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#318E: Healing depression postulated by premises...

Motto: "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." (NIV Bible, verses 7:13-14 from "Mathew")



#318E: Depression and its treatment, postulated by premises from my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and by conclusions of my empirical research on the "totaliztic nirvana" which I personally experienced during my professorship in Borneo


The today's official atheistic medicine and pharmacy caring mainly for its income, tries to convince us that well-being and health are easy to obtain - one just have to swallow a few widely advertised pills and supposedly is to be healthy and happy about his/her life. But does real life confirm this commercial propaganda? Does the symbolic "wide gate and easy and convenient broad way" of today's atheistic medicine and pharmacy, about which the Bible warns us, e.g. with the verse quoted above in the "motto", actually heals and makes us happy, instead of e.g. replacing illnesses with "side effects" even worse than these illnesses, or instead of making the rest of our lives dependent on expensive medications that bring only temporary relief? Is today's medicine and pharmacy able to replace in our lives hardships of maintaining good health and well-being with comfort and easiness of just swallowing of their pills and thus eliminating the leading to live "narrow gate and narrow way" quoted in "motto" to this item #C6 and described in the Biblical warning? I suggest to read this item #C6 and later also item #D3 below which report examples of my conclusions about the definition of "depression" and about premises of the totaliztic method of non-drug treatment of depression, that so far I have drawn from my personal experience on following the "narrow path" by completing the so-called "moral work". These conclusions resulted from research which I started to carry out when during my professorship in Borneo through increasing my "energy zwow" I empirically achieved the "totaliztic nirvana" described on this web page and lasting for about 9 months. In turn this "totaliztic nirvana" I achieved by experimentally checking a potentially promising consequences of doing "moral work" about the existence of which theoretically informed me numerous clues resulting from much earlier developed, although unfortunately still secretly blocked from dissemination, my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, about which the reader can read from my publications that are best indicated due to the help of so-called "custom search" implemented by using the command: , while if this "custom search" will also be blocked, then read it for example from item #A1 of my web page named "evolution.htm", or from post number #316E to blogs of totalizm.


In 1985, I developed and published the first and still the only in the world, the long sought by scientists from around the world the true scientific Theory of Everything. In turn this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 indicated to me the existence of "moral field" and "moral energy", the empirical experimentation with which brought me into the state of "totaliztic nirvana". In turn my research on this totaliztic nirvana postulates both the definition of depression, and methods of treating this "illness of soul". Unfortunately, since every "truth" - which according to the Polish proverb "spikes the eyes" (in Polish: "prawda w oczy kole"), this my Theory of Everything of 1985 apparently threatens interests of a number of powerful institutions and hence its dissemination under the understandable for everyone name "Theory of Everything" is secretly blocked until today - although we already have the year 2020. So in spite that I tried many times to present this theory at scientific conferences and in scientific journals, always its publication was blocked and rejected. I managed to publish it only on the Internet in a whole series of my Polish and English-language monographs and web pages. Unfortunately, even on the Internet, search engines normally do NOT link to it the people searching for Theory of Everything - cleverly instead of it showing the costly "smokescreen" probably paid by English taxpayers, visible e.g. after using the keywords Theory of Everything (or using the command: ). This stubbornly shown "smokescreen" is an English film also entitled the Theory of Everything, but produced only in 2014, that is 29 years after the publication of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. The film well illustrates one of the methods of hiding of whatever has already become too clearly visible, namely the method best expressed by the Polish proverb: "if you wish to hide a tree, plant a whole forest around it". So the only way to find this my scientific Theory of Everything on the internet under its commonly known name is to use the previously indicated so-called "custom search" run by the ocommand: . Unfortunately, these people who know about the existence of such "custom search" already know also about my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. So in order to somehow avoid this blockade of dissemination of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, which blockade has already been extending for 35 years at the time when I published these descriptions in 2020, for its propagation on the Internet I use its first name, which reflects its essence, and spells the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (see: ). Under this other name one can read about this theory e.g. from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". Notice, however, that although in front of its name the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" in my publications I almost always add an explanation that it is the Theory of Everything, internet search engines notoriously delete this explanation from fragments of my publications that they quote - as I described it in e.g. the caption under "Fot. #E3c" from my Polish web page named "sabotages_pl.htm".


