name of "Zhang Heng's "Seismograph". The most comprehensive descriptions of it are provided on my web page named "seismograph.htm". Unfortunately, the truth about the "telepathy" that is used in its principle of operation - about which my research determined that "telepathy" instantly propagates with infinite speed throughout the entire universe (for evidence of infinitely fast telepathy see [A5] from item #I3 of my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm") caused that this wonder device also was doomed to be silenced and treated as "forbidden knowledge" by powers that secretly rule over our civilisation - similarly as doomed to be silenced by them is the truth of my theories, inventions and scientific discoveries. Therefore, on Earth officially and vigorously, it is still blocked and impossible to carry out rational research on telepathy, and various lies are sown about this phenomenon and about my results of its research. On the other hand the technical mastery of telepathy would bring countless benefits, among which the "seismograph" described here is only a modest example. For example, telepathic transmitters are able to send strong signals of deterrence, terror, and panic, which will also be picked by nearby predators and other living creatures, thus scaring them away from people. Therefore, after the technical mastery of telepathy, people will create new types of non-lethal weapons that will protect them from attacks by sharks, lions, crocodiles, dogs, poisonous snakes, scorpions, wasps, mosquitoes and other dangerous creatures, thus saving countless people from death. Exactly this manner of protecting oneselves from attacks we have been observing for a long time in UFOnauts - as described in more detail, for example, in {1} and {6} from item #K2 of my web page named "petone.htm" and from post #348E to blogs of totalizm. The implementation of telepathic communication devices would also eliminate today's deception, would increase the general level of morality, and would completely remove crime. After all, these devices allow to clearly "hear" what other people think. Hence, after they are introduced, e.g. lying and evil intentions will become impossible to hide. Unfortunately, this trait generates them numerous enemies. After all "telepathy" technically processed by future advanced communication devices, ordinary people could also start to use in order to find out what really think about them individual rulers, decision-makers and other people who currently have so much to hide that they established special laws such as the so-called "RODO" law currently in force in Poland (see https://www.google.pl/search?q=RODO+co+to+jest - i.e. the Polish equivalent of "GDPR" - see https://www.google.com/search?q=gdpr+meaning ). (In my case it was, for example, this RODO (GDPR) law that completely prevents me from completing the noble and altruistic goal which generally I described in #A1a to #A1c from my web page "tapanui.htm" and also in entries #350E and #349E to blogs of totalizm, while specifically which I reported in "Część #J" - means in "Part #J", from my Polish web page "tekst_3b.htm"). Furthermore, the technical mastery of telepathy would also allow in the future to detect whether someone who has power over larger numbers of people imposes on them such thoughts, beliefs, or post hypnotic suggestions (see https://www.google.com/search?q=post+hypnotic+suggestions ), which most effectively serve his interests and his maintaining the power. As a result, still no-one researches telepathy, nor builds devices that use the work of telepathy - in spite that my research has revealed a long time ago how, e.g. by inducing a stream of electric sparks, we can "jam" telepathic signals intercepted from us or artificially forced into our minds by telepathic communication devices. On a similar principle no-one still tries to build e.g. a "revealing device" which allows to detect the nearby use of telekinesis-forming devices, especially those which allow to hide by switching on the so-called "state of telekinetic flickering" which makes people and any objects invisible, and which is described more comprehensively in item #C1 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". On the other hand, the design of this defensive "revealing device" is described for a long time in our Polish treatise [7b] (see "tekst_7b.htm") that we disseminate free of charge and discuss in publications linked by the abovementioned Polish web page "skorowidz.htm". This defensive device was given to our civilization by the totaliztic civilization from stars that was trying to help humanity. So in this situation we should NOT be surprised that, amongst others, both the phenomenon of telepathy and the principle of operation of the above telepathic "seismograph" built and working perfectly still in ancient China, as well as the "revealing device" bringing to visibility those who hide from us in invisible to us state of telekinetic flickering, are considered by our rulers as "forbidden knowledge" which should be eliminated, blocked and fought on Earth by all means - while prohibitions of whose rulers the decision makers of "official atheistic science" scrupulously obey. After all, the building by people of any technical devices that use infinitely fast telepathic waves as information carriers, such as the above "seismograph", and also a kind of "telepathic pyramid" discussed e.g. in #I5 to #I5a from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", and repeated in the post #346E to blogs of totalizm, would quickly allow people to discover and confirm the reality of the existence of countless highly advanced civilizations in the huge universe, whom no longer use very slow, obsolete and primitive radio communication with help of which the human scientists still carry on the expensive SETI program (see https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=SETI ), and also whom already for thousands of years stopped to use "money" as a form of non-selective remuneration, while instead of "money" they use for selective remuneration the miraculous phenomenon of happiness of earned nirvana supernaturally managed and served just by God Himself while comprehensively described in items #C7 and #C8 from the web page named "nirvana.htm" and in posts #328E and #343E to blogs of totalizm, and also explained in the INTRODUCTION and in "part #L" of the web page named "smart_tvs.htm" and in entry #335E to blogs of totalizm.

Notice that the appearance and the telepathic operation of the above "seismograph" developed during my research, together with my friend, we also illustrated on our film entitled "Dr Jan Pajak Portfolio" available in English free of charge at the internet address https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXr2OzVsMp4 .

Of course, neither my inventions, e.g. such as the "Oscillatory Chamber" (see web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm" - ancient technical drawings of which are documented by the so-called "Thangka" shown in illustrations #D3a to #D3d from the web page named "eco_cars_pl.htm") or my "Magnocraft" (described and illustrated on the web page "magnocraft.htm"), or the above telepathic "seismographs", are NOT the only technical devices, the construction of which God tries to inspire on Earth, in order to equalize the chances of the present struggle between good and evil entering a critical phase in present humanity. Another example of such devices, which I also researched for a long time, are "generators of pure free energy" - operating on the principles of "perpetual motion" - see e.g. item #B3 from the web page "fe_cell_pl.htm" or see the post number #324E to blogs of totalizm based on this #B3 - the text of which is also published in "volume S" of my publication [13] disseminated via the web page "tekst_13.htm". Some results of my research on these "perpetual motion devices" are also illustrated in our film entitled "Future Propulsions" (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxSWDbFopak ) discussed extensively on my web pages and blogs of totalizm, including this one.

The model of the above telepathic "seismograph", built and working perfectly well in ancient China, by some miracle landed in a museum distant only a short city bus ride from my place of residence. So first I saw it there in 2003. Nevertheless, I knew about the existence of this telepathic "seismograph" since my professorship in Kuala Lumpur in the years 1993 to 1996. My friend, also a professor and a Chinese, who heard about it thanks to his family spoken tradition, told me about it in there. Unfortunately, he did NOT know further details, e.g. principles of its operation, nor the place in China where it could be seen. So although I wanted to see this miraculous device at that time, unfortunately I had NO funds nor the possibility to fly to huge China at my own expense and to find this device in there first and then to research it privately. Thus, when in 2003, with great amazement, I saw this device by some miracle displayed in a museum away from my flat by only a short ride on a city bus, its sudden appearance in there made an unforgettable impression of almost the equivalent of an impossible situation that: "since I was unable to go to China and find this device in there, this device came to me from China and it found me". In turn the appearance of the model of this telepathic "seismograph" in a museum so close to my flat created an opportunity for me to see and analyze this model more precisely over there, and to develop for it engineering principles of "how" it works.

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