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(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #335E)

#L4. Why is it in the interest of every inhabitant of the Earth (means NOT only every citizen of Poland) to both, watch the movie "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany", (i.e.: "World Without Money: The Nirvana System"), and also to persuade all his/her friends to watch it:

An old prophecy is widely known in Poland, about which the reader may already have heard, and which states that "the spark will come out from Poland" (in Polish: "iskra wyjdzie z Polski"). If you think carefully, the political "Nirvana System" would perfectly fit the concept of "spark" from this prophecy. However, we must also be aware that this "spark" could well be many other events and breakthroughs, which in the future may come out of Poland by a joint effort of all Polish citizens. Furthermore, perhaps this spark already managed to leave Poland - only that Polish citizens who are passively staring at TV sets and listening mainly to official propaganda, may NOT know about it yet. After all, this spark can be e.g. my "Cyclic Table for Propulsion Systems" - see , which is illustrated and discussed in our film shown below as "Video #L4". This published in 1976 my Cyclic Table forecasts the construction of a militarily invincible starship called the Magnocraft (see web page "magnocraft.htm") - the power of which, after being built by Korea, according to an old Polish prophecy, is to lift Korea into a superpower and a leader of the entire humanity. Therefore, what this "spark" really turns out to be, as well as "when" and "whether at all" it truly will come out of Poland one day, it depends on the voluntary choice and collective determination of many Polish citizens to implement a given "spark", NOT only from the work of one or just several people who postulated the possibility of such a spark to appear in Poland. This is because we should remember that God places a high emphasis NOT only on the "voluntary nature" of our actions for the good of our "neighbours", but additionally God makes sure that actions that actually bring good to many "neighbours" simultaneously are also performed with the effort of a whole "group of people" (i.e. with the effort of some "group intellect"), NOT just an effort of a single "benefactor", whose imperfections usually cause a "distortion" of what he/she does. It is for this reason that all "good" introduced by just one person, e.g. by Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, etc., always ended in failure and a complete "flop". So let us not try to deceive ourselves in this matter, because whether this "spark" which will come out of Poland will appear in the world at all, it depends only on the "group us", that is on the collective effort and collective wisdom of many "foundation fathers", who voluntarily join the implementation into life of a given candidate for this "spark". So when we spend our time on eating sandwiches in front of the TV screen or on picking our noses out of boredom, while for something what was destroyed either by sins of our ancestors or by our own sins and therefore about what the verse 6:23 of the biblical "Romans" has been warning for millennia "For the wages of sin is death, ..." thus it comes to our sinful generation to be punished, we must NOT count that someone else will do everything for us, while we could later forward our chest for orders and, for example, without earning it we may start to enjoy the happiness of nirvana. So even those who have NOT learned yet the "moral law of earning everything" (see #3A from subsection I4.1.1 in my monograph [1/5]), should already have the knowledge of the timeless truth that is widely known in the world, that in order to NOT support laziness and the expectation of "cakes without work" received e.g. just for lounging, "God helps those who help themselves" - see . In this proverb, which always seems to work in everyday life, it is worth paying attention to the need for "group action" emphasized in it by the use of the plural of the words "those", "themselves" - that is to note in it that a singular words, e.g. "that" and "himself", are not used!

In the above discussion of the "spark" as the implementation of the political Nirvana System in some country, or even in Poland itself, which in such a situation would actually fulfil the old Polish prophecy that "spark come out of Poland", I used expression the "Founding Fathers" (see ) the meaning of which is explained by numerous web pages indicated by the Google search engine, as well as many other publications. For example, for the USA their list and biographies are proudly announced to the world by publications about the so-called "Founding Fathers of the USA" - see . The merit of these fathers was that they created a democratic system and a new state (the United States), which at that time completely revolutionized the political face of the world - just as this face can revolutionize the Nirvana Political System. At present, however, there are times when a group of "Nirvana System Foundation Fathers" may emerge from the body of humanity - whose impact on the fate of future generations of mankind, and hence the importance of which for the history of our world, may become comparable to the importance of those "Founding Fathers of the USA". So the question that every reader should start to ask himself, is whether after getting acquainted with the "Nirvana System" he acknowledges that the advantages and potential good that this political system is able to make available to people who will live under it, is worth devoting one's time and energy to standing as one of his "Foundation Fathers". In turn, if the answer that the reader gives himself is "YES", then it is about time to read immediately the descriptions contained in my publications (e.g. in item #L6 below) of one of a number of possible methods (in my opinion the easiest one to put it into practice) regarding "how to start implementing the Nirvana System", then together with other people who think alike, become actively involved in the fruition of this implementation. It is worth adding here that in the world there are also numerous (unfortunately not knowing yet the ways of achieving nirvana) prototypes of the "Nirvana System" - which I am going to describe below in item #L5.