The theoretical research on my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and also my empirical findings accomplished due to personally experienced phenomenon of the "totaliztic nirvana" described on this web page, quite clearly indicate that the quality of life and level of happiness of every person is ruled by still negated and not recognized by the "official atheistic science and medicine" kind of intelligent energy called "moral energy" (or called "zwow" from the Polish words "zasób wolnej woli" meaning "capacity of free will") - described more comprehensively in items #D3, #D2 and #D1 of the web page "nirvana.htm". Therefore, my research revealed that in order to enjoy a relatively good quality of life, and happiness, it is necessary to maintain the level of moral energy above the threshold value of "µ=0.3". (Means in people with "Emax" similar to mine, value "µ=0.3" amounts to around "E=600 [hps]" - where [hps] is a unit of "moral energy", called the "hour of physical struggle" - which "hour of drudgery" was used by me to quantitatively determine the amount of so-called "moral work" which I needed to put into the generation of moral energy through moral task that I just was completing.) Descriptions of these quantitative values "µ=0.3", "E=600" and "Emax" are provided on the web page "nirvana.htm" in items #D3 and #D2. The higher the level of this intelligent "moral energy", the better and happier is the life of its owner.


On the other hand, unfortunately, every person who dissipated this life-giving moral energy to the "below-threshold" level called the "level of depression", means to the value "µ<0.3" i.e. below about "E<600 [hps]" - see descriptions from items #D3 and#D2 on the web page "nirvana.htm", falls into a state, which in fact is one of the "illnesses of soul" described more extensively in item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm", while which present "official atheistic medicine" considers to be mental illness. This state of "illnesses of soul" most often is named with the word "depression", and sometimes referred to in a more atheist way as a "psychic depression", "mental depression", etc. This item #C6, as well as posts #318 and #318E to blogs of totalizm which are based on this item #C6, are aimed to: (a) provide the definition of depression that results from my research into the totaliztic nirvana earned due to increasing the amount of my moral energy, (b) explain what depression really is, and (c) describe how the results of my research on the opposite then depression the phenomenon of totaliztic nirvana postulate that can be (and should be) this depression healed most effectively. Further information about the state of depression (and its treatment with "moral energy") is briefly provided in item #A1 of my other web page named "evolution.htm", while a wider discussion of depression treatment with "moral energy" is also provided in: item #F5 from my web page named "pajak_for_mp_2014.htm" (and in posts numbers #245 and #245E to blogs of totalizm based on that item #F5), in items #E1, #E2, #C3 and #D2 of the web page named "parasitism.htm", and in items #D10, #D9, #D4 and #E5 from the web page named "totalizm.htm".


Item #A1 of the web page named "evolution.htm" and item #A5 of the web page named "totalizm.htm" describe briefly the source of reasons why depression is so common nowadays (i.e. describe the official lying to people by several powerful institutions, and not allowing the truth and correct knowledge to speak out), means explains reasons why instead of healing depression for free and effectively by generating "moral energy", officially it is only made worse by generating profits through treating it with chemicals - which chemicals by opening the "chakras" of the patients dissipate the life-giving moral energy even faster. Furthermore, the source of these reasons I am trying to explain even more comprehensively on a different web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". (Note here the sarcasm and karma of a repetitive historical situation, when present-day official atheistic medicine "laugh at" medieval methods of treatment consisting "blood draining" which in the Middle Ages "finished off" people weakened by illnesses, while it also "finishes off" today's depression patients by giving them profit-generating chemicals that open chakras in them, thus flushing out the life-giving "moral energy" from them.) In turn descriptions of work of human feelings, and thus, among others, also explanations of the mechanism of depression formation, are presented in subsection I5.5 from volume 5 of my newest monograph [1/5].


