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#351_1E: The laws of our world of matter...

#351_1E: The laws of our world of matter that govern how to solve human problems (part 1)


Summary: In this post #351E to blogs of totalizm I am presenting an example of a whole group of related laws governing over the solving of problems that trouble people, thus in learning about work of which laws everyone should be interested. Here I am using this example to confirm with it and make the reader aware of my discovery that all laws that govern the phenomena of our "world of matter" in their actions reveal the presence of most effective methods of achieving the goal of educating people, thus that they display behaviours which characterize people and intelligent creatures but are absent in mindless matter. Furthermore, either by themselves, or together with laws related to them, they display also the highly intelligent and goal-oriented feature described by the name "self-regulation" - more generally explained in item #B3 while confirmed by the example in item #B4.4 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm". In other words, laws, which according to claims of present "official atheistic science" allegedly were formed by thoughtless nature, in fact display features characteristic for the behaviour of highly intelligent living creatures, NOT just for thoughtless mechanisms of inanimate matter operation. In the examples of laws discussed here, the methods of their operation and their behaviour remind me personally the reliable methods of operation and behaviour of my teachers who were educated still in times before the Second World War and at these times yet undistorted by "political correctness" gained their proven professional experience and teaching methods - i.e. those teachers who still had the courage to apply proven for centuries of use the most effective teaching methods, which I described more comprehensively in item #K1 from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm", but which present atheistic politicians and scientists forbid us to use only because these methods are consistent with the recommendations of the Bible. So if our perception of reality allows us to accept the existence of such behaviours of living intelligence in the examples of laws described here, and also in all other laws of nature, then logically there is NO other option than to admit that behind the operation of all "natural laws" there is the wisdom and omniscience of the creator, the actual father and chief "teacher" of all people, who is also our God.

Motto of this post #351E to blogs of totalizm: "The problems that bother us are like women from the English proverb 'hell has not fury like a woman scorned' (see https://www.google.com/search?q=hell+has+not+fury+like+a+woman+scorned ) - i.e. if we ignore these problems and do not solve them on time, then they will resolve themselves in the way that hurts us the most." (Summary of the essence of this post #351E, which describes the laws that God instituted to govern the solving of problems with painful consequences, the ignoring by people of the need for which solving results in spoiling the quality of humanity's life.)

#C9. Seven vital laws [A] to [G] governing over the solving of problems that trouble people, which laws confirm my discovery that the operation of all "natural laws" demonstrates attributes characteristic for logically thinking highly intelligent creatures (i.e. God, people, etc.) and thus the actual origin of which contradicts claims of present "official atheistic science" that these laws are derived from mechanisms of behaviours of a thoughtless nature deprived of the ability to think and to act intelligently:

The Bible contains data which reveal to us, that our world of matter was created by God only around 6000 "human years" ago. In addition, in two verses of the Bible was also encoded the confirmation of my discovery made in February 2022. Thus, this discovery fulfilled the prophecy which these verses of the Bible contained so far-sightedly encoded into them for over 2000 years. After all, my discovery from February 2022 revealed to us the consequences of the fact that in the world inhabited by God (which world my "Theory of Everything from 1985" calls the "counter-world"), neither exists the "elapse of time" nor the aging work of "time". On the other hand, it is the ever moving liquid which is contained in this "counter-world" that our wise God used as the building material thus creating from it our entire "world of matter". (Elementary components of this liquid building material I named "God Drobinas" because in Polish the word "drobina" means "something very small but greatly loved" - see #K1 and #K2 from my web page "god_exists.htm". In turn the eternal mobility of this liquid the ancient Greeks and NZ Maoris called "chaos".) Thus, the lack of "elapse of time" and the aging work of "time" in this "counter-world" practically means that both the "elapse of time" and the aging work of "time" must be "invented" by God and then technically pre-programmed only into the work of our "world of matter". The verses of the Bible containing the encoded confirmation of the truth and essence of the above my scientific discoveries and facts about the lack of elapse of time in the counter-world, I summarized and interpreted e.g. in #I5 to #I5a from the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in post number #346E to blogs of totalizm. In turn it so happens that these scientific discoveries and findings of mine have significance for a whole range of areas of human life. Hence, their significance for e.g. religion I explained in the INTRODUCTION to my web page named "bible.htm" - where I justified, among other things, that in order verses of the Bible would be able over 2000 years ago predict and confirm the essence and truth of the most important findings of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" (that one described on the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"), it is absolutely necessary that their content was inspired by someone with the knowledge of the future and with above-humanly far-sighted knowledge possessed only by God, which fact in practice represents another empirical proof that God really does exist. In turn the meaning of these discoveries e.g. for human science and history I explained a bit more thoroughly e.g. in {9} from item #B8.2 of my Polish web page named "rok.htm" - where I emphasized, among other things, that the non-existence of "elapse of time" in the counter-world practically means that all movements and effects of phenomena that take place in there (such as: telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis, death review of the entire life, etc.) must occur in there with infinitely high speed - and this in turn reveals that the stubbornness of official dissemination "the theory of relativity" wrongly telling us the alleged existence of a limitation of the highest possible speed in the universe to the value of speed of light, in practice results in forcing into us a lie and in blocking our progress. Unfortunately, the above findings of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" still remain almost unknown, because still awaits our solving the short-sighted and close-minded problem of cleverly depriving people of the freedom to express and to learn about scientific discoveries and views that reveal truths considered to be "taboo" and "forbidden knowledge" by our monopolistic "official atheistic science" trying to assume the role of "atheistic religion" - means problem still practiced by many present decision makers. It is this problem that, among others, manifests itself in the fury of hidden attacks, silencing and blockades of my discoveries and theories. As a result, I am still forced to disseminate my "Theory of Everything from 1985" under its initial, different, and not reflecting its versatility, the name "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see web page "dipolar_gravity.htm". On the other hand, this "Theory of Everything from 1985" revealed to us so many previously unknown truths, that they suffice to create a completely new science, which I call the "totaliztic science" and for years I postulate to create from it a competition for healing scientific problems for the currently monopolistic one, promoting non-selective rewarding with "money" all actions of people (even those that should be punished) and already notoriously misleading people, the "official atheistic science". (This new "totaliztic science" and its possible role as a "science fixer" is described in more detail in items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named "telekinetics.htm".) One of the examples of these discoveries of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" is the finding that we people age in the "human time" which elapses with a much slower speed than the time of the so-called of "inanimate matter" that ages e.g. atoms, isotopes, fossils, carbon, etc. - as I documented it in a number of my publications, e.g. briefly in the INTRODUCTION and in item #G4 from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", while in full extend in the Polish monograph [12] disseminated via the web page named "tekst_12.htm". Furthermore, our "human time" passes in leaps, is reversible, and was technically pre-programmed by God in a manner almost identical as we program the time of heroes of e.g. computer games - for more details about it see explanations from item #D3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm". Thus, this "human time" should be called e.g. with the phrase "reversible software time", while its elapse should be expressed in "human years". In turn all inanimate matter ages in a different, faster elapsing time, which would be best called with the phrase "irreversible absolute time" assigned to it in my publications, while the elapse of which should be expressed with different units than our human time, because according to the Bible it elapses at least 365-thousand times faster than our "human time". Unfortunately, the "official atheistic science" refuses to accept the findings of my Theory of Everything from 1985 - which creates yet another problem for it and for humanity that also awaits its resolving. After all, the original goal of establishing the "official atheistic science", which was "revealing the truth and implementing progress", by the phenomenon of "reversal of function" has already managed to change into the exact opposite of this goal, perfectly expressed by the Malaysian proverb "your fences eat your rice" - which more thoroughly together with the procedure "how" I am explaining in (B1) from item #E3 of my web page named "pajak_for_mp_2017.htm", while additionally I supplement with the actual example in item #D3 from the web page named "portfolio.htm".

