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#322E: Technical, NOT natural, hurricanes...

Motto: "At a sufficiently high level of technical sophistication, 'everything that is conceivable is also feasible'." (One-sentence-long summary of our film "Future Propulsions" discussed below in the caption under "Film #J3b")


#322E: Technical, NOT natural, hurricanes and tornadoes secretly formed by giant Magnocraft-like starships hiding in the state of telekinetic flickering


On web sites of totalizm there are as many as three web pages about the technical, means about NOT natural (but still NOT detected by our "official atheistic science"), creation of destructive winds. The first of these is the web page about the technical creation of destructive "tornadoes" - i.e. the web page named "tornado.htm". The next two of them are web pages about the technical creation of destructive "hurricanes", one of which is named "katrina.htm", while the other one is named "hurricane.htm". On all these web pages I documented empirical evidence which reveals that both, all "tornadoes" and all "hurricanes", are formed technically on Earth by giant working starships built especially for carrying out works at a planetary scale, which due to the similarity of their functions to our "tractors" I named "planetors". Only that in order to NOT be noticed by people, these "planetors" above Earth normally fly in the state of so-called "telekinetic flickering" (described e.g. in item #C1 from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm"), which state makes them invisible to human eyes and easily permeable-through by solid objects, airplanes, rockets, etc. The above web pages describing empirical evidence for technical creation of destructive winds, I started to publishing when in 2005 and 2006 I established that "the natural speeds of counter-matter that propel air movements in winds, tornadoes and hurricanes, without the use of advanced technology are NOT able to reach the destructive values". This in turn implied that tornadoes and hurricanes can be formed only with the use of advanced technical devices - which accelerate the movement of counter-matter above its natural speed. Unfortunately, many readers of that evidence that I gathered on my own, either ignored it completely, or accepted it with a "pinch of salt" - as if it was some kind of unverifiable myth. That treatment of the results of my research again convinced me that present people notice and accept uncritically only whatever is "officially" broadcast on television - even if it was obvious nonsense. Therefore, in items of "part #J" from the web page mamed "hurricane.htm" (from which this post was adapted) I decided to additionally describe, explain and correctly interpret other evidence verifiable by almost every interested person, which by being similar to the one previously collected by myself and already described for a long time (among others on the above mentioned my web pages) this time was shown on television because it was accumulated (but later ignored) by "official atheistic science" - means by well-equipped and well paid professional scientists. Analyzes of this costly "television" evidence also clearly confirm whatever I discovered and described as a "hobbyist" many years ago without having any cash for this purpose, namely confirm that tornadoes and hurricanes are actually induced on Earth in a technical (i.e. NOT natural) manner by giant invisible starships. Only to notice that this "television" evidence also confirms such technical induction of tornadoes and hurricanes, one needs to explain and interpret it without following the typical for the publications of present "official atheistic science" propensity to prejudices and to bypassing "taboo" topics, about which propensity from my past personal experience it appears that they are most often caused by the fear of losing a good job and easy earnings (i.e. by the fear of losing the "money" which on Earth is the narcotizing people source of all evil) - which loss of a job in our civilization is always provoked by anyone's attempt of "refusing" to follow the line of officially disseminated, e.g. scientific, lies.



#J1. Why even destructive tornadoes and hurricanes have their beneficial consequences:


Motto: "To learn good, you must personally suffer the effects of evil - means no intellect is to abandon serving evil to others, until personally experiences how evil feels and why evil was served to him/her/it." (The essence of my personal life experiences summarized in items #A1 to #A4 from the web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm".)


