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#347E: Footprints of 80 cm tall female UFOnaut...

#347E: Footprints of 80 cm tall female UFOnaut with 3 toes, melted in the cold night in the hard asphalt of NZ footpath


Summary: This post #347E documents, describes and illustrates with photos the footprints melted during a cold autumn night into the hard asphalt of NZ pavement, about which the engineering "how" (i.e. the "how" explained in #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm" and in post #341E to blogs of totalizm) reveals the taking-off to flight of an otherworldly being about 80 cm tall and having only three clawed toes - the largest of which toes is the middle one (in humans the largest is always the toe on the inner rim of footsteps). It also reports the appearances, features and actions of these otherworldly nocturnal beings that hide from people, but the existence of whose and their physical harming of humanity are confirmed by research of numerous UFOlogists, by the Bible, and by the wisdom of old folklore, although are stubbornly denied by numerous "experts" - especially those ones who themselves also typically show extraterrestrial anatomical features and details of appearance.

Motto: "There is already a vast body of evidence of unquestionable quality, which in many earthly courts would sometimes allow the condemnation of the accused even to the death penalty, and which for thousands of years proves that humanity is secretly occupied, exploited and tormented by otherworldly beings of evil morality, currently called "UFOnauts" while by religions called "devils", which have indescribably superior than human technology, knowledge, organization and discipline, and also which use their advanced devices, mastery of telepathy and technical issuance of post-hypnotic orders (which later are meticulously followed by people) in order to be able to constantly stimulate people to neighbourly discord, wars, crimes, immorality, greed, economy of robbery, destruction of nature, turning away from God, etc., and also to employing of representatives of these otherworldly beings (who show close relationship and similarity to people) to key positions in decision makings, counselling and expertise, which in turn allows them to, for example, persuade people to avoid researching UFOs and avoid building technical devices that defend humanity from UFOs - although the design and operation of these devices was given to humanity by the totaliztic civilization from stars devoted to helping us, means to avoid the building of defence devices of the type: "devices for detecting these otherworldly beings that impersonate people" (see [7b] at "tekst_7b.htm"), or "telepathic pyramid" that allows instant communication with the totaliztic civilization from the stars that tries to helps us (see #E1.1 at "telepathy.htm"), or "Zhang Heng Seismograph" that allows remote detection of incoming earthquakes (see #C9a at "nirvana.htm") - many of which earthquakes are also secretly caused by UFOnauts (see #D4 at "day26.htm")." (The bitter truth about the power of infiltration, ruling over mankind and the influence onto our actions of extraterrestrial beings of human appearance but satanic morals, who secretly pretend to be human beings, but who occupy, exploit, torment, keep in primitivism, deceive, incite wars and already repetitively destroyed our civilization with plagues and cataclysms during last several thousands of years.)

#K1. A three-toed female UFOnaut, about 80 cm tall, who in a cold autumn night in the hard asphalt of the pavement from NZ Petone melted her footprints arranged like a proof of taking-off for a flight in the air:

It was the fall Tuesday of May 24, 2022. The weather in Petone NZ was rainless but cool (during the day it was only around 13 degrees Celsius, while the previous night it was around 7 degrees Celsius). So around 4:30 pm I went for a walk on the Petone beach. Passing by the corner of our female neighbour's fence, on the footpath by the intersection of our street with the street perpendicular to it, I noticed four three-toed footprints melted into the sidewalk's asphalt, which previously were NOT there - see Fig. #K1abc below. I checked with my hand whether their asphalt was still soft and sticky, but it was already hard as stone. So most probably these footprints were melted during the previous night - i.e. at the time when due to the prevailing darkness, otherworldly beings are prowling the town. So I returned home for the measure-ruler to show the size of the footprints and photographed with it the clearest one among them. I show his photo in Fig. #K1a below. I have a thermometer in my garden, so I also checked the air temperature that day - it was 13 degrees Celsius. In the evening my thoughts returned to those footprints. The memory of the growing power of melting of subsequent ones suggested that this UFOnaut known to fly in the air melted them with propulsors from under her feet, when she was just taking-off to flight in the air. So I decided that the next day I should photograph all four footprint melts, although the remaining ones were NOT so well visible - in order that with their engineering interpretation of "how" I could later document this being's take-off to flight in the air.