Another benefit of the possible implementation of the Nirvana System specifically in Poland would be that it would also fulfil a whole range of other old prophecies about this country and nation - for example prophecies described in item #E4 from my web page named "prophecies.htm" and repeated in post #307E to blogs of totalizm, while stating that "the Polish language will be voluntarily learned and used by all the nations of the world".

The benefit of the possible implementation of the Nirvana System by any country of the world would be that probably this implementation is already the last chance for humanity to protect itself from the upcoming destruction in the 2030s (see web page "2030_uk.htm"), illustrated with our half-hour film (in Polish) entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s") available at . About this purification (or more strictly the "purge" announced by ancient prophecies - e.g. Indian Hopi) it can already be estimated, that if people do NOT make an effort to avoid it, probably to die out in it is the most of the current population of the Earth (i.e. which purification will probably manage to survive only particularly godly, smart, resourceful, cautious, resistant, strong and healthy people). As it is easy to notice, so-far everything on Earth is developing in accordance with the script of this film about the 2030s. So until people do NOT get rid of "money" that generates evil increasingly persistently, and do NOT base their lives on "voluntarism", concord "group acting" and "obeying God's commandments", then such, as some biasedly call them "resets of humanity" - see (i.e. killing most of people, or "purges"), are and will be repeated every few hundred years. The English have an apt-saying for this, namely that everything can be done either "the hard way or the easy way" (see ) - meaning in "difficult or easy way". So we only have a few short years left to stop in such an "easy way" the arrival of the destruction - through the introduction of the Nirvana System. Otherwise around 2030s the "hard way" will begin to come by and those who deserve to survive will have to start everything from the very beginning - including learning again how to do heavy physical work and do it NOT for experiencing happiness of nirvana but just to somehow manage to survive.

I should also add here, that when humanity builds my "time vehicles" (see web page "immortality.htm") and gains access to immortality through repetitive shifting people back to the years of their youth so that they can live infinitely long, the prior experiencing the earned nirvana just before such a shifting back to the years of youth should become the never ignored and absolutely required condition of shifting a given person back in the "reversible software time". Reasons why it should be so indisputably - if humanity wishes to protect itself from blowing itself up, I explained in item #F3 from the web page named "nirvana.htm", and in items #H1 to #H5 as well as in #I1 and #M1 from my web page named "immortality.htm". In turn, if the humanity survives the purification of the 2030s, the building of my time vehicles will be only a matter of time. Thus assuming that these increasingly corrupt elites somehow manage to protect the Earth from earlier blowing up the entire humanity, then the additional benefit of implementing the Nirvana System would be that practically almost everyone, whom this system teaches to keep in the state of perpetual nirvana, will be ready for repetitive shifting back to years of his/her youth, and thus to a healthy, happy, and infinitely long life.

The nirvana made available to everyone through the Nirvana Political System has also the potential to act as a "source of motivation" that encourages people to improve their morality, while the lack of it - as a punishment for people behaving immorally (which facts I emphasize e.g. in item #B4.2 from the web page named "mozajski_uk.htm").

