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#340E: The desperate cry of a girl's ghost...

I am sorry to inform here that because of my retirement age, some powers accelerated the elapse of my "reversible software time" to the speed around 70% faster than this time used to elapse for me in my younger age - as I objectively determined and reported this in item #L3 from my web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm" and then repeated in post #312 for blogs of totalizm. This, together with the decline of length of my concentration span that also arrived with old age causes that amount of research which everyday I can complete rapidly decreased, and thus I am forced to cease of doing most laborious kinds of my daily works. In the result I decided to stop very precise and laborious (because of the level of its specialisation and thus also level of difficulty) translating into English the reports from outcomes of my research, as I noticed that there is a very limited readership o my publications thoroughly translated into English, and also because in Internet there are various free translation programs which interested readers can use for roughly (approximately) translating my research reports. But to let know these increasingly sparser readers still interested in my research what a given publication is all about, I still intend to keep translating and to publishing in English: the titles, mottos, essence, and main parts of captions under illustrations from each my publication. In turn the rest of given publication I recommend reader to translate him/herself with the use of these free translation programs available in Internet. The Polish version of my research report to be subjected to such translation - the reporting trailer for which is provided below, the interested readers are to find in items #G1 and G2 from my Polish web page named "wroclaw.htm" and it is also repeated in items #G1 and #G2 from my English web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm", both of which reports on results of my research were to be adopted and presented in this post (in English) number #340E for blogs of totalizm. Otherwise readers can also translate the Polish version of this post #340E, which has already been published as Polish post number #340 on blogs of totalizm, as well as, among others, as the post number #340 from "volume Q" of my publication [13] available via the web page named "tekst_13.htm" that collects together Polish and English texts of all previously published posts to blogs of totalizm (almost a half of which I already translated thoroughly into the English language - in this number including also post #312E about the acceleration of time elapse during my older years - published in "volume T" from that publication [13]). After all, on the Internet increasing number of free programs are available, with the use of which the reader is able to quickly and easily obtain a rough (approximate) version of the translation of announced here outcomes of my research.



Motto of this post #340E: "The humanity have learned quite well the sounds and light that radiate from a visible and identifiable material source, so it is about the time that for its own safety it motivates scientists to research and to learn also the described in this post #340E and in item #F4 of the web page named "artefact.htm" sounds and lights that do NOT have a visible and identifiable source but are created in the entire volume of space in which they become perceivable by human senses" (The truth that I am trying to realize with descriptions from this post #340E.)



#G1. My personal experiences prove that in every place on Earth, and also for every person, there are cases of confronting phenomena called "supernatural" - so how much priceless knowledge humanity loses due to the lack of rational research on these cases:


From my personal experiences it appears, that practically in every country and in every locality there are various cases of highly realistic confrontations of people with phenomena called "supernatural". Unfortunately, due to avoidance of the so-called "physical work" by the decision-makers and employees of present "official atheistic science", most of them did NOT manage to acquire skills that are logically derived and documented in item #G3 of my web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". Hence, they become unable to distinguish facts from fiction, truth from lies, good from evil, and thus are also unable to acquire the ability to find correct and effective solutions to problems bothering people. No wonder then, that this "official atheistic science" residing in its "ivory towers" and believing that it has already learned absolutely everything, in the manifestation of its haughtiness persecutes, defames and destroys people and sources reporting such phenomena, causing the majority of people who experienced "supernatural" to deliberately eliminate from their memory the awareness of the existence of such phenomena. On the other hand, how many cases of such supernatural events almost every person probably experiences in his/her entire life, the reader can learn e.g. from item #F1 and from the INTRODUCTION to my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm" - where I listed only the most important cases which I personally experienced. In fact, however, I confronted many more such cases. For example, I have NOT included the case described in the first part of item #G2 below on this post, nor the case of my lecturing colleague Anna - reporting under hypnosis her previous reincarnation as a former daughter of an Inca potter - which case is partially described in the caption under Fig. #D23 from the web page named "milicz_uk.htm", and partially in item #J2 from another web page named "malbork_uk.htm". Unfortunately, in spite of the multitude of occurrences of such highly realistic experiences, the present institution of the "official atheistic science", instead of researching these phenomena in a matter-of-fact way, forces into the today's humanity the blocking of progress lies, that supposedly such events do NOT exist, and that each of them originates only e.g. from delusions and thus should be cut out (instead of being researched and explained) using the so-called "Occam's Razor" (see ). In turn this forcing of lies on the humanity causes that the vast majority of people ignore and immediately forget the experiences that contradict the atheistic ideology forced upon them during their education. As a result, the information about what actually happens in the reality that surrounds us is lost, while the humanity incurs huge losses of knowledge and truth that it could accumulate by investigating such cases. In addition, it also exposes itself to a danger that if these cases are "fabricated" by some "evil power" that is hostile to humanity, then such lying makes it easier for this hostile power to achieve goals which the fabrication is to serve.