Each one of us probably heard the Polish proverb "There is nothing bad that does not bring about something good", and some probably also know the frequently repeated in publications of totalizm its truthful inverse stating that "There is NO such good that would NOT generate any form of evil". The life truths contained in them both are also confirmed by the experience of many other nations which have written them into a whole series of their proverbs. Thus, for example, the Dutch people have the proverb saying "What brings bread to one, brings death to another" (in the original: "De één z'n brood, is de ander z'n dood"). The English have the proverb "The life of a wolf is the death of a lamb". In turn the Chinese have the proverb "Good husbands always have bad wives, while good wives always have bad husbands" - about the truth of which I learned for myself. (When I investigated the reason for the truth of this Chinese proverb, I found a rather interesting situation. Namely, in every marriage the side that is more "bad" always forces its will on the side that is "good", while the "good" side is always too good to force "bad" side to anything. As a result, if any component of the marriage is bad, its evilness "educates" the other side towards good - the truth of this finding is confirmed by e.g. an old Russian tale with a moral that anyone can watch from a video at the address .) The beneficial effect of the experiencing of evil is also indicated by sources other than just proverbs - an example is the article which I described in item #A3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm" and which argued that a child of rich parents usually grows up to be a misfit and snob for the simple reason that he/she/it have not experienced nor understood evil (that is, which article "between the lines" explained some of the reasons for Jesus' statement in the Bible that "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven" - Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25, Luke 18:25). No wonder that for upbringing people God often uses the so-called "principle of reversals" which I described, amongst others, in item #F3 from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm".


In other words, in the absolute dimension there is NO such thing as "evil" or "good", but there are only "events" which depending on the purpose for which they are triggered and from whose point of view they are considered, can be categorised to be both, "bad" and "good" - e.g. a sheep mauled by a wolf, by a sheep is felt as evil, but by a wolf as good. So it is NOT surprising that the superior powers looking at something from the absolute dimension use these "events" as kinds of "tools" that lead to the intended goal. Only that in order NOT to break or spoil people, these tools should be kept in a state of constant balance, while the "evil" caused by them should be limited to the absolutely necessary minimum - similarly as this is required by old Chinese knowledge of "yin and yang" - a fragment of which knowledge I am describing e.g. in item #B2 from my web page named "fruit.htm".


Most readers ignore the evidential value of materials documented both on my web pages about "hurricanes" and on the web page about "tornadoes" - which confirm that some superior power uses gigantic sizes of invisible starships with a principle of operation similar to my Magnocrafts for technical formation of hurricanes and tornados on Earth. For some of these readers the mere fact that in order to build such giant starships, one needs to be at a much higher level of knowledge, civilization, and thus also much higher morality than people, it is enough to reject even the consideration whether the evidence which I present in this matter may represent the truth. However, if one considers that a higher level of knowledge, civilization and morality also means an increased awareness that "evil" and "good" are only two different consequences of "events" which in many situations must be used alternately as the only "tools" capable of breaking through arrogance of people to achieve their goals, then motivating with such reasoning the rejection or ignoring of evidence which I present in this post (and in web pages indicated above) is without justification.


So in order to make aware here that "hurricanes" and "tornadoes", and all other forms of weather "anomalies", regardless of causing what many people perceive as "evil", also cause "good", I will show here a few examples of "good" resulting from them. And so, for example, they destroy, overturn and kill everything that is old, rotten, weak, bungled, etc., i.e. old decayed trees, old termite-eaten telephone and electric poles, improperly built houses and poor roofs, etc. - so without their "work" almost no one would be mobilized to replace the old ones with new ones or to build strong, high-quality structures. Strong winds also move seeds, pollen and other sought after ingredients to the areas where they are needed. If there were NO destructive winds, nothing would force governments to employ numerous people to carefully study them and to find safeguards against their destructive power, as well as to improve designs and erect buildings of ever better quality - similarly as if there were no "mosquitoes", no one would study how to eliminate malaria. They also create employment for many people who film or describe them, warn about their coming, etc.


