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#330_1E: Newly discovered truths about God...

Motto: "If we know any truth and we have correct knowledge about the operation of cause-effect relationships, then even the behaviour of a ping-pong ball leads us to the truth about God, the structure and operation of the universe, reversible time, etc." (Summary of the principle with the use of which my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" established new truths and facts about components, attributes and principles of operation of God, the universe, time, etc.)


#330E: Let us summarize the most important among the newly discovered truths about God and about the reality created by God, which were scientifically revealed only by my "Theory of Everything of 1985" as extensions and supplements to the truths we have known for a long time from the Bible and from the findings of various religions, and which after their recent discovery were interpreted and explained for the level of present terminology and knowledge by my philosophy of totalizm


In this post #330E to blogs of totalizm I am going to indicate and explain to the reader newest results of my research, which reveal to us truths previously unknown to humanity about our God and methods that God uses for educating and managing each of us and the entire humanity, and also about the structure and operation of physical world, entire universe and our reversible time created (pre-programmed) by God. Because the confirmations of these truths for around two thousand years were intelligently encoded in the content of the Bible in a manner that made them difficult to detect and use by unbelievers, ignoramuses, fools and lazy people, in order to understand and describe what these truths state, first it was necessary to discover them and to formulate their descriptions scientifically and independently from the Bible, and only then their content, inscribed in verses of the Bible, could be found and correctly understood. Due to such an intelligent and rewarding active research encoding of these truths into the content of the Bible, and also thanks to the existence of extensive evidence which I indicate in my publications and which empirically confirms the correctness of these truths, the certainty of the correctness of their statements suddenly received three lots of confirmations completely independent from each other (i.e. received as many as three "witnesses" completely independent from each other). The first lot amongst these confirmations ("witnesses") are intelligently and subtly coded into the content of the Bible statements of these truths. The second lot of these confirmations ("witnesses") are the newly discovered only due to my "Theory of Everything of 1985" (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm") the today's scientific findings stating the same truths as the Bible does. In turn the third lot of these confirmations ("witnesses") is the body of empirical evidence indicated and interpreted in my publications - which also confirms the certainty of the correctness of exactly the same truths. The existence of as many as three completely independent "witnesses", each of which confirms exactly the same truth, according to biblical verses: 19:15 from the "Book of Deuteronomy", 18:16 from the "Gospel of St. Matthew" and 13:1 from the "Second Letter to the Corinthians" (which verses are more comprehensively interpreted in item #C5 from my web page named "bible.htm") - in fact means that on the power and content of this truth we can rely with absolute certainty. Furthermore, the existence of these three independent witnesses confirming the same truths provides us with absolute certainty that both the content of the Bible and the described in my publications findings resulting from the scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" mutually confirm the truths of their content, and thus grant the status of scientific certitude to everything that results from their statements and that is confirmed by all these three "witnesses". Therefore, when below in the content of this post #330E I am going to describe individual amongst these unknown before by people and scientifically discovered only thanks to my "Theory of Everything of 1985" truths about God, the universe, the reversible time in which we live, etc., after each such description I will always indicate (add) the Bible verses in which the confirmation of the unwavering correctness of these truths was also encoded in the Bible. Furthermore, similarly as I am doing in this paragraph, I am also going to add in there a link or keywords to my publications in which I interpreted these verses from the Bible and indicated the empirical evidence which confirmed given truths - if this evidence was NOT obvious.


On the occasion of the explanations of these truths still unknown to humanity provided in this post #330E, I will also try to document how the knowledge of any truth plus the correct knowledge about the operation of cause-and-effect relationships, allow to gradually discover and understand almost the entire rest of truths about God, the universe, the reversible time in which we people age, etc. I am going to carry out these explanations on the example of the logical use of methods and findings of my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see ). Namely, in my example I am going to start from the commonly known empirical truth about the behaviour of a ping-pong ball inserted into the stream of water that spouts from the fountain, which the laws of nature pre-programmed by God hold (maintain) in this stream of water that spouts from the fountain. Then, using the commonly known correct (empirical) knowledge and known cause-effect relationships, I will show that this ball leads us to explaining also the truth about God, the structure of the universe, the reversibility of human time, etc. During my explanations I will indicate references (links) to other publications or web pages on which the reader (if he/she wishes) can broaden his/her knowledge on a given subject, because the explanations are developed in there and more widely presented than in this summary, as well as are documented with verifiable evidence. (The most of these explanations and descriptions of confirmations from the Bible are presented on my web pages "dipolar_gravity.htm" and "bible.htm", and in volumes 1, 4 to 8 and 12 of my monograph [1/5] available via the web page "text_1_5.htm".) The reason why I am providing these explanations described here is to reveal to the reader that in our world there is a moral rule that when we get to know any truth and have the required knowledge, then this truth and the correctly known cause-and-effect relationships will lead us to learn or confirm other still unknown to us or unconfirmed truths - hence the conclusion: "let's seek truth and knowledge, and with time we will learn the whole truth about every question that bothers us". Let us note, however, that starting from untruth (lies) and from the learning of incorrect (lying) knowledge, we never manage to get to know the truth! Here are these explanations:


In physics and electronics lessons we are taught that there are two different types of force fields, i.e. monopolar and dipolar. An example of a source of forces originating from a monopolar field is, for example, a "Vidi's box" bent by changes in atmospheric pressure (see ). In the past "Vidi's box" was used to drive clocks which, acting like the famous "perpetual motion" motors, worked forever without the need to wind them up - e.g. see the so-called "Beverly Clock" at , which I am mentioning in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm" devoted to explaining the operation of already constructed "perpetual motion devices". In turn an example of a source of forces originating from the dipolar field is the stream of water gushing from a fountain - a curiosity of which is that it forms the widely described phenomenon of "dynamic pressure" directed "in-depth" (i.e. towards the fourth linear dimension from the four-dimensional and infinitively wide counter-world, in the extent of which our three-dimensional physical world was created) and hence which dynamic pressure holds in this stream of water the hovering of e.g. a ping-pong ball inserted into it. (Manifestations of this dynamic pressure have already been described relatively thoroughly by the discipline of hydrodynamics - e.g. see the so-called "Magnus Effect".)


In spite of the existence of these two different types of fields, the old "official atheistic science", which still jealously guards its lucrative monopoly on education and research, accepted without any verification and until today falsely tells everyone that the gravitational field is a monopolar field which forms actions analogous to actions of e.g. "Vidi's Box" - although it is obvious that the features of gravity are on many levels inconsistent with those of the known monopolar fields. As a result, this official science has been lying to humanity with this claim for centuries. Fortunately, in 1985 I discovered that the gravitational field in fact fulfils all features of a dipolar field, being a four-dimensional analogy to the action of a stream of water that gushes out from a fountain in our only three-dimensional "physical world". For example, the gravitational field also forms this "in-depth" dynamic pressure which holds the ping-pong ball in the stream of water that spouts from the fountain and which also forms a lift on the bulges of wings of today's airplanes, while in the case of gravity which dynamic pressure is known as the force of universal centripetal gravity. This my breakthrough discovery of 1985, that the gravity field is a "dipolar field" (means NOT monopolar as we are falsely told by the official atheistic science) then gradually led me to formulating and publishing my most important scientific theory, which I initially named the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - while about which I found out soon after, that it answers all possible questions. Thus, just a few months after its publication, to the name of this theory I started to add a clarifying explanation which simultaneously represents its second name, stating the "Theory of Everything of 1985" - described in more detail in subsection H2 from volume 4 of my monograph [1/5] (see the web page "text_1_5.htm").


My discovery that the gravity field is a dipolar field leads to the immediate conclusion that this field and the factor that forms it must have two poles, i.e. "inlet" (In) and "outlet" (Out) - as it happens with all dipolar fields (e.g. with a magnetic field, with the field of air circulated by a fan, with the field of water flowing through a pump, etc.). In our "physical world" in which we live, there must be an "inlet" (In) pole of gravity. However, because gravity always has a concentric configuration with the action directed "inwards" (i.e. according to the direction of the fourth "in-depth" linear dimension of the universe), hence the "outlet" pole (Out) of gravity must disappear from our "physical world" with only three linear dimensions and to emerge in a completely different world of infinite size which already has four linear dimensions – and which I call the "counter-world". Notice that the explanations from item #D3 and from (C) in item #A0 of my web page named "god_proof.htm" document that starting from empirical knowledge about the principles of perspective and imaging the three-dimensional reality of our physical world on two-dimensional photographs, and then using logical deductions and cause-effect chains, it can be correctly established, that in our three-dimensional physical world the fourth linear dimension from the four-dimensional and infinite in size and time counter-world is located in the area directed "in-depth". Furthermore, I also discovered the first indisputable empirical evidence which reveals and confirms the infinity of dimensions and duration of the universe, and which is described in item #D4 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". In turn the same truth, that the counter-world (in which God lives) has infinite dimensions, the Bible confirms in verses 3:24-5 from the "Book of Baruch" - which I quoted and interpreted in (5) from item #C12 of my web page named "bible.htm".


