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#329_2E: Examples of truths that "smart"...

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#329_2E: Examples of truths that "smart" TV will allow you to find on the Internet and learn about them (part 2)


-Class (II) "middle". It is the most confused of all the classes involved in the eternal struggle between "evil" and "good". Meanwhile, it depends on it whether the present battle will be won by "evil" or by "good" - for example, the labour won the October Revolution in Russia only because and only when a large proportion of the rational "middle class" of Russia of that time has decided to stand up on their side. This is because the "middle class" is situated between these few "elites" and the masses of the "labour" exploited by elites and kept in ignorance and poverty. It used to be small and hence well "fed" with what the Polish proverb calls "scraps from table of wealthy" (in Polish: "ochłapów z pańskiego stołu"). However, in recent times it has become enormously expanded in terms of numbers, and thus already is lacking for all of it the proverbial "scraps". It is formed into an entire pyramid which is officially called the "middle class", and which actually is make use by elites in "forcing" to work and in "exploiting" these masses of "labour", means which so-far is on the "evil" side of the battle. In this "pyramid" currently only the layers closest to "elites" still benefit from sticking to the "evil" side, while the remaining layers are treated identically as the "labour". But still almost all participants of the "middle class" are well educated and well-read, probably knowing the Bible and thus having access to the knowledge how to distinguish evil from good, and also "smart" enough to understand that "evil" must NOT be eliminated by escalating other evil, e.g. by undertaking a physical fight, sabotage, revolution, or fruitless protests only exposing people to the brutality of "evil" henchmen, but it must be wisely diminished through eliminating the "weapons" that "evil" uses (e.g. by eliminating "money", propaganda, injustice, not charging authorities for "evil" they done, "privacy laws" allowing to officially hide the truth, atheism, corruption, wars, etc.), revealing the truth, informing about the existence of scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God, supporting the "freedom to express own opinion", reducing exploitation and persecution, etc. While doing all of this, one should try it to be done with the very wise and safe method of Jesus suggested in the Bible in verses: Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25, the biblical suggestion of which is interpreted in more detail and openness in item #L3 from my web page named "cielcza_uk.htm". So if, thanks to the use of "smart" TV, the representatives of these "middle class" started to learn the truth about the battle described here and understand that the "propaganda" of "evil" power turns them into what in (1), (8) and (9) from item #C7 of the web page "nirvana.htm" is called the "pyramid of forcing" (or "pyramid of extortion"), and if they realized that for their active participation in the activities of this "pyramid of forcing" both God and the work of karma will soon make them accountable for what they have done, then for sure they would stand on the side of "good". (Notice that the scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God, carried out by the method of mathematical logic and empirically confirmed by the findings of today's "genetics", while which formal proof arose from the fundamental finding stating that: all codes are versions of languages while all languages are formed by intelligent beings, which finding was derived and proved by "The theory of Communication" of Claude E. Shannon (see ), is presented in item #G2 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". This formal proof is impossible to scientifically refute, because in order to undermine it would be necessary to formally prove that the empirical discoveries of present "genetics" and this fundamental finding of "The Theory of Communication" are untrue, which would correspond, among others, to proving that the successful "genetics" as well as the successes of present disciplines of Informatics and Computer Sciences founded on the "Shannon's Theory of Communication", allegedly are only deceptive "mirages" because they supposedly arose from the foundations of lies - i.e. they allegedly are similar deceptive "mirages" as in fact is the "big bang theory" that really is grown on the foundations of lies - yet which is still propagating the propaganda of atheism, although the fundamental error of it is shown, among others, by my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985.) In turn the change of side by "middle classes" from "evil" for the domination of which at present are still fighting almost all participants of these classes, into the future standing on the side of doing "good" to themselves, to their descendants, and to their "neighbours" (to which goal middle classes should devote themselves), would ultimately tilt the scales towards the victory of "good", and thus towards humanity taking the path to light, good, truth, justice, equality , prosperity, scientific, technical and civilization growth, health, cognition of the world, etc. In other words, it is the time for the "middle classes" of our planet to understand that we are surrounded by an ocean of lies and to get out of the paralyzing blindness - in which helpful can be e.g. the purchase of a "smart" TV with the features described here, which TV allows one to watch the truth-revealing, moral and edifying films and programs deprived of emphasis on "money", exploitation, getting rich at any cost, lying "propaganda", injustice, violence, killing, wars, etc.