In times when I lived in the Polish city of Wrocław, as repetitively as in the rest of my life (e.g. see also item #J3 from my web page named "petone.htm"), I was confronted in there many times with "supernatural". But because nowadays the forces of evil that push humanity down, use the published information on this subject to carry out campaigns of criticizing and ridiculing, in item #G2 below on this post #340E I am going to describe in more detail only one such case that happened to me personally and that best illustrates the type of phenomena that I would like to address here to the reader's attention because it allows to draw more general conclusions that illustrate where our civilization is heading in this matter and what losses we all suffer because of forcing into us the lies about the alleged unreality and non-existence of such phenomena.



#G2. Let us get to know one of the strangest and immensely realistic, and at the same time scientifically inexplicable because of the present limitation of the universe by scientists to phenomena from "matter" only, the supernatural case that I experienced in the Polish city of Wrocław:


Motto: "The less of productive physical work people do, the more detached from the surrounding reality their lives become." (The essence of the results of my research explaining why pretending that the phenomena of the type described below in this item #G2 do not exist, causes the rapidly approaching collapse and self-destruction of humanity, and why solutions of the type described in item #G3 below that are able to save the humanity are officially ignored and blocked.)


So here is my report on one of the most important and most mysterious cases of the supernatural, which I experienced realistically just in the Polish city of Wrocław, and which for the mind scientifically trained in determining "how" knowing only "what" (as I implement it in item #A2.12 from my web page named "totalizm.htm", while I derive and document in item #G3 of the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm") at the same time represents one of the phenomena completely impossible to be explained on the basis of the knowledge of the present "official atheistic science", which bases its philosophical foundations on the erroneous assumption that all phenomena of our world are limited to only various manifestations of matter, ignoring my discovery, already widely confirmed and documented with indisputable evidence about the formation of all visible matter from invisible "God Drobinas" (misleadingly called "dark matter" by present "official atheistic science" - see ) and looking like miniature male and female "little people" - which I described more comprehensively in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm" while the formation of matter from which I explained in item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm".



