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#316E: God's repetitive improvements of people...

Motto: "There is always room for further improvement" (in Polish: "Nawet najlepsze można udoskonalić jeszcze bardziej" meaning "Even the best can be improved further")


In 1985, a landmark intellectual event took place. Namely, the first and until today still the only in the world, the scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" was created and immediately published in the same year. Hence, in an ideal world where truth and reliable information would prevail (which kind of world our world should be) after correctly entering in any search engine e.g. the keywords Theory of Everything or the keywords Theory of Everything of 1985, in answer should appear the information about that first on Earth true scientific Theory of Everything. Unfortunately, so-far this information is disclosed only to these people who pre-programmed for themselves the "custom search" taking the form of, for example, the following search command: . In turn the rest of the world, e.g. on 2019/12/5 when I did the "fine tuning" of the text of this post - means already after 34 years elapsed since the formation and first publishing of this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, is still notoriously kept in ignorance about the existence of so desperately searched for by humanity scientific theory and knowledge. (Actually, the people searching on the internet still are notoriously deprived links to the majority of my research results - for example links to such extremely important keywords as: healing mental depression by earning moral energy; earning totaliztic nirvana; increasing moral energy; making morally correct decisions; counter-matter; moral Boomerang Principle; reversible software time; motors of perpetual motion; formal scientific proof for the existence of God, soul, counter-world, UFOs; formal scientific proof that God created the first couple of people; formal scientific proof that humanity lives in the world created and wisely ruled by the almighty God; formal scientific proof that God authorized the Bible; plus many other important results and discoveries indicated to me by this Theory of Everything of 1985 - the above search command reveals links to which results of my research if only in the search box that appears at the top of screen after entering this command, the already pre-programmed into this box keywords "Theory of Everything" are replaced with any other keywords for the links to descriptions of which someone is searching and if one omits these first, NOT mine, links still pushed at the top to create a "smokescreen".) It is also worth noting, that even after using that "custom search", at the beginning of the answer being generated, the search engine "pushes" a persistent information about the film made 29 years after the development of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 - in spite that just to avoid the getting information about that "smoke screen" film, the special "custom search" can be used. (Notice that this "custom search" from the address was pre-programmed in August 2009 on the blog of Mr "Jacek K" linked from item #A2 of my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" - as I believe in order to facilitate the searching for information which during "normal" searches the search engines notoriously refuse to show - like the information where to find descriptions of that existing since 1985 the true scientific Theory of Everything. The curious people may sometimes be intrigued, that the above address of this "custom search" in a "strange" way occasionally can "transform like just by itself" into an erroneous address preventing the correct work of this search command - as I explained and illustrated this in item #E3 and on "Fig. #E3c" from my Polish web page named "sabotages_pl.htm".)


However, in our imperfect world full of hypocrisy, deception, pretending, acting instead of truth, claiming to oneself the achievements of others, etc. (which kind of the world our present world actually is), after entering in any search engine the keywords Theory of Everything, in spite of the fact that this is the name of a scientific theory - means NOT the name of a product of actors and filmmakers, almost the only result that appears, is an information about the persistently promoted film just having the title "The Theory of Everything" - only which film until today is emphasized by all existing search engines. The reader may notice an example of this emphasizing after clicking at the address , and then comparing the received display with the information provided by the same search engine when one types through the keyboard the same keywords theory of everything - as due to still another "coincidence" both these ways of searching sometimes may generate different results.


In the discussed here descriptions of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985, I deliberately emphasize the word "scientific", so that it can be clearly distinguished from that film entitled "The Theory of Everything".


