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# 329_1E: What "smart" TVs must...

Motto: "In today's world increasingly more full of forcing (extortion) and exploiting fellow humans, "smart" features and actions are needed to fulfil God's commandments and laws but at the same time NOT to land under the proverbial "bridge" for the homeless and have money to buy everyday bread. (Summary of the increasingly sharply outlined "trend" towards the development of the situation of people against whom "money" or "fear" are used to "force" them to work - which trend is described in item #C7 from the web page named "nirvana.htm")


# 329_1E: What "smart" TVs must have in order to use them "smartly" according to their name (part 1)


Do you remember from the "good old days" those wonderful feelings that you could experience when you laughed to tears together with people you love at the positive film comedies, for example laughed at the English film "The Mouse That Roared" from 1959 (see ) or at even older classic comedies by Charlie Chaplin (see ) - i.e. films of the kind which today are almost NOT shown either in cinemas or on official television, probably because they lose profitability and show the truth which is opposite to the image of the world that is "forced" onto us by the "propaganda" of TV and other mass media? Or do you still remember the soothing effect which on our well-being had such watching a good comedy or a positive and uplifting film story on our home TV in the comfort and safety of family and friends? Do you feel sorry for those experiences now, when the comfort and feelings of watching such positive and uplifting programs on your home TV set have already passed into the distant past? This post #329E for blogs of totalizm provides just the information that allows to restore for you the possibility of watching such programs again on high-quality TV. This is because the post #329E describes how to choose the so-called "smart" TV set, which will bring back into your own hands the power and the ability to choose and watch the positive, edifying and disseminating the truth and knowledge films and programs that you want to see yourself, instead of films and programs that the "powers" which "extort" human work and impose on people behaviours in order to easier implement their exploitative and enslaving goals and intentions. (Note that "synonyms" for the English word "smart" are, among others: wise, skilful, showy, clever, ingenious, resourceful, brilliant.)


In the meantime the reader probably already noticed, that our civilization "got lost" and is now in the process of increasingly faster collapse. After all, we forget about God, love of our neighbour and care for nature. So does NOT matter much that many of us consider ourselves believers in God and that we all have access to a Bible inspired by God (see the web page "bible.htm") which clearly explains how to live, while simultaneously the majority of us do NOT practice what God commands us to do. In turn, as I explained it in item #C7 from the web page named "nirvana.htm" and am repeating in items #B1, #E1, and in the "introduction" to the web page named "smart_tvs.htm": a large proportion of the blame for this faster and faster collapse of our civilization can be traced to television additionally reinforced by ungodly actions of the entire multimedia conglomerate (including producers of films, computer games, comics, magazines, books, etc.) all of which are oriented almost exclusively toward "money", profits and spreading profitable propaganda. Problem of all of them is that instead of drawing "patterns of behaviour" from real characters with a positive and upbuilding nature (because they lived in past and hence imbued with experience, wisdom and life truth), nowadays almost everything (apart from the increasingly gloomy and alarming "news" on television) that television and other multimedia show to people, is based on "fictional patterns of behaviour" which do NOT work (but actually are harmful) in the real life because creators of movies, games and programs fancifully invented them. No wonder that if someone would count the "killing of how many people is shown on television every day", and objectively assessed how the behaviour of the heroes of the films shown on television relates to the positive and building patterns we know from history, then our hair would stand up on our heads. Nowadays even comedies are illustrating killing of people and breaking God's ten commandments - e.g. consider the sarcastic comedy filmed in 2014 and entitled "A Million Ways to Die in the West" (see ). No wonder that what they show on television is also starting to happen increasingly more on streets of our cities.


