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#350_2E: Let's get to know the interpretation...

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#350_2E: Let's get to know the interpretation of the symbolism of monuments with engineering-precise models of the appearance of UFOs (part 2)


Since ancient times, people with devotion watched UFO starships beaming to earth miraculous for them columns of light - which "light" was able to telekinetically carry people and large objects towards the heaven above. No wonder that models of these UFO starships crowning long white columns which symbolize light, for thousands of years were placed on tops of slender towers and other structures - especially religious ones. This is because in human understanding, such UFO models placed on something that symbolizes a column of light served to express human relationships with the heaven, the cosmos, the supreme power of God, and the supreme human striving to achieve perfection. In my opinion, it is about time that, along with the new understanding of our situation as a civilization that has been occupied, exploited and tormented by UFOs for millennia, we now return to the old habits of openly reminding us of our situation. The idea of a possible monument for the late Andrzej Domała, as well as for NZ the township of Mataura (or Tapanui - near of which a stack of 7 UFOs was intentionally exploded), as described here, is also intended to serve this purpose. Unfortunately, myself can describe this idea comprehensively only in words, because I am NOT able anymore to prepare an illustration for it just by myself. This is because I do not have anymore the efficiently operating equipment and materials for the preparation of technical drawings - such as I used to drew in times of conducting my engineering analyzes of "how" the Magnocraft works and thus "how" must be constructed in the most effective engineering way. Fortunately, on 2022/7/13 I already asked my highly graphically gifted friend for making such an illustration. This friend always is busy with many other things. But he managed to find time to prepare this illustration, thus on 2022/8/2 I could include it as Fig. #A1c below under these my descriptions explaining the meaning of the symbolism proposed for the construction of such a monument - after all, one can always count on his help, as one counts on the proverbial Polish "Zawisza" or Biblical "Elijah", while learning the graphics of such a monument will give readers a model for idea of monument about the erecting of which they can later start to fight collectively.

In present times, when the life of all people is still ruled by "money" (see #C7 in "nirvana.htm" or see posts #335E, #328E, #320E to blogs of totalizm), which are quickly destroying humanity and the entire our planet while already being an outdated and destructive means of non-selective rewarding used for even behaviours which rather deserve to be punished, every town tries to attract somehow tourists to itself, by emphasizing whatever it has the most unique. This is why tourists visit e.g. Sydney to see and take photographs of the famous Sydney Opera (see ), and visit Rio De Janeiro to see and also take pictures of its world famous giant statue of Jesus (see ). This is also why the towns in NZ build monuments of whatever is the most unique for them, and what attracts tourists and hunters of curiosities to them, e.g. the Spider Monument in Auckland (see ), fruit from Cromwell (see ), huge carrot from Ohakune (see ), a large bottle of Paeroa lemonade (see ), giant rubber boots from Taipahe (see ), and several other similar unique features of NZ towns - see . (However, one cannot find any such unique monument in NZ towns "Mataura" or "Tapanui" - which are most involved in the secretive and deliberate UFO explosion of 1178 AD near Tapanui (see ) with the global consequences, described on the web page "tapanui.htm" - although the uniqueness of their link to UFOs is most extraordinary on the global scale - for more empirical evidence on this still kept hidden UFO explosion in NZ see my free treatise [5/3] in PDF format disseminated via the web page "text_5_3.htm".) It is also on the same principle of acquiring an unique attraction for given town, that during my work as a lecturer at the Polytechnic in Invercargill, I suggested to the authorities of the nearby town of "Mataura" from the South Island of New Zealand that they should also fund themselves a "UFO monument" with an engineered exact appearance and dimensions of which I wanted supply them on the basis of my research and development of the starship "Magnocraft", while the idea of which monument I am describing here. Unfortunately, as in July 2022 it happened with the authorities of the Polish town of Nasielsk, the authorities of Mataura probably also had NO demand for such a UFO monument, nor did they have the means and the will to help humanity with their contribution to breaking out of the mass manipulation pre-programmed into all of us by the superior techniques of UFOnauts who secretly occupy us and who have devices for mass manipulations with technical telepathy and hypnosis (which devices are described in more detail, e.g. in #J1 to #J4a from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", and in items #K1 to #K2b of my web page named "petone.htm").