Our knowledge of dipolar fields reveals quite an important feature (truth) about them. Namely, spaces at both their poles always display completely opposite properties and laws. So if we relate this to the gravity field, then we immediately notice that in our "physical world" from the inlet pole (In) of the gravity field everything has attributes and is governed by laws that are opposite to the attributes and laws prevailing in this "counter-world" from the outlet pole (Out) of the gravitational field. In turn our knowledge of this truth allows to easily deduce logically what basic laws and attributes are in force in the "counter-world". These in turn are explained more comprehensively in subsection H2 from volume 4 of my monograph [1/5]. For example, since our "physical world" is dominated by, for example: gravitational attraction, inertia, and friction; in this "counter-world" must reign mutual repulsion, the reversal of inertia (means "weightlessness") and the reversal of friction (means "self-mobility"). This is why, for example, the smallest components (i.e. "drobinas") of a weightless substance that fills up the entire volume of this "counter-world" - which substance I initially named "counter-matter", will be in a continuous mutual frictionless motion - which the everlasting movements of these "drobinas of counter-matter" the ancient Greeks called with the word "chaos" - see . (The equivalent of the Greek "chaos" was also described in detail by the pre-Christian religion of New Zealand Maoris who believe in the Supreme God "Io" - see .) In turn, since the "matter" which prevails in our "physical world" is "stupid", this counter-matter from the counter-world in its natural state it must display an "intelligence" similar to the passive intelligence of "hardware" from present computers. So the existence of an infinitely large, separate counter-world, the entirely filled with intelligent "counter-matter", forms a gigantic intellect, which we humans know under the name of "God". No wonder that about the smallest basic components of counter-matter (i.e. about its "drobinas"), in 2020 I discovered - then I published it in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm", my finding of a breakthrough significance for our getting to know God, namely finding that "drobinas of counter-matter" are in fact simultaneously "Drobinas of God". So it confirms to us, that similarly as the bodies of us people consist of a multitude of single "cells", also the "Body of God" consists of countless "God Drobinas". Moreover, it has also turned out that there are both male and female "God Drobinas" - which display different characteristics and behaviours. Furthermore, the appearance of both of these drobinas, according to the message that Moses received from God and which was documented in writing in one of the Kabbalah books called "Sefer ha-Zohar", resembles the appearance of a human male body and a human female body. In turn the truth about the true existence of the smallest components of the "Body of God" (i.e. about the existence of "God Drobinas") which with in appearances are very similar to appearances of bodies of a man and a woman, is subtly confirmed in verse 1:27 from the biblical "Book of Genesis" stating - I quote this 1:27 from the Catholic "Millennium Bible": "So God created man in His image, in God's image He created him, male and female He created". (That my discovery of male and female "God Drobinas" similar to bodies of a man and a woman is also confirmed by the empirical evidence which I describe and explain in more detail in the abovementioned items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm".) So it is a pity that today's priests stubbornly "reject knowledge" open to us by the "Theory of Everything of 1985", conformistically collaborating because of this rejection with contradictive to canons of their religions, and thus with clearly visible to them deceptive statements of "official atheistic science" - in spite that about the high harmfulness and about weighty consequences of this rejection of knowledge by priests, the Bible warns them in verses 4:4-9 from the "Book of Hosea", while some of the more harmful consequences of this rejection of knowledge I try to explain, among others, in (M) from item #E1 of my web page named "smart_tvs.htm". So it is worth to remind priests of the so-called "Parable of the talents" from verses 25:14–30 in the Biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" - which I described in item #I1 from the web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm", and which warns that those who received "talents" from God, but "buried" them (instead of using them), they will be severely punished for it. If, instead of rejection, priests followed and promoted the knowledge described here, then learning by people the perfectly documented and confirmed by Bible and with extensive empirical evidence my finding about the "God Drobinas" with appearances and the action similar to the bodies of a man and a woman, would surely convince many people hungry for the truth about our God to depart from atheism that destroys today's humanity.