At the time of creation and first publishing, my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 was named the Concept of Dipolar Gravity (in Polish: Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji). The reason was that being a scientist well trained in the pedantic sticking to facts and truth, at the moment of its development I did NOT know yet that soon afterwards it would demonstrate all the features of the scientific Theory of Everything. It wasn't until a couple of months later that I discovered that the emergence of this theory could be compared to the intellectual equivalent of producing the first optical lens. This is because similarly as the production of the lens with the passage of time allowed to build microscopes - which opened for people an optical insight into the internal structure and composition of everything that surrounds us, also this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 opened for people an intellectual insight into the truth about the internal structure and composition of reality that surrounds all of us. Moreover, similarly like the creation of the lens later allowed to build telescopes that give to people a visual insight into the configuration of our huge physical world, also the creation of the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 opened intellectual insight into the structure and operation of the entire universe. Furthermore, the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 also provided people with a kind of "intellectual ladder" in the form of a new and pedantically moral philosophy named Totalizm. For whoever wants to practice this philosophy, it allows his/her climbing to increasingly higher levels of awareness. Two aspects stand out during the almost half a century since the development of this scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. (1) The first of these is the "scientific aspect" - means descriptions of almost unlimited potentials for knowledge-generation by this scientific Theory of Everything and for finding out the truth about almost everything that surrounds us. This scientific aspect is published already since 1985 in various monographs, web pages and videos - e.g. on the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm" and in publications linked from that web page. (2) The second among them is the "human aspect" of this scientific Theory of Everything - means descriptions of my ongoing almost half-century-long battle of urging people to stop the sponsored by various powerful institutions further blocking, ignoring and hiding the scientific Theory of Everything and to stop "rejecting knowledge" obtainable due to this theory, but rather to began the use of benefits that this scientific theory opens to humanity. This human aspect I started to publish simultaneously with the post #316 (in Polish) to blogs of totalizm based on the content of item #A1 from the web page named "evolution_pl.htm", means starting from 2019/11/17. I published that human aspect (initially only in the Polish language) on the web page named "1985_theory_of_everything.htm". In turn that "intellectual ladder", means the pedantically moral philosophy which I created and named Totalizm - because it represents the philosophical side of the scientific Theory of Everything explaining "the whole of everything", and thus allows people to climb to higher levels of consciousness, I have been publishing since 1985 in numerous publications, for example on the web page named "totalizm.htm". However, when someone is searching for this modern philosophy using Internet search engines, one must be very careful that its name always is spelled with the letter "z". This is because the letter "z" clearly distinguishes the philosophy which I created and named Totalizm from "Totalitarianism" - means from a philosophy completely opposite to my Totalizm, which among some people lazy in writing, or perhaps defiant towards my Totalizm, by strange epidemic of "sheep's momentum" suddenly began to mistakenly call Totalism, only that this totalitarian Totalism typically is spelled with the letter "s". Interestingly, this "sheep's rush" for creating "smokescreens" by calling various products of other people's activities (which are furthest away from the results of my scientific research) with names that I assigned to the results of my scientific research, does NOT end at the name of The Theory of Everything for a film, or name Totalism for Totalitarianism. After all, for example my most important invention published back in the year 1980 - means developed already near 50 years ago, i.e. my starship in Polish named "Magnokraft" (which I described on the English web page named "magnocraft.htm"), also in past used to have such an internet "smokescreen" in the form of a music band named "Magnokraft", which band in past completely hide my starship, although (fortunately) by now on Google it has stopped monopolising the results of searches for descriptions of my starship "Magnocraft". Currently, the information about this band is only mixed up in the internet with the information about my starship - for example see the search and compare the obtained results with the search . So let us hope that over time in a similar way my knowledge-generating Theory of Everything of 1985, in search engines will be clearly separated from the movie entitled the Theory of Everything, and that from search engines will be removed the "clever program" which always eliminates my explanation Theory of Everything from the searched for information - in spite that this key information I am always adding in front of the used in my publications old name the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.


Due to various premises resulting from these existing since 1985: (1) the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called 

the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity") and (2) the philosophy of totalizm - I managed to discover, that already after the creation of humanity God introduced into the software of bodies and souls of the human race a whole range of significant improvements from which we benefit today. These improvements, along with a summary of the most important lessons that result from them to humanity, I will briefly describe in this post, while I will discuss in more detail in the web page named "evolution.htm".


Because learning about the existence of the improvements introduced by God into software of souls and bodies of people and described in this post as well as learning the philosophical lessons that these improvements open to humanity, can completely change our lives, if only I can find the assistants to filming work - the skills of whom I described in more detail in C1 and C2 from my short Polish publication [18] available through the web page named "tekst_18.htm", then on the basis of this post I will also try to prepare a script for the free YouTube video described in that [18], whose goal would be to familiarize viewers with the knowledge about divine improvements to software of our souls and bodies that have the potential to lift people to the next level of awareness and worldview.


Until the time of writing the content of item #A1 from the Polish web page named "evolution_pl.htm" on which this post is based, means until 3rd October 2019, supported by premises resulting from the philosophy of totalizm and from my Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity"), I was able to discover three breakthrough improvements that from the moment of the original creation of people God introduced to software of human souls and bodies, while the information which confirms the introduction of these improvements God has also encrypted in Bible verses - as God always does in the case of knowledge, which people have to first discover by themselves as a result of the progress in their knowledge and philosophies, and only after the discovery of it people are to find it in the Bible and decipher its role as the confirmation of truth. In addition to Bible verses, I also discovered considerable empirical evidence, some of which is already widely known to people, which confirms the existence of each of these improvements to human souls and bodies. In turn finding descriptions in the Bible and finding also completely independent of them empirical evidence, which mutually confirm compliances of each other with the objective truth, provide us with the required "two witnesses", regarding which - according to verses from the Bible quoted in item #C5 from my web page named "bible.htm" and commented in item #J4.1 from another web page named "propulsion_pl.htm", it is required that "on the credentials of two or three witnesses must be based every matter" about which (matter) we are very interested in obtaining confirmation of its correctness and truth. So let us first list here these three improvements of the human race directly confirmed by Bible verses:


(1) Switching to the "reversible software time" intelligently pre-programmed by God, the course of life and the process of aging of people. This was the first among improvements that I learned, which God has introduced already during the biblical Great Deluge, or more precisely when the biblical Noah ("soldier of God") took aboard Noah's Ark those creatures that after the Flood were to live and grow old under the control of reversible software time. Namely, on that ark God switched then the souls and bodies of people and animals transported in there, from the living and from aging controlled by the flowing smoothly the so-called "irreversible absolute time of the universe" - in which now only God lives and all inanimate matter ages, into the living and aging in intelligently and intentionally pre-programmed by God just then, at least 365x1000 times slower, passing in short jumps, the "reversible software time" which does NOT exist in the natural constitution of the universe (see verse 3:8 from the Biblical "2nd Letter of St. Peter the Apostle" and verse 90:4 from the Biblical "Psalms"). At the same time, taking advantage of the occasion of that change, God also reduced human bodies from the antediluvian sizes currently considered to be giants (i.e. about several times taller than today's people: e.g. in ancient myths, biblical Adam was supposed to be 15 feet tall - i.e. about 4.57 meters, and Noah - 12 feet - or around 3.66 meters), to current sizes - by the way introducing also several further minor anatomical changes (e.g. removal of the second row of teeth existing in jaws of antediluvian human giants). A wider explanation of this change and the empirical evidence which confirms it, is presented on numerous my web pages - for example (amongst others) in item #C4.1 from my web page named "immortality.htm". Therefore readers can find this evidence on my web pages linked to index entries provided on my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm". In addition, to the topic of antediluvian human giants is devoted the content of a huge number of free educational films that are currently available on - most of which are in English (e.g. see the hobby video entitled "GOOGLE SEARCH 'GIANT SKELETONS' + ADAM WAS 15 FEET TALL NOAH WAS 12 FEET" and available at the address .) In turn more information about both types of time mentioned here was included in the "introduction" and in item #G4 (and briefly also in item #D4) from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". Descriptions of these two existing types of time contained therein are later further elaborated and continued in item #D3 of the web page "god_proof.htm", and in items #J5 and #J6 of my web page named "petone.htm", while in one complete whole they are presented in a relatively new (because published since December 2018) Polish monograph [12].


(2) Introduction of different than "ULT" human spoken languages. This was the second improvement that I discovered during my research. God introduced it during the construction of the Tower of Babel by people (see verses 11:1-9 from the Biblical "Genesis"), that is, at the time when Babylon was ruled by King Nebuchadnezzar the Second, and around the time when Biblical prophet Daniel lived and worked in there (see "Daniel" in the Bible). This improvement depended on separating and differentiating the language "ULT" in which people think and which is used by souls in the counter-world, from spoken language used in human voice speech and in our physical world. The advantages of such separation and differentiation of languages were also understood by the creators of human computers in the recent times, when they created the "programming languages" - with which people communicate with computers in our world, and when they clearly separated these "programming languages" from the different "machine languages" used in the computer "virtual worlds" - in which today's computers perform their "thinking" processes. Before this separation of the "ULT" language from spoken language, people used the "Universal Language of Thoughts" (i.e. "ULT") also for voice speech - means used the language that God uses today and that is still used for communication between souls from the counter-world and also in the processes of human thinking. Initially, means right after the creation, people communicated with each other, using the "ULT" - in the same way as they use present spoken languages, i.e. both among themselves, as well as in conversations with God. However, just like the first computer builders, much earlier God also quickly discovered numerous advantages of replacing the verbal version of "ULT" language with spoken languages that differ from it. In turn because God accomplishes a number of different goals at once with every His move, He separated these two languages during the construction of the Tower of Babel, limiting "ULT" to only conducting human thought processes, and in human voice speech replacing it by a whole range of different native languages, which later have evolved separately for each of the human nations. A wider discussion of the subject of that separation of human spoken languages from ULT (and "confusions" that it may cause), plus an indication of empirical evidence which confirms that separation, I presented on numerous web pages - for example (amongst others) in item #F11 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm". Thus readers can find this evidence on my web pages linked by index entries from the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm". In addition, to the topic of the Tower of Babel is devoted the content of a large number of free educational films that are currently available on - most of which are in English (e.g. see the video entitled "Some Very Compelling Evidence the Tower of Babel Was Real", available from the address .)


(3) Supplementing the human soul with software of the counter-organ of "conscience". This was the third improvement of the human race by God, which I managed to discover so-far, while the direct confirmation of which I found in the Bible. It was carried out during Jesus' mission on Earth and depended on the introducing to our souls the special programs of a "hot line" for communicating directly between minds of people and God. We currently know this communication connection as "conscience". Namely, when God determined beyond all doubt that people tend to be highly immoral, then firstly He wrote for them on tablets of stone the so-called "10 Commandments", then He ordered that each of the people learns what these commands require and fulfil all of them. However, He quickly discovered that the majority of people put laziness over learning, and thus are NOT very eager to learn and obey these 10 Commandments. It was then that God decided to introduce into the soul of every person that program of "counter-organ of conscience" - which is much better than the learning of 10 Commandments, because in every situation it whispers (prompts) directly to the mind of its bearer, whether what the bearer thinks that he/she intends to do, or that even he/she has already done, is agreeable with God's commandments and requirements, or is breaking these. The fact of introducing at that time the organ of conscience to people's souls, known as the "New Covenant", was encoded into verses 10:16 from the Biblical "Letter to the Hebrews", while I explain this groundbreaking improvement in several totaliztic web pages and publications linked by the keyword "New Covenant" from my Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm". Unfortunately, today's priests that "reject knowledge" (see verses 4:4-9 from the Biblical "Book of Hosea") do NOT want to know about this fact.