How looked like the three-toes being, which melted these footprints in hard asphalt of footpath, is best described by the ballad entitled "Pani Twardowska" (meaning "Mrs Twardowska" - see ) by the Polish-Lithuanian poet named Adam Mickiewicz. Here is a quote from his description: "... The little devil was in the vodka at the bottom: A real German, in mini version; He bowed to the guests politely, took off his hat and jumped down from glass to a floor, falls, grows to two cubits, Nose like a hook, chicken leg, And hawk's claws it has ..." (in the Polish original: "... Diablik to był w wódce na dnie: Istny Niemiec, sztuczka kusa; Skłonił się gościom układnie, Zdjął kapelusz i dał susa Z kielicha aż na podłogę Pada, rośnie na dwa łokcie, Nos jak haczyk, kurzą nogę, I krogulcze ma paznokcie ..." In this ballad are used old Polish expressions and facts that require explanations. For example, it is worth knowing that the old Polish "cubit" (in Polish named "łokieć" - see ) was 57.6 cm long. Hence "two cubits" nowadays mean about 115 cm or 1.15 metre - which informs about the approximate height of Mickiewicz's "little devil". The fact of its small size is also confirmed by the use of the expression "in mini version" (in Polish: "sztuczka kusa") that originate from the old Polish word "kusy" meaning "mini, short, not long" (see ) - for example consider the old Polish name "kusyk" or "kucyk" for a small horse - in English called "pony" (see ). Hence, the Polish expression "sztuczka kusa" today can be understood, for example, as "in the mini version". No wonder that by having such miniature height, these tiny female devils (in Polish folklore formerly called "zmora" meaning "nightmare") help big UFOnauts in hypnotizing people at night and in abducting them to UFOs - including even very young persons, sometimes even being only around 9 years old, as I described it e.g. in item #H3 and in the caption under Fig. #F3ab from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm". Perhaps the female UFOnaut who melted the footsteps described here was just looking for someone to abduct to a UFO. The expression "nose like a hook" means the nose as shown in Fig. #E2b from my web page named "ufo.htm" that is typical for this miniature race of UFOnauts (i.e. including also Polish "zmora" means "nightmares", "Baba Yaga" and some smaller in height, English "witches"). But I should add here, that some UFOnauts have similarly long and "carrot-like" noses, but straightened, means without a hook-like bend, but with the same thin end having a groove on the upper lip part of its tip - see Fig. #G1c from my web page named "evil.htm". In turn the old expression "hawk's claws" means just three-toed feet and hands with spiky fingernails, similar to hawk's, chicken, or tiger feet - means exactly the same as those that melted the asphalt shown below in Fig. #K1a (top) and also about which tell us the old Polish and Slavic legends about Baba Yaga (i.e. "Baba Jaga" - see ). In turn in subsection V9.1 from volume 16 of my monograph [1/4] (available via "text_1_4.htm") I presented my formal scientific proof which shows that evil beings which poet Mickiewicz and also old-time people called "devils", presently for confusing humans are called "UFOnauts" (i.e. the proof that old "devils" and present "UFOnauts" are two names of the same physical and combatable beings with technology, knowledge and medicine enormously superior to that of humans).

We already know a lot about UFOnauts (formerly called "devils"). Only that the decision makers of our civilization, infiltrated and hypnotically pre-programmed by these UFOnauts, succumb to intrigues, advanced technology and medicine of these beings, allowing that while using human hands UFOnauts are able to destroy the entire human civilization, through wars and plagues, and that they repetitively keep sending us back to caves and onto trees. Thus the humanity is still awaiting for someone with a true leadership talent and courage, who, as befits a true leader, will lead humanity to liberate itself from thousands of years of occupation, exploitation, and destruction by UFOnauts. After all, UFOnauts who pretend to be people and program our decision-makers, can be initially recognized, because they usually have quite unusual details of their appearance - which I described e.g. in #C9a from the web page "nirvana.htm" or e.g. in item #I5 from the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and in the based on that item #I5 post number #346E to blogs of totalizm. But because similar details of their appearance probably have also some of people, thus these UFOnauts who impersonate people ultimately will allow us to identify only advanced "revealing instruments". The design and operation of these instruments as part of the "supply of defence devices" was already received by the humanity from the totaliztic civilization living at distant stars that tries to help us. These supplied to us "defence devices" are described e.g. in the Polish treatise [7b] available via "tekst_7b.htm", which discusses the construction of a "device that reveal UFOs and UFOnauts who hide from people in a state of telekinetic flickering". Unfortunately, the humanity confused by telepathically and post-hypnotically pre-programmed decision makers who do NOT show leadership skills nor courage required for their role, still focuses its energy and attention on the fight with "symptoms" of being occupied by UFOnauts, i.e. humanity still focuses on wars, economic crisis, use of money (see our video ), hunger, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, plagues, climate change, etc. - induced by intrigues and advanced medicine and technology of UFOnauts, instead of concentrating their efforts on fighting the very "source" of all evil, i.e. on defeating and eliminating from Earth the UFOnauts who destroy us, and eliminating the tools of their power over us such as money, greed, lying, temptations of breaking God's commandments, rewards for destruction of nature, etc.

