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#349_2E: What else do we know already about...

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#349_2E: What else do we know already about our parasitic relatives from Orion stars and their winding path of light through the void of space (part 2)


[3] Finding a place in space where it will come the easiest and the least harmful future joining together of both groups of "Omniplan pancakes" into one continuous "optical fibres" which will lead the light from the chosen source to the point or place of its reception. So the next step is that when examining the courses of both above groups of these "pancakes" one should find a place in the cosmos where they run at the nearest distances from each other and where their joining together will be the easiest and the least harmful.

[4] Joining both groups of "pancakes" into continuous kinds of "optical fibres" which will guide the light from the selected source to the point or place of its reception. Finally, either by using the power of huge "time vehicles" of the "planetary" type, which I described in item #J3 from my web page named "hurricane.htm" and also in post #322E to blogs of totalizm, or by using the gravity of huge planets or suns, in some place of space vacuum from our "world of matter" both these groups of "Omniplan pancakes" should be connected with each other - so that starting from a given source, the light is "redirected" and reaches the point or place of its reception. I should add here that the existence of one of such giant UFOs owned by Neatans, the diameter of which was so enormous that the UFO would be able to cover the entire country of Denmark with its body, reported Andrew Domała in his interview with Dominik Myrcik - about which giant I already wrote, among others in video #H3d from my web page named "ufo_proof_pl.htm". Another such giant UFO was illustrated from around 2:07 to 2:48 minutes of approximately 30-minute long English-language video from Venezuela, at .

So in total, if by some miracle the humanity manages to save itself from the self-destruction of the 2030s and adopts "totaliztic" methods of non-profit-oriented and voluntary earning of universal wealth for all people, which will free it from the present hidden occupation, exploitation and destruction by UFOnauts who practice "philosophy of evil parasitism" and who in an effective and hidden manner inhibit the access to truth and block or make almost impossible our scientific, technical and moral development, then with God's will at some point in the distant future the humanity will be able to implement the above procedure "how" - with the elapse of time thus becoming one of the most advanced intergalactic civilizations from our "world of matter" and an example for other civilisations as how to find a correct path to unlimited social and technical progress.

#J3. "How" it happens that, being carried out by a transverse wave (i.e. by a surface-wave), light still reaches every place in the entire volume of our three-dimensional physical world - within which, according to present physics, only longitudinal waves should be able to propagate:

Motto: "Good gives birth to good, evil breeds evil".

Only few of today's people are aware of the huge differences in explaining anything from the knowledge-creative and truth-revealing engineering perspective "how" when compared to the dictionary "what" perspective that hides incompetence and lies - which differences I am explaining on numerous examples in items #G3 to #G5 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". However, if we ask someone who earns for living from a job that requires a lot of practical knowledge, who has extensive experience in his/her work, knows it inside out, and uses reliable methods of operation for his/her performance, to describe for us what he/she is doing, then we easily notice that he/she will describe it to us from the engineering perspective "how". In other words, the describing of knowledge and truth from this engineering perspective turns out to be the most natural for human thinking. This is why, if e.g. we read any descriptions from some old "encyclopaedia", or books of the "textbook" type, then we also discover that they are written similarly, i.e. from the engineering "how" perspective. Even if one reads the original formulation of the laws of physics discovered long ago, for example, "Archimedes Principle", it turns out that these also are written from the perspective of the "how" procedure. On the other hand, almost everything written in the newest times, including relatively recently discovered laws of e.g. thermodynamics, is written from the dictionary perspective of "what" that hides ignorance or lies. Furthermore, if one looks at any information that originates from UFOnauts, e.g. the statement number N-116 Miss Nosbocaj indicated in (4) from item #J4 of the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" - which reports the explanation of UFOnauts for the operation of the moral law which is an equivalent of the totaliztic "Boomerang Principle" and the operation of the totaliztic so-called "karma" (see my web page "karma.htm"), then it turns out that UFOnauts formulate their statements only in the dictionary perspective of "what" that hides ignorance or lies. In turn, because UFOnauts have an enormously advanced technique, which allows them NOT only to send telepathic and post-hypnotic orders to individual people, but with the use of their satellites and starships, they can in the same way control and manipulate the thinking and actions of the entire part of humanity that is unaware of the power and manipulative goals of UFOnauts (which their manipulations are perfectly illustrated by the current sudden change in human behaviour justified by the excuse forced upon us by UFOnauts that it is allegedly the fault and consequence of peoples isolation due to Covid-19), this rapid shift of human scientists, decision makers, as well as politicians, from previous natural communication of everything in terms of engineering "how" to unnatural present communication in dictionary terms of "what", strongly implies that the present trend of stating everything only in categories of "what" was artificially and technically imposed on today's humanity by the technique that UFOnauts use to manipulate and to control human masses.

