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mar 30 2021 #332E: Here is your personal proof for the...

#332E: Here is your personal proof for the existence of God that you always carry with you


Motto: "In order for 'life' to arise, it is necessary that an object or machine acquires the ability to 'self-learn'; in turn for the acquisition of this ability to 'self-learn' it is necessary that, amongst others, it had a program (by religions called 'soul') capable of modifying itself - however the self-production of such a program is impossible in objects or machines formed exclusively of inanimate matter with the characteristics defined by today's official atheistic science: this means, that in order for 'life' to begin or to continue in bodies of organisms formed from inanimate matter, the giver of such a 'self-learning' program (soul) must be God, while 'natural evolution' in previously inanimate matter could never take place" (the conclusion resulting from the discoveries and findings made by my "Theory of Life from 2020" and presented on the web page "2020life.htm").


#D1. The "proof for the existence of God" which is carried by every living person, and which results from the truth of the first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here:


As it turns out, you the reader, in yourself carry the scientifically irrefutable proof that God does exist. This proof is the fact that you "live". After all, as I am going to explain it in this post #332E, "without the existence of God, life would NOT exist". So "life" is the simplest, and at the same time deductively verifiable (that is, the most certain) and also available to everyone who lives, evidence that God does exist. Knowing and accepting this evidence, everyone can now be sure that "since I am alive, this alone is enough for an irrefutable proof that God does exist" - as this is already briefly signaled in items #A2 and #C5 on the web page "2020life.htm".


Notice that the truth or merit of almost every key information provided in this post #332E (or on my web pages) that is derived from my own research, for example a conclusion that I deduced logically, a new key name that I introduce, an important fact that I established, etc. - which information I present anywhere on my posts or web pages (including this post #332E), I also confirm with the testimony of these "three witnesses" the need for which, and the reliability of which, I discuss in (1) to (1c) from item #H1 on the web page "2020life.htm", only that in order NOT to keep repeating this testimony, I try to confirm it with three witnesses at only one of the repetitions of the repeated key information, while the reader will find it either somewhere on the web page "2020life.htm" or in publications indicated in the place where a given information is discussed, plus additionally find it in sources linked from the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm" under the "key words" reflecting meaning of this key information.



#D2. Why the truth of this first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020" can only be postulated and proved by a researcher who thoroughly knows both mechanics (i.e. knows the features and operation of hardware formed from "inanimate matter") and computer science - i.e. knows the features and operation of programs encoded in the form of "soft" information (in the Bible called "word"):


So why about the evidence for the existence of God discussed here, carried by everyone because it states that "since I am alive, the same provides a scientifically irrefutable evidence that God does exist", we can NOT read either in internet search engines (e.g. in Google) or in numerous books about God that are disseminated by today's religions? I believe that the reason is probably the fact that even the most famous today's experts do not know a simple fact - the signalling of which I included into the motto of the web page "2020zycie.htm" from the beginning of its "part #A", namely that: "gaining the ability to self-learn (including the very ability to develop self-awareness and to initiate life) by the so-called hard, i.e. only hardware (means formed exclusively from inanimate matter) permanently wired systems, is NOT possible". After all, permanently wired hardware systems are unable to self-modify, and moreover, while being deprived of "soft" software, they are NOT able to form writable-erasable memories about which we know that they are absolutely necessary for the operation of today's programmable with "words" computers and all self-learning systems, and we also know that they exist in "drobinas of counter-matter" (i.e. to form memories which in "God Drobinas" are information carriers for the software of "souls"). So in order that such "hardware" systems formed exclusively of inanimate matter could acquire the ability to "self-learn", and thus also to give birth to life, or to continue living, they must also be additionally provided with "soft" software formed exclusively from information (i.e. from biblical "words") written on some information carriers - which is already able to modify itself (as I explain it in item #C5 from the web page "2020life.htm"). So the problem here is that the group of people who can discover the above simple fact that leads to the formulation of this proof carried by everyone because it says "since I live, the same is already scientifically irrefutable empirical proof that God exists", is still very small. This is because someone is needed who knows two research disciplines in depth at the same time - i.e. who knows e.g. mechanics or "mechanical engineering" - which can reveal to him the most important features and behaviours of "inanimate matter", and who also knows informatics or "computer sciences" (e.g. knows the so-called "software engineering" and the principles of operation and development of the self-learning software) - which can reveal to him the most important features and behaviours of "soft" programs and information systems, and who also has an innate inclination to look for (and to notice) whatever escapes the attention of other researchers and has the courage to openly reveal the truth that he discovered in this way. But it just so happens that among priests, and also among the now rare people who objectively research and try to get to know God, so far very rarely, if not at all, there is someone who thoroughly knows these two above research disciplines, and also equally rarely current researchers dare to risk their lucrative position and income for the truth condemned by the "elite cartel" - including condemned by most of today's policymakers and employers. (Note, that it was probably for my promotion of the truth that was inconvenient for some people, that the State Accreditation Committee (PKA) at the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNISW) refused to approve me for the position of "Professor of Informatics" which on the basis of my research achievements, previous professorial positions, subjects content from informatics that I previously lectured and professional experience, was offered to me by one of Polish universities.) Fortunately, through some strange "coincidence" and in spite of my determination to search and to reveal truth no matter what repressions it brought onto my shoulders, I still in my career of a university lecturer managed to be employed at two universities of the world as a professor of mechanical engineering, and at two other universities from two different countries - as a professor of informatics, or computer science (or more precisely as a professor of "software engineering"). I also lectured in there a whole lot of subjects in both these disciplines. Furthermore, probably God gave me the talent to "see what others overlook" and the courage to reveal the truth that I established. No wonder then, that this shockingly simple proof for the existence of God did NOT escape my attention, when, starting from 1st January 2021, I began writing down the "Theory of Life of 2020" that clarified itself shortly earlier in my mind. Most importantly, with logical deduction I can also justify "why" it is true that "without the existence of God, life would NOT exist". I am going to write down this justification below in item #D3 of this post #332E, trying to use easy to understand and known to almost everyone examples and comparisons. I am also sure, that if I had enough free time to refresh my memory of quite difficult to remember for a long time detailed knowledge from the discipline "mathematical logic" which I lectured at the time of my professorship at Ajou University in Korea in 2007, then I would certainly be able to develop also the scientifically irrefutable formal proof which confirms that "without the existence of God, life would NOT exist" (unfortunately, I always have a chronic shortage of free time - hence the challenge to young scientists from item #D5 below in this post #332E).



#D3. The evolution of life in inanimate matter is impossible due to the reason that can be easily learned by mechanical engineers and computer scientists, namely that from only inanimate matter itself (i.e. without adding the software of "soul" into it), it is NOT possible to self-form or to purposely build a system capable of "self-learning":


Both the "official atheistic science" and the majority of people believe that everything that surrounds us, and also our body, is formed from a substance called "matter" - which according to the official science supposedly is characterized by an unchanging set of attributes and is to be subject to the same "laws of nature". And so they all believe that from this supposedly homogeneous matter are formed e.g.: galaxies, suns, planets, oceans, atmosphere, food that we eat, as well as our bodies and all other living creatures. But if one learns thoroughly the knowledge from several present disciplines, including mechanics and informatics (computer sciences), then one discovers that there are two drastically different types of matter, i.e. "inanimate" and "animate". Each of them is also so significantly different from the other, that it deserves to be called with a different name and to be regarded as a completely different substance governed by different set of laws. From the "inanimate" matter is formed only everything that is deprived of life - e.g. isotopes, coal, dinosaur bones, crude oil, rocks, soil, air, all machines and structures made by humans, etc. In turn from the "animate" matter is formed everything that is alive. However, after the death, the bodies of all living creatures transform again into inanimate matter (which transformation confirms that it is the "God Drobina" which enriches them with "self-learning" programs of the "soul", while escapes from the body at the time of death - means that all this happens exactly as the Bible informs us about, while as repeats (f) from item #H3 of the web page "2020life.htm").


Both these kinds of matter (i.e. inanimate and animate) behave completely differently and obey other kinds of laws pre-programmed for them by God. For example, "inanimate" matter ages according to the elapse of so-called "irreversible absolute time of the universe" brief descriptions of which I provided, amongst others, in item #G4 from my web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm". It behaves in accordance with the definitions of "matter" disseminated by the old "official atheistic science". In turn in analysis from the point of view of the discipline of informatics or computer science it manifests all the features of the "pure hardware" which is deprived of the "software" that governs over its behaviour, and thus if made of inanimate matter objects implement some "algorithm" of their operation, then this algorithm is "permanently wired" into them (i.e. their algorithm or program of work cannot be modified by itself). 


In turn the "animate" matter ages according to the elapse of so-called "reversible software time" which was artificially pre-programmed by God and thus which enables shifting people back in time while according to e.g. verses 3:8 from the biblical "2 Letter of St. Peter the Apostle" and 90:4 from the biblical "Book of Psalms" it elapses at least 365000 times slower than the time in which inanimate matter is aging. Animate matter also does NOT fulfil the definition of "matter" disseminated by the old "official atheistic science", because being animate it is able to break practically all so-called the "laws of nature" discovered and written down by this old science. For example, "laws of nature" are openly broken by the feats of bodies of Chinese "kung-fu masters" from the Chinese school "Shaolin" - which I described, amongst others, in item #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". These laws were also clearly broken by the actions of a Latvian stonemason named Edward Leedskalnin (1887/1/12 - 1951/12/7 - see ), who almost with his bare hands, alone, mysteriously, at night, built the entire so-called Coral Castle in Florida, USA (see ) - means built the huge Coral Castle bordering on a miracle - an explanation of the probable principle of building which through the use of counter-matter software is described in (H) from item #J4.5 of my web page named "propulsion.htm". Laws of nature are also broken by the syntheses of calcium from mica by organisms of hens from the region of Brittany - which "cold synthesis of the calcium element" is described in (b) from subsection J2.2.2 of my Polish monograph [1/3] free available via the web page named "tekst_1_3.htm". Snakes are another creatures that break the laws of nature. This is because some species of them, for example the Polish "grass snake" or the Central American "anaconda", are able to remotely hypnotize their victims - which ability in the case of the grass snake personally I have seen as a little boy and described in item #F2 from my web page named "stawczyk_uk.htm". In turn my analyzes of the information available to me about the Polish snake, "Smooth snake", suggest that it can change the speed of the elapse of time - for details see item #F3 on the abovementioned web page "stawczyk_uk.htm". Almost everyone of us probably also heard about phenomena of telekinesis and psychokinesis induced by people - the work of which was even demonstrated to me, but the existence of which the "official atheistic science" also denies with a similar ferocity as it does NOT recognize the existence of relatively well-researched human telepathy. Furthermore, the animate matter in the analyzes carried out from the point of view of the discipline of informatics or computer science displays all features of the "hardware-software system" described in item #C5 of the web page "2020life.htm", means the system which, apart from "bodies" formed from matter, also has a "soul" with features of "soft software" made up of "words" that governs over behaviour of this body. Thus, if bodies made of animate matter implement some "algorithm" of actions, then their "self-learning" program automatically updates the previously accumulated knowledge in them (i.e. this program modifies itself).


The existence of two drastically different types of matter (i.e. inanimate and animate), combined with the apparent lack of knowledge on this subject by even the greatest experts of today, causes them to indiscriminately persuade others, and often to believe in it by themselves, that the evolution of life in objects or devices formed from inanimate matter is possible. Probably also ignorant opponents of the results of my research just because of this existence of two drastically different types of matter, will continue to attack these my explanations, on purpose "overlooking" the fact that if they use any example or phenomenon that works (occurs) in living creatures, then the "matter" about which they will express themselves in their attacks will be "animate", that is, having a "soul" and thus, from the point of view of informatics or computer sciences, already provided with programs capable of self-modification. Therefore, if anything is deduced about the evolution of life in matter, then the special attention should be paid that the considerations are carried out just for inanimate matter - means for such matter which is only recognized and still defined by the old "official atheistic science" and for which I prepared my following justifications that it alone is NOT capable of self-modifying programs of its operation (and thus to evolve or continue life). After all, in order to prove that the evolution took place, the matter in which life would then arise, would have to be dead and only awaiting revival (animation) - and NOT already animate and thus having "soft" software although the existence of this software the old "official atheistic science" has neither recognized nor yet has discovered (the same as it is with the software hidden in DNA that controls the passage of our life through the "reversible software time", the existence of which is confirmed in a coded manner by the verses of the Bible interpreted in items #B4, #B4.1 and #D5 to #D5.2 of my web page named "immortality.htm", but about which the official atheistic science neither has nor wants to have the proverbial "slightest idea" in spite that the web page "immortality.htm" informs about its existence starting from 2008/11/9).


So if from the above-described point of view of today's knowledge from the disciplines of mechanics and informatics or computer science we define what is any known to humanity "living being", then it turns out that every "living being" with a body made of matter must meet the definition of a "self-learning hardware-software system". This in turn means, that in order to be able to "live", every living creature must have both a hardware "body" which is so "constructed" as to support the accumulation of knowledge in the self-learning programs contained in it, and also must have formulated from "words" soft "programs" which are so designed that they have the ability to "self-learn", means to modify and to self-improve themselves (by religions these programs are called "soul", while I describe them in parts #C, #D and #H of the web page "2020life.htm"). This necessity for the existence of both a hardware "body" as well as a "soul" containing soft "self-learning" programs (means modifying and improving themselves) remains true for everything that lives in our world of matter, starting with us people - who learn during all their lives beginning from the moment of catching the first breath and ending with the moment of death, through all animals and insects (perhaps the reader has ever heard about the so-called "flea circuses" (see ) or "flea-catchers" that existed in the past, one of which I mention in item #D1 from my web page named "cielcza_uk.htm" - their former existence proves, among others, that even insects also have the ability to "learn"), and ending with the "covid-19" live viruses that plague the world in 2020 and 2021, the ability to "learn" of which is manifested in their capability to form increasingly infectious variants. Of course, in practice, in every living creature formed from "animate matter", both its hardware component and its software component, can be designed in many different ways. This is why we have such a variety of living creatures on Earth. For example, in a software component this modification and self-improvement in highly advanced self-learning systems can be accomplished through modifying the code of self-learning programs. In more primitive systems - through changes in remembered data (in human programs - through changes in the contents of "data files" used by them) in which the self-learned knowledge is stored. But the final "fruits" of this self-modification and self-improvement will always be the same. Namely, as the self-learning progresses, all behaviours and reactions of the entire self-learning hardware-software system will be increasingly more perfect.


At this point it is worth mentioning that the defining of every "living being" by the "Theory of Life from 2020" discussed here, as a perfectly functioning "self-learning hardware-software system" provides the additional confirmation of truth of that mentioned in second thesis from item #A2 of the web page "2020life.htm" the brilliant "Theory of Superior Beings" developed by a Polish writer named "Adam Wiśniewski" and more comprehensively presented in item #I6 from my web page named "mozajski_uk.htm". Note in that item #I6 the additional extension of the Theory of Superior Beings with the finding established during my research - which findings adds the essential explanation omitted by Adam Wiśniewski. This my finding states that "knowledge" is just what "eats" Superior Being which is above the level of people. So the truth of the "Theory of Superior Beings" results also from the above definition of a "living being" because the "product" (or as the Bible states - "fruit") of life of every "hardware-software self-learning system" is always the "knowledge" that it accumulates. Thus, through the "pursue of knowledge" each "living being" fulfils the basic repeatable principle of Adam Wiśniewski's genius "Theory of Superior Beings", namely it fulfils the principle that every "living being" generates "food" (in the case of people it generates "knowledge") for its "Superior Being" (in case of people - for God), as I try to emphasize this and explain it in [I] from item #H2 and in "part #W" from the web page "2020life.htm" - where I also explain the most important consequences of the fact that people were mainly created so that they continually "pursue of knowledge".


However, there is a serious problem with defining a "living being" formed of matter as a "self-learning hardware-software system". Perhaps this problem will create one more reason why the present "official atheistic science" voluntarily, means without being forced to do so, will NOT disseminate the above-mentioned short definition of a "living creature". This is because it turns out that scientists from both these disciplines of mechanics and informatics or computer science either "overlooked" all this time, or on purpose now hide the fact that to no object or device formed exclusively of matter defined as matter is currently defined by the "official atheistic science", it is possible to endow the ability to "self-learn". (Notice that the "official atheistic science" defines "matter" as supposedly the only and exclusive substance that fills the entire universe, and thus supposedly NOT created in the manner described in item #I2 from the web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm" from whirls of another originally existing substance in the Bible called "The Ancient of Days" while in my publications described under the names: "drobinas of counter-matter" for times preceding the self-evolution of God's programs in them, and "God Drobinas" for times that occurred after the self-evolution of God's programs in them.) This practically means that to any creation formed from "inanimate matter" and intended to be transformed into a "living being", it is NOT possible to be given the ability to evolve "life" in itself. In other words, today's mechanical engineers and computer scientists either overlook or hide from the rest of the world the information screamingly revealed by their disciplines, namely that the process of "natural evolution" as defined by today's "official atheistic science" is impossible.


Learning about this impossibility of "natural evolution" is a consequence of the truth of the first and most important thesis described in #A2 on the web page "2020life.htm" about the "Theory of Life of 2020". So in order NOT to be groundless about the truth of this thesis, in this item #D3 of the post #332E on a simple example I am going to explain below "why" bodies or machines formed exclusively of inanimate matter and NOT having any software (i.e. no any "soul"), just by themselves (means without the participation of God) they are NOT able to acquire the ability to "self-learn" and hence the ability to initiate life. Then in the next item #D4 of this post #332E I am going to discuss also the most important consequences that result from this fact - e.g. the consequence that "if God did NOT exist, life would NOT exist either". In turn together with other descriptions of the web page "2020life.htm", especially from its parts #H and #C, this item #D3 of post #332E justifies the absolute truth of the conclusions of parts #A of the web page "2020life.htm" and of this post #332E, namely the conclusion that each one of us carries inside his own personal and absolutely certain proof for the existence of God, because in the situation that it is true that "if God did NOT exist, also life would NOT exist", must also be true the statement that "since I am alive, the same fact already provides an irrefutable proof that God does exist".


In item #C5 from the web page "2020life.htm" I described the "initial conditions" existing for an infinite length of time in the infinitively extending the counter-world, which conditions led to the self-evolution in the first two "drobinas of counter-matter" of correctly functioning "self-learning" software and the "embryos of self-awareness" - which in turn led to the emergence and spread of "life". Unfortunately, the "initial conditions" that would exist in the hypothetical "world of inanimate matter" in which we would live if God did NOT exist and thus if our "world of matter" was deprived of access to "self-learning software", would be just opposite to these "initial conditions" that already for around half of eternity prevailed in the counter-world. In turn this complete opposite of the initial conditions in both these worlds means that in spite of the possibility of self-emergence of life in the counter-world, the self-emergence of life in our world of matter is absolutely impossible - contrary to what ignorantly claims the institution of our old "official atheistic science".


So let us investigate "if" and "why" any purely "hardware" systems, i.e. such in which everything that happens results only from the operation of machines or objects that implement programs permanently wired into inanimate matter (i.e. machines or objects that do NOT have access to "soft" programs formed from information stored on some carrier of information or carrier of "words" and thus capable of "self-modifying") are NOT able to become "self-learning" systems, means they are NOT able to create a "hardware" equivalent for the "soul" and thus lead to the creation of "life". In order to carry out such an investigation 'let us assume the existence of a purely hypothetical "world of inanimate matter" in which there is NO God and there are NO "soft" programs formed from "soft" (i.e. allowing "self-modification") information stored on some information carrier'. In other words, let us assume the existence of the "initial state" of a hypothetical world composed entirely of inanimate matter - about which our "official atheistic science" claims that such a world was our world at the time preceding the evolution of the first life in it. From the time when I was still lecturing at universities, I know that it is easiest to explain it on the examples of mechanical machines understandable to everyone. Hence, "what", "how" and "why" would happen in such a world, I will try to explain on known to everyone mechanical machines, although the conclusions that will arise from my considerations remain valid for all permanently wired systems (as only those can be build from only the inanimate matter), which would NOT have access to "soft" computer software that controls them in any way and is stored on some information carrier.