The main source of the above problems with our television are "money" - which has become the primary source of practically all "evil" on Earth, because more and more frequently it is used as a "weapon" and "tool" which allows to accomplish increasingly more evil goals. But instead of completely eliminating "money" from use, by replacing it with "moral energy" which the physical performing of so-called "moral work" pedantically and justly rewards with the feeling of indescribable happiness of earned nirvana - as this is briefly explained in the summary from item #C7 of the abovementioned web page named "nirvana.htm", while in detail is described in items #A1 to #A4 from the web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", our civilization recklessly insists on continuing to use money. As a result, irrespective of the political system in which someone lives, still reality is that typically the "elites" of his/her country force (extort) from him/her the work through the use of "money" or "fear". In turn, in order for this forcing (extortion) to be increasingly more effective, television programs that televisions broadcast around the world increasingly show the "propaganda" which by using words much nicer and less direct than mine "diplomatically" keeps persuading people that "money", "extortion", "exploiting" people, or keeping entire nations in "fear" and serfdom is absolutely necessary for our well-being, safety and life.


As a result of the above situation, the content and propaganda forced into television programs and films diverge increasingly further from the positive "patterns of behaviour" expressed e.g. by the famous "Maxim of Confucius" (see ) described in more detail in the caption under "Fig. #A1" from my web page named "immortality.htm", or by the mentioned in there verse 4:8 from the Biblical "Letter to the Philippians" - I quote this verse from the King James Bible: "... whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things." However, it is within capabilities of each of us to remedy this situation of decline. After all, it is enough to stop watching what official television programs force upon us, and to comfortably and in high quality start watching what we choose for ourselves. But in order to do this, we need to buy and learn to use a special type of television set, which is sold under the name "smart" TV and which is able to receive programs broadcast by television stations as well as find and view films, news and descriptive information that are NOT disseminated by television stations any more, but only are available via the Internet (including even those which in recent times are secretly blocked from dissemination - although in order to uphold the fiction of the alleged "freedom of speech", they have NOT been removed from the Internet yet).


Unfortunately, similarly as today's society is already subdivided into three different "classes", names and roles of which I explain in more detail in the final part of this post #329E, i.e. it is already subdivided into the following classes: (I) "elites", (II) "middle class", and (III) "labour"; also three classes of these "smart" TVs are sold, i.e. (i) elite "smart" TVs, (ii) medium class "smart" TVs, and (iii) labour "smart" TVs. So let's summarize each of these TV classes separately:


- Class (i) elite "smart" TVs. These are huge, expensive, in 2020 their resolution already had "8K" (see ) and they are filled with many unnecessary additions - the need for them is as useful as the usefulness of colourful ornaments on trucks in India. In November 2020, when I wrote the text of this post #329E, in NZ they cost from around $2000 to around $9000 (I do not know how much they cost in other countries). Thus, the majority of "normal people" have neither funds needed for their purchase, nor a place in their flat where they could put them, nor amount of free time needed to learn how to use all additions that are included into them. So I am NOT going to discuss them here.


- "Smart" TVs class (ii) - "middle". Usually these have screens of about 43 inches (although they are also available in larger screen versions) and their resolution is currently typically of the order of "4K" (see ). In NZ their price "now" (i.e. at the time of creating the web page named "smart_tvs.htm") amounts to around $1000. The packaging (i.e. a cardboard box) of an example of such a "smart" TV of "middle class" that I purchased on 2020/11/11 is shown below in "Fig. #E1a". It is just how to choose for oneself the most appropriate TV set from this class is described in this post #329E, while its use is discussed on the entire web page named "smart_tvs.htm". The problem, however, is that in this "middle class" of TVs one can find a wide range of quality and functional features. So in order to choose for ourselves such a "smart" TV set, which will give to us the highest freedom from "forcing" on us what we have to watch and freedom from being forced by the creators of their software to pay additional fees for whatever we watch, while at the same time which is the easiest to use, has a good and sufficiently large screen, and it is relatively cheap, we need the knowledge that I am going to present below in this post #329E.