Finally, let us summarize here at least only those of the most important components of the truth that can be easily learned e.g. due to the proper use of "smart" TVs with the features described here, and which generate numerous benefits of awareness for people who learn them because they reveal and correct the most harmful among lies officially and so far uncritically disseminated due to the monopoly of "evil" powers. The components of truth summarized below were established and confirmed by a significant body of evidence thanks to guidelines revealed by my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity). In spite that so-far their availability on the Internet is still secretly blocked, denied, and disgusted by the powers of "evil", "smart" television sets create a technical possibility for their owners to search for them and learn about them from high-quality images. In turn, each truth and its learning brings the miraculous power of freeing people from the bonds of being stuck in lies by which they are enslaved, what symbolically tells us verse 8:32 (and the surrounding verses) from the biblical "Gospel according to St. John" - I quote this verse 8:32 from the Catholic Bible: "and you will learn the truth, and the truth will set you free." So here are the most important components of truth that are already available for learning, while getting to know of which has the power to correct the avalanche of officially disseminated lies that overwhelms our consciousness:


(A) The scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God, available since 2007, which complements and strengthens a whole range of empirical proofs that since 1985 are disseminated around the world by my "Theory of Everything" and that prove the existence of God with their iron logic and the possibility of them being checked by everyone (but, unfortunately, whose learning by humans is still secretly blocked and disgusted). This irrefutable formal proof is described in item #G2 from the web page named "god_proof.htm" while the further empirical proofs of the importance of which this formal proof additionally strengthens, are presented in publications linked in (2) from item #G3 of that web page. A short summary of this formal proof is also presented in an approximately half-hour free YouTube video (in three language versions: English, German and Polish) entitled "Dr Jan Pajak portfolio", the English version of which is disseminated free of charge at . So in spite of lies which are officially disseminated, and which state that supposedly there is NO formal proof for the existence of God, such a proof exists since 2007 and cannot be scientifically refuted, because it is based on a solid evidence and thus its proving power makes it obligatory for everyone. Moreover, every inhabitant of the Earth endowed with common sense and logic should easily deduce for himself or herself, that since there are phenomena and devices which could NOT exist in the world without God, official claims that there is NO God are only lies aimed at obscuring and facilitating the exploitation of people. On the other hand, my "Theory of Everything of 1985" indicates to us a shockingly large number of such occurrences, which would NOT exist in the world without God, because "natural evolution" is unable to cause their appearance. As examples of them consider: "illnesses of the soul" - descriptions of the most representative of which, i.e. the "Foreign accent syndrome", are described in item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm"; nirvana and its wonderful happiness - described on the web page named "nirvana.htm"; the above-mentioned "Inca Walls" erected by programming "counter-matter" in the manner described in item #J4.6 from the web page named "propulsion.htm", and illustrated with a 17-second-long film available at the address (who and how stores the programs that run such work of "counter-matter" is explained in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm" which presents the image and composition of "God Drobinas"); "perpetual motion" described and illustrated with videos in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm". So when the moment comes when every person is finally accounted for the dirty things he/she did to his/her "neighbours", he/she will NOT be able to use the excuse "I did NOT know". After all, since independently from the Bible, for over 13 years also there is already available to everyone a scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God, it imposes on all of us the responsibility for implementing in our lives of whatever God commands us to do. So we will NOT get away with being satisfied just with the certainty of God's existence, but we have also a duty to learn from the Bible what God requires from us and to practice it in our everyday life. This in turn should make many present people to think and reflect. After all, we should ask ourselves: is it worth depriving oneself of the chance to spend all eternity experiencing happiness, prosperity and productivity of the future life in order to receive a few proverbial "scraps from table of wealthy"?