In the descriptions of all three of the above improvements, our eyes are striking their repetitive features and philosophically lifting people consequences. To understand their repeatability, let us firstly list here the most important examples of these repetitive features. And so, (1) these improvements were always introduced when human disobedience to God's 10 Commands and other requirements began to reach a crisis level. Also always (2) during their introduction on Earth was working a messenger of God who played an important role in explaining to people why they had to occur. (I.e. worked: Noah from times of Biblical Great Flood, the Prophet Daniel from times of Babel Tower, and the God's Son Jesus in times of religious "Pharisees" and the introduction of "conscience" to human souls and bodies.)


In turn, as the reader probably already knows from the content of my web page named "2030_uk.htm" and the Polish YouTube film entitled "Zagłada ludzkości 2030" (meaning "The Great Purification of 2030s") - currently on Earth is just intensifying (1) the period of the next crisis caused by people turning away from God, from their neighbours and from respecting nature. Interestingly, (2) from the prophecies of the Hopi Indians about "Pahana" meaning the "White Brother", as well as from Bible verses (e.g. see verse 9:12 from the Biblical "Gospel of St. Mark") is also known to us, that another messenger of God is working somewhere on Earth - which fact is more comprehensively explained in item #H1 of my web page named "2030_uk.htm". Means according to the regularities described above and always repeated during every crisis of human disobedience to God's 10 Commandments and other requirements, most probably just the next time is approaching, when God introduces another significant improvement to bodies and to souls of people. Although for our imperfect human mind it is currently difficult to predict on what principle this next divine improvement will work and what will be the manifestations and results of its action, seeing what is happening in our world today, it can be deduced that it will probably come down to the introduction into the human souls of some new software causing in people an increased sensitivity to, and the urge to resist of, such previously un-emphasized immoral behaviours of others as: corruption, cronyism, injustice, inequality, exploitation and oppression of some by others, cruelty to people and animals, lack of respect for nature, etc. I wonder whether the current growing wave of opposition, demonstrations and rebellions of people from completely different countries, all of which are directed against this type of immoral behaviour of governments, elites and individuals, is not by a chance the indication that an increasingly large number of people already have in their soul such software introduced in our times to further improve the souls and bodies of people. It is a great pity that because of stubborn turning their backs to God, other people, and to nature, only a few of those who currently live in the world will personally experience the benefits and blessings of this next divine improvement to human souls and bodies.


The above should be supplemented with the information that I have empirically discovered also an another, different category of improvements to souls and bodies of human race, which were also introduced by God NOT earlier than during the Biblical Flood, but either their characteristics required that they were introduced, tested and improved for a long time, or so-far I did NOT manage to find a direct description in Bible verses that would allow me to determine the exact time and other details of their introduction. Examples of most important improvements in this another category could be defined as follows:


(4) The pre-programming of the phenomenon of the "moral field", the action of which is similar to the action of the gravitational field, then such alteration of programs of all laws governing over the fate of people, that into every agreeable with the commandments and requirements of God (means moral) human action it was necessary to put the effort and energy of climbing the uphill in this "moral field", while every human action breaking the commandments and requirements of God (means immoral) would just slide down in this "moral field" and thus would come easily and in a way that generates some kind of pleasure. Since the moment when God introduced the phenomenon of the "moral field", everything moral that someone does, requires putting into it the amount of energy and effort that is proportional to the moral significance of a given action, while everything that is immoral comes to people effortlessly and pleasantly - for more details see links for the keywords "moral field" (i.e.: pole moralne) on the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm". From the descriptions in the Bible it can be easily concluded that the phenomenon of the "moral field" was introduced, tested and improved for a long period of time after the "Biblical Flood". After all, for example from verses 4:1-16 of the biblical "Book of Genesis", means regarding times before the Biblical Flood, it clearly appears that the criterion of receiving God's recognition was then only the compliance with God's personal wish, means NOT the amount of effort and work of climbing uphill of the "moral field" which in present times must be put into a given action in order to make it morally correct. Also described in item #J5 from my web page named "petone.htm" the "growth pattern" known under the name "tree of life" - which God made available to people in the 9th century B.C. through the prophet Elijah of the Biblical Old Testament, did NOT yet have a "test copy of Omniplan (11)". This in turn means that then God still carried out improvement works over the phenomenon of the "moral field". The final proclamation of the existence and operation of the "moral field" was made by Jesus, e.g. with this famous statement from verses 16:24-26 of the "Gospel according to Saint Matthew" - I quote from the Bible: "If anyone wants to follow me, let deny himself, take up his cross and follow me." However, putting so prolonged work, thoughts and improvements into the phenomenon of the "moral field" proved worthwhile. Because of it, people who act morally begin to accumulate in their souls a moral equivalent to "potential energy" from climbing uphill in the gravitational field. So the accumulated amount of such "moral energy" (which now can be estimated in people, while in the future probably can be easily measured) allows to judge instantly the moral level of a given person. Furthermore, the accumulation of this moral energy changes the frequency of vibrations emitted by a soul and by counter-body of a given person - while these vibrations NOT only control the speed of the elapse of time, but can also be felt and observed already at a great distance. This in turn means that e.g. morally living people can be felt from afar - which, among others, causes that immoral people like to deal with only immoral people, while they dislike morally-behaving people, and vice versa. Furthermore, cities or countries inhabited by morally living people in the counter-world "shine" with different vibrations than areas with immoral people. From this, a simple mechanism leads to cataclysms which hit only into immoral areas, and to life problems which continually bother mainly immorally living people.