That summer 1977, together with the programmers of Research and Development Centre for computer-producing factory "Mera-Elwro", we were preparing a post-processor for the English NEL-APT system (the one that I had altruistically adopted for the Polish ODRA 1300 series of computers). This post-processor was to generate control programs for the computer-controlled 2CL milling machine at the Printers Factory in Błonie near Warsaw. The quick completion of programming of this much needed post-processor was of high priority. Hence, that summer, when I did NOT have anything urgent to do at my University, and the weather allowed to be able to work on this post-processor, I was going on foot to the building of "Mera-Elwro" Research and Development Centre, which shortly before had been moved to the location only a few hundred meters from the Institute I-24 with my university office. On that hot summer day, all the streets I walked were completely empty. Normally, to walk from I-24 to this building of the Mera-Elwro, one firstly had to walk just several dozen meters along Łukasiewicza Street, where our I-24 office was located. Then walk a bit (maybe around 100 meters) along Tytusa Chałubińskiego Street. Then turn from it into a short Karol Marcinkowski Street - see Fig. #G2b below. Then, walking for a short distance along the bank of the Odra River, one reached the Szczytnicki Bridge. On the other side of that bridge, in the then first multi-storey building located on the northern side of Aleja Ludmiła Różyckiego and opposite to the beginning of Szczytnicki Park, there was Research and Development Centre for computer-producing factory Mera-Elwro. Almost the entire area of my walk was occupied by the buildings of the Wroclaw Medical Academy, separated from the street by a high fence. Hence, probably because of the period of university holidays and vacations, and hot summer weather, on that particular day the whole place was completely depopulated - i.e. there was no-one on the streets or at the buildings. About halfway along this road, i.e. at number 1 of Karol Marcinkowski Street, there was a small, one-story, brick building of the "morgue" of the Wrocław Medical University (at that time called Medical Academy) - see Fig. #G2b. This small morgue building had two wide gates, because the gate from the street was used to collect the bodies by the families of the deceased, while the gate on the opposite side facing the buildings of the Medical Academy was used to store the bodies to the morgue. On that beautiful summer day, the morgue was also absolutely empty - as I noticed it because both its gates were wide open, and apart from its walls and roof, there was no coffin or any equipment or furniture inside. In spite of appearing completely empty, when I passed by it along the footpath, from the inside of it I heard a very loud, like desperate cry of a child - sounding as if it was most probably the voice of some little girl. Although I have already passed beyond the open gate of this morgue, I wondered what causes that I can hear such a loud cry while I do NOT see a crying child. And its crying sounded really pitiful. So I turned back to see why it was crying so much. This is because I suspected that maybe someone left it unattended, e.g. in the scorching sun somewhere on the other side of the morgue. Since the two opposing gates of the morgue were wide open, I walked through the morgue to a kind of "patio" or "square" on the opposite side of morgue building in front of the Medical Academy building and looked around where the crying child might be. However, the entire area was completely empty everywhere, means there was no one nor anything in there. After all, it was hot summer noon, so even if someone worked there at that time, for sure he/she hid from the scorching sun inside of the building. Also the crying was clearly coming to me from the morgue itself. So I went back to the morgue to look for the child. But the morgue was also completely empty - apart from the outer bare walls and the roof, there was also nothing in it. Furthermore, being already inside it, I could NOT locate from which its area this loud cry is spreading. It did NOT have a single point source, but as if it was generated by the entire volume of air in this morgue. This made me think that the crying child was probably crying for its body and probably for its family - which its body might have already taken from the morgue shortly before. The thought and the sorrow it induced deeply touched me. So I left that morgue and quickly went to Mera-Elwro. However, the work of that day somehow was NOT going well for me. The desperate cry of that child stuck in my memory and remains in there to this day. On the way back to I-24 the morgue gates were already closed, and the voice of the crying child could NOT be heard.


In that 1977 I did NOT know yet about my future discovery, namely that we people and all other living creatures age in an artificially pre-programmed by God reversible time, which in my publications I call the "reversible software time" - see descriptions of the existence of this reversible software time in the INTRODUCTION and in item #G4 (and also briefly in #D4) from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", descriptions of the principles of its operation - in item #D3 from the web page named "god_proof.htm", while descriptions how it can be used for time travel - in items #A2 and #C3 from the web page named "immortality.htm". So I did NOT know then, that in this "reversible software time" the speed of the elapse of our time can be accelerated or delayed - e.g. in my present retirement age I subjectively estimated that the speed of elapse of this time for me is at least around 70% higher than in times of my youth, means also 70% higher than in that 1977 - for details see explanations from item #L3 of my web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm", repeated later in the post number #312E to blogs of totalizm. I also did NOT know then that the elapse of our time sometimes can even be completely, or almost completely, stopped, and that after it is stopped, all physical phenomena, including the propagation of sounds and their sounding, run completely differently than at the normal speed of the elapse of our time. Thus, during the supernatural event discussed above, I did NOT look for signs that the passage of my time could be stopped - although now returning with my thoughts to that event, such a stopping of my time turns out to be possible. After all, in fact there was then a strange silence, immobility, and a kind of complete depopulation from everything that is alive and that moves on the streets through which I walked - as in our treatise [3b] (in Polish - disseminated for free from my web page named tekst_3b.htm), this is described by the late Andrzej Domała (abducted to a UFO vehicle that travelled through time), while this is also illustrated by these strange films about the depopulated city of Spain, an example of which is an approximately 17-minute, English-language video entitled "MAN IS LIVING IN 2027 & HUMAN RACE IS GONE! (VIDEO PROOF)" and the address . So it is also possible that this whole event happened when the elapse of my time was just stopped.