I should NOT need to explain here, that the implementation on Earth of any prototypical nucleus of organizations or institutions leading humanity to the implementation of the planned by God "Nirvana Political System", already for a long time enjoys the open support from God - in spite that until the date of my discovery of the existence of the phenomenon of "earned nirvana" and the completion of research on the requirements of "moral work" (the fulfilment of which is absolutely necessary for the appearance of nirvana), because of errors and imperfections in management and actions of these prototype nuclei probably none of their staff was able to earn nirvana for themselves and experience the miraculous nirvana happiness. So let us indicate here premises which suggest the existence of this open support from God. And so, for example, for the considerable support and international fame of the Swiss religious community called "Methernitha" (see ) which tried to model its principles of life and behaviour on biblical descriptions of the behaviour of Jesus' Apostles, as well to imitate lives of these Apostles, God in a manner difficult to logically explain (which I tried describe in item #D2 from my web page named "free_energy.htm") arranged for Methernitha to receive a donation from a mysterious "handyman" named Nitschel as many as three prototypes (that were vehemently criticized and prevented from building by some mysterious power) of miraculous technical devices operating on the principles of "perpetual motion" and called the "Testatica" (see ) and "Thesta Distatica" (see ) - in present times usually known under the more publicly acceptable name of "generators of pure free energy". In spite of the loud denials, persecutions and blocking by henchmen of this hidden power (one of the examples of the existence and clever operation of which power is revealed e.g. in "Fig. #L5" below) still these three already working Swiss "perpetual motion devices" became famous in the entire world - endowing also the world fame to religious Methernitha community. In turn e.g. the New Zealand religious community called "Gloriavale Christian Community" (see ), or religious communities from the USA calling themselves "Amish" (see ), due to God's help are able to stick to their principles, traditions and existence, despite the fact that on all sides they are surrounded by people with atheistic inclinations and the based on "money" models of life of today's "modern" humanity - which people sometimes find it difficult to resist attempts to "persuade" these communities the adoption of atheistic models of life. No wonder that these communities can sometimes experience unnecessary external disturbances, pressures, investigations, interference, accusations, attacks, slandering their leaders, etc. In turn the "Kibbutz" from Israel (see ), due to the help and support from God, are able to exist and effectively produce excellent agricultural production in spite of the "reputation" and world "fame" that have been created and disseminated around the world by completely different rules and goals of "collective farms" from other parts of world.

However let us NOT forget that the benefits that the entire world or any country can gain from the political "Nirvana System" are conditional - i.e. in order to benefit from them, firstly a given country or nation must voluntarily, collectively, democratically and in a NOT botched manner implement this system. After all, unfortunately, the implementation of a new, even the most ideal political system, which will make happy all people living under it, is NOT a task that can be performed by one person, or even by just a few people. Therefore, the obtaining of benefits that any country can achieve from the "Nirvana System" is conditional. It will depend on whether the majority of people of that country are able to mobilize themselves to voluntarily, democratically, collectively, correctly (i.e. without botching it), implement this perfect system of universal happiness.
Video #L4: Here is a film entitled "Future Propulsions" (see ), which presents another candidate for this prophetic "spark" - which according to old Polish prophecies is supposed to come out to the world from Poland. This candidate illustrated with the above film, is the so-called "Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices" (see ) described more extensively in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm" (while best illustrated in "Tab. #D4" from my web page named "2020life.htm") - the formulation of which predicts all designs and principles of operation that will be obtained by propulsion systems built on Earth in future until the end of the world (means some of them built in very distant future). What is most interesting, this "spark" perfectly fits the nature of Polish people, which, according to an old Polish proverb causes that inhabitants of Poland always "praise others and do not know theirs". After all, the spark from the above film will still come out of Poland, even if the discoidal space vehicle of my invention predicted by it, called the Magnocraft (see web page "magnocraft.htm") - means the most powerful starship in the world, is to be built NOT in Poland, but in any other country. Even the old Polish prophecies described in item #H1.1 from my web page named "prophecies.htm", and the implications accompanying them, for a long time already indicate that the Magnocraft will be built in Korea (means NOT in Poland). In turn, the undefeated power of this starship is to cause that Korea will become a world superpower and the next (and already the last) country-leader of the entire Earth.