I should also explain here to the reader why for the newly discovered by myself completely new phenomena and objects related to God, I introduce new positive names, e.g. "God Drobina", instead of using negative names implemented by the "official atheistic science" - such as e.g. "God Particle" - see . My main goal is to prevent pre-programming a negative future by saying names saturated with negative feelings. After all, both the Bible (e.g. in verse 1:14 of the "Gospel according to St. John"), and also my discoveries regarding the programming of counter-matter with the use of words which became "spells" because they accumulated a specific emotional charge (note that my discoveries of the role of "words-spells" are described e.g. in item #J4.5 from the web page named "propulsion.htm"), unambiguously and unanimously confirm the truth by old Polish folklore expressed e.g. with the proverb "with whatever the shell will soak up ..." (in Polish: "czym skorupka nasiąknie ..."), in turn through folklore of e.g. Georgia - with saying "wishes spoken aloud always come true". (Also the actual life confirms that e.g. a wife who just try to scare her husband by repeating "I will divorce you" always ends up as a divorcee, while e.g. a man heard repeating "you are fired", soon he hears the same words addressed to him.) So in order to avoid the atheistic and anti-divine programming of the future through the use in my discoveries regarding God the vocabulary of today's "official atheistic science" soaked with negative toward God feelings, in all languages in which I publish something about "God Drobinas" which I discovered (e.g. see items #K1 and #K2 from my Polish-, English- and German-language web pages: "god_istnieje.htm", "god_exists.htm" and "gott_existiert.htm"), I name them with the positive Polish word "drobina" which in the Polish language, typically means "something tiny, but very loved". I am sure that this name will positively program the future for the knowledge presented here.


In times when, in addition to lecturing and research work at the Wrocław University of Technology in Poland, I was also employed part-time, firstly as a scientific advisor in the Research and Development Centre of the computer factory "Mera Elwro" from Wrocław, Poland, and then as a scientific consultant in the programming centre of numerically controlled machine tools from a factory producing trucks and buses named "Jelcz", I learned in depth and thoroughly the components and operation of human computers, along with their software and peripherals. In turn that knowledge about computer hardware and software, in 1985 resulted in the immediate understanding that the components and operation of our computers represent just a human repetition on a smaller scale of the structure and operation of the universe in which we live and which is filled with hardware-like intelligent counter-matter (means with "God Drobinas") and with the intelligent, self-aware and creative software of God (i.e. with "Holy Spirit") - from combinations of which both components God later created our physical world and everything that is contained in it - which represent an equivalent of computer peripherals. Thanks to this understanding I quickly became convinced, gradually discovered, and to be sure later I also found various evidence which confirms this, that: (I) counter-matter (or more strictly "God Drobinas" which Christianity calls "God Father" while the Bible also sometimes calls "The Ancient of Days") is the archetype for the hardware operation of our computers today; (II) the self-aware and creatively thinking program contained in the memory of this counter-matter, which evolved in it, and which Christianity calls the "Holy Spirit", is an archetype for software from present computers; (III) in turn we humans and everything that was created in our physical world are archetypes for "peripheral devices" that every computer today must have in order to be able to properly fulfil its functions. These discoveries in turn gradually led me to learn a whole range of previously unknown components of truth, and to scientific discoveries and findings, which significantly advance the human knowledge of God and of the surrounding reality. For example, in my opinion these discoveries made me realize the most important component of knowledge that helps to understand the truth about our God, then they also showed how the ancient expressions used in the Bible to describe God should be translated into the terminology used today, namely they made me realize that the thinking, self-aware and creative component of God called the "Holy Spirit" in fact is a "living program" contained in the memory of counter-matter - the definition of which living program is provided in item #A0 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". In the Bible, the fact that God is a program discreetly confirms verse 1:1 from the "Gospel according to St. John" - which I interpreted more extensively, among others, in (A) from the abovementioned item #A0 of the web page "god_proof.htm". In turn, because every life is a kind of mechanism that always works on the principle of a "pump" that forms various types of "dipolar fields", the factor that God (or more strictly that the Holy Spirit), symbolically "pumps" is knowledge (i.e. this "pumping" corresponds to our "intake", means" eating "- about which I mentioned briefly in item #I1 from the web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm"), while values which arise as a result of this pumping are the continuous improvements of the universe caused by the increase in remembered and used knowledge. Unfortunately, in the universe which would NOT undergo continuous improvements and transformations induced by the already known and used knowledge, there would NOT be a generation of another new knowledge that our God could "intake". Thus, in order to add to the structure and operation of the universe something that will continually accelerate the transformation of the universe, thus generating new knowledge, God created our entire "physical world" and us people. More information on the subject of God's "intake" of knowledge is provided in item #I6 on my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm", in caption under "Table #J1b" from other my web page "propulsion.htm", and very briefly in item #I1 on the web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm". It is also worth emphasizing here, that those who intentionally block knowledge or prevent the "pursue of knowledge", commit the sin of blocking for God the access to an equivalent of our "daily bread", means they symbolically break the precept "feed the hungry" - while near the verse "Matthew 25:35" the Bible is quite clear what awaits the ones who commit such kind of sin. Also the inclusion of the entire "Book of Wisdom" into the Bible confirms how much importance God attaches to the "pursue of knowledge". In turn the requirements and conditions that God created for the continuous generation of new knowledge to take place on Earth are described in items #B3, #B2 and #B1 from my web page named "antichrist.htm". It is also worth noting here, that the generation of new knowledge will never end. This is because each time when the time comes that the elites will start to claim that we have already learned all the existing knowledge (as already present "luminaries" and decision makers from the monopoly of "official atheistic science" claim, thus blocking others from, and abandoning by themselves, learning of new knowledge), highly intelligent and creative God will always act in a new way or create and implement some new situations and possibilities which will cause that people will have NO other choice than to undertake a new effort to "pursue knowledge" - as this has already started happening on Earth from the beginning of 2020. Different examples of God taking such new actions or forming new situations are described in item #A1 from my web page named "evolution.htm". Of course, the creation of the physical world and people also caused that God needed to deal with their management as well. In turn the effect of this was the development by God of many standard programs and methods of action, which I try to learn and describe to those interested - e.g. see item #J5 on the web page named "petone.htm". The most important amongst such programs and methods, which are still unknown to the majority of people, I am going to briefly mention near the end of this post #330E.


