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#346_1E: How the Bible's "[Ω] Seal...

#346_1E: How the Bible's "[Ω] Seal of God" replaced scientific speculations about time with the knowledge of the truth about the universe and time (part 1)


The next post #346 is the Polish language version of this English post #346E (następny wpis #346 jest polskojęzyczną wersją niniejszego angielskiego wpisu #346E). In Polish the text of this post #346E is published as item #I5 at web page "1985_teoria_wszystkiego.htm" and as post #346 to blogs of totalizm repeated also in volume Q of publication [13] in PDF avaibalble via "tekst_13.htm".

Summary: In this post #346E adapted from item #I5 of the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", I briefly report a large group of my newest discoveries which I made in February 2022, and which were inspired by my "Theory of Everything of 1985" (see web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"). Detailed descriptions of this group of newest discoveries are provided in the entire "part #I" of the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", while this post #346E (and item #I5 in there) mainly tries to summarize their essence and to present conclusions that result from their discovery. The most important from this group of my discoveries of February 2022 states that in the so-called "nature" there is neither the "elapse of time" nor the aging work of "time", thus originally all movements and all actions in nature occur with infinite speed. There is also a large body of empirical evidence confirming the existence and operation in "nature" of this infinite speed, for example: "God's Clocks", telepathy, telekinesis, hypnosis, near-death phenomena, etc. This body of evidence is described in item #I3 from the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" presenting my "Theory of Everything" of 1985" and in the post number #345E to blogs of totalizm. However note that for vital reasons in the "world of matter" in which we live, all movements and actions were technically slowed down due to pre-programming into the operation of our "world of matter" the invention of the "elapse of time" and the aging work of "time".

The second also immensely important amongst my discoveries from February 2022, reveals that using only 11+10=21 letters, two expressions from two different verses of the Bible for over two thousand of years have been announcing and confirming the essence and truth of my scientific discovery made in 1985, which states that the entire "universe" consists of two separate worlds of a physical nature. These two expressions from the Bible are also the only case that I know of when the Bible confirms the essence and truth of the fundamental scientific theory of present times. After all, for example, none of the theories of today's "official atheistic science", eg the "big bang theory", "theory of evolution" or "theory of relativity", can prove that the Bible confirms their truth and essence. Both these confirmed by the Bible worlds are described more comprehensively in this post #346E to blogs of totalizm. The existence of these two worlds is empirically indicated also by the "suck in" action of gravity. After all, the vectors of gravity behaving as dipoles act similarly like a stream of water from a fountain which causes centripetal phenomenon of "suck in" experienced e.g. by a ping-pong ball held by this "suck in" phenomenon in the stream of water from a fountain (see , also note that Bernoulli-like phenomenon of gravity is briefly explained in this post #346E to blogs of totalizm). Note, however, that only one out of these two physical worlds of the universe is of "natural" origin. I call it the "counter-world" because everything in it is opposite to what exists in our created by God "world of matter". Because God lives in it and our "souls" are also stored in there, in the first of the two Bible verses discussed here this "counter-world" is called "with the Lord" - see the KJV Bible, verse 3:8 of "2 Peter" quoted below. In turn the second of both these physical worlds of the universe was technically created by God. I call it our "world of matter". Since it is separate from the world in which God lives, verse 90:4 from "Book of Psalms" of the same KJV Bible refers to this "world of matter" as to the world seen "in thy sight". After all, God only looks at our "world of matter", while He stays and lives in the "counter-world". Notice that although the confirmation of this discovery (about the existence of two physical worlds in the universe) is encoded in the Bible, unfortunately its details you will never learn from priests of the religion you practice. After all, NOT without reason the Bible accuses priests of "rejecting knowledge" (see verses 4:4-9 from the "Book of Hosea"). Furthermore, notice, that since with the use above of only 11+10=21 letters God managed to reveal in the Bible the existence of two worlds of the universe, you can imagine how many further extremely important and still unknown to humanity scientific discoveries remain encoded in verses of small volume of the Bible.