Light is just one of these phenomena, which clearly exposes that almost all the definitions of our costly "official atheistic science" are deliberately formulated in a manner that is limited to providing a dictionary "what" instead of describing it with the engineering procedure "how", means they serve to conceal incompetence and lies instead of serving the dissemination of knowledge and truth. It is that present situation with light that makes a strong impression that this principle of official science to formulate everything in terms of dictionary "what" instead of engineering "how" was cleverly forced onto the monopoly of our "official atheistic science" relatively recently by UFOnauts who occupy us and block our development, to accomplish their goal of the complete destruction of our civilization. After all, if one believes the mutually contradictive and incompetent statements of our science, light behaves like a kind of "paradox of physics" or a "supernatural phenomenon", because having the nature of "transverse waves" (also called "surface waves because these can be formed only on the surface of the medium that transmits them), light still reaches every place in the entire "volume" of our three-dimensional world of matter - although according to findings of present physics, only the so-called "longitudinal waves" are capable of propagating within the interior of a given medium. No wonder that about scientists paid with taxpayers' "money" for long time people have been joking, that on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays scientists believe that carriers of light are corpuscles, on Thursdays (see ), Fridays and Saturdays they believe that carriers of light are waves (see ), while on Sundays scientists go to church to pray that from taxes squeezed out of hard-working workers and farmers, the increased amounts of "money" were directed, for example, on empirically unverifiable speculations of scientists about cosmic "black holes" or on additional equipment for the so-called "SETI" research program (see ) that diverts the attention of humans from the truth about UFOnauts who occupy, exploit, and torment the entire humanity. No wonder that today's internet search engines shamefully hide the truth about the existence and action of cold radiation (radiation of cold, see ) - although in my youth I read entire books describing scientific experiments which confirm that these "radiation of cold" in fact do exist. After all, these are such "rays of cold", which are beamed to Earth at nights with full moons that can completely ruin crops of more than one farmer and gardener by lowering their temperature - as I described it in (3) from item #K2 of my web page named "god_exists.htm" and in items #B4 and #L1 from my web page named "2020life.htm". Furthermore, has the reader ever wondered why the university textbooks are so full of paradoxes and contradictions about light, while there is missing from them the explaining of reasons for the existence of these paradoxes and contradictions? Well, these textbooks are silent about many matters because they are revealing only the dictionary "what" to support the lucrative monopoly of "official atheistic science". A good example of these paradoxes is just what I have listed above, i.e. that on one page these textbooks state that light is so-called "surface wave" (i.e. "transverse wave") - i.e. the wave described e.g. in items #D3, #D2.1 and #D1 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", while on other pages the same textbooks describe experiments that can be performed on the light in the three-dimensional volume of university halls and laboratories - although within their volume the "official atheistic science" still has NOT detected any surfaces on which surface-waves of light could propagate. Simultaneously, the same "official atheistic science" for over 37 years stubbornly refuses to recognize my "Theory of Everything of 1985" (see the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm") - although it is the first theory on Earth which indicated, described and confirmed the existence of such surfaces that are carriers of surface-waves of light (i.e. it described the abovementioned "Omniplan pancakes"). Furthermore, without any official funding and in spite of the persecution to which it is constantly subjected since the moment of its inception (and with it also myself), still this theory of mine from 1985 managed to reveal numerous other truths about the reality that surrounds us - including the truth that there is also another "wave-free" kind of light, the existence of which was discovered and explained only by that my Theory of Everything from 1985, because this other light spreads in the form of "corpuscles" (i.e. NOT in the form of waves) travelling through the counter-world with infinite speed and described e.g. in the Bible and thus named "God Drobinas", which the corpuscular kind of light is, among other things, the carrier of the "radiation of cold". These other "corpuscular" light-carriers that travel with infinite speed within the "counter-world", about which the "official atheistic science" does NOT want to hear or know, show, amongst others, the ability to reveal their action inside the volume of any medium. Hence the recognition of the existence of these "God Drobinas", even without learning the knowledge "how" God pre-programmed the described in my publications these "Omniplan pancakes" that form "reversible software time" in which we (people) age, while on the surfaces of which "pancakes of the Omniplan" surface-waves of "wave light" are able to move between almost every two points in the space of our "world of matter", still these "God Drobinas" would be able to theoretically explain the flow of this "corpuscular" kind of light through three-dimensional volume of, for example, university halls and laboratories.