The fact that our world of matter is only 6000 human years "young" brings many unfavourable consequences. For example, it means that everything in it is still young, inexperienced, containing many problems awaiting for God and people to find ways to solve them in a joint effort, and also that everything in it requires educating people about the procedure "how" these problems should be solved. This is best seen in the treatment of "truth" by official science and people (hence my "Twelve Truths about Truth", which I explained in "chapter N" of my monograph [5/3] disseminated via the web page "text_5_3.htm", while I also briefly discuss them in item #B4.1 from my web page named "tapanui.htm"), and also in the matter of treatment the so-called "problems" by people, the solving of the most important of which problems can be accomplished, for example, with procedures "how" described in items #A2.1 to A2.12 from the web page named "totalizm.htm". This is because our schools and colleges - still run almost exclusively by the old "official atheistic science" that jealously guards its lucrative monopoly on education and research, avoid teaching us truths and the effective solving "problems" that bother us. Meanwhile, it turns out that in order to be able to effectively solve problems that bother us, we first need to learn what laws govern over them. After all, for everything that has a repetitive nature, our God developed strict algorithms for his management of their course and effects, which we know under the name of "laws" - see descriptions of the manner of their implementation by God from item #J5 of the web page named "petone.htm". Most of these "laws" still remain unknown to people - in spite that a significant part of them concerns procedures "how" for managing the operation and fate of human "problems". Furthermore, in addition to learning the laws governing over "problems", one also needs to "learn" how to use these laws in order to be able to solve problems - which requires learning the differences between "what" and "how" and the totaliztic definitions of the concept of "knowledge" and the concept of "wisdom" which I provided and explained in items #G3 to #G5 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". Meanwhile, the most urgent to learn out of these laws that govern over "problems" is at least seven. Let us list and explain in the following paragraphs [A] to [G] those of them which my philosophy of totalizm has already identified, described comprehensively, and about which it has already established that their fruits and work are the consequence of leaving unsolved most of the problems that bother us most in present times. Here are these laws:

[A] Each problem contains the build-in its own solving - so if people affected by it for a too-long time avoid solving it, then in a natural and at the same time in the most educational, because the most painful way, this problem will solve itself. This is why both, the laws described here, and practically all other laws of nature, were explicitly or implicitly formulated by God as "self-regulating" laws (see web page "mozajski_uk.htm"). A good example of the operation of such "self-regulating" laws are predators and the situation with their victims, and also are their human equivalents (e.g. exploiters or tyrants and their victims). Thus, if e.g. too many predators multiply, then they eat almost all of their victims and then they themselves must die of hunger. It is similar, for example, with the balance of human sources of the so-called "dirty energy" (i.e. commercially sold fuels polluting nature). For example, we currently observe a situation that cars and other devices running on these dirty fuels almost poisoned out their own existence by themselves. Yet another such example is today's covert printing of excess money by some governments - which causes their currency to rapidly decline in value, increase discontent and riots, and ultimately the loss of power by these enthusiastic money printers. This ability for a natural self-solving of problems results from the ingenious pre-programming by God of all mechanisms that govern events in our world of matter. Namely, these mechanisms are pre-programmed on principles of "self-regulation" described e.g. in items #B3 and #B3.1 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm". In the simplest way this principle of "self-regulation" is explained by my philosophy of totalizm with descriptions of the operation of the overriding balancing mechanism, expressed for ages by an old Polish proverb, and then extended by totalizm in the form of two contradictory findings of the truth in life, informing that: "There is NO such evil that would NOT work out for good" (in Polish: "NIE ma takiego zła co by na dobre NIE wyszło"), and at the same time "There is NO such good that would NOT generate some form of evil" (in Polish: "NIE ma takiego dobra, co by NIE wygenerowało sobą jakiejś formy zła") - for descriptions of both these opposite findings on life truths see e.g. item #F3 from the web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm" or see other publications linked with their Polish wording in the Polish indexing web page named "skorowidz.htm". But because every principle can be expressed in various words, another presentation of the above totaliztic truths is e.g. the Arabic saying: "Hard times make people strong, strong people make good times, good times make people weak, weak people make hard times" assigned to Sheikh Rashid (founder of Dubai) - which, together with the video illustrating it, I provided, amongst others, as the "motto" to item #J4 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". In turn the English express the same principle either with the words "when the going gets tough, the tough get going" (see https://www.google.com/search?q=when+the+going+gets+tough+tough+gets+going+meaning - which into Polish I would translate as "im trudniejsza podróż tym silniejsi nią podróżujący"), or with words "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger" (see https://www.google.com/search?q=what+doesn%27t+kill+you+will+make+you+stronger+meaning - which in the Polish language means "co cię nie uśmierci uczyni cię silniejszym"). In a scientific manner mechanisms of action most frequently used by God for the systemic implementation of such "self-regulating" laws are explained in more details in item #A2.11 from my web page named "totalizm.htm" and in other publications linked from there, and also in the based on that item #A2.11 post #283E to blogs of totalizm. Formerly people tried also to implement this principle of "self-regulation" in the formulation of human laws. For example, I used to read that in former times France obeyed the law that the water intake from a river for a given factory or city must be located downstream from the sewage outlet of that factory or city to this river. Thus, if dirty sewage was discharged into the river, then this sewage later polluted also the water collected by the intake of the ones who released it.