However, the most significant benefit from the existence of evil was discovered only as part of the formulation of the philosophy of totalizm. It states that the existence of evil is necessary to restore absolute justice. After all, according to the findings of totalizm, every single person and every group intellect affected by some kind of evil, previously deserved it with his/her/its own similarly harmful action. However, there is a serious problem with the realization by today's people of the existence of this absolute justice - I discussed it in detail in item #B3 from my web page named "portfolio.htm" and in post #272E to blogs of totalizm. This problem is that at today's moral level of humanity, everyone is able to see only that someone has been harmed by some kind of evil, but practically almost nobody neither investigates nor records the previous actions of this harmed person or group intellect, and hence has NO the proverbial "slightest idea" that this person or group intellect just received back only the "karmatic return" of something as bad as he/she/it previously did. In order to carry out such research on the morality of behaviours of given intellects, our present civilization would have to either get rid of "privacy laws" so highly valued by all criminals and rich people, or would also need to develop a measuring device capable of measuring "the amount of moral energy accumulated by given intellects". (The ideas of such measuring equipment for quantifying amounts of "moral energy" are described in my publications.) The point is that according to what I explained on my web page named "nirvana.htm" (especially in its items #D3, #D2 and #C6) the quantity of "moral energy" which someone managed to accumulate in himself/herself is an ideal indicator of how all the actions of this person are in accordance with the commandments and requirements described in the Bible (means how moral are all actions of this person). So until humanity builds and begins to use such "meters of the level of moral energy", the existence of "absolute justice" described here will be questioned by various "smart-wise". Fortunately, those who despite of the difficulties created by today's society go through the trouble of remembering or examining the past of individual intellects affected by some forms of evil, will in time personally discover the truth about it. For example, one of the most drastic aspects of the results of my research on this subject is described in item #G1 from my web page named "will.htm" (note in there an example when a student emptied all the ink from his fountain pen into the pocket of a new, elegant, snow-white jacket-coat of his poor teacher - the purchase of which had to cost her many months of hardship and savings and which the ink completely destroyed).


So, bearing in mind what I explained above, now let's take a closer look at the evidence I found to confirm that hurricanes and tornadoes are actually caused by giant starships working on principles of operation of the Magnocrafts that I invented over 40 years ago, then let's try to understand this huge ocean of implications which result from the actual existence of this evidence.



#J2. Philosophical premises that suggest the existence of evidence on Earth which confirms the use of giant starships flying on principles of operation of my Magnocrafts to technically form tornadoes and hurricanes:


In item #G2 from my web page named "god_proof.htm" I presented scientifically impossible to challenge or refute (i.e. incontestable) the formal proof for the existence of God carried out theoretically using methods of mathematical logic. In turn in item #A2 of the web page "hurricane.htm" I presented the most important implications of this proof. I developed this proof in 2007 during my professorship at Ajou University in South Korea, where I lectured, among others, mathematical logic. Before that one I also developed several other scientific proofs for the existence of God carried out by different methods, including empirical ones - I am describing all of them in item #G3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm". Because this scientific proof is incontestable, from the moment of publishing it in 2007 it takes effect to everyone.


Information contained in the Bible shows that God is raising a group of people on Earth who, after giving them immortal bodies in their "second life", will accompany God for the rest of eternity. So it is obvious that in order to give these people a set of character traits, habits, experiences, knowledge, etc., which I briefly described in item #S1 from my web page named "plague.htm", and which will allow them to have collision-free life and interactions with God and with other companions for all eternity, God carries out the process of this upbringing in an extremely wise, far-sighted and fruitful way. In turn one amongst attributes of this manner of upbringing people into future "soldiers of God", is that God always leads and guides them in the right direction of truth and correct knowledge, while NOT depriving any of them of so-called "free will".


Because on the web page named "hurricane.htm" I present explanations of how tornadoes and hurricanes are technically generated on Earth, I consider it my duty to make readers aware that one of the elements of this leading and guiding of God-raised people towards truth and correct knowledge, is also to confront them with a well-encrypted (although logically possible to decode and to understand by people) pool of knowledge and evidence illustrating and explaining "how" and "with the help of which technical devices" hurricanes (and also tornadoes) are technically generated on Earth. After all, even if in the huge physical world there were yet NO devices built by people capable of the technical generation of hurricanes and tornadoes, still omniscient and the future-knowing God is able to temporarily create such devices (i.e. to "simulate" them) at any moment, while for increasing the knowledge of humanity occasionally use them on Earth. Such my explanations on how tornadoes and hurricanes are technically generated presents the entire web page named "hurricane.htm" and related to it web pages linked from it, while descriptions of additional evidence, which among others, was discovered and researched by other professional scientists, and which also confirms the correctness of these explanations, is presented in item #J4 below.



#J3. A brief summary of the technical descriptions of giant starships, which for a highly advanced civilization will work like planetary "tractors", and hence which I named "planetors", while which will fly on principles of my Magnocrafts to be able to technically form tornadoes and hurricanes:


We all know that typical cars and trucks are used for normal human transport purposes. However, when it comes to performing unusually heavy tasks, e.g. transporting materials in open-cast mines, then colossal trucks are built that are easier to deal with such large tasks. Similarly, when has appeared a demand for cars or trucks smaller than the typical ones, for example for decorating shop windows, as toys for children, or to fuel hobby or DIY interests, their miniature versions that are unable to transport an adult person are also built.