This my "Theory of Everything from 1985", which constantly generates newer and newer discoveries, until today I keep disseminating for 37 years. Unfortunately, in spite of numerous efforts - some of which I described more comprehensively in #A5 to #A5bc from my web page named "totalizm.htm", I never managed to publish it in scientific journals. Furthermore, until now many people who want to get to know it, still are unable to find it on the Internet, where references to my Theory of Everything are cleverly hidden. This in turn should convince and serve as a sign (omen), that my "Theory of Everything from 1985" has an enormously influential enemy with a global reach, which in numerous clever and hidden ways disallow this theory as well as its findings and discoveries, to be made public. After all, also the Bible tells us about the existence of such an enemy of mankind. In turn, because in the period from 1985 to 2007 I carried out intensive research on people abducted to UFO decks - see some conclusions from this research which I present in #A2 to #A2cd and #B4 from my web page named "ufo.htm", I have valid reasons to suspect that this enormously influential enemy humanity described in the Bible, is also the same enemy that many people see on UFO decks. Only that this enemy has numerous allies among the inhabitants of the Earth. After all, this would explain why some anatomical details of the appearance of faces of human-like creatures seen on UFO decks coincide with similar anatomical details demonstrated on our TVs by some of the most influential decision makers, and also why practically all inhabitants of Earth are intensively exploited on UFO decks - including reproductive exploitation. Most clearly the inhabitants of the Earth are the main suppliers of a huge number of human embryos that UFOnauts use both for populating new planets - which they will also exploit in the future as now they are doing this with people from Earth, and people are also suppliers of genetic material growing into so-called biorobots (in Polish: bioroboty) who on home planets of UFOnauts work as slaves, while who more comprehensively are described e.g. in our Polish treatise [3b] available via the web page "tekst_3b.htm". Notice also, that this exploitation of people as suppliers of reproductive material explains why on the planet Earth secretly occupied by the so-called "UFOnauts", our rulers and decision makers so forcefully implement anti-abortion laws, the content of which is contradictory to the Bible and breaks the commandment of God - which contradiction and breaking I already explained comprehensively in item #C6 from the web page named "soul_proof.htm" and in item #L2 from another my web page on named "2020life.htm", as well as in posts number #194 and #342 to blogs of totalizm based on these items #C6 and #L2. Unfortunately, after each exploitory abduction to UFO decks the memory of UFO-abductees is erased, while each abductee receives post-hypnotic order (see ) to ignore the marks that these abductions leave on his/her body - which marks I described and illustrated e.g. in #A2 to #A2ab and #B4 from the web page named "ufo.htm", and also to actively contradict and eliminate all information stating that UFOs do exist and operate on Earth.

The discoveries presented in this post #346E lead to many intriguing conclusions. The most surprising out of them, is that similarly to all other scientific discoveries which express timeless truths, also the essence and truth of my discoveries described above, for over 2000 years is announced in the Bible verses. This announcement of truth I call the "[Ω] Seal of God" and I described it in item #I2 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" and of post #345E to blogs of totalizm. After all, I discovered a long time ago that God stamps this seal to confirm the truth and essence of everything that is important for the good of humanity - only that so far people remained blind to the existence of this seal. On the other hand, the systematic stamping of this seal onto everything that expresses the timeless truth and that is important for people, should already teach humanity, that if any e.g. scientific discovery, theory, or life idea, did NOT receive such a "[Ω] Seal of God" encoded in verses of the Bible, similarly as this seal was NOT stamped e.g. for the "big bang theory", "theory of evolution", or "theory of relativity", then people in the above-referenced verse 3:8 called "beloved" - because they keep God's commandments and seek the truth, should NOT accept whatever any such discovery, theory, or idea states and actively express their opposition to it, because: these do NOT express the truth, deceive people, and cause destructive effects which will only harm individual people and our entire civilization.

Motto of this post #346E to blogs of totalizm: 'How can we expect that the monopolistic "official atheistic science" will understand and recognize the operation of something as complicated as the transcendent wise "invention" and pre-programming by God of the existence of the reversible "elapse of time" and the aging work of "time" into only our "world of matter", or that this science will understand and admits that in the counter-world from the other end of the gravity dipole there is neither the "elapse of time" nor the "aging work of time" - both of which shocking truths were discovered due to the knowledge-creative power of my Theory of Everything from 1985, if this science is lacking even the competence to understand and recognize so obvious truth as the existence and operation of UFOs, although since the discovery of the existence of UFOs on June 24, 1947 by Arnold A. Kenneth (see ), numerous further witnesses, photos and videos already for 75 years have been constantly documenting the activity of UFOs on Earth and in the cosmos that surrounds us (while it is worth noting that in the big world practically every day someone probably sees a UFO, or makes photographs or films of a UFO), while since 1980, i.e. already for over 42 years, the design and operation of UFOs is explained in detail to scientists by my invention of the starships called the Magnocraft.' (The bitter truth about the level of incompetence and drawing away from the truth of our monopolistic and corrupt "official atheistic science" in the areas of research of other intelligences who do NOT cooperate with scientists that research them and who with knowledge and intelligence are immeasurably superior to people, e.g. see post #151E for blogs of totalizm or see item #B1 from the web page named "ufo_proof.htm", or see item #J2 from the web page "explain.htm" - all of which sources document that "UFOs are the already completed my Magnocrafts" illustrated e.g. on the web page "magnocraft.htm".)

