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#339_1E: Problems of differences between...

#339_1E: Problems of differences between "what" of commandments from the Bible and "how" procedures for their implementation in real life (part 1)


Motto of this post #339E: "Because in life every journey begins with taking the first step - the taking of which is always the most difficult one, hence many people, fearing the difficulty of this first step, give up even starting journeys that are the most important for their future." (This is an example of how many people put down their futures by ignoring the truth of verse 10:13 of "1 Corinthians" stating - quote from NRSV Bible: "God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength, but with the testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it.")


#A2.12. Practicing totalizm: procedure "how" to take the first step - i.e. starting from changing own habit of mental justification in ones mind "why I do something" from so-far used selfish motivating it "because it will give me income, increase my power or fame, satisfy my need, is on the list of my professional duties, etc."; into a new totaliztic (and also religious) motivating all my actions "because my neighbours need it, it will satisfy their needs, it will solve problems and shortcomings for many neighbours, for me it is an opportunity to do good deeds, etc.":


In this item #A2.12 of the post #339E I am going to explain the procedure of taking this first and the most important step towards practicing totalizm. Namely I am going to explain "how" to start becoming a totalizt, means a person who practices the most moral modern philosophy of the world, called totalizm - i.e. that "totalizm", which for reasons explained in item #A5 from the web page "totalizm.htm", is spelled with the letter "z" - see also . After all, despite of the fact that more than 2,000 years have elapsed since the times of Jesus, today's conformist priests accepting the statements of the "official atheistic science" that lies to humanity, are still unable to teach us the procedure: "how" to initiate the acquisition of the habit of doing things in accordance with God's commandments and requirements described in the Bible. The result of this inability is the present love of "money", greed, fear, etc. - well illustrated in our Polish film entitled: "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (which title means: "World Without Money: The Nirvana System" - see ) referred to and linked below. The reason for this is very simple. Namely, priests of today's Christianity do NOT perform any physical work, thus while spending their lives in the proverbial "ivory towers" are NOT able to understand that there is a significant difference between "what" and "how" and thus that in e.g. the training of today's engineers even two special disciplines are distinguished, one of which, called "design", teaches future engineers "what", while another, in the Polish language called "technologia" (the exact translation of which into English does NOT mean "technology" but means "know-how" - see ), teaches them "how". (By the way, I finished my studies, then I did doctorate, practical research, and lecturing in the discipline "how", means at the Institute "Technologii Budowy Maszyn" (I-24) of the Wrocław University of Technology from Poland - which Institute's name officially was translated into English as "Machine Building Technology" although in Polish it actually means "Institute of Knowhow in Constructing of Machines" - a ground photograph of today's building of which I showed in "Fig. #G2a" from the web page named "wroclaw.htm". It is because of my gaining the in depth knowledge "how", that in 2020 I was able to discover that life was NOT able to come into existence in the matter of our physical world, because there is NO such way "how", which would enable the emergence of life in matter, while in the another counter-world filled with the ever-moving counter-matter from which God created the matter of our world, just such a way "how" does exists for infinitively long time and it is described in details in items #C5 and #D3 of the web page named "2020life.htm". It is therefore NOT surprising that priests for 2,000 years overlooked the fact that by explaining to the faithful only "what" (of the kind "love your neighbour") they still leave them in the dark about "how" one can get permanently into the habit of "loving one’s neighbour" - after all, about loving it is widely claimed that people cannot be persuaded to love whatever they do NOT choose to love by themselves. Unfortunately, while living in their "ivory towers" priests did NOT have the opportunity to do physical works that is able to teach them the difference between "what" and "how", and to teach them also how to develop or work out the knowledge "how" when one knows only "what". (Notice from the Bible that the used to physical work 12 Apostles, already 2000 years ago, whenever they learned from Jesus "what", they had no difficulties with working out "how".) After all, there are vital reasons which I explained in (1b) from item #H1 of the mentioned above web page "2020life.htm", that in the Bible - from which today's priests almost exclusively draw their knowledge, there is provided only the general information "what", while the detailed information "how" in the Bible is either missing, or it is intentionally, especially wisely, and inconspicuously coded, in order this encoding is to prevent all kinds of lazy people, idlers, ignoramuses, doubters, careerists, etc., effortlessly guessing the essence of significant future discoveries and usurping for themselves the authorship of accomplishing them - see verse 25:2 from the biblical "Book of Proverbs", I quote: "Glory God's things - to hide things, with the glory of kings - to investigate things." This is because wise God knew, that if someone puts the required amount of work, thoughts and practical knowledge into it, then while knowing "what", the information "how" he/she is going to work out for himself/herself. So, to summarize this paragraph, after learning from the Bible this "what", means while knowing that the two most important commandments and requirements of God discussed further in (b) from the item #A2.12 of this post #339E, after being maximally shorten limit themselves to the requirement that one should learn to "love your neighbour as yourself", my many years of practicing of totalizm allowed me to work out and describe in this item #A2.12 "how" to "carry out the first step in initiating our effort to make us develop such a permanent habit of loving our "neighbour", and also to get to know our God thoroughly, so that instead of merely believing in, or doubting, the existence of God, we could acquire the certainty that the omniscient, omnipotent, unlimitedly creative and justice enforcing God who created and love NOT only us, but also all our "neighbours", undeniably exists (see my web page "god_proof.htm") - which certainty will also teach us to love God permanently. In turn, by learning "how" we can acquire this habit of permanent loving, we will also overcome this common misconception that "to admire and to love someone supposedly it is impossible to persuade neither ourselves nor other people" - which belief is able to lead even to situations where, for example, married couples get divorced only because they are squeezing their toothpaste in the opposite way, or they differently leave toilet seat covers.