The reader probably asks himself about the reason why I suggest to build for the late Andrzej Domała (and also in NZ, for the township of "Mataura", or "Tapanui", or for both of them) a monument with a UFO image, e.g. on the top? After all, such a monument, among other things, will also indirectly honour our cosmic occupants and exploiters who have been destroying, tormenting and depopulating humanity for millennia. This reason for the UFO monument is described in more detail in items #J1 to #J4 (especially in #J4) from my web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", and in items #K1 to #K2b of my web page named "petone.htm", as well as in posts #349E and #348E to blogs of totalizm. This reason is very similar to the one that motivates the former colonies (e.g. of England) to form organisations of the type of "commonwealth" (see ) symbolically honouring also their former colonial masters, and also to recognize genetic and cultural kinship, civilizational ties and traditions, and to maintain a peaceful coexistence with the country of their former colonial lords, but also oppressors and exploiters. After all, similarly as if NOT because of former colonial masters and their governing in previous colonies in which they formed the foundations of statehood, social life and culture, also we, if NOT our cosmic occupants and exploiters from the confederation ruled by Orionians, we would probably still live on trees and ate each other. Therefore, in my opinion, although the time has just come for us to peacefully become independent from our former secretive occupiers, exploiters and destroyers from outer space, as well as time to reject the use of money that they invented and introduced to Earth and to reject their destructive, non-selective rewarding with money (even for activities that deserve punishment), and to finally really start practicing in our lives what God commands us in the Bible but from practicing of what secretly and cleverly UFOnauts dissuade us, we also objectively have a duty to admit to UFOnauts that we owe them a lot and that due to them we are now who we are, i.e. a civilization ready to take on our own independent life, get rid of "money" completely (see #A1 to #A4 from "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm"), and establish a peaceful, mutually tolerant, but already independent and equal existence and tolerance of our former parasitic relatives from the Orion planets along with their entire cosmic confederation - as on Earth the former colonies already have done since a long time. (Link to the above illustration of the K4 starship) (The video "How big is the Magnocraft" showing the above starship type K4)

Fig. #A1b: Here is a high-quality illustration of a K4 type starship, computer-generated by my friend Dominik Myrcik for the dimensions and engineering data calculated for the Magnocrafts of my invention. But because exactly the same proportions and dimensions must be displayed by all interstellar spaceships - as I justified and explained it in chapters G and P from volumes 3 and 14 of my monograph [1/5], and as later officially and unanimously was accepted by the Resolution of March 24, 2003 published, amongst others, in item #J2 from the web page named "explain.htm", exactly the same dimensions, appearance, and principles of operation will also have UFO vehicles of the K4 type. The diameter of the K4 starship (D = 8.78 m) perfectly qualifies it for the use of its likeness, e.g. as a roof for some currently needed public structure, e.g. a kiosk, ice cream shop, tourist information centre, exhibition, gallery, or even an old "band rotunda" (i.e. the park stage) - when it would simultaneously reveal the actual appearance of a UFO type K4 built on a scale of 1:1. Hence, I would especially recommend considering its construction in one of these, or in any other, function by everyone interested in UFOs for any reason - especially by the authorities of towns which I mentioned in the caption under the previous Fig. #A1a, i.e. which are uniquely and directly related to UFOs by some turn of their history and fate.