#I5. How 11+10=21 letters from two verses of the Bible, which in today's reality of searching for salvation from the rapidly approaching destruction of mankind, positively: (a) confirm the truth of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" by stamping the "[Ω] Seal of God" to its fundamental statement that the universe is composed of two worlds; (b) expose how the monopoly of "official atheistic science" has been lying to humanity about God for many years; (c) announce the coming of a new era of correct knowledge about the structure of the universe and about the non-existence of neither the "elapse of time" nor the aging work of "time" in the original counter-world (means in the so-called "nature"); and, in addition, (d) warn against forcing false views:

As the reader probably remembers from teaching at school or university, the institution of "official atheistic science" long ago adopted an unproven assumption about which we already know that it is fundamentally wrong, which can be briefly summarized by the statement that the gravitational field is a kind of static "attraction" caused by the existence of two different monopolies of matter and its components, e.g. by "matter" and "antimatter". The problem, however, is that the existence of stable "antimatter" was never discovered. Meanwhile, in 1985 I discovered that the gravitational field is a kind of centripetal dynamic "suck in" of Bernoulli (see ), almost identical to that which keeps the ping-pong ball in the stream of water from the fountain (illustrated at ) and which results from the dipole of the flow of programs and data between our "world of matter" and the invisible "counter-world" - which dynamic "suck in" I explained in more detail with the descriptions of the theory formulated at that time, initially called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" (see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"), which a few months later I renamed into the "Theory of Everything" and described it later under this new name for already around 37 years. In turn when after 2014 I discovered more and more numerous aspirations of the "official atheistic science" to deny my development and authorship of this Theory of Everything, to its name I added the year 1985 of its formulation, calling it the "Theory of Everything of 1985" (that describes my newer web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm"). But because it scientifically confirms the existence of God, providing a whole range of scientific and indisputable proofs that God does exist, and thus opening the possibility of scientific learning more about our God, this my Theory of Everything from 1985 drew upon itself a fury of persecution and hidden sabotages served to me and to my theory by the institution of the "official atheistic science" - which clearly is NOT happy that God is proven to exist because "luminaries of science" try to usurp the role of God for themselves.

My Theory of Everything of 1985 mentioned in this post #346E, allowed me to discover so many new and so-far unknown truths about the structure and operation of the reality that surrounds us, that these truths are sufficient to create a completely new science, which I call the "totaliztic science" (see the web page "telekinetics.htm") because it is competitive to our still monopolistic and corrupt "official atheistic science". The feature of this new "totaliztic science" is that its discoveries bring the potential to correct accumulated errors, distortions and lies of our "official atheistic science" which forces people to views that are inconsistent with the present level of knowledge and documented facts, and thus are biased and corrupt views, deprived of scientific balancing and causing confusion, deviation towards untruth and moral "distortion" of actions in present people. These numerous discoveries of my "Theory of Everything from 1985" I am NOT going to list here, because they are described in my numerous publications, the contents of which and links to which everyone can find on the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" - for example see the summary of the most important of them in item #A1 from the Polish web page named "milicz.htm". I only emphasize here that in my opinion the most important of these discoveries was made in February 2022. It states that the measurable "elapses of time" and aging work of "time" do NOT exist in "nature" but they were "invented" by God and then pre-programmed into our "world of matter" that God created - as I described it more comprehensively in items #I1 to #I5 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". This discovery destroys practically all foundations on which our monopolistic "official atheistic science" stands. It also reveals the falsity of these foundations, starting a completely new era in the history of human knowledge and consciousness - this is probably why the "God's Adversary" (see ) and his earthly helpers synchronized the moment of my discovery from February 2022 with the unleashed by them real "hell on Earth" that distracts humanity's eyes from what is happening in matters of science, knowledge, awareness, progress and the future. This is why I intend to devote here a little more attention to this my discovery from February 2022.

In item #I2 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" I documented that in two verses of the Bible the occurrence of my discovery from February 2022 was foretold, and its essence is confirmed in there by stamping the "[Ω] God's Seal". So let us quote here again both these verses from the KJV Bible. And so, in that KJV Bible verse 3:8 from "2 Peter" states - quote: "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." In turn, verse 90:4 from the "Book of Psalms" of the same KJV Bible states - quote: "For a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past, and as a watch in the night."

