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#346_2E: Meaning of "[Ω] God's Seal"...

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#346_2E: Meaning of "[Ω] God's Seal" from the Bible confirming the discovery of the lack of elapse of time in "nature" (part 2)


My research also discovered the reason why the "official atheistic science" currently became so distorted and corrupted - this reason is explained in items #G3 to #G5 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm" and in the post number #341E to blogs of totalizm based on these items - which reveal the actual differences in the scientific meanings of "what" and "how". It turns out that this reason is that most of employees of this official atheistic science do NOT perform any productive "physical works" throughout their lives. On the other hand, it is the performance of productive "physical works" that teaches people the "wisdom" which allows to find procedures "how" that are able to correctly and effectively overcome, solve, or avoid obstacles, and to fulfil various requirements imposed in real life on every productive human creativity. In turn, in order NOT to reveal their incompetence in finding the correct procedure "how" for the problems they research, the decision makers of the "official atheistic science" invented and are constantly implementing an excellent trick based on presenting everything in a dictionary description of "what" - which perfectly hides the lack of competence of the person describing a given problem because it allows such wisdom-revealing "how" procedures to be replaced by "what" products of imagination detached from reality and not respecting the truth. As a result, instead of being oriented towards developing correct procedures "how", the entire our "official atheistic science" is oriented towards providing in the problems it researches only descriptions of "what" that effectively hide the deficiencies and incompetence in researchers of these problems. What is worse, the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" already managed to limit the entire present education to only memorized learning of "what", instead of supporting thinking and the rational and practical exploration of the wisdom "how". Thus, just in order to help people to accept the voluntary performing of productive physical works that will teach them to master correct procedures "how", God wisely pre-programmed into people the phenomenon of happiness of earned nirvana (see the web page "nirvana.htm"), that in order to earn the experiencing of this nirvana, it is absolutely necessary to perform heavy physical work. Notice that the ability to earn "nirvana" allows us to remove "money" from the Earth, which is the source of all evil on Earth, creating a new and perfect future "Nirvana System" illustrated in our Polish movie but with English subtitles, entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany", (meaning "The Nirvana System: World that rid of money"), in which non-selective rewarding of all human actions with "money" (including even criminal activities) will be replaced by the future selective rewarding of exclusively productive "physical works" with the earned "happiness of nirvana". As a result of such avoiding of the performance of physical works by present scientists, in their lives they do NOT know how to develop correct and well-functioning "how" procedures to solve real problems confronted by people. In result, to at least pretend that scientists are competent in matters about which they speak authoritatively, they formulate everything that they say only as dictionary descriptions stating "what" but avoiding explaining "how". Examples of such "what" without "how" are practically all so-called "physical laws" disseminated by the "official atheistic science" - as this lack of "how" in publications of science is explained in more detail in item #G4 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm" and in the post number #341E to blogs of totalizm. Modern formulations of these laws of physics - but excluding the laws such as "Archimedes Principle" (see ) developed still in antiquity, almost never explain "how" phenomena described by a given law are implemented, and thus almost none of them allows "engineering" verification whether whatever it states is true, thus forcing recipients of this law to "believe what scientists say just at face value of their word". In this way, this unverifiable dictionary "knowledge" of science and scientists (and also the decision-makers educated by this science) stating only "what" but deprived of "wisdom" of procedures "how" that supplements it, prevents people from distinguishing the proverbial "stuffed eagles" from "real eagles", and also the truth from lies, facts from fiction, good from evil, and thus does NOT enable decision-makers to acquire the ability to find correct and effective solutions to problems bothering people - which preventing is best evidenced by the events of the present times.

The best example that reveals the incompetence of the scientific "what" approach to problem solving, compared to the "how" approach, is illustrated by the example of my solution to the "descending page numbering" problem with the word processor WORD. This example is described in items #I2 (in English) and #I1 (in Polish) from my web page named "tekst_13.htm" and in posts numbers #304E and #304 to blogs of totalizm. As I explained in there, today's education which is oriented on memorizing and teaching only "what" does NOT teach the skill that allows to find "how" for the problem of this decreasing numbering of pages. As a result, programmers educated in the present spirit of "what" education were NOT able to correctly pre-program the decreasing page numbering, claiming that such a numbering in the word processor WORD is NOT possible at all. After all, in order to work out "how" for the decreasing numbering of pages with the simple tools that WORD provides, it is necessary to first learn "how" the computer really carries out simple mathematical operations. In turn, only knowing the way "how" the computer carries out mathematical operations, it becomes possible to develop a formula "how" that allows in WORD to implement such decreasing page numbering - which I use in repetitively updated volumes of my internet publication [13] available at "tekst_13.htm" in PDF format and in two sizes of print (12pt and 20pt) (i.e. in publication [13] compiling all my posts for blogs of totalizm - around a half of which is in English).

