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#317E: We started from the cleanliness of...

Motto: 'If we let people ignore God and use the moral standards that developed luminaries of their "official atheistic science", then they will only choose the easiest and most profitable way to destroy everything that exists - including themselves.'


#317E: We started from the cleanliness of windmills and sails - but what are doing to our civilization and to nature the fossil fuels combustion propelling devices of the second technical era that we built later


The second "technical era" of humanity described in this post #317E (and in item #J4.2 from the web page "propulsion.htm" from which this post was adapted) uses the "circulation of mass" for its working medium. This "circulating mass" typically is of the consistency of fluid (e.g. air, combustion gases, water, etc.). The first propelling devices from this second technical era based on the "circulation of mass" appeared on Earth simultaneously with the last propelling devices from the first technical era of humanity - based on the "circulation of force". (The first technical era is described in more detail in post number #319E to blogs of totalizm and in item #J4.1 of the web page named "propulsion.htm".) This mean, that being based on the "circulation of mass", the propelling devices composing the described here second technical era of humanity must be different in all respects than the propelling devices of that discussed in this post and in item #J4.1 from the web page "propulsion.htm" the "first technical era" operating due to the formation of "circulations of force". Thus, the second technical era provides us all with the perfect "second witness" commanded by the Bible and mentioned in item #J4.1 from that "propulsion.htm", which the second witness confirms all previously described features, components as well as laws, rules and regularities that can be detected already in propelling devices from the "first technical era", while that faithfully are repeated in propelling devices of the current "second technical era". For example, this second era confirms to us that all human propelling devices are invented and built in pairs, each pain including "a motor and a propulsor" - where the "motor" from each such a pair generates relative movements of one parts of the propelled machine relative to other parts of the same machine, while the "propulsor" of each such a pair produces an absolute motion of the entire driven device in the surrounding medium. It also confirms that in every such "motor-propulsor" pair, the propulsor also uses the principle of operation of the motor - only that one of the components of this motor (e.g. stator, rotor, piston, etc.) is replaced by the environment in which the given propulsor works - for more details see "laws, rules and regularities (I) to (V) governing over propulsion systems" described in item #J4.3 from the web page named "propulsion.htm" (and in post #315E to blogs of totalizm). In addition, this second witness confirms that in each "technical era of humanity" as many as three successive "generations of propelling devices" can be built, in the "first-generation" of which the motor-propulsor pairs are driven by force interactions, in the second generation - by inertia, and in the third - by internal energy. Etc., etc. In turn while having these two confirmations provided to us by two different "witnesses", we can be absolutely sure that the laws, general principles of operation and designs of propulsion systems revealed to us by these two "witnesses", will also be repeated in all subsequent propelling devices which people will ever build. Therefore, the general laws and regularities that hit our eyes in the propelling devices of this first and second technical eras of humanity, will now allow us to gradually identify, understand and develop the principles of operation and designs for all types of propelling devices from as many as four future, and in total from as many as six subsequent, technical eras which the humanity has a chance to build until the end of its existence in its present mortal form - while which propelling devices I described in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from the web page named "propulsion.htm" and in posts number #319E to #309E to blogs of totalizm. But of course, the humanity will be able to build these devices only on the condition that our civilisation will NOT destroy itself before building these devices, being pushed "down the cliff" by greed, thirst of power, immorality and the lack of competence of its ruling elites, and by the increasingly common turning away of people from God, from the love of neighbours and from respect to nature.