(5) Embedding into human souls the software that adds subsequent portions of "moral energy" to the amount of this energy already accumulated in this soul - if the owner of a given soul performs actions that meet all the requirements of "moral work", while which deflates from the soul appropriate amounts of this energy - if the carrier of a given soul performs immoral actions or indulges in anything that generates in him/her feelings of pleasure, plus the subsequent supplementing these programs that manage moral energy, with procedures that enforce returns of totaliztic karma. After pre-programming of the phenomenon of "moral field" described above into the so-called "Omniplan" that manages the operation of reversible software time, it became possible to embed into each human soul additional software, which, depending on how the current behaviour of a given soul-carrier moved him/her in the "moral field", either added, or subtracted, the appropriate amount of "moral energy" to or from the pool of this energy already previously accumulated in the soul of this person - as I explained this in items #D2, #D3 and #C6 from my web page named "nirvana.htm". In turn the level of this "moral energy" allows e.g. to "judge" the moral state of this person with one "glance of eye", and also allows to obtain effects described below with the next improvement. In turn, when soul programs already distinguish how a given action of this person moves in the "moral field", it also became possible to embed into human souls the software of "totaliztic karma" the work of which is described more thoroughly on the web page named "karma.htm", and also to create the first and most important "moral law" on which totaliztic karma is based, and which in subsections I4.1 and I4.1.1 from volume 5 of my monograph [1/5] is described under the name of "Boomerang Principle". (After this "Boomerang Principle", further out of numerous moral laws that currently govern over the fate of people were developed.) The software of totaliztic karma was first implemented close to times when people were also informed by warnings described in the Bible and explaining the work of karma, like the Old-Testament "they wind sow, they will gather a storm" (see Biblical "Book of Hosea", verse 8:7), or New-Testament "what a man sows, he will reap" (see biblical "Letter to Galatians", verse 6:7) - such warnings based on karma there are quite a few in the Bible (an extended list of them is presented in #2I4.1 from subsection I4.1 of volume 5 of my monograph [1/5]). Nevertheless, karma software is repeatedly improved practically until today. For example, just nowadays it is clearly visible that so-called "karma return time" since the advent of the "neo-medieval era" on 2001/9/11 is accelerated for many immoral human activities - see items #B2.1 to #B2.3 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm".


(6) The dependence of states (conditions) which experience individual intellects described in item #D3 of my web page named "nirvana.htm" on the level of "E" or "µ" (mi) of "moral energy" ("life energy") which these intellects managed to accumulate in their souls from the counter-world. On the above web page "nirvana.htm" I explained my empirical discovery that both, the individuals (i.e. "individual intellects"), as well as the entire institutions and even entire countries (i.e. "group intellects") experience increasingly positive and happier feelings as well as executive capabilities (i.e. the increasingly large "free will" or "zwow"), when in their souls and counter-bodies increases the amount of so-called "moral energy" (which can also be called "life energy" or "zwow"). These states (conditions) I named: (1) nirvana, (2) adoration, (3) friendliness, (4) provocativeness (i.e. the beginning of mental depression), (5) apathy, (6) destruction, (7) death through "moral suffocation". In 1997 I myself managed to increase my amount of "moral energy" to a level exceeding the value of "µ=0.6" (i.e. the value of around "E= 1200 [hps]", where units [hps] represent "hours of physical struggle" - as explained in #D2 from my web page "nirvana.htm"), until it appeared in me and lasted for the next around 9 months the highest among these states (conditions), namely the stunning state of "(1) nirvana" - which previously was NOT experienced nor studied or described by any other scientist - which state I named the totaliztic nirvana to distinguish it from the "Hindu nirvana". (The "totaliztic nirvana" feels approximately like an endless orgasm - which feeling I explained in more details in item #B1 of my web page named "nirvana.htm". As I was aware that I am the first scientist in the world who not only personally experienced the "totaliztic nirvana" but who also researched it thoroughly, I described it later in great detail - as my information originates straight from the proverbial "horse's mouth", or the "first hand".) But if the amount of this "life energy" begins to fall, people become increasingly grim and unhappy, and after it falls below the value of "µ=0.3 "(i.e. below approximately "E=600 [hps] ") they fall into an almost chronic state of mental depression, then after reaching the level of "µ=0" (i.e. approximately "E=0 [hps]") they die because of some self-inflicted death. It is a great pity that today's "official atheistic medicine", which until now has not yet been able to work out the definition of mental depression, while because of the lack of such definition - is NOT able to effectively treat this "illness of soul", still ignores my research on depression and nirvana, nor does want to know about the definition of depression that I quoted in item #C6 of my web page named "nirvana.htm". After all, if the medical sciences knew and accept the definition of depression and understood the mechanism of the emergence of this "illness of soul" as a result of lack of moral energy, then the official atheistic medicine would also be able to cure it effectively. This is because the requirement to generate this "moral energy" (i.e. "life energy") in oneself turns out to be, that instead of swallowing chemicals and tablets, one needs to generate moral energy through performing the "moral work" (preferably anonymously, means as states verse 6:3 from the biblical "Gospel of St. Matthew": "... don't let the left hand know what the right hand does"). Therefore, people, crews, institutions, countries, etc., who currently do NOT perform such "moral work", suffer from increasingly stronger mental depression - which is just a symptom of practicing mainly immoral actions characteristic for the "philosophy of parasitism", and thus is also a symptom of caused by these immoral actions the decrease in the level of "moral energy" which has the potential to lead then to death through the "moral suffocation". Knowledge of the relationship between depressive states in people and in group intellects, and the practicing of immoral behaviours, allows, among others, to read from the Bible that before the Biblical Flood, the improvement described here God has not yet introduced, because antediluvian people did not suffer from depression, they enjoyed life, they got married, etc. - in spite that in their lives they behaved drastically immoral. Unfortunately, further descriptions of the Bible so far did NOT allow me to decipher from when this improvement was introduced and what circumstances accompanied it. However, I will continue to decipher the Bible and if I find anything about it, I will try to add and explain the required information here.