- Class (iii) labour "smart" TVs (i.e. the origin of names of which, e.g. "labour", is explained near the end of this post #329E). Typically these also have screens with sizes from about 32 to about 43 inches (although they can also have larger screens), they can also have "4K" image resolution, but their price will be relatively low - e.g. in NZ new such a TV also called "smart" "(but NOT very "smart" from the point of view of users' interests) one can buy for around $500 to $700. Their curious feature, to which I draw the attention of readers in the caption under "Fig. #E1a" below, is that their packages are flashy and colourful, and completely filled with "clever names". However, when their operation is tested (which in NZ can be done in TV stores where "display TV sets" especially intended for testing by buyers can be made available to interested clients) then it turns out that all software (apps) they contain was especially designed for how to exploit their users the most effectively by extorting (forcing) from them the payments for almost everything that they want to watch apart from the official programs of TV stations, and by extorting (forcing) from the owners the choice of the types of films and programs that they are allowed to find in Internet and to watch on these TVs - because these films or programs either represent the "propaganda" serving the interests of the "powers" that currently rule over the Earth, or because they promote the film-production of someone linked by interests to the owner of a given software (apps), means to someone who is quietly associated with the owner by some system of mutual adoration and mutual support. For example, in spite that these are supposedly "smart" TV sets which have their own "apps" acting as "internet search engines", their search engines have only one window to search for films (movies) or programs by using "keywords", but they lack a second necessary window that is used to run films or programs the Internet addresses of which one already knows. Simultaneously, their search engines are subject to some secret "limitations", which cause their owners to find on the Internet and to be able to run only what the ruling "power" deems appropriate. This is why, for example, when I searched with their search engines for any among the films that I personally co-author, then it turned out that it was NOT possible to find or run with their Internet search engines (or with their "YouTube App") any among the films created with my participation. In addition, neither their Internet search engines nor their "YouTube App" have the so-called "bookmark" (i.e. auxiliary memory which, after clicking on it, remembers and keeps the addresses of websites and movies, which we want to be able to repeatedly run with one click of the "remote" TV controller) - which makes their use very difficult, time-consuming, ineffective, user-unfriendly and highly annoying. To be honest, the motivations for creating such TV sets and their user-hostile software (i.e. the "apps" installed in them), the existence of which motivations can be guessed from the principles of operation of these television sets, remind me with their trend the motivations followed by pharmaceutical companies producing "medicines which make patients dependent on taking them instead of healing" - as described in "part #I" (especially in item #I1) of the web page named "healing.htm". As a result, knowing life, I believe that after purchasing such a TV, people who purchased it will use it only as ordinary TV set displaying only programs broadcast by TV stations (i.e. these people will NOT have the patience, time, or necessary knowledge to use their "smart" capabilities for free viewing of increasingly, though secretly, banned films and disclosures of truths, now available only through the Internet).


So let us now try to explain at what one needs to pay special attention, that the "smart" TV one is to buy has all this built in (embedded into it), when one is to choose a TV receiver to buy for own use from the wide range of "smart" TV models currently available on the market. I will omit discussing their prices and the size of their screen, because it depends on the possibilities and preferences of a given buyer, and I will only focus on what is most important for their "smart" operation and easy and effective use. (I will only add here that I personally determined empirically that for the distance between the eyes of the viewer and the TV screen amounting to about 2 to 3 metres, which is a typical distance for many modern apartments and their furnishings, the size of the TV screen which already gives a relatively good feeling of being right size, is in the order of 43 inches - which, for example, for NZ means that the price of a "smart" TV with such a screen and the features and possibilities that I describe here will be in the order of (about) $1000.) And so, if you want the "smart" TV you buy to meet your most important needs and at the same time do NOT turn you into an arrogantly exploited slave of restrictions, "extorting" and "imposing", the submitting to which lies in the interests of elites and multimedia corporations - make sure (e.g. by personally testing a "displayed TV set" in a store for viewing and testing by buyers) that it has:


(1)! Internet search engine (e.g. "Google App" or "Bing App", etc.). It is absolutely necessary for this search engine that it has the following features and functions:


       (1a)! Two windows (i.e. that it has both a middle window to search for addresses with a given content using the so-called keywords, and it also has a second window, usually located at the top edge of the screen, which is used to "run" web pages or films/movies that have addresses already known to us). In addition, for this search engine it is necessary that it also has:


       (1b)! Well-functioning so-called "bookmark". This "bookmark" allows that with one click of the remote control the user can save in the memory of the "smart" TV the Internet address of something that is currently browsing on Internet or launched from the Internet, so that in the future this "bookmarked" something can be viewed again quickly and easily with just one click of the "remote" for the TV on the bookmark's "icon" representing this remembered something. In today's "smart" TVs, this "bookmark" usually causes remembering the address of what we just watch from the Internet, if we click on a small "bright colour star" located in the search engine on the right side next to the window for launching movies or websites, addresses of which we already know. Then, if we want to come back and see again what we saved on the TV with the "bookmark", it is enough to click again on the same star, then find the icon (button) with the description of what we previously "bookmarked" and click on this icon (button). This ability to "bookmark" in Internet search engines and in YouTube search engines from "smart" TVs is therefore highly useful and necessary, among others, for creating programs of our own private "apps" - which programs are stored outside the TV memory, while after remembering their address in "bookmark", the programs of these private "apps" allow for quick access with a single clicks of the "remote" to all movies, websites and Internet programs that the owner of these "apps" intends to run frequently on his/her "smart" TV. Examples of just such "apps", which I programmed for my own use, and which the reader is welcomed to run and to check how they work, are all my song "playlists" (I programmed and use several dozen of them) - e.g. see my "playlist" called "p_nfi.htm" that allows one to listen to songs that are sung by the background of the so-called "Inca Walls" - the manner of erecting which walls by programming of "counter-matter" I discovered due to prompts from my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (see - also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm") and then together with my friend we illustrated this manner on about half-hour long free YouTube video entitled "Future Propulsions" (see ) - only 17 seconds long fragment of which film, showing just how looks like such a formation of "Inca Walls" by programming of counter-matter, is disseminated on YouTube under the name "Wall 4K" (see ), while the principle of such formation of the "Inca Walls" is described in more detail in item #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm". Another example of my own "app", which allows to run on my "smart" TV the films (movies) and programs from the Internet that I browse the most, the reader can find and browse under the name "p_.htm". In turn, how practically almost everyone with a bit of stubbornness and good will is able to learn to prepare their own "apps" - I describe it in detail and illustrate it with examples in "part #F" of the web page named "smart_tvs.htm". These self-programmed "apps" allow for more effective, simpler, and much easier use of our own "smart" TVs that have all the features and possibilities which I am describing here.


(2)! Movie and video search engine (e.g. "YouTube App", or some other program to search for movies and videos efficiently). For the "YouTube App" it is also necessary and advisable that this search engine has:


       (2a)! Two windows similar to an internet search engine (i.e. one window for searching and the other one for launching movies addresses of which we already know).


       (2b) A second "bookmark" similar as the one in the "Google App" described above in (1b)!. While the existence of this second "bookmark" is useful and advisable, it is NOT absolutely necessary, because in the absence of this one, the "bookmark" from (1b)! can be used for the same purpose - which must be present in an internet search engine for a TV worth buying. But if a given "smart" TV has also such a second "bookmark", then having it is beneficial, because it facilitates the use and increases the convenience and "user friendliness" of a given TV.


(3)! Several different wireless and wired ways of connecting to, and exchanging information with files, programs or other common electronic devices (e.g. with internet, mobile phones, "Bluetooth" devices (see is+bluetooth ), computers, speakers, etc.). For example, a "smart" TV should have several of the currently used connections to memories and other devices (i.e. several sockets for plugs). So it is good to have at least two sockets for HDMI - to be able to connect it with sources or receivers of audio and video; at least three USB sockets - so that the displayed content can also be derived from our own computer (flash) memory devices, and in addition other plug sockets currently in use.