The "Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices" shown in the above movie film lists general regularities that must appear in all propelling devices. In turn, due to this listing, the hitherto accidental inventing of subsequent propulsion systems is replaced with a future intellectual synthesis, which from now on can be performed not only by people, but even by computers with AI. In a sense, this table is the propulsion equivalent of the Mendeleev Table (see ) which predicts the properties of elements not yet discovered. Apart from the Magnocraft described above, which will lift humanity to the stars, this table also indicates the principle of operation of the "Time Vehicle" (or "Time Machine" described in web page "immortality.htm") - which after building will allow people to live any length of time, because after each reaching an old age it will transfer a given person back to the years of his/her youth. Furthermore, this table indicates how to build "perpetual motion" engines that generate unlimited amounts of clean free energy - for details see item #B3 of the web page named "fe_cell.htm", and also reveals how in the distant future people will synthesize everything through programming of counter-matter - e.g. see on the above film the synthesizing from counter-matter of the so-called "Inca Wall" - see web page "p_nfi.htm" (instead of physically building everything out of matter as we currently do).

#L5. Numerous prototypes of the "nirvana system" already exist in the world and work effectively (only that so-far they do not know how to earn nirvana), for example: the Swiss "Methernitha", the New Zealand "Gloriavale Christian Community", the American "Amish", and also the so-called "Kibbutz" from Izrael - from the best solutions of life and management of which, after removing their imperfections that up to this day have grown, it would be possible to develop a perfect template for work of the Nirvana Political System:

One of the best examples and models to follow, showing how even just a few farmers (or several owners of a production enterprise) could initiate the first "nucleus" or first "cell" of the future Nirvana Political System in the manner described below in item #L6, may be the extraordinary success of the Swiss religious community called "Methernitha". Just for the very initiative of creating with success a similar "cell", but with a religious (instead of political) orientation, God rewarded Methernitha by organizing a donation of as many as the first three in the world devices operating on the principle of "perpetual motion", i.e. the first so-called "generators of clean free energy" already known on the whole Earth under the names "Testatica" and "Thesta Distatica", while more extensively described, among others, on my web page named "free_energy.htm" and in publications linked therein.

I learned a lot about the "Methernitha" community (see ) and about their "Testatica" and "Thesta-Distatica" machines, when - after taking up the job of a "senior lecturer" at the University of Otago, I was preparing to build in there a prototype of a "perpetual motion machine" for generating unlimited amounts of clean free electricity, e.g. the one which I invented myself, called the "telekinetic battery", while which I described on my web page named "fe_cell.htm" (especially see descriptions from item #B3 in there). So when I lost my job at the University of Otago, and it seemed that I never can find any other employment in NZ, I decided that at my own expense I would go to Switzerland and visit Methernitha. As I was in contact with them, I informed them about my intention of coming. As a result, I received an official invitation from them to visit them as a visiting foreign guest. So in 1991 I got the honour of being a guest of the "Methernitha" community for several days - see the photograph from "Fig. #L5" below. At that time I did NOT know yet that probably knowing the future and knowing that I will develop, among others, the political Nirvana System, God probably deliberately created for me this excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the group life of this community and its effective inventive and production activities - which it then significantly impressed me, as well as created for me the opportunity to gather observations which later made me realize that although the participants of this community were clearly happier and more satisfied with their lives than people living outside of Methernitha, still they did NOT show signs of achieving and experiencing nirvana.

So on the basis of that visit to Methernitha, and my later research on the requirements of "moral work" which leads to the achievement of nirvana, and on my constant observations of imperfections, errors and shortcomings in everyday life of present people, I am now able to explain how we can correct the most important imperfections tolerated by the existing prototypes of production or service patterns for future "cells" of the Nirvana System, the creation of which is described in item #L6 below. Notice here that: the name "cell of the Nirvana System" should be understood as any organized group of people who have assets that allow them to carry out any production or perform any services, and so organized and managed that the moral, social and legal climate prevailing among its participants and within their assets enabled people working in there and volunteers who came to join the ranks of its participants, so that through the "moral work" carried out in there they are able to earn in the most effective way the appearance or maintenance of the phenomenon of "earned nirvana". Examples of such "cells of the Nirvana System" could be all communities that I mentioned in the title of this item #L5 (means: Methernitha, Gloriavale Christian Community, Amish, and also Kibbutz from Israel) - if they eliminated their imperfections the examples of which I describe below in (1) to (5). The procedure of creating such "cells of the Nirvana System" is described in item # L6 below. So here are examples of the most important out of these imperfections, and manners of eliminating them.