Immediately after a simple logical cause-effect chain resulting from the formulation of my "Theory of Everything of 1985" led me in the above-described manner to confirm the existence of God and also indicated that in fact the "body" of God are formed from these weightless, always mobile and hardware intelligent "drobinas of counter-matter" (i.e." God Drobinas"), I undertook logical analyzes in order to determine how God created the matter that made up our physical world, and how from this matter He created, amongst others, humans. The problem was that the only physical building material which God had, and only from which He could create our physical world and people, is counter-matter. On the other hand, this counter-matter is weightless (devoid of inertia) and frictionless, and also always mobile. In turn the matter from our physical world has mass (means has inertia) and forms friction, and thus prefers stillness (i.e. is stationary). Fortunately the understanding of principles of this creation of endowed with mass and motionless matter made of weightless and ever moving counter-matter, provided to me the known from our world features of so-called "whirls". This is because in the counter-world God is able to program such a movement of "God Drobinas" that they form permanent "whirls" in the shape of "donuts" - in which individual drobinas of counter-matter circulate around in round closed circuits, while the perpendicular to the trajectory of these circuits the axis of their spinning is also formed into a loop forming a circular closed circuit. The fact that God creates such "whirls" of counter-matter (means whirls of His own body) is confirmed in verse 3:17 from the Biblical "Book of Zephaniah", the original of which verse describes how God "danced" (i.e. spun) for us with joy (unfortunately some Bibles omit this key word "danced") - the original content of the verse 3:17 I repeat and interpret in (7) from item #C12 of my web page named "bible.htm". Although the counter-matter that creates these whirls is weightless (i.e. devoid of inertia), the durability of the paths of counter-matter circulation in such whirls must produce a dynamic form of inertia - means produce what forms the "mass" of visible matter from our physical world and also the invisible to us "mass" of such whirls that exist in the counter-world, but from which no components of our" physical world" are formed (i.e. these "whirls" about the "inertial" consequences of existence of which today's "official atheistic science" already knows, but due to its rejection of my "Theory of Everything of 1985" is NOT able to explain them correctly, hence it calls them with the term of "dark matter" - see ). In this way I deduced that God put together two such "whirls" of counter-matter, which being formed by two opposite kinds of drobinas of counter-matter (i.e. one by male, and the other by female "God Drobinas" - means by both kinds of drobinas of counter-matter), after putting them together, they will form mutually forcefully balanced "elementary particles" of matter. In turn the appropriate combining together of several such elementary particles will form atoms. From atoms can further be formed molecules, elements, chemical compounds, tissues, bodies, etc. The conclusion that immediately emerged from this principle of creating our physical world and everything that is contained in it, is that: huge nonsense, untruth, while after more than 35 years of dissemination of my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" - also simply a criminal lying to and betrayal affecting the entire humanity, is everything that the monopolistic "official atheistic science" tells us ignorantly about the universe. After all, this conclusion states that: neither "elementary particles" are the most basic "building blocks of matter" - because such building materials are "God Drobinas", nor "matter" is the original and only substance of the universe - because such a primary substance of the universe is invisible to people, weightless and frictionless counter-matter composed of human-like "God Drobinas" (which truth is additionally confirmed in verse 11:3 from the Biblical "Letter to the Hebrews" quoted and scientifically explained in more detail in (5) from item #C12 of the abovementioned web page "bible.htm"). From the information capacity of particles of counter-matter later I deduced also that the size of one particle of counter-matter (i.e. of "God Drobina") corresponds so to the size of the smallest elementary particle, as approximately the size of an elementary particle corresponds to the size of our entire galaxy.