If someone analyzes at least these two verses, then he/she discovers that with only 21 letters that make up the two expressions contained in them, God very wisely and foresightedly coded the confirmation with the [&Omega] Seal of God" of the fundamental truths contained in the statements of my "Theory of Everything of 1985" - which already for 37 years I am forced to publish exclusively in a number of my internet monographs and web pages because of stubborn and prejudiced preventing its publication in scientific journals. But despite of these confirmations in the Bible and the huge empirical evidence which is unanimously consistent with the truths of my "Theory of Everything of 1985", our monopolistic "official atheistic science" refuses to recognize this theory and the truths revealed with it, and still tries by force and with use of deceptions to stand by its lies. These two expressions state - I quote from the above KJV verses: (3:8) "with the Lord" and (90:4) "in thy sight". So if we remember that every word of the Bible was inspired by the omniscient God who tries to teach us to discover the whole truth about what He created, then we begin to notice that with the 11+10=21 letters of both these expressions God confirms in the Bible that there are two separate worlds of physical characteristics, in one of which God lives (i.e. that there is a "counter-world" located "with the Lord"), while the other world (i.e. our "world of matter") is only viewed by God (i.e. that for God it is visible "in thy sight"). On the other hand, the existence of these two physical worlds, i.e. the original "counter-world", as well as our "world of matter" created by God, forms the foundations of my "Theory of Everything of 1985". So, the dear reader, can you see that since God with only 21 letters was able to express the truth, the explanation of which to people took me a number of long monographs and web pages and it still is ignored by people, what a huge number of further unknown truths and future scientific discoveries must still remain wisely coded and not understood yet by humanity in just one small Bible? Only that in order for people it is NOT "secret" nor hidden by some anti-progressive institution, the requirement is that in the eyes of God (i.e. "in thy sight") these people must deserve the name "beloved", i.e. that they do NOT act like "a watch in the night" from the dark period "when it is past" e.g. "as yesterday". Isn't it arrogance e.g. to consider in the light of the above that the "official atheistic science" has learned and already knows almost everything that was to be learned and known? After all, the cockiness of such implication is equally clearly revealed by the secular content of items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page "propulsion.htm" and by our equally secular video entitled "Future Propulsions" - the English-language version of which is disseminated from the address , as well as by verses 1:27-29 from the biblical "1 Corinthians" stating: "God chose what is foolish in the eyes of the world, to shame the wise, He chose what is weak to humiliate the strong, and what is not nobly born according to the world and despised, and what is what is not, God chose to annihilate what is, so that no creature would boast before God." So the conclusion which immediately emerges from both, the truths revealed in this post #346E, as well as in the previous post #345E for blogs of totalizm based on items #I1 to #I4 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", states: people pull yourself together regarding lies that those scientific "authorities" thinking only in dictionary categories of "what" and therefore unable to develop procedures "how" are forcing upon you - after all, the "official atheistic science" in formulating its most important foundations is in a cardinal error, while maintaining a lucrative monopoly on research and on education inclines it to lie to humanity.

Independently from the above confirmation by both verses of the Bible that the universe consists of two physical worlds which in publications about my "Theory of Everything from 1985" are called "counter-world" and our "world of matter", these two verses hide also the entire series of different confirmations and information. Another example of these, is expressed by the words "as yesterday when it is past" from verse 90:4 of the "Book of Psalms". After all, such words always describe "something" that was, but no longer exists. In turn what this "something" can be, it is easy to guess from the verses which confirm such "scientifically important truth", as the "non-existence of the elapse of time in the counter-world" - means also lack of "time" in the original so-called "nature". After all, on the consequences of the existence and work of the "elapse of time" was based to-date the entire era of the erroneous philosophy of the "official atheistic science", which elevated "time" to the rank of being "another dimension". So if my comprehensively confirmed discovery is accepted that in fact the "elapse of time" and the aging work of "time" do NOT exist in so-called "nature" (means outside our "world of matter" - as our "world of matter" cannot be considered "existing in nature" because it was technically created by God), then the entire period of the cardinal error of science will end - means it will become the period that has passed "as yesterday when it is past" from verse 90:4 of the "Book of Psalms". Thus, summing up the words "as yesterday when it is past" from verse 90:4 of the "Book of Psalms", they announce the promise of God that to the discovery of the non-existence of "time elapse" in the counter-world is tied the ending of the entire previous era of staying in erroneous constancy by our monopolistic "official atheistic science".