A more detailed appearance of the female version of these beings is shown below on the photo of her street sculpture from Suwon, Korea, illustrated here as Fig. #K1c (dół). In turn their favourite way of wearing colourful clothes is illustrated in Fig. #F2b from the web page named "aliens.htm". But in flight (i.e. just after flying through wall of the castle in Malbork due to the switching-on the state of telekinetic flickering described in #C1 from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm") such a flying UFOnaut of "two-cubit" height is documented in Fig. #G1a from the web page named "malbork_uk.htm".

It is worth adding here, that the use of "magnetic personal propulsion" by UFOnauts causes that only during flights along force lines of the Earth's magnetic field (i.e. only when flying in the directions north or south and vertically up or down) they do NOT produce the glow caused by the magnetic vortex of their propulsion ionising the air. In turn, if the horizontal component of their flight direction intersects the magnetic field force lines, then in flight their propulsion produces a strong glow which at night could alert people, and the existence of which is illustrated e.g. by the 1:05 minute video "Was This an Alien Abduction or Illusion?" available at .

A large body of evidence confirms that UFOnauts who infiltrate humanity and impersonate people, imitate all human races that inhabit the area of Earth controlled by these UFOnauts. But at the same time some minor details of the appearance of their ears, eyes, the vertical groove between their eyebrows, hair, nose and chin, as discussed in my publications, remain identical to those seen on UFO decks. And so, depending on what race of people inhabits a given area, UFOnauts operating in there and abducting people may not only look like Europeans, but also like people with black skin (i.e. blacks), Asians, or representatives of all other human races. This representation by UFOnauts of all races of people inhabiting Earth is confirmed by a whole range of categories of evidence, for example: (a) seeing UFOnauts on Earth with attributes of all human races - which e.g. for blacks is documented in paragraph {3820} from our Polish treatise [3b] entitled "Kosmiczna układanka" (meaning: "A space puzzle") disseminated via the web page "tekst_3b.htm"; (b) the appearance in all races of people some individuals who both commit inhuman wickedness and simultaneously display the details of appearance typically possessed by UFOnauts, as mentioned e.g. in the above-mentioned #C9a from the web page "nirvana.htm", while illustrated e.g. in Fig. #G2f from the web page "named evil.htm"; (c) the existence of details in the mythology of some nations which describe the creation of man, and which, after re-interpreting to present knowledge about UFOs, allow to establish that the Earth was populated as a result of people being brought into it in UFOs type K7 flying through the cosmos deprived of gravity - an example of just such results of scientific interpretations of descriptions of "Paradise" from the old Hebrew mythology I published e.g. in subsection P6.1 from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5] available via "text_1_5.htm".

