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#337E: Totaliztic understanding of free will,...

I am sorry to inform here the readers that I have NOT had so far enough time to complete the translation of items #B1, #B2 and #B3 from my web page named "will.htm", from which the results of my research to be presented in this post number #337E (for blogs of totalizm) were to be adopted. The only thing that I have managed to translate so far, are the headings, mottos and captions under the illustrations to these three items - which, however, should give the reader a good understanding of what unique knowledge I have developed and am trying to disseminate in there. So if the reader is interested in this knowledge, then I suggest that the reader himself or herself translates into the language he or she uses the full content of these items #B1, #B2 and #B3, which is already published on the Polish version of the same web page named "will_pl.htm". After all, on the Internet numerous (free) programs are available, with the use of which the reader is able to quickly and easily obtain a rough (approximate) version of the translation of these results of my research. Alternatively, the reader can translate by himself or herself post number #337 to blogs of totalizm, which is the Polish equivalent of this English post #337E and which has already been published, among others, as the post number #337 from "volume Q" of my publication [13] available via the web page named "tekst_13.htm" that compiles texts of all previously published posts to blogs of totalizm.

Motto of this post #337E: "It is high time for us to start realize that the conditions and details for making by people even the most insignificant inventions or discoveries based on truth, God probably prepares for hundreds or thousands of 'human years' (see Bible, verse 3:8 from "2 Peter") of gathering and processing the knowledge that is needed, and then diligent creating the factors that motivate people, such as: the required conditions and environments, announcements, guidelines, training of "souls" of those people whom God entrusts with the task of the practical accomplishing these discoveries or inventions, and then such directing their implementation that the truth contained in them in the most educational and permanent way finally overcomes the evil forces that fight out the eventuation of these discoveries or inventions." (The explaining why forming and tolerating in their communities, institutions or countries the "curse of inventors" or "inventive impotence" which block the disclosure and implementation of truths, discoveries and inventions, is a severely punished sin - as it is explained e.g. in items #V5, #V3, and (13) from item #V2 of my web page named 2020life.htm.)

#B1. The "free will" - why God gave it to people, and how the management of "reversible software time" enables God to make the achievement of goals intended by God independent from the actions of people opposing these goals:

#B2. The functions of knowledge and truth in the intellectual development of the entire universe - and the most important goals which God tries to accomplish through the creation of "pursuing knowledge" people:

Motto: "Only knowledge that expresses "truth" brings about progress, while knowledge that comes from lying breeds downfall. This is why the knowledge newly established by people should NOT be recognized or implemented if it was NOT confirmed by the most reliable amongst known to people 'three witnesses', the truth, objectivity and certainty of judgments of which '3 witnesses' is revealed and recommended by the philosophy of totalizm." (The essence of the reason for the recommendation of "3 witnesses" in (1) from #G1 and in (1) from #H1 of my web page "2020life.htm", as well as in #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm".)
Fig. #B2ab: Here are two drawings which illustrate how drastically opposite to each other can be interpretations of two authors of the strict descriptions of the appearance and structure of the male (positive) "God Drobinas" contained in the ancient knowledge from the Cabbalistic book "Sefer ha-Zohar" - if any of the authors of these interpretations lacks these confirmed by the credentials of discussed above "3 witnesses": the dictionary and the "key", which in present times allow for a truthful interpretation of these descriptions of appearance and structure. In turn, because with such a large contrast between them, it is NOT possible that both these interpretations express the truth, thus one of these interpretations represents at least a huge error of inquiry, if NOT deliberately lying and deceiving humanity by the evil forces hidden behind it - which forces have the power and skills for tempting and deceiving of people. Both the above drawings show the appearance of the same male "God Drobina". Only that the upper one (a) was developed after already finding the key and a dictionary confirmed by the required "3 witnesses", thus allowing a precise interpretation of descriptions of its appearance. In turn this "key" and dictionary revealed that the book "Sefer ha-Zohar" describes the appearance and structure of both the male (positive) "God Drobina" shown above in the upper (a) drawing - to the image and likeness of which, according to the verse 1:27 from the "Book of Genesis" of Bible, God created men. Furthermore, this "key" and dictionary revealed also that the book "Sefer ha-Zohar" describes as well the appearance and structure of NOT shown here, but illustrated in "Fig. #K2b(right)" from my web page named "god_exists.htm", female (negative) "God Drobina"- in the image and likeness of which, according to the verse 1:27 from the "Book of Genesis" of Bible, God created women. In turn the lower (b) from the above drawings, which imparts the humanity that the ancient book "Sefer ha-Zohar" supposedly shows a "machine for producing manna", probably was worked out on the principle of erroneous and sensation-oriented human "guessing" of the meanings of individual formulations of descriptions from this ancient book. This "guessing" make its author famous and probably richer - because it allowed him to publish a "bestseller" book entitled "The Manna Machine" (see ), on the basis of which e.g. someone in Poland prepared a 26:04 minutes long free YouTube video in Polish entitled: ‘Sekret Arki Przymierza i "Wiekowego Starca" ‘ (this title means: The Secret of the Ark of the Covenant and "Aged Old Man") which is disseminated from the address . However, at the same time, this "guessing" spread around the world the untruth that was shifting humanity back in the development, the correction and replacement of which with the truth about the appearance, structure and role of "God Drobinas", in the present times of increasingly clever lying to people by adherents of evil, probably will take ages (if this deepening rejection by people of truth and acceptance of lies and evil, will at all allow most people to see through their eyes and to come out into the light from the darkness of lies). The very process of finding this "key" and dictionary, together with the provision of the required "3 witnesses" confirming their truth, is explained more comprehensively in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". In turn the confirmation of the truth of this "key" and the dictionary reveals that the lower (b) drawing is completely erroneous, and that probably the sponsorship of its widespread dissemination around the world is carried out by these evil forces interested in hiding the truth and keeping humanity in ignorance, unawareness and lies - which forces, among other things, at the same time fiercely (though secretly) persecute and block also the dissemination of my publications and thus, through this persecution, serve me for over 35 years indescribable amount of suffering as a "payment" for my efforts of improving the fates of all people. Fortunately for us, the biblical promise to reveal to people every secret hidden by someone (expressed in verse 10:26 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" - I quote from NIV: "... for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known") causes that surely one day this promise will also be fulfilled for this extremely important for humanity case of attempts by evil forces to hide from people the truth about "God Drobinas". For example, if God decides to NOT allow that the dissemination of my research is blocked and deleted completely by the evil forces while my almost life-long suffering of taking continuous persecution is NOT wasted, then this promise from the Bible God probably could fulfil just by effects of inspiring me in 2020 to develop my "Theory of life of 2020" described on the totaliztic web page named "2020life.htm" - an important fragment of which is devoted to the discovery and the description of the existence, appearance, and role of "God Drobinas".