[B] The problem that people do NOT want to solve correctly, will continually increase to the extend that any further ignoring it will force it to solve itself naturally. In turn people are always warned about the upcoming self-solving of it - although typically most of them do NOT want to know about the existence of these warnings and refuse to hear them. For example, if this problem is a badly constructed bridge, then first it will wobble, creak, and reveal its weaknesses, while if people ignore these warnings, then it will collapse by itself in the most painful way - although always also in accordance with the requirements of absolute justice. It is interesting that God so wisely pre-programmed our world of matter that every problem repeatedly reminds people of the existence of this problem, while each time it does this reminding with ever increased force. Furthermore, for every kind of problem God developed and made available to people a way of determining that its painful self-solving is just coming. For example, in order to warn about the arrival of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, already over a thousand years ago God inspired a Chinese man named "Zhang Heng" to invent a telepathic warning device, currently known under the erroneous name Zhang Heng Seismograph (see https://www.google.com/search?q=Zhang+Heng+Seismograph ) and shown below in Fig. #C9a. This incredible device, with sufficient time advance for an effective escape, warns that an earthquake or a volcanic eruption is about to begin and the damage caused by it is already on the way and is coming. The operation of this telepathic device I am describing systematically in my publications since 2003, among others on my web page named "seismograph.htm". In 2005, after hiding the "telepathic" principle of work of this device under the scientifically acceptable name "hydraulic principle of operation", I even managed to present it on a scientific conference - see editorial data of my paper listed in item #I1 of the above web page "seismograph.htm". But in spite of all these my efforts, the old "official atheistic science" still ignores these descriptions until today and does NOT carry out any research on its telepathic principle that I developed nor starts attempts to investigate it - although this telepathic device which detects already initiated earthquakes, works very effectively with a detection range of several hundred kilometres. For a large proportion of problems, the warning about the imminent arrival of their natural self-solutions are issued through people in the Bible called "prophets" (do NOT confuse them with so-called "false prophets" also precisely defined in the Bible). What form their warnings usually take, one can find out, for example, from quotations from the Bible that I provided in item #T1 from my web page named "woda_uk.htm".