UFOnauts display also all known behaviours of oppressors and occupants who exploit humanity and who are aware that they operate among the hostile local population - which behaviours to Polish people were best demonstrated by Nazis. For example: (a) they establish their bases for UFO starships in places well-protected and difficult or impossible to reach by humans - e.g. in underground caves, in Antarctica, on the Moon or other planets, and perhaps even on the Earth's orbit - which would explain why the space shuttle "Columbia" was destroyed by a UFO (e.g. if its crew documented something forbidden) - as this destruction by UFOs implies the evidence from the web page "shuttle.htm"; (b) they always move to actions in groups and even in seemingly routine actions such as hypnotizing to abduct to UFOs for the purpose of taking from people raw materials for acquiring of which is this secret occupation and exploitation of humanity - for their own safety they do it only when apart from a UFOnaut hypnotizing and abducting to UFOs, for his/her protection and for possible rescue - if the situation requires it, there are nearby his/her comrades; (c) when entering human homes or among human gatherings, for their safety they always take weapons with them (e.g. devices for instant hypnotization and paralyzing people) and switch on the "state of telekinetic flickering" which makes their bodies physically indestructible; (d) acting on Earth, they keep secret from people (as well as from own comrades) everything that they do or plan to do; (e) they systematically destroy or otherwise invalidate any material evidence which confirms to people their existence or reveals their features, technical devices used, and methods of their operation.

The marks melted or burned by propelling devices of UFOnauts illustrated here are NOT the only ones which I encountered in my many years of research of our hidden occupants, exploiters, and tormentors from space. Another example of footprints made by such an UFOnaut are described and illustrated e.g. in Fig. #D18 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm", and in subsection R3 and in Fig. R6 from volume 15 of my monograph [1/5]. Only that these footprints were scorched with propulsors from under the feet of a UFOnaut who used a differently working and more advanced "personal telekinetic propulsion system" (instead of the "personal magnetic propulsion" described here). This is because propulsors of telekinetic propulsion (see "telekinesis.htm") do NOT melt, but telekinetise, give a white colour, make substances more permanent, improve and ozone the chemical structure of whatever they act upon. My publications also show physical traces burned on the ground by the propulsion of whole UFO starships. Examples of such burned traces from e.g. landings of entire UFO starships I described and illustrated in many my publications, e.g. in Fig. #D7c from the web page named "explain.htm", or in subsection V5.1 and in Fig. V1 from volume 17 of my monograph [1/5].

It is already known that these 3-toes beings are NOT of good intentions toward people. They occupy, exploit, and torment people. How they deal with us after our abduction to a UFO is perfectly illustrated by the film "Fire in the Sky" (see ) based on a real abduction to a UFO, discussed more extensively in #A2 to #A2cd and in #B4 from my web page named "ufo_pl.htm" - especially watch in there the short movie excerpt "Alien Experiments" available at and linked from Movies #A2ab. Unfortunately, the indescribably naive, passive and easily submitting to exploitation people - even in the matter of this well-documented UFO abduction, prefer to believe rather these confusing humanity decision-makers pre-programmed and controlled by UFOnauts, instead of believing the UFO abductee himself and his workmates - who with their own eyes saw his abduction by a UFO. By the way dear reader, please DO NOT get misled about the documentation of the physical existence and painfully experienced tormenting and exploitation of each one of us by these monstrous occupants, because also in the matter of this documentation, UFOnauts are to immediately implement their hidden but effective methods of eliminating the evidence and spreading "propaganda" focused on deceiving people and continuing their occupation, exploitation and destruction of our primitive, incredibly naive and passive civilization - as this systematic elimination of evidence of the operation of UFOs on Earth, for my previous efforts to awaken humanity from an allurement, is described e.g. in #A5 of the web page named "totalizm.htm", while illustrated e.g. on Fig. #G1c from the web page named "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm". Furthermore, here I would like to guarantee to young readers, that extraordinary and mysterious events, the "how" of which even Shakespeare’s philosophers have NOT dreamed of, also happen near (and in) your place of residence, NOT only in distant and exotic countries. Only that in order to start noticing, documenting and understanding their existence and meaning, you first need to stop limiting your view of world and the surrounding reality to only carefully selected and prepared official TV news or SMS messages from your cell phone, but you need to go out to people and nature and about everything that you can see, hear and feel, learn to ask the right questions, such as "where" it came from, "how" and "why" it was created and works, etc.