In such a purely "hardware" system as the one defined above, still it is possible to create or distinguish elements capable of fulfilling a certain kind of functions necessary also for the operation of any programs. For example, a mechanical so-called "cam" which can be found e.g. in the majority of present cars, is an equivalent of "subroutine" - because it is able to cause a specific sequence of actions. In turn e.g. a "crankshaft" from a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine (this propelled by the "dirty fuels" which "free clean energy devices" will be able to get rid of) is an equivalent of "selection" (i.e. the equivalent of "if" commands from programming languages) - because it allows to choose what actions are to be carried out in what order. So although it is extremely difficult to imagine how such complicated elements could arise in our hypothetical world by a complete coincidence, and in addition they could then assemble themselves into some logically operating machine, e.g. in the shape of a "robot", which by another accident can already walk (e.g. on the plain surface), has senses - thus, for example, it sees what is happening around it, and has access to the energy source that drives its operation, let us assume that such a "robot" somehow managed to arise by itself within trillion of trillions years. So it walks around its hypothetical world made of inanimate matter and suddenly encounters e.g. a mountain slope. However, in order to climb this mountain, it must learn a new skill of climbing along the slope of the mountain. But so far it only knows how to walk, for example, along the plain. So in order to learn something new, it must modify the "walking program" that is permanently wired into it. In turn such a wiring would require that either some of its elements be replaced with others, or that it disintegrates into its elementary parts, and then reassembles itself anew after the next portion of trillions of years. Unfortunately, none of these possibilities is practically possible without the participation of some "superior intelligence" which would supervise and implement it (i.e. without God, or without already living and logically thinking man). But even when we omit the question how such a "robot" would be able to reassemble itself together for its first and second skills, still this "robot" created exclusively from "inanimate matter" would NOT be able to further "self-learn" - because it would NOT be able to modify by itself the program of its operation. In turn, without the self-generation of the ability to "self-learn", any self-produced hardware formed exclusively from inanimate matter is NOT capable of initiating "life" in inanimate matter. Please also notice here, that if instead of the simplest to explain to the reader the above "robot" any other object formed of inanimate matter is considered, e.g. considered is a "cell" similar to cells which support life in living creatures - the operation of even the simplest of which is indescribably more complicated than the operation of even the most perfect present robot built by humans, then it also turns out that by starting their formation from the still inanimate matter, it is also absolutely NOT possible for such a cell to acquire the ability to "self-learn", and thus also to work and to initiate life.


Of course, the lack of the required superior intelligence that implements the absolutely necessary for "self-learning" changes of permanently wired programs that control the operation of such material devices that would require the acquisition of the ability to "self-learn", is only one of a number of various reasons, which would make practically impossible the self-creation of purely "hardware" machines which "would learn by themselves" and thus potentially would be able to initiate life. Other reasons include, for example, the impossibility of accidental creation and assembly of elements of such machines, lack of access to energy that would drive their operation, too short existence of our world of matter which prevents purely accidental self-assembly of "self-learning machines", and most importantly, the inability that just by itself, means without the participation of software and building materials owned by God, come to existence such a hypothetical world composed exclusively of inanimate matter.


I do hope that even the readers less familiar with the operation of machines and programs will understand the irrefutable importance of the arguments presented above. Understanding these scientifically irrefutable arguments shows that it is absolutely absurd what the old "official atheistic science" tells us, namely that the hardware only (and thus always permanently wired) systems made of inanimate matter are able to become "self-learning", i.e. evolve "life". Simultaneously, our learning of the above deductions and facts shows us also the truth of the statements contained in "part #A" of the web page "2020life.htm", namely that "without the existence of God, there would NOT be life in our world of matter" - which in turn confirms the truth of the personal proof for the existence of God in every person and being, guaranteeing to each of us humans that "since you are alive, this sole fact already provides the scientifically irrefutable proof that God does exist".



#D4. What are the consequences of proving that the first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here expresses the irrefutable truth:


The reader may ask himself a question: why risk promoting or even just considering nowadays such an unpopular truth as the one contained in the facts and findings described in this post #332E, if it does NOT change the position of the institution of old "official atheistic science"? Means, why even try to repair our scientifically ruined world, since the "official atheistic science" will either ignore what is disclosed here, or block it from disseminating, or quickly contradict it with some false arguments or examples, which instead of discussing the events occurring in still "inanimate matter", will use deceptive examples originating from "animate matter" or will refer to any living creature that lives because God has already "breathed" the "soul" into it, and thus it is able to "self-learn" through modifying the "software" contained in it that controls its life? The answer is simple: because this truth indicates another lie and a serious omission or deliberate ignoring of the already existing and available for a long time knowledge, which additionally discredits this wrongly for humanity operating monopolistic "official atheistic science". Thus, the truth is bringing closer the day when people begin to be so determined by the deviations and collapses caused by this monopolistic institution, that finally they will bring to life the first truth-based universities that implement the new "totaliztic science" - goals, scientific foundations and an extremely urgent need for official establishment of which is described in publications of totalizm - e.g. see "part #C" from the web page named "telekinetics.htm". In turn, after the emergence of universities operating according to canons of this new "totaliztic science", the humanity finally starts to recover from the collapse to-date, while the truth that has been silenced so far will slowly begin the winning.


After all, it must be remembered that my "Theory of Everything of 1985" (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity") so vehemently blocked and carefully hidden in the Internet, allowed to develop {1} a whole range of scientific discoveries and inventions, which in other times and situations would be considered groundbreaking and would change the course followed by the entire humanity, means which if they were the proverbial "straws" then until today they should "bend the back of even the most stubborn camel". And so one of the groups of such discoveries and inventions resulting from my Theory of Everything was contributed {2} by the extension of the "Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices" (see ) by further future technical eras described in items #J4.4 to #J4.6 from the web page named "propulsion.htm", while illustrated below in "Tab. #D4". In turn this extension of the number of technical eras described in it reveals a huge number (difficult even to imagine by present scientists) of future technical devices which will make the humanity indescribably advanced and powerful - in spite that the old "official atheistic science" already acts as if all knowledge remains already researched and discovered. Another group of such discoveries was brought {3} by the Theory of Everything of 1985 itself, which opened for humanity an insight into a completely different universe than the universe defined by the official atheistic science. This different universe is ruled by dipolar gravity (means NOT by monopolar gravity, which still falsely is told by the official atheistic science), it extends infinitely in at least four linear dimensions and thus it neither expands nor shrinks (as it is described in item #D4 from the web page named "dipolar_gravity.htm"), exists for an infinitely long time, our world of matter is in it artificially created by God from an intelligent substance existing in another world called the "counter-world" (in which God lives), God created all living creatures in it, every living creature with a body made of matter received life in it due to breathing into it a "God Drobina" containing a "soul", while the life of these material living creatures elapses in the "reversible software time" created by God, which allows people to travel through time. So these numerous truths about the universe, determined due to the recognition of my Dipolar Gravity (see the web page "1985_theory_of_everything.htm"), in almost everything state the exact opposite of what the "official atheistic science" tells us with the help of its definitively erroneous "big bang theory", "theory of natural evolution", or "theory of relativity". In turn we know, that whenever two statements tell us their opposite, one of them is just a lie. Still other my discoveries and inventions that correct the lies to-date of the "official atheistic science" include, amongst others: {4} self-evolution of life in the counter-world, NOT in our "world of matter" - as described in more details in items #C5 and #H3 on the web page "2020life.htm", while which clearly shows the absurdity of the "theory of natural evolution" that this science teaches us, which locates the origin of life in inanimate matter; {5} the possibility of building "perpetual motion" motors and propulsors and "free clean energy generators", already confirmed by the existing prototypes, described e.g. in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm", but about which until today official science claims that they can NOT be built because they supposedly break alleged "laws of thermodynamics", while the implementation of which into mass production is still strenuously blocked by these five institutions of the "elite cartel", which keep humanity in the darkness, in enslavement, and in subordination to the power of money, and which I am describing, amongst others, in item #J2.5 of the web page "smart_tvs.htm"; they also do include for example {6} the principle of operation of the simplest "time vehicles" described in items #B4, #B4.1 and #D5 to #D5.2, from the web page named "immortality.htm" which reveals the absurdity of statements from the "theory of relativity" with its distorted idea of the operation of time - still adhered to and taught to people by the "official atheistic science" as if it is correct. Of course, the number of my breakthrough discoveries and inventions similar to the above {1} to {6} is so huge, that it would be enough to develop almost all subjects that initially require teaching at a typical technical university (the reader can learn at least the most important among them, e.g. from item #I2 of my authobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm" or by looking at links leading to them from the Polish web page named "skorowidz.htm").


The learning and recognition of the content of the deductions presented here can also be a source of a personal and easy to understand proof for the existence of God, very important for every reader. After all, my irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God, which I presented in items #G2 and #G3 of the web page named "god_proof.htm" is not understandable to everyone, also NOT everyone has the knowledge which allows to recognize it. Furthermore, the courses of explanations from formal scientific proofs are usually very difficult to remember, because their arguments seem complicated, and the possibility of repeating them rarely happens to someone. But the case is different with the personal proof which I am discussing in this post #332E. After all, it is simple, and each of us always carries it everywhere. This is because this proof states: "since I live, the same is already an empirical irrefutable proof that God does exist". Furthermore, this irrefutable proof confirms the certainty of actual existence of God - means it provides to each one of us the certainty of the most important knowledge. Therefore, in my opinion, it was really worth getting to know this post #332E, then to remember this proof and implement in our lives everything to which it obliges us in every moment of the rest of our lives.

Tab. #D4: Here is the "Cyclic Table in the Development of Earth Propelling Devices" with six consecutive "technical eras" (click on the illustration of this table to be able to see it enlarged). Copyrights © 2021 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk. Descriptions of principles of operation of propelling devices that make up this table (including also those to be constructed in the distant future) are provided in items #J4.1 to #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm" - where it is also originally published as "Tab. #J4ab". The above illustration of this table was graphically improved by my friend, Mr. Dominik Myrcik, with whom we together also prepared a half-hour film distributed for free on YouTube under the title "Future Propulsions", available at . This film/video illustrates the operation of all major future propelling devices listed in the above table. It is thanks to the graphic talent of Mr. Dominik Myrcik that the computer graphics of the above table obtained such a spectacular appearance.


Similarly as the well-known Mendeleev's Table (also known as "the periodic table of elements") reveals the regularities contained in the structure of atoms, the above "Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices" illustrates the repetitive rules governing over the designs and principles of operation of successive propelling devices invented and built on Earth. For example, my Theory of Everything of 1985 (see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm") revealed to us that there are three separate worlds in the universe, i.e. (I) our "world of matter", (II) the world of intelligent counter-matter, and (III) the virtual world contained in memory of intelligent counter-matter. (Notice that in our part of the universe this "counter-matter" consists of countless living, thinking, counter-material so-called "God Drobinas", slightly wider descriptions of which I provided in item #I2 from my web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm".) This is just because of the existence of these three worlds that the above Cyclic Table for Propelling Devices indicates that humanity is going to build propulsion systems that belong to as many as six increasingly more advanced "technical eras", while each of the above three worlds will provide a working modium and principles of operation for as many as two subsequent of these eras - which in the illustration above are marked with the same level of shading. And so, our (I) "world of matter" has already allowed for the construction of the motors and propulsors for eras marked 1 and 2 - which above are the most intensely shaded brown. The working medium in these eras 1 and 2 is the force interactions formed by matter. In turn (II) the "counter-world", allows to build propulsion systems from eras 3 and 4 - above shaded slightly brighter. The working medium in them are the force interactions formed by counter-matter, means e.g. by magnetic field (which is the circulation of counter-matter) or e.g. by telekinesis. Finally (III) "virtual world" allows us to build propulsion systems for eras 5 and 6 - above shaded most brightly. In these most advanced eras, the working medium are the execution abilities of programs contained in the memories of the so-called "God Drobinas" means former "drobinas of counter-matter". The construction of propulsion systems from these highest 5th and 6th eras will give into the hands of people the powers and capabilities almost equal to the powers and capabilities of God - no wonder that on creatures or people who are allowed to use these propulsion systems, God imposes extremely high moral requirements. It is also worth noting here, that particular eras of the above Cyclic Table reveal also another important regularity. Namely, that the first era from each pair of eras of propulsion systems built for the working medium originating from a given world (i.e. built for the use of interactions of (I) matter, (II) counter-matter, and (III) programs from "God Drobinas") - that is, the era 1, 3 and 5, uses the natural forms of working medium that are produced by the surrounding reality. In turn every second era from each pair of eras of these propulsion systems - means the era 2, 4 and 6, already uses a working medium with an additionally enhanced power of work, which is artificially produced by devices constructed with human hands. However, this another important regularity so-far is NOT illustrated on the above table, because its informative, pleasing for eyes, and harmonious illustration is a very big artistic and graphic challenge. However, knowing about the difficulties of making such an illustration, my friend Dominik Myrcik already volunteered to make it in the future - only that so far and for several further months he is very busy with another important project. So let us keep our fingers crossed that with this artistically ambitious presentation he will achieve equally great success - as he has already achieved with a graphically spectacular emphasis of regularities in the above version of this table.


The above extended table was developed on March 17, 2018 and it represents the fourth, extended form of these tables, which I developed in my life. An essential feature of this fourth in turn formulation of these tables was that two next "technical eras" of humanity were included into it, i.e. the fifth and sixth era. In these highest for humanity "technical eras", the generation of propelling effects will depend on the use of propelling capabilities of the ever-moving "counter-matter" from the counter-world. These capabilities will be triggered either through the use of already existing programs contained in memories of this "counter-matter" (in era 5), or by programming the counter-matter anew (in era 6). The development of principles of operation of propulsion systems of this fifth and sixth "technical era" became possible due to my previous theoretical development of the so-called "Omniplan" - which God uses to control events in our physical world of matter, and also due to the empirical confirmation of the correctness of knowledge about the Omniplan through careful analysis of a number of "perpetual motion machines" already built in 2017 and working correctly, described in more detail in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm" and in items #J1 and #J2 from another web page named "free_energy.htm" as well as in items #D3 and #A0 from the web page named "god_proof.htm". This "Omniplan" is described more comprehensively in items #C3, #C4 and #C4.1 from my web page named "immortality.htm". Furthermore, in item #D3 of the web page "god_proof.htm", and in subsection G1 of my monograph [12] (in the Polish language - available via the web page "tekst_12.htm") prepared in 2018, I additionally supplemented the descriptions of the "Omniplan" with the explanation of the role of the "fourth dimension" of the counter-world in the principles of operation of artificially pre-programmed by God, the so-called the "reversible software time" in which people and all living creatures age, and which enables the building of relatively simple "Time Vehicles" (see the web page "immortality.htm") and the use these vehicles to shift people back to the years of their youth. Notice that these "perpetual motion machines" built in 2017 already initiated the fourth "technical era" on Earth, which will be characterized by a gradual replacement of previous "dirty fuels" (and internal combustion engines based on these dirty fuels) which are harmful to nature and people, by "clean free energy" which is beneficial for people. Unfortunately, the fast implementation of "perpetual motion" engines and "generators of free clean energy" is still blocked on Earth by as many as five powerful institutions of the "elite cartel" hostile to all devices the widespread use of which threatens their interests and also threatens to overthrow the current power of "money" in favour of implementing the future "nirvana political system" summarized in item #C7 from the web page named "nirvana.htm". These hostile to "clean free energy" enemies of human origin include some among: (1) official atheistic sciences, which are afraid of the world's disgrace, lost of monopoly, and the establishment of competences for it in the form of new "totaliztic sciences", (2) governments of countries, which are afraid of the decline of fuel tax revenues that empower their corruption, (3) fuel and crude oil corporations fearing bankruptcy, (4) banks afraid of losing their influence and profits, and (5) priests and religious policymakers who "rejected knowledge" (as the Bible accuses them in verses 4:4-9 of the "Book of Hosea"), thus they live from easy speculations and mysticism, fearing the truth and the toil of learning a reliable and detailed knowledge about God - the requirements of which knowledge is discussed in item #H1 from the web page "2020life.htm". For more information about this "elite cartel" see item #D3 on my web page named "god_proof.htm" or item #J2.5 on my web page named "smart_tvs.htm".


It is worth adding here that on YouTube one can also watch short (because they only last from 17 to 32 seconds) soundless clippings from the above-mentioned film "Future Propulsions" which we have prepared together with my friend, Mr. Dominik Myrcik, who is graphically highly talented and masters computer graphics systems perfectly. These free excerpts illustrate the most important, and at the same time least known to people, examples of propulsion devices of the future humanity, the construction of which is forecasted by my "Periodic Table for Propulsion Systems". Examples of these film clippings include, among others: a 26-second film entitled "Alien Planet 4K" (disseminated for free at ) - which illustrates flights and operation on an alien planet of the starship "Magnocraft" of my invention (see the web page "magnocraft.htm"); 17-second film entitled "Wall 4K" (disseminated for free at ) - which illustrates what it looked like the construction of "Inca Walls" (still existing in Peru) through the programming of counter-matter; or a 32-second film entitled "Bhaskara 4K" (disseminated for free at ) - which illustrates the approximate appearance and shape (because we still do NOT know the exact look and shape) of the first in the world, working "perpetual motion machine" built in 1150 in India by mathematician named Bhaskara the Second, hence called "Bhaskara Wheel". The requirements for the Bhaskara Wheel to work are discussed in item #B3 from my web page named "fe_cell.htm". Addresses and links to about 30 free YouTube videos prepared with my participation, including those we developed together with Mr. Dominik Myrcik, the reader will find on my web pages named "djp.htm" and "portfolio.htm".



#D5. Challenge for young scientists: end the denying the truth leading to the fall of mankind only because this truth is inconvenient to someone, and try if you can formally prove the truth of the thesis "without the existence of God, there would also be NO life", instead of, as other scientists do, burden your own soul with the mortal sin of telling to humanity a lie that denies the existence of God - i.e. that life supposedly arose due to "natural evolution" taking place in the "world of inanimate matter":


If I would still remember my lectures on mathematical logic from 2007 at the Ajou university in Korea, then independently from the above empirical proof I would provide also a formal proof for truth of the first thesis of the "Theory of Life of 2020" that I am discussing here. However, the present recall of knowledge from this discipline that is rather difficult to remember for a long time, would "eat up" too much precious time, which unfortunately for me is already a scarce luxury. Therefore, hereby I challenge young scientists - show that you can be objective, creative and actively supporting the truth: prove formally the truth of the thesis discussed here! After all, in this post I already prompted you facts that are the most important to know to carry out such a formal proof, namely that: to purely hardware objects or machines formed exclusively of inanimate matter as defined by present official atheistic science (i.e. objects or machines previously NOT provided with any "soft" programs or "souls" saved on some information carrier, nor containing "God Drobinas" described here), it is impossible to give the ability to "self-learn" because this ability would require to continually modify the program permanently wired into them that controls their work; in turn without giving them this ability to "self-learn", the emergence and continuation of life is impossible.



Copyrights © 2021 by Dr Eng. Jan Pająk


* * *


The above post #332E, which reveals that everyone carries his/her personal proof for the existence of God, is an adaptation of the content of "part #D" (i.e. items #D1 to #D5) from my English web page named "2020life.htm" (update of 2021/3/12, or later) and available, among others, at the following addresses:

Notice that the above web pages are my main publications updated many times later. On the other hand, this post to blogs of totalizm is only a "harbinger" of the publishing presented here results of my research, which later is NOT updated. Therefore, these web pages typically contain texts that are more improved than this blog-post, with the elapse of time they collect more evidence and fewer research mistakes or writing errors, and because of their repeated updating they also contain the latest findings of my continuously carried out research.