(4)! The so-called "user friendliness" - means "friendliness towards the user", i.e. everything in it should start easily, quickly and without jamming or any other difficulties, while its "remote" should be well thought out, easy to understand, use long time powering it standard batteries that are easy to buy, and it should also work precisely without jamming the keys or other surprises or reasons to irritate the user - just like work the "ergonomic" remote control (model: BN59-01259E) which impressed me, and that I showed and described under number (3) in "Fig. #E1b" below.


(5) Two buttons (- % +) to reduce or enlarge web images. The point is that the images of films or materials available on the Internet will rarely match the size of the TV screen. Therefore, the "smart" TV should have in the upper (control) part of the images displayed from the Internet, two buttons (usually marked with minus, % and plus signs), clicking which with the "remote" increases or decreases images taken from the Internet up to the size at which the images coincide with the size of the TV screen. These buttons also allow the user to increase texts written in very fine print to the size at which we will be comfortable reading them. Thus having these buttons immensely increases the user-friendliness of a given "smart" TV.


(6) In addition, the "smart" TV should also have everything that allows it to function as a large and comfortable screen, including situations when we are talking over long distances through some program similar to the famous "Skype". Requirements that for this purpose the "smart" TV should meet, are described in "part #G" of the web page named "smart_tvs.htm".


(7) Other features that satisfy our preferences and likes (e.g. the screen of size we like, 4K, 3D, easily understood instructions for use, etc.). For example, my experiences with the previously owned "smart" TV from LG, which had a built-in 3D option (i.e. had the ability to display three-dimensional images), showed that I almost never used this 3D for the simple reason that it is still very difficult to find on the Internet any material actually shot and available in 3D. It is worth remembering that the fulfilment of our preferences and likes should NOT be "squashed" because of the price of a given TV set. After all, due to the present situation in the world, we will probably watch our TV every day for several hours. So apart from sleeping, it will probably be the second most important source of our rest and relaxation from the stresses of present everyday life. In addition, it is also worth remembering the Polish saying: I am too poor to buy easily perishable cheap goods (in Polish original: "jestem zbyt ubogi aby kupować łatwo psującą się tandetę").


I should add here, that nowadays there are actually available "smart" TVs which have all the above features and capabilities, although (unfortunately) they are surrounded by a crowd of other TVs which do NOT have these features, although they are also called "smart" by their manufacturers. This is why, when buying, you have to put in the trouble of finding this special TV which will have all the absolutely necessary ones among these features (above underlined with an exclamation mark, e.g. as (1)!, next to their numbers) and also has the highest number of desired ones among these features (those shown above without the exclamation mark). I actually already have a second "smart" TV which displays all these features - it is the one, the box from which I showed below in "Fig. #E1a". My previous "smart" TV, also having all the above features, is described in item #C1 on the web page named "smart_tvs.htm". I should add here that in the meantime I also experimented with imparting "smart" features to a regular TV by connecting it to a computer and using it as a large high quality computer screen. But as I learned empirically, in order to be successful with it, both the TV and the computer must also meet various compatibility requirements (which meeting does NOT always happen), and also we must overcome a whole range of specialist obstacles of various kinds (e.g. how to reprogram our "laptop" in order to be able to close it and it still continued its operation), NOT to mention the labour-consumption of ceaselessly connecting them together and then disconnecting them. Hence, the purchase of a "smart" TV is an incomparably more practical solution.


When looking for a "smart" TV that is most suitable for purchase, DO NOT be afraid, nor be ashamed or embarrassed, to personally check and test in the store that the "smart" TVs that they offer have everything you need and that you can use it. Also, do NOT be afraid to show sellers that you do NOT know something, e.g. by asking them questions and asking to illustrate or explain to you something that you do NOT understand, do NOT know, or was unsure whether you are able to use it.