Fig. #K1abc: Here are photos of the footprints of a 3-toed, 80 cm tall being (i.e. a female UFOnaut of the appearance shown in the lowest photograph #K1c) melted into the asphalt of the pavement, who just launched propulsors from under the foot of her "personal magnetic propulsion" that she used for flying in the air, as described more comprehensively in "chapter E" from volume 2 of my monograph [1/5]. I discovered these footprints melted in asphalt on Tuesday 2022/5/24 at 4:30 pm by the crossroads near my neighbour's house in Petone. On the day when I noticed that these melted footprints of this otherworldly being just appeared on that pavement, the air temperature was only 13 degrees Celsius. After all, the month of May in NZ has weather that is equivalent to the November weather in Poland and in northern Europe. All photos of these melted footprints shown here are taken in the same geographic orientation. Their direction from the bottom to the top of the photo indicates the magnetic east to west direction, while the direction of the march of being’s feet (i.e. from the left to right side of photos) indicates the magnetic south to north direction. It is the initiation of the taking-off operation of these propulsors for flight in the so-called "throbbing mode" from south toward north (which flight mode in this direction does NOT induce a strong glow that could alert people at night) caused the melting of only four successive footprints of this being on the asphalt pavement. The fact that this being left only four melted imprints of its feet on the hard asphalt of the NZ pavement - which asphalt does NOT melt even on the hottest days of NZ summer, combined with the fact that the direction of this being's taking-off clearly coincides with the continuation of this asphalt pavement leading exactly towards magnetic north, in the engineering "how" makes us understand that this being previously walked along this pavement, but decided to take-off into the air by switching-on the propulsors of her personal propulsion system. The fact of this switching-on of propulsors is also confirmed by the increasing power of melting of the asphalt in each of her four subsequent steps. This is because the first two imprints, i.e. the leftmost two first marks from "Fig. #K1b (centre)", which I photographed and showed also separately at , show only slight melting of asphalt under both feet of this being. In turn the third footprint from the left, visible around the centre of the photograph "Fig. #K1b (centre)", shows a slightly greater melting under the left foot of this being. Finally the fourth and last footprint visible just above day 25 from the date when the middle photograph was taken, while shown close-up in "Fig. #K1a (top)", shows the strongest melting of asphalt under the right foot of this three-toed being. The magnetic personal propulsion system, which have melted the above marks in the asphalt, is shown and discussed in a number of my publications, e.g. as Fig. #H3 from the web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm".

Fig. #K1a (top) Here is a photo of the melted asphalt of the pavement which clearly shows the melted on the pavement from the street crossing by my neighbour's house the right footprint of a 3-toed unearthly being (female UFOnaut), whom after switching-on the propulsors of her magnetic propulsion system, was taking-off to flying in the air. The imprint of this foot is 12 centimetres long and 5.6 cm wide at its widest point (i.e. at the base of toes). This means, that if the ratio of her height to the length of her foot was the same as in my case (for me it is 167/25), then the being that melted this footprint in asphalt would be only 80 cm tall. In turn her height amounting to only around 80 cm - instead of Mickiewicz's "two cubits", means that she was a female UFOnaut, because female UFOnauts (like human women) typically are noticeably shorter than male UFOnauts. This inhuman footprint melted into footpath clearly documents the unearthly origin of the being - after all: (a) its greatest toe is the middle one - while in humans the largest toe is always by the inner rim of the foot, (b) the footprint shows only three toes spaced widely, means differently than in foots of people, but exactly as this is illustrated by the sculpture from "Fig. #K1c", (c) mounted under the feet of this being are propulsors of the "personal magnetic propulsion" because only the power of such propulsors could melt hard asphalt from the NZ pavement in the cold autumn night, as this asphalt cannot be melted by even the power of NZ sun in hot summer, and (d) all four footprints on the pavement illustrate the taking-off to flight of their miniature owner - although it is known that people have NOT mastered this ability yet, and even if they had it, they would NOT allow 80cm tiny children to fly at night. It is puzzling that it can be roughly estimated that at least around 100 people pass by the above footprints every day. But apart from myself, as if NO one else was interested in these footprints. Indeed, today's people "look but do NOT see" (Bible, Matthew 13:14), or more strictly "look but do NOT want to see". So first I tried to convince my wife, then a long-time friend of ours who was visiting us, that I would show them these footprints - but each of them refused to walk with me several dozen meters to see them. The area of these footprints is also within the range of view of what to me looks as a TV camera of some official services. In turn, if it is a working camera, then for those who monitor its image the sight of a being looking like a little girl walking without parents in the middle of the night and suddenly flying into the air does NOT seem to be anything worth paying attention to and examining. The most popular official name for this tiny race of UFOnauts in Polish is succubus (night demons - in Polish reading: "sukkuby - demony nocne" see" ), while old Polish folklore calls them "nightmares" (in Polish: "zmora", see ) - as explained in descriptions of myself being "squeezed" by a female nightmare (zmora) at my age of around 9 years old, provided in item #H3, in 3 from item #F3, and in the caption under Fig. #F3ab from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm". However, other nations call them differently. For example in English-speaking countries call them e.g. "Gremlin" (see ), while in e.g. Malaysia - "Toyol" (see ) or "Pontianak" (see ). But in fact all beings described with these names and displaying attributes assigned to them by folklore, are seen on decks of UFOs. Thus, all of them actually represent UFOnauts secretly occupying us. It is also worth knowing that the folklore of many nations describes the habits of these UFOnauts as highly brutal towards people. For example, according to the folklore of many countries, these small beings are able to significantly maim the people they abduct, moreover they overpower and carry out terrible looking and painful medical "experiments" on hypnotized people - including sometimes in people's own homes and beds. After such brutal "experiments", black bruises often remain clearly visible on the hands, hips, or legs of people abducted by UFOnauts - only that these black bruises are deprived of pain by the medical devices of UFOnauts although when are made by humans then they always are highly painful. The Chinese refer to such black painless bruises as to "ghost pinches" implying that they are made by pinch of supernatural beings. Their descriptions are provided in subsection U3.3 from volume 15 of my monograph [1/4]. What is even more shocking, such painless black bruises appear quite regularly and repetitively in a large proportion of people - including both women and men.