Let totalizm prevail,

Dr Eng. Jan Pająk

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mar 05 2021 #332: Oto twój dowód osobisty na istnienie...

#332: Oto twój dowód osobisty na istnienie Boga jaki zawsze nosisz ze sobą


Motto: "Aby 'życie' mogło powstać, konieczne jest aby jakiś mechanizm, maszyna, lub obiekt nabył zdolność do 'samouczenia się'; z kolei dla nabycia tej zdolności do 'samouczenia się' konieczne jest aby posiadał on w sobie program (przez religie zwany 'dusza') zdolny do modyfikowania samego siebie - jednak samo-wytworzenie się takiego programu jest niemożliwością w obiektach lub urządzeniach uformowanych wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii o cechach zdefiniowanych przez dzisiejszą oficjalną naukę ateistyczną: to zaś empirycznie dowodzi, że aby 'życie' zaistniało w ciałach organizmów uformowanych z nieożywionej materii dawcą takiego 'samouczącego się' programu (duszy) musi być Bóg, czyli że 'naturalna ewolucja' w uprzednio nieożywionej materii nigdy NIE mogła zaistnieć" (wniosek wynikający z odkryć i ustaleń dokonanych przez moją "Teorię Życia z 2020 roku" a zaprezentowanych na stronie o nazwie "2020zycie.htm").



#D1. "Dowod na istnienie Boga" jaki nosi w sobie każdy żyjący, a jaki wynika z prawdy pierwszej tezy omawianej tu "Teorii Życia z 2020 roku":


Jak się okazuje, czytelniku w samym sobie nosisz naukowo niepodważalny dowód iż Bóg istnieje. Dowodem tym jest fakt iż "żyjesz". Wszakże, jak wyjaśnię to w tym wpisie #332, "bez istnienia Boga NIE istniałoby też życie". Czyli "życie" jest najprostrzym, jednocześnie zaś dedukcyjnie potwierdzalnym czyli najpewniejszym, a także dostępnym dla każdego żyjącego dowodem, że Bóg istnieje. Znając i uznając ten dowód, każdy może teraz uzyskać pewność iż "skoro ja żyję, samo to wystarcza już za niepodważalny dowód, że Bóg istnieje" - tak jak to wstępnie zasygnalizowałem już skrótowo w punktach #A2 i #C5 ze strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm".


Odnotuj, że prawdę lub meryt niemal każdej podanej w tym wpisie informacji kluczowej jaka wywodzi się z moich własnych badań, przykładowo wniosku jaki wydedukowałem logicznie, nowej nazwy kluczowej jaką wprowadzam, istotnego faktu jaki ustaliłem, itp. - którą to informację prezentuję w dowolnym miejscu strony "2020zycie.htm" (a także w niniejszym wpisie #332), też potwierdzam poświadczeniami owych "trzech świadków" potrzebę i rzetelność jakich omawiam w (1) do (1c) z punktu #H1 na stronie o nazwie "2020zycie.htm", tyle że aby się NIE powtarzać, owo potwierdzanie trzema świadkami staram się umieszczać przy tylko jednym z powtórzeń omawiania powtarzanej informacji kluczowej, zaś czytelnik znajdzie je albo gdzieś w tym wpisie, na stronie o nazwie "2020zycie.htm", albo też w publikacjach wskazywanych w miejscu omawiania danej informacji oraz dodatkowo linkowanych ze strony o nazwie "skorowidz.htm" hasłem zawierającym ową informację kluczową.



#D2. Dlaczego prawdę tej pierwszej tezy "Teorii Życia z 2020 roku" jest w stanie postulować i wykazać jedynie badacz dogłębnie znający zarówno mechanikę (tj. znający cechy i działania hardware uformowanego z "nieożywionej materii") jak i informatykę - tj. znający cechy i działania programów zakodowanych w formie "miękkiej" informacji (w Biblii zwanej "słowo"):


Dlaczego o omawianym tutaj dowodzie na istnienie Boga obnoszonym ze sobą przez każdego bo stwierdzającym, że "skoro ja żyję, to samo jest już naukowo niepodważalnym dowodem iż Bóg istnieje", NIE możemy sobie poczytać ani w wyszukiwarkach internetowych (np. w Google) ani też w przelicznych książkach omawiających Boga a upowszechnianych przez dzisiejsze religie? Ja wierzę, że powodem zapewne jest nieznajomość nawet przez najsłynniejszych dzisiejszych ekspertów prostego faktu - zasygnalizowanie jakiego zawarłem w motto całej strony "2020zycie.htm" z początka jej "części #A", mianowicie że: "nadanie zdolności do samouczenia się (a tym samym zdolności do wypracowania samo-świadomości oraz do zainicjowania życia) tzw. twardym czyli wyłącznie hardwarowym (tj. uformowanym wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii) systemom odrutowanym na stałe, NIE jest możliwe". Wszakże odrutowane na stałe systemy hardwarowe są niezdolne do samo-modyfikowania się, a ponadto będąc pozbawione "miękkiego" software NIE są w stanie same wytworzyć zapisywalno-wymazywalnych pamięci o jakich wiemy, że są absolutnie niezbędne do działania dzisiejszych programowalnych "słowami" komputerów i wszelkich samo-uczących się systemów, oraz wiemy także iż istnieją one w "drobinach przeciw-materii" (tj. jakie to pamięci w "Drobinach Boga" są nośnikami informacji dla oprogramowania "dusz"). Aby więc takie "hardwarowe" systemy uformowane wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii mogły nabyć zdolność do "samouczenia się", stąd także do zrodzenia lub do kontynuowania życia, muszą one być dodatkowo zaopatrzone też w "miękkie" oprogramowanie uformowane wyłącznie z informacji (tj. z bibilijnych "słów") zapisanych na jakimś nośniku informacji - jakie jest już w stanie samo się modyfikować (tak jak wyjaśniam to w punkcie #C5 ze strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm"). Czyli problem polega tu na tym, że grono osób mogących odkryć powyższy prosty fakt prowadzący do sformułowania tego dowodu obnoszonego ze sobą przez każdego bo stwierdzającego "skoro ja żyję, to samo jest już naukowo niepodważalnym dowodem iż Bóg istnieje", jest nadal bardzo małe. Potrzebny jest bowiem ktoś, kto zna dogłębnie aż dwie dyscypliny badawcze równocześnie - tj. zna np. mechanikę lub "inżynierię mechaniczną" - która może mu ujawnić najważniejsze cechy i zachowania "nieożywionej materii", oraz równocześnie zna także informatykę lub "nauki komputerowe" (np. zna tzw. "software engineering" czyli "inżynierię oprogramowania" oraz zasady działania samouczącego się oprogramowania) - która może mu ujawnić najważniejsze cechy i zachowania "miękkich" programów i systemów informatycznych, a ponadto kto ma też wrodzone inklinacje do wypatrywania i odnotowywania tego co umyka uwadze innych badaczy oraz ma odwagę otwartego ujawniania prawdy jaką w ten sposób odkrył. Tak zaś się składa iż zarówno wśród kapłanów, a także w gronie rzadkich obecnie osób jakie obiektywnie badają i poznają Boga, narazie bardzo rzadko, jeśli NIE wogóle, znajduje się ktoś, kto dogłębnie zna te dwie powyższe dyscypliny badawcze, a równie rzadko ich dzisiejsi badacze mają odwagę ryzykować swoją lukratywną pozycję i dochody dla prawdy potępianej przez "elitarny kartel" - w tym potępianej przez większość dzisiejszych decydentów i zatrudniodawców. (Odnotuj, że zapewne właśnie za moje promowanie niewygodnej dla niektórych prawdy, Państwowa Komisja Akredytacyjna (PKA) przy polskim Ministerstwie Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego (MNISW) odmówiła zatwierdzenia mnie na pozycję "Profesor Informatyki" jaką na bazie mojego dorobku badawczego, zajmowanych uprzednio pozycji profesorskich, merytu tematyki informatycznej jaką uprzednio wykładałem oraz doświadczenia zawodowego, zaoferowała mi jedna z polskich uczelni.) Tymczasem przez jakiś dziwny "zbieg okoliczności" i na przekór mojej determinacji poszukiwania i ujawniania prawdy bez względu na to jakie represje ściągała ona na moje barki, ja ciągle w swojej karierze badacza i zawodowego wykładowcy uczelnianego: aż na dwóch uniwersytetach świata byłem zatrudniony jako profesor inżynierii mechanicznej, na dwóch zaś innych uniwersytetach z dwóch odmiennych krajów świata - jako profesor informatyki, lub nauk komputerowych (a dokładniej jako profesor "inżynierii softwarowej"). Wykładałem tam też całą masę przedmiotów w obu tych dyscyplinach. Ponadto widać Bóg dał mi talent "dostrzegania tego co inni przeaczają" oraz odwagę aby ujawniać prawdę jaką ustaliłem. Nic więc dziwnego, że ten szokująco prosty dowód na istnienie Boga NIE umknął mojej uwagi kiedy począwszy od 1 stycznia 2021 roku podjąłem spisywanie wyklarowanej krótko wcześniej w moim umyśle "Teorii Życia z 2020 roku". Co najważniejsze, logiczną dedukcją potrafię też uzasadnić "dlaczego" prawdą jest stwierdzenie, że "bez istnienia Boga NIE istniałoby też życie". Uzasadnienie to spiszę poniżej w punkcie #D3 tego wpisu starając się używać łatwych do zrozumienia i niemal wszystkim znanych przykładów oraz porównań. Jestem też pewien, że gdybym miał wystarczająco dużo wolnego czasu aby odświeżyć swą pamięć dosyć trudnej do długoterminowego pamiętania szczegółowej wiedzy z dyscypliny "logika matematyczna" jaką wykładałem w czasach swej profesury na Uniwersytecie Ajou w Korei w 2007 roku, wówczas z pewnością byłbym w stanie opracować także naukowo niepodważalny formalny dowód potwierdzający iż "bez istnienia Boga NIE istniałoby też życie" (niestety, mi wolnego czasu zawsze chronicznie brakuje - stąd bierze się apel z punktu #D5 poniżej w tym wpisie #332).



#D3. Ewolucja życia w nieożywionej materii jest niemożliwością z łatwo poznawalnego dla mechaników-informatyków powodu iż z jedynie samej nieożywionej materii (tj. bez dodania do niej softwarowej "duszy") NIE daje się ani samo-uformować ani zamierzenie zbudować systemu zdolnego do "samouczenia się":


Zarówno "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna", jak i większość ludzi, uważają że wszystko co nas otacza, a także nasze ciało, jest uformowane z substancji zwanej "materia" - o której oficjalna nauka twierdzi iż jakoby ma cechować się niezmiennym zestawem cech i ma podlegać temu samemu zostawowi "praw natury". I tak wszyscy oni wierzą, że z owej niby cechującej się jednorodnością materii mają być uformowane np.: galaktyki, słońca, planety, oceany, atmosfera, pożywienie jakie zjadamy, a także ciała nasze i wszelkich innych istot żyjących. Jeśli jednak pozna się dokładnie wiedzę z aż kilku obecnych dyscyplin, w tym z mechaniki oraz z informatyki, wówczas się odkrywa, że istnieją aż dwa drastycznie odmienne rodzaje materii, tj.: "nieożywiona" i "ożywiona". Każda z nich jest też aż tak znacząco odmienna od tej drugiej, że zasługuje na nazywanie jej odmienną nazwą i uznawanie za zupełnie odmienną substancję rządzoną innymi prawami. Z materii "nieożywionej" uformowane jest tylko to co pozbawione jest życia - np. izotopy, węgiel, kości dinozaurów, ropa naftowa, skały, gleba, powietrze, wszelkie maszyny i budowle wykonane przez człowieka, itp. Natomiast z materii "ożywionej" uformowane jest wszystko co właśnie żyje. Jednak po śmierci ciała istot żyjących ponownie transformują się w materię nieożywioną - co potwierdza iż właśnie jest to "Drobina Boga" (czyli opisywany w Biblii "Przedwieczny" – który w praktyce stanowi liczbę mnogą dla "Drobiny Boga") jaka wzbogaca ciała o "samouczące się" programy "duszy", zaś ulatuje z ciał w chwili śmierci (czyli iż dzieje się dokładnie tak jak informuje nas Biblia zaś wyjaśnia (f) z punktu #H3 strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm").


Oba też te rodzaje materii (tj. nieożywiona i ożywiona) zachowują się zupełnie odmiennie i wypełniają inne rodzaje praw zaprogramowanych dla nich przez Boga. Przykładowo, "materia nieożywiona" starzeje się zgodnie z upływem tzw. "nienawracalnego czasu absolutnego wszechświata" skrótowe opisy jakiego zawarłem we "wstępie" i punkcie #G4 ze swej strony o nazwie "dipolar_gravity_pl.htm", zachowuje się zgodnie z definicjami "materii" upowszechnianymi przez starą "oficjalną naukę ateistyczną", zaś w analizach z puktu widzenia dyscypliny informatyki wykazuje ona wszelkie cechy "czystego hardware" jaki pozbawiony jest rządzącego jego zachowaniami "software", a stąd jeśli wykonane z nieożywionej materii obiekty urzeczywistniają jakiś "algorytm" (program) działania, wówczas ów algorytm (program) jest w nich "odrutowany na stałe" (tj. np. ów algorytm lub program sam NIE może modyfikować siebie samego).


Z kolei "materia ożywiona" starzeje się zgodnie z upływem tzw. "nawracalnego czasu softwarowego" jaki został sztucznie zaprogramowany przez Boga i stąd jaki umożliwia cofanie ludzi w czasie zaś zgodnie np. z wersetami 3:8 z bibilijnego "2 Listu św. Piotra Apostoła" oraz 90:4 z bibilijnej "Księgi Psalmów" upływa co najmniej 365 tysięcy razy wolniej od czasu w jakim starzeje się nieożywiona materia. Materia ożywiona NIE spełnia też definicji "materii" upowszechnianych przez starą "oficjalną naukę ateistyczną", ponieważ będąc ożywioną jest w stanie łamać praktycznie wszystkie tzw. "prawa natury" poodkrywane i spisane przez tę starą naukę. Przykładowo "prawa natury" są otwarcie łamane wyczynami ciał chińskich "kung-fu masters" z chińskiej szkoły "Shaolin" - jakie opisałem w punkcie #K2 swej strony "god_istnieje.htm". Wyraźnie łamały je też działania łotewskiego kamieniarza o nazwisku Edward Leedskalnin (1887/1/12 - 1951/12/7: patrz ), który niemal gołymi rękami, sam, w pojedynkę, tajemniczo, nocami, zbudował na Florydzie w USA cały tzw. Coral Castle - czyli graniczący z cudem ogromny Koralowy Zamek (patrz ) - wyjaśnienie prawdopodobnej zasady budowania jakiego poprzez wykorzystanie oprogramowania przeciw-materii opisałem w (H) z punktu #J4.5 mojej strony internetowej o nazwie "propulsion_pl.htm". Prawa natury łamie też syntezowanie wapna z miki przez organizmy kur z rejonu Bretanii - jaką to "zimną syntezę pierwiastku wapna" opisałem w (b) z podrozdziału J2.2.2 mojej nieco starszej monografii [1/3] gratisowo upowszechnianej przez stronę "tekst_1_3.htm". Kolejne stworzenia łamiące prawa natury to węże. Niektóre bowiem ich gatunki, przykładowo polski "zaskroniec" czy środkowo-amerykańska "anakonda", potrafią zdalnie hipnotyzować swoje ofiary - co w przypadku zaskrońca ja osobiście obserwowałem jako mały chłopiec i opisałem w punkcie #F2 swej strony o nazwie "stawczyk.htm". Z kolei moje analizy dostępnych mi informacji o polskim wężu "gniewosz" sugerują iż potrafi on zmieniać szybkość upływu czasu - po szczegóły patrz punkt #F3 na w/w stronie "stawczyk.htm". Niemal każdy z nas zapewnie też słyszał o zjawiskach telekinezy i psychokinezy wywoływanych przez ludzi - działanie których było mi nawet demonstrowane, jednak których istnieniu "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" też zaprzecza z podobną zaciekłością jak NIE uznaje ona też istnienia relatywnie dobrze już zbadanej ludzkiej telepatii. Ponadto materia ożywiona w analizach dokonanych z punktu widzenia dyscypliny informatyki wykazuje wszelkie cechy "systemu hardwarowo-softwarowego" opisywanego w punkcie #C5 strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm", czyli systemu jaki oprocz "ciała" z materii posiada też "duszę" o cechach "miękkiego software" złożonego ze "słów" i rządzącego zachowaniami tegoż ciała. Stąd jeśli wykonane z ożywionej materii ciała urzeczywistniają jakiś "algorytm" działania, wówczas ich program "samouczenia się" automatycznie aktualizuje w nich uprzednio zgromadzoną wiedzę (tj. np. ów program sam modyfikuje siebie samego).


Owo istnienie aż dwóch drastycznie odmiennych rodzajów materii (tj. nieożywionej i ożywionej), połączone z brakiem wiedzy na ten temat przez nawet największych dzisiejszych ekspertów, powoduje iż bezkrytycznie wmawiają innym, a często sami też w to wierzą, że ewolucja życia w obiektach lub urządzeniach uformowanych z nieożywionej materii jest możliwa. Prawdopodobnie też ignorancko myślący przeciwnicy wyników moich badań właśnie z powodu tego istnienia dwóch drastycznie odmiennych rodzajów materii nadal będą atakowali niniejsze wyjaśnienia celowo "przeaczając" fakt, że jeśli użyją jakiegokolwiek przykładu lub zjawiska działającego (występującego) w żywych istotach, wówczas "materia" o jakiej będą wyrażali się w swych atakach będzie już "ożywioną", czyli posiadającą "duszę" a stąd z punktu widzenia informatyki już zaopatrzoną w programy zdolne do samo-modyfikowania się. Dlatego jeśli cokolwiek dedukuje się na temat ewolucji życia w materii, wówczas szczególną uwagę trzeba przykładać iż rozważania prowadzi się dla nieożywionej materii - czyli dla takiej materii jaką jedynie uznaje i nadal definiuje stara "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" oraz dla jakiej ja przygotowałem swoje poniższe uzasadnienia iż sama ona NIE jest zdolna do samo-modyfikowania programów swego działania (a stąd do wyewoluowania lub kontynuowania życia). Wszakże aby udowodnić iż ewolucja miała miejsce, materia w jakiej życie wówczas by powstało musiałaby być martwa i dopiero oczekująca ożywienia - a NIE ożywiona i stąd już posiadająca "miękkie" oprogramowanie chociaż istnienia owego oprogramowania stara "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" ani jeszcze NIE uznała ani dotychczas NIE odkryła (tak samo jak ma się sprawa z kryjącym się w DNA oprogramowaniem sterującym przebiegiem naszej drogi życiowej przez "nawracalny czas softwarowy", istnienie jakiego potwierdzają w zakodowany sposob wersety Biblii zinterpretowane w punktach #B4, #B4.1 i #D5 do #D5.2, strony "immortality_pl.htm", jednak o jakim oficjalna nauka ateistyczna ani NIE ma, ani NIE chce mieć, przysłowiowego "zielonego pojęcia" na przekór iż o jego istnieniu strona "immortality_pl.htm" informuje począwszy od dnia 2008/11/9).