The "second technical era of humanity" described in this post #317E (and in item #J4.2 from the web page "propulsion.htm") was initiated around 1191 AD (i.e. meaning the Latin "Anno Domini" - the Year of the Lord) with the invention of its motor of first generation, called "windmill", as well as its propulsor of first generation, called "sail". This second era continues to this day, i.e. for around 830 years. Its most advanced inventions are its third generation propelling devices - i.e. internal combustion engines that are used until today, among others in locomotives and cars, as well as combustion propulsors used, among others, in jets and rockets. Unfortunately, the combustion gases used in propelling devices of the third generation from this second technical era are highly destructive for nature and for health. Thus, the side effects of this second era are the most devastating along the entire period of the history of humanity to-date. So people are obliged to make efforts of entering as soon as possible, and fully, into the "third technical era of humanity" described in item #J4.3 from web page "propulsion.htm" and in the post number #315E to blogs of totalizm based on that item #J4.3 (for the content of that English post #315E see "volume S" from the publication [13] available through the Polish web page named "tekst_13.htm" and containing the texts of all posts ever published on blogs of totalizm).


Unfortunately, the transition of humanity from the present destructive "second technical era" to the next healthy and clean "third technical era" delays and blocks, while the deadly to humanity consequences of the current "second technical era" worsens and prolongs, a whole range of humanity's shortcomings. One of the manifestations of these shortcomings are very bad decisions and immoral actions of elites ruling over humanity. As my philosophy of totalizm discovered and revealed it to us, one of the principles which God is applying in the collective upbringing of all people, is that in order to teach and to raise awareness of entire nations, countries, and human groups, for leaders of all so-called "group intellects" (i.e. all countries, institutions, companies, etc.) God always elevates people who best represent the level of morality of all participants of these intellects. However, in recent times this level of human morality has been dictatorially lowered by the growing culture of lies and blocking of truths by today's "official atheistic science" that holds an absolute monopoly on research and on education. This is because the official atheistic science, in spite of the availability of a huge body of evidence proving numerous error in what it officially claims, is still allowed to spread amongst people with increasing impunity various erroneous and false claims like the supposed "laws of thermodynamics", "big bang", the existence and work in our physical world of only one kind of time, or chronic negation of the existence of God (which supposed non-existence of God in turn suggests impunity of immoral behaviours of people, countries, institutions, etc. - see examples of lies of the official atheistic science which I am describing in item #J4.4 from the web page "propulsion.htm" and in post #313E to blogs of totalizm). No wonder that by representing the level of morality of the people over which they rule, today's ruling elites are increasingly focusing on enlarging their own wealth and power, instead of putting emphasis onto what really matters for the survival and civilizational promotion of the entire mankind - for example instead of emphasising: the increase of knowledge about God (formal scientific proofs for the indisputable existence of God are published and explained in items #G2 and #G3 from my web page named "god_proof.htm"), love of neighbours, justice, care for nature, seeking of truths, consciousness progress both in ourselves and in all humanity, elimination of "rejecting correct knowledge ", limiting the destructive for nature and health use of ubiquitous chemicals, replacing monopolies with healthy competitions, improving methods of fair and productive governance, etc., etc. Further similar deficiencies of world-views of today's decision makers, combined with the materialistic interests of greedy producers of everything that humanity needs, create also the rapid decrease in people's living standards. To this is also added the almost complete ignorance of people as to the truths and facts that God has revealed to us through the Bible, e.g. the truth revealed in verse 19:24 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew" - I quote from the Catholic Bible: "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven." After all, as the Polish proverb says, God "does not throw words to the wind". He has raised several billion people since the creation. So He has numbers to choose the most worthy 144,000 who will accompany Him for the rest of eternity. All of the above shortcomings tolerated and cherished instead of being eliminated from our civilization, increase imprisonment, slavery and exploitation of the majority of people, preventing the entire humanity from rising above the present destructive second technical era.