Fig. #K1b (centre) Here is a photo showing all four footprints melted in the hard asphalt of NZ pavement that does NOT melt even on the hottest days of summer, photographed next to my neighbour's house under a cloudy sky (what they look like when illuminated by the sun is shown in the photo - click on its link to view it). They are melted distant from each other by 64 centimetres. The clearest melting shown on the top photo Fig. # K1a, on this photograph is visible just over day 25 from the date of this photograph. These footprints melted include: two from the right leg and two (one in the centre of the photo) from the left leg. If one connects both footprints of the right leg with a straight line, then the imprint of the left leg from the centre of the photo is distant from this line by 13 centimetres - which means that the activated propulsors in the soles of this being were already magnetically pushing both legs away from each other. Similarly distant are the first two melts documented on the not shown above photograph - but visible after clicking on its link. Interestingly, the sidewalk and this flying being were directed exactly from south to north, which means that this being flew in the so-called "throbbing" mode of operation of her magnetic personal propulsion system - i.e. in the mode which at nights does NOT induce a bright glow which would draw people's attention to her. But the first two NOT so clear melted footprints reveal that before her ascent documented here, this female being wandered on foot (i.e. with the propulsors turned-off) along the footpath leading from the east to the west, to turn right at the street crossing photographed here and to fly north. Intriguingly, two crossroads previously in the direction she walked from, probably underground is the cavern used by these beings for the base where they hide themselves and their starships. After all, it was there that in 2006 I observed an orb (i.e. a miniature UFO probe) that emerged from under the ground, and which I described in #I3 from my web page named "explain.htm" as well as in post #97 to blogs of totalizm (with addresses provided in item #Z3 below) - this post #97 is also published in PDF in a book [13] disseminated via the Polish web page named "tekst_13.htm". Thus, the evidence collected until today induces the question: whether such underground UFO bases exist under every town in which live people who have an influence onto decisions and actions of a larger number of other people? After all, just such a possibility seems to confirm the present influence of UFOnauts on people, which is omnipresent in all decisions and actions of humanity, and also seems to confirm the age-old custom of UFOnauts that from the most ancient times their representatives were silent advisers and personalities influencing the decisions of all kings - as examples consider Stańczyk, dwarf of Polish king Sigismund the Old (see ), who co-organized the "Prussian Homage" in Poland, or consider the devil named Procopius (see ) who helped Emperor Justinian to build the basilica "Aya Sophia" in Istanbul - as described in item #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm", or consider the underground UFO base under the Teutonic Knights castle in Malbork, Poland, which I described in item #G1 from my web page named "malbork_uk.htm", and the UFO base inside the "Saddle Hill" that dominates the NZ city of Dunedin, which I showed in Fig. #B3a while briefly discussed in item #F2 from the web page named "newzealand.htm" and also under Fig. #E1 from my web page "telekinetics.htm". (Notice that both the wealth of circulating among local people cases of UFO sightings that confirm the existence of UFO bases in there, and also a strange silence in this matter by UFOnauts themselves - who always raise a big "scream" in order to contradict every truth which denying will NOT persuade people to research this truth in a rational way, only confirm the actual existence of these underground UFO bases.)