Although our world is so created that without putting work and effort into something, nothing good for our future can be achieved (see the moral laws on "everything must be earned"), still contrary to the claims of internet individuals sold to evil powers that anonymously slander totalizm, the initiation of practicing totalizm is relatively easy. Thus, apart from the need to put into it some intellectual effort, this initiation of practicing totalizm does NOT require any additional labour, renunciations, or sacrifices. In turn, the range of various benefits, such as life satisfaction, a sense of fulfilment, peace of conscience, spiritual growth, etc., and most importantly also the chances of earning an eternal life, which the practicing totalizm may bring us with time, are worth trying to change the motivation and intentions of our acting into these ones described herewith in this item #A2.12.


The explanation "how" to make this first step towards totalizm is so simple that it could be even briefly summarized in the title of this item #A2.12. Namely, the key to practicing totalizm is NOT "what we do morally correctly", but is "how in our own thoughts we sincerely motivate whatever we intend to morally do". This is because our sincere thoughts are like the head of a serpent - where they go then also the rest of our actions will follow. Thus, there is a vital reason why the Bible tries to make us aware that we are becoming what our thoughts are - examples of Bible verses which justify this statement are provided below in (b) from this item #A2.12. Unfortunately, at the same time it so happens that our civilization instilled in us a habit of mental motivating of everything in a manner consistent with our selfish nature, while contrary to the will of God. In turn conformist priests of present religions neither try to change this, nor have the knowledge and skills "how" they could change it. On the other hand, if we do NOT do something that religions call "sins", but only lead a normal honest life, then, according to totalizm, we do NOT need to start practicing this most moral philosophy of the world from changing what we normally do, but we only need to permanently acquire the habit in our own thoughts to always be able to truthfully and with sincere our conviction change the justification "why" we do something, from previous motivating everything with the benefits that we ourselves derive from it, into a future sincere motivation that it fulfils the commandment "what" of our God stating "love your neighbour as yourself". In other words, after translating God’s "what" into the procedure "how", totalizm requires that everything that we do we justify with the benefits that will derive from our actions all our fellowmen (by Christianity called "neighbours") who are to experience outcomes of our doing. In other words, the first step on our way to practicing totalizm depends on making a mental effort to change our way of thinking and motivating, NOT on changing our actions. This in turn makes our transformation into "totalizts" much easier, because until this new motivation starts to honestly express our intentions, it does NOT change our lifestyle. (The natural change of our lifestyle arrives by itself much later, as our intentions to act for the good of our "neighbours" become more and more sincere and strong. It is to be introduced into us naturally and gradually by God Himself.) So it is best if this change of our way of thinking and motivating I explain on examples.