Jeśli więc z powyżej opisanego punktu widzenia dzisiejszej wiedzy z dyscyplin mechaniki i informatyki definiować czym jest dowolna znana ludzkości "istota żyjąca", wówczas się okazuje, że każda "istota żyjąca" o ciele z materii musi spełniać definicję "samouczącego się systemu hardwarowo-softwarowego". To zaś oznacza, że aby móc "żyć", każda istota żyjąca musi mieć zarówno hardwarowe "ciało" jakie jest tak "skonstruowane" aby wspierać gromadzenie wiedzy przez zawarte w sobie programy zdolne do samouczenia się, a także musi już mieć sformułowane ze "słów" softwarowe "programy" jakie są tak zaprojektowane iż posiadają nadaną sobie zdolność do "samouczenia się" czyli do modyfikowania i udoskonalania siebie samych (programy te przez religie nazywane są właśnie "dusza", zaś ja opisuję je w częściach #C, #D i #H strony "2020zycie.htm"). Ta niezbędność istnienia zarówno hardwarowego "ciała" jak i "duszy" zawierającej softwarowe programy "samouczenia się" (czyli modyfikujące i udoskonalające siebie same) pozostaje prawdą dla wszystkiego co żyje w naszym świecie materii, począwszy od nas ludzi - którzy uczą się całe życie począwszy od chwili złapania pierwszego oddechu a skończywszy na chwili śmierci, poprzez wszelkie zwierzęta i owady (być może czytelnik kiedykolwiek słyszał o istniejących w przeszłości tzw. "cyrkach pcheł" (patrz ) albo o "pchłołapach", o jednym z których wspominam w punkcie #D1 ze swej strony "cielcza.htm" - ich dawne istnienie dowodzi iż nawet owady też mają zdolność "uczenia się"), a skończywszy na trapiących świat w latach 2020 i 2021 żywych wirusach "covid-19" których zdolność "uczenia się" manifestuje się w umiejętności formowania coraz bardziej zakaźnych wariantów. Oczywiście, w praktyce w każdej istocie żyjącej uformowanej z "materii ożywionej" zarówno jej składowa hardwarowa, jak i jej składowa softwarowa, mogą być zaprojektowane na wiele odmiennych sposobów. To właśnie dlatego na Ziemi mamy taką różnorodność istot żyjących. Przykładowo, w składowej softwarowej owo jej modyfikowanie się i udoskonalanie siebie samej w wysoce zaawansowanych systemach samo-uczących się może być realizowane poprzez modyfikowanie kodu samouczących się programów. W bardziej zaś prymitywnych systemach - poprzez zmiany pamiętanych danych (w ludzkich programach - poprzez zmiany treści plików z danymi) w jakich gromadzona jest samowyuczona wiedza. Jednak końcowe "owoce" tego samomodyfikowania i samoudoskonalania zawsze będą takie same. Mianowicie w miarę jak samouczenie się będzie postępowało, wszystkie zachowania i reakcje całego takiego samouczącego się systemu hardwarowo-softwarowego będą coraz doskonalsze.


W tym miejscu warto nadmienić, że definiowanie przez omawianą tu "Teorię Życia z 2020 roku" każdej "istoty żyjącej" jako doskonale funkcjonującego "samouczącego się systemu hardwarowo-softwarowego" dostarcza dodatkowego materiału dowodowego na prawdę owej wzmiankowanej w drugiej tezie z punktu #A2 tej strony genialnej "Teorii Nadistot" opracowanej przez "Polaka, Adama Wiśniewskiego" (patrz ), zaś szczegółowo omówionej w punkcie #I6 mojej strony "mozajski.htm" - gdzie ja dodatkowo poszerzyłem tę Teorię Nadistot wskazaniem pominiętego przez Wiśniewskiego istotnego wyjaśnienia iż "wiedza" jest właśnie tym, czym "posila się" (żywi) "Nadistota" jaka jest nadrzędna wobec ludzi. Prawda więc "Teorii Nadistot" wynika z powyższej definicji "istoty żyjącej" właśnie ponieważ "produktem" (lub jak stwierdza Biblia - "owocem") życia każdego "hardwarowo-softwarowego systemu samo-uczącego się" zawsze jest gromadzona przez niego "wiedza". Stąd poprzez "przysparzanie wiedzy" każda "istota żyjąca" spełnia podstawową powtarzalną zasadę owej genialnej "Teorii Nadistot" Adama Wiśniewskiego, mianowicie spełnia zasadę, że każda "istota żyjąca" generuje "pożywienie" (w przypadku ludzi generuje "wiedzę") dla swojej "Nadistoty" (w przypadku ludzi - dla Boga), tak jak staram się to też podkreślić i wyjaśnić w [I] z punktu #H2, oraz w "części #W" strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm" - gdzie wyjaśniam także najważniejsze następstwa faktu iż ludzie zostali głównie stworzeni aby nieustająco "przysparzali wiedzę".


Istnieje jednak poważny problem z definiowaniem "istoty żyjącej" uformowanej z materii jako "samouczącego się systemu hardwarowo-softwarowego". Problem ten być może stworzy jeszcze jeden powód dla jakiego dzisiejsza "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" dobrowolnie, czyli bez zostania do tego jakoś przymuszoną, NIE upowszechni powyżej podanej krótkiej definicji "istoty żyjącej". Okazuje się bowiem, że naukowcy z obu tych dyscyplin mechaniki i informatyki albo cały ten czas "przeaczali", albo też celowo obecnie to ukrywają, że żadnemu obiektowi ani urządzeniu uformowanemu wyłącznie z materii zdefiniowanej tak jak obecnie definiuje ją "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" NIE jest możliwe nadanie zdolności do "samouczenia się". (Odnotuj, że "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" definiuje "materię" jako rzekomo jedyną i wyłączną substancję wypełniającą cały wszechświat, a stąd jakoby NIE stworzoną w sposób opisany w punkcie #I2 strony "pajak_jan.htm" z wirów innej pierwotnie istniejącej substancji w Biblii nazywanej "Przedwieczny" zaś w moich publikacjach opisywanej pod nazwami: "drobiny przeciw-materii" dla czasów poprzedzających samo-wyewoluowanie się w nich programów Boga, oraz "Drobiny Boga" dla czasów jakie nastały już po samo-wyewoluowaniu się programów Boga.) To zaś praktycznie oznacza, że żadnemu tworowi zamierzonemu do przetransformowania go w "istotę żyjącą" uformowaną z "nieożywionej materii", NIE jest możliwe nadanie zdolności do wyewoluowania w sobie "życia". Innymi słowy, dzisiejsi mechanicy oraz informatycy albo przeaczają, albo też ukrywają przed resztą świata informację krzycząco ujawnianą przez ich dyscypliny, mianowicie że proces "naturalnej ewolucji" zdefiniowany tak jak defniuje ją dzisiejsza "oficjalna nauka atistyczna", jest niemożliwością.


Poznanie tej niemożliwości "naturalnej ewolucji" jest więc następstwem prawdy pierwszej i najważniejszej tezy opisywanej w #A2 na niniejszej stronie o "Teorii Życia z 2020 roku". Aby więc NIE być tu gołosłownym co do prawdy owej tezy, w niniejszym punkcie #D3 tego wpisu na prostym przykładzie wyjaśnię poniżej "dlaczego" ciała lub maszyny uformowane wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii i NIE posiadające w sobie żadnego software (tj. NIE posiadające żadnej "duszy") same czyli bez udziału Boga NIE są w stanie nabyć zdolności do "samouczenia się" a stąd i zdolności do zainicjowania życia. Potem w następnym punkcie #D4 tego wpisu omówię także najważniejsze konsekwencje wnikające z tego faktu - np. konsekwencję iż "gdyby NIE istniał Bóg, NIE istniałoby również życie". Razem zaś z pozostałymi opisami z mojej strony "2020zycie.htm", szczególnie z jej częściami #H oraz #C, niniejszy punkt #D3 tego wpisu #332 uzasadnia więc absolutną prawdę konkluzji części #A i #D strony "2020zycie.htm", mianowicie konkluzji iż każdy z nas ludzi nosi w sobie samym swój osobisty i absolutnie pewny dowód na istnienie Boga, ponieważ w sytuacji iż prawdą jest stwierdzenie, że "gdyby NIE istniał Bóg, NIE istniałoby również życie", prawdą musi być również stwierdzenie, że "skoro ja żyję, to samo jest już niepodważalnym dowodem iż Bóg istnieje".


W punkcie #C5 ze strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm" opisałem istniejące przez nieskończoną długość czasu "warunki początkowe" z rozmiarowo nieskończonego przeciw-świata, które doprowadziły do samo-wyewoluowania się w pierwszych dwóch "drobinach przeciw-materii" poprawnie działającego oprogramowania "samouczenia się" oraz "zarodków samoświadomości" - co doprowadziło do pojawienia się i upowszechnienia "życia". Niestety, "warunki początkowe" jakie istniałyby w hipotetycznym "świecie nieożywionej materii" w jakim my żylibyśmy gdyby Bóg NIE istniał, a stąd gdyby nasz "świat materii" był pozbawiony dostępu do "samouczącego się oprogramowania", byłyby wręcz odwrotne niż owe "warunki początkowe" przez już około połowy wieczności panujące w przeciw-świecie. Ta zaś pełna odwrotność warunków początkowych w obu tych światach oznacza, iż na przekór możności samo-powstania życia w przeciw-świecie, samo-powstanie życia w naszym świecie materii jest absolutnie niemożliwe - wbrew temu co ignorancko twierdzi instytucja naszej starej "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej".


Wybadajmy więc "czy" oraz "dlaczego" dowolne systemy czysto "hardwarowe", tj. takie w jakich wszystko co się dzieje wynika wyłącznie z działania maszyn lub obiektów realizujących programy trwale odrutowane w nieożywionej materii (czyli z działania maszyn lub obiektów jakie NIE mają dostępu do "miękkich" programów "samo-modyfikujących się" bo uformowanych z informacji lub "słów" zapisywanych na jakimś nośniku informacji) NIE są w stanie stać się systemami "samouczącymi się", czyli NIE są w stanie stworzyć "hardwarowego" odpowiednika dla "duszy" a w ten sposób prowadzić do powstania "życia". Aby dokonać takiego wybadania 'załóżmy istnienie czysto hipotetycznego "świata nieożywionej materii" w jakim NIE istnieje Bóg ani NIE istnieją żadne "miękkie" programy uformowane z "miekkiej" (pozwalającej na "samo-modyfikowanie się") informacji zapisywanej na jakimś nośniku informacji'. Innymi słowy, załóżmy istnienie "stanu początkowego" hipotetycznego świata złożonego wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii - o którym nasza "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" twierdzi iż światem takim był nasz świat w chwili poprzedzającej wyewoluowanie się w nim pierwszego życia. Z czasów kiedy jeszcze wykładałem na uczelniach, wiem iż najłatwiej wytłumaczyć to na zrozumiałych dla każdego przykładach mechanicznych maszyn. Stąd "co", "jak" i "dlaczego" w takim świecie by się działo, będę starał się wytłumaczyć na wszystkim znanych mechanicznych maszynach, aczkolwiek wnioski jakie wynikną z tych moich rozważań, pozostają ważne dla wszelkich trwale odrutowanych systemów (tylko jakie daje się zbudować wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii), jakie NIE miałyby dostępu do sterującego nimi w jakikolwiek sposób "miękkiego" oprogramowania informatycznego zapisanego na jakimś nośniku informacji.


W takim wyłącznie "hardwarowym" systemie jak ten zdefiniowany powyżej, daje się wprawdzie wytworzyć lub wyróżnić elementy zdolne wypełniać określony rodzaj funkcji niezbędnych także dla zadziałania dowolnych programów. Przykładowo, mechaniczna tzw. "krzywka" jaką daje się znaleźć np. w większości dzisiejszych samochodów, jest odpowiednikiem "podprogramu" - bowiem jest ona w stanie spowodować określoną sekwencję działań. Z kolei np. "wał korbowy" z wielocylindrowych silników spalinowych (tych napędzanych "brudnymi paliwami" jakich "urządzenia czystej darmowej energii" będą w stanie się pozbyć) jest odpowiednikiem "selekcji" (tj. rozkazów "if" z języków programowania) - bowiem pozwala on na wybór jakie działania mają być realizowane w jakiej kolejności. Chociaż więc ogromnie trudno sobie wyobrazić, jak tak skomplikowane elementy mogłyby powstać w naszym hipotetycznym świecie przez zupełny przypadek, a na dodatek same następnie mogły poskładać się w jakąś logicznie działającą maszynę np. o kształcie "robota" jaki przez inny przypadek umie już chodzić (np. po równinie), ma zmysły - stąd np. widzi co wokół niego się dzieje, oraz ma dostęp do źródła energii jakie napędza jego działanie, załóżmy iż taki "robot" jakoś w przeciągu trylionów lat sam zdołał przypadkowo powstać. Idzie więc on po swoim hipotetycznym świecie z nieożywionej materii i nagle napotyka np. na zbocze góry. Aby jednak wejść na ową górę, musi się nauczyć nowego rodzaju chodzenia po zboczu góry. Jednak narazie wie tylko jak chodzić np. po równinie. Aby więc nauczyć się czegoś nowego musi jednak zmodyfikować odrutowany w nim na stałe "program chodzenia". Takie zaś odrutowanie wymagałoby aby albo niektóre jego elementy zostały wymienione na inne, albo aby rozpadł się na swe elementarne części poczym poskładał się od nowa przez następną porcję trylionów lat. Niestety, żadna z tych możliwości praktycznie NIE jest realizowalna bez udziału jakiejś "nadrzędnej inteligencji" jaka nadzorowałaby i realizowałaby jej zaistnienie (tj. bez Boga, albo bez już żywego i logicznie myślącego człowieka). Nawet jednak pomijając pytanie jak taki "robot" byłby w stanie sam się poskładać dla swych pierwszej i drugiej umiejętności, ciągle ów "robot" powstały wyłącznie z "nieożywionej materii" NIE byłby zdolny do dalszego "samouczenia się" - ponieważ NIE byłby w stanie sam modyfikować programu swego działania. Zaś bez samo-wygenerowania w sobie zdolności do "samouczenia się" żadne samo-powstałe hardware uformowane wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii, NIE jest zdolne do zainicjowania "życia" w owej materii. Proszę tutaj też odnotować, że jeśli zamiast najprostrzego do wyjaśnienia czytelnikowi powyższego "robota" rozważy się jakikolwiek inny obiekt uformowany z nieożywionej materii, np. rozważy się "komórkę" podobną do komórek jakie podtrzymują życie w istotach żywych - działanie nawet najprostrzych z których jest niewypowiedzianie bardziej skomplikowane niż działanie nawet najdoskonalszego obecnego robota zbudowanego przez ludzi, wówczas też się okazuje, że zaczynając ich powstawanie od jeszcze nieożywionej materii, także absolutnie NIE jest możliwym nabycie przez taką komórkę zdolności do "samouczenia się", a stąd i do działania oraz do zainicjowania życia.


Oczywiście, brak wymaganej nadrzędnej inteligencji realizującej absolutnie niezbędne dla "samouczenia się" zmiany odrutowanych na stałe programów sterujących działaniem takich materialnych urządzeń jakie wymagałyby nabycia zdolności do "samouczenia się" jest tylko jedną z całego szeregu najróżniejszych powodów, jakie praktycznie uniemożliwiałyby powstanie czysto "hardwarowych" maszyn jakie "same by się uczyły", a stąd potencjalnie byłyby zdolne do zainicjowania życia. Inne powody obejmują np. niemożność przypadkowego powstania i poskładania się elementów takich maszyn, brak dostępu do energii jaka napędzała by ich działanie, zbyt krótkie istnienie naszego świata materii jakie uniemożliwia poskładanie się "samouczących się maszyn", a co najważniejsze brak też możliwości aby samoczynnie, czyli bez udziału oprogramowania i budulca posiadanego przez Boga, powstał taki hipotetyczny świat złożony wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii.


Mam nadzieję, że nawet mniej obeznani z działaniem maszyn i programów czytelnicy zrozumieją naukową niepodważalność (nieobalajność) wagi argumentów jakie przedstawiłem powyżej. Zrozumienie bowiem tych argumentów naukowo niepodważalnie wykazuje, że jest absolutnym absurdem to co stara "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" nam wmawia, mianowicie iż wyłącznie hardwarowe (a stąd zawsze odrutowane na stałe) systemy z nieożywionej materii są w stanie stać się "samouczącymi się", czyli wyewoluować "życie". Jednocześnie nasze poznanie tego faktu wykazuje nam też prawdę stwierdzeń zawartych w "części #A" strony o nazwie "2020zycie.htm", mianowicie że "bez istnienia Boga NIE istniałoby też życie w naszym 'świecie materii' " - co z kolei potwierdza też prawdę osobistego dowodu na istnienie Boga u każdej osoby i istoty, gwarantującego każdemu z nas iż "skoro ja żyję, to samo jest już naukowo niepodważalnym dowodem iż Bóg istnieje".



#D4. Jakie są następstwa wykazania iż pierwsza teza omawianej tu "Teorii Życia z 2020 roku" wyraża sobą niepodważalną prawdę:


Czytelnik być może zadaje sobie pytanie: po co narażać się z promowaniem czy nawet tylko rozważaniem w dzisiejszych czasach tak niepopularnej prawdy jak ta zawarta w opisywanych w tym wpisie #332 faktach i ustaleniach, jeśli i tak NIE zmieni to stanowiska instytucji starej "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej"? Znaczy, po co nawet próbować naprawiać nasz naukowo zrujnowany świat, skoro "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" i tak albo zignoruje to co tutaj ujawnione, albo zablokuje tego upowszechnianie, albo też szybko temu zaprzeczy jakimiś swoimi kłamliwymi wywodami lub przykładami, które zamiast omawiać zdarzenia w ciągle "nieożywionej materii", będą używały zwodniczych przykładów wywodzących się z już "ożywionej materii" lub będą referowały do jakiejkolwiek żywej istoty jaka żyje ponieważ Bóg już "wtchnął" w nią "duszę", a stąd jest ona w stanie dokonywać "samouczenia się" poprzez modyfikowanie zawartego w niej "software" sterującego jej życiem? Odpowiedź jest prosta - ponieważ niniejsza prawda wskazuje następne kłamstwo i poważne przeoczenie lub celowe zignorowanie już istniejącej i od dawna dostępnej wiedzy, jakie dodatkowo kompromituje ową niefortunnie dla ludzkości działającą na zasadach monopolu "oficjalną naukę ateistyczną". Tym samym prawda ta przybliża dzień kiedy ludzie zaczną być aż tak zdeterminowani wypaczeniami i upadkiem powodowanym przez ową monopolistyczną instytucję starej nauki, że w końcu powołają do życia pierwsze uczelnie wdrażające bazującą na prawdzie nową "naukę totaliztyczną", cele, fundamenty naukowe i ogromnie pilną potrzebę oficjalnego ustanowienia jakiej opisują opracowania totalizmu - np. patrz "część #C" strony "telekinetyka.htm". Po zaś powstaniu uczelni działających zgodnie z kanonami tej nowej "nauki totaliztycznej", ludzkość w końcu zacznie podnosić się z dotychczasowego upadku, zaś wyciszana dotychczas prawda zwolna zacznie zwyciężać.