[C] Problems prefer self-solving in large herds, i.e. all of a given origin at once and always in the most permanent and educational way that will cause the greatest amount of damage and human pain to those guilty of causing it. Today, in many areas of the Earth, we see just such examples of problems transition to the phase of self-solving - for example consider the consequences of deforestation in Africa and Madagascar, or the results of devastating nature in both Americas. In addition, this preference for their self-solving in large herds is well documented by proverbs and folk wisdom. For example consider the old Polish saying "misfortunes come in flocks" (in Polish: "nieszczęścia chodzą stadami"). Therefore, it is very important to learn how to solve them as soon as possible after they reveal themselves to us. Totalizm offers various methods for this, descriptions of which are collected in #A2.1 to #A2.12 from the web page named "totalizm.htm". In turn from all of these methods I most recommend the method that uses God's help, i.e. the so-called "law of the highway through the sea" - links to extensive Polish descriptions of which "prawo autostrady przez morze" the reader can find under its Polish name on the web page named "skorowidz.htm". However, it is worth remembering that one needs to deserve God's quick help, for example, by carrying own life in accordance with the verse 14:15 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. John" stating "If you love me, you will keep my commandments". Moreover, when one wishes to receive God's help in solving a serious problem with which we are confronted, this help must be prayed for - e.g. if the situation allows us to do so and we have time to do so, then it is best to pray in a place where God has already made people to understand with miracles done in there that God established this place to be a "holy area". An example of such a place in NZ is the area marked with the "Celtic cross" described in #J3 to #J3z from the web page named "petone.htm" and in #A3 to #A3abc from another web page (in Polish) named "klasa.htm". In turn examples of such places existing in Poland include the basilica of Jasna Góra in Częstochowa (see https://www.google.pl/search?q=Cz%C4%99stochowa+czakram ), probably well known to all people of Polish origins, as well as the baroque church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Święta Lipka, which I described in more detail e.g. in #D6.1 from my web page named "timevehicle.htm", and from my own experience I also believe that the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Warsaw (the one right next to the President's Palace) - from which I experienced a miraculous transfer to another church standing in a place that also is "holy area", probably to Święta Lipka, which I described in more detail, among others in #E3 and #E2 from my web page named "malbork_uk.htm".