Simultaneously God and life prove to us (in accordance with the content of verses 1:27-29 from "1 Corinthians" of the Bible quoted in item #I5 of the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm"), that the discovery and disclosure of the entire truth about light, similarly as the disclosure of the entire truth about anything, is NOT possible only for "money" (see video ) hard earned by the taxpayer although later misused for corrupting of entire humanity, destroying nature, causing parting people from God, and e.g. for non-selective distribution, amongst others, to misleading the humanity expensive "official atheistic science". This is because in order to be able to discover the absolute truth, one needs dedication, faith and observance of moral standards. Means needs the qualities opposite to those enforced on Earth by UFOnauts and by their lucratively paid henchmen who secretly occupy, exploit and torment the humanity, and practice on Earth an inhumanly evil version of the philosophy of parasitism (see my web page "parasitism.htm"). It is because of just such dedication and faith that it was also possible to privately, allegedly on principles of a "hobby" and without any official financing, using only mind and the previously developed "Theory of Everything of 1985" (which due to official persecution and blocking, even after 37 years from its development, is still forced to disseminate under the less meaningful name of the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity"), to explain in the author’s publications all the above-mentioned paradoxes and understatements of the "official atheistic science", including the explanation "how" light really propagates, "what" it actually is, and "what attributes" each of its two components has - i.e. what attributes has the "wave component of light" propagating with a finite speed of light only on the surface of the "depth" dimension of "Omniplan pancakes" from our "world of matter", as well as has the "corpuscular component of light" that is transmitted inside of "God Drobinas" rushing through the "counter-world" with infinite speed (about the fact that all movements of "God Drobinas" take place with infinite speed, I confirmed with the required "3 witnesses", including the "[Ω] Seal of God", in items #I1 to #I5 from the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" - the content of which I repeated later also in posts #345E and #346E to blogs of totalizm). In turn, because these explanations for a long time are contained in my publications, here I will only provide links to sources where the reader can find them.

Explanations why light is a "surface wave" and at the same time also has its "corpuscular component", are provided by my two discoveries. The first of them showed the existence of small, living, always mobile so-called "God Drobinas", described in #K1 and #K2 of the web page named "god_exists.htm" and in posts #325E and #326E to blogs of totalizm, and also in many places from my other web page named "2020life.htm". That are precisely the attributes of these "God Drobinas", from the ever-moving whirls of which the entire matter of our "world of matter" is formed, that due to the mutual repulsion that prevails between them, form perfectly elastic "Omniplan pancakes" on the surfaces of which the waves of "wave-light" propagate . There are also these "God Drobinas" that in their memories are stored programs for generating all phenomena and for forming all objects that exist and are detectable in our "world of matter" (including through the manifestations of light) and are also stored programs for the properties of light, due to which these "God Drobinas" themselves serve also as corpuscles of "corpuscular light" infinitely fast rushing through the "counter-world".