Today's "official atheistic medicine" has NO idea as to what exactly "depression" is. In fact, academics of this medicine are unable to even create and present a correct definition of depression on the basis of which they could effectively heal depression. They only suspect that, according to its atheistic name, it has something to do with the deepening degeneration (disability) of work of brain - but they reject findings which results from my experiments, research and the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 stating that the human mind deprived of the inflow of "moral energy" works just like the engine from today's car in a "tank" of which fuel is running out. (This is why today's methods of applying to patients suffering from depression present chemical drugs, the effect of which is the wider opening of "chakras" to increase the energy drainage from the soul into the body, in effects is compared above to that "flushing out the bad blood" used in the Middle Ages to supposedly improve the health of people previously sufficiently weakened by the illnesses that troubled them.) In turn by not having a correct definition of this "illness of soul" that would indicate the way of healing it (for a more comprehensive explanation and for more evident examples that it is just an "illness of soul" - see item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm") - of course today's atheistic medical doctors also do NOT have in their disposal the correct knowledge indicating how to heal it. However, in contrast to this lavishly financed by taxpayers the entire discipline of medicine, which still can NOT explain what depression is, nor provide its definitions and methods of correct healing it, my "private" and supposedly only "hobby" research on the role of "moral energy" in defining our well-being and in functioning of the tandem of our soul and body, resulting from my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 and from the granted to me at Borneo honour of personally experiencing and researching the "totaliztic nirvana" described in web page "nirvana.htm", NOT only that explain what "depression" is, but even allow to develop a definition of this "illness of soul". In turn due to the formulation of this definition, my research postulates also the most efficient way how to heal this "illness of soul". So hereby I am firstly providing the totaliztic definition of depression that I developed so-far. And so: "depression" is an "illness of soul" which depends on a depletion to a below-threshold value (probably amounting to around "µ=0.3", means around "E=600 [hps]" in people with "Emax" similar to mine) the stored supply of a special kind of "moral energy" necessary for life and for the proper functioning of the body, which moral energy must continually flow from the soul (counter-body) to the physical body, while which depletion is caused by the inability of the owner of this tandem "soul-and-body" to perform actions that would meet the requirements of "moral work" and thus which would accumulate in his/her soul a reserve of "moral energy" that exceeds this threshold value of around "µ=0.3", means around "E=600 [hps]". (Symbols and concepts used in the above definition are explained in items #D1 to #D4 from the web page "nirvana.htm" and in my publications linked from these items.)


In turn when we learned the above "totaliztic definition of depression", we can proceed to analyzing the totaliztic method of healing this "illness of soul" postulated by it, which method results from my research on nirvana and from my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. This method boils down to rebuilding the person's "moral energy" reserve to a level exceeding the threshold value of around "µ=0.3" (i.e. around "E=600 [hps]" - if the soul capacity of a given patient is similar to my capacity for this energy and amounts to around "Emax=2000 [hps]"). This rebuilding must be done by performing the so-called "moral work", requirements of which unique type of work I described in item #D2 from the web page "nirvana.htm", while at the end of that item #D2 these requirements are illustrated with a practical example called "Problem 1". The key significance in the implementation of the moral energy generation through the performing of "moral work" have the following matters:


(1) Focusing exclusively on performing in person a hard physical work (i.e. "hours of physical struggle [hps]" or hours of grudge) - because mental work does NOT climb steeply enough uphill of the so-called "moral field" and thus generates too little moral energy. In turn e.g. giving to someone the equivalent of this "moral work" in form of the sum of our money (instead of doing in person by ourselves a hard physical work for him/her) does NOT generate for us any amount of moral energy at all.


(2) Performing this moral work with pouring into it the highest physical effort, heart, knowledge, experience, diligence and motivation that we can afford (i.e. transforming it into an altruistic and anonymous "drudgery" for the benefit of others but specific people - the gratitude of which for the fruits of our work will form in them positive motivations that will increase our level of moral energy).


(3) Choosing such methods of work that will keep our motivations in deep conviction that the effects of this work will anonymously, but effectively, serve towards the good of some people we know as being in need, preferably from an environment not too distant to us - so that we (also anonymously) can watch the effects which our "moral work" evokes, but carefully avoiding breaking our anonymity. Notice that even if the situation of our loved ones requires that our family members benefit from our moral work, we should also try to maintain anonymity towards them - so that they do NOT know from who the results of this work originate. Similarly, in "moral work" we should avoid breaking our anonymity even if someone else (e.g. a psychopath) begins to tell everyone that he/she did what we actually did - because maintaining anonymity also in such a situation will cause him/her to be punished by moral mechanisms over time, while we will NOT lose the moral energy that we have generated through our anonymity.