It is obvious that by realizing here the wisdom-generating role of teaching all people, especially young people, how to work out the procedure "how" and avoid thinking in terms of the dictionary "what", which is currently forced upon humanity and which mainly serves to hide authoritative incompetence, it is also worth recalling the importance of the school subject "manual work" for shaping the proper attitude of trained youth to teaching them "how" to do productive "physical work". From what I remember from my own schooling, the subject of "manual work" was usually entrusted to the most boring and incompetent teachers to whom the school management was afraid to entrust any "responsible" subject to teach. On the other hand, e.g. in primary schools, where students can safely be taught, e.g. the miraculous phenomenon of using seeds to grow vegetables eaten raw, or grow cereals which crops can be later ground and baked by students, or even grow less known fruit trees of NOT only a supermarket type, but also of the type like edible chestnuts, beeches, bird cherry, or pine trees "pinia" - the fruits of all which are able to expand the variety of nature's crops eaten by people, it would be worth entrusting this subject of "manual work" to the most competent teachers, who themselves have gardens or plots well-cared for and are known for their love of nature. For such teachers, who are open to nature and reality, will draw their students' attention to the fact that each productive "physical work" gives the best product only if its execution meets various requirements, rules, choices, dates, skills, and thus it teaches people to find generating life "wisdom" of procedures "how" - as it is described in items #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". In turn, if, within this subject, the school allows such a teacher to organize for children the expedition to real terrain to plant (e.g. to wastelands, by road sides, on the banks of streams, and even on the bounds of friendly farmers) fruiting trees of the type indicated, for example, in the caption under Fot. #A1 from the Polish web page named "cielcza.htm", or trees which children previously grew out of seeds collected personally by them in autumn, then the essence of such lessons will probably remain for them as a guide of morally correct behaviour throughout the rest of their lives. Similarly, "manual work" subjects in secondary schools may already be directed at drawing students' attention to the strict fulfilment of the requirements of "how" in the productive making of anything useful - e.g. at least only highly safe in the production, spatial geometric configurations formed by tying with threads of appropriately sized miniature planks or sticks. On the other hand, university students, for the same purpose of drawing their attention to those activities teaching them "how", can be entrusted with the duties of actual "production practice" that requires the real production of simple but useful products which obligatorily meet various criteria and requirements of quality and usefulness. In turn priests which are responsible for the future of humanity that is agreeable with God's will, in my opinion at universities that teach them should minimum do industrial practice for a whole semester which would acquaint them with productive realities and requirements of actual physical work. After all, such physical works would reveal to them the key to learning "how" - that was lost by religions in times of liquidation of monasteries and productive life of monks. This in turn would provide them with a tool of knowing "how" that later would enable them to distinguish the correct and timeless knowledge and truth from modern lies, and thus also enable to incorporate this knowledge and truth into their world view and to actively disseminate this knowledge for the prevention of what is announced in verses 4:4-9 of the "Book of Hosea" from the Bible as punishable "rejection of knowledge."

It is also worth adding here, that these two short verses of the Bible analyzed here, which confirm the non-existence of "elapse of time" in the counter-world (i.e. "with the Lord"), also express a whole list of various other truths. Most important out of these truths I already discussed in the place of analyzing these verses in item #I2 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". For example, they confirm the truth proved in "part #I" of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", that in fact the "elapse of time" does NOT exist in the counter-world, while since the counter-world is the only one that exists "naturally", means is the original and primeval from both physical worlds of the universe, this confirmation also confirms my discovery that in "nature" the "elapse of time" does NOT exist, but it was technically pre-programmed only for the God-created our "world of matter". Furthermore, these verses comfort us in the matter of the depressing picture of our times, in which almost all authorities - including the "official atheistic science" dedicated to truth, chronically lie to humanity. After all, one of the information encoded in these verses, and decoded in item #I2 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", reveals the promise of God, that the discovery about the NOT existence of "elapse of time" in "nature" described here, will begin a completely new era of proclaiming the truth on Earth. So there is some hope that God will make sure that the present, ever darker times, will end, and the actual enlightenment and truth will return to humanity in the future.