The reader probably is interested why, and in engineering way "how" it happens that the Magnocraft starships (see "magnocraft.htm"), invented on Earth by the author of this post #350E, have exactly the same principles of operation, shapes, dimensions, and appearances as UFO starships (see "ufo_proof.htm") built on planets from distant stars? This is because in present times there is a quiet conviction, that if two inventions by different authors are similar to each other, then one of these authors copied his invention from the other. On the other hand, the results of my research prove that if God recognizes that the required time has come for the invention of a technical device (or a scientific discovery) to be included in the achievements of a nation or civilization, then in order to be sure that their implementation will NOT get bogged down in human imperfections, errors, changes of heart, or inaction, God inspires them to be done by more than one creative person. Then God additionally gives this person a chance to be certain about the truth of his/her invention or discovery by encoding its essence in the Bible in such a wise and far-sighted manner that it would be impossible to be decoded by people who do not know its details yet (see descriptions of "[Ω] Seals Of God" from item #I2 of my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm"). This is why, for example, already at the time of formulating my Theory of Everything in 1985, I immediately understood that the ever-moving intelligent fluid called "counter-matter" that exists in the "counter-world" must consist of tiny "drobinas of counter-matter". But it was only in the year 2020 (means 35 years later) that I discovered intelligent "creatures" displaying identical to my understanding of the attributes, structure and operation of these "drobinas of counter-matter" being described in the ancient book of "Kabbalah" - which led me to discovery of "God Drobinas" described more comprehensively in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". In almost the same way the principle of operation of my Magnocraft and its magnetic propulsors was inspired in me by the formulation of the so-called "Periodic Table for Earth Propulsion Systems" (see ) - which I published for the first time in 1976, means it was inspired in the years when in Poland almost no-one (including myself) wrote, spoke, or heard publicly about UFOs yet. Thus, about the existence and the similarity of UFOs to my Magnocraft, I found out only in 1980 (i.e. over four years later) when my first article describing the design, principles of operation and appearance of the Magnocrafts initiated a series of programs on Polish television of that time, which by showing and discussing my Magnocrafts stimulated numerous listeners who saw UFOs with their own eyes, that they contacted me and described their sightings - thus making me to become interested in the existence of UFOs and in its similarity to my Magnocraft.

So the answer to the above question "why UFOs and my Magnocrafts are so similar to each other" is simple: because both these types of starships work due to the use of the same laws of nature that our omniscient God programmed so that under the same environmental conditions they would work in the same way in our whole "world of matter". After all, even on our primitive level of technology and economy, in which individual Earth inventors and builders of propulsion systems are still trying to build everything differently than their competitors have patented, it is still easy to notice that particular categories of human vehicles also begin to show closer and closer similarities in their principles of operation, shapes, dimensions, and appearances. Hence, for example, all rockets are slim and have nozzles at their ends. All motorcycles have two wheels and approximately the same design, size and principle of operation. In turn all passenger cars begin to be almost identical to each other. So when vehicles become increasingly complex, and thus must fulfil more and more strictly defined functions and requirements, then they become practically almost indistinguishable from each other. And both, my Magnocrafts and the UFOs, are extremely complex and fulfil simultaneously countless functions and requirements, about which human inventors to-date have NOT even dreamed. Describing these functions and requirements just for the Magnocraft took me voluminous monographs, one of which (see [1/5] from web page "text_1_5.htm") I have already indicated above. In turn, the simultaneous engineering fulfilment of all of these functions and requirements by just a single structure of the starship causes that this starship must have a strictly defined principle of operation, shapes, dimensions, materials and thus also the appearance - no matter in which civilisation it is invented and built. Furthermore, here on Earth we do NOT know yet "interstellar patents" which would describe to us what we are NOT allowed to invent and work out, because someone from distant stars already patented it. This is why both my discoidal Magnocrafts and UFOs have 8 manned types, marked K3 to K10 - the appearance and dimensions of the K4 type of which I showed above. In turn each subsequent type has an outer diameter "D" twice as large as the previous type. Thus, e.g. type K6 - a pile of seven out of which UFOnauts exploded on purpose near Tapanui, New Zealand, will have a diameter four times larger than the type #K4 shown above. It will also differ from it in several details of its appearance and principles of operation. and (links to the illustration of appearance of this monument during day and night) (Video "How big is the Magnocraft" illustrating the UFO K8 which abducted Domała to planet Nea)

Fig. #A1c: Here is a suggestion of symbolism and a day (top) and night (down) appearance of the monument commemorating the "UFO abduction to the planet Nea" of the late Andrzej Domała. The constructing of this monument, in my opinion, should be considered by the authorities of the towns of Nasielsko or Legionowo in Poland - in both of which this modest hero lived. The idea of the symbolism and appearance of this monument is indicated by the results of my research reported here in #A1a to #A1c. Note that I placed the illustrations of this monument's design here on 2022/8/2, i.e. immediately after my graphically talented friend found in his highly busy days the required time to draw it artistically on the basis of the above descriptions that I sent him on 2022/7/13 - which allowed me to complete the considerations discussed in #A1 to #A1c of this post #350E that I prepared a month earlier. Also note that the late Andrzej Domała meets the characteristics of what "God chose" given in verses 1:27-29 of "1 Corinthians" in the Bible. Furthermore, the confirmation of the truth of the intelligence that Domała managed to accumulate on the planet of Nea, for over 2000 years is already encoded in the Bible - which is documented in items #J1 to #J4 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", while the empirical evidence for which is presented in #K1 to #K2b of the web page "petone.htm" and in posts #349E, #348E and #347E to blogs of totalizm. There I also included my justification why the late Andrzej Domała, who at the cost of his own life began to build "bridges of knowledge" bringing together even distant civilizations, deserves at least a monument more than any ruler who, to satisfy his private ambitions, annihilated entire nations, or deserve any warriors or pilots who were annihilating whole armies or cities by the order of their ruler.