(B) Explanations of the "group nature" of our God, i.e. the nature emphasized even in the Bible, although the consequences of which are NOT explained (but completely ignored) by present religions. In this "group nature" God is actually NOT a single person, but the whole family, means Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This family makes decisions and acts on the "democratic principles" of group consent. And experiences from practically even our everyday life make us realize that the decisions, treatments and methods applied by the superior "group" always differ in many respects from the decisions and treatments of the superior individual. This "group nature" of our God is best explained and illustrated by descriptions of male and female so-called "God Drobinas" (means by "drobinas of intelligent counter-matter" - note that the positive Polish word "drobina" means "very small much loved thing", and is a positive counterpart to negative term "particle" used by present "official atheistic science"). In turn the descriptions and illustrations of male and female "God Drobinas" reader can find in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". Getting to know these "God Drobinas" in turn makes us realize: how little we know about reasons why our God puts so much emphasis on "volunteerism" and on group karma/fate, and why God acts as we probably noticed it and uses the methods of action that describe for us the Bible and the philosophy of totalizm (see the web page "totalizm.htm"). Furthermore, the fact of the existence of male and female "God Drobinas" explains the entire range of the to-date puzzles of nature regarding mechanisms about which the official atheistic science does NOT have even the proverbial "tiniest bit" of clue. For example, it explains how the weather, and also how tornadoes and hurricanes (see web pages "tornado_pl.htm" and "hurricane_pl.htm") are formed by gigantic whirls of "God Drobinas", and how the displacement of these whirls from west to east propels and regulates the rotation of our planet. In turn the shape and appearance of male and female "God Drobinas" confirm the truth of verse 1:27 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis" which states - I quote it from the Catholic Bible: "So God created man in his image, in God's image he created him, created him male and female".


(C) Descriptions from the Bible and "empirically" established facts which confirm that already after the creation of man, God several times improved the structure and operation of human bodies. For example, it reduced to around one-third the dimensions of human bodies and the length of human life in the "reversible software time", and equipped souls of people with an organ called "conscience". Descriptions that present the verses of the Bible and the evidence which confirms this, include (amongst others) item #A1 from the web page named "evolution.htm", item #C4.1 from the web page named "immortality.htm", and several other my publications that can be searched with the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm".


(D) Totaliztic descriptions of how in this physical life work the "karma" programs which implement the moral law called the "Boomerang Principle" (see the web page "mozajski_uk.htm"). In turn examples of evidence confirming the work of "group karma" are described, amongst others, in item #F2 from the Polish web page named "karma_pl.htm", while for "individual karma", e.g. in item #C4.2 from the web page named "morals.htm". The existence and work of "karma" programs realize in turn that every evil committed by someone and pain inflicted on "neighbour" are returned still in the present physical life according to the operation of the moral "Boomerang Principle" informing: "whatever feelings you will cause in someone, the same feelings you will experience yourself after the required payback time". So let us not be surprised when in some matter about which "privacy laws" have NOT managed to hide the truth from us, the person about whom we know that for example "forced" personally, will himself be "forced" to do something, while the one who e.g. "exploited" - himself will be "exploited".


(E) Principles of the still newest and the most moral in the world philosophy of totalizm (the one spelled through "z"). These principles indicate and explain the laws and methods of God's action which, in addition to those commonly known (e.g. in addition to the "ten commandments"), should be pedantically fulfilled and paid special attention still in the present physical life. This philosophy is described on my web page named "totalizm.htm". It is also briefly discussed in the above-linked film "Dr Jan Pająk portfolio" and in several other films linked from the end of the "introduction" to my web page named "portfolio_pl.htm".