Unfortunately, the times have come to Earth when the main goal, propelling force and motivation to start the production of TV sets, software used in "smart" TV sets, and whatever is shown on TVs, becomes the propaganda "moulding" of people and "forcing" (extorting) from them possibly highest profits. In turn to be able to accomplish all this, various clever features are secretly encoded into "smart" TVs and into their software (i.e. into so-called "apps"). For example, both the "internet search engines" used in them and their "movie and video search engines" may have only one window used for searching, while the second (upper) window for launching whatever Internet addresses we already know, in a strange way already has disappeared from them. In turn, in the software of these search engines, which is invisible to users, procedures may be contained that make it impossible to find with their searches those publications, web pages or films which, in order to NOT openly contradict the alleged existence of "freedom of speech", are still officially available on the Internet, but which are already on the created especially for them the "black lists" used by owners of a given search engine or "powers" that rule over these owners (which situation already has happened with so cleverly persecuted and blocked almost all web pages and films created by the author of this post - for details see item #A5 from my web page named "totalizm.htm"). This hidden software may also contain procedures that are mainly used to increase the income or monopoly of the owner of a given search engine. In turn, in order to mask the fact that a large part of web pages and films is already included in the secret "black list", in the composition of so prepared supposed "smart" TV sets, typically also are installed (and loudly advertised) various programs that offer to us many other films and sources of information which constitute only the costly prepared "propaganda" of elites for "shaping" our views and beliefs and for "milking" as much "money" as possible from us. On the other hand, making impossible to find secretly forbidden websites and films, combined with the simultaneous secret surrounding them with the huge number of websites and films which only serve as a spread of "propaganda" with the content opposite to them, in effects is tantamount to deceitful "hiding", "blocking" and "disgusting" - several next examples of which deceitful behaviour is also indicated on my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" where examples of such behaviours are linked with e.g. the Polish keywords "jeśli chcesz ukryć drzewo, posadź wokół niego cały las" meaning "if you want to hide a tree, plant a whole forest around it".


So in order to somehow defend ourselves against the above "forcing" on us what we are allowed to watch and for what we have to pay extra, a "smart" TV with the features described above is very useful. This is because such a television set allows us to search and watch (mainly for free) everything that we want and that is still available on the Internet - including (if we consider it appropriate) also these "propaganda" films and information typically provided for an additional fee. After all, most of them also have a free version available on the Internet - for searching for which, one can use, for example, these noisily advertised "apps" which are already included in virtually every "smart" TV, developed for the purpose of "milking" additional fees from us. (So-far, with the help of some of these "apps" it is still possible to search for films and programmes without an additional fee - while the fee has to be paid in them only when one wants to run a given film or programme.) So these noisily advertised "apps" may allow us to find the title and descriptions of a paid movie that interests us, in turn with a little practice, software such as "TouTube App", or "Google App", or also our "PC computer" will allow us to quickly find in the Internet a free version of this movie. In turn, after finding this free version, we can run it repeatedly (and at no extra charge) as many times as we want on our "smart TV", e.g. with the help and use of "bookmark", "YouTube App", or our private "app". (Programming, updating, installing and using such our private "app" is described in "part #F" of the web page named "smart_tvs.htm" - while older descriptions of its preparation, as well as an example of making of such "apps" serving as "playlists", are provided in item #C1 from my web page named "p_instruction.htm" available, for example, on the web page at .) It is also worth adding here that avoiding viewing "propaganda" for "extorting" on people and for "forcing" views that are contrary to God's commandments, or finding ways of viewing it free of charge if we want e.g. to critically learn what it tries to "force" and then morally subject its content to comparative analyzes revealing how this "propaganda" deviates from God's commandments, NOT only teaches us to pedantically follow the commandments and recommendations of God inscribed in the Bible (e.g. those from the verse 4:8 quoted above), but it is also a form of manifesting our disapproval of ideology from this propaganda - similar to avoiding the purchase of morally unapproved goods in stores.


