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#348E: Powers of mini-UFOnauts from "nightmare"...

#348E: Powers of mini-UFOnauts from "nightmare" brood revealed by engineering analysis "how" of video from Aceh in Indonesia


Summary: This post #348E to blogs of totalizm uses the engineering procedure "how" to analyze the video filmed in Aceh from Indonesia showing a UFOnaut about a meter tall from a miniature race by Polish folklore called "zmora" (meaning "nightmare") - see Fig. #K2a below. The analysis focuses mainly on investigating the meaning of these details of the video that are documented but overlooked by other researchers and that are proving the use by the filmed UFOnaut of a highly advanced "magnetic personal propulsion system", which is only in disposal of UFOnauts that secretly occupy Earth, while the work and way of use of which details confirm that this miniature creature belongs to the same race of the brutal towards people UFOnauts with three-clawed fingers and toes, which Polish folklore calls "zmora" (meaning "nightmare") while the most important features of behaviour and appearance of which I already discussed in item #K1 of the web page named "petone.htm" and in previous post #347E to blogs of totalizm (which post #347E is an adaptation of the above mentioned item #K1 from web page "petone.htm") and also are disclosed in the descriptions of the abduction by UFOnauts to the distant planet Nea of the late Andrzej Domała - published in the Polish treatise [3b] entitled "Kosmiczna układanka" (meaning "Cosmic Puzzle") - available for free in PDF format via my web page "tekst_3b.htm".

Motto: "My philosophy of totalizm teaches that the difference whether someone intentionally lied to us because he/she practices the evil philosophy of parasitism described at the web page "parasitism.htm", or just unintentionally states untruth because he/she is only an imperfect human who makes mistakes and does NOT know everything although in his/her life tries to practice some form of morally correct (because anchored on the Bible) philosophy of totalizm (i.e. that "totalizm" spelled through letter "z" - see web page "totalizm.htm"), results only from his/her motivation, in turn learning by us his/her motivation usually is allowed by his/her reaction to our proving that he/she was lying and by the reaction to our attempt of correcting the lie: namely, a person deliberately lying to us will then react with anger, attempts at revenge and insisting on continuing the lying, while a person practicing some form of morally correct totalizm then either openly or at least in spirit, will admit that we are right and will try NOT to commit the same lying or mistake again." (Hint described in item #A2.13 from the Polish web page "totalizm_pl.htm", indicating the totaliztic method of distinguishing individuals irreparably evil to bones who are already lying on purpose and spread evil - hence, for our own good whom we should avoid and keep as far apart from us as possible, from those ones who try to live morally as befits totalizts, but because of their human imperfections or lack of knowledge, sometimes they commit common mistakes or errors causing that some of their statements are also not true.)

#K2. An engineering analysis "how" of a creature wrongly called "Orang Pendek" (i.e. "Little Man") documented on video in Aceh, Indonesia, but in fact representing a race of UFOnauts in the Polish folklore called "zmora" (meaning "nightmare") while in the ballad "Pani Twardowska" by the Polish-Lithuanian poet named Adam Mickiewicz is described as "Devil in a mini version" (i.e. in Polish as a "sztuczka kusa"):