Along with this promise from God, there is also a warning in these verses. This is because God knows (predicted) that the institution of our monopolistic, money-minded (#A1 to #A4 at web page "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm"), "official atheistic science", as usual, will NOT voluntarily cease insisting on its erroneous views, just because some Polish emigrant, Dr Eng. Jan Pająk, has already managed to discover the truth. Therefore, in the same verse 90:4 of the "Book of Psalms", God added the highly meaningful words "as a watch in the night". These words warn that the "official atheistic science" for hiding its unrighteousness and interests will use various forms of violence symbolized with words "as a watch in the night". Of course, a single discoverer, such as myself, has NO chance of winning with a powerful institution that uses the violence of this symbolic "as a watch in the night". This is why the next verse 3:9 from "2 Peter" affirms that God Himself will fulfil the promise related to the confirmation of the discovery of the non-existence of the elapse of time in the counter-world. On the other hand, shortly before that, verse 2:6 of the same "2 Peter" warns with a reminder of Sodom and Gomorrah that in the event of continued violence by decision-makers who by force are to insist on old and erroneous views, this time God Himself will fulfil His promise. (It is worth noting here, that although the entire letter from "2 Peter" is formulated in a general manner so that it could explain a number of different life situations, if it is analyzed in detail then it becomes obvious that the entire text of it serves to encode an additional extension and supplement to the breakthrough meanings of its verse 3:8.) After all, the reader of these words is probably aware of the differences in the fate of sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah - in the Bible described e.g. in verses 19:24-28 of the "Book of Genesis", from e.g. the fate of the also sinful city of Nineveh - in the Bible described in verses 3:4-10 of the "Book of Jonah". If the reader is NOT aware of it, I will remind here in two sentences their fates: the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah stubbornly and arrogantly persisted in their sinfulness, therefore they had to die and get extinct forever. On the other hand, the inhabitants of Nineveh, along with their king, took seriously the warning given to them, humbled themselves and changed their behaviour, hence God forgave them and allowed them to avoid destruction. But are you, the reader, aware of the depth of the sinful behaviour that is already practiced by even those of today's people who consider themselves believers in God, and even is practiced by some of the priests who in the Bible verses 4:4-9 from the "Book of Hosea" are warn what is to happen to them for "rejecting knowledge"? If you are NOT aware of this depth, at least look at our half-hour free videos (in the Polish language, but with English subtitles) entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (see ) and "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (see ), or read e.g. my web page named "2030_uk.htm" or any other my web page, while these will remind you of this bitter truth. Here you will probably think that this is how we all behave now, because it is a sign of living in modern times of progress, the availability of scientific knowledge, democracy, freedom of opinion and speech, etc. But do you realize how far all this is from the truth, from 10 commandments of God, and from the standards of actual morality? For example, read item #A2.12 from the web page named "totalizm.htm", to learn how far even just motivations for actions of almost every present person, are from the motivations really required by the standard of morality from the Bible. And do you know the verse 6:23 from the biblical "Romans" stating: "For the wages of sin is death" or the verse 4:17 from the "Letter of St. James the Apostle": "And whoever can do good and does not do, sins". So it is NOT time for a further continuation of the passivity to-date and for supporting the deceitful views of the era for which God already acknowledged that it has passed. After all it must be remembered that underground, on the ground and above the ground there are numerous sources of evil, such as: lava, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires, pandemics, carcinogenic pollution, corrupt politicians, criminals, wars, locusts, hail, tornadoes, hurricanes, meteorites, murderous cosmic emissions, UFOs, etc., etc. Furthermore only God keeps them all under His control and protects against their attack individually every person who deserves God's protection - this is why during the Second World War in the bomb craters it was impossible to find atheists hiding in there from the bombing (see ), while my father survived the bungled Allied bombing of "Peenemunde" (see - and he believed throughout his life, to be the only Prisoner of War who survived in there) because he did not pay attention to what other prisoners were doing and he just by himself jumped into the crater of the first Allied bomb that fell in there to hide in it (then, after the war, he explained to us that he believed that the bombs did NOT fall again in previously hit place) - while the other prisoners were hiding in the barracks so all of them got killed. In turn this "official atheistic science" which still officially does NOT recognize the existence of God and secretly blocks my "Theory of Everything from 1985" which reveals, among others, just the truth about the existence, origins and powers of God, it still cannot even predict when and where any of these sources of evil will crawl out from hiding to join the destruction of people. So for sure this science will NOT save those who believe in its "discoveries", instead of trusting the timeless truths that are taught to us by the Bible and which are so openly confirmed by the huge empirical evidence described in items #I1 to #I5 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". Therefore, dear reader, it is never too late to return to God and to count on His grace, after actively changing your actions and motivations, and after taking actual care of your fellow human beings, nature and everything that represents truth and goodness. After all, according to the verse 15:3 from the biblical "Book of Proverbs" stating "In every place are the eyes of the Lord, they look for good and bad" - God carefully observes you with thousands of eyes of His "God Drobinas" and knows even your innermost thoughts - He is also the One who judges your further fate.

Since we are already discussing the truths encoded in the Bible with verses "2 Peter", I would like to draw the reader's attention to the information from the verses 1:20 and 3:16 given there. Both of them emphasize that the truths contained in any verses of the Bible require to be explained using terms revealed in other verses of the Bible and avoiding ignorance (i.e. "rejection of knowledge" - see verses 4:4-9 from the "Book of Hosea" in the Bible) and avoiding the small reinforcement in faith. In other words, the path to truth leads through gaining the certainty of God's existence and adhering to His laws and requirements, plus choosing the narrow gate and way of learning and using wisdom, knowledge, logic, and experience.

These God's requirements of finding a path to truth are best illustrated by the incredibly wise and foreseeing manner in which God encrypted against the unauthorized understanding by various frauds and doubters the confirmations discussed in the "part #I" of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm" - means also the confirmation of my discovery that "with the Lord" (means in the counter-world) the "elapse of time" does NOT exist, therefore "time" was invented only by God and then God pre-programmed its work into our "world of matter". This encryption is already described in item #I2 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". In turn, its correct decoding boils down to understanding under what conditions the expression contained in verse 3:8 of "2 Peter" stating: "one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day", would express the logical truth and only the truth - just as truth alone, and truth only, are expressed in the entire content of the Bible. After all, in accordance with the logic, if the "elapse of time" existed in the place which this verse indicates, i.e. "with the Lord" (means in the "counter-world"), this expression would NOT express the truth, because either it would be true in there that "one day is like a thousand years" so then it would have to be untrue that "a thousand years is like one day" or it would be true that "a thousand years is like one day" and then it would have to be untrue that "one day is like a thousand years" - however never in a world where "time passes" logically both of these parts simultaneously would express the truth. And one should remember that the role and authority of God does NOT allow for stating untruths, even if these are used only symbolically - means e.g. used in a way aimed at secretly teaching people to lie, to which we are irresponsibly accustomed by poets and other artists whose way of thinking do not know real limitations, e.g. consider the song "Set Fire To The Rain" (see ) implying that the rain can be set on fire. On the other hand, when "with the Lord" (means in the "counter-world"), the elapse of time does NOT exist, then in fact both parts of this expression constitute truth, because in fact when "with the Lord" time does NOT exist nor elapses, then in fact always one day with the Lord is like a thousand human years, and a thousand human years as one day with the Lord. Seeing such an enormous wisdom and farsightedness in a few words of the Bible's scientific prophecy that just come true but was written thousands of years ago, one can only feel pity and regret for those unfortunates who still do not see in the Bible anything more than the tales of ancient shepherds and farmers.

"[7] Cause for alarm" - humanity has NOT yet developed nor implemented wherever necessary, the reliable and effective safeguards preventing anti-human actions such as an increase in corruption, lying, distortions, avoiding correcting mistakes made, persecuting those who express views based on facts, unequal treatment and destroying fellow humans, etc., etc. In turn from the lessons that history gives to us, we already know exactly what happens if, in the absence of such safeguards, a person or institution is allowed to maintain a monopoly on authority over an area of human activity for too long time. On the other hand, in order to be effective such safeguards must necessarily exist at several levels of operation. For example, from my own observations it appears that if the same person for more than 7 years works in a given institution and on the same position of authority, then the temptations that starts to appear to him/her, usually manage to persuade him/her to try some anti fellow humans behaviour. Thus, the first level of required safeguards should be that a given person is NOT allowed to work for more than 7 years in the same institution exercising any authority over others or being responsible for any sphere of security, growth, progress and welfare of others. Another source of anti-human behaviour is nepotism and cronyism (see and ). For example, the mostly anti-human and corrupt governments and institutions are those in which all positions of power are occupied by members of the same family or e.g. by former friends from the same school and student class. Hence, the next level of safeguards should be a mechanism for eliminating informal ties that form such ruling cliques. Yet another reason are laws favouring anti-human behaviour. So we know that if the monopoly and power of a person or institution is NOT balanced e.g. by establishing and strict observance of laws that guarantee the freedom to express views about growing problems nor the freedom to democratically develop directions and rules for making a better future of people it manages - i.e. it will NOT balance with e.g. laws similar to, for example, the so-called "Bill of Rights" in 1791 amending the first US constitution, then such a person or institution becomes a "tyrant" capable of destroying a multitude of people and threatening the safety of entire humanity. Another reason is when the balancing of monopoly and power is neglected - i.e. if no competition is officially established which would proverbially "look at hands to correct mistakes and start alarms". Deficiencies of safeguards of the type described here cause persons or institutions to grow into the role of monstrous tyrants of their fellow humans. This is well illustrated by many examples from NOT distant past. What me alarms the most, is that in front of our eyes and with our permission, the institution of "official atheistic science" is quickly growing into such a destructive role. So it is high time that we wake up from current lethargy and start checking "whether" and "how much" humanity is already threatened by symptoms of lies, errors, distortions, and corruption of our "official atheistic science" and whether it is NOT high time to e.g. limit the length of work in the same institution by its decision-makers, remove informal arrangements in it, create appropriate laws for it, and establish a competition for it in the form of a new "totaliztic science" for the absolute need to establish which I have been arguing for many years in my publications - e.g. in items #C1 to #C6 from my web page named "telekinetics.htm".

Of course, the above-mentioned "[7] Cause for alarm" reveals the danger that the growing in the form of our "official atheistic science" tendency for corruption, lies, distortions, errors, persecuting for telling the truth based on facts, unequal treatment and destroying those with different views, crusade against God and blindness to the secretive exploitation and occupation of the Earth by UFOnauts technically advanced incomparably higher than humanity. This danger do NOT ends on just lying to humanity about the truth regarding the existence of our "world of matter" (where we live) and the "counter-world" (in which God lives), nor on the linked to this existence of two physical worlds the prevention of people by the official atheistic science from learning the truth about the non-existence of neither the "elapse of time" or the ageing work of "time" in the so-called "nature" - as confirmed in the Bible by the "[Ω] Seal of God" in the manner explained in item #I2 of the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm", nor on the prevention of learning the truth about the existence in the counter-world of infinite speed of all movements and actions. After all, e.g. the existence of an infinite speed of movements and actions in there reveals also how big a mistake and departure from the truth is the insistence of the "official atheistic science" that there is NO speed higher than the "speed of light", and how immoral it is to force humanity into the belief that so-called the "theory of relativity" supposedly expresses the truth - while actually the main "achievement" of this theory is the distortion of the old and correctly derived formula for "kinetic energy" (E = m*v*v/2). Simultaneously, insisting on the supposed truth of this "theory of relativity" allows the monopolistic official atheistic science to persecute and destroy all researchers who have the courage to document the untruth of this statement of the "theory of relativity". In fact, the lies, distortions, and corruption of this science are only the beginning of a long chain of lies, distortions, and corruption with which it already saturated practically every fragment of human social life on Earth. The most important of them are illustrated by our two half-hour long videos, i.e. a Polish-language video with additional subtitles in English, entitled in Polish "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" while published at , and a similar Polish-language video with subtitles in English entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" available at the Internet address .

In order to remind here at least a few most common examples from this long chain of lies, distortions and corruption, regardless of the lie that God supposedly does NOT exist (although only I myself developed a number of scientifically irrefutable formal proofs confirming the existence of God, which the reader can learn from items #G2 and #G3 of the web page named "god_proof.htm" and from items #D1 to #D3 on another web page named "2020life.htm"), another example of such fundamental lies, distortions and corruption can be, among others: a lie that is forced onto present people in a bigoted and unbalanced ways by universal education, which states that life supposedly arose as a result of "natural evolution" - although item #D3 of my "Theory of Life of 2020" at "2020life.htm" proves in an engineering manner that in inanimate matter life is NOT able to arise just by itself. Yet another example of such fundamental lies, distortions and corruption can be the increasingly powerful trend of today's pharmaceutical manufacturers that they supposedly care about people's health, when they are actually mainly interested in "money" and income (see at "smart_tvs.htm") - which causes that e.g. instead of developing and producing drugs that heal diseases, they supply the market with drugs that only alleviate the symptoms of disease, making patients dependent on the constant purchase and consumption of these drugs for the entire life - as described e.g. in items #I1, #I2, #G2.3, from my web page named "healing.htm", while is illustrated in more detail on our Polish free video with English subtitles entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany". Another example of these can be the existence of the entire discipline of science and engineering which in English is called "Planned Obsolescence" (see" ) while the Polish name of which is "planowane postarzanie się" (meaning the "planned aging"). This is because that discipline of knowledge and engineering is dedicated to deliberately lowering the quality of manufactured goods, so that they break down after a short time - forcing the inhabitants of our planet to throw away their old models and constantly buy newer models. That is, it is dedicated to the secret construction and building of manufactured products in a clever way that they would break down as quickly as possible, or to force buyers in other way to buy newer models of these products. In the result, e.g. an ordinary light bulb with graphite filament produced around 1901 by "Shelby Electric" (see ), shines light until today - which I briefly remind my readers (amongst others) in [1] from item #C8 of my web page named "nirvana.htm", while I discuss in detail in item #G2 from my web page named "newzealand_visit.htm". Meanwhile, due to the conspiratorial collusion of producers of incandescent filament bulbs, then known as "Phoebus Cartel" (see ), the life of the later produced bulbs was deliberately reduced to only 1000 hours of operation, that is to about 42 days. In turn, e.g. the service life of present cell phones was cleverly reduced to around 2 years, while the typical present cars - to only around 10 years. Of course, the above examples are just a small drop in the huge ocean of such lies, distortions, corruption, collusion and hidden conspiracies, which reduce the quality of life for all mankind, turn the Earth's surface and water from the oceans into rubbish dumps, and already since a long time they have been sources of disease and death for a large proportion of the Earth's inhabitants. Although this problem of the existence and secret activities of the discipline "Planned Obsolescence" finally slowly began to reach the public knowledge, as so far the only country in the world about which I know that a law has been passed in it which recognizes the deliberate reduction of the viability of a product as illegal, is France, while practically all over the world still there is NO even a single country in which it would be illegal and punishable, for example, to sell such products with a deliberately reduced duration of correct operation.

And we must also remember here, that each of these types of official lies of science and its sponsors, in practice represents a whole series of its component lies. For example, let us list here only components of the lie of official science indicated in the "motto" of this post #346E that there is NO evidence for the continuous presence on Earth of vehicles and creatures from areas of the universe other than Earth, and thus that it was necessary to establish a new, expensive discipline "SETI" of this science (see ) to search in distant galaxies for primitive extraterrestrial intelligences like ours still using only slow radio communication instead of instant telepathic communication (see INTRODUCTION to web page "telepathy.htm"). And in fact, this lie hides from people the truth that is extremely dangerous for us, namely the truth that for thousands of years humanity and the Earth has been under a secret occupation of evil creatures that are revealed to us even by the Bible, and that exploit and destroy each person in hundreds of different ways, while who repetitively destroy with plagues, wars and disasters that are secretly caused by them the greater part of humanity, and who in hundreds of hidden ways inhibit the scientific and technical development of humanity, as well as the dissemination of all truths. Furthermore, this lie hides numerous empirical evidence of the continuous presence and hidden activity on Earth of representatives of as many as a whole confederation of human-like creatures of many different races and appearances, the high level of technical advancement of which makes people believe that they have almost supernatural powers. It also hides the fact that UFO abductees see there also a race of relatives of people, from the race of which we certainly originate, because their anatomy appears to differ from human by only a few small details which I describe, among others, in #A2 to #A2cd and #E2 from my web page named "ufo.htm", and whose anatomy details most often include a single vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows, hair naturally growing up the head, no hanging folds in the ears, and a slightly different nose and chin - examples of which details are now often illustrated in TV by appearance of various decision makers. The problem with the appearance, however, is that probably some people have exactly the same anatomical details. Therefore, it is worth remembering the old proverb "Do NOT judge a book by its cover" and follow the valuable advice from the Bible given in verse 7:16 from "Matthew" and in verse 6:44 from "Luke" - which states "You will know them by their fruits". Furthermore such misleading claim of the "official atheistic science" also intentionally implies the sowing of the alleged untruth by patriotically oriented people who expose themselves to various persecutions in order to make their fellow humans aware of the bitter truth about their repetitive abductions to UFOs, about painful and degrading experiments and methods of exploitation (including sexual exploitation) which they experience on UFOs, about material traces of the incessant presence of UFOs on Earth, about the structure and operation of UFOs, about UFO sightings made, about UFOs persecutions of the entire humanity, etc., etc.


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