In the same way as these cars and trucks, also any other transport devices, trains, ships, as well as their engines and propulsors are built. For example, after mastering the construction of technically already perfect planes and helicopters of typical sizes, humanity began to build both their giant versions used, e.g. for military transport, and their miniature versions (i.e. drones - see the address: ), used e.g. for aerial photography, filming, spying, parcel delivery, e.t.c.


On my web page named "magnocraft.htm" and in volume 3 of my monograph [1/5] I described and illustrated in detail the discoidal manned starships of my invention called "Magnocrafts". In the sense of their function and purpose, they are interstellar equivalents of today's normal cars. In the constructions of these highly advanced starships (still awaiting to be built by humanity), everything is precisely defined by various restrictions, requirements, principles of operation, etc. Hence, they will be built in only eight increasingly larger types, marked with symbols K3 to K10, with a strictly defined structure, parameters, shapes and dimensions - listed and explained in the entire volume 3 of my monograph [1/5], and summarized there in "Table #G1". (Some symbols of parameters from this "Table #G1", which I will also use in further paragraphs of this item #J3 of the post, I am going to describe below - note that there are close relationships between individual parameters, e.g. D/H=K, n=4K-4.) The most important dimensions [in meters] and parameters of each of these eight types of manned Magnocraft are:

K3: D=4.39, H=1.46, d=3.10, n=8

K4: D=8.78, H=2.19, d=6.20, n=12

K5: D=17.56, H=3.51, d=12.41, n=16

K6: D=35.11, H=5.85, d=24.82, n=20

K7: D=70.22, H=10.03, d=49.65, n=24

K8: D=140.44, H=17.56, d=99.30, n=28

K9: D=280.88, H=31.21, d=198.61, n=32

K10: D=561.76, H=56.18, d=397.22, n=36

These eight types of K3 to K10 of manned Magnocraft successfully satisfy all normal transport functions of future humanity. However, when humanity reaches the era of interstellar flights, there will also be a need for works carried out on a larger scale than just transporting people and goods. For example, it will be necessary to level the mountains and form plains in mountainous areas of other planets, eliminate in there specific weather anomalies, drill inside planets, etc. For these large-scale operations, starships larger and more powerful than manned Magnocraft will be needed. Therefore, it is easy to predict that having technical capabilities for this, in addition to the crewed Magnocraft types K3 to K10 above, humanity will also build "giant working Magnocraft", eight types of which I will denote here with symbols G3 to G10, and by analogy e.g. to the name "tractors" I will generally name them "planetors". A series of eight types G3 to G10 of "planetors" Magnocrafts will be an extension to a series of 8 types (K3 to K10) of manned Magnocraft and will be designed like them. Thus, the smallest starship type G3 will be twice as large as the largest K10 type of manned Magnocraft, but it will have the same n=8 side propulsors as the smallest K3 type manned Magnocraft. Also, all its propulsors will contain the so-called "spider configurations" instead of the "twin-chamber capsules" used in crew-operated Magnocrafts - because spider configurations are capable of generating already a spinning magnetic field - which will be very helpful in technical formation of tornadoes and hurricanes. In fact, the series of these eight human starships of the "planetors" size could also be marked with symbols K11 to K18 - but such their marking extending the marking K3 to K10 of manned Magnocrafts would suggest using in them more difficult technical designs (e.g. their "n" would then have to be equal to n=n') and also using more appropriate for the manned Magnocrafts modes of operation for which they would NOT be built.