[D] For every problem people can work out a great number of correct ways of solving it, each of which ways differs from other ways of its solving by the level of perfection. The best example that confirms this is the engineering problem "how to build a car" repeatedly indicated on my web pages - hundreds of different cars that are different solutions to this problem (while differing in terms of perfection, price, manufacturer, colour, etc.) each of us can watch every day on roads and streets. Unfortunately, in schools and colleges - especially on lessons of mathematics, a cleverly designed lie was forced into our minds, which is extremely destructive for the development of our creative thinking, and which claims that allegedly: "every problem has only one correct solution" (e.g. that: 2x2 = 4). On the other hand, the manifestations of the world of matter in which we live constantly prove to us that "for every problem there is a large number of correct solutions, each one of which differs from others in the level of its perfection". For example, only if we perform a given mathematical operation on integers (i.e. of the "integer" type numbers) then in fact in this ideal (unreal) situation we multiply: 2 x 2 = 4. But in real life such an ideal situation happens only sometimes and in fact almost never is completely ideal - for example, if we had two very rich uncles and each of them would decide to give us two cars, then in this almost ideal situation we would actually land as owners of 2x2 = 4 cars (unfortunately, almost for sure each of these cars would display level of perfection different from the other three, thus in practice we would still live as if we were given one or two cars, NOT as many as four). But if the real life requires working on non-integer real numbers (i.e. of the "real" type), then the same real operation of, let's say, multiplying 2,000 x 2,000, may give several different results. For example, if this action is carried out by today's computers, then depending on the memory units that these computers use and the algorithm used in them to perform multiplication operations, the same operation may give results e.g. between e.g. 2,000 x 2,000 = 3,999 and 2,000 x 2,000 = 4.001. In turn such a situation will appear in most solutions to problems of our everyday life - for example problems of "purchase". Hence, if we regularly visit two shops, e.g. two butchers, and in each of them we regularly buy e.g. two kilograms of beef, then at home, after weighing what we have purchased, we could discover that depending on the quality of scales that these butchers and we would use, together we have NOT exactly 4.0 kilograms of beef, but let's say somewhere between eg 3,999 and 4,001 kilograms - and in addition also each piece of this meat probably will be of a different quality and taste from other pieces. Almost never the weight of these purchases will be the ideal 4 kilograms that promises us "knowledge" implanted in our minds by schools. Both, the above examples, as well as the huge range of other examples from real life, confirm that this belief forced into us in schools that "every problem has only one correct solution" is untrue, while in fact "absolutely every problem has many correct solutions". In turn if today's economists, bankers, or politicians tell us something completely different - just as we are overwhelmed with the problem of fair "remuneration for work that according to them is supposed to be possible only with money", then this persuasion is either a proof of their ignorance, or a proof of their "political beliefs" which they are trying to force into us. In turn, if the reader does NOT believe that there are also many solutions to the problem of remunerating work NOT only with money, then I suggest that he/she reads in items #C7 and #C8 of the web page "nirvana.htm" about the political "System of Nirvana" (and/or see our Polish-language film about it with subtitles "cc" in English, with the Polish title "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" meaning "The Nirvana System: World that Rid of Money" - available free of charge on the Internet at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9YFI6Fer9E ), or read (or watch videos) about the principles of life of people living far from today's cities and centres of civilization. This is because such learning about the "Nirvana System" should NOT be treated as my attempt to convince e.g. readers who like profits and money to implement the Nirvana System (after all, God gave each person a "free will" to do what he/she deems appropriate, however, God also informs him/her through the Bible and religion that he/she will later bear the consequences of whatever he/she chose to do), but just as the opportunity to learn the following truths that: [D1] absolutely every problem has many solutions with different levels of its perfection, [D2] solutions to problems are also ruled by laws pre-programmed by God and, among others, described here, [D3] learning the essence and history of the "Nirvana System" solution to the very troublesome problem of "rewarding with money work already done" opens our eyes to a wide range of other problems related to the use of money, [D4] it is worth being aware that, contrary to the phenomenon of "earned nirvana" already pre-programmed into our bodies - which rewards selectively only "physical work" performed in a moral manner, the "rewarding with money" hides a serious problem because it works "non-selectively" rewarding all kinds of actions focused on profit - including also purely criminal activities which should be punished instead of rewarded, [D5] blocking, concealing or silencing the truth about the existence of the problem of "paying with money" does NOT solve this problem, but only intensifies the accumulation of power with which it can later burst to self-solving itself, [D6] it is in the interest of every person to start discussing with his/her family and neighbours the currently fast growing power of the problem of "paying with money", and [D7] one must be prepared for the situation that if the humanity itself will NOT solve the problem of "paying with money" soon, then around the years 2030s this problem will begin to self-solve itself in highly for everyone painful way (e.g. see web page "2030_uk.htm"). In turn the fact that the use of money to reward the work done is NOT approved by God, is perfectly confirmed e.g. by following two verses of the Bible, namely by the warning from verse 6:10 in the biblical "First Letter to Timothy" - I quote: "For the root of all evil is the greed of money ", and the advice-command from verse 10:8 from" Matthew "- quote: "You received free, give free!". Furthermore, it is also confirmed by the fact, that God has long ago pre-programmed into the bodies of all people the phenomenon of "earned nirvana" described on the web page named "nirvana.htm", which nirvana is impossible to naturally evolve, only that our relatives from Orion planets still every month secretly "milk" us with almost all "moral energy" that we generate with our physical labour - as it is explained in more details in {2} to {2b} from #A1c of my web page named "tapanui.htm". On the other hand, because of the hidden and systematic "sucking" of so much "moral energy" from us by Orionians, earning nirvana by people on Earth so-far becomes extremely difficult. However, while stubbornly carrying out physical work with correct motivations, the acquisition of which is described in item #A2.12 from my web page named "totalizm.htm", long-term accomplishing and experiencing nirvana by people is still possible - as evidenced by the fact that I myself managed to keep experiencing of earned nirvana for about 9 months.


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