(F) The work of the "nirvana political system" already pre-programmed by God into our souls, but still unrealized by our sluggish bodies and sceptical minds. The to-date wrongful distribution of "money" causing all evil on Earth because it is carried out by imperfect people, the "nirvana political system" is able to replace by the justly dosed life-giving "moral energy". This is because moral energy is generated in people by the voluntary performance of heavy physical labour named the "moral work" - which is measured fairly and then quantitatively rewarded with this moral energy by God's programs. Brief descriptions of the "nirvana political system" and huge benefits resulting from it are presented in item #C7 from my web page named "nirvana.htm". In turn for more complete descriptions of this political system and for its advantages see items #A1 to #A4 from my web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" and from the publications linked in there. The "nirvana political system" in fact guarantees to each of the people a difficult to even imagine increase in happiness, prosperity, scientific and technical development, security, equality and social justice, learning about the world, health and physical fitness caused (among others) by increase in physical activities of people, etc. Only the result of people's blindness and widespread daze causes insistence on the continuation of deceptive and destructive political systems (e.g. capitalism or communism), the existence of which lies only in the interests of the elites - because only elites benefit from the riches "forced" from people with "money" and "fear".


(G) The "Theory of Everything of 1985" which opens to creative minds access to the knowledge that corrects lies about the surrounding reality. This theory is described in a number of publications, the reading of which is worth starting from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm", and then continue from the publications that are linked in there.


(H) Infinite dimensions and infinite existence of the universe originally filled with only "potentially intelligent counter-matter" and supplemented with "matter" created by God only around 6,000 "human years" ago (i.e. years measured with units of the "reversible software time" in which people age) which "human years", according to the information in the Bible, elapse over 365 thousand times slower than the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" in which age atoms, isotopes, minerals, fossils, coal, etc. Notice that mathematics (e.g. the operator "lim") informs us that such a universe of infinite dimensions does NOT border with any space already existing outside of it thus it is unable to expand or contract - which fact is empirically confirmed by the stability of the so-called "laws of nature" (and hence the continuity of life) that would be ruined by any change in the parameters of "matter" caused by a possible change in the dimensions of the universe. An explanation informing how this truth about the infinity of the universe is revealed by my "Theory of Everything of 1985", is provided in item #D4 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". In turn the drastic opposite of this truth is the lie from foundations of the "official atheistic science" - which illogically claims that the universe has finite dimensions, currently is still expanding, and is filled only with "stupid" matter. Because this lie in foundations impacts the rest of official knowledge, it suggests that practically everything that the "official atheistic science" derived from these false foundations and claims about the reality surrounding us is either lies or errors in research or inference. Examples of the most important out of such lies of the "official atheistic science" are indicated and discussed on the Polish web page "skorowidz.htm" under headings containing the Polish keyword: kłamstw (meaning "lies:").


(I) The appearance and operation of our physical world, similar to a thin "pancake", and the infinite size of the counter-world, which allow God to program the course of human life in the "reversible software time". All this is described e.g. in item #D3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm", item #J5 from my web page named "petone.htm", and items #G3 and #I2 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm" and also in a whole separate Polish monograph [12] (see the web page "tekst_12.htm"). In turn our life in the "reversible software time" enables God to more precisely educate some (promising) people through repetitive shifting them back in time (confirmed both in the Bible and e.g. with the phenomenon of "deja vu") while for people it allows to build Time Vehicles of my invention and also to lead infinitely long lives achieved through being shifted back by time vehicles to the years of youth after each reaching an old age.


(J) Descriptions of "Cyclic Tables" for propulsion systems, which reveal the level of technical advancement, principles of operation, and capabilities and powers of propelling devices of the future still waiting to be built. These are best illustrated by the half-hour long film entitled "Future Propulsions" the English language version of which is available free of charge at . In turn verbal descriptions of the Periodic Table and propulsion systems which it announces are presented in items #J3 and #J4.1 to #J4.6 from the web page "propulsion.htm".