(4) Avoiding being seen during performing this "moral work" by people hostile towards us, jealous, representing the class of so-called corporate psychopaths (see the descriptions from: ), etc. In other words, complying with the recommendation of almost all world religions which request that making charities always should be done anonymously - e.g. see verse 6:3 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew" - I quote from the World English Bible: "But when you do merciful deeds, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does". I mean, if we can, we should work with maintaining our anonymity or away or in the absence of other people (whose level of kindness toward us and/or gratitude for our actions is NOT known to us).


(5) Addressing the results of our "moral work" in the first instance to people about whom we know that they are morally progressive, kind, often expressing their gratitude to others, and in need of the results of our work - because even when they do NOT know whom they owe a given help, they will still strengthen intensity of our motivations with their gratitude for the good they experienced, and thus also strengthen the results of our generating of moral energy.


(6) Doing "moral work" while motivated only by respect for God and by the good of other people. For whether given activity becomes "moral work" which generates moral energy to its performer, the motivations for its undertaking and completion can NOT be anything other than voluntary obedience to God's commandments and care for good of fellow men - as commanded by God's commandments from verses 20:3-17 of the Biblical "Book of Exodus", and by verses extending these commandments - e.g. by verses 25:35-45 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew". Thus, for example, if the motivations for undertaking any actions are e.g. to generate any profit for oneself, or e.g. only to carry out the orders of superiors or other people, then these activities cease to be "moral work" and as such they will NOT generate any moral energy, while in case when their completion is dominated by a desire for profit, or by a sense of coercion, then in many cases they will even start to scatter moral energy. This is why for a given action to become "moral work" one must do it voluntarily and only by own free will, own wish and own initiative to enrich lives of other people, as well as for love of God and love of neighbours and without any remuneration - even such as recognition in the eyes of other people, fame, being shown on TV or described in a newspaper, etc. (which means that "moral work" must be done as anonymously as it is possible).


(7) If our knowledge … (The rest of this item #C6 would not fit in this blog.) …



#D3. Relationship between the level of moral energy "E" or "µ" (mi) and states (conditions) of intellects


Motto: "All human ventures in which there is NO place for God are doomed to failure, because God does NOT support the success of human actions that are NOT carried out in His name and in compliance with His commandments and requirements, while without God's help no action has a chance to end with true success - although sometimes it may give an impression of success." (This is the warning indicated by truths determined through my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985.)


In this item #D3 we are going to discuss the most important moral states (conditions) that various intellects experience while their relative level of moral energy "µ" (mi) changes gradually. These states arrive because the "moral energy" is the same important for our soul, as "oxygen" is for our body. (Notice, however, from the explanations of item #D4 on the web page "nirvana.htm", that the same "energy", which for the purposes of describing nirvana and states/conditions experienced by intellects, on this web page is called the "moral energy", in other areas of life and in other situations may be named differently - e.g. in the descriptions of the functioning of our body can be called "life energy", while in the descriptions of our performance capabilities can be called the "capacity of free will (zwow)".) So, depending on the supply of the soul with moral energy (or, if anyone prefers to call it differently - e.g. with "life energy"), with the reaction of our soul to it happens similarly as with the reaction of our body depending on its supply in oxygen and in clean air. It is already well known that people who breathe clean air from yet undamaged nature, are healthy, happy and optimistic - i.e. such as I remember local people during my professorship in tropical Borneo. On the other hand, anyone who, for example, lives or finds himself in one of these giant cities filled with cars and factories, in the centres of which since around the year 2000 begins to lack oxygen and clean air, relatively quickly notices that his/her body is troubled by an increasing number of various "modern" bodily illnesses - with the treatment of which already are not able to cope pharmacies and medical clinics up to several of which today is located on almost every street of these huge cities. Similarly it is with our soul. If it receives moral energy in abundance, then it keeps us healthy, happy, joyful and optimistic. However, if the supply of our soul with moral energy begins to disappear, as I will describe it below for states/conditions with numbers from 4 to 7, then the soul begins to fall into various strange "illnesses of soul" which I described in item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm". The most common example of these "illnesses of soul" is a "mental depression" described above in item #C6 from this post - which present official atheistic medicine still cannot cure effectively - hence which increasingly more often ends tragically, i.e. with death through the "moral suffocation" (e.g. committing a suicide).