Fig. #G2a: Here is a photo of the new building of the Institute in Polish named "Instytut Technologii Budowy Maszyn (I-24)" - which name used to be wrongly translated into English as the "Institute of Machine Building Technology (I-24)" from the Wrocław University of Technology. I have taken it on July 15, 2004 from the street level. How this building currently looks like when it is shown with the software of the "virtual satellite" from Google Maps, the reader can see by clicking on the above given (lower) address of its satellite photo (this building should be visible in the middle of the photo that will appear after such clicking ). In 1977, when took place the supernatural event inexplicable on today's ignorant level of "official atheistic science", as described above in item #G2 from this web page, in the place of the above building there was a one-story brick barrack, in which was also our office for 6-persons with my desk. The windows of our office were more or less in the place of these high windows on the ground floor, half covered by a tall tree on the right bottom side of the above photo, approximately in front of this lonely parked a white car that by the edge of the photo as if it is cut in half. When I was working in that office, very strange things happened to me in there - I would NOT be surprised if the history of this place hid a lot of mystery. For example, one day while sitting in the office by myself, I looked through the window, while on the pavement more or less in the place between the white car from the above photo and the office window, there was a man dressed in black, filming me through the window with a huge professional film camera. So I immediately ran to this place to ask him who he is and why he is filming me through the window instead of, for example, asking for a formal interview - which I would gladly give him. It is because the filming took place in times when TV programs about my invention of the starship "Magnocraft" (see my web page "magnocraft.htm") - which is best shown on our film entitled "Future Propulsions" the English version of which is disseminated at the internet address - although it also has a Polish (see ) and a German (see ) versions. However, after my running outside, it turned out that the street is completely empty and one cannot even see any car in which he could, for example, hide or run away. It was also from this office that in the summer of 1977, at least once a week, I walked to the building of Research and Development Centre (in Polish to: OBR) of the computer producing factory "Mera-Elwro" - as I described it in the above item #G2. (Click on the above photograph to see it enlarged.) 

When I was working in the building of "I-24" shown above, for the official English translation of the Polish name of our institute in Polish stating "Instytut Technologii Budowy Maszyn" was used the English wording: "Institute of Machine Building Technology". But only after emigrating to English-speaking New Zealand, I discovered that this translation contains a significant error in the word "technology", because this English word informs "what" (instead of "how"), while the areas of knowledge in research and lecturing of which scientists from this building specialize in fact are oriented towards much more difficult than "what" working out correct "how" - as this is explained in more detail in item #A2.12 from my web page named "totalizm.htm", and also in item #G3 on the web page named "wroclaw_uk.htm". So in order for the official name of this "I-24" to correctly reflect the Polish word "technology" that expresses "how", an English word different than "technology" should be used in it - e.g. the word know-how (also spelled "knowhow" - see ).,17.0681843,62m/data=!3m1!1e3

Fig. #G2b: Here are addresses on Google Maps, showing photographs taken "from the street" and "from the top" of the present appearance of the area, where in 1977 at the street address "Karola Marcinkowskiego No. 1" there was an old "morgue" of the Wrocław Medical University in which I experienced that supernatural phenomenon described in item #G2 above. The site of this morgue is located more or less in the centre of the photo that should appear if the reader clicks on its address in Google Maps:,17.0681843,62m/data=!3m1!1e3 . Notice from this top satellite photo, that it looks as if a small brick building of this morgue until now has been either reconstructed into a guardhouse, or demolished, while on its former site an entrance gate and guardhouse to the local complex of buildings were erected.


I am providing above only the address of photo on Google Maps for the place where the morgue in question was located in 1977 - because so far I do NOT have a ground photo of this morgue, or the place where it was located, to be published on my website, nor am I currently able to fly to Poland to try to take such photographs. However, if the reader had the opportunity to visit Wrocław in the vicinity of this area, then he/she would also have the opportunity to see what the guardhouse in the place of the morgue looks like now, when it is viewed from the street level, and perhaps he/she could even take a photo of it (e.g. to check if something unusual in the photo will reveal itself). Being there, it would also be worth talking to the people working in that guardhouse. After all, while either located on the site of a former long-standing morgue that dispatched many patients of the Wrocław Medical University to the other world, or even constituting a repurposed that old morgue, it is probable that various "interesting" events take place in there, e.g. night scares, haunts, possessions, manifestations of poltergeist spirits (see ), etc.


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