(7) The validation of people's impression that they have full "free will", by adding the executor "test copy of Omniplan (11)" to the "tree of life" (from Kabbalah) described in item #J5 and illustrated in "Fig. #J5b" from my web page named "petone.htm" - which the "test copy of Omniplan (11)" allows God to quickly test the future consequences of any human action. The name "Omniplan" is assigned to a software entity that does NOT exist naturally in the universe but was artificially programmed by our God. The function of Omniplan is to manage the elapse of "reversible software time" in our entire physical world and to control the course and effects of all events that take place in our physical world. Omniplan is described more extensively in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named "immortality.htm" and also in chapters D, G, L and O from the Polish monograph [12] describing the work of time and time vehicles, available through web page called "tekst_12.htm". In turn the manner of operation of this Omniplan causes that from the moment when just during the Biblical Great Flood God programmed it to be able to manage the course and effects of events controlled by this human "reversible software time", everything that people do is actually implemented NOT by "hands of people" but by unnoticeable for people permission and work of "hands of God" - for details see item #J5 on the web page named "petone.htm". (Because actually these are "hands of God" which accomplish everything that people do, the "free will" that people have is only partial, because all human actions are continually "censored" by God, although God does everything in His power that people have a psychological impression that they have the full "free will".) In turn whether God decides to implement a given human action, or to cause that for some reason He will make it unrealistic, decides the impact that the effects of this action will have on the future of human civilization. From the point of view of this impact, all human activities are subdivided into only two categories, namely (a) actions whose effects do NOT have any impact onto the future (e.g. such as: which slice of bread we choose to eat, or what effects will bring our efforts to kill a mouse that has nested in the kitchen and eats all our unprotected food), and (b) actions whose effects have a potential to exert some influence on the future of our civilization (e.g. whose book will a publisher choose to publish and disseminate around the world, or whether the specific politician will be able to start another war). In the event that a person performs the action of category (a) God implements it immediately. However, when an action displays attributes of belonging to category (b), then God always checks whether it will NOT cause changes in the future which would be contrary to His superior intentions and plans for the future of humanity. He checks this by using the "test copy of Omniplan (11)". Namely, in relatively recent times God added this test copy as another "executor" number (11) from the "growth pattern" illustrated by the "tree of life" of Kabbalah in the abovementioned item #J5 of the web page "petone.htm". This "test copy of Omniplan (11)" is programmed as an exact copy of the original Omniplan, i.e. it contains copies of our entire physical world and each one of us (so you, the reader, also have in it your own copy that lives, thinks and works exactly like you do) - only that in it "human time" passes several hundred thousand times faster than in the physical world in which we live. (Unfortunately, at the present "initial" stage of gathering my knowledge about Omniplan, I can only assume that our civilization is this "original" human civilization, while that other civilization with the time elapsing several hundred thousand times faster than our time, is just a "copy of our civilization." But in reality so far too little data and evidence has been accumulated to decide whether it truly is so. After all, the situation can be quite the opposite. Namely, at the opposite than our end of the fourth dimension of the counter-world, this "original" human civilization may be in the development, while our civilization may perform only a function of "test copy of the Omniplan (11)" for this other civilisation. Therefore, I will continue this research, and I will inform about the results - if I make it on time.) This "test copy of Omniplan (11)" is used to quickly test the future consequences of any human action occurring in the original Omniplan. In turn knowing the results of these tests (which, according to my research, typically take about two weeks of our human time to obtain), even if God had pre-approved and implemented some action from category (b), but then the tests confirmed that the action in the future will cause deviations from plans and intentions of God, then God is still able to shift back a given person in time and erase the memory of the removed fragment of his/her life - although sometimes leave in him/her a "deja vu" (as on the basis of Bible verses I described this in items #B4 to #B4.1 and #D5 to #D5.2 from the web page named "immortality.htm"), then in a new passage of a given person through time God cancels this action without causing the person to be aware of this cancellation. In turn, if already at the moment when a given person tries to undertake a given action God immediately estimates that this action is of category (b) and thus in the future may cause changes that are NOT consistent with His plans and intentions, then typically He somehow temporarily delays the execution of this action until tests show what impact it will have on the future, while when the test results are known, then He either implements this action, or He prevents it completely. The problem we see when (like me) we learn that the mechanism of implementing human actions is actually carried out with "hands of God", boils down to the question: why does God implements also the actions of immoral people (i.e. criminals, rapists, exploiters, murderers, politicians initiating wars, aggressive military, terrorists, etc.)? Many answers to this question have been encrypted into the Bible. One of them (expressed not directly - i.e. as if with its inverse) states "to NOT provide people with evidence that their full "free will" is only a psychological impression, NOT a fact. (E.g. nowhere I found a definite statement in the Bible that each of the people has a full, i.e. NOT censored, "free will" - but I came across a lot of verses in there implying that absolutely everything that we think and do, God judges and acts upon.) Unfortunately, the psychological impression that people have the full "free will" to do whatever they want is extremely important in the process of increasing the effectiveness of "gathering knowledge" by people. In turn "gathering knowledge" is of great importance to God - for explanation "why" see item #I6 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm" and items from #B1 to #B3 and #C1 plus "introduction" from the web page named "antichrist.htm". This psychological impression is easy to "break" - if e.g. people become sure that their actions are completed only if their results have been approved by God and learn that after which approval they are implemented with "hands" of God. Therefore, in everything that God does, He always attaches the primary importance to avoiding the situation that a given person would become sure that his/her "free will" was censored. Probably it is just to NOT create a situation of such a certainty and hence to limit with it the "free will" of many so-called "sceptics" and those "rejecting knowledge", for publishing these explanations here was chosen a fallible man, means me, NOT the Bible. After all, the fate of the results of my research has already proved to us, that even a majority of those ones who believe in the truth of the Bible, still considers the results of my research to be erroneous and ignores them completely. On the other hand, if these explanations were openly and clearly stated in the Bible, then many of those "sceptics" and people "rejecting knowledge" would be inclined to acknowledge them as representing truth and to limit because of them own research on the subject of God. Other answers to the above question "why does God implements also actions of immoral people?" include, among others: because God always protects the God-fearing people who trust Him and who keep His commandments and requirements, because justice always comes to fulfilment and the wrongdoers are ultimately punished at the very end, and also because due to the action of Boomerang Principle (i.e. the main moral law) the victims of evil people's actions always are those who somehow deserved it with whatever they did in their current or previous passage through the reversible software time (for descriptions of examples of this deservedness see items #C7 to #D3 on my web page "god_exists.htm"). Let us summarize now the "improvement" described here. Due to the introduction of the "test copy of Omniplan (11)" actions which control the fate of people can be managed more precisely, and then implemented without the need to break the "free will" of people - which free will depends on having the psychological impression that each person has a full "free will" to decide and do whatever he/she chooses.