It is enough to look at today's TV news to notice that our entire civilization is already drowning in the depths of deliberate lying. At the same time, it is known that everything has a cause and is only the effect of something else that causes it. This in turn means that there is also a real physical cause and source of such deliberate lying. For thousands of years this cause and source of lying have been indicated in the Bible, while in recent times these indications from the Bible are increasingly reliably confirmed by factual research on UFOs. As it turns out from them, the most primal source and cause of flooding the humanity with the current stream of deliberate or official lies, is the hidden occupation, exploitation, destruction and tormenting of humanity by otherworldly and morally irreparably corrupted creatures, which the Bible, religions and folklore call "devils", while about which in present times efforts are implemented to rename them into the "more modern" term "UFOnauts" which describes creatures behaving in exactly the same ways as "devils" (see subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of free monograph [1/4] disseminated via my web page named "text_1_4.htm") - or rename them into even some more deceptively made up names. These creatures are physical and material the same as people, only that, being incomparably higher than people technically, scientifically and medically advanced, for people they can almost appear to be "supernatural" creatures. From what we already know about them, e.g. from the report on the UFO abductions to planet Nea of a Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, also briefly discussed on the approximately 26-minute long video (in Polish) entitled "Andrzej Domała - Uprowadzony na planetę Nea" (meaning: "Andrzej Domała - Abducted to the Planet Nea") available at the address , those "aliens" arriving to Earth in highly advanced UFO starships are like a kind of "cosmic plague", which first shifts its living tentacles onto new planets, and then turns these planets into poisoned garbage dumps, where further life is impossible, and thus finally it must shift onto another planets. (By the way, for disseminating the truths and intelligence that the late Andrzej Domała gathered during his UFO abductions to the planet Nea, I believe that later UFOnauts secretly used on him the famous "cancer causing machine", links to the descriptions of which provide the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" by using Polish key words: maszyna do indukowania raka . UFOnauts threaten UFO abductees that they get rid of those people who are inconvenient or disobedient to them just by showing this cancer inducing machine on decks UFOs.) So in order to populate more new planets and at the same time to lead a lazy, comfortable and pleasure-oriented lives, these devilishly parasitic UFOnauts also have planets of their slaves - as about the situation of Earth I explained it on the web page "evil.htm". Then inhabitants of these planets of their slaves UFOnauts continually exploit from all raw materials that are necessary for them to continue this role of the "cosmic plague", e.g. mainly from the reproductive materials (i.e. from human sperm and ovum cells) to make more slaves and planets of slaves, from the so-called "moral energy", from the correct achievements of slaves' knowledge and technology, etc. In turn, in order to keep their slaves (including our humanity) in such a role of their slaves and suppliers of required raw materials, they continually lie, as well as propagate and unselectively reward with "money" (see INTRODUCTION and "part #L" from the web page "smart_tvs.htm") all forms of lying among populations of slaves, up to the situation which, for example, we see on Earth today - when typically the higher someone is in power or wealth, the more he/she must lie to the fellow humans in order to maintain his/her profitable position. Moreover, they repetitively depopulate the Earth with wars, plagues and cataclysms. (Examples of these depopulation can be the deliberate exploding of a pile of UFO vehicles near the present town of Tapanui in New Zealand - described on the web page "tapanui.htm", and also deliberately inducing the murderous tsunami described on the web page "day26.htm" caused by the deliberate explosion of a UFO vehicle near the shores of the Bandar Aceh province in Indonesia - in which the UFOnaut-nightmare discussed in this post #248E was filmed.) In turn this chronic lying and depopulation quickly brings closer to Earth the situation from our Polish film "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (the title of which means: "The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s" - see ).

Notice that the free Polish video entitled "Andrzej Domała - Uprowadzony na planetę Nea" (see - the title of which means: "Andrzej Domała - Abducted to the Planet Nea") indicated and linked above, on its length from 12:20 to 12:45 minutes, replays the interview which discusses the importance of the skill of "winding of light" that acquired our parasitic relatives living on planets of Orion, who thousands of years ago used their descendants to populate the planet Earth in order to be able to continually occupy, exploit and mortify us secretly until today in thousands of various ways. It is a portion of occupying forces that secretly reside on Earth and are at the command of these our parasitic relatives from Orion, whom we know under the folk name UFOnauts-nightmares, that filming of one of which I am describing in this post #348E. The late Andrzej Domała discussed this "winding of light" in his interview, because mastering this extraordinary skill lifts the intergalactic civilization that uses it to the next (highest) level of science and technology, in a way similar to how humanity will be raised to higher levels of science and technology when it builds and starts to use the invented by me Oscillatory Chambers (see web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm"), Magnocrafts (see web page "magnocraft.htm") and telekinetic batteries (see web page "fe_cell.htm") - which raising of humanity level I try to explain in items #J1 to J4 from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". In turn the rareness of the fact that "winding of light" is an indicator of the technical and scientific level in the development of a given intergalactic civilization, is that for over 2000 years in this role it is confirmed by "[Ω] God's seal" encoded in the Bible, among others, in verse 3:33 from the "Book of Baruch" - as it is documented and explained in more detail in descriptions from item #J1 of the abovementioned web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm".

Because this post #348E (as well as entire "part #K" of the web page "petone.htm" from which it is adapted) is devoted to the discussion of the most obvious and indisputable material evidence for the physical existence of UFOnauts who occupy our Earth, in this post #348E I will try to prove that even in such a seemingly unambiguous matter as the interpretation of videos documenting inhuman looking and behaving UFOnauts, still someone officially and covertly smuggles lies which are to divert people's attention from the material nature and from existence of UFOnauts, and from their purposeful hiding from people with the help of the capabilities and power of their enormously advanced technology. I will prove this on numerous copies of the video available on the Internet, which show an approximately one-meter tall UFOnaut-nightmare with otherworldly capabilities, which was filmed in Aceh from Indonesia, while the best commented version of which video is available at - see Fig. #K2a below. As the reader can check this for himself, about this mini-UFOnaut various lies are already disseminated, e.g. that he is a human of normal height, while his small height is an optical illusion that results e.g. from the action of so-called "photographic perspective", that he is NOT an "alien" (means NOT an UFOnaut-nightmare) hiding from people, but just a wild man called "Orang Pendek" that still remains unknown to humanity and that avoids civilization, etc., etc. Although I myself am also only a fallible man who does NOT know everything, therefore sometimes in my engineering analyzes "how" I may also be wrong, nevertheless in my numerous arguments presented below for sure I can rectify some lies that there are about this UFOnaut-nightmare already disseminated.