Fig. #B2a - upper: Here is the appearance of the male positive "God Drobina" prepared by my graphically talented friend (in the creation of which illustration I participated remotely, laboriously preparing detailed and long instructions and explanations sent to my friend by e-mail), the truth and correctness of which appearance is certified by all the most important "3 witnesses" - confirmations of which I presented in item #K1 from the web page named "god_exists.htm" and in captions under illustrations attached to that #K1. The external appearance of this male God Drobina is characterized by having an erected "penis", testicles, and beard - all thoroughly described in the Cabbalistic book "Sefer ha-Zohar". The same book also describes the appearance and constitution of the female negative God Drobina, whose external appearance is characterized by having a female organ "vulva" and the lack of a beard. However, much more important for us her internal differences compared to the male God Drobina, still await the exact decoding after the development of the required "key" and dictionary - as I described it in item #B2 of the Polish equivalent of this web page. After all, the differences in the structure and operation of both these different "God Drobinas" are later transferred to people because of the differentiation of programs of our "soul" that are synthesized in their interiors. So these inner differences define such huge differences that exist in thinking, actions, and behaviours of men and women. Unfortunately, the fact of the existence of the description of the female God Drobina in the book "Sefer ha-Zohar" was conveniently "overlooked" by the authors of the world "bestseller" entitled "The Manna Machine", which persuaded humanity that these descriptions supposedly document only the existence and use of the supposed "machine for producing manna" shown as the lower (b) one of the above drawings. After all, the "machine for producing manna" would NOT have its male and female varieties, nor male and female lower organs - especially it would NOT have an erected "penis" and two "testicles" that surround it, perfectly visible in the lower part (b) of the illustration of this supposed "machine".

Fig. #B2b - lower: Here is the appearance of the supposed "machine for producing manna" also prepared by my friend, the truth and correctness of the existence and appearance of which deny all the "3 witnesses" discussed here - statements of which I presented in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm" and in captions under the illustrations attached to these #K1 and #K2. This appearance reveals how easy it is to mislead (if NOT deliberately lie to) the whole of humanity with sensational statements and high-quality graphics that distort the truth, and how sceptical and hostile to God are today's people ready to accept with enthusiasm everything that denies existence, wisdom and the power of our God - no wonder that the God-controlled nature and fate of humanity just show us that God "means business" (see ), and that if people do NOT show the change caused by repentance, the saving effects of which in the Bible illustratively suggests the behaviour of the kingdom of "Nineveh", and will NOT start quickly the elimination of "money" (which are the source of almost all evil) through e.g. undertaking the implementation of the political "Nirvana System", described in "part #L" and in the INTRODUCTION of my web page named "smart_tvs.htm" while symbolically illustrated in the Polish language on our free half-hour-long video entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (see - which title means: "World without money: The Nirvana Political System"), then whatever predicts scientifically the scenario of our Polish-language film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (see - which title means: "The Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s") unfortunately we all will, without exception, experience very painfully. After all, it is probably to such a scenario that in a coded manner refers verse 24:22 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew", the intentional logical and historical contradiction of it in relation to descriptions that follow it are to provide us with a "key" and with clarification regarding the differentiation of understanding of times in which it is to take place.

#B3. Mankind - means working ants to which God entrusted cleaning the complex outlines of "skeleton of knowledge and truth" that are hidden amongst "shadows of possible overlooking or lying":

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