So here are the technical parameters of the series of eight giant Magnocrafts (of the "planetor" series). In each row below are listed: type "G?" of the starship "planetor" (its equivalent "K?" in manned Magnocraft = how many times the diameters of "D" and "d" of this starship type "G?" are larger than the diameter of D=561.76 [m] and d=397.22 [m] of the largest manned Magnocraft type K10): outer diameter "D" [meters] of a given type of starship "planetor", nominal diameter "d" [meters] of a given type of starship "planetor" at which side propulsors are arranged in equal distances along perimeter of a circle, number "n" of side propulsors in given type of starship "planetor" (the number of side propulsors n' that would be used in the continuation of the manned Magnocrafts "K?" if they would continue their shapes and dimensions and design principles up to this type "G?"):

G3 (K11=2xK10): D=1 123.52, d=794.44, n=8 (instead of n'=40)

G4 (K12=4xK10): D=2 247.04, d=1 588.88, n=12 (instead of n'=44)

G5 (K13=8xK10): D=4 494.08, d=3 177.76, n=16 (instead of n'=48)

G6 (K14=16xK10): D=8 988.16, d=6 355.52, n=20 (instead of n'=52)

G7 (K15=32xK10): D=17976.32, d=12711.04, n=24 (instead of n'=56)

G8 (K16=64xK10): D=35952.64, d=25422.08, n=28 (instead of n'=60)

G9 (K17=128xK10): D=71905.28, d=50844.16, n=32 (instead of n'=64)

G10 (K18=256xK10): D=143810.56, d=101688.32, n=36 (instead of n'=68)


Of course, the Magnocraft will also be subject to the principle described previously, that after building a typical (manned) versions of these spacecraft, both (G) giant versions for carrying out works on a planetary scale, and (M) miniature, computer-controlled (i.e. "space probes" or "drones") versions of them also begin to be built for the remote implementation of unmanned tasks - such as photographing, filming, surveillance, warning, spying, instant hypnotizing, telepathic imposing of thoughts, suggestions of ideas, etc. Similarly as it was with the giant "planetors" (G), these miniature "space probes" and "drones" (M) will also be built as a series of eight strictly defined types, each type of which will have a diameter twice smaller than the previous type - as I described this, amongst others, in subsection G4.7 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5].


So since in this item #J3 I am already providing the technical specifications of individual types of these different than the manned Magnocraft versions of future starships of "G?" sizes, I will also provide here the main technical parameters of a series of eight miniature, computer controlled Magnocraft of "M?" sizes (i.e. "space probes" and "drones" series). In each row below are provided: type "M?" of miniature spacecraft from series "space probe" or "drone" (its equivalent "K?" in manned Magnocraft = how many times the diameters "D" and "d" of a given probe or drone size "M?" are smaller than the diameters D=4.39 [m] and d=3.10 [m] of the smallest manned Magnocraft type K3): outer diameter "D" [metres] or D' [millimetres] of this space probe or drone - note that neither here nor in the "G?" series I have provided the height "H" of a given type of spaceship, because this height always results from the formula H=D/K, the nominal diameter "d" [metres] or d' [millimetres] of this space probe or drone on which the side propulsors are arranged in a circular order, number of side propulsors "n" possible in this type of drone (for practical reasons in all types of these probes or drones the number of side propulsors n' will probably be n'=8, unless some special applications impose requirements that this number must equal the number "n" used in the manned Magnocraft "K?" that reproduces the shapes of a given type of space probe "M?"):

M10 (-K10=-2xK3): D=2.19, d=1.55, n'=8 (or n=36)

M9 (-K9=-4xK3): D=1.09, d=0.77, n'=8 (or n=32)

M8 (-K8=-8xK3): D'=548, d'=387, n'=8 (or n=28)

M7 (-K7=-16xK3): D'=274, d'=193, n'=8 (or n=24)

M6 (-K6=-32xK3): D'=137, d'=96, n'=8 (or n=20)

M5 (-K5=-64xK3): D'=68, d'=48, n'=8 (or n=16)

M4 (-K4=-128xK3): D'=34, d'=24, n'=8 (or n=12)

M3 (-K3=-256xK3): D'=17, d'=12, n'=8 (or n=8)