Pamiętać wszakże trzeba, że moja tak zawzięcie blokowana i starannie w internecie ukrywana Teoria Wszystkiego z 1985 roku (zwana także "Koncept Dipolarnej Grawitacji" - patrz strona "dipolar_gravity_pl.htm") do chwili obecnej umożliwiła wypracowanie {1} już aż całego szeregu odkryć naukowych i wynalazków, które w innych czasach i sytuacji byłyby uważane za przełomowe i zmieniłyby kurs jakim podąża cała ludzkość, czyli które gdyby były przysłowiowymi "źdźbłami" wówczas do dzisiaj powinny "ugiąć grzbiet nawet najbardziej upartego wielbłąda". I tak jedną z grup takich odkryć i wynalazków wynikających z mojej Teorii Wszystkiego wniosło {2} poszerzenie "Tablicy Cykliczności dla Napędów Ziemskich" (patrz ) aż o dalsze przyszłe ery techniczne opisywane w punktach #J4.4 do #J4.6 ze strony o nazwie "propulsion_pl.htm", zaś zilustrowane poniżej w "Tab. #D4". To zaś poszerzenie opisanej w niej liczby er technicznych ujawnia ogromną liczbę (trudnych nawet do wyobrażenia sobie przez dzisiejszych naukowców) przyszłościowych urządzeń technicznych jakie uczynią ludzkość nieopisanie zaawansowaną i potężną - na przekór iż stara "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" już obecnie postępuje tak jakby cała wiedza została już przebadana i odkryta. Inną grupę takich odkryć wniosła {3} sama Teoria Wszystkiego z 1985 roku, jaka otworzyła dla ludzkości wgląd do zupełnie odmiennego wszechświata niż wszechświat definiowany przez oficjalną naukę ateistyczną. Ten odmienny wszechświat jest rządzony dipolarną grawitacją (a nie monopolarną grawitacją jaką nadal kłamliwie wmawia nam oficjalna nauka ateistyczna), rozciąga się on w nieskończoność w co najmniej czterech wymiarach liniowych i stąd ani się NIE rozszerza ani NIE kurczy (tak jak opisuje to punkt #D4 na stronie o nazwie "dipolar_gravity_pl.htm"), istnieje od nieskończenie długiego czasu, nasz świat materii jest w nim sztucznie stworzonym przez Boga z inteligentnej substancji istniejącej w innym świecie zwanym "przeciw-świat" (w jakim żyje Bóg), wszystkie istoty żywe stworzył w nim Bóg, każda istota żywa o ciele z materii otrzymała w nim życie dzięki wtchnięciu w nią "Drobiny Boga" zawierającej "duszę", zaś życie tych materialnych istot żywych upływa w stworzonym przez Boga "nawracalnym czasie softwarowym" jaki umożliwi ludziom podróżowanie przez czas. Owe więc liczne prawdy o wszechświecie ustalone dzięki uznaniu mojej Dipolarnej Grawitacji w niemal wszystkim stwierdzają dokładną odwrotność tego co kłamliwie wmawia nam "oficjalna nauka ateistyczna" z pomocą swych definitywnie błędnych "teorii wielkiego bangu", "teorii naturalnej ewolucji", czy "teorii względności". Wiemy zaś, że zawsze kiedy dwa stwierdzenia wmawiają nam swoje odwrotności, jedno z nich jest zwykłym kłamstwem. Jeszcze inne moje odkrycia i wynalazki prostujące dotychczasowe kłamstwa "oficjalnej nauki ateistycznej" obejmują, między innymi: {4} samo-wyewoluowanie się życia w przeciw-świecie, a NIE w naszym "świecie materii" - co opisuję szczegółowiej w punktach #C5 i #H3 na stronie o nazwie "2020zycie.htm", zaś co klarownie wykazuje absurdalność wmawianej nam przez tę naukę "teorii naturalnej ewolucji" umiejscawiającej powstanie życia w nieożywionej materii; {5} możliwość zbudowania silników i pędników "perpetuum mobile" oraz "generatorów czystej darmowej energii" już potwierdzoną istniejącymi ich prototypami opisanymi np. w punkcie #B3 z mojej strony o nazwie "fe_cell_pl.htm", jednak o których do dzisiaj oficjalna nauka twierdzi iż jakoby NIE dadzą się zbudować ponieważ niby łamią one rzekome "prawa termodynamiki", zaś jakich wdrożenie do seryjnej produkcji nadal usilnie blokuje owych pięć instytucji "elitarnego kartelu", który utrzymuje ludzkość w ciemnocie, w zniewoleniu, oraz w podporządkowaniu mocy pieniędzy, zaś który opisuję w punkcie #J2.5 strony "smart_tv.htm"; czy np. obejmują {6} potwierdzaną treścią Biblii zasadę działania najprostrzych "wehikułów czasu" opisaną w punktach #B4, #B4.1 i #D5 do #D5.2, strony "immortality_pl.htm" jaka ujawnia niedorzeczność stwierdzeń "teorii względności" z jej powypaczaną ideą działania czasu - nadal wyznawaną i wmawianą ludziom jako poprawna przez "oficjalną naukę ateistyczną". Oczywiście, podobnych do powyższych {1} do {6} moich przełomowych odkryć i wynalazków jest już tak ogromna liczba, że wystarczyłaby ona na opracowanie niemal wszystkich przedmiotów początkowo wymagających wykładania na typowej uczelni technicznej (czytelnik może poznać chociaż najważniejsze z nich np. z punktu #I2 strony "pajak_jan.htm" lub poprzez przeglądnięcie prowadzących do nich linków ze strony "skorowidz.htm").


Poznanie i uznanie merytu zaprezentowanych tu dedukcji może być też źrodłem bardzo istotnego dla każdego czytelnika osobistego i łatwego do zrozumienia dowodu na istnienie Boga. Wszakże mój niepodważalny dowód formalny na istnienie Boga, jaki zaprezentowałem w punkcie #G2 strony "god_proof_pl.htm" nie dla każdego jest zrozumiałym, NIE każdy też dysponuje wiedzą jaka umożliwia jego uznanie. Ponadto toki wywodów z formalnych dowodów naukowych zwykle są bardzo trudne do pamiętania, bowiem ich wywody wyglądają na zawiłe, zaś możność ich powtórzenia komuś rzadko się nadarza. Jednak inaczej ma się sprawa z dowodem osobistym jaki omawiam w niniejszym wpisie #332. Jest on wszakże prosty, zaś każdy z nas zawsze nosi go ze sobą. Dowód ten bowiem stwierdza: "skoro ja żyję, to samo jest już niepodważalnym dowodem iż Bóg istnieje". Dowód ten faktyczne istnienie Boga też potwierdza więc niepodważalnie - czyli dostarcza nam pewności w najważniejszej dla każdego z nas sprawie. Dlatego moim zdaniem naprawdę warto było poznać niniejszy wpis #332, poczym pamiętać ów dowód i wdrażać w swym życiu wszystko do czego on nas zobowiązuje w każdej chwili pozostałej części naszego życia.

Tab. #D4: Oto "Tablica Cykliczności w Rozwoju Ziemskich Urządzeń Napędowych" z sześcioma już kolejnymi "erami technicznymi" (kliknij na ilustrację tej tablicy aby móc oglądnąć ją w powiększeniu). Copyrights © 2018 by dr inż. Jan Pająk. Opisy zasad działania urządzeń napędowych składających się na ową tablicę (w tym także tych jakie zbudowane zostaną w dalekiej przyszłości) zawierają punkty #J4.1 do #J4.6 z mojej strony o nazwie "propulsion_pl.htm" - gdzie również oryginalnie publikowana jest ona jako "Tab. #J4ab". Powyżej pokazana ilustracja tej tablicy została graficznie udoskonalona przez mojego przyjaciela, Pana Dominika Myrcik, wspólnie z którym przygotowaliśmy również półgodzinny film upowszechniany gratisowo w YouTube pod tytułem "Napędy Przyszłości", a dostępny pod adresem . Film ten ilustruje działanie wszystkich najważniejszych napędów przyszłości pozestawianych w tej tablicy. To właśnie dzięki talentowi graficznemu Pana Dominika Myrcik komputerowa grafika powyższej tablicy uzyskała tak spektakularny wygląd.



Warto tutaj dodać, że w YouTube można oglądnąć także krótkie (bo trwające tylko od 17 do 32 sekund) bezdźwiękowe wycinki z wyżej wymienionego filmu "Napędy Przyszłości" jaki przygotowaliśmy razem z graficznie wysoce utalentowanym oraz doskonale władającym systemami grafiki komputerowej moim przyjacielem, Panem Dominikiem Myrcik. Wycinki te ilustrują najistotniejsze, a jednocześnie najmniej ludziom znane, przykłady urządzeń napędowych przyszłej ludzkości jakich zbudowanie przewiduje moja powyższa Tablica Cykliczności dla Napędów. Do przykładów tych wycinków filmowych należą, między innymi: 26-sekundowy film o tytule "Alien Planet 4K" (upowszechniany pod adresem ) - jaki ilustruje loty i działanie na obcej planecie gwiazdolotu "Magnokraft" mojego wynalazku (patrz strona "magnocraft_pl.htm"); 17-sekundowy film o tytule "Wall 4K" (upowszechniany pod adresem ) - jaki ilustruje jak wyglądało wznoszenie "Inkaskich Murów" (do dziś istniejących w Peru) poprzez programowanie przeciw-materii (patrz też #J4.5 strony "propulsion_pl.htm"); czy 32-sekundowy film o tytule "Bhaskara 4K" (upowszechniany pod adresem ) - jaki ilustruje przybliżony wygląd i kształt (dokładnego wyglądu i kształtu bowiem nadal narazie NIE znamy) pierwszego w świecie działającego urządzenia "perpetuum mobile" zbudowanego w 1150 roku w Indiach przez matematyka Bhaskara Drugiego, stąd nazywanego "Koło Bhaskara". Wymogi zadziałania Koła Bhaskara omawiam w punkcie #B3 swej strony o nazwie "fe_cell_pl.htm". Adresy i linki do około 30 gratisowych filmów z YouTube z moim udziałem, w tym do tych jakie opracowaliśmy wspólnie z Panem Dominikiem Myrcik, czytelnik znajdzie na moich stronach internetowych o nazwach "djp.htm" oraz "portfolio_pl.htm".



#D5. Wyzwanie dla młodych naukowców: skończ z wiodącym do upadku ludzkości zaprzeczaniem prawdzie tylko ponieważ prawda jest komuś niewygodna, a spróbuj czy potrafisz formalnie udowodnić prawdę tezy "bez istnienia Boga NIE istniałoby też życie", zamiast jak to czynią inni naukowcy obciążać swą duszę śmiertelnym grzechem wmawiania ludzkości kłamstwa zaprzeczającego istnieniu Boga - tj. że jakoby życie powstało dzięki "naturalnej ewolucji" mającej miejsce w "świecie nieożywionej materii":


Gdybym nadal pamiętał swe wykłady z logiki matematycznej z 2007 roku na uniwersytecie Ajou w Korei, wówczas już udowodniłbym też formalnie omawiną tu pierwszą tezę "Teorii Życia z 2020 roku". Jednak obecne przypominanie sobie wiedzy z tej raczej trudnej do długoterminowego pamiętania dyscypliny "zjadłoby mi" zbyt wiele cennego czasu jaki dla mnie niestety jest już deficytowym luksusem. Dlatego niniejszym rzucam wyzwanie młodym naukowcom - wykaż się iż potrafisz być obiektywny, twórczy i aktywnie popierający prawdę: udowodnij formalnie prawdę omawianej tu tezy! Wszakże na stronie o nazwie "2020zycie.htm" ja już podpowiedziałem ci to co najważniejszego powinieneś wiedzieć dla podjęcia przeprowadzania takiego formalnego dowodu, mianowicie że: czysto hardwarowym obiektom lub maszynom uformowanym wyłącznie z nieożywionej materii o cechach defniowanych przez dzisiejszą oficjalną naukę ateistyczną (tj. obiektom lub maszynom uprzednio NIE zaopatrzonym w żadne "miękkie" programy lub "dusze" zapisane "słowami" na jakimś nośniku informacji, ani NIE zawierające w sobie opisanych tu "Drobin Boga") jest niemożliwe nadanie zdolności do "samouczenia się" ponieważ zdolność ta wymagałaby aby nieustająco modyfikować odrutowany w nich na stałe program sterujący ich działaniem; bez zaś nadania im tej zdolności do "samouczenia się" powstanie i kontynuowanie życia jest niemożliwe.


Copyrights © 2021 by dr inż. Jan Pająk


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Powyższy wpis #332 ujawniający, że każdy nosi ze sobą swój osobisty dowód na istnienie Boga, stanowi adaptację treści "części #D" (tj. punktów #D1 do #D5) ze strony internetowej o nazwie "2020zycie.htm" (aktualizacja datowana 5 marca 2021 roku, lub później) - już załadowanej do internetu i dostępnej, między innymi, pod następującymi adresami:

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lut 25 2021 #331_1E: "Three witnesses" confirming...

#331_1E: "Three witnesses" confirming the truth of the "Theory of Life of 2020" (part 1)


Motto of this post number #331E for blogs of totalizm: "The less we know about God and life or the more what we think that we already know but instead on the reliable truth confirmed by the '3 witnesses' recommended in the Bible is based only on humanly erroneous interpretations or on ignorant beliefs, the more we break God's commandments and requirements thus exposing ourselves to punishments served by karma, Boomerang Principle, and by the foretold in the Bible judgment of God Himself." (The justification why it is in the interest of our own good, that instead of believing in the interpretations of "rejecting knowledge" priests - see verses 4:4-9 from the biblical "Book of Hosea", we should rather build our knowledge of God and His requirements for our lives by studying reliable results of research on God, the compliance with the truth of which is constantly and unanimously confirmed by the three independent "witnesses" described here, namely by (a) a logical theoretical deduction or a scientific theory based on facts, (b) the essence of the Bible verses also confirming the truth of the results of this research, and (c) the concord of these results with the manifestations of the reality that surrounds us.)



#H1. "Theory of Life of 2020" as a specializing in explaining the mysteries of life sub-component of my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985":


The described in this post number #331E my newest theory that I developed and named the "Theory of Life of 2020", can be defined as a fragment of the scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (see ) separated from it in order to explain in detail with the use of today's terminology the mechanisms and secrets that govern the phenomenon of life. In other words, until now various fragments of the phenomenon of life have been described randomly and fragmentarily by a number of sources from separate areas of human knowledge. For example, they were described by various mythologies - most broadly, e.g. by the mythologies of ancient Greece and the pre-Christian religion of NZ Maoris on their superior God "Io" (see ), also practically by all religions, and by philosophies, folk knowledge, occult, biological sciences, and even by latest medical research - which almost "accidentally" revealed completely contradicting their atheistic philosophy the phenomenon of "pre-death experiences" in the literature described under the name "NDE" (near-death experience - see ) as well as revealed similarly contradicting "death flash" descriptions of which I recommend to read below in (e) from item #H3 of this post #331E. While learning about this huge variety of sources referring to fragments of the phenomenon of life, so far one had the impression that there is NO logical connection between them, and thus that probably most of them are wrong, and only one of them (unfortunately, it was NOT known which one) expresses the truth. But in 2020 my "Theory of Everything of 1985" led to the discovery that the ancient Jewish Book of Kabbalah portrays male and female "God Drobinas" description of which I am discussing more extensively in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm" and in item #I2 from my autobiographical web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm". It turned out that these God Drobinas are the living miniature immortal beings that have own self-awareness, personality, ambitions, and also the ability to assume forms of humans or other living creatures (see (g) in item #H3 of this post #331E). Thus they are precursors of "gods" from religions of Ancient Greece and India. Their existence and capabilities provided the important "key" that allows to unravel gradually all the secrets of "life". This discovery, plus another extremely vital information (on the management location of the living program of God in 12th "brain" of God Drobinas) provided to us by the pre-Christian religion of NZ Maoris on "Io" superior God, suddenly put all those previously known fragments of knowledge about the phenomenon of "life" into one logical whole. It turned out then, that there is a complex mechanism of life, individual elements of which are correctly described by practically all of the above-mentioned sources. Only that each of these fragments describes only a small section of the complex mechanism of life, using for this purpose a different and usually already wrongly understood terminology, and considering it from a different point of view. (As an example, consider the term "Word" from verses 1:1-5 of "John" in the Bible - which mainly transfers today's meanings of "program" and "information" but which e.g. priests and religions still misinterpret, e.g. with the term "speech", or consider the biblical meaning of the name "Holy Spirit" meaning "a living program of God" but which, however, often is explained as an immaterial flame.) Describing this with an example, the sources known to us explain life in a way that could be compared to different parents who, in order to explain to kids how works the "internal combustion engine" they show kids a fragment of this engine that actually they have in their garage, e.g. some show a piston, others a crankshaft, still others a spark plug or a carburetor, then on the basis of this single part shown they try to explain with unprofessional and often very old-fashioned language how this whole engine works. Of course, these kids still will have proverbial "NO idea" how this engine works until on some film they suddenly see a working model of such an engine, made e.g. of transparent material - see the English video: or watch a just illustrative animation of the operation of such an engine at . This is because in such a working engine they will be amazed then to recognize the parts that their parent previously showed them, and then they will realize that combined with other parts of which they also heard once, all this together creates a perfectly synchronized one working mechanism, the full version of which in addition to the mechanical parts already known by them, also contains the electronic parts that require completely different learning (i.e. contains the computer "hardware" that controls this engine) as well as the "software" components. The above analogy of getting to know the work of a modern "internal combustion engine" illustrates well how the previously mentioned sources of knowledge about the phenomenon of life, suddenly the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here translates to the terminology used today and shows all together as perfectly cooperating fragments of one extremely comprehensively operating mechanism of life.


The easiest way to understand my new "Theory of Life of 2020" explained in detail in this post #331E, is if it is considered as the fragment of my scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" separated from it in order to specialize in explaining the secrets and mechanisms of life, in which fragment especially strong emphasis is placed on the highlighted in item #A0 from my web page named "god_proof.htm" avoidance of vague, ambiguous and imprecise expressions, and on possibly the most detailed and most specific defining the used names with the present terminology providing the highest possible unambiguousness of understanding, as well as explaining and documenting: "what", "exactly from what", "how", "in what manner", "exactly why", "what evidence confirms that it is truth on which one can rely", etc. Hence, for example, the names and definitions of the basic concepts of the "Theory of Life of 2020" remain the same as those developed by my "Theory of Everything of 1985". Also, the research methods used by these two theories are exactly the same. The main difference between them boils down to just the level of specialization - i.e. the "Theory of Life of 2020" specializes only in searching for the truth of whatever concerns the phenomenon of life as the most mysterious process so far, which cannot be scientifically investigated or explained with atheistic tools and methods that are at the disposal of the old, monopolistic "official atheistic science". In turn the "Theory of Everything of 1985" deals with explaining practically everything about which someone has a so-far an unexplained question or doubt. In addition, the "Theory of Life of 2020" places a particularly strong emphasis on the practical implementation in its descriptions previously developed during the nearly half-century of using my "Theory of Everything of 1985" of these already well-developed research tools, rules of conduct, and philosophical foundations, which allow NOT only that something is stated, but they also allow scientifically irrefutable confirmation that this something stated is an absolute truth on which one can and should rely completely. These highly specialized rules of conduct and research tools, which was developed and used only by the "Theory of Everything of 1985", while the particular emphasis on the most effective use of which is introduced by the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, include for example:


(1) The earliest possible ascertainment as to the truth of each of its findings by comparing the essence of findings that it accomplished with the already existing confirmations from these "three witnesses" - the need to be confirmed by which "3 witnesses" is explained in more detail in item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm", while which in this post #331E to blogs of totalizm I remind again when revealing almost every new finding. So in order NOT to leave the reader here without explaining what is this finding and documenting of such "3 witnesses" that confirm the correctness and reliability of the results derived from the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, I am going to briefly explain of what all of them are about and provide a simple example of them. And so, in item #C5 of my web page named "bible.htm" I am quoting and interpreting verses of the Bible which order to rely on testimonies of more than one witness (preferably on "three witnesses") in order to confirm the truth. In turn, in item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm", on the basis of my research experience to-date I would like to draw the attention of the reader, that if he/she intends to make sure about the absolute truth of some previously unconfirmed essential finding logically derived from any theoretical deductions or scientific theory, then the confirmation of this truth should be revealed to him/her accordingly and unanimously by at least the following "three witnesses", i.e.:


(1a) The result and way of the deriving of this finding from a given theoretical deduction or theory using a logically correct cause-effect chain. For example, the Theory of Life of 2020 discussed here allowed me to derive a finding that in all air breathing beings, life begins at the moment of catching the first breath, i.e. just before breaking the umbilical cord, because at that moment to these creatures is "breathed" (uploaded) the "God Drobina" containing their "soul" - for more information see (e) in item #H3 below in this post #331E.