By showing this monument, I would like to emphasize that for us people it also represents a kind of symbolic "boundary post" which separates two main types of attitudes towards life, and hence two extreme methods of doing and possessing anything, as well as two kinds of people and thinking creatures who practice these attitudes in their lives. The Bible symbolically calls them {a} "grain" and (b} "chaff". However, in the light of the results of my research, the first of these attitudes and methods of making can also be called e.g. {a} totaliztic (i.e. consistent with postulates of my philosophy of totalizm). This is because the fulfilment of the recommendations of the Bible by my totalizm is repetitively confirmed by various items of evidence. (Note that my philosophy of totalizm is always written and spelled by letter "z" to distinguish it from the philosophy called "totalitarianism" - which by using "time couriers" UFOnauts cunningly renamed to the name "totalism" correctly written by letter "s", so that UFOnauts can use it now as a "smoke screen" making it difficult to other people to find and learn about the morally correct "totalizm".) In turn the second of these attitudes, the results of my research allow us to call {b} parasitic (i.e. consistent with postulates of the philosophy of parasitism - practiced and cleverly forced upon humanity by the occupying us confederation of parasitic UFOnauts - see web page "parasitism.htm"). Both these attitudes and methods of doing so are briefly summarized in the summary for "part #J" of my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". But in order NOT to interrupt the readers' course of reading of these descriptions, I am going to summarize here in other words and in numbered items the most important differences between these two basic types of attitudes to life and the methods of doing or possessing anything. Here they are:

{1} "How" do they see and define us and our fellow humans/neighbours?

{1a} Totalizm: always defines us and our fellow humans/neighbours as one of the intelligent creatures aware of the existence of God who created our "world of matter" and ourselves, who gave life individually to each of us with a specific task to be performed in life - which is to help God in improving the entire universe in which we all live, as well as to help us in improving ourselves, hence which God is trying to direct the course and effects of lives of ours and our neighbours' in such a way as to obtain the most fruitful results possible.

{1b} Parasitism: defines us and our fellow human beings only as one of the most advanced animals, which in their behaviour follow the animal principle "eat those who are weaker than you and do NOT let yourself be eaten by those who are stronger than you" and the principle "you live to consume, NOT consume to live".

{2} "What" is indicated to their followers as the main goal and driver of their actions?

{2a} Totalizm: love for God, all human follows/neighbours, and nature, and voluntarily performing of "physical work" with morally correct motivations aimed at the good of others (e.g. work that fulfils verse 10:8 from "Matthew" in the Bible: "You received for free, give for free!"). After all, it is this voluntarily "physical work" that selectively generates the so-called "moral energy" for us and for our fellow humans that is as necessary for the health of the souls as oxygen is necessary for the health of bodies (see descriptions of moral energy, e.g. in item #A1 from the web page named "evolution.htm" or in post #316E to blogs of totalizm). Unfortunately, UFOnauts who secretly occupy humanity, during their monthly abductions to UFOs of each person, rob from him/her most of this generated moral energy, "sucking" this energy from people with the "chamber of coldness" (in Polish: "komora zimna") which Mr. Andrzej Domała described more comprehensively in paragraphs {5550} and {3200} as well as in [1B] from "subsection B7" and in "Rys. B4 a)" and also in #16 from "subsection C2" in the Polish treatise [3b] entitled "Kosmiczna Układanka" (which Polish title means "The Cosmic Puzzle"). If one day we manage to free ourselves from this robbery of our "moral energy" by UFOnauts, then the amount of it that almost continually generates almost every totalizt would be enough for him/her to constantly experience the happiness of earned nirvana (see "nirvana.htm"), and thus that humanity without any problems would be able to implement the political "System of Nirvana", the implementation of which would allow for the "selective" rewarding with the happiness of the nirvana every work which currently is "non-selectively" rewarded with "money" (sometimes even e.g. in situations that would require punishment instead of rewarding). After all, everything that is needed to implement this "System of Nirvana" is already perfectly pre-programmed and managed in us by the omniscient and absolutely righteous God.