The most interesting regarding these computer-controlled space probes and drones flying on principles of my Magnocraft, is that nowadays many people see or photograph them. In English UFO literature they are usually called orbs or rods (see addresses or ). In ancient times they were known as the "king orbs" or "monarch orbs" (see addresses or ). The old-time kings kept them in their hands constantly, as originally they were sources, while later just symbols, of their power, possibilities, and control over other people. More extensive descriptions of these space probes, including reports of people I know well (in person) who saw them with their own eyes - including the report from my own sighting of the M4 type "orb" in NZ town of Petone, I provided in items #I1 to #I3 from the web page named "explain.htm" and in item #E3 from the web page named "newzealand.htm". For example, in this New Zealand town of Petone - filled with extraordinary events and wonders - which I described on my web page "petone.htm" (especially see in there description (a) from item #J2, and entire item #J3), and in which I live since 2001, on 25th November 2006 with my own eyes I saw a M4 type space probe (orb) flying on principles of my Magnocraft, initially glowing with white and then with blue colour. My encounter with this orb (space probe) I described in post #97 to blogs of totalizm - which post I then republished in "volume Z" from my report [13] available free of charge at the address "tekst_13.htm", and I also reported this strange encounter in item #I3 of my web page named "explain_pl.htm". In turn much earlier, because near the end of 1963, as almost 18-year-old boy, in a stream near Szklarska Poręba, Poland, I sighted a miniature Magnocraft-shaped underwater object manoeuvring toward the stream-bank on which I stood with a pretty girl, while it emitted gold-coloured light. Probably it was a space-probe type M4. I described this my sighting in item (3) from subsection D1 of the Polish treatise [4b] available through the web page named "tekst_4b.htm". I also accidentally photographed such probes several times. I published their photographs, e.g. on "Fig. #G1ab" and "Fig. #G2ab" from the web page named "landslips.htm". Other people also photographed them relatively often - for an example of a photograph that captured in the side view a probe flying in the "telekinetic flickering" mode - see "Fig. #I1" from my web page named "explain.htm", while a photo of the M6 type "orb", which glows with a blue light and is visible as it hovers near my university colleague's hat, is documented on the right-side of "photo 6" (in Polish: "zdjęcie 6"), while it can be viewed by clicking on the green link to this photo documenting the orb - which link is provided in the caption under "photo 4" (in Polish: "zdjęcie 4") from my Polish web page named "rok.htm". In the literature there are also described places on Earth, where on specific nights are seen repetitively with naked eyes entire squadrons of these "orbs" or "rods", as are flying out either from under the ground or from under water. One of more widely known examples of such places include the so-called "Mekong balls" also called "Naga fireballs" (formerly called "ghost lights" - see addresses or ), which every year at the end of October mysteriously "shoot up into the sky" from the Mekong River on the border of Thailand and Laos, on the occasion of Buddhist Lent - putting in embarrassment atheistic scientists whose ignorance is unable to explain their origin nor nature.


The "orbs" and "rods" described above, independently of their technical advancement exceeding the present state of human knowledge and technology, also possess skills that are unacceptable to the followers of the philosophy of present "official atheistic science". Namely, in addition to behaving in an intelligent manner, they telepathically and intelligently read our thoughts and communicate with us in accordance with these thoughts. 


It is worth to add here, that for technical and functional reasons, with all "G" sizes of "planetor" starships are able to magnetically couple all "K" sizes (and classes) of both crewed Magnocraft, as well as all "M" sizes (and classes ) of computer-controlled unmanned "space probes" and "drones" also propelled on the same principles of operation as my Magnocraft - only that their dimensions are gradually decreasing in comparison to the smallest manned Magnocraft type K3.