(1b) The correct interpretation of the confirmation of the essence of the same finding, encrypted in specifically indicated, quoted and interpreted verses of the Bible (i.e. in the verses for which specific verse numbers and book names from the Bible are indicated from which they come). As the collected since 1985 confirmations by Bible verses of the essence of practically every one of my significant scientific discoveries allowed me to discover, while in 2020 enabled me to gain certainty about it during the redrafting of the above-indicated item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm", the essence of practically every future discovery important for all mankind, for about 2,000 years it has already been encoded in Bible verses. For example, from the very beginning of the Bible's existence e.g. the information is encoded in it, that the "breathing" of the soul into the body takes place at the moment of catching the first breath, means usually just before breaking the umbilical cord - only that "rejecting knowledge" priests (see verses 4:4-9 from the Biblical "The Book of Hosea") have either overlooked it all this time, or they have deliberately ignored it. Similarly, verses of the Bible express the essence of practically every other truth that is important but still unknown to people. For example, until the times of the Second World War, humanity knew nothing about computers, while for around 2000 years the verses of the Bible had encoded information that humanity will build computers that will be composed of their (I) hardware means bodies, and their (II) software means programs in the Bible called the "Word", and that (III) computer software cannot exist without first being saved on some "information carrier" of the hardware nature - the truth of which until today many people are still NOT aware of. The essence of this truth is expressed e.g. in verse 2:7 from the Biblical "Book of Genesis" discussed below in (e) from item #H3 of this post #331E. Similarly, the principle of operation of "Time Vehicles" I discovered only after creating my "Theory of Everything of 1985", but verses 20:1-11 from the biblical "Second Book of Kings" confirm its truth already for 2000 years - for my interpretation of these verses see items #B4 and #D5 to #D5.2 from the web page named "immortality.htm". However, the essence of these truths about the future discoveries in the Bible is deliberately, especially wisely, and in an inconspicuous way coded to prevent all kinds of lazy people, idlers, ignoramuses, doubters, careerists, etc., from effortless guessing of the essence of most significant future discoveries and from usurping for themselves the authorship of supposed achieving this. Thus, in order to understand what such wisely encoded essences of future discoveries and inventions really express, they must first be laboriously discovered by oneself, and only then can be found their confirmation in the Bible. Because of the existence of this wise coding in the Bible every significant theoretical discovery, theory, or invention, which, however, does NOT yet indicate the Bible verse in which its essence is coded, in fact either hides a serious error and is an ordinary lie, or is still underdeveloped in its support by evidence - thus in both these cases it is NOT worth taking it seriously and risking our soul by accepting it as the truth. (If the reader wishes to find out how skilfully and wisely future discoveries important for humanity are encoded in the Bible, I suggest that he/she have a look at these items #B4 and #D5 to #D5.2 and also #B4.1 from my web page named "immortality.htm", in which I interpreted and explained the verses 20:1-11 from the "Second Book of Kings" of the Bible - then re-confirmed by verses 38:1-8 from the "Book of Isaiah" and also by verses 33:25-30 from the "Book of Job" - which confirm the firstly discovered by me and described on that web page "immortality.htm" the extremely important for future humanity the principle of operation of the simplest to build "Time Vehicles", which principle depends on shifting the resonance point in human DNA: these Time Vehicles allow for infinite extension of life through repetitive shifting back to the years of youth after each reaching the old age - but it will only work and make people happy if the humanity firstly introduces my "nirvana political system" summarised in item #C7 from the web page named "nirvana.htm".)


(1c) Confirmation of this finding with empirical evidence fully documented with correct interpretations of phenomena manifested and registered in the reality that surrounds us. An example which confirms that the "breathing" of the soul into the body from matter depends on "breathing in" (uploading) of the entire counter-material God Drobina containing this soul, is the above-mentioned "NDE" (near-death experience), about which an extensive documentation is already available in the literature and on the Internet. This is because the phenomenon of NDE displays attributes that can appear only when the soul of a living being made of matter still resides in the counter-material God Drobina assigned to this creature to coexist in symbiosis.

How practically the documenting of existence of these "3 witnesses" for specific findings derived by my "Theory of Everything of 1985" looks like, is best explained by examples of documenting these "3 witnesses", which I discuss in that item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm". In the case of the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, their identification and written (and if possible, also photographic and/or filmed) documentation allows for undeniable proving that the statements of this theory supported by such "three witnesses" express the absolute truth on which one can and should rely, and which in the future can be scientifically irrefutably proven by a formal scientific proof.


(2) Positive translation of old names (terminology) appearing in verses of the Bible, in order to understand these names as they are intended to mean. These translations of the biblical names to which a given theory refers are to replace ambiguous or difficult to comprehend today old terminology from the Bible with either commonly and unambiguously understood or strictly defined names from today's common language, or replace with new names that I introduced for the newly discovered scientific findings "Theory of Everything of 1985". Moreover, for the sake of clarity, the original names used in the Bible should always be quoted with the first uses of translations of biblical names, just after the translations of these names are appearing in a given publication - so that the translations would explain what this name means at the present level of our civilization, in turn the biblical names given next to them would indicate what words from the Bible these names are replacing in the descriptions of a given theory. It is worth noting, that the actual intention of meaning contained in some old biblical names, much more accurately than through the analysis of the ancient meaning of a given name used by today's priests, can be determined by analyzing the resultant meaning of all uses of this name in the Bible, and then by comparing the outcomes of such analysis of the resultant meaning, with the language spoken today. It must be remembered that in ancient times human knowledge and language used old and imprecise words, while in order for today's level of civilization to work properly, words must acquire increasingly more precise and unambiguously defined meaning. Hence, only analyzing old languages does NOT allow for the precise understanding of old biblical concepts, but it is also necessary to use the newest theories and discoveries which explain these concepts much better than the Bible, and then find today's equivalents for naming such explained meanings. Here are examples of the agreeable with present their meaning translation of old names from the Bible. The first is "God Drobina" (in the Bible called "Angel") - as I described it below in (g) from item #H3 of this post. Another is the "living program of God" - which is the translation of the meaning of old and inaccurately understood biblical name "Word" (i.e. the Biblical "Word" we should understand as: information, algorithm, program). Here in turn is an example of a positive name: "God Drobina" instead of the atheistic and thus unsuitable for associating it with God the name "God particle" - see .


(3) Taking into account the nature of God as a unique "group intellect" in explanations of confirmations supported by quoted from the Bible the essence of a given theoretical deduction or theory - i.e. confirmations by "witnesses" from (1b) above: as more comprehensively this group nature of God is described in (a) from item #H3 of this post #331E. The point is that due to the fact that "God Drobinas" are components of everything, thus every group of people, creatures, or objects is linked through these God Drobinas into one bigger so-called "group intellect". In turn all members of such a "group intellect" are always connected together through common motivations, interests, goals, intentions, methods of action, relating to each other, friendliness, the group responsibility before God for whatever as a group it has done - see #F2 in web page "karma.htm", etc. (Notice that the concept of human "group intellect" I defined more broadly in item #E2 from the web page named "totalizm.htm".) However, God is a more unique "group intellect" than all other such group intellects with which people deal. The reason for the uniqueness of the group intellect of God is that independently from the common motivations, interests and other factors that bind together all "group intellects", these immortal "God Drobinas" that form the group intellect of God are linked together through one huge "living program of God" that is common to all of them and is contained in all of them in the highest and the most superior, twelfth "brain" of every God Drobina. So in all matters significant for God, this common "living program of God" is able to change into agreeable with God's plans all intentions and actions that other "brains" from a given God Drobina will have in these matters - as I emphasized it in (i) from item #H3 of this post #331E while discussing "Fallen Angels", and to which change refers the phrase "and do NOT lead us into temptation" from the prayer "Our Father ..." contained in verses 6:9-13 from the biblical "Gospel according to St. Matthew".


(4) Defining every concept and terminology introduced by a given theoretical deduction or theory, which is NOT yet a part of a commonly used language, nor which was defined in another publication by the author of this deduction or theory indicated at the place of its use.


(5) Historical documentation of the process of refining a given theoretical deduction or theory. As it turns out, none of the theory or theoretical deduction stating the truth and confirmed by the "witnesses" indicated in (1) above gives fully refined and complete results from the very beginning, but it needs to be diligently developed and improved over many years. (It is precisely with what these truthful theories differ from the deceptive theories based on lies, which, after the initial elaboration, cannot be changed or improved, because it would reveal the lies contained in them.) To such a person as myself, means to a professor of mechanical engineering and a professor of computer software development by occupation, training, practice as well as by creative activities and inventions, the work on development of a new theory is similar to work on prototypes of new machines and new software. Their first prototypes also always contain a lot of imperfections and unfriendly behaviours towards users, and thus they need to be refined and improved for years. Therefore, in order to be "fair" for the readers of a given theory, the moral duty of its creator, which I always try to fulfil, is to inform about the history of what is being done, i.e. about dates, about the essence of changes and improvements that were introduced on specific dates, about goals that are intended to be achieved through these changes (or which already are achieved), etc., etc.



#H2. Let us explain more precisely what states the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here:


The "Theory of Life of 2020" described here states that the mere synthesis of a "hardware" component of a creature made of "matter" from our physical world for the use by any creature that requires animating, means the creating a "body" for this creature, is NOT enough for that creature to experience "life" - because for "life" to come into existence mainly numerous "software" components of this creature are absolutely necessary, such as the seeds of "self-awareness" and personality, initial knowledge (e.g. how to eat or breathe), the ability to learn, programs servicing the senses, and also a whole range of other initial software procedures necessary for life, contained in the entire collection of highly specialized software which in the Bible is described under the name of "soul" while the basic components of which have already been described by my "Theory of Everything of 1985". In turn all these "software" components that are absolutely necessary for life, self-evolved in miniature, immortal and already living for around half of eternity creatures from counter-matter called "God Drobinas" - my discovery of the existence of which I described extensively in items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". Unfortunately, the self-evolution of this specialized software of the "soul" in the hardware-intelligent "God Drobinas" with tiny counter-material bodies described more comprehensively in those items #K1 and #K2 of the web page "god_exists.htm", took the length of time that is currently impossible to survive and experience by living creatures with bodies made of matter. My intuition tells me that probably this self-evolution took around half of infinity - as this is explained more comprehensively in "part #C" of the web page "2020life.htm". Therefore, instead of trying to generate or evolve this software in creatures living with bodies made of matter, God accelerates its acquisition by these creatures from matter through "breathing" into every newly born such creature the entire "God Drobina" which already have "soul" in its counter-material miniature body, and which makes this "soul" available to the creature from matter on principles of mutually beneficial "symbiosis". In turn after this "breathing" (downloading) of soul, the counter-material God Drobina begins to share with a given being from matter the programs of the "soul" contained in it (i.e. share its "seed of self-awareness", its memory, etc.), due to which their symbiosis, both sides gain many benefits. After all, for a creature made of matter this God Drobina also becomes a link with God and with "Guardian Angels", who through the organ of "conscience" help it to go safely and profitably for it through full of dangers process of living. At the same time, for the "God Drobina" the creature made of matter and led by it, is a source of numerous experiences which better shape its personality and develop its character, accelerate the increase of its knowledge and life experience, etc. Hence, to understand what "life" is and how it arises first one needs to be aware that life has mainly a "spiritual" character of intelligent and self-learning processes occurring in the self-conscious program, which processes have been initiated and continue in the counter-world in the immortal "God Drobinas" living in there, but for many practical reasons (the most important out of which reasons I am going to describe at the end of this item #H2 of herewith post #331E) were also transferred to creatures from matter, including to people to whom "God Drobinas" make available the software of the "soul" developed in themselves. Furthermore, one must also learn the most important "attributes" and capabilities of the counter-material God Drobinas that the scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985" already established about them. Namely, one needs to learn at least the following information about these "God Drobinas", which I am only briefly indicating here in the list numbered with capital letters, while the more detailed descriptions of which, including these required "3 witnesses" confirming their truth and compliance with the reality that surrounds us, are provided in the list from item #H3 of this post #331E numbered with lowercase letters corresponding to the following capital letters of markings of the list provided here. Here is this information:


(A) Let us accept that the nature and work of God represent the so-called "group intellect" - i.e. the intellect which in fact is NOT just one being, but a whole group of different counter-material creatures managed by a single, superior, living program of God. A brief description of what makes God such a "group intellect" (more broadly defined e.g. in item #E2 from my web page named "totalizm.htm") is provided in (a) from item #H3 below in this post #331E.


(B) Let us learn what is a "soul" - see (b) from item #H3 below in this post.


(C) Let us learn to distinguish the term "soul" described in the Bible from the term "living soul" also used in there - see (c) from item #H3 below in this post.


(D) At the moment of birth, the entire software of the "soul" required for life (i.e. the embryo of self-awareness, personality programs, access to its long-term memory, etc.), the newly-born being receives through "breathed" into its body an already alive "God Drobina" who shares with this creature its own software and memory resources. This sharing takes place on the mutually beneficial principles of "symbiosis".


(E) The moment that the "God Drobina" containing the "soul" is "breathed in" cannot precede the full formation of the body that this soul will take, hence the "soul" is "breathed" (downloaded) into the body of a newly-born air breathing creature only at the moment of catching the first breath, i.e. usually just before the moment of breaking or cutting the umbilical cord - which, however, does NOT discourage some "souls" knowing much earlier into what bodies they will be "breathed", from communicating with their future mothers during sleep (especially if these souls notice that their future mothers are in a difficult life situation). It is also worth noting here, that any earlier attempt for "soul" to be "breathed" would be like an attempt to install software on a computer that has NOT been built yet, or like an attempt to send an email before it was typed in. In other words, the new life begins only from that moment of catching the first breath (i.e. close to the umbilical cord rupture), NOT from the moment of fertilization (as it is wrongly, means contrary to the truth confirmed in the Bible verses, and despite the explanations of this fact that have been disseminated in my publications for a long time, still believed by many irresponsibly acting people who lack of this vital knowledge). This important moment of initiation of life is explained and confirmed with evidence in the descriptions marked (e) from item #H3 below in this post #331E. About this beginning of life at the moment of catching the first breath (i.e. close to the moment of breaking the umbilical cord), item #C6 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm" informs interested readers since 2011/2/1 - only that the absolute certainty that it is determined undeniably correctly it got only during its re-derivation by the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, which this time supports it irrefutably with the required confirmations of the "3 witnesses" indicated by this theory.


(F) At the moment of death, the "God Drobina" containing the soul's software (i.e. the seed of self-awareness, the memory of the entire life of this creature, etc.), simply flies out of the body and joins the huge number of other miniature God Drobinas that carry out next tasks assigned to them by God.


(G) The explanation of the coded into the Bible concept of "Angels" states that under this Biblical name one should understand single "embodied" God Drobinas (i.e. drobinas of counter-matter). Only that in order to be able to decipher the truth about these Angels, which truth in order to NOT provide easy solutions for lazy people, ignoramuses, idlers, careerists and doubters of all kinds that I described in (1b) from item #H1 above in this post #331E, it was coded in the Bible very wisely, skilfully, far-sightedly and unobtrusively - so this truth can become fully understandable and acceptable only when one first work out (like the author of this post), or get to know (like the reader of this post) the essence of the "Theory of Life of 2020".


(H) Findings of the Theory of Life of 2020 described here regarding functions performed by the so-called "Guardian Angels" means by the "embodied" counter-material God Drobinas that specialize in helping selected people or group intellects. And so, because today's knowledge about the operation of computers has already proved to us that no program (in the Bible called "Word") is able to exist without a "carrier of information" on which it is written, programs (e.g. "soul") "breathed" into the body made of matter technically must be "breathed" (downloaded) into these bodies of matter together with the entire counter-material "God Drobinas" which are carriers of these programs (i.e. which God Drobinas store the software of "soul"). Only that in order to NOT introduce an unnecessary confusion by expanding the explanations into too many technical details, in the Bible the description of this "breathed" programs was simplified to the concept of "breathing the soul". But in order to still inform in verses of the Bible that "breathed" are whole living drobinas of counter-matter (i.e. whole God Drobinas), there were also skilfully encoded into the Bible explanations of the concepts of so-called "Guardian Angels" (i.e. God Drobinas looking after selected people and helping them in critical situations, therefore embodied in all-powerful bodies specially created for them), perfectly distinguished from the so-called "Angels" (i.e. from God Drobinas embodied with especially pre-programmed for them counter-matter into an extraordinary substance visually similar to matter) and from the so-called "The Ancient of Days" (i.e. from non-embodied counter-material God Drobinas).


(I) The actual operation on Earth of supernatural beings described in the Bible as "Fallen Angels", assistants of Lucifer, devils, demons, and under several other terms. These creatures also turn out to be embodied God Drobinas, which (unfortunately) in their immortal life to-date developed software that works on principles destructive to the progress and development of the universe, and thus which God tries to eliminate from the God Drobinas that are managed by His programs. (I have already a long time ago encountered in the literature reporting details of the mythology of the pre-Christian religion of NZ Maoris about their superior God Io, the information which later turned out to be extremely important for the results of the research described here, and which while describing in detail the process of self-evolution of self-awareness and other software of God, stated (only that using more imprecise language than mine) that in the most superior, because in the 12th memory of every God Drobina, there is a fragment of the living program of God guiding the life and behaviour of that tiny God Drobina. Some elements of this Maori mythology concerning "chaos", I have summarized together with providing their sources, in item #E1 from my web page named "will.htm" and in subsection A1.1 from volume 1 of my monograph [1/5] available via the web page "text_1_5.htm".)


(J) Understanding that the biblical name "heaven" is actually an ancient equivalent of the term "counter-world" introduced by the scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985".


If we tried to define with a descriptive sentence what the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here says about "life" and about the most important for "life" procedure of "life initiation", then such sentence could take the form, for example, that: The life of a creature created by God from matter, is a process of acquiring knowledge and experiences providing the maximally beneficial consequences for all creatures who use the achievements of this life; initiated WHEN to the ready "hardware" body that meets all the requirements which guarantee the correct work of allocated to it the living, self-aware, self-learning, creatively thinking, knowledge-accumulating programs of "soul" prepared in the used by God Drobinas the ULT format and language, "breathed" is the "God Drobina" containing the programs of "soul" and intended for this particular body because this drobina has such a history specially selected by God to assign to this "hardware body" that by making available to this body the stored in it programs of "soul", i.e. the programs such as the embryo of self-awareness, personality database, experience analysing and self-learning programs, long-term memory, karma software, life and fate programs, translation programs between ULT and spoken language, and a whole host of other life "applications", it makes possible for this body to effectively complete life goals and tasks imposed onto it by God; means WHEN the "breathed" is so specially selected "God Drobina" that it is also able to fulfil effectively for this ready "hardware" (i.e. for the body) and for the life goals designed for it by God, the role of an effective provider of the necessary software, advice, guidelines and executive capabilities that as safely as possible will improve its personality, raise its knowledge, and gather life experiences helpful for it in the future.


An example of such "hardware" from matter (i.e. a body) ready to be "breathed" into it the counter-material "God Drobina" containing the software of the "soul" needed by this body for life, is the fetus of a new child which to the state of readiness to start own life was shaped in the womb of its mother. But the counter-material "God Drobina" with its "soul" (containing the "seed of self-awareness" and other "software" required for life) for reasons which I explained in (e) from item #H3 below in this post, while previously for many years I was supporting these reasons with evidence and logical arguments in item #C6 from the web page named "soul_proof.htm", this fetus can receive at the time of catching the first breath, means near the moment of breaking umbilical cord. (The evidence confirming the moment when the soul is "breathed" (downloaded) into the body, include, amongst others, verses 21:22-23 from the Biblical "Book of Exodus" quoted and interpreted in that item #C6 from the separate web page "soul_proof.htm", and also include verse 2:7 from the biblical "Book of Genesis" quoted and interpreted in (e) from item #H3 below in this post #331E.)