According to my estimates of the situation, the most important reason for the deliberate delay of humanity's entry into the pollution-free "third technical era", are the extremely harmful actions of elites ruling over the humanity, which actions depend on the stubborn blocking and annihilation by these ruling elites of any new ideas that threaten monopolistic positions and materialistic interests of these elites. A perfect example of reasons for blocking and destroying the most important among such ideas is briefly presented in items #A1 and #A2 from my web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm", while it is expanded in more details in item #F1 of my web page named "nirvana.htm". These elites are motivated by their belief that in our world (about which they believe that it is "the world without God") nothing threatens them for the "rejecting knowledge and truth" which they consider to be either threatening to their materialistic interests, or they consider to be incompatible with what they believe and disseminate. Excellent examples of such blocking and annihilation are provided by the results of my research. For example, links to descriptions of my Cyclic Tables the prognostic capabilities of which are explained in this post (and in item #J4.2 as well as in the entire web page "propulsion.htm"), and which I have been publishing constantly since 1976, for the first time by internet search engines began to be disclosed only in 2019 - i.e. after 43 years, and only because these tables have already become too publicized to continue ignoring them or blocking them. In turn links to my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, even in December 2019 (when I was working on finishing the descriptions from this post and from item #J4.2 of the web page "propulsion.htm") were still blocked by internet search engines - which blocking the reader can easily check by entering in any search engine the keywords Theory of Everything - e.g. using the typical searching command: . The confirmation that this blocking is intentional, the reader should still be able to obtain through the use of the same keywords in the following command of the so-called "custom search": . (If the English version of this "custom search" command is already blocked, perhaps try the Polish version which still may work: .) This "custom search" command indicates that search engines have at their disposal all the required sources of reliable information about my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - only that some powerful institution is purposely blocking these sources from spreading around the world and from being subjected to verification by the collective wisdom of all people - not just by a few individuals paid for doing such a job in manners agreeable with wishes and policies of their employers. Unfortunately, those readers who know about the ability of such "custom search" to link to descriptions of my scientific Theory of Everything, already know also about the existence of this theory since 1985, and know what it reveals to our civilisation, what it corrects, and what benefits it brings. At the same time, if someone who does not know about the existence of this my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, instead of keywords Theory of Everything uses the first name that I gave to this my theory back in 1985, i.e. uses the name Concept of Dipolar Gravity (e.g. through the search command: ), then still in the information cited from my descriptions, the most important words "theory of everything" will always be carefully deleted - which words almost always in my publications preceded that old name explained more thoroughly on my web page "dipolar_gravity.htm". Interesting at the same time is the very meaningful way of this blocking, which reveals that behind it hides a powerful institution with worldwide reach and power or influence. In almost every case this blocking takes the form of a "smokescreen" with the same name as the name of blocked idea. Thus, this "smokescreen" always works according to the proverb: "if you wish to hide a tree, plant a whole forest around it". An example of such a "smokescreen" can be the movie entitled: The Theory of Everything - which film usually is (and was) the only item indicated if someone asks internet search engines about any Theory of Everything (for a confirmation of this fact use the search command: and review the results). Other examples of the use of a similar "smokescreen" include the stubborn indication of the illogically translated into the name "Totalism" the old philosophy called "Totalitarianism" (see the search command: ), which indication ceased only in 2019 - when finally search engines recognized the need to refer searchers also to the intentionally written with letter "z" my philosophy named "Totalizm" (see the search command: ) - which I have been developing and publishing continually for 34 years, namely since 1985. Still another similar "smokescreen" was the mysterious "orchestra" about which there is NO information "whether" or "where" it exists, but which calls itself the Magnokraft (see the search command: ), and which likes to mock about my scientific achievements and about myself, but until the year 2019 exclusively which "orchestra" search engines always pointed out when someone was asking about my starship first published back in 1980 and named Magnokraft (see the search command: ). Moreover, to the present day information about these two "Magnokrafts" (i.e. about my starship of 1980 and about this mysterious "orchestra" which I believe exists only since around the year 2000 - when the most vicious attacks at results of my research and at myself have started) are quite meaningfully mixed up on the internet, etc., etc. - for more information on this matter see item #A5 from the web page named "totalizm_pl.htm" and see "Fig. #E3c" from the Polish web page named "sabotages_pl.htm". Of course, regardless of the ideas I have described here, the elites ruling over our civilization also intentionally block and "reject knowledge" about a whole range of other ideas that, if these were disseminated around the world, could save people from the current level of godlessness, immorality, greed, exploitation, injustice, corruption, turning away from God and from each other, destruction of nature, etc. - another example of such ideas that are strongly rejected and blocked by elites, although could be salutary to the humanity, may be the "perpetual motion" motors described in more detail in item #J4.4 from the web page named "propulsion.htm" and in post #315E to blogs of totalizm.


