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#341_1E: Only "physical works"...

#341_1E: Only "physical works" teach one to develop "how" for known "what" and to distinguish truth from lies and good from evil (part 1)


I am sorry to inform here that because of my retirement age, some powers accelerated the elapse of my "reversible software time" to the speed around 70% faster than this time used to elapse for me in my younger age - as I objectively determined and reported this in item #L3 from my web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm" and then repeated in post #312 for blogs of totalizm. This, together with the decline of length of my concentration span that also arrived with old age causes that amount of research which everyday I can complete rapidly decreased, and thus I am forced to cease of doing most laborious kinds of my daily works. In the result I decided to stop very precise and laborious (because of the level of its specialisation and thus also level of difficulty) translating into English the reports from outcomes of my research, as I noticed that there is a very limited readership o my publications thoroughly translated into English, and also because in Internet there are various free translating programs which interested readers can use for roughly (approximately) translating my research reports. But to let know these increasingly sparser readers that are interested in my research what a given publication is all about, I still intend to keep translating and publishing in English: the titles, mottos, essence, and main parts of captions under illustrations from each of my publication. In turn the rest of given publication I recommend the reader to translate him/herself with the use of these free translation programs available in Internet. The Polish version of my research report to be subjected to such translation (the reporting trailer for which is provided here) the interested readers are to find in items #G3 and G4 from my Polish web page named "wroclaw.htm" and it is also repeated in items #G3 and #G4 from my English web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm", both of which reporting of results of my research were to be adopted and presented in this post (in English) number #341E for blogs of totalizm. Otherwise readers can also translate the Polish version of this post #341E, which has already been published as Polish post number #341 to blogs of totalizm, as well as, among others, as the post number #341 from "volume Q" of my publication [13] available via the web page named "tekst_13.htm" that collects together Polish and English texts of all previously published posts to blogs of totalizm (almost a half of which I already translated thoroughly into the English language - in this number including also post #312E about the acceleration of time elapse during my older years - published in "volume T" from that publication [13]). After all, on the Internet increasing number of free programs are available, with the use of which the reader is able to quickly and easily obtain a rough (approximate) version of the translation of announced here outcomes of my research.

Motto of this post #341E: "The greater variety of different types of physical works we have done in our lives so far, the wider and higher correct knowledge we have mastered, and the longer we continue to supplement and update our knowledge, the more skilfully we are able to work out the correct "how" knowing only "what", and this skill provides us with tools for the more correct distinguishing between truths and lies, facts and fictions, good and evil, enabling us also through the development of such "how" the finding of effective solutions to problems that bother people." (The long cause-effect chain discussed here, linking together numerous life truths, empirical determination and verification of the correctness of which took me 75 years of observation, investigation, drawing conclusions and searching for checks on evidence that is difficult to access today and often even is hidden.)


#G3. Why people who can boast that throughout their entire lives have NOT stained their hands with any productive physical work, and thus to whom the proverb about residing in "ivory towers" becomes valid, are NOT able to develop the correct procedure "how" for encountered "what", this in turn causes them to also be unable to distinguish truth from lies, facts from fiction, good from evil, and hence they are also unable to acquire the ability to find correct and effective solutions to problems bothering people:

Unfortunately, today's people do NOT realize yet that [1]: there is a foolproof way (method) to distinguish truth from lies, fact from fiction, good from evil, etc; and also remedying the harmful effects that certain lies, fiction, evil, etc., inflict on a given group of people. Present people also do NOT realize yet that [2]: the key to distinguish truth from lies, fact from fiction, good from evil, etc; and also to remedy the harmful effects that certain lies, fiction, evil, etc. cause to a given group of people, is the acquisition of the skill of working out the correct "how" for the analyzed "what" - which skill can be acquired only by people who have completed the required variety of "physical works" and have correct knowledge related to that "what", as reported in further parts of this item #G3. (Film "Future Propulsions") (Polish film "World without money: Nirvana System")
Fig. #G3a: The above illustration shows how in the near future researchers of the new "totaliztic science" - the philosophical and scientific foundations for which I have already developed, will use Magnocrafts as a "universal repairer" in order to, among other things, restore life and vegetation in present and future deserts (of course, if in the meantime humanity manages to free itself from the "evil power" that occupies us and pushes us towards self-destruction). The squadrons of telekinetic Magnocraft of the second and third generation (of my invention) will be able to accomplish such restoration of life and vegetation due to their numerous execution capabilities - e.g. their ability to automatically plant trees without the need to send workers to the ground. This planting can be carried out NOT only with mechanical planting machines mounted on the deck of the Magnocrafts and working similar to those already used by people, but also (in the second and third generation Magnocrafts) with telekinetic "transporting beams" which I described in my publications. Apart from the ability to plant trees and vegetation, Magnocrafts also have the ability to prepare the ground in which this planting takes place. For example, the same ability to form strong winds that allows them to form tornadoes and hurricanes technically, and which I described, amongst others, in items #E3 and #E6 from my web page named "tornado.htm" and in "part #J" of my web page "hurricane.htm", they also allow them to generate gusts of powerful wind, which can be used to level, for example, a wavy and uneven ground surface of the type shown in above illustration. As a result, some undulating and not suitable for useful cultivation areas, these Magnocrafts are able to turn into surfaces flat like a table, ideally suited for trees and even for agriculture. In turn, the so-called "magnetic whirl" that Magnocrafts can produce, is able to evaporate hard rocks of the type shown in the above illustration and crush them into loose components of sand and soil - as I am explaining of this, among others, with the evidence indicated in item #J4 from my web page named "hurricane.htm". Magnocrafts are also able to control the weather and climate - as it is generally described in item #H2 from the web page named "hurricane.htm". For example, by positioning themselves in a kind of chain, they are able to form one-way blowing winds which, depending on the requirement, will either blow clouds soaked in moisture and cause rains in large areas, or will bring dry air that dries out the climate - as I described it e.g. in item #E11 from the web page named "military_magnocraft.htm". Furthermore, with the appropriately controlled frequency of their magnetic field, the Magnocraft can precipitate water from the air, creating local clouds and rains - as I explained it e.g. in item #B2, while documented in items #C1 and #C2 from the web page named "cloud_ufo.htm" and from publications linked in there. (Click on the above illustration to see it enlarged.)
Films #G3bc: Here are two about half an hour long movie films available for free on YouTube (the second one is with narration in Polish), which show to us the already proven in practice (i.e. achievable), two-step way of stopping humanity from further falling into increasingly more deep errors and self-destruction, and then redirecting it through reforms onto a path to growth and repair that leads to a better future for all. (Click on the above starter of the selected movie film to watch it.)

(This entire post #341E would NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #341_2E)



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