(1) Widespread lack of knowledge about the existence of nirvana and requirements of achieving nirvana. Achieving the permanent happiness of nirvana is the subject to many conditions and requirements from God, which I described on my web page named "nirvana.htm" (especially see items #D3, #D2 and #C7 in there). After all, nirvana is a unique form of "prize from God Himself" for receiveing of which one needs to deserve - means it is NOT just, for example, another consequence of typical people's behaviour. So without getting to know these requirements, it is extremely difficult to earn a nirvana due to an ordinary "accident", while even if one earns it - it is difficult to learn that this extraordinary happiness then experienced is "earned nirvana". Therefore, the basic duty of every "cell of the Nirvana System" is to make sure that every worker knows what earned nirvana is and how it is accomplished by carrying out voluntary "moral work".

(2) Complete avoidance of "being forced" to work. Present societies are so used to "forcing" work from others that they perform this forcing purely mechanically without even being aware of it. For example, such a typical "request" of the superior, as: "Mrs. Catherine, while making a cup of coffee, please also bring me a mug", or "Mr. Joseph, while going back, I would ask you to bring those files", if they come from someone in charge, in practice they represent forcing of labour. On the other hand, in order for "moral work" to generate enough "moral energy", then apart from being physical, it should also be absolutely voluntary and done with the motivation to cause good to other people. (Hence, for example, Ms. Catherine or Mr. Joseph from the above example may, on their own initiative, ask if it would be useful for someone when they do this or that, or if they volunteer to this, but other people are NOT allowed to order it if they do NOT volunteer themselves - because e.g. they may feel ill or they intend to do something else, (e.g. go to the toilet) while such a command would force them to do something that breaks their intentions or needs.)

(3) People who voluntarily are earning nirvana for themselves, cannot be managed by a leader who himself is NOT experiencing nirvana. Therefore, in every "cell of the nirvana system" the leader cannot be someone who does NOT experience nirvana in person - means someone who avoids voluntarily performing physical "moral work" on an equal footing with other members of a given "cell". Furthermore, the role of a leader in each such cell cannot be "for life" but should be "elected and rotated" every few years - at most every 7 years, or even at shorter periods of time.

(4) The leader of a given "cell" should limit himself to only setting goals (meaning setting "what") while "how" should these goals be accomplished should be decided by the "group wisdom" of the entire "cell", or the "group wisdom" of the part of "cell" responsible for the "how". It is also worth noting that each of us humans is a habitat for many imperfections. Therefore, in order to avoid committing mistakes and distortions, the "leader" should only focus on submitting the suggestions of goals to the participants of a given cell, i.e. suggesting "what". This is because if he is wrong and these goals are NOT achievable, the later "how" cannot be worked out and implemented. But the later implementation of these goals (means "how") in order to avoid mistakes usually made by individual people, should be earned through the "group wisdom". After all, "how" refers to details about which it is already known that according to the well-known English saying "devil is in details" (see ) there is a potential to cause errors, distortions, omissions, etc.

(5) Releasing people who already achieved nirvana from carrying out further physical "moral work". The lack of such releasing is the most common mistake of all "collective farms", production cooperatives, etc. Regardless of what a given their employee has achieved, he/she still had to work according to the principle "who does NOT work, is NOT with us". On the other hand, the task of "cells of the nirvana system" is to provide conditions for voluntary earning in them the appearance of nirvana or for extending the duration of nirvana. So when nirvana appears and lasts for them, they should be given a free choice as to what they will do next, e.g. whether they will go on vacation, rest, devote themselves to some hobby, creativity, education, etc. Only when they themselves decide to voluntarily earn an additional reserve of "moral energy", then they can voluntarily undertake further "moral work" in a given, or in another, "cell". It is worth emphasizing at this point, that for the correct operation of the "Nirvana System", "moral energy meters" should be invented and constructed as soon as possible, to indicate who really is in nirvana - proposed principles of operation of which I described in my publications.
Fig. #L5: Here is a photo that the author of this post #335 and the web page "smart_tvs.htm" from which it is adapted (i.e. Dr Eng. Jan Pająk) took in 1991 during his stay in the Swiss religious community called "Methernitha" - where, among other things, he had the honour of talking personally with the founder of this community, the late Paul Baumann, as well as talking to many of its inhabitants-participants and observing the rules of their life and daily work.