In the current oriented towards selfish "me" philosophies of everyday life practiced by the majority of present people (i.e. in philosophies of parasitism - see the web page "parasitism.htm"), if someone gets up in the morning of a weekday, then he/she eats a nutritious breakfast because he/she believes that it is good for his/her health. Then he/she dresses up chic because, for example, he/she wants to look appealing to his/her sweetheart or heartthrob from work. He/she then goes to work because he/she believes it is his/her source of income. After work, he/she prepares a meal for himself/herself to save his/her expenses on restaurants. Then he/she watches TV because is skimp to spend money on, for example, going to the cinema. Afterwards, he/she goes to sleep so that the body rests and can effectively earn for a living also the next day. Etc., etc.


On the other hand, if one practices totalizm focused on the good of "neighbours", then on a working day one can also do exactly the same - only that in one's own thoughts one needs to switch to a different motivation "why" this is done. And so, a nutritious breakfast is eaten, for example, because everyone knows that being full and in a good mood will allow one to treat our "neighbours" more nicely and work more efficiently for their good. Then one dresses elegantly in order to stimulate more pleasant feelings and thoughts in the "neighbours" one meets (instead of, for example, like some people, spoil the "neighbour's" day with one's shabby and unclean clothes). Then one goes to work to be able to do something that will improve and make richer the lives of one's "neighbours". After work, a meal is prepared to e.g. reduce the waste and poisoning of food with chemicals that often takes place in restaurants, and to NOT force other "neighbours" to serve us if they do NOT do it voluntarily and with faith that it serves the good of their "neighbours". Then one watches television in order to e.g. increase one's knowledge and the ability to distinguish good from evil in what is happening in the world, to learn the current evidence for dispelling the ignorance and doubts of the neighbours, and to be able to convince the "neighbours" from own "group intellects" to which one belongs what good or bad is already being done in the world, and what and how should be improved or changed for the better. Finally, one goes to sleep so that one can continue own service to God the next day for the good of our fellow human beings and nature. Etc., etc.


Of course, after this first step towards practicing totalizm, next steps will come. However, if the achievement of a permanent change to the "good of our fellow men" of motivation for each of our actions was successful, then into the transformation of our personality begins to add increasingly more input and help the software of "God Drobinas" (by Christianity called "Holy Spirit") described in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". As a result, these next steps will come more and more automatically, as they will result from steps taken previously. For example, when we get the habit to sincerely motivate everything that we do with the good of our "neighbours", the next step may be learning to "distinguish good from evil" - so that we know better and better toward what we need to direct our daily activities. With the technique of "how", this learning can be initiated with the use of "karma" and the "Boomerang Principle" as criteria for distinguishing good from evil, e.g. during watching TV and movies or situations from everyday life, while for everything that we then note by asking ourselves "would I like to be at the receiving end of such human conduct?" Then, it will be possible to proceed to the next step of inclusion as criteria of distinguishing, the next so-called "indicators of moral correctness" described e.g. in items #C4.2 to #C4.7 from my web page named "morals.htm". This learning to distinguish good from evil, in turn, will induce in us questions, a natural reaction to which will be the search for answers - which will require, for example, acquiring a Bible for ourselves in order to be able to study what God requires from us to do for the good of our "neighbours", and we will also discover that we reach for descriptions of totalizm, the "Theory of Everything from 1985" (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see web page "dipolar_gravity.htm"), and the "Theory of Life from 2020" in order to find in there explanations to the questions that puzzle us, confirmed by these "3 witnesses" required to be sure that these explanations represent truth and