Within the entire range of "µ" (mi) values, that any intellects may experience, i.e. within the range from µ=1 to µ=0 - means from the range of the full saturation of the soul with moral energy (at µ=1), to the complete loss of all moral energy (at µ=0), there is several distinct moral conditions or states, that these intellects acquire when their "µ" value reaches specific level. In turn on these moral states or conditions depend how these intellects feel, what level of health their souls display, and thus how they are perceived and treated by other people, means how in the end their fate will roll out. In this item #D3 we are going to explain these states/conditions, and describe "µ" at which they prevail. Of course, we need to remember that in reality there is a smooth transformation from one condition to another, and also that the values of "µ" provided here are only approximate (let us hope that in future some totaliztic researchers will appear, who are going to measure them more exactly).


The most distinctive states/conditions, which are experienced by intellects who change their "µ" within the whole range of possible values, can be called: (1) nirvana, (2) adoration, (3) friendliness, (4) provocativeness (i.e. beginning of depression), (5) mental marasmus (malaise, indolence, lethargy), (6) destructiveness, (7) moral death. Let us discuss now each of these conditions separately. Here they are:


0. "Indescribability" (µ=1). This state/condition is NOT included in the list of states known to humanity and described below, because so-far I have neither personally met anyone nor heard or read about any person, whose level of moral energy would reach a value close to µ=1. However, remembering what happens after I reached nirvana and after my µ raised even higher than µ=0.6, I purely theoretically and speculatively suspect that a person with µ close to µ=1 will start to experience just "impossible to describe" feelings, experiences, abilities and possibilities.


1. Nirvana (µ=0.6). This state was experienced by myself, is known very well by me, and is extremely unusual state/condition. It is experienced by a person who accumulates in his/her soul (counter-body) as much of moral energy that the value of his/her "µ" exceeds µ=0.6. (This µ>0.6 practically means, that in the soul and counter-body of a given person was already accumulated over 60% of the entire capacity for "moral energy" which this soul and counter-body is able to store - i.e. it has already accumulated over 60% from the "Emax" of a given person.) This threshold value of µ=0.6 I even called the "barrier of permanent happiness" or the "nirvana barrier" and marked in my monograph [1/5] with the symbol "µnirvana". People in whom the value of "µ" increased to value above this particular barrier "µnirvana=0.6", begin to experience the feeling of unspeakable happiness, which dynamically bursts through their chakras from inside of them. The only other known phenomenon to which the intensity of this pleasurable feeling could be compared, is "an orgasm that would last without end". In this happiness of totaliztic nirvana there are also several different levels - in my nirvana experienced during the professorship at Borneo I managed to achieve at least the next level, i.e. at least µ=0.7 (at that time I called it "niagara" because it felt like a roaring powerful, overpowering waterfall of happiness). However, I suspect that there are at least 3 different levels of totaliztic nirvana, achieved when µ reaches values close to µ=0.6, µ=0.7, and µ=0.8. In turn between µ=0.9 and µ=1 probably appears even a more superior than nirvana state, which I classified above as "0 - indescribability" - because no- one among people has ever known it or described it.


#2. Adoration (µ=0.5). This state is accomplished by people, whose "µ" reaches the value of around µ=0.5. It is a state, which for those who are constantly increasing their moral energy, appears shortly before the state of nirvana. People who accomplished this high level of around µ=0.5, as a rule always practice philosophy of totalizm (e.g. completely without being aware of this fact, they practice the so-called "intuitive totalizm" in which people are doing what their counter-organ called "conscience" tells them to do - as described more broadly, amongst others, in item #A1 from my other web page named "evolution.htm"). They are surrounded with a kind of powerful energy field, similar to the one that surrounds people in nirvana, which makes them admirable for all others who practice totalizm. Therefore they are usually worshipped by the totaliztic people from their environment. Simultaneously, they also much like everyone around them - if only he/she practices (even in completely unaware way) some form of totalizm. The only people with whom they instinctively don't like each other reciprocally, are those individuals who practice the parasitic philosophy - especially those in the advanced stadium of parasitism. Such people whose "µ" reached the level of around µ=0.5, are experiencing a mixture of very unusual and pleasurable feelings. They feel continuous satisfaction with their life, and also a kind of fulfilment. They also feel a static happiness, which is making an impression of "being compressed" in them, and just awaiting to burst towards outside.