Discussed in this post #348E is a video of male UFOnaut filmed in Indonesia, currently numerous copies of which, provided with comments by their authors, the reader can search for free on YouTube, e.g. with the command . In my personal opinion, the best presented copy of this video is available at . This is the second very good documenting on a video of the fact of the existence of material like people UFOnauts around one meter tall, who are called "nightmares" by folklore, while which a Polish-Lithuanian poet named Adam Mickiewicz describes under the name "small devil" (in Polish "Diablik") in the ballad "Pani Twardowska" (meaning: "Lady Twardowska" - see ) discussed in more detail in previous post #347E and in item #K1 of the web page "petone.htm", where another example of UFOnaut-nightmare is also documented on the video linked at the end of the captions under the photos #K1abc and can be searched with the command . Furthermore, the melted into the hard asphalt of the NZ pavement of a clawed three-toed foot of such a female version of these UFOnauts-nightmares is shown in Fig. #K1a from item #K1 of the web page "petone.htm" and in post #347E to blogs of totalizm. Unfortunately, videos of this tiny UFOnaut filmed in Indonesia are either analyzed by those who intentionally try to mislead people, or by people who have almost no experience in the constructive researching of UFOs nor in the developing engineering procedures "how" - the huge knowledge-creative significance of which procedures are emphasized in items #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". Therefore the conclusions to which lead such analyzes typically contain a lot of omissions and mistakes. Fortunately, on Wednesday, 2022/6/1 on blogs of totalizm (i.e. on blogs with addresses e.g. from item #Z3 of the web page "petone.htm") I published my post #347E containing the "report from my research on the footprints of a female UFOnaut-nightmare melted into the asphalt from NZ pavement", i.e. means I published information described in previous post #347E to blogs of totalizm and in item #K1 from the web page named "petone.htm". I was in such a hurry with this report that it could be published on blogs of totalizm already a week after the discovery of the footprints of a nightmare-UFOnaut discussed in it (means to appear already on Wednesday, 2022/6/1) - so that before this evidence taking the form of photos of footprints of this mini-UFOnaut is published, these footprints had NO time to disappear from the sidewalk into which they were melted. Thus, due to the completion of that project of my supposedly "hobby" research (after all, deprived of official support and financing), I gained some time and processing capacity to add the engineering "how" to the dictionary "what" hidden in the video about a mini-UFOnaut filmed in Aceh from Indonesia. My findings on this matter are already available in this post #348E since 2022/6/20 and in item #K2 from my web page named "petone.htm" since 2022/6/1. I invite you to read them.

The video discussed here reports the filming of a mini-UFOnaut in the Aceh province of Indonesia - i.e. in the same area, which in 2004 was devastated by a murderous sea "tsunami" also caused on purpose by UFOnauts and described extensively on my web page "day26.htm" (perhaps this miniature UFOnaut-nightmare was in there to investigate the consequences of the tsunami that they caused). Since copies of this video may show only some excerpt from it, I will first summarize the situation the video documents. And so, a group of field motorcyclists from Indonesia, who practice sport riding in the natural area of their island, while driving in a sparsely wooded, deserted area with almost no bushes and grass, were suddenly surprised by a mini-creature (i.e. by a UFOnaut-nightmare) that ran onto the road, they were just riding. It is interesting that seeing these motorcyclists, this UFOnaut did NOT hide from them, although he could, because rally motorbikes make a lot of noise, hence he heard their approaching from a distance - but being sure of his safety, he just went onto the road on which they were approaching him. The first two motorcyclists got so scared of him, that one of them fell down and both of them stopped their motorbikes - which suggests that with his telepathic devices of personal weapon the UFOnaut gave them an order to be afraid of him (what typically UFOnauts do in such situations). But because then he started running away from them along the extension of the road they were riding, the motorcyclists chased him. But the running of this UFOnaut turned out to be so fast, that no matter how motorcyclists tried, he kept his distance from them all the time and without any visible effort. When he reached the area covered with grass, about which the video reveals that it was about one meter tall, the UFOnaut without haste entered the path leading through the grass and disappeared from the further view of motorcyclists.

On the subject of these mini-UFOnauts and the operation of their technology, I already published a lot of information at the addresses provided in previous post #347E. The information provided in this post #348E reports the results of my engineering analysis "how" of facts and truths contained in the highly educational video described here, searched e.g. with the command: , while (in my opinion) best illustrated on a 9:40 minute-long video entitled "Orang Pendek, Entity, Alien ?? - Breakdown" distributed for free from the address . The most important findings of my "how" analysis include the following facts, which are illustratively documented by events recorded and shown on this film:

{1} Telepathic emanation of a feeling of paralyzing terror. The video analyzed here begins by showing the confusion of the first two motorcyclists taking part in a ride through the wilderness of Indonesia. It shows that both motorcyclists were scared by something, and the motorcycle of one of them is even lying on the ground. The source of their fear turns out to be a tiny, approximately 1-meter tall, male (i.e. UFOnaut-nightmare). The comparison of his picture with experiences of other people who suddenly encountered such tiny UFOnauts, and whose experiences I previously researched, explains what really happened then. Namely, these one meter-tall UFOnauts have non-lethal weapons in operation somewhat similar to the one used by today's police of almost all countries of the world and called "stun gun" (in English called taser - see ). Only that in UFOnauts their weapons work on an incomparably higher technical level. For example, weapons of UFOnauts have the form of a small implant permanently embedded in their bodies, thus they always carry it with them. This implant automatically carries out the commands that UFOnauts execute with their mind. It also has two modes of operation, namely (a) "the mode of telepathically sending the feeling of terror and the command that deters all living creatures from a given UFOnaut", and (b) "the mode of immediate hypnotic paralysis of a potential aggressor". I suspect that on these two motorcyclists only the mode (a) "deterrence" was used. This is because the mode (b) of paralyzing is mainly used when these little UFOnauts enter someone's flat, e.g. to rape or to abduct a person in there. In folk wisdom, the use of this paralyzing mode (b) is most often described under the name of "nightmare attack" (see examples of this attack, reported in the comments of readers under the 7:06-minute Polish-language video entitled "Paraliż senny, czyli nocne zmory" - meaning "sleep paralysis, that is nightmares" - see ), or also known as the "night mare" attacks. Unfortunately, the official medicine of humanity pre-programmed to "contradict the truth" calls the use of this weapon of UFOnauts with the "scientific" and the highly misleading expression "sleep paralysis" - see . As usual, medical scientists intentionally ignore the truth - in this case they do NOT accept the truth of reports of people paralyzed by the action of this weapon of UFOnauts and stating that almost always when this paralysis immobilizes someone, in the room of his human victim there is already some otherworldly little creature (i.e. "nightmare"), which additionally, after paralysis, usually physically rapes such an overpowered person - about which rape many people who are victims of a "nightmare attack" are fully aware and moreover, they have evidence of it on their own body in the form of painless so-called "ghost pinches" described in previous post #347E - which are black bruises left on their hands, hips and legs but technologically healed by UFOnauts to make them painless. I am perfectly aware of the operation of this weapon of UFOnauts, because I experienced it at least twice in my life. The first time, as a 9-year-old boy, I was overwhelmed by it, and at the same time I saw a female UFOnaut-nightmare who used it to overpower me visibly with the intention of raping me. The second time I was shocked by a sense of great dread during my professorship in Korea, when I watched the so-called MIB (tj. "men in black" - see ), who inspected with the intention to remove the sculpture of a female UFOnaut-nightmare shown in "Fig. #K1c" from post #347E to blogs of totalizm, while discussed in more detail in the caption under Fig. #G1c from my other web page named "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm". Other people who were confronted with these tiny UFOnauts-nightmares, also experienced the action of their weapon on themselves. One of the examples of its use, which I learned in my research, had a course very similar to that recorded on the video discussed here. My friend, Wojciech Godziszewski, who at that time lived in Dobra Szczecińska from Poland, experienced it. His experience took place just after 9 p.m. on March 18, 1978. I described them thoroughly in subsection R2 from volume 15 of my free monograph [1/5] available at the address "text_1_5.htm" (and also in subsection R2 from volume 7 of my older Polish monograph [1/3]). With the use by "nightmare-UFOnauts" of the weapon discussed here, which by means of technically induced deep hypnosis completely paralyzes the vital functions of the victim's body, a very serious problem of humanity is connected. This problem, instead of the to-date ignoring and hiding beyond the misleading terminology of "sleep paralysis" which intentionally avoids emphasizing its life-threatening nature, should rather be properly named (e.g. "shooting with technical hypnosis") and carefully researched. The root of this problem is derived from the well-known feature of any form of hypnosis that in order for the hypnotized body to return to normal function, it must first be de-hypnotized. But no-one wants to know what will happen to the body paralyzed with such a weapon of technically induced paralyzing-deep hypnosis, if for some reasons after shooting someone with this weapon, the UFOnaut-nightmare does NOT de-hypnotize later his victim (e.g. because he has to flee the scene, or he has a short memory or he is a very malicious creature). Thus, it is extremely important to ask questions such as: whether the "nightmare attacks" are somehow responsible for such large number of people who wake up from the alleged medically confirmed state of death just a short while before they are to be buried, and whether these "nightmares attacks" are really responsible for the situations that the people who exhume the corpses sometimes report finding unnaturally twisted bodies in the graves, which at the time of their burial were arranged in a straighten and as if asleep pose?