only truth. In further steps, while motivating all our actions by the good of our "neighbours", and NOT with our own benefits, we slowly and as if naturally will also start to do things that we have NOT done before, and the need to do of which will result from situations in which we suddenly find ourselves because the mechanisms and methods of God's action described in item #J5 from web page "petone.htm" gradually introduce us to them. In some such doing there will be a need for voluntary and altruistic performance of something specifically and exclusively for the good of some "neighbours". By continuing to motivate our actions in such a way, with time we find ourselves acquiring thoughts and actions that were previously ignored. Furthermore, for example, we discover that we omit watching some movies or taking part in some activities or competitions only because they glorify killing or treating others unworthily. We will also start taking care of nature ever more. Fight the production of plastic. Promote research on generators of "clean free energy" (see the web page "fe_cell.htm") and on magnetic propulsion systems (see my web page "propulsion.htm"). Etc., etc. In turn, the most important step towards totalizm, the taking of which is also probably to be inspired by God, is earning a personal experiencing of the happiness of the "earned totaliztic nirvana" described in item #C7 from my web page named "nirvana.htm". In turn, if we manage to earn this nirvana practically, then we will achieve the highest status available to people, namely: a graduate of the life school of formal totalizm. So we will achieve the fullness of life experience, skills and internal qualities necessary to implement the God-designed "Nirvana System" as illustrated by our half-hour Polish movie entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (which title means: "World without money: Nirvana System" - see ) available to viewing for free at while discussed in more detail in "part #L" and in INTRODUCTION of the web page named "smart_tvs.htm". For the good and future of all humanity, there is currently NO action and status more honourable and more earnestly rewarded by God than just giving other people your personal example of experiencing nirvana and thus making your own contribution to the permanent and peaceful elimination from the Earth of "money", "greed", "fear" and other forms of "evil", adding in this way our contribution to the implementation of the Nirvana System on Earth. Such status and actions are like modern equivalents of the status and actions of biblical "Levites" from ancient Israel - hence people who achieved this status in accordance with the Bible, can even be called "Levites". After all, similarly to these Levites, such people who managed to achieve this status, advance to the situation that they work for God (means they become "God's soldiers"), and thus God, NOT other people, begins to measure their work and to pay them soldiers' wages (reward) in the form of nirvana happiness. In turn due to the acquisition of the ability to do everything for the good of others, their actions take on the features of the "good tree that bears good fruit" described in verses of the Bible (Matthew 7:17-19, Luke 6:43-45, Jacob 3:11-12) - i.e. everything for which they devote their work and considerations they are to levitate into a higher spiritual, scientific and/or technical level, while they in fact become the today Bible's counterparts of the ancient Levites. Furthermore, when the humanity finally manages to build (indirectly also due to their contribution) the "Magnocrafts" (see ) that I invented and described e.g. in items #I1 to #I3 from the web page named "magnocraft.htm", then NOT only these graduates of totalizm, but also the entire humanity will gain the ability to ascend and to "levitate" in these Magnocrafts above the previous state of affairs and previous situations, using the Magnocrafts in the role of "universal repair tools" entrusted to them by God. In turn the Oscillatory Chambers (see the web page "oscillatory_chamber.htm") which will propel these starships, cause them to levitate, lift them towards the sky and to the stars, and also gave to them almost miraculous capabilities and attributes, according to what I explained in chapter S5 from volume 15 of my monograph [1/5] (see the web page "text_1_5.htm"), and what is confirmed by the analyzes summarized, among others, in the above-mentioned items #I1 to #I3 from the web page "magnocraft.htm" and in publications linked in there, in fact will then represent modern versions of the biblical "Ark of the Covenant".