Since from the content of my scientifically irrefutable formal proof that God does exist (see the web page "god_proof.htm"), and also from the results of my research on karma programs which judge and return the behaviour of every intellect (see the web page "karma.htm"), it clearly follows that we all are fairly accountable for practically everything that we do in our physical life, let us explain here also "why?" such a "smart" TV is worth having. The answer is simple and states: because the Earth and humanity is the battlefield of the never-ending, eternal battle between "evil" and "good", while participants of two most numerous "classes of people" fighting with each other in this battle are completely confused, hence they either fight on the wrong side, or they do NOT have the slightest idea about the strategic goal at accomplishing of which their fight should aim. Simultaneously, a significant proportion of the responsibility for this disorientation of as many as two most populous fighting classes is borne from the "propaganda" programs, almost exclusively which currently can be viewed on ordinary TV sets. In turn, because for present people who are used to easy learning about the situation in the world, television is the main source of their knowledge, it is worth trying to acquire a proper "smart" TV, which opens to its owners access to programs, movies, and knowledge, which start to dissipate this confusion. Even more urgent this need for access to proper knowledge is made by the situation that starting since 2001/9/11 - when the present "neo-medieval" epoch arrived (see caption under the "Table #K1" on the web page "tapanui.htm"), this battle entered its final phase, which if "evil" prevails in this battle, then (unfortunately) the battle will end with the "extermination of the majority of people in the 2030s" (see for the Polish half-hour film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" - which illustrates the prophesized and impending "The Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s") and will start the multi-century long further continuation of the to-date ignorance, lying, injustice, immorality, extortion, exploitation, etc., for those people who survive the extermination. After all, in order for this battle to end with the beginning of the gradual ascent of humanity towards the light, truth, justice, morality, volunteerism, prosperity, wealth and health for everybody, etc. - it is necessary that "good" prevails in that battle. At the same time it is worth remembering, that separately each one of us people will be held accountable if he/she helped the wrong side in this battle between good and evil. On the other hand, the problem with the majority of today's people gazing into TVs or practice evil at computer games, lies in the fact that the majority of them still do NOT notice that this eternal battle is continually being fought and is just approaching the time of its next resolution (reset). While NOT knowing about its existence, they typically either succumb to the omnipresent propaganda of "evil" and take the anti-human side, or knowing only that the lives of themselves and their relatives are becoming "increasingly worse and more difficult", they mindlessly protest and expose themselves to the brutality of those who support power of "evil", but while protesting they have NO clear views as to "achieving of what?" should be the goal of their actions (nor how to "achieve" such a goal) to be able to tip the tide of the struggle towards a lasting victory for "good". (While this goal is so simple, namely: it is necessary to permanently eliminate from the Earth the most important "weapons" used by evil, for example, must be eliminated the use of "money" which for millennia is the source of power and the most powerful weapon of "evil" - as I explained it, for example, in item #C7 from my web page named "nirvana.htm".) After all, in order to hide from people the existence of this battle and also to prevent the people hurt by "evil" forces from realizing how this battle can be won, the "evil" side uses a wide range of "propaganda" ways, the main tool for disseminating of which recently has become television, reinforced by computer games, the Internet, monopolistic search engines hiding the truth (see item #A5 from the web page "totalizm.htm"), etc. So if more and more people learn to recognize this "propaganda" and cease to be influenced by it, the scale of the struggle will gradually begin to tilt towards the victory of "good". This is because in this battle three "classes" of people clash with each other, the distribution of forces of which is NOT beneficial to the forces of "evil". So let us now discuss each of these three classes of people, explaining its role and situation.