{2} The technically highly advanced "personal magnetic propulsion system" used by an UFOnaut-nightmare from this video, which allows the UFOnaut to stay at a constant and safe distance of around 50 meters from the chasing motorcyclists. The fact of using this propulsion system is confirmed by many situations illustrated in this video. For example, it can be seen from the situation that despite the efforts of motorcyclists to catch up with the "escaping" mini-UFOnaut, this creature easily kept them behind him at a safe distance of around 50 meters, and even showed no fear that they would be able to catch up with him (e.g. he stopped to look at their reaction). In turn, who of those ones who run only on their own feet is capable avoid to be caught by motorbikes controlled with experienced hands of terrain riders? To run as fast as an off-road motorcycle, one either needs to move own legs extremely quickly or to lengthen one's strides. From the video it appears that the UFOnaut "escaping" from motorbikes was moving his legs almost as fast as a running man - who, despite having legs longer than this UFOnaut, still would NOT have a chance to keep the required advance of 50 meters in front of these motorbikes. This in turn means, that this UFOnaut extended the range of each of his steps, which is confirmed on the video by the force with which his feet were throwing up the earth, while in the principle of operation of UFOnauts' personal propulsion system it also illustrates that the operation of this propulsion system is computer-linked with his intentions and with thought signals which control the work of muscles of this UFOnaut's body. Unfortunately, on the Internet there is NO data on footprints of this UFOnaut, especially how long were the individual steps in his run. Fortunately, the length of these steps can be roughly assessed by analyzing the shifting of this UFOnaut during his single running jump from one leg to the other leg. For example, in the last shots of this video (unfortunately, when the UFOnaut has already slowed down his run), with three steps he crosses at an outstretched angle (aslant) the road along which he runs, from the right side to the left side. From the wheel marks on this road, it can be concluded that heavy trucks with trailers (probably transporting cut trees from the forest) were driving on it, hence its width probably exceeds three meters, which means that a UFOnaut about one meter tall even in his slow-running he put steps longer than his height - which in itself is a proof that he used "magnetic personal propulsion system" to aid the speed of his run. After all, it is biologically impossible, that a small creature is able to take steps that are longer than its height. Of course, the lengths of his steps in this video could be more accurately estimated through the analysis of e.g. frames shifted backwards - but in order to do this precisely one would need the required equipment, which, of course, while carrying out my research as a hobbyist, I do NOT have at my disposal. A proof for the use of personal propulsion system, propulsors of which give to a UFOnaut strength unheard of in humans, is also the thickness and size of the "stick" that this UFOnaut-nightmare carried in one hand during his "escape", keeping it away from his body in a position requiring tremendous strength. After all, the thickness of this "stick" was difficult for even a motorcyclist of a human size to hold it with his hands thus he needed to lift it with both his hands, while a mini-UFOnaut was able to hold it in only one hand, running with it as fast as an off-road motorcycle and swinging it in the air as if it were a very light piece of cane.

{3} Being dressed in a brown, tight-fitting and partially transparent UFOnaut suit, including, among other things, a protective hood over the head. In other words, the clothing of this UFOnaut-nightmare was a thermo-regulating version designed for the climate of the tropics, of a similar suit which for a cooler climate protected the UFOnaut-nightmare filmed in the LaJunta town from the state of Colorado, US in 2019 - the video of which is linked at the end of the captions under Fig. #K1abc from previous post #347E, or with the command (or ). Especially similar to each other in the suits of both these UFOnauts are headgears. After all, according to the folklore of many countries, including Poland, these miniature creatures have huge "dog ears" which protrude high above their heads. Thus, when someone amongst people sees them, then immediately from these ears he/she knows that they are NOT people. Therefore, in order to hide these ears, on Earth they use these large head hoods. One of the confirmations that motorcyclists have NOT filmed someone with bare skin, but just someone dressed in such a tight-fitting thermo-regulating suit seen in the UFOnaut-nightmare described here from the Aceh province in Indonesia, is e.g. wearing out, attrition and whitening of this suit on the butt part of this mini-UFOnaut - probably caused by long sitting in tight seats of crew from a small-type UFO starship (e.g. from type K3).

{4} The height of this UFOnaut, amounting to only around one meter - which confirms that he belonged to the male version of the same race of UFOnauts-nightmares, the female version of which melted in the hard asphalt of NZ pavement, the footprints discussed in previous post #347E and shown in there in Fig. #K1a. This 1-meter of his height is evidenced by the comparison of him and the grass in which without haste or fear this mini-UFOnaut disappears at the end of his "escape". In turn comparing the height of this grass to the height of motorcycles and motorcyclists, it can be established that the upper edge of this grass was just slightly over one meter high, while this UFOnaut was slightly lower than the edge of this grass.

{5} The presence of "claws" on fingers and toes of this UFOnaut-nightmare and his superhuman strength. I wonder if the reader noticed and paid attention to the difficulty and the way of holding this large and thick stick, looking almost like a "beam", which at the end of the video one of the motorcyclists grabbed with both hands and with a clear effort raised above his head, while which during his run the "UFOnaut-nightmare" seemed to toss around as if it was a very light "reed", "cane", or thin "stick"? Or whether the reader noticed that while running, the video sometimes reveals that the heel of this UFOnaut sticks out significantly from the rest of the foot as the (fourth - rear) claw protrudes from the foot of the statue of the female UFOnaut-nightmare shown in Fig. #K1c from previous post #347E? So let us think what obvious and unequivocal conclusions can be drawn from these facts?