As a mysterious curiosity about the above photograph, I suggest the reader to answer himself the question: whether the photo-camera (with which the above photograph from his stay in Methernitha was "snapped") e.g. momentarily bent down at the moment of opening the shutter, causing the Methernitha building shown in the photograph to look as if it stood on the slope of a mountain in a way that is simply impossible to build and to stand on the surface of the earth, or rather, in the meantime, some power with enormous influence on the whole earth and the ability to break into computers guarded by any passwords and security (which power constantly causes a secret persecution of life of the author and mocking and degrading practically every his action) caused this photo taken in 1991 to be skilfully and intentionally sabotaged e.g. in a computer that stores it, in a way that requires enormous knowledge, graphic skills, and expensive equipment, and thus impossible to make e.g. by 75-year old pensioner even in the newest times of frequent falsification of photos with existing computer tools?

The author received an invitation from the Methernitha community for a few days' visit and hospitality with them, then at his own expense he flew to Switzerland to stay with this community, because he learned a lot about Methernitha when earlier in his work as a scientist and a senior lecturer at the New Zealand University of Otago from Dunedin he prepared himself to start building the so-called "clean free energy generators" working on principles of "perpetual motion". The University of Otago has one such device - which is the operating in it without winding for about 160 years the clock called "Beverly Clock" (see ) hanging in its administrative building. The principle of operation of this clock I described in item #B5.1 from my web page named "tapanui.htm", and in (5) from item #B3 of another web page named "fe_cell.htm". But at the same time the Methernitha community already had three working prototypes of different "perpetual motion" devices, which generated electricity in a much more effective manner. Thus the Methernitha prototypes already then generated significant amounts of clean free electricity. They only required additional refinement of their principle of operation, which earlier I planned to carry out at the University of Otago. Unfortunately, before I was able to implement these plans, the decision-makers of that university first prevented me from presenting my two scientific papers on generators of clean free energy for international conferences in Israel and Australia, which had been written and already accepted for these conferences, and then they skilfully got rid of me from the university - as I described it, for example, in item #B5 from my web page named "tapanui.htm".

#L6. How every person can and should try to achieve the "happiness of earned nirvana" which will become their motivator for voluntary work for the good of their "neighbours" and a model of action for the implementation of the "Nirvana System" throughout their country:

Motto: "Algorithms that God established for the laws that govern over the operation of our physical world cause that the results of every human work which was done only physically or mechanically, means without building into it the correct wisdom, knowledge of the truth and without thinking about its long-term effects, always do more evil than good. Thus, in order for any physical work to result in the advantage of good over evil, then its physical execution must be preceded and directed by an in-depth and far-sighted re-thinking its long-term results." (Explanation where the harmful results of most human works come from, e.g. outcomes known to us under the name of consequences of "Murphy's Laws" - see .)

Of course, I do NOT need to explain here, that the "earned nirvana" practically every healthy and physically fit person can earn by performing hard physical work with motivations oriented towards the good of other people (i.e. the work which requires pedantically fulfilling all commandments, requirements and God's recommendations stated in the Bible). In my earning of such nirvana, I was doing heavy physical labour every day for as long as my body was completely exhausted from fatigue. In order to start experiencing nirvana, it results from my research that in own soul one needs to accumulate "moral energy" which is an equivalent of physical toil with the required motivations oriented towards the good of other people, for around 1200 hours of physical struggle [hps]. I suspect that in other people it is also necessary to put-in the number of hours of hard "moral work" that will accumulate in their souls a similar amount of "moral energy" before the "lightning bolt of happiness" of earned nirvana also appears in them. I wish good luck to those who personally decide to try to earn the happiness of nirvana in this way - world is desperately needing to learn their experiences. Guidelines on how to do this are provided in items #D3, #D2 and #C7 from the abovementioned web page named "nirvana.htm" and in publications indicated in there - e.g. in item #A3 from my web page named "partia_totalizmu_statute.htm".