(K) Illustrations and descriptions of the starship of my invention called the "Magnocraft" (see the web page "magnocraft.htm") - the most advanced of the three generations of which will be the "Time Vehicle". This starship is shown in action on the film entitled "Wie groß ist der Magnokraft?/How big is the Magnocraft?" (see ) and on a 26-second-long soundless excerpt from the previously linked film "Future Propulsions" - the looking like "real life filming" excerpt from which film is entitled "Alien Planet 4K" and is available at the address . In turn descriptions and illustrations of Magnocraft are provided in my entire web page named "magnocraft.htm".


(L) Illustrations and descriptions of the already completed and correctly operating "generators of clean free energy" and motors of "perpetual motion". These miraculous devices are presented e.g. in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm" and in item #J4.4 from my web page named "propulsion.htm" and in videos linked in there. It is worth adding that, since the "official atheistic science" has already formally proved with the alleged "laws of thermodynamics" which it invented, that in a hypothetical world devoid of God (see the web page "changelings.htm" - about which world this "official atheistic science" falsely claims that we live in it), the construction of devices working on the "perpetual motion machine" principles of operation would be impossible, therefore the actual existence on Earth of already constructed and correctly operating such devices with the principle of operation of true "perpetual motion machines" provides people with another type of empirical evidence for the existence of God - which fact is explained more comprehensively in item #D3 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". In turn links to further such empirical evidence, the key words: istnienie Boga (meaning "the existence of God") make available on the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm".


(M) "Rejection of knowledge" by today's priests, caused by their conformist attitude towards the conflicting with canons of their religions, and hence the clearly visible to them deceptive statements of "official atheistic science" and by their acceptance, and sometimes even adding their share, to "evil" which is spreading around. This "rejection of knowledge" by priests is described, among others, in items #T2 and #U1 from my web page named "woda_uk.htm" on the basis of the quotation from verses 4:4-9 of the biblical "Book of Hosea". One of its manifestations is that despite the continuous publishing since 2007 (i.e. already for over 13 years) of the previously discussed scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God, priests still ignore the existence of this proof - while reminding the faithful about its existence would drastically reduce the spread of "evil" on Earth. In addition to the above, this "rejection of knowledge" by priests make impossible for them to notice very weighty findings that would eliminate a lot of inter-personal accusations and persecutions, because both the Bible as well as my "Theory of everything of 1985" agreeably confirm the finding that: "we people are the 'living, self-aware and self-learning souls (programs) which received bodies', not just bodies provided with software souls" - for details see e.g. item #A1 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm"; and also agreeably confirm that: "each soul receives own body only at the moment of breaking umbilical cord and catching the first breath, NOT at the moment of conception" - for details see item #C6 on that web page named "soul_proof.htm". So it should NOT surprise anyone, if God disappointed with such a stubborn rejection of knowledge by priests decided in the near future to eliminate the need for their existence by replacing the functions of present priests with the inclusion to the programmes of universal education the obligation to disseminate objective and verified on extensive empirical evidence the knowledge contained in the results of objective research on God similar to the results already achieved by the new "totaliztic science" based on my "Theory of Everything of 1985" which, in spite of being implemented by only a single scientist, still slowly becomes a seeking truth competition and a verifying party for the destructive monopoly of the old "official atheistic science".


(Of course, much more components of truth, similar to the above, are available - which are correcting the officially disseminated lies. However, an attempt to list all of them here would unnecessarily increase the size of this web page, while links to a large number of other out of them the reader may find by himself/herself on my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm".)

Fig. #E1a: Here is the box (packaging) from my "smart" TV, which displays all the features that, on the basis of my experience and knowledge, I am looking for in a "smart" TV set to make my decision whether to buy it. The above box (package) comes from the TV that I actually bought on 2020/11/11. Notice that this TV set was designed (and some of its components were manufactured) in Korea (see the web page "korea.htm") - means in the country about which I personally experienced and was empirically ascertained during my 2007 professorship at Ajou University in Suwon (see ), that the Korean government has one of the greatest in the world (if not the greatest) care for the welfare of its citizens, while its population shows one of the highest among the group of nations well known to me, the level of fulfilling of God's commandment (see Bible, "Gosp. according to St. Mark", verse 12:31) I quote: "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." Personally, I recommend the reader to pay special attention to what is happening in Korea, because soon the world will probably be surprised by it!