Fig. #K1c (down) A sculpture showing a 3-toe and 4-finger female version of a devil-UFOnaut, photographed in a side view. The folklore of almost all nations claims that in the eyes of those people to whom these female UFOnauts voluntarily allow themselves to be seen, they look captivatingly beautiful and alluring - although it is NOT known whether their appearance is real, or triggered by a kind of hypnotic command. However, when people meet with them, people end up bitten, scratched and with many painless black bruises as if they were pinched. In turn because their weapons, propelling and supporting devices give them enormous strength and ability to instantly hypnotize remotely, thus in spite of their charm and miniature size, they are able to overpower and subjugate even the strongest warriors. It was the feet like the "three-toes" of this female "devil" that melted the asphalt of the sidewalk next to my neighbour's house - as shown in both previous photos. Her carving is particularly good at revealing the position and lateral appearance of the clawed fingers on her hands (see her "clawed fingernails" at the top of the cloak from her personal propulsion suit) and toes on her legs. In order to see her clawed toes, it is worth taking a good look at her left leg. In addition, this photo also shows well the appearance of her 3+1 finger hands. (Her real hands are raised up to spread the cloak attached to them, which facilitates manoeuvring during flights in the air.) This photograph of the female "devil-UFOnaut" in both of her views I originally published and explained in more detail in Fig. #G1 from my different web page named "sw_andrzej_bobola_uk.htm", and also from the side and front view in Fig. #H2 from my other web page named "korea.htm".

NOT included into the display above, a close-up photo of the first two poorly visible melted footprints of this being's feet - which can be viewed, for example, by clicking on the link: . These are the least clearly visible melts that appeared in the first moment after this beings turned-on her personal propulsion system. Their engineering analysis "how" reveals that the propulsion system lifted her a bit above the pavement’s asphalt, so that the melts are indistinct, while her movements lengthen them a bit. For example, the right one of them (the lower one - still facing west, visible just over 2022 from the date and showing the outline of three claws from the toes) is 16 cm long, while the upper one from left leg, formed after a partial facing toward north, is 19 cm long. In turn the mutual distance between the tips of the fingers of these two melts is 18.5 cm. However, the mutual distance between the ends of their heels - 39 cm. Such their arrangement confirms that they were melted immediately after the personal propulsion system was switched-on, as a result of a slight lifting of this female being and stopping its previous movement towards the west (right foot) and the rotation of the left foot in a way not used by people, while initiating with its slip a new direction of movement towards the magnetic north. It is worth adding that the positioning of the legs of the being captured in this photograph quite well document the movements of its legs almost impossible to be carried out by human legs. In turn just such inhuman night movements of miniature beings are recorded in the world e.g. by CCTV - for an example of them look at a 2-minute long video from the US, entitled "Weird Alien in Surveillance" which documented them, available at the address , while for other videos of the same being search using the command .

I should also explain here, that with the publication of this "report on my research of the melted footprints of a female UFOnaut and my results of this research", i.e. with the publication of this post #347E, I was in a hurry so that it could appear on blogs of totalizm as soon as possible after my seeing these footprints discussed here (that is, to publish it already on Friday 2022/6/10). The point was that the evidence in the form of these footprints should NOT have time to disappear from the pavement into which it was melted - before it is published for learning about them by all interested parties. Simultaneously, on the same subject of mini-UFOnauts and the operation of their technology, from 2022/6/1 in item #K2 from my web page named "petone.htm" available at the addresses provided below, the next results of my engineering analysis "how" are already published that provide facts and truths contained in another highly educating video showing the chase of another mini-UFOnaut (means another "nightmare") - this video is available in YouTube where it can be searched e.g. through command: .

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