#3. Friendliness (µ=0.4). This is the most common state of positive and moral people in present times. It is accomplished by people whose "µ" is at the value of around µ=0.4. People who have their "µ" at this value of around µ=0.4 are friendly, helpful to others, positive, and cheerful. They go on with their lives, contributing positively to the society and carrying out their tasks in a normal positive manner. They frequently laugh and have happy moments, and generally lead happy lives.


#4. Provocativeness (µ=0.3). This is the first negative level of morality, which is achieved by people who allowed their "µ" to slide down to the level of around µ=0.3, or lower. This level of µ=0.3 is the border between two inverse groups of people who do NOT love nor respect each other. Above this border are "normal people", means those who even if they sometimes act immorally or sin, still in their "free will" try to act morally and listen to the promptings of their conscience. In turn on this limit µ=0.3 and below it, are "opposite to normal people", who in accordance with their "free will" always make conscious decisions to act immorally and in whatever they do to listen only to their own whims and ignore promptings of conscience. This is why all people with µ=0.3 or even µ<0.3 are always included into a completely different category than people with µ>0.3. For example, professional literature, and often their surroundings, typically call them "psychopaths" (especially in present workplaces - where publications call them "corporate psychopaths" see ). Also the Bible gives them a different name, which in English is "wicked", while in Polish Bibles is usually written as "występny" or "niegodziwiec" - for their biblical definition see verses 10:3-11 from the biblical "Book of Psalms". This is why this below-threshold level of moral energy the philosophy of totalizm calls the "level of depression" which appearance in anyone should immediately be eliminated by totaliztic methods of healing "depression" described above in item #C6 from this post. My research shows that this "level of depression" is just "µ <0.3" (i.e. in people with "Emax" similar to mine and amounting to around "Emax = 2000 [hps]", this "level of depression" amounts to around "E<600 [hps]") - see descriptions from item #D2 in web page "nirvana.htm" and item #C6 above in this post. In typical cases, reaching such a low level of "µ" by a mature person (i.e. NOT by a teenager - who is still ready to listen to the promptings of his/her conscience, as his/her decrease in "µ" is typically caused by too-fast "growth" of programs of soul in that age, and thus also the increase in the total amount of moral energy "Emax" which his/her soul could accommodate) means, that such a mature person already adopted the opposite to totalizm philosophy of parasitism in his/her behaviour - that is, either he/she does NOT do anymore what his/her conscience and moral laws ask to do, or that does it the wrong way which violates moral laws. Thus mature people who have reached such a low level of "µ <0.3", begin to reveal a whole range of negative attributes, while if their "µ" is NOT quickly rebuilt to higher values of µ>0.3, then they begin to be known by their environment as "provocative" and difficult to interact with - although with "µ" still close to 0.3 they are able to carry out their daily activities and responsibilities. If they wish, they can still be polite, although they are easily irritated and occasionally have the habit of unexpectedly exploding with strong emotions. However, their behaviour and actions are beginning to grow in an increasing number of unpleasant habits, some of which include attempts to change others into their slaves, daily use of power games, forcing others, blackmail, putting up alternatives, demonstrating their superiority, etc. All these immoral behaviours are beginning to be supplemented by the worst of them, namely by a "vampirism of moral energy", which people with µ<0.3 are beginning to practice increasingly more frequent in order to supplement their deficiency of moral energy. The biggest problem with this condition is, that if someone slipped into it without some important random reason, then it means that this person already routinely practices the philosophy of parasitism. This in turn means, that this person does not finish his/her sliding down at the level of around µ=0.3, but he/she is going to keep slipping down even more.