Film #J3a: Here is the starter of the 26-second long "clipping" from the YouTube film entitled "Future Propulsions". It illustrates the smallest manned Magnocraft type K3. The clipping is entitled "Alien Planet 4K" and is available from the address . It illustrates what landings of my starships Magnocrafts will look like on other planets - when these starships are already built. (All signs indicate that Magnocrafts will firstly be built by Koreans - as I explained this in item #H1.1 on the web page named "prophecies.htm", while repeated in post #241E to blogs of totalizm.) The construction of the Magnocraft is described in item #J4.3 from the web page named "propulsion.htm" and in the post #315E to blogs of totalizm (addresses of blogs of totalizm are: and ). Notice, however, that in order God allows our civilization to build and use the Magnocraft, the morality of people must reach such a mature level that the power of this starship will be used exclusively for positive and peaceful purposes of the means of transportation, i.e. that humanity will NOT be led by individuals with so distorted morally that they could use this spaceship in the role of a new weapon, which is much more powerful than everything that humans managed to build so far, and thus which is capable of causing huge destruction. Therefore, in order to stop the further fall of morality that dominates Earth recently, and to begin move towards the increase of morality, which after some time would result in gaining access to much more advanced propulsion systems and technologies than we have now, people just from their own "free will" should take the "first step" - which in the light of results of my research should be the removal of the original source of all evil on Earth, which is "money". In turn for our civilization to get rid of "money", one of its constituent countries, e.g. Poland, should have the courage to start the effort which I described more thoroughly in items #A1 to #A4 from the web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm". In turn the initiation of this effort should be undertaken by several initial volunteers who are determined to make a moral breakthrough in the history of humanity - which boils down to replacing the function of present "money" by the function of a powerful feeling of happiness of nirvana. In item #A3 of my web page named "partia_totalizmu_statute.htm" I appeal to faith in God, conscience, knowledge and common sense of my readers, that they should become such first volunteers. This is because taking part in the experiment of starting the implementation of the "nirvana political system" in Poland, the foundations of which are perfectly in line with God's commandments and requirements, will not only allow these volunteers to make a personal contribution to historically the greatest moral breakthrough in the entire of human history, but also to obtain a chance to cause a reduction, or even a complete elimination for their own country, and perhaps even our entire civilization, the consequences of God's wrath and the recently launched "Great Purification of the Earth" which since many years was forecasted by numerous prophecies (e.g. by those disseminated around the world by the Hopi Indians - see the address ) while well illustrated by a free YouTube video entitled in Polish "Zagłada Ludzkości 2030" and described by the content of my website named "2030_uk.htm".

Film #J3b: Here is the starter of a half-hour-long free educational film (in English) from YouTube entitled "Future Propulsions" - available to everyone at the address . It illustrates the most important types of powerful propelling devices, the future construction of which is already forecasted by my "Cyclic Tables for Propelling Devices" (shown at addresses: ), while the descriptions of which (in English) are provided in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm" and in posts #319E to #309E to blogs of totalizm. For now, however, the construction of these devices is prevented by the action of moral mechanisms which I described in publications linked from my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" after the use of Polish keywords "przekleństwo wynalazców" (meaning the "curse of inventors") and "wynalazcza impotencja" (meaning the "inventive impotence") - note that each my Polish publication linked from the above Polish "index page" named "skorowidz.htm" has also a version translated and programmed in English. Such preventing of construction of these powerful devices is still a necessity because the insistence of the earthly ruling elites to continually use "money" (means to use the addictive source of all evil on Earth that is well known from its ability to spoil the morality of virtually every person and to ruin the growth of civilization for entire humanity). Therefore, this insistence prevents us all from reaching the moral level, at which the possession of such powerful propelling devices would become safe and would NOT threaten that any of morally immature politicians with belligerent tendencies will cause the destruction of all inhabitants of the Earth. Fortunately, the postulated, for example, by the web page "partia_totalizmu_statute.htm" and by related to it web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm" the implementation of the "nirvana political system" which would completely eliminate "money" from use, brings the potential to reverse the current trend of the moral decline of humanity and thus could open the people's access to these powerful propelling drives of our future. There is a chance that "in one way or the other" the humanity still will develop for itself the "nirvana political system". For example, even if everyone ignores the postulated by me peaceful implementation of the "nirvana political system" which would begin the straightening of people's morality warped by money - while simultaneously stopping or reducing further punishments from God, still the continuation of the moral fall of humanity is to create conditions that soon it will be this fall that will lead to automatic "implementation" of the "nirvana political system" as a result of the arrival of the "Great Purification of Humanity in 2030s" illustrated by indicated below "Film #A3c" (in Polish) available from the YouTube address . This is because the "Great Purification of Humanity of 2030s" is to remove from Earth both "money" and also almost all people used to live for money (for details "how" and "why" see the caption under the starter labelled "Film #A3c" from my web page named "partia_totalizmu_statute.htm"). Click on the starter of the above half-hour movie-film #A3b to view it.

Film #J3c: Here is the starter of another free, 4-minute-long, educational video from YouTube entitled "How Big is the Magnocraft?" - available to anyone at the address . It illustrates the sizes, appearances, and examples of flights of all eight discoidal manned Magnocrafts (i.e. Magnocrafts types K3 to K10) by comparing their sizes with the sizes of objects commonly known to people. Click on the starter of the above four-minute-long #J3c film to view it.