If one carefully looks at my Cyclic Table illustrated above in "Tab. #J4" (i.e. the one containing propelling devices from all six "technical eras of humanity"), then quite clearly it becomes apparent why God designed the existence of this extremely destructive for nature and for the humanity the "second technical era of humanity", and why God provided the Earth's crust with these huge resources of "fossil fuels" (i.e. oil and coal) which for so long sustain the operation of the poisonous combustion engines of this "second technical era". This is because the "second technical era" is supposed to confirm to still primitive humanity practically all laws and regularities that govern over inventions of subsequent propelling devices. It is also to point out the repetitive regularities existing in their operating principles. In turn, by this confirmation and pointing out it is to assure people that God created for the subsequent use by humanity a whole range of further working mediums and principles of operation of propulsion systems, which in the future will allow people to develop increasingly more perfect "technical eras" implementing the use of increasingly better and more powerful types of propelling devices. Only that before these better and more powerful than present types of propulsion systems God allows people to build, firstly the humanity as a whole must raise its average level of morality, which guarantees that these powerful propulsion systems will NOT be used e.g. for killing and destruction. The results of the research of a few inventors and discoverers (e.g. Tesla's inventions, or my discovery and development of the "Cyclic Tables of 1976" and the scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985"), combined with this high harmfulness of propelling devices of the second technical era, are clearly to make humanity aware that the propelling devices of the second technical era that we still use today, are intentionally planned by God to force humanity to use them only temporarily, e.g. until the time when people understand the old truth that "the good of the all is more important than the good of several individuals - even these most elitary ones". Unfortunately, although for the benefit of the general public (the whole of humanity), the combustion engines of today's second technical era should be replaced by the next (third) technical era quickly and already long ago, if the consciousness and knowledge of people do NOT change, we all rather poison each other with exhaust gases, instead of implementing the propelling devices of the next (third) technical era - which the danger is perfectly illustrated to us by the to-date "achievements" of present leaders of countries in eliminating the threat posed by rapidly being spoiled the climate of our feeder Earth. In addition, the ability of combustion engines of the second technical era to cause damage and illnesses, combined with the "announcement" of the existence of the "third technical era of humanity" in the form of the "electric motor" invented in 1836, practically means that destructive to humanity and nature "propelling devices of the second technical era" are also to fulfil the additional function of devices "testing" the readiness and ability of the entire present humanity to put the "group good" over the selfish "good of a few individuals and the ruling elites". In turn this additional function of the divine "pre-judgment test" means, that from what people are to cause with these propelling devices will depend whether humanity can continue its current form of existence, or must undergo some drastic and highly painful for people transformations - the two most important of which I described, among others in item #A1 from the web page named "evolution.htm", and on the entire web page named "2030_uk.htm" (see also in YouTube the film, in Polish, entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030", to be located through the search command: - the title of which means "The Great Purification of 2030s").


Of course, the all-knowing God long ago predicted that greed and thirst of power of merely a small bunch of people from the ruling elites, would block entire humanity's access to technical eras higher than the current second technical era. Therefore, still in antiquity God introduced into the Bible numerous warnings, of a kind addressed to priests who "reject knowledge" (i.e. those priests which I described in item #J4.4 from the web page "propulsion.htm"), and to all people who "destroy the earth" (i.e. to people described in items #T1 and #U1 from my web page named "woda_uk.htm", and on the entire web page named "2030_uk.htm"). These warnings should be taken very seriously, because God does NOT warn without drawing the announced consequences.