In turn the second of these discoveries is described e.g. in item #D3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm" and e.g. in post #294E to blogs of totalizm. It reveals that our three-dimensional "world of matter" in fact God pre-programmed into the form of a model of "reversible software time" called "Omniplan" which occupies a fragment of an unlimited in size and time four-dimensional "counter-world". In this "Omniplan" the fourth (depth) dimension of the counter-world is sub-divided into a huge number of like "pancakes", each of which in this depth direction has a "thickness" equal only to the dimensions of a single "God Drobina", although in the remaining three dimensions it has infinite values. This in turn makes our "world of matter" to resemble a huge pile of two-dimensional photographs, in each of which both their flat dimensions, namely their width and height, can be increased to any value, while the depth of the pigments forming the images on each of these photographs in the entire their area it is always only in the order of just several microns, although still images of all objects visible in a given photograph will fit into this their depths. Also each of these "pancakes" contains one kind of "movie frame" representing the jumping passage of time in our "world of matter" - this is why our "reversible software time" in which we age passes in jumps with a frequency which is harmonic to the frequency around 11 Hz - as this is revealed to us by the empirical experiment that I described in #D1 and #D2 from the web page named "immortality.htm" and in post #160E to blogs of totalizm. Furthermore, each of these "pancakes" is like a double-sided surface of a thin, flexible "sheet" with "depth" equal to the dimensions of single "God Drobinas", while all the other three dimensions of the volume of which extend to infinity. It is thanks to the existence of surfaces of this "sheet" that can propagate along them the "transverse waves" that carry, amongst others, light. In turn, because this depth dimension which defines the "depth" of the surfaces of this flexible sheet, actually connects with itself and also houses every place and every object from our "world of matter", waves of light propagating along the surface of this "sheet" are able to reach to every NOT darkened place in our "world of matter".

In turn explanations why "rays of cold" in fact exist and how works the "radiation of cold" so stubbornly denied and ignored by the inhibiting the progress of humanity monopoly of "official atheistic science", have already been provided by my publications indicated with the Polish key words promienie zimna (meaning "rays of cold") on the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" (note that each web page indicated in there has its version in English). For example explanation of "rays of cold" are provided by the already indicated above descriptions (3) from item #K2 of my web page named "god_exists.htm".

At this point it should be added that my discovery of "God Drobinas" in combination with the confirmation of the existence of "radiation of cold", taken together provide an explanation why light has two different carriers, i.e. (1) "corpuscles" called "God Drobinas", and also (2) surface-waves. The first of these carriers propagates its corpuscular component, while the second one carries its wave component. (Notice that the confirmation of the existence of the light carrier other than "trembling" waves, is wisely encoded also in verse 3:33 from the "Book of Baruch" in the Bible, discussed above in item #J1 of this post #349E.) As it is shown by my "Theory of Everything of 1985", in fact there are two kinds of light. But only one of both these types of light is just the light which propagates as a surface electromagnetic wave and is already known to the monopoly of the "official atheistic science". It travels only through our "world of matter" with a materially limited "speed of light". In turn the carriers of the second (corpuscular) kind of light are "God Drobinas" which I discovered just lately and described in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". These "God Drobinas" move only in the counter-world with an infinite speed of telekinetic motion - confirmed and described in [A5b] from item #I3 of the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in post #345E to blogs of totalizm. This their infinite speed of movement makes them very difficult to detect by our still primitive "official atheistic science" - which meant that until the time of my discovery they were NOT known to the humanity. It is also these "God Drobinas" that while being "corpuscles" themselves, are also carriers of programs of light, causing that under certain conditions they emit white light (as their light is revealed to us by e.g. Kirlian cameras and by the shining of the Moon). In other conditions they may be the "radiation of cold" mentioned above. But because the operation of "God Drbinas" as "corpuscles of light" is much more complicated than the operation of electromagnetic radiation, I will NOT shorten or impoverish their description by forcing it here into this topic of my research, but someday in the near future I will devote to it a dedicated exhaustive descriptions - of course if God grants me the required time, conditions, and required means of living that would allow me to continue my research. After all, the understanding of the complexity of the "corpuscles of light" by those devoid of imagination, faith, dedication and devotion to the truth typical to today's unselectively paid with "money" professional scientists, will probably move forward with equally great hesitation and probably will again take at least another 37 years, i.e. the number similar as that which still has NOT provided them with understanding of the benefits from accepting my "Theory of Everything of 1985", nor understanding of my "reversible software time" and the "Omniplan pancakes" described here - my discovery of the existence of which allowed to finally explain "how" and along what the "surface-waves" of light propagate.

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