{6} The possibility that this entire event was staged by UFOnauts. UFOnauts are able to occupy, subjugate, ransom, exploit, torment and hide from people for thousands of years only because they have highly intelligently designed and implemented methods of diverting human attention from their existence and activities on Earth. One of such extremely wise methods can be expressed with the Polish saying "if you want to hide a tree, plant a whole forest around it", while a perfect example of how it is implemented in practice is discussed in #A5 to #A5bc from my web page named "totalizm_pl.htm". In turn an example of an event staged by UFOnauts that served them to distract people from UFO activities on Earth, is the abduction to the planet Nea of a Polish citizen, Andrzej Domała, reported in our Polish treatise [3b]. There is a whole range of premises which suggest that the entire event illustrated in the video discussed here was just staged as another such "planting a forest around a tree that is to be hidden". In my opinion, the most important of these premises are Indonesian legends claiming that in the area where this event took place, a certain unknown to science tribe of miniature versions of people supposedly lives in secret, by locals called "Orang Pendek" - see . Thus, the encountering of a mini-UFOnaut can be "scientifically explained" as a meeting with such a miniature human - thus casting "official" doubts on all other claims about sightings of UFOnauts. Another is the selection of a whole group of motorcyclists as witnesses to filming this event - which allows for hiding a large amount of information that could otherwise be documented. For example, a group of motorcycles thoroughly destroyed footprints of this creature, making it impossible to measure and to document them. The clothing of motorcyclists and the speed of their driving and the entire event make it also impossible to recognize whether they are all people, or whether some of them, for example their leader, are impersonated by a UFOnaut who for those doing research on UFOnauts shows obvious details of appearance typical for UFOnauts. Also the fact that a mini-UFOnaut waited right by the road through which motorcyclists are going to go, and then instead of crouching to hide and let them pass, he shocked them with his telepathic weapon causing fear and paralysis, and then he started to "run away" along the path they were just going to follow. In addition, a few other indications of a similarly subtle nature. After all, our problem with the possible discovery that this event was staged on purpose, is the same as the problem with the entire occupation of Earth by UFO civilizations and with our defence against being exploited by these UFOnauts. This problem is due to the fact, that in comparison to humans they are so advanced technically, scientifically, medically, and with their intelligence, that for most of us they simply look like "supernatural beings". For example, their technology and science allows them to instantly arrive to Earth from other galaxies using a telekinetic propulsion (as evidenced by my findings explained in [A5b] from #I3 of the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" telekinetic starships can fly with infinite speed). They can also become invisible to humans. In addition, they can penetrate through walls without harming their bodies nor the walls. They have weapons which with technical hypnosis instantly paralyze us and we cannot even move (shooting us with this weapon by the wisdom of folklore is called a "nightmare attack" - unfortunately our doctors, blinded by UFOnauts, tell us that it is only "sleep paralysis"). Furthermore, they are able to telepathically and post-hypnotically program anyone as they wish, e.g. to hypnotically command humans to absolutely do NOT believe in the existence of UFOs (this is why the leaders and the most influential "experts" of humanity so pre-programmed until today tell everyone that UFOs are just e.g. "delusions" and they do NOT exist at all) - in spite that every person on his or her own leg carries a mark that UFOnauts for sure do exist physically. After all, similarly as every Polish citizen is having assigned to himself the so-called PESEL number, while every US citizen - social security number, also UFOnauts assigned "numbers" and "identification codes" to every person on Earth by introducing a special "identification implant" into the tibia of his/her leg. After drilling this implant, on the side of the leg of every person on Earth remains a small scar, as shown in Fig. #B4 from my web page named "ufo_pl.htm", and discussed in there in items #B4 and #A2 to #A2cd. However, in some people the wound after drilling to insert this implant can heal better than in others, hence then the scar becomes almost invisible. Each person is also abducted to a UFO at least once a month, because UFOnauts "milk" from every human reproductive material and so-called "moral energy" - which I described a bit more comprehensively in items #D3 and #D2 from my web page named "nirvana.htm", and which, due to UFOnauts anti-divine and parasitic philosophy, UFOnauts themselves are unable to generate - while the moral energy is so necessary for the health of the "soul" as oxygen is essential to the health and life of the "body" (i.e. the lack of it can kill while at present the deficiencies of this energy are the reason of e.g. mental depressions and mass hysterias). Some people, including me, UFOnauts abduct regularly every week, among others to additionally program in them with post-hypnotic commands, and also to learn from them under hypnosis new knowledge that these people acquired in the meantime, and to find out what they are currently working on and what they intend to do. Taking into account all the above, it is very scary to know that we would need a huge miracle to free humanity from these secretive occupiers and exploiters. After all, so far there is NO chance that the increasingly godless and pre-programmed to be selfish people themselves will be able to even at least try to do anything in the direction of trying to break free from these parasitic UFOnauts.