#5. Mental marasmus (µ=0.2) also called malaise, indolence, lethargy, etc. People who allow their "µ" to slip as low as around µ=0.2 start to display the very negative "state of marasmus" (marasmus = malaise, indolence, lethargy). They start to make everything incredibly complicated, and practically are unable to complete any task. They are only able to talk, but unable to act - as we see it in increasingly large number of present politicians. They start to lead unproductive, parasitic, and disturbing to others life. They actually live at the cost of others. They also experience frequent states of powerful depressions and the feeling of the lack of interest from other people in them, which in many cases lead to spectacular "pretended suicides" (i.e. to spectacular damage of own body in the sight of other people, but still aimed at not hurting themselves, but just causing as much inconveniences to other people as possible; therefore it is implemented only in circumstances when they have assurance that other people do not allow them to die). Totalizm states that such intellects, which during an adult life reached this paralysing state of "5 - malaise", are already so-called "agonal intellects", the morality of which is so bad, that they are unable to improve it by themselves.


#6. Destructiveness (µ=0.1). This is the last state of intellects, before the moral death. It is acquired when "µ" falls as low as to around µ=0.1. People, who acquired this state, are extremely destructive both to themselves and to their environment. For themselves, they display suicidal tendencies, which otherwise then suicides committed during the condition "5 - malaise", this time in fact are aimed at finishing their own lives. Furthermore, they fall victims of various destructive addictions, deviations, etc. Their psychology is also very unstable and deviated. They not only live in a state of a chronic depression, but also they display continuous aggressiveness and unpleasantness to other intellects. Actually they are very dangerous, as in their twisted minds they can conceive, and carry out, practically every destructive action, that lies in their physical capabilities.


#7. Moral death (µ=0). It is always "self-inflicted" in one or other way by victims themselves, although frequently (as this is almost every time with people of a low "µ", who by themselves are not able to accomplish almost anything), it uses other people to bring the death, or it uses "accidents".


… (The rest of this item #D3 would not fit it into the limited memory of this blog.) …



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(*) Notice that every address with totaliztic web pages, including all the above web addresses, should contain all totaliztic (my) web pages - including all the web pages indicated in this post. Thus, in order to see any totaliztic (my) web page that interests the reader, it suffices that in one amongst the above addresses, the web page name "nirvana.htm" is changed into the name of web page which one wishes to see. For example, in order to see the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm" e.g. from the totaliztic web site with the address , it is enough that instead of this address in the window of an internet browser one writes e.g. the address 


The above manner (*) for viewing the totaliztic web page that is sought by the reader, is especially useful, because the majority of my web pages is published on "free hosting addresses" - some amongst which have this habit that typically they delete my web pages just after one year. Thus, if the reader wishes to find any such my web page to which I refer in my older posts from this blog, and therefore which page in the meantime was deleted from free hosting addresses, then it is enough to visit the newest post on this blog - under which I am providing the list of most recent and thus currently the most valid addresses that contain all my web pages. Then in any amongst these most current addresses the reader can find the web page which he or she is seeking, just by using its name for modifying that address accordingly to the method (*) described above (which method allows to run any totaliztic web page chosen by the reader).


It is worth to know as well, that almost each new topic that I am researching on principles of my "scientific hobby" with "a priori" approach of the new "totaliztic science", including this one, is published in all mirror blogs of totalizm still in existence (the above topic is repeated in there as the post number #318E). So far 8 such blogs were created and maintained. At the moment only three out of these 8 blogs of totalizm still remain undeleted by adversaries of the new "totaliztic science" and of the moral philosophy of totalizm. These three blogs of totalizm still available can be viewed at following internet addresses: (or )

Fortunately, the deletion of 5 oldest blogs of totalizm has NOT erased their content. This is because as from 30 October 2018, all (i.e. currently as many as 318) posts to blogs of totalizm (almost half of which are in two languages, i.e.: in Polish and English) are also published in an electronic "book-like" volumes marked [13] and available in safe PDF format and in two print sizes (i.e. large 20pt and normal 12pt) from the web page named "tekst_13.htm", available on all addresses indicated above (i.e. addresses finished on ).


At the end of this post, I wish readers to fulfil for them the words of verse 8:32 from the biblical "Gospel of Saint John" - I quote: "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."


With the totaliztic salute,

Dr Eng. Jan Pająk