In the previous paragraph I mentioned "whirls of counter-matter" which also exist in the counter-world, but from which no elements of our "physical world" are formed (i.e. these "whirls" which generate "dynamic inertia", hence the consequences of the existence of which today "official atheistic science" calls with the terms "dark matter" and "dark energy" - see and ). Because in order NOT to disturb the course of explanations, I do NOT indicate their examples above, I am going to do it here. And so, the most commonly known examples of such whirls are high-pressure (+) and low-pressure (-) weather whirls formed naturally by male (+) and female (-) whirls of "God Drobinas", the swirling of drobinas of which in the Earth's atmosphere carries with them air particles so forming the corresponding high-pressure (+) or low-pressure (-) areas shown to us on television as parts of weather forecasts, in which the winds circulate according to the directions of these whirls' rotation, i.e. in the northern hemisphere of the Earth respectively clockwise (+) or counterclockwise (-). It is worth adding here that these natural whirls of counter-matter can be captured by the propulsors of giant starships operating on the principles of my Magnocrafts (only that on Earth they operate in the mode of so-called "telekinetic flickering" which hides them from being noticed by human eyes), thus technically forming from them highly destructive phenomena of hurricanes and tornadoes - as it is explained in more detail in the caption under "Fig. #G1" and in items #G1 and #J4 from my web page named "hurricane.htm". For example, my friend, who personally talked to the late Andrzej Domała (i.e. the Polish UFO abductee to the planet Nea), repeated to me that Neatans boasted to Mr. Domała that they had a starship so huge that if it hung above the Earth's country of Denmark, then its diameter would cover the whole territory of Denmark. Unfortunately, Mr. Domała probably forgot to convey this important information to me, hence it is NOT included in the text of the Polish treatise [3b] containing his report on the abduction to the planet Nea - see the web page "tekst_3b.htm". The formation of natural high-pressure (+) and low-pressure (-) weather whirls is described roughly in the caption under "Fig. #K2a" and in item #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm", and also e.g. in subsection H4.2 from volume 4 and in chapter LB from volume 10 from my free monograph [1/5]. In turn the technical formation of destructive tornadoes and hurricanes from the same natural weather whirls is described on my web pages named "tornado.htm", "hurricane.htm", and "katrina.htm". Furthermore, in the Bible whirls formed by "God Drobinas" are described, for example, with the symbolism of "God dancing for people" (i.e. God, whose body and cells - means whose "drobinas", are whirling e.g. like in a dance). Unfortunately, translators of the Bible usually know better than its authors what behaviour "befits" God - thus they probably omitted or slightly changed some key words from the verses in which these descriptions were contained. Therefore, apart from the reading of church Bible during mass that revealed to me the actual existence of such a verse about dancing God, and the exact wording of which verse immediately after that mass our priest let me have so that I then could interpret it in the abovementioned (7) from item #C12 of my web page named "bible.htm", so-far I found only one more such well-encrypted description contained in the biblical "Book of Psalms" verse 87:7. It must also be added that even on Earth the whirling counter-matter from weather whirls (vortices) performs many more functions than just controlling the weather. For example, these whirls (vortices) propel and control the spin of the Earth and the phases of the Moon. In turn their slightly larger versions drive and control the circular motion of the Earth around the Sun, the motions of all planets and other space objects, and the behaviour of entire galaxies. In turn, because all these whirls NOT formed into matter nor into any other forms of the physical world, still generate specific kinds of "dynamic inertia" in the universe, no wonder that this inertia represents a significant proportion of invisible "dark" matter and energy noticeable from our physical world and speculatively discussed by astronomers.


(This entire post #330E and the evidence illustrating it did NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #330_2E)


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