As we can see from the above, the based on the knowledge about the results of UFO research the carrying out of an engineering analysis "how" even for such a short video as discussed here, can already bring to light many facts previously hidden and blocked from reaching the public because of the incompetence and post-hypnotic orders issued to luminaries of official atheistic science and to decision-makers that control the humanity. And it must be remembered that this analysis is only rough, because in order to be more precise, access to precise research equipment (which I do NOT have) would be needed, and also resources would be needed to conduct systematic searches, research and interviews requiring travel to the places of events and personal meeting of witnesses. For example, in the case of the Indonesian incident discussed here, it would be highly helpful for establishing the truth to measure distances and dimensions at the scene of the incident, to obtain answers to the right questions asked to people who managed to make this groundbreaking film, as well as to precisely photograph or film and measure footprints of a running creature. In the old days, when I was still researching UFOs, I on my own expense and in my own private time, carried out just such trips, interviews, measurements, photographic documentation and research. They allowed me to gather the knowledge presented in my publications. Now, unfortunately, living only on my retirement pension, I cannot afford such activities anymore. In turn, it should NOT be counted, that our decision-makers pre-programmed or impersonated by UFOnauts and rewarded for hiding the existence of UFOs, will ever get to officially finance any reliable and truth-oriented research on the situation with the occupation of Earth by parasitic UFOnauts.

There is also NO need to hide that even just watching the official "propaganda" from e.g. news on TVs already begins to confirm that the direction of the situation of humanity occupied by parasitic UFOnauts, is heading exactly towards what coincides with the intelligence gathered by the late Andrzej Domała at the cost of his own life. So let us cite below examples of Mr. Domała's own statements he included in "chapter B" of his reports on UFO activities and published in the treatise [3b] entitled (in Polish): "Kosmiczna Układanka" (meaning the "Cosmic Puzzle"). Notice from the citations provided below, that even before the publication of the treatise [3b] in 1998, Mr. Domała already knew that telekinetic starships of UFOnauts travel through the counter-world with infinite speed, while the truth about the actual existence of infinite speed in the counter-world I managed to scientifically prove only at the end of February 2022 - as I described it in [A5b] from item #I3 of my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in entries #345 and #346 to blogs of totalizm. (Note that the original wording of his cited statements are provided in the Polish version of this post #348E available e.g. in item #K2 from the Polish web page named "petone_pl.htm".) Here are my translations of these citations of his words taken from:

[3b] Subsection B5.2: This inexplicable inner force ordered me to go to the same place again. / Suddenly, less than 200 meters from the target, the car suddenly stopped working. / The engine stalled by itself, as if it ran out of fuel. / Holding his right hand on my left shoulder, there was a man in a suit and a round transparent helmet on his head. / He turned and walked slowly forward, with slightly funny steps, as if jumping up and down as if he were in no hurry. / The hand hit an obstacle invisible to the naked eye. / my eyes saw a clearly visible, huge disk-shaped spaceship - saucer, / Kari continued his monologue that with this vehicle THEY can now travel through time and space to any place in zero time (as we understand it). / Kari with a little boy about a meter tall / there were no nails on his fingers / Orionians are a race similar to us and the Neatans, but are technologically far ahead of Neatans. What we do with flour dough, Neatans do with time, while Orionians do with light. / Further said that there are civilizations which are technologically far ahead of us, but at the same time are very afraid of us. Therefore, they do everything that can bring to us the destruction and doom as soon as possible, properly manipulating our minds and indirectly leading to various cataclysms that degrade us and our natural environment. They are most afraid that our Earth has the most favourable conditions for human development. Under these conditions, man develops with a uniformly accelerated rhythm. This situation is unknown to ALIENS, and they already fear us so much that they would like to stop us from developing. And since it is impossible for them, it is best to destroy us. However, since, for reasons unknown to me, they cannot do it themselves directly, they decided to destroy us slowly, constantly, but in an indirect way. So it is they, but with our hands, who are destroying the Earth for which there is no salvation. / He promised me that we would meet him twice more before we live together on another planet with more favourable conditions than prevailed on Nea or on Earth. To there they will evacuate 3 bedrygas of people, while one bedryga is 6 communities, while one community is 666 people. / Radio stopped playing in the same place, and at a distance of 1 meter it creaked terribly. / I couldn't make the slightest move. / I stood dumb, all tense and paralyzed, unable to even return the hug. / they ask me for help, to provide them with energy, because they used up all the supply / powerful obstacles, barriers intentionally placed on their way by the intruders occupying the Earth, so that no one else could reach us./

[3b] Subsection B5.3: I am now going to start describing some of the extraordinary obstacles that suddenly started to collapse on me when I started working on the preparation of the content of this subsection. / I write on a damaged machine because without any physical and technical reasons, it suddenly broke down / stress caused by mysterious road almost accidents / Jacuś often "sees something". Both at home and outside. This is something he is afraid of./

[3b] Subsection B6: Official Polish TV: The plan would be that in the initial part of the program I would talk about my experiences with UFOs, while in the next part - I would cancel it all to ridicule this topic. / official mass-media are sworn to some kind of conspiracy of silence./