Notice how modest the packaging looks and how devoid of flashiness its inscriptions are. This is significant for the products of companies with an excellent reputation. The point is that "the worse the product of a given company is, the more flashy it must be packed for anyone to buy it" - meanwhile, very good quality products do NOT need flashy packaging at all, because their purchase is based either on the personal recommendations of these previous buyers that have personally convinced themselves how good the products of a given company are, or on checks (e.g. on tests performed in a store) of those who know what to look for in perfect products of a given type. This is why the packaging of very good products is simple, yet strong, highly functional and harmless to nature and the environment. From what I heard that it informally is spoken among experts of "smart" TV sets, the above company actually offers products of the highest quality in the world - even if, due to market competition, some of their production (e.g. final assembly) must be made in factories from countries other than Korea - e.g. in Vietnam.

Fig. #E1b: Here are three "remotes" sold together with both "smart" TVs that I have purchased so far, i.e .: (1) - the highest in the photo because farthest from the camera that took the photo, the remote control (model: AKB73756504) delivered to me with a 42 inch "smart" TV of the Korean company LG (produced in Indonesia) which I bought on 2013/11/16 and which TV was used by me until 2020/8/8 (i.e. it worked for 6 years, 8 months and 25 days) while which I described in item #C1 of the web page named "smart_tvs.htm"; (2) - central remote control made in Vietnam (model: BN59-01315D) which I ordered having the skills of my wife in mind for an additional fee of $39 as an alternative to the "ergonomic" remote control (3) supplied to me with the Samsung TV described here; and (3) - the lowest in the picture because the closest to camera with which I took this photo, is an "ergonomic" remote control (model: BN59-01259E) delivered with a 43-inch "smart" TV from the Korean company Samsung that I bought on 2020/11/11 and described in post #329E above. What is most interesting, all these "remotes" have practically identical functional capabilities (i.e. each one of them can control over all functions that require controlling in the "smart" TV to which they are designated). However, there is a huge difference in their "ergonomics", complexity and technical quality of design and manufacture, and thus - both in the ability of people to learn how to use them, and in the level of "user-friendliness" (e.g. in the number of hands busy with their operation, the need to look at them when in use, the susceptibility of their buttons to jamming, the frequency of battery replacement, etc.).


The LG remote control (1) (model: AKB73756504) is characteristic for the 2010s in which was produced the TV for controlling of sets for which it was designed. It has the following dimensions: length 235 mm, width 48 mm, thickness 23 mm. So practically in order to control all functions of the "smart" TV, it is necessary to use both hands and eyes. In one hand the user has to hold the remote control, while with the finger of other hand he/she needs to select and press its buttons - while simultaneously looking carefully with eyes at what is being done with it. After all, it has 46 buttons, so only "from memory" or just "by feeling" it is practically impossible to find the button that needs to be pressed. This in turn causes that its use absorbs everything that we have at our disposal. After all, with such a large number of buttons, the user also needs to have an engineering knowledge on how the TV works to learn how to use all of them effectively. So although I did NOT have any difficulties with its effective use, I noticed that non-technical-thinking people may have significant difficulties with remembering what and how to control with it. Its design also has an engineering error, which causes that when pressed too deeply, the buttons jam and block the operation of the TV set, and if you do NOT notice their jamming - it becomes a source of significant irritation and problems of use. The remote control is powered by two AAA batteries, which means that due to their low energy efficiency, these batteries need to be changed relatively often. What shocks me is that the majority of TV sets currently on sale are still supplied with equally ill-considered and badly designed "remote controls"!!!