-Class (I) "elites". It is that unfortunate class, the fate of which is emphasized by words of Jesus from the Bible (Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, Luke 18:25) that state - I quote from the Catholic Bible: "It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." (Note, however, that even these words are so formulated that they convey also the important principle: "there are exceptions for every rule".) That class (I) is in the unfortunate situation that in order to make last the riches it accumulated and to be able to lead opulent lives, it must do everything in its power to hold back any change to occur on Earth so that it can continue "extorting" of work and "exploiting" of other humans with the use of methods that this class introduced and maintain on Earth. Unfortunately, both the disallowing of any changes to occur, as well as the continuation of "extortion" of work and "exploitation" of other humans, place this class (I) in the battlefield discussed here on the side that battles for the prevalence of "evil". But fortunately for the rest of humanity, this class (I) consists of only a small number of individuals, all of which are usually called with the word "elites" - although within these "elites" various deeper classifications can be distinguished, an example of one of which is presented from (7) to (7h) from item #C7 of the web page named "nirvana.htm". Unfortunately for other classes of people, "elites" perfected the methods with which they enslave the rest of humanity through continuing on Earth the process of "extorting" and "exploiting" due to use of "money" and "fear" as their "weapons" and tools of oppression. For example, they cause that officially on Earth instead of truth and knowledge, currently almost exclusively lies and propaganda are disseminated, which glorify the existing evil and induce the use of force in order to insist on the continuation of the present regrettable situation of the majority of humanity. Furthermore, by using their most powerful "weapon", which is "money", these elites "buy for themselves" the entire "pyramid of extortion and forcing" represented by the "middle class" (II) and including either still unaware of their actual role in the society or "forgetting" about morality and deaf to their conscience (means unscrupulous) helpers - who help the elites in "extorting" and "exploiting" their "neighbours", thus staining their records in God’s chronicles and drawing upon themselves unwanted karma. This is why if we hear in the TV news that in some area of the Earth there are growing unrest and social protests, then in spite that these messages clearly indicate that the reason for these unrests and protests is either inventing new, or intensifying old methods of "forcing" and "exploiting" already poor people, and therefore the source of these problems are only the "tightening the screw" actions of the elites, still those who often abuse the protesting class (III) of the "labour" sometimes even using very brutal methods, are participants of NOT the elites themselves, but this "pyramid of extortion and forcing" composed of the "middle class" (II) bought for "money" by these elites and serving elites in performing a function that is contrary to God's commandments.


-Class (III) "labour". Against themselves, "elites" have huge masses of people, whom they "force" to work either with the use of "money" or "fear", and also "exploit", keep them in poverty and ignorance, lie (e.g. that God does NOT exist), force them to serve in the army, teach how to use force, fight and kill, send to war as the so-called "cannon fodder", etc. These abundant masses of people can be called variously, for example after the "Capital" of Karl Marx (see ) they can be called "labour" or "proletariat", while historians of wars and sarcastic military men can also call them, for example, "cannon fodder" (see ) - after all, "elites" send these masses of people to perish and kill similar people in numerous wars, which serve only to increase the wealth, power and area of influence of these "elites". Unfortunately, when I was browsing for the Polish keywords "mięso armatnie" (see ) - which means "cannon fodder", in the Polish-language search engine I noticed that "propaganda" even hides the truth (i.e. spreads lie) as to what these keywords actually mean. Only the English-language search engines give the truth about it, e.g. on 2020/11/20 stating - quote: "Cannon fodder is an informal, derogatory term for combatants who are regarded or treated by government or military command as expendable in the face of enemy fire" (shortly: "soldiers regarded merely as material to be expended in war") - which loosely translated into Polish means: "Mięso armatnie jest to nieformalna, obraźliwa nazwa dla walczących którzy są uważani lub traktowani przez rząd lub dowódców wojskowych jako zbywalni w sytuacji ostrzału sił nieprzyjaciela" (krótko zaś: "żołnierze uważani tylko jako materiał do pozbywania się podczas wojny"). So in order to give these masses a goal of their fight against the present evil, it is necessary to make them aware of how "smart" viewing of the truth so far still available on the Internet (although increasingly frequent hidden in there by monopolistic Internet search engines that support the "evil" side of battle) can protect them from being confused by the "propaganda" of the powers of "evil".


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