I should also explain here, that because the carriers of programs of every "soul" are eternally living (immortal) God Drobinas, therefore logic suggests and some sources inform, that the existence of a soul does NOT begin only at the moment when it is "breathed" into the body together with the counter-material God Drobina containing this particular soul, nor does it end with the death of that body and the departure of the God Drobina together with this soul. This is because such existence of souls in states slightly different than "life" - the majority of the time-period of which the Bible describes as a kind of "sleep", practically lasts already for almost a half of eternity. Only that because the components of the soul include, among others, the "embryo of self-awareness" and personality programs that the soul shares with other "brains" contained in the same God Drobina, while these other "brains" are more superior than it, hence most of the time when the "soul" is NOT a "living soul", these superior programs "put it to sleep", means they deprive it of access to the seed of self-awareness and to programs of its personality, so that it is NOT aware of its existence. However, at moments important for it, when something is decided or something is happening for which its consent or participation is required, its self-awareness is restored and it begins to realize what is happening when it still exists apart from the physical body and actually is only a part of the God Drobina that stores it in one of its 12 "brains". Therefore, one must be aware of the fact that nothing arises suddenly and from nothing, and thus also the existence of every soul consists of at least three stages, namely [a] the history of this soul preceding the moment when it is "breathed" into a given body (most of the time of this history it probably spends dormant - although for moments important to it, it may be "awakened"), then [b] carrying out of a given conscious life as a "living soul", while after [c] death, the continuation of its existence (probably again in a "dormant state" from which it can also be "awakened" for reasons important to it). If the reader looks around the world, then he/she will notice that in fact the humanity has already accumulated quite a lot of information that originates from various sources, which explain what happens to the soul in all these three stages. Hence, it would be good if the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, in the future could include at least brief descriptions of them. Only that the correct writing of a theory that includes a truth that is so difficult to find and to confirm it by well documented "3 witnesses", requires a huge amount of work and time. Therefore, it will be a great success if on the web page "2020life.htm" I manage to document in more detail at least the most important stage [b] of the soul's existence. After all, this stage [b] consists of three very vital processes, namely [b1] initiating a given life, [b2] carrying out life, and [b3] ending life. Out of these three, the process [b1] of initiating a given life is the least understood at present and the most important for undertaking the success of carrying out the "life". This is why I already defined it roughly above and partially described it in this post #331E. In the future, if I am able, then I would like to additionally extend the descriptions [b1] of the initiation of a given life with more detailed explanations in the next "part #I" of the web page "2020life.htm". Especially about those details concerning e.g. the topics of the selection of its future parents that are the most eligible for the realization of the life goals of a given soul, as well as those explaining the often occurring and relatively well documented processes of communication of a given soul with its future material mother. This communication can take place even before this soul is "breathed" into the body at the time of catching the first breath (i.e. just before the moment of breaking the umbilical cord), means when this soul still exists only as programs contained in one of the brains of the God Drobina residing in the counter-world and just chosen to be breathed in the approaching moment of future birth. Typically this communication takes place while the mother is asleep. It also seems that its goal is to establish a spiritual connection between a given soul and its future mother, and also to surround this mother with a sense of love, support and care. After all, it usually occurs when the mother is in a very difficult life situation and really needs spiritual support. If I could, then in the future I would like to additionally describe the process [b2] of carrying out life - the explanation of which I would devote yet another still awaiting writing "part #J" of the web page "2020life.htm". Its essence is already briefly summarized in item #J5 from my web page named "petone.htm". Of course, the web page "2020life.htm" also has a room to include in it descriptions of the process [b3] of ending life - which if I could, then I would explain in more detail in the "part #K" of it that is waiting for writing.


The knowledge that I previously gathered from the area later covered by the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, allowed me to be able to objectively estimate its knowledge-generating potential immediately after this theory clarified in my mind. The estimation shows that this theory introduces the possibility of explaining practically everything that about the phenomenon of "life" so far remained for people beyond the possibility of explaining with the methods of atheistic science which recognized the existence of only matter, while completely ignoring the entirety of the knowledge about counter-matter which is already indisputably proven true - i.e. the knowledge accumulated in consequence of use of my "Theory of Everything of 1985" also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity" - see the web page "dipolar_gravity.htm". This is why I am in such a hurry to publish this latest "Theory of Life of 2020". Only that in order to explain everything with this theory, now it will be necessary to put into it many years of hard research work, efforts of logical deductions, gathering evidence (i.e. finding these "3 witnesses"), and painstaking publishing the results. As it results from the experience with my previously developed Theory of Everything of 1985, if I am NOT able to put this work myself, almost certainly NO other professional employee of the monopolistic and repressive "official atheistic science" will undertake it - unless in the meantime humanity is going to implement my "nirvana political system" summarized in item #C7 from the web page named "nirvana.htm". (After all, the implementation of the "nirvana political system" would eliminate the temptation hitherto dominating and paralyzing the monopoly of official science, that instead of seeking and promoting the truth, the entire monopolistic "official atheistic science" and many of its decision makers would continue to focus their efforts almost exclusively on the lucrative and effortless for them lying to humanity and maintaining atheism in the world.) So proverbially "let us keep our fingers crossed" that God would give me the time, health and energy required for this, so that the progressive component of humanity could start using this new ground-breaking my theory which opens access to the truth about the phenomenon of "life".


In the initial part of this item #H2 of the post I also promised that I am going to describe here the most important practical reasons for which God transfers life to creatures from matter and to our physical world, from the original location of life in the male and female immortal God Drobinas that live in the counter-world. I will therefore list here in the numbered list the most important of these reasons. Here they are:


[I] The acceleration of knowledge gathering. This is the most important of these reasons. The point is that in the counter-world all processes are long-lasting. For example, "whirls" of counter-matter from which firstly the elementary particles are formed, and then permanent atoms, etc., can exist and circulate the same God Drobinas literally for millions of years. So the God Drobinas that make up these "whirls" cannot learn much in such long-lasting processes of monotonous whirling. In turn the God Drobinas to which is assigned e.g. the task of serving as a carrier and supplier of the soul in some living creature made of matter, during even only a few days can accumulate much more knowledge and practical experiences than in the counter-world they will be provided during entire millennia.


[II] Expanding the types of knowledge and experience gathered. According to what we know so-far about the counter-world, it is inhabited only by two kinds of immortal living creatures, i.e. only by male and female immortal God Drobinas. Meanwhile, the creative mind of God created from matter an almost infinite number of mortal creatures. For the individual God Drobinas acting as soul bearers for all these creatures, it opens up a huge body of different kinds of knowledge and experience that they can accumulate.


[III] Multiplying the types of processes that can be experienced. In the counter-world, NOT every process can be experienced. The number of processes that may take place in there is very limited. We already know that most of the external sensations experienced in there by the God Drobinas come down mainly to movements and the formation of signals. So these God Drobinas are in a situation similar to the hardware of our computers, which so-far is only able to "experience" (implement) the addition of two binary numbers. However, similarly as in today's computers through various forms of using the manipulations of adding such two binary numbers we obtain all these countless activities that present computers are already able to carry out, also through various uses of God Drobinas’ motions and their signals, God managed to create entire our physical world and an infinity of forms and experiences that exist in our physical world. In turn experiencing these forms and experiences multiplies the types of processes which due to the existence of our physical world are available and possible to be sampled by God Drobinas.


[IV] Generating experiences and knowledge from disciplines that remain inaccessible in the counter-world. Life in our physical world is intense. In a short time of its duration, a great deal happens in a wide variety of matters. Thus, the God Drobinas participating in this process begin to accumulate experiences and learn knowledge from areas which could NOT be experienced in the counter-world (e.g. in there is NO "death" as we know it). For example, they can learn the beauty, types and meanings of feelings, distinguish between good and bad character traits, learn to distinguish different levels of perfection, to improve what requires improvement, on knowledge of life and knowledge of death, etc.


(This entire post #331E and the films of evidence illustrating it did NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #331_2E)


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lut 25 2021 #331_2E: Evidence for the "breathing"...

(Continuation of the previous "part 1" of this post #331E)


#331_2E: Evidence for the "breathing" of the soul at the moment of catching the first breath (part 2)


[V] Learning to distinguish between what works towards improvement and growth and what causes degeneration and decline. God Drobinas operating only in the counter-world with a limited range of sensations, had NOT much ability to understand that everything can shape itself, or be shaped, either in a way that causes improvement and growth  (e.g. consider "inventions", e.g. described in #G1 to #G10 from my web page "eco_cars.htm"), or in a way that causes degeneration and collapse (consider "corruption", e.g. described in #E1 to #E4 from my "pajak_for_mp_2017.htm"). This is why we already know from the Bible that the personality acquired by Lucifer and by his Fallen Angels, belong to the category that causes degeneration and fall (for details see (i) in item #H3 below in this post #331E). Only when life is transferred to our physical world, it is possible to carry out relatively fast experiments which teach everyone the very important skill of such distinguishing.


[VI] Learning to live in a group according to God's principles of augmenting knowledge and increasing the level of perfection. Life has been and will be a responsible group phenomenon. But in its form implemented in the counter-world by God Drobinas, it is carried out on the basis of the existence of a superior program in the 12th memory of these God Drobinas, which program responsibly governs over their group coexistence. Therefore our physical world allows us to experiment on learning a responsible group life in a whole range of differently organized group intellects - including responsible group life in full harmony with each other by highly imperfect people who have complete "free will".


[VII] Acceleration (achieved due to the transfer of life to the physical world) of the process of gathering knowledge and experiences, which will enable the inhabitants of our part of the infinitely-sized universe to acquire skills that neutralize the threat against us that could be created by self-evolution in our vicinity of some hostile and aggressive superior being. After all, such a superior hostile creature could kill even the so-far immortal God Drobinas and reprogram them into components of that creature - e.g. through reprogramming or deleting their seeds of self-awareness. The topic of this threat and the need to prepare for it is discussed in item #B1.1 from my web page named "antichrist.htm" - where I am also indicating witnesses (i.e. Bible verses and empirical evidence) who testify to this. For example, in the Bible the confirmation of the necessity to prepare for this eventuality, which is dangerous for us, was skilfully encoded in the verses informing "... I am a jealous God ..." - e.g. see verse 20:5 from the Biblical "Book of Exodus".


In turn, because the entire knowledge accumulated in the memories of God Drobinas can remain in them forever, the creation of the physical world and enabling these countless God Drobinas to accelerate the accumulation of experiences and knowledge in themselves, practically constantly improves and causes the evolution of the entire intelligent universe - to which process practically each one of us also adds his/her share.



#H3. Which specific verses of the Bible and what specific empirical evidence confirm the truth of individual attributes of the "God Drobinas" and other components of the "Theory of Life of 2020" listed in (A) to (J) from item #H2 above in this post, while in the case of a temporary lack of access to data about these specific verses of the Bible or about specific empirical evidence, then what logical premises known to the author already imply this truth:


Because there are numerous such deduced by my "Theory of Life of 2020" attributes of God Drobinas that await to be confirmed by "3 witnesses", and each of them requires documenting it with at least one Bible verse confirming it, and also with at least one example of empirical evidence that also confirms it, below the confirmation of these attributes I will summarize as marked with lowercase letters corresponding to the uppercase letters marking them in item #H2 above. Here are these deduced attributes and their confirmation by the required "witnesses" - the need for which I explained in (1a) to (1c) from item #H1 above in this post:


(a) Getting to know the nature and work of God as the so-called "group intellect" - i.e. an intellect which in fact is NOT one being, but a whole group of different creatures governed by one superior program of God that lives in their highest (twelfth) brain and memory. In Christianity, this group nature of God is emphasized by the Bible in a number of ways, e.g. by the coexistence and co-determination of the entire Holy Trinity: i.e. the Holy Spirit, God the Father and the Son of God. It is also revealed in various ways by all major religions of the world. For example, many out of these religions recognize numerous gods simultaneously - while their numerous gods in practice demonstrate attributes which are "embodiments" of individual God Drobinas that demonstrate attributes similar to those in the Christian "Angels" described in (g) from this item #H3 of the post. Other religions recognize one superior God, as it happened with the superior God "Io" in the pre-Christian religion of NZ Maoris, with the simultaneous existence of a number of inferior gods, attributes of which are also equivalents of the biblical concept of "Angels". In both these cases these religions display the nature and work of God as (a1a) agreeable with the attributes of the "group intellect" described here, in the form of one huge living program of God, which, however, consists of countless smaller sub-programs, each one of which is located in the highest, 12th "brain" of a different from the countless "God Drobinas". Taken together, all these sub-programs form the huge living program of a "group intellect" of God, in Christianity are called the "Holy Spirit". Findings of my "Theory of Everything of 1985", especially those described e.g. in item #I2 of the autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm" and in items #K1 and #K2 of the web page named "god_exists.htm", indicate also that the next Person belonging to this group intellect of God, by Christianity usually called "God the Father", while in the English Bibles usually also described under the name "The Ancient of Days", in fact is composed of countless counter-material "cells" (constituting the body of this God the Father), which have the form of intelligent, living, tiny, male and female beings which I named "God Drobinas", while the appearance of which is similar to male and female human bodies. In other words, in many different ways with the use of language and vocabulary that were used in the times of writing the Bible, God indirectly tries to convey to us the knowledge that He is NOT a single superior being, but a group of living superior creatures governed by one living superior program in the Bible called "Holy Spirit". Only that in order today everyone could understand this knowledge received from God in a highly "condensed" form, firstly one must translate concepts from the Bible into their equivalents from today's precise language, and moreover, one must also know the essence of my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985 (also called the "Concept of Dipolar Gravity"), the findings of which are kinds of guiding "keys" for comprehending this knowledge. Turning now to indicating the required "3 witnesses" confirming this knowledge for us, then (a1b) in the Bible the most unambiguous though skilfully encoded (for reasons which I explained in (1b) from item #H1 of this post #331E) confirmation of group nature of God (means of God as a "group intellect"), is verse 1:27 from the biblical "Book of Genesis" - quote: "So God created man in his image, in God's image he created him, male and female he created". After all, this verse in a coded manner confirms that human bodies are created in the image and likeness of two different "God Drobinas" - only that in order to realise the meaning of this "plurality" (or rather "multitudinousness") of God image, we already need to know that countless male and female God Drobinas do exist and know also their shapes shown here in "Fig. # H4ab" - means we need to know much more than today's "knowledge-rejecting" priests know (see verses 4:4-9 from the Biblical "Book of Hosea") and also more than know the believing in God employees of "official atheistic science", who the speculated shape of God imagine as coinciding with the shape of the entire physical world - means in the manner shown in "Fig. I1" from volume 5 of my monograph [1/4] available via the web page "text_1_4.htm". Another important verse of the Bible, which in a skilfully coded way also confirms the group nature of God as the superior living program stored in the highest (twelfth) memory of all "God Drobinas", is verse 15:3 from the "Book of Proverbs" stating: "The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good." Translating this verse into strict terminology used by the "Theory of Everything of 1985", it emphasizes, that since the superior living program of God is contained in all God Drobinas, while everything that is contained in the physical world is created exclusively from appropriately programmed these God Drobinas - each one of which has its own "eyes", practically means that the observing eyes of God are present in absolutely every place, while the living program of God sees and hears absolutely everything that happens in the entire physical world. The information that should be interpreted in the same way is also contained in verses 23:23-24 from the biblical "Book of Jeremiah" - in which there is encoded information that God fills "heaven" (means the counter-world: see (j) below) and "earth" (means our entire physical world made of matter). (Notice that in contrast to group intellect of God who is present in every place, each of the Angels, under which name hides a single "embodied" God Drobina - see (g) below, at any given moment in time resides in only one specific place.) In turn the body of (a1c) empirical evidence which confirms the truth of the findings about the group nature of the living program of God described here, includes e.g. all empirical evidence that I presented in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm" - e.g. those that I presented there in (1) to (7) from item #K2. It is also worth being aware that the "group intellect" of God differs significantly from the "group intellects" formed by groups of people. After all, having its program in the highest (i.e. most commanding and superior), twelfth "brain" of every God Drobina, then even if the intentions or actions of any of these God Drobinas are contradictory to intentions or principles of God's actions, still using this highest "brain" God can these intentions either invalidate in this God Drobina itself, or cause other God Drobinas to create a situation that will prevent this particular drobina from carrying out its intentions or actions. On the other hand, in human "group intellects", if some of the people who compose them, show inclinations that are contrary to intentions or principles of behaviour of the rest or the majority of participants of these human "group intellects" then without resorting to the morally forbidden "forcing" this rest or the majority most typically would have to know and use some specific methods of conduct in order to be able to frustrate or change the intentions or actions of these people with different inclinations (e.g. know and use a method based on Bible verses: Matthew 22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25; while mentioned in item #L3 from my web page named "cielcza_uk.htm"). This is why God puts so much emphasis on the acquisition of conviction about value of, and on teaching people to, "voluntarily" carry out the will and commandments of God - which in the future will create a human "group intellect" which will also act in unison without the need to resort to the morally forbidden "extorting", means it will act in the same way as God Drobinas which are already subordinate to God (i.e. like the so-called "Angels" described in (g) below - but NOT like these "fallen angels" from (i) below).


(b) Learning what "soul" is. According to the information that results from the logical deductions provided on the web page "2020life.htm" and confirmed by the "witnesses" indicated here, a "soul" is the entire self-learning "software system" composed of a number of highly specialized programs necessary for leading a self-aware and productive life and written and activated in one of the 12 "brains" of the individual God Drobina. These numerous programs are listed and described (or linked with their descriptions) in previous parts of the web page "2020life.htm". The two most important of these are the "embryo (germ) of self-awareness" and the "personality software". It should be remembered, however, that apart from the software of the soul occupying only one of the 12 "brains" of God Drobina, its remaining "brains" contain a whole range of other software, the greater part of which is located in "brains" with a number higher than that which manages the soul, and hence is "superior" over the "soul" software, means it has a strict control over the soul and is able to change or cancel its actions, and even update or delete selected parts of the soul software. More information about the soul, together with the supporting confirmations of "3 witnesses", is provided on a separate web page named "soul_proof.htm".


(c) Differentiating the concept of "soul" described in the Bible from the term "living soul" used there. Under the name "soul" in the Bible is understood the software described above, contained in the "brain" of God Drobina which is still located in the counter-world. On the other hand, under the name "living soul" in the Bible is described a soul still contained in this "God Drobina" - which for soul performs the function of "information carrier", but which together with the drobina that stores it has already been "breathed" into a larger material body of some creature, group intellect, or an object. Hence, a living man (and every living creature) in the original text of the Bible is often also called a "living soul" - e.g. see verses 2:7 and 2:19 from the "Book of Genesis". Only that some translations of the Bible, e.g. the Catholic "Millennium Bible" in Polish, the original expression of the Bible that reads "living soul", translate with a different phrase, e.g. "living creature" - see the quote from this verse 2:7 in (e) below in this item #H3 of the post. However, there are also various Bibles, such as "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures", where these verses use the literal translation of the Biblical term "living soul". More information about the biblical concept of a "living soul" (means the entire living person or creature), along with "3 witnesses" supporting this information, the reader can find in item #A1 from my web page named "soul_proof.htm".