As we know it well from real life, everything can be implemented in many different ways. An excellent example of this are engineers who, based on their knowledge and vision, are able to design and build, for example, many bridges of different structures leading through the same body of water. However, NOT all of these bridges will work in the given conditions - for example see the movie film about the so-called Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse "Gallopin' Gertie" from USA. Therefore, the better each bridge fulfills its function and the more durable it is, the more extensive engineering experience and knowledge its structure is based on, and the more thoroughly every detail of it has been considered - for further confirmation of these requirements, see e.g. the movie film about the so-called "Viaduc de Millau" built in France. It will be similarly with the Nirvana System. Hence, although I am sure that the wise and experienced "founding fathers" are also able to work out many methods of implementing this political system, which in the opinion of individual of them will best suit the current situation and characteristics of their country and nation, but if they overlook something in their plans, then the resultant goal may turn out to be unattainable - which is best remembered from the first versions of communism, before these versions were slightly improved by the system of today's China. Therefore, below I am going to describe a method of such an implementation, which I initially developed myself and alone. Hence, although starting from it is possible to initiate further improvements and considerations, but in order that it ultimately best and most effectively fits the situation and the unique features of a given country and nation, it will still be best to thoroughly rethink it and test it on the life models of several future generations of the population of this country - this time, however, guided by the "group wisdom" of a number of experienced and wise "founding fathers" as well as by the knowledge and experience drawn from history.

So when in a given country and nation several people can be found who have already themselves experienced the earned nirvana, their experience and advice will be very helpful during the initiation of a collective effort to implement the "Nirvana System" throughout the country via the formation of "cells of the nirvana system" described above in item #L5. This is because in my opinion such implementation requires the completion of several phases that accomplish different goals, in which each previously accumulated experience will add a very valuable contribution. Let us below briefly review the steps of this one amongst many possible to put into practice methods of peaceful establishment of the Nirvana System, which I developed myself. These steps would probably allow for the effective implementation of the first (the most difficult because initiating) "cell" and the phase of forming the Nirvana System in the given country. After all, in my opinion, the main goal of this first "cell" and phase would be to introduce into the nirvana state the first sufficiently large group of people, the experiences accumulated by all of which, and the later considerations and research, as well as voluntary work, would be enough to form so many further refined similar "cells", that are sufficient for enabling to satisfy the needs of the entire population of the given country and hence to eliminate "money" from that country. Here are these steps:

(I) The gathering of the first group of volunteers for the experiment that is to initiate the widespread implementation of the Nirvana System - which volunteers are to bring different knowledge and specialties. In order to create such a group, firstly all those who already experienced the earned nirvana would need to be contacted with each other and gather into one group. Then, by advertising across the country (with an explanation of "for what purpose"), it would be necessary to find and select (through interviews to find out whether their motivations, character traits and skills are appropriate and desirable in a given experiment), a group of volunteers with various skills who would like to take part in the experiment of earning nirvana for themselves with hard physical work in return for receiving for free everything that they would need for living, working and resting.

(II) The formation of the first "cell", means an institution, the operation of which would accumulate experiences on earning nirvana by a larger group of people. For this purpose, it firstly would have to be rented (because renting costs less than buying - for which, I will bet, there will always be no "money") e.g. a large farm with buildings to accommodate its employees (e.g. former state farms), or any other institution with a high demand for physical labour (e.g. a hospital, a renovation or construction company, a production cooperative, etc.). It would be best if it is located in a sparsely populated area - what would protect those who are to earn nirvana from the preying eyes of unfriendly outside observers who would diminish the efficiency of generating "moral energy". Then the previously gathered group from (I) above, including those already experienced in nirvana, plus new volunteers, would need to be accommodated in there and they should assume the management of all the activities of this "cell of the nirvana system" created in this manner. Means they would manage the production of any goods produced in this farm or institution, plus at the same time they would collectively and democratically chose what all of them together and what each one of them would voluntarily do on a given day, to cause the most profitable production of a given farm - which products would be immediately sold on the market, and for the earned money all participants of the experiment would receive free of charge whatever they currently need for life, work, rest and entertainment. In turn, the surplus of earnings, after a whole year of such work, would be used to create the next implementation of the "cell of the nirvana system", which would be a copy of the first cell - and which would voluntarily join some more didactically gifted participants of this first cell to help teaching the next group about nirvana.