Remote control (2) by Samsung (model: BN59-01315D) in NZ supplied for an additional fee of $39 on special order for controlling the TV, packaging of which is shown above in "Fig. #E1a". It is a traditional kind of "remote" somewhat similar to the previously shown LG remote control (1). I also ordered this additional remote control, because I was afraid that my wife might find it difficult to learn to use the "ergonomic" remote control (3) supplied with the Samsung "smart" TV that I had purchased. However, since this second remote purchased "on request" probably needed to be sent to NZ from as far as Vietnam, I expected that it would take some time for it to get to me. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised when I could pick it up on 2020/11/17 - i.e. after only 6 days. The second pleasant surprise about it was that since in the meantime its price in NZ had risen to over $60, the shop selling me TV covered the difference by itself. After testing of this remote it turned out that it works slightly better than the LG remote control (1) - i.e. it can be operated with only one hand, although it is still necessary to look at it when doing so. For example, its 44 buttons are better described, and the buttons used to operate (a) standard (broadcast) television programs, and (b) movies and programs from the Internet, are grouped together. Hence, although for the use of the Internet it needs to be inconveniently held by a tip that is too short, all the buttons required to be pressed are still within reach of a finger from the hand in which the remote control is held - hence it allows one-handed operation. Unfortunately, due to the tight packing of numerous buttons and the similarity of their touch, it is also necessary to use eyes (i.e. to look at the remote control) to press them correctly. Fortunately, its buttons can NOT be pressed so deep that their edge would catch on the housing and block the TV operation, as it happened with the LG remote control (1). Its dimensions are: length 74 mm, width 48 mm, thickness 25 mm. It is powered by two small standard AAA batteries - which size indicates the need for their frequent replacement.


The Samsung "ergonomic" remote (3) (model: BN59-01259E) was delivered with the "smart" TV that I purchased on 2020/11/11. I must admit here, that being a retired professional scientist, especially trained and used to objective assessing of the quality level of everything that I encounter, I am personally very impressed with all the features of this remote - similarly as, for example, I am very impressed with all the features of the "banana" fruit designed by God, i.e. the features of which I described in items #D3.1 and #D3 from another my web page named "fruit.htm". Everything about this remote control is thoroughly thought out and ergonomically close to perfection. Its shape and dimensions change ergonomically and in their highest values are: length 165 mm, width 35 mm, thickness 20 mm. These dimensions, and its shape bent like an "ancient gun" or a "boomerang", allow one to hold it comfortably in one's hand, and then without the need to move it or use the other hand, within the reach of one's finger from the hand holding it one has all the buttons and is able to have full control over all the functions of the TV set just with one hand and while completely NOT looking at the remote control when doing so. So its use only absorbs the hand in which we hold it, while we can use the other hand and eyes for another purpose. It also has only 14 buttons, each of them so "hard", that initially I thought that pressing it supplies the "remote control" with electricity on the "piezoelectric" principle. (Nevertheless, despite this "hardness", my wife already on the 5th day of use was able to cause an "error" of the Internet with the typically female positioning of this "remote" on the table with the buttons pointing downwards - which an inconvenience, according to the engineering principle "everything can be improved further", could be easy to remove if instead of on the convex side of its bend, the buttons were located on the concave side.) At the same time each of these buttons protrudes so slightly from the remote control that it has NO right to jam. Also almost every one of these buttons performs several different functions and actions, depending on how it is pressed with a finger. For example, two oblong buttons arranged across its width at half its length can be either pushed forward with one's finger (which push at the left button increases the volume of the sound, and at the right button increases the number of the watched channel), or one can push it backwards with finger (which push reduces the previous values) or one can press it down, which in the left button completely mutes the sound, while in the right shows the list of programs and their broadcasting times on each of the TV channels. So the use of this "remote" is so easy, that my wife, who in a typically feminine way until our LG "smart" TV broke down, has NOT managed to learn the correct use of all 46 buttons of the remote control (1) - although she mastered the use of basic of them, for the "ergonomic" remote control from Samsung discussed here, she was able to use its basic functions after just 5 days. What is also worth emphasizing, the Samsung remote control (3) discussed here is powered by two larger AA batteries, which will allow it to operate much longer on one battery change than the previously discussed LG remote control (1) and than Samsung remote control (2) - both powered by two smaller AAA batteries.


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