{2b} Parasitism: doing everything for the success in own life and the success for ourselves, while to treat or use our fellow humans/neighbours and the rest of humanity only as competitors, enemies, or objects for exploitation or to enforce our power on them. But because the selfish attitude towards achieving only one's own benefits at the expense of follow humans/neighbours is contrary to commandments of God, practitioners of parasitism are unable to generate the "moral energy" required for life. Thus, if they are humans, then they "vampire" the necessary moral energy from their neighbours, e.g. by continually inducing a regret or remorse in them by one of the methods described in item #C6 from another web page named "nirvana.htm" (e.g. by practicing behaviours called "passive-aggressive" - see ), or by telepathically "sucking" this moral energy from them with the imperious power in the style of the so-called "corporate psychopaths" - see . In turn, if they are UFOnauts, then they have advanced devices that suck the "moral energy" from people abducted to UFOs every month with the use of e.g. the "chambers of coldness" (in Polish: "komory zimna") described above, and then they saturate themselves with this moral energy stolen from people with the use of devices from e.g. "recovery rooms" (in Polish: "pomieszczeń odnowy") described in paragraphs {5550} and {5120} of the aforementioned treatise [3b] entitled "Kosmiczna Układanka" (i.e. "The Cosmic Puzzle") disseminated via the web page "tekst_3b.htm".

{3} Where do followers get models for their behaviour:

{3a} Totalizm: the foundations of the required behaviours and actions, the omniscient God, who created us and knows us proverbially "through", formulated in verses of the Bible - clearly setting them on the love of God, follow humans/neighbours and nature that requires us to overcome the selfish love of ourselves, thus leading to continual improvement of our own character and professed life philosophy.

{3b} Parasitism: its followers established by themselves their own laws and rules of conduct in life which are the easiest for them to implement, which do NOT require any input of effort or sacrifice, and which give them the highest chances of impunity to symbolically "eat" those weaker than themselves while avoiding "being eaten" by the stronger from themselves.

{4} What are the most important laws they see as binding them?

{4a} Totalizm: in people who practice it, their attitudes and knowledge make them recognize that there are so-called "moral laws" (see "mozajski_uk.htm"), "moral field" (see "morals.htm"), "moral energy" (see #D3 and #D2 from "nirvana.htm"), and "karma" (see "karma.htm") established by God and starting with the most fundamental "10 Commandments of God" - the results of our learning and obeying of which in our lives are to decide later on the long-term fate of both every individual person and every so-called "group intellect". Thus totalizts study and recognize the operation of both the laws of matter and moral laws - learning each of these groups of laws to the level of engineering procedures "how" they work, knowing that the foundation for all actions is created by attributes of the so-called "God Drobinas" discussed in this role, e.g. on my web page "2020life.htm".

{4b} Parasitism: practitioners of it believe that there is only matter in the universe, and that everything that surrounds us represents only the results of attributes and behaviours of matter, hence in their lives they only respect the action of the laws of matter - but do NOT rush to get to know these laws all up to the level of achieving the knowledge of the engineering procedure "how" these laws really work - after all, among the founders of the operation of all laws is the knowledge of the so-called "God Drobinas" (see #K1 and #K2 from "god_exists.htm") about the existence and attributes of which no-one practicing parasitism wants to learn.

{5} To what kind of lifestyle encourages the given attitude of those who practice it?

{5a} Totalizm: due to the action of "moral laws" people and group intellects who practice totaliztic attitudes prefer peaceful coexistence, behaviour and voluntary work for the good of their neighbours, inspired (but NOT forced) in others on the example of our own actions, and described e.g. in verses 3:17 and 12:47 from "St. John" in the Bible - which make people realize that the goal of life should be building, helping, teaching and saving, NOT e.g. destroying, judging or condemning.