Of course, regardless of the above-mentioned major improvements from the category described here, in my many years long research I noticed a whole lot of various small improvements, which also improve the perfection and justice of our physical world. As their examples we can indicate here the so-called "printing imps" in Poland called the "chochliki drukarskie". These were introduced on Earth at the time when "folded printing" was invented and humanity began mass printing of the Bible. These "imps" cause that no matter how carefully some print is made or written, always there will be approximately the same number of errors in it. As a result, readers who encounter such printing errors react to them with emotions (which, in turn, God easily controls) - thus enabling management of readers' emotional attitudes to matters described in a given print, and hence also the management of readers' decisions on what to do in the matters described by given print. Slightly more advanced version of "printing imps" are errors in computer programs. As the discipline of "Software Engineering" already has discovered, every computer program used by people hides a characteristic for it number of errors not discovered yet - which errors in no way can be removed, because if one of them is removed then the next one is unintentionally introduced. Because these programs later e.g. control the operation of airplanes, space rockets, nuclear reactors, etc. - by triggering one of the errors contained in them at a critical moment, without breaking the human so-called "free will" God obtains the intended effects that look like "coincidences" or "accidents". Another small improvement that I have already noted is the pre-programming of the so-called "principle of reversals" in almost every currently existing algorithm for educating people and in almost all the divine methods of work - for details see descriptions of this principle provided, amongst others, in item #F3 from my web page named "wszewilki_uk.htm" and in items #B1.1, #B2 and #M1 from the web page named "antichrist.htm". The "principle of reversals" probably was introduced at the same time when people were given the organ of conscience, because Bible verses referring to its operation (e.g. see "Galatians" verse 5:17) appear only in the New Testament. Still another improvement is the introduction of a "self-regulating" algorithm into every mechanism of divine administration of justice to people (e.g. into the action of the so-called "curse of inventors" and "inventive impotence" or into the "Boomerang Principle" and into mechanisms of work of "totaliztic karma") - these "self-regulating" algorithms and mechanisms are described e.g. in items #B3, #B3.1 and #H1 (and also partly in #B2.2, #B2.3, #B4.4, #H3, #I2 and #I5) from my web page called "mozajski_uk.htm". What a pity that today's politicians lack something (I wonder if it is knowledge, life wisdom, courage, inspiration, motivation, example, or yet something else) to write similar "self-regulating mechanisms" into the laws and actions of their governments - for example, just like as a small boy I read that it was done by French politicians establishing the old "water law" (described in item #L1 of my web page named "2030_uk.htm") which required that sewage discharge outlet always had to be located upstream in the river from the inlet to the collection of clean water from the same river. After all, embedding such "self-regulating" mechanisms into group laws and actions of people would solve many problems that today are troubling our civilization. Already after the Biblical Great Flood, God also made several improvements to our planet. For example, in times just after the creation, the Earth did NOT have underground caves. Thus, all underground caves and tunnels were made by God's messengers (UFOnauts) using for this purpose starships that utilise the principle of operation of my Magnocraft - see descriptions and evidence from item #C9.1 of my web page named "ufo_proof.htm". Etc., etc. To summarize the above, although "rejecting knowledge" present priests, scientists and politicians would NOT acknowledge this, while ordinary people do NOT have the knowledge and perceptiveness to notice it by themselves, and also although a selfish and self-directed human understanding of the so-called "good" does NOT coincide with God's absolute understanding of "good", the physical world in which we live is constantly being improved. In turn due to the continuous improvement of our world, in fact there is also a process of continuous improvement of the entire universe - as I described it more thoroughly in "chapter O" from my Polish monograph [12] explaining the operation of reversible time and time vehicles, while available through the web page named "tekst_12.htm".