#J4. Examples of evidence which exists on Earth and confirms the use of giant starships working on principles of operation of my Magnocrafts for technical formation of tornadoes and hurricanes:


(Note: because of the memory limitations of this blog, I was forced to cut out the examples #A to #F from this item #J4 (including evidence on the "Eye of the Sahara", and the entire item #J5 - the missing texts you can see on #J4 from the web page named "hurricane.htm".)

Film #J4a: Here is the so-called "Eye of the Sahara" shown in a short, free, one-minute-long English-language film available on YouTube at the address . (Other films about the "Eye of the Sahara" can be easily searched in YT with the command: .) In conjunction with knowledge about the operation of my "Magnocraft" this "Eye of Sahara" is just one among numerous empirical evidence for the formation of tornadoes and hurricanes by the "planetors" sized starships. This evidence is visually the easiest to check by readers because it can be verified by simply comparing its attributes with attributes of spaceship landings described e.g. on my web pages named "ufo_proof.htm" or "magnocraft.htm". The above unique form of the "Eye of the Sahara" was created technically when one of the "planetor" starships type G9, designed to perform works on planetary scale, with its "plasma whirl" evaporated the tip of a huge mountain, e.g. an extinct volcano - similarly as on September 11, 2001 two other Magnocraft-like spaceships evaporated WTC skyscrapers in New York - see detailed explanations and evidence, which for WTC is presented on the web page named "wtc.htm". After the evaporating most of the mountain (e.g. volcano) in this way, on Earth just remained the documented in the above film the pattern of destruction which displays all the characteristic elements and attributes of Magnocraft-like vehicles landings. Thus, the "Eye of the Sahara" shown above is one among a series of empirical evidence with features verifiable by almost every interested person - the unique attributes of which in the above item #J4 from this web page named "hurricane.htm" are explained as proving that the same giant starships "planetors" are used on Earth and thus any moment can be ordered to technically create e.g. tornadoes, hurricanes, rapid weather changes, climate changes, etc. (Click on the above starter of this film to view it.)

Film #J4b: Here is a 22-second-long film (movie) which documents the flight of a H6 type four-propulsor Magnocraft magnetically coupled with a K6 type manned discoidal Magnocraft. The above film is available free of charge on YouTube at the address . (One can search for other copies of it by using the command: .) The above film entitled "Penampakan UFO Di Langit Di Kuala Krai" documents the configuration of two mutually magnetically coupled UFO vehicles, which flies next to a large building, while hulls of both starships are switched to a complete transparency useful during night flights. Thus, on the other side of almost transparent discoidal UFO type K6 one can clearly see on this film the shape of a "torpedo-like" of the four-propulsor UFO type T6 - which magnetically clings to the floor of a discoidal UFO. In addition, this video demonstrates that the transparent hull of a discoidal UFO is completely transparent only in areas where the human (and camera's) viewing angle is close to a right angle (i.e. close to 90 degree angle). However, when this angle of view begins to decrease, the transparency of this hull also decreases - as we know it well from watching our transparent kitchen saucers. In turn when the viewing angle begins to be almost zero, then this transparency completely disappears - for this reason currently often filmed are discoidal UFOs (described e.g. in item #A6.4 from my web page named "portfolio.htm"), in which only fragments of their transparent hull are visible, which are oriented toward the viewer or filmmaker at an angle close to zero. This fact of the dependence of the level of transparency of the UFO shell from the angle of its orientation relative to the viewer causes that on the above highly informative video we can see exactly all the curves of this shell, which are characteristic for UFOs type K6. (For an example what exact shape and appearance must have manned Magnocraft-like space vehicles type K6 see "Fig. #A3(K6)" from my web page named "magnocraft.htm".) Furthermore, at the very beginning of this highly informative video, this UFO type K6 flies outside of a multi-story building with windows arranged in 10 columns. Because typically windows in opaque old-type buildings are spaced about every 3.5 meters apart, this means that the filmed UFO was about D=35 [meters] in diameter, so it was just type K6. (The previous smaller type K5 of UFOs has a half smaller diameter than the K6 UFOs - so it could NOT cover the width of such a large building, in turn the next larger type K7 UFOs must have completely different shapes and outlines of their shell from those documented on this excellent video - e.g. see "Fig. #A4a" from my web page named "magnocraft.htm".)


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