{5b} Parasitism: its followers always choose a lazy and comfortable life for themselves, while forcing others to do all their work for them, and moreover choose aggression above peaceful coexistence, because aggression gives them the opportunity for proverbial "eating" those weaker than themselves and for intimidating those stronger than themselves.

{6} How they react to new and unknown phenomena and sightings?

{6a} Totalizm: it always researches the unknown and tries to learn procedures "how" the software and laws of God trigger just what is newly-sighted - as it is explained in detail in #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm".

{6b} Parasitism: because its attitudes and methods of making allow followers to recognize only the action of the laws of matter - they consider everything that does NOT represent the action of already known to them laws of matter as "accidents" or "extraordinary coincidences" or as lies and deceptions of those who report it to their fellow humans/neighbours - hence they ignore or deny the existence of anything previously unknown to them.

{7} What they lead to in the lives of their followers?

{7a} Totalizm: It becomes a process of ever greater achievements that can be extended indefinitely, while knows NO limits to the level of perfection the achievement of which it allows. Continuous generation of the so-called "moral energy" by volunteering to physical work with morally correct motivations, ensures the health of the soul (see #D3 and #D2 from the web page named "nirvana.htm" or see #F11 from the web page named "soul_proof.htm") and keeps the totalizt on the verge of happiness and continuous satisfaction with own life.

{7b} Parasitism: is a fast sliding into increasingly worse situation and into a lower and lower level of "moral energy" with elapse of time leading to death through the so-called "moral suffocation" described e.g. in #D3 from my web page named "nirvana.htm" - which always first ends with the complete destruction of practitioners' environment (e.g. family, property, or the planet on which the followers live), and after it - some sort of self-destruction.

Of course, the above list contains only the most important differences, thus if the reader also wishes to learn more of them (and there are many more of them), then he/she will find them in my monographs and web pages that describe both these opposite philosophies, i.e. totalizm and parasitism. For beginners, I recommend to start from learning items #A2.12 and #A2.13 from the web page named "totalizm.htm", or from post #339E to blogs of totalizm with addresses from item #Z5 of the web page "tapanui.htm". Then I advise to search for what one is interested from the list of links on my Polish web page "skorowidz.htm" or from the English and Polish list of contents for my publication [13] from "tekst_13.htm" with a complete set of posts for blogs of totalizm.

In our situation of the civilization of people instinctively oriented towards "totaliztic" behaviour, we can only regret that our parasitic "relatives" from stars do NOT see that by secretly annihilating humanity, they also take away the chance of being recognized by us as their actual "relatives", which in the future we could even help when they get into trouble, and with whom, although on principles different from these of parasitism, if we were left to ourselves, we would probably also find a better than parasitizing method of building the world of infinite development and good for all - such as the political "Nirvana System" described in item #C7 of web page "nirvana.htm" and in post #328E. After all, "Good gives birth to good, evil breeds evil", and if presently the crossing of the "point of no return" from intensifying mutual hostility is avoided, then one day we could cooperate with them in reaching where today neither ours nor UFOnauts eyesight does NOT reach yet.

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#341E, 2021/12/27 - only "physical works" teach wisdom "how" (#G3 to #G5 of "wroclaw_uk.htm")
#339E, 2021/10/20 - "how" to acquire the motivation to permanently love all fellow humans (#A2.12 of "totalizm.htm")
#328E, 2020/11/17 - the political "Nirvana System" that eliminates money and forced labour (#C7 of "nirvana.htm),
#326E, 2020/9/17 - female negative (subtracting) God Drobinas (#K2 of "god_exists.htm")
#325E, 2020/8/17 - male positive (adding) God Drobinas (#K1 of "god_exists.htm")
#320E, 2020/3/17 - The "Nirvana System" which rewarding with money will replace with nirvana (#A1 to #A4 of "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm")
#316E, 2019/12/7 - post-flood refinements of human bodies (#A1 from "evolution.htm")
#315E, 2019/11/7 - magnetic propulsion systems of the "third technical era of mankind" (#J4.3 of "propulsion.htm")
#310E, 2019/6/10 - an illness of the soul called "foreign accent syndrome" (#F11 of "soul_proof_pl.htm")

Let totalizm prevail,
Dr Eng. Jan Pająk

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