If you, the reader, are convinced by logical deductions and evidence which I presented above, then I recommend that for your own good and for your descendants you should contribute your share into awareness of the actual situation to people confused by lies of the official atheistic science and by the ruling elites. The most effective way to add this contribution is by taking a personal part in creating a free educational film for later posting it on YouTube - the proposal to create that kind of film in cooperation with readers who are enthusiastic about it and have the required skills, is explained in (1) from subsection C1 of my short publication [18] (in Polish) disseminated through the web page named "tekst_18.htm".


All the improvements of the human race discussed above bring great philosophical significance to each of us. After all, they realize that people and the entire our physical world is constantly improved, and that since the creation of humanity and our physical world, God has developed dozens of highly effective tools with which without attracting our attention, e.g. through unintentional breakage of someone's psychological belief in having full "free will", God thoroughly controls the course of and the results of every (even the least important) event about which we all believe that we are the ones who implement it. It is a pity, therefore, that both priests and scientists, as well as many ordinary people, stubbornly "reject knowledge" and refuse to learn both the "improvements" described here, as well as God's tools that resulted from them. After all, everyone would benefit from knowing that if something was encoded into the content of the Bible about which, despite of it being written thousands of human years ago, is scientifically confirmed that the Bible contains "truth and only truth", then this encoding in the Bible is also the proof, that the almighty God is vitally interested that the resulting lessons voluntarily speak to the reasoning and knowledge of all who are concerned. For example, God surely is interested that at the present technical level of humanity - when almost everyone already knows what a "program" is, each person interested for his/her own good finally stopped "rejecting knowledge" which I concluded in item #A0 and also throughout the rest of my web page named "god_proof_pl.htm", and accepted that God, or more precisely the Holy Spirit, is a kind of self-aware "Program" which resides in (and controls behaviors) of the contained in the counter-world intelligent counter-matter, from which about 6,000 "human years" He created all matter and all objects of our physical world. After all, the improvements described above could NOT be introduced to our bodies and souls, if God was NOT a kind of "Program". These improvements also prove that the human soul is also a kind of self-aware, self-learning "program" for which God is a "Programmer". They also confirm my explanation of where all God's powers come from, and how it happens, that God knows the innermost thoughts of each person. They also confirm that what people call "laws of nature", "energy", "time", and a number of other concepts, are actually programs extremely wisely designed by God - which fact explains, amongst others, where God's power of managing these quantities comes from. Furthermore, they confirm that God informs us in the Bible about His improvements in His creations - only that He does this in an encrypted manner to inspire people to make the effort to seek knowledge and truth. (So God is NOT like our present "official atheistic science", which does NOT have the courage to implement the necessity of continually repairing the imperfections of whatever it previously created or claimed falsely, incorrectly, or NOT to the end - e.g. repairing the directing humanity towards depopulation and the destruction of the nature, the stubborn claim of this atheistic science about the alleged impossibility of building and using the engines working on the "perpetual motion" principles and described in item #J4.4 from my web page named "propulsion.htm".) Furthermore, improvements of the human race also confirm many facts about which humanity (or priests) so-far did NOT have the slightest idea, but which I just discovered due to premises resulting from my philosophy of totalizm and my Theory of Everything of 1985 (i.e. from the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), e.g. they confirm a lot of facts described below in items #A1.1, #B3, #D4, #D7, or #M1 from the web page named "evolution.htm".


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