Both from what I presented in this post #346E, as well as from the content of "part #I" and the entire web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", one can see quite a fundamental conclusion, the need of implementing which, however, wants to accept neither the present "official atheistic science", nor the current decision makers, nor even the nations of the Earth. On the other hand, this conclusion states that every kind of anyone's research, including all research carried out by our monopolistic, "official atheistic science", in fact boils down to determining "how" God pre-programmed the operation of this part of the reality that surrounds us and that a given research concerns. Means, the essence of every kind of research boils down to researching God with an intention to establish the "how" explained more comprehensively in #G3 to #G5 from the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". After all, since God created everything that exists in our "world of matter", thus for any part of this creation that would be scientifically researched, always this research is limited to learning "how" a given something God created, and "how" works a given fragment of reality that God created. But how to research God and search for the truth about God and about what God created, if (as it is deceptively done by today's "official atheistic science") someone turned his back to God and claims that God does NOT exist, or if (as do, e.g. present priests - see verses 4: 4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea") someone "rejects knowledge" and does NOT want to learn this "how" explained in #G3 to #G5 from my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". No wonder that this departure from the truth and rejection of the knowledge by both the official science and by most of priests, has already changed the Earth into the "vestibule of hell" that we can see around, while the depth of the fall of which is revealed e.g. on my web page "2030_uk.htm" or our half-hour free Polish movies with titles "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning: "The Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s") and "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (meaning "World that Got Rid of Money: The Nirvana System"). So it is high time to NOT wait until everything on Earth will collapse irreversibly while the destruction of nature will be so enormous that the further life of people becomes impossible, but all individual nations democratically and peacefully "persuaded" their decision-makers and politicians that for the sake of progress and also for protection of humanity against self-destruction it is urgent and necessary to officially establish a new "totaliztic science" described in items #C1, #C4 and #C6 from my web page named "telekinetics.htm" - so that this new "totaliztic science" that recognizes the role of God, could eliminate the monopoly (that destroys everything) of our "official atheistic science" and direct humanity and the Earth on the path of actual scientific-secular research of God and the search for the scientific truth explaining "how" and regarding everything that God created in His infinite creativity and knowledge.
Fig. #I5a: Here is me (Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk) holding in my hand the prototype of the "Telepathic Pyramid" built by the Wrocław (Poland) people who cooperated with me, according to the guidelines of its construction given to humanity through the former Miss Italy, Mrs. Daniela Giordano, by a totaliztic being in nirvana living in a distant galaxy. Originally the above photograph of this intergalactic "telepathyser" is shown and discussed as "Fig. K1" from volume 9 of my monograph [1/5] available via "text_1_5.htm" and then repeated as "Fig. #2" from the web page named "telepathy.htm". In turn the prototype of this "Telepathic Pyramid" originally made by Mrs. Daniela Giordano named "1995_05_03_emilio_daniela_jan_sicily.jpg " is shown on the photo from the address, which I first published as "Fig. #I2b" from my autobiographical web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm", then in turn I included it in the post number #330E to blogs of totalizm.

I have an obligation to add here, that none of the above two prototypes of this telepathic pyramid so far built on Earth did work. The reason is that in order for them to work, it is necessary to build two perfectly tuned to each other prototypes of this "telepathyser" - which exceeded the financial and manufacturing capabilities of both Mrs. Daniela Giordano and mine. Of course, the monopoly of the "official atheistic science" has the means and equipment that allows to build and to tune two prototypes of such devices - for example, it was able to spend large sums on building in 2015 the so-called LIGO installation (see ) which I described in item #E1.1 from my web page named "telepathy.htm" and in post #268E to blogs of totalizm, while which LIGO is just a simplified version of the above "telepathic pyramid" given to humanity by a totaliztic being from stars. Unfortunately, by dealing mainly with spreading around the world what does NOT exist and what supposedly cannot be done, the present "official atheistic science" will never have the will to show what thanks to the help and wisdom of God as well as human dedication and inventiveness, in the right conditions of supporting inventiveness, we could all do for good our entire civilization and future generations. So it is a pity that until the time when the first university is established on Earth that practices the principles of "totaliztic science" stating that "everything that is possible to think, is also possible to implement - only that with work and wisdom one has to find a way 'how' to do it", probably no-one from people will have the will or strength to expose himself to the fury of official hostility and attacks described in item #A1 from the Polish web page named "milicz.htm", only to build this miraculously given to us telepathic device, which on the one hand is able to prove to everyone empirically that telepathy propagates at infinitely fast speed while on the other hand, it will allow us to keep in regular contact by means of telepathy with a totaliztic civilization that inhabits a distant galaxy, which tries to help us in freeing ourselves from the hidden occupation and exploitation of humanity by maliciously pushing us towards the abyss practitioners of the "philosophy of evil parasitism" explained at web page "parasitism.htm".

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