During the "second technical era", until to date, almost all propelling devices that can be built in this second era have already been invented. Only that some of them, despite being invented, so-far were NOT built. One of such invented, yet NOT built, among propelling devices of the second technical era, are "controllable balloons" for heated air driven by jet thrusts - which I invented in the first years after the creation of my "Cyclic Tables" and which I described in my first publications. Compared to the heated air balloons used until today - which are still only built as primitive, non-controllable "pseudo-propulsors", these "controllable balloons" that I invented represent technically more advanced propelling devices of the second era, because they already advanced balloons to the category of easily controllable and extremely simple in design "controllable propulsors". (Note that in balloons the air heating can also be done with electric current instead of exhaust gases - which electric heating, after the construction of my light "Oscillatory Chambers" - which are able to accumulate unlimited amounts of electricity and which I described in more detail on the web page named "oscillatory_chamber.htm", will provide humanity with devices of easy construction and maintenance, and a kind of controllable flying propulsion systems that are clean for the natural environment.) Another, also such a still NOT built propulsion system that I invented, was a "flying bicycle". Once I was even going to build it myself to win the then considered impossible to win inventive competition that offered a high cash prize to a person who within a year builds a human muscle-powered flying device capable of travelling in both directions the distance designated by these organizers (I believe it was one kilometre). This competition was announced in Auckland (New Zealand) shortly after my emigration to this country - means in times when such a cash prize would significantly improve my then very hard life. The design of my "flying bike" that I prepared for this competition was a kind of "airship balloon" with the general shape of an "airplane tail" (i.e. allowing an easy control over its flight direction), filled with helium and propelled with a propeller - which (the propeller), like the wheels in a bicycle, was supposed to be pedal driven. Unfortunately, my fate which works as if I am NOT destined to be financially rewarded for anything new that I created intellectually (this my fate is described, amongst others, in item #D2.1 from my web page named "eco_cars.htm") in combination with almost a chronic trend of some modern institutions to "not keeping promises" when the fairness and morality requires a payment to someone to be made but there is an opportunity to get away without paying, caused that when I asked the advertisers about some the less clear for me details of the requirements of their competition regulations, they immediately changed their requirements - in a new version of requirements announcing that the constructed flying device could NOT be of a type lighter than the air (means it may NOT be e.g. a kind of "bicycle" similar to "airship"). As a result of this change in requirements, I had to abandon my participation in this competition. It was also good that I first checked the organizers of this competition with my question, because if I took up the construction of my "flying bike", then I would spend about a year to build it, while judging by the reaction of the organizers to my question - the payment of reward they would still refuse me under some cleaver excuse (as this already happened once with those 10,000 British Pounds reward for my explaining of the origin of "crop circles" that the owners of the English "Sunday Mirror" refused to pay me - which event I also described in item #D2.1 from the web page "eco_cars.htm" indicated above).


To summarize this post #317E (and item #J4.2 from the web page "propulsion.htm"), the "second technical era" currently prevailing on Earth is the most critical for the fate of the present form of humanity. After all, the ruling elites and these powerful institutions led by them, which block the dissemination of actual progress and truth that would allow us to advance to the "third technical era", so-far seem to stubbornly continue to "strangle" our present civilization until the end of its existence, instead of placing "the good of all over their own greed". In turn on what they do next depends whether we will continue to exist in our present form, or whether God will be forced to transform us into something completely different. The knowledge, ideas and truths required for our promotion to the next, "third technical era of humanity" do exist and have been available already for many years. The problem is only that the few who hold power over the rest of us very short-sightedly and to the detriment of also themselves do NOT allow to introduce this knowledge, ideas and truths to the information of all people, to the verification by the collective wisdom of all people, and to the use by all people. In turn these blocking actions prevent our civilization from advancing to this salutary "third technical era". This opposition to the advancement of our civilisation is also easy to confirm. It suffices to just note, that although we have already crossed the "point of no return", still the ruling elites instead of "acting" feed us only with promises and endless "negotiations" which notoriously bear no useful fruit (see the Bible verses 7:17-19 from "Matthew").


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