(d) The finding of my theories stating that at birth all self-learning software required for life (including, among others: the embryo of self-awareness, personality programs, software supporting access to long-term memory, etc.) which in the Bible is called "soul", a newly-born creature from matter receives due to "breathing" into its body the counter-material "God Drobina", which, on principles of symbiosis, shares with this creature its own software and memory resources. An example of how this finding of my theories is confirmed by verses of the Bible, can be the description of the "group intellect" formed from the counter-material male and female "God Drobinas", means the description of the entire countless number of miniature creatures living in the counter-world, that represent as if individual living "cells" that make up the body of all God - which all taken together in verses of English Bibles are called the "Ancient of Days". Referring to the final judgment, verses 7:9-10 from the "Book of Daniel" of the Catholic Bible symbolically state, among others - quote: "... the Ancient of Days took his place. His robe was white as snow, and the hair of his head seemed to be pure wool. His throne was fiery flames, his wheels a blazing fire. A stream of fire poured out and flowed from Him. ... The judgment sat down, and the books were opened." These verses in a coded manner confirm a lot of truths discussed in this post #331E, for example that the long-term memory of a given person (and by analogy also of every other living creature) which includes the documentation (i.e. "books") of the entire life of this person (or being), is in the possession of the "Ancient of Days" - which fact means that immortal "God Drobina" breathed into the body of each person, remembers every detail of his/her life. These verses also confirm the details of the appearance of male and female God Drobinas discussed in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm", reminded in item #H4 and in (g) and (h) below in this item #H3, while illustrated below in "Fig. #H4ab". For example, such details as, that individual God Drobinas (in the Bible most frequently presented under their "embodied" name "Angels") can emit from themselves a strong white light of the telekinetic so-called "extraction glow" when they do anything on principles of telekinesis. In turn the continuous operation of four circular "heads" of each of these God Drobinas (in the above verses 7:9-10 from the "Book of Daniel" these heads are mentioned under the name of "wheels") each of which heads contain three constantly active "brains", means 3 processors coupled with the 3 memories they support, induce also some phenomena which give them the appearance as if they emit flames - see "Fig. #H4ab". In turn an example of empirical evidence for the actual presence of these God Drobinas "breathed" in every living creature, is provided by perfectly synchronized and mutually interpenetrating maneuvers of swarms of birds - flights of which are illustrated e.g. in "Video #H3a" linked below. This is because such empirical evidence confirms that every person and every creature "lives" and acts only due to the symbiosis with "God Drobina" breathed into it, which has all the skills and knowledge that characterize these drobinas - for example, has the ability to fly and navigate in huge numbers inside whirls or streams of counter-matter from which God formed the matter of our physical world, and thus which whirls and streams frequently penetrate during flight through other similar whirls or streams without causing a collision with other God Drobinas flying in different directions, which are packed into the entire space of their operation.


(e) The moment when "God Drobina" containing a "soul" is "breathed in" cannot precede the full formation of the body that this soul will take - thus the "soul" is "breathed" into the body of a newly-born being that breathes air only at the moment of catching the first breath, i.e. usually just before the moment of breaking or cutting the umbilical cord, but this does NOT stop the soul even before it is born - when e.g. it sees a difficult situation in which its future mother suddenly found herself, to try to calm this mother by communicating with her in dreams. Here are the confirmations by the required "three witnesses" of the truth of this finding (e), that even only the use of the words "breathing" the soul in the Bible, also contains wisely encoded into them the information, that the "soul" required for life is "breathed" into body at the time of catching the first breath, means close to the moment of breaking the umbilical cord. The first such witness is (e1a) the cause-effect chain derived by the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, which gives the results summarized above in (E) from item #H2 of this post #331E. It proves that an attempt to "breathe" the soul into the body at the moment preceding the catching of first breath and breaking the umbilical cord (e.g. at the time of fertilization) would be like an attempt to install software on a computer that has NOT been built yet. The second of the required "3 witnesses" is represented by (e1b) at least two verses of the Bible which the Bible contains and which have already been found and I documented them for a long time, while the interpretation of which clearly confirms that God Drobina is "breathed" into the body just at the moment taking the first breath, means usually just before of breaking of umbilical cord. One of them is the verse 21:22-23 from the Biblical "Book of Exodus", quoted and interpreted in item #C6 from the web page named "soul_proof.htm". Another is the verse 2:7 from the biblical "Book of Genesis", which in the Catholic "Millennium Bible" states - I quote: "it was then that the Lord God made man out of the dust of the earth and breathed the breath of life into his nostrils, as a result of which man became a living being" - in which skilfully is coded the confirmation that God first forms the human body, and only when this body is ready for fulfilment of all the functions imposed onto it, then God "breathes" the soul into it. It must be remembered here that in everything that God does, including the formulation of verses from the Bible, He is always precise in a way that is unparalleled for people (after all, if God was NOT precise, He would NOT be able to create such a perfectly regulated and perfectly functioning physical world in which we live). This in turn means, that if the order of creating the human body and breathing in the soul were not at the moment of catching the first breath (and hence not near time of breaking the umbilical cord, then also the content of the above verse would be inspired by God differently in the Bible - e.g. in the following manner (please, in this example, forgive me my human imperfection in formulating descriptions): "then God took a lump of earth, breathed a soul into it, and made a man out of that mixture of earth and soul, so that man became a living soul". Unfortunately, in order to understand that the mutual order of actions of creating the body and breathing in the soul is as important as the fact of their implementation, one needs to be fully aware that, for example, in a computer in order to install programs - that cannot exist without the "information carrier" containing these programs, one first needs to produce this computer (or e.g. that in order to send an email, it must first be written). Unfortunately, no matter how irrefutably is documented the truth that the soul is "breathed" into the body at the moment of catching the first breath (and hence near time of breaking the umbilical cord), still it is NOT going to be accepted by a lot of people who have NOT realized yet that the order of carrying out actions is as important as their completion. Thus, the present situation of humanity when, for example, abortion clinics are set on fire, while laws depriving women of the right to decide on matters that are most important to them are still being enacted, will probably continue for a long time yet. The third in turn required (e1c) empirical and instrumental confirmation of the same truth could be the so-called "birth flash" predicted by my theory that it surely exists, only that so-far no-one has the courage to determine it with measurements. This so-called "birth flash" is the birth equivalent to the previously detected and researched the so-called "flash of death". My "Theory of Life of 2020" predicts that the "breathing in" of the soul into the body at the moment of catching the first breath (and hence close to time of breaking the umbilical cord) will cause significant disturbances in the movements of the counter-matter that forms this body - what in our world must manifest itself as changes in the magnetic field and thus as emission of electromagnetic waves. So probably this emission can also be additionally confirmed with empirical evidence, if at the moment of birth we would take measurements of the "birth flash" which is a birth equivalent to the "death flash" already measured and proven as an existing and which appears at the moment when the "God Drobina" leaves the body. This already detected and measured "death flash" I described in more detail in item #1H7.3 from subsection H7.3 in volume 4 of my monograph [1/5] available from the web page named "text_1_5.htm", while briefly I described it, amongst others, in item #E2 from the abovementioned web page named "soul_proof.htm". It is also worth noting here that the "birth flash" and the "death flash" are manifestations of electromagnetic waves of a slightly different frequency, but of origin very similar to the "extraction glow" that the bodies of Angels emit e.g. when by some action they reveal their presence due to the performance of telekinetic work - as it was already documented on some of the videos presented in "Video #H3c" below on this post. Unfortunately, in contrast to the already detected and measured "death flash", the "flash of birth" predicted by my theories and, as I believe for sure, also appearing at the moment of catching the first breath (i.e. before or around the time of breaking the umbilical cord), still awaits to be registered and published by some brave and truth-seeking researcher, despite the fact that the probability of its existence and the possibility of its instrumental detection my theories have been postulating and publishing for decades. (It is intriguing that in order to promote atheism our "official atheistic science" spends millions of dollars on installations like "CERN" (see ) or "LIGO" (see ), while it is stingy to spend just several hundred dollars to measure the "birth flash" and to end with it the based on the lack of knowledge or on rejection of the knowledge already available to humanity the to date persecution of women who found themselves in an inappropriate life situation.)


(f) At the moment of death, the "God Drobina" containing the "soul" (means containing the seed of self-awareness, the software of the personality, the memory of the entire life of this being, etc.) simply flies away from the body. The confirmation of this leaving of body by soul - but which does NOT use the introduced only now strict concept of "God Drobina", thus simply explaining only that "soul" escapes (instead of deliberating that "God Drobina" containing the soul is escaping), is contained in many verses of the Bible. As examples of these, consider the Bible verses: 35:18 from "Genesis", 17:21-22 from "1 Kings", 34:14-15 from "Job", 12:7 from "Book of Ecclesiastes or Ecclesiastes", 53:12 from "Isaiah", 2:26 from "St. James the Apostle", and some more. In turn the empirical evidence which this time confirms, that something made of counter-matter with attributes of the biblical "Ancient of Days" flies out of the body at the time of death, it is best documented by this "death flash" which I already described in (e) above in this item #H3.


(g) Explanation of the concept of "Angels" used in the Bible, which should be understood as single "embodied" God Drobinas from counter-matter. These creatures in the Bible called "Angels" continually work among people as God's helpers, currently using for this purpose human-sized bodies that God especially created for them from substances that imitate our matter, but with capabilities that are unattainable for our bodies from matter. These their bodies after supernatural (i.e. telekinetic) action, usually shine with white, the so-called "extraction glow" described and illustrated in #E1 of the web page named "telekinesis.htm" and also described in subsections H6.1.3, H6.1 and H1.2, while shown in "Fig. H1" from volume 4 of my monograph [1/5]. (Such often inducing white "extraction glow" actions of Angels documented in films are shown in "Video #H3c" below.) The "Theory of Life of 2020" described here accepts and extends with additional logical findings (g1a) my earlier discoveries that in the counter-world lives and constantly moves, performing for the sake of people the actions assigned to them by God, the countless number of immortal miniature God Drobinas with bodies made of counter-matter. Each of these drobinas is unimaginably tiny, each is immortal, and each has its own counter-material miniature body which is illustrated in "Fig. #H4ab" below. Regardless of their counter-material bodies, some of those God Drobinas, which showed a slightly higher developed self-awareness, personality, knowledge and experience than others, God added one more body of dimensions comparable to the size of human bodies - so that they could appear to human eyes often in ways and under circumstances in which people are NOT supposed to know who they are dealing with (see verse 13:2 from "Hebrews"). These additionally "embodied" God Drobinas are called "Angels" in the Bible. (The miniature, original, counter-material group form of these God Drobinas, illustrated in "Fig. #H4ab" below, e.g. the English Bibles usually describe under the name "The Ancient of Days".) In the initial period of populating the Earth, when people still aged in the "irreversible absolute time of the universe" and their lifespan was hundreds of years, God gave Angels the same bodies as people had and called them then NOT Angels but "Sons of God". Unfortunately, human bodies of those "Sons of God" induced in them also (g1b) human desires. So they practiced the forbidden for them sex with most beautiful earthly women, and these gave birth to Giants - as I described this and supported with empirical evidence in item #I2 from my web page named "newzealand.htm". This practicing of sex, however, was strongly disapproved by God - so God sentenced them to exile to Earth, and at the same time God programmed to all still obedient to him Angels the new bodies from matter and of the human dimension, to make them much more perfect ones, the capabilities of which differ significantly from human bodies. This is because there new bodies of Angels are no longer made of the same matter as human bodies, but are composed of a substance with properties different from our matter. Means practically, in order to provide Angels with more perfect bodies, God created alternative elements for one more "periodic table of elements", in which each element is characterized by much more powerful abilities than the chemical elements from the Mendeleev's Table already known by humanity. Of course, when today's employees of official atheistic science who do not know my theories and findings are confronted with substances formed from these alternatively created elements, then ignorantly NOT knowing what to look for in them and what is most important, they obtain quite humorous results - e.g. equivalents of human bodies or organic faeces produced from these elements, the results of present scientific research describe as a form of a mineral they do not know. I almost had the opportunity to get a sample of these new elements for research - but unfortunately the telepathic commands that accompanied them turned out to be stronger than our human intentions. Namely when I was still doing UFO research, New Zealand was massively "bombarded" unearthly humorously with very smelly shit (i.e. with faeces from UFO toilets) - as then I documented it, amongst others, in item #B8 from my web page named "evidence.htm". At that time I also frequently announced to my wife that when they bombed something within the range of a car ride from our dwelling, then we would go there quickly, because I really would like to collect samples of this substance for properly directed research. One day I was surprised why, unusually - because very early in the morning, my wife washes our car long and carefully. After returning home, to my inquiry, she replied that it was all covered with as if the contents of someone else's toilet. So when I reminded her that I had been telling her for several years now that I really wanted to collect samples of this substance somewhere, she replied that she somehow did NOT associate the smelly faeces with which our car was covered, with the needs of my UFO research. This made me realize that she also had to fall victim to a powerful telepathic command emitted by UFOs in order to NOT pay attention to the evidence of UFO activity seen then, which telepathic command I described in more detail in subsection VB4.1.1 from volume 17 of my monograph [1/4] - means that someone issuing this order watched how we would react to the sight of our car with otherworldly humour covered in faeces. But let us return to matter of the chemical elements that form human-sized bodies of Angels. For example, although similarly to matter known to us, bodies of Angels are also created by pre-programming of whirls of counter-matter, yet are characterized by properties and capabilities that are different from our matter. Hence, these bodies are indestructible, they can be pierced without damage or penetrate walls by themselves, they can drastically change their appearance (e.g. from the human shape in instant they can transform into animals - using principles of counter-matter programming shown on our video while explained in item #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion_pl.htm"), they instantly can become invisible to people, and when touched or kissed, they feel like cold, smooth plastic. Furthermore, bodies of Angels cannot become pregnant or reproduce, during the telekinetic work of fulfilling the mission of Angels, the substance of these human-sized bodies can shine with a strong white "extraction glow", etc. There are enormously many angels, after all God can create as many of them as only wishes through programming embodiment of selected God Drobinas. Depending on what knowledge and experience they have accumulated so far, there is a whole hierarchy of them. The most wise and experienced of them are called Archangels, probably after them this hierarchy puts "Guardian Angels" helping people - which requires a lot of knowledge and experience, then there are probably ordinary Angels, etc. Each of the Angels also has a different personality, preferences, level of knowledge , experience, name, type of function in which he/she specializes in carrying out tasks ordered by God to be performed, etc. Each person also receives help and guidance from at least one "Guardian Angel" - in critical moments called for immediate action by God Drobina containing a "soul" which animates the body of this person, while in need which also calls for help from the closest Angels as documented in "Video #H3c" below. However, Angels need to be distinguished from several other "embodiments" of drobinas of counter-matter that God created a long time ago - for example to distinguish from the human being presently by Christianity called the Son of God (i.e. from Jesus) or distinguish from "embodiments" which only later turned out to be inappropriate - e.g. from "Fallen Angels" which I am going to describe in more detail in (i) below. Notice that these "Fallen Angels" are still able to surround themselves with bodies that originally God created for them, i.e. from the same matter as human bodies. Also in spite that the carriers of their software are also immortal God Drobinas (i.e. drobinas of counter-matter) - their actions turned out to be significantly different from actions required for Angels. In the Bible (g1b) the existence and attributes of drobinas of counter-matter (God Drobinas) described here and called Angels, are confirmed in numerous verses. For example, verse 1:14 from the Biblical "Letter to the Hebrews" confirms that Angels are spiritual beings with bodies NOT made of matter similar to human bodies (means by implication: made of counter-matter), created as God's helpers. Verse 20:36 from "Luke" directly confirms that Angels cannot die - i.e. that Angels are immortal (while that absolutely all Angels, even fallen, are also immortal, this is confirmed in verse 25:41 from "Gospel of Matthew"). In turn verse 13:2 from the "Letter to the Hebrews" confirms, that at every moment numerous Angels act on Earth, carrying out God's commands, although even by many people who talk to them they are NOT distinguished from other people. Verse 5:11 of Revelation confirms that there are countless angels. Verse 91:11 of "Psalms" and 18:10 of "Matthew" confirm that some Angels are assigned to us by God as helping us "Guardian Angels". Notice here, that according to the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, the counter-material bodies of God Drobinas similar to those that have beings in the Bible called "Angels", are also carriers of the software of human "souls" that God "breathes" into us at the moment of birth - because thanks to today's computers we already know that no program (in the Bible called "Word") can exist without the "information carrier" on which it is recorded or transmitted. In turn the verse 10:14 from the "Book of Ezekiel" confirms that the synthesized anatomy and the appearance of their bodies is consistent with the structure, possibilities and operation of "God Drobinas" - for example this verse 10:14 discusses the Angel with four faces that reflect the functions of the four "heads" of God Drobinas. In turn verses 6:2 from the "Book of Isaiah" reveal that the shape and appearance of individual Angels is a symbolic expression of the function that they perform for God - see also "Video #H3b" below. In view of the large number of Angels working on Earth at any moment, if one is looking for, then it is NOT difficult to also find the (g1c) empirical evidence that documents their existence and activity. An example of the most convincing such evidence, illustrating several Angels documented in telekinetic operation and thus temporarily glowing with an "extraction glow", is shown below in "Video #H3c". In turn an indirect proof that Angels work on Earth are also all photographs and films that document human-looking creatures that induce a strong white "extraction glow" on their bodies. Angels serve only God, so if God clearly orders them NOT to do so, then during meetings or conversations with us, they will NOT reveal that they are Angels. Therefore, my advice would be that if you know or accidentally talk to someone whom, for important reasons, you can suspect that he/she is an Angel (see verse 13:2 from the biblical "Letter to the Hebrews"), then if that someone is the same as you sex, it is worth touching his/her skin under some innocent pretext, e.g. to shake his/her hand, but if this someone is of the opposite gender to us, then, as many people today have it in the courteous habit of greeting, saying goodbye, or for any other reason, it is worth innocently kiss her/him. This is because our mouth is more sensitive than our hands and thus her/his skin will feel completely different than human skin - in my personal perception it is as if she was made NOT of a body, but of a smooth plastic, cooler than human skin.


(This entire post #331E and the films of evidence illustrating it did NOT fit into the memory of this blog - hence the rest of it will be continued below as post #331_3E)


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lut 25 2021 #331_3E: Let us describe and define the components...

(Continuation of the previous "part 2" of this post #331E)


#331_3E: Let us describe and define the components of life and confirm their truth (part 3)



(h) Functions of "Guardian Angels". The Theory of Life of 2020 described here states, that because today's knowledge about the operation of computers has already proved to us that no program (in the Bible called the "Word") is able to exist without the "information carrier" on which it is written, then technically "the breathing of the soul" into the body of matter must depend on the downloading the counter-material "God Drobina" together with the software of the "soul" stored in it into the material body of a given being that is just being born. Only that in order NOT to confuse by dressing explanations in too many technical details, in the Bible the process of this descriptively complex "downloading" was shortened to the concept of "soul" breathing in. However, in order to encode in the Bible also the truth that the software of the soul is inextricably linked with the living God Drobina in the Bible described under the name "Angel", the biblical verses also explain the concept of the "Guardian Angel" in more detail - means such an especially "embodied" drobina of counter-matter (God Drobina), which specializes in helping people who find themselves in trouble, while in order for this help to be more effective and at the same time it does NOT break the "free will" of the helped people, this God Drobina is "embodied" into an extremely durable and powerful multifunctional body of matter. The actual existence and functions of these Guardian Angels (h1b) are confirmed in numerous verses of the Bible. Examples of these can be verses: 91:11-12 from "Psalms", 18:10 from "Matthew", 1:14 from "Hebrews", 12:7-10 from "Acts", 3:9 from "1 John the Apostle". In turn (h1c) an example of empirical evidence that most directly confirms the truth, that every person is looked after by at least one "Guardian Angel", are the so-called "near death experiences" widely described in commonly available literature under the name "NDE" from the English "NDE" (Near Death Experience). In NDE experience, the dying person always meets the Guardian Angel that is caring for him/her. First, this person collapses into a dark tunnel, which practically is the experience of shifting the self-awareness from the dying physical body to the miniature drobina of counter-matter that contains this self-awareness (i.e. to the God Drobina) and that resides in the counter-world. After reaching its own God Drobina, the self-awareness always begins to see another being of light, who often introduces itself as the