(III) The yearly increase in the number of such implemented "cells of the nirvana system" would be systematically repeated, initially acquiring more and more agricultural farms, and then also production enterprises, until their total production of generated goods will be able to satisfy the needs of the entire country, and thus allow the gradual elimination of the use of "money" in this country. After reaching this point, the first phase of physical implementation of Nirvana System would be complete. So it would be time to start the second phase. In this second phase the principles and manuals for the operation of the Nirvana System for the whole country would be refined - in which system in order to NOT generate a typically wasted overproduction of goods generated by too many volunteers for physical "moral work" all necessary goods would be produced only in a small part of the time of its productive inhabitants voluntarily persevering in nirvana. The rest of the time would be spent on inventions, improvement of products, quality improvement, increase in civilization level and in standards of living, etc.

After the success in completion of the above first phase of the implementation of the Nirvana System, the goal of the second phase should be the development of manuals, constitution and legislation that would officially regulate the operation and self-management of individual cells of volunteers who work out their earned nirvana in any enterprises they support for the production of some goods or services. The emphasis in this legislative part should be placed on the full compliance of the laws and recommendations with the commandments, requirements and recommendations described in the Bible, and also with the "group wisdom" and experiences accumulated by these first groups of volunteers implementing the Nirvana System.

In the third and subsequent phases, the goal should be to implement ever deeper improvements to an already operating Nirvana System. It must be remembered that each political system which ceases to improve itself - begins to grow into corruption, and that all systems based on "money" and "fear" with the elapse of time become so destructive for their citizens that is necessary another "civilization reset", revolution, or coup, because their leaders stubbornly refuse to make the necessary improvements that their political system already requires while clinging to power with all their force.

#L7. Why as late as 24 years after the author of this post #335E began to experience his earned nirvana in the close to nature tropical Borneo - together with his friend they both laboriously made this film (4K) entitled "Świat bez pieniędzy: Ustrój Nirwany" (i.e.: "World without money: Nirvana system"), which describes the "Nirvana System" capable to eliminate "money", "fear" and "greed" from the surface of Earth and to drastically make all people happy and which also is able to fulfil this old Polish prophecy that "the spark will come out of Poland":

In today's world and life overloaded with advertising and information, people find it increasingly difficult to read. Hence, in order to reach more interested people, it is necessary to present new ideas in the form of an interesting film. In addition to this, many people lost the ability to distinguish good from evil, and to notice what is most important to us. The phenomenon of this inability to distinguish good from evil and a kind of social insensitivity, which is manifested by the lack of motivation and will to intercede for good when the situation requires it, I notice even in some of my colleagues with whom we studied, underwent military training, and shared bread together - and thus who should know each other perfectly from life and activities (for examples of such attitudes see the content of item #B8.2 from the Polish web page named "rok.htm").

On the other hand, the most important in life turns out to be the "happiness" undisturbed by any outsider. Unfortunately, the civilization in which we live knows excellent manners of serving "misfortunes" to everyone, while it almost does NOT know the methods of achieving ordinary "happiness". But it so happened, that I learned such a method by "coincidence" which I described in the "INTRODUCTION" to the web page "smart_tvs.htm". My method of obtaining almost permanent happiness results from the mechanism of operation of the happiness of earned nirvana that is built by God into the body of every person. But most importantly, the phenomenon of this indescribable happiness can be made available to practically every inhabitant of our planet. The only thing that still needs to be done, is to disseminate widely in the country and the world the knowledge about the features, advantages and implementation of the Nirvana Political System - the principle which I developed in detail due to the previous 9-month-long research on this phenomenon of earned nirvana, and then undertake a concordant and democratic implementation of this most ideal Nirvana System.

So, in total, this film was prepared to reach many people, including compatriots, and to convince them that now it is the most urgent time to roll up our sleeves and to start implementing this ideal for the entire humanity "Nirvana Political System".

Copyrights © 2021 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk

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