It is worth to emphasize in the relation to the above intelligence gathering, that for the heroic contribution of Mr. Domała to our knowledge about the threat to the independence situation of Polish nation and the entire mankind made by our parasitic occupiers from space, he deserves some posthumous (post mortem) decoration for bravery and his attempts to save lives and properties, and it is our civic duty to organize an official application for such a decoration to the Polish government - as I explained and justified it in Uwaga #1 and in Część #J (meaning: "Note #1" and "Part #J") from the Polish web page named "tekst_3b.htm", as well as also in caption under Fig. #J1a from the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in the post #349E to blogs of totalizm. So in order to realize here, what a significant contribution to the possible liberation of humanity from being occupied by the confederation of our cosmic tormentors, introduced this intelligence gathered and reported at the cost of the life by the late Andrzej Domała, I will disclose here that according to my rough estimations, if the growth of new knowledge of humanity, which knowledge is to meet the totaliztic definition of "real progress" published in item #G4 from the web page named "eco_cars.htm", will maintain the pace that gives to it the speed of new scientific discoveries and technical inventions carried out by today's monopolistic "official atheistic science", then the knowledge about the "winding of light" just by itself the humanity would reach after several next thousands of years. On the other hand, due to the contribution, courage and heroism of Mr. Domała, and due to the futuristic knowledge wisely encoded into verses of the Bible - which confirmed the truth of the information he gathered and stamped it with the "[Ω] Seal of God", this incredibly advanced knowledge about the technology of the future, the researchers open to the truth can learn today from the Polish treatise [3b] co-authorized by the late Andrzej Domała and offered on the Internet to everyone for free reading. Moreover, if the knowledge acquired by the late Andrzej Domała and made available to mankind at the cost of his life will be officially recognized and treated with the factual approach that it actually deserves, then it has the power to save a huge amount of human property and human life from being wasted (note that the justification for the reason and the way of working of the power of that knowledge for saving property and life, I explained in more detail in items #J1 to #J4, especially in the caption under Fig. #J1a, from my web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and from the post #349E to blogs of totalizm). This is why I have already made efforts to organize an official application to the Polish government for the above-mentioned posthumous decoration for the late Andrzej Domała, progress in organizing of which application is systematically reported in the abovementioned Note #1 and in Part #J from the Polish web page named "tekst_3b.htm". (The video for Fig. #K2a) (Videos about the UFOnaut filmed in Aceh, Indonezja) and (Videos about the UFOnaut-nightmare filmed in LaJunta, US - described in previous post #347E)

Fig. #K2a: Here, in my opinion, is the best of the presently available Internet presentations of an Indonesian video that documented a male UFOnaut-nightmare of around a meter tall from a race by Polish folklore called "zmora" (meaning "nightmare"). The use of the "magnetic personal propulsion system" by this UFOnaut allowed him to easily increase the speed of his run to the level that modern human motorcycles were unable to catch up with him.

I should also explain here, that with the publication of this "report on my engineering research 'how' revealing the understatements in the interpretation of the video of the UFOnauts-nightmare from Aceh, Indonesia", i.e. with the publication of items #K2 to #K2b from the web page "petone.htm", I was in a hurry to make it possible to show on blogs of totalizm as soon as possible after publishing the footprints of an 80cm female UFOnaut-nightmare discussed in previous post #347E (i.e. in the form these items #K2 to #K2a already appeared on 2022/6/1, while in the form of entry #348E to blogs of totalizm, it appeared already on Monday 2022/6/20). The point was that the evidence in the form of these footprints of an UFOnaut melted into the hard asphalt of NZ pavement should still be available to interested researchers or to be placed in a museum when this post is published. After all, on the same subject of mini-UFOnauts, their brutality towards people and the operation of their technology, since 2022/6/1 both in posts #347E and #348E to blogs of totalizm and in items #K1 and #K2 from my web pages in the Internet (i.e. from this English web page "petone.htm" and from Polish "petone_pl.htm"), there are already published photos and information about these footprints, while from my earlier research on UFOs it appears that whenever any evidence is published that UFOs exist materially and objectively and they occupy and torment humanity, while from a given publication the exact location of this evidence can be determined, then this evidence disappears very quickly and mysteriously or its evidential value is sabotaged. In fact, there are premises, which I described in item #J2 from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", and which had the form of a blue UFO spiral caused by the operation of a "time vehicle" filmed above our heads (for its appearance see the video at: ) and probably responsible for the destruction or accidental explosion of a steel water pipe on our street, not far from these footprints of a UFOnaut-nightmare, all of which evidence suggests that UFOnauts have already made an attempt to covertly destroy these footprints of a female UFOnaut. Fortunately, on that first attempt to destroy them, UFOnauts for some reasons were unable to succeed - I am curious whether UFOs will try to destroy them again, because on 2022/7/12 these footprints melted into hard NZ asphalt were still clearly visible to those interested in seeing or examining them.

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