Some may ask: why then no-one explained to us before, that in order for humanity to continue its existence and develop in the direction intended by God "towards the light" and to eternity, it is necessary that the actions of the majority of its citizens are motivated by the good of all their "neighbours", NOT just by the personal good of individual doers? The answer to this question is that actually God inspired the Bible mainly to explain this to us. However, it is just that when reading these explanations, most of people, including priests, have an erroneous or incomplete understanding of them. This is because the formulation of the Bible is intentionally general, and thus it mainly focuses on "what" instead of "how", so that in each verse the Bible has coded NOT just one, but many different rules and commandments. As a perfect example of this, consider verse 6:10 from the biblical "1 Timothy", I quote: "For the greed of money is the root of all evil." After all, in an equally good way as the quoted below verses 12:29-31 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Mark" this 6:10 also makes us to understand, among other things, that it is a huge sin and an escalation of evil if someone in his/her life is guided by a selfish "me" in accumulating wealth and money. And according to other verses of the Bible, e.g. "It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven" - see Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, Luke 18:25, this evil will be severely punished. So implicitly, this verse 6:10 tells to us also the need to motivate our actions by the good of our "neighbours", NOT by the wish to satisfy our own greed.


From the findings of my "Theory of Life from 2020" we already know, that what inclinations, character traits, motivations, etc., we naturally show, depends mainly on what programs our "soul" contains - see web pages "soul_proof.htm" and "2020life.htm". But the soul is pre-programmed for us by God. In turn even today's human programmers already know, that if someone has the required knowledge and is a wise programmer, then he/she is able to program whatever he/she wants. But God knows everything and is the most perfect programmer in the entire universe. It is enough to realize this just by knowing that while starting from merely the ability to program behaviours of counter-matter (i.e. behaviours of "God Drobinas"), God managed to develop programs that make all these wonders which we see in the entire world of matter. So some may also ask: why then God has NOT pre-programmed our souls in such a way that from birth we feel an irresistible will to motivate everything with the good of our "neighbours", and not with the selfish good of ourselves? Means, why God did NOT pre-program our souls in a similar manner as He did it with the souls of angels and dogs - see "Fig. #A2.12a" below, instead of programming them in the way He programs souls of cats - see "Fig. #A2.12b" below. The answer is that there is a whole range of important reasons for such pre-programming. The most important of them is that ideally acting creatures are NOT able to "pursue knowledge" - to which fact I have been trying for a long time to draw the attention of my readers, among others, in item #B2 from the web page named "antichrist.htm" and in item #C3 from the web page named "humanity.htm". After all, the lack of differentiation in experiencing "good" and "evil" would take away from such perfect people the source of motivation that pushes them to improve anything, as in their opinion everything would be perfect then. So in order to be able to pursue knowledge, people must be imperfect and also have the so-called "free will" - as this is additionally explained in item #B1 from another my web page named "will.htm". Furthermore, one needs to remember that in order to ensure a safe future for humanity, it is necessary to know and remember NOT only "good", but also gain the knowledge about reasons, types, symptoms, actions, and consequences of "evil". In turn, in order humanity is to accumulate the knowledge about "evil", it is necessary that exist also people who "voluntarily" do such evil. This in turn means that God cannot impose a perfect soul on everyone from birth, and that imperfect people should be given a "free will" to choose acting that spreads either "good" or "evil". Only that the "evil" they spread is turned into their karma programs (see the web page "karma.htm"), and at the same time "evil" is directed by the operation of the "Boomerang Principle" (see the web page "morals.htm") to become "karma returns" for people or for "group intellects" who already deserved the same evil - as e.g. verses 13:22-25 from the biblical "Book of Jeremiah" warn us about it. (Notice an example of such a return of evil karma to "group intellects", described in item #F2 of the web page named "karma.htm" - which warns nations and countries that evil done today, will catch them in the future.) Another reason is that giving to people souls filled with egoism allow God to test their characters and to find out who will fight their selfishness and evil, and thus deserve forgiveness for their imperfections, heaven, and eternal life, and who will savour evil - and thus who is NOT suitable for heaven. (Consider the separating "chaff" from "grain" or "goats" from "sheep" described in the Bible.) Yet another reason is to create a history of the struggle of a given people with evil, which will remain in their memory forever, and thus which after getting into Heaven will motivate them to continue the advancement of knowledge and development of the universe.


I should admit here that I have been using the "how" procedure discussed above for a long time, and that I believe that in my own case it works in the way I described here (knowing about my own imperfection, I leave it to God and to the reader to judge whether this my belief is a fact). But independently from my own experiences, there is also a huge body of objective evidence which also shows that the procedure "how" described here - which recommends the use of a mental change in our motivations and intentions, is actually going to initiate changes in our life path. This body of evidence is made up of consistent confirmations of the truth derived from all "three witnesses", which my "Theory of Everything of 1985" and "Theory of Life of 2020" indicates as the most important for guaranteeing the truth and effectiveness of each finding unanimously certified by all three of them. More precisely these "3 witnesses" are described in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 of my web page named "2020life.htm", while different than here examples of them are shown in there in "part #V". The actual finding and documenting of unanimous testimonials by all these "3 witnesses" provides us with a guarantee that whatever they confirmed is truth and only truth. Let us indicate examples of these unanimous confirmations that originate from each of these "3 witnesses" for the procedure "how" discussed here. And so:


(a) First examples of these 3 witnesses are "logical deductions". Here are examples of various results of deriving the above findings "how" from my "Theory of Everything of 1985" and my "Theory of Life of 2020": with the logically correct cause-effect chain: (a1) The content of the basic principle of the totalizm philosophy described in item #A6 from the web page "totalizm.htm" while stating "whatever you do, do it pedantically morally - means in the manner in which it fulfils all commandments and criteria of morality". (a2) The totaliztic definition of morality: "morality is the level of obedience in the fulfilment of commandments and requirements of God" - see item #A1 from the web page "totalizm.htm" or item #B5 from another my web page named "morals.htm". (a3) The content of items #B1 to #B4 from the web page named "will.htm".


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