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#319E: Why laws fundamental to inventions...

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#319E: Why laws fundamental to inventions of all propulsion systems for the future of our civilization resulted from the first technical era of humanity and from my Cyclic Tables


Small details of the content of the English translation of this post number #319E are still being worked out and refined ("honed"), although its main ideas and a substantial part of its information are already available in item #J4.1 from my web page named "propulsion.htm" addresses of which I am providing below - to which web page I recommend to look if someone is interested in the topic of the future development of human technology. Alternatively, you can check the "volume S" from my publication [13] available through the Polish web page named "tekst_13.htm" (indicated below are its addresses - e.g.: ), in which publication [13] this post number #319E (in English), will be published some time before it is sheduled for uploading to blogs of totalizm. The third way to learn the main ideas of post number #319E is to use one of the free online programs for translating between languages and to personally translate into the language that the reader knows (e.g. into English) the content of the Polish version of the post number #319 already published below on this blog of totalizm.


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Fig. #J4.1a: It is worth knowing that since 2020/2/14 there is available in a 35-minute free film entitled "Future Propultions", which illustrates the most important features, principles of operation and designs of the main propelling devices from all six technical eras of humanity described in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 of my web page named "propulsion.htm" and described also in posts #319 to #309 to blogs of totalizm. We created this film together with my friend Dominik Myrcik, who completed it excellently due to his high graphic talent and the skilful use of computer animation techniques. Thus the propelling devices of the human distant future are illustrated on the film as if they already existed and worked, and were just used by the humanity to implement their powerful abilities now considered almost bordering on miracles. The action of some fragments of the film was located on different planets and on other star systems. Regardless of the direct running of this film from the address - one can also watch it via my web page named "djp.htm", with which I linked all the films and videos available on, in the creation of which I personally participated (hence about which I can be sure that they do NOT distort truths established as a result of my research). Since this film has three language versions, namely: English (entitled "Future Propultions" and available from the address: ), German (entitled "Antriebe der Zukunft" and available from the address: ), and Polish (entitled "Napędy przyszłości" and available from the address: ) - all three versions of which film are linked from abovementioned my web page named "djp.htm", this highly meaningful and educational free film can and should be recommended to all friends who know any among these three languages - thus raising international knowledge, recognition and prestige of the Polish scientific thought. (Click on the above starter of this film to watch it.)


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The above post #319E (in English) is an adaptation of item #J4.1 from my web page (also in English) named "propulsion.htm" (updated on 25th of February 2020, or later). Thus, the reading of the above descriptions would be even more effective from the web page "propulsion.htm" (or from "volume S" of my publication [13] disseminated via the Polish web page named "tekst_13.htm"), than from this post - after all e.g. on the totaliztic web pages are working all (green) links to other related web pages with additional explanations, important texts are highlighted with colours, the descriptions are supported with illustrations, the content is updated regularly, etc. The most recent update of the web page "propulsion.htm" can be viewed, amongst others, through addresses:


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