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#342_2E: The evidence that laws prohibiting...

(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #342E)


#342_2E: The evidence that laws prohibiting women of having abortions are contradictory to the Bible (part 2)



#L3. How the lessons told by "Filmy #A3de" from my Polish webpage named "klasa.htm" (meaning "highschool class") which report the romantic revival of extinct for hundreds of years Judean Dates through the sprouting of about 2000 years-old archaeologically excavated seeds, confirm the truth of the Bible that "bodies" made of matter come to life only when God "breathes" into them programs of "soul", and confirm also the thesis of item #L2 above, that human fetuses receive life only at the instant of catching their first breath around the moment of breaking the umbilical cord:


Motto: "Wherever life still smolders, hope also lives in there" (The obvious truth revealed to me by the constant efforts carried out since 2006/11/1 to convince my neighbors to morally revive humanity by undertaking the implementation of the "Nirvana System", as well as by my latest struggle carried out since 2020 the goal of which is to convince my fellow believers in God to revive religion by making priests to cease the warned in 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea" rejection of the knowledge contained, among others, in this my "Theory of Life of 2020", as well as the continuous efforts since the discovery in 1985 of the dipolar nature of gravity (i.e. lasting continuously for almost half a century) the efforts to convince others to revive the official science with the benefits of the truths revealed by the "Theory of Everything of 1985".)



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The above post #342E reveals reasons of introducing on Earth of the contradictive to the Bible human laws that forbids women to have abortion and reminds us the most guilty guilty of breaking the three Commandments of God by people (i.e.: DO NOT kill, Love your neighbor as yourself, Do not covet your neighbor's wife), illustrates examples of punishments and consequences of this breaking, and explains ways "how" to avoid breaking these commandments on examples of evidence that show sucesses in such avoiding. This post constitutes an adaptation of the content of items #L1 to #L3 from my English web page named "2020life.htm" (update of 2021/12/17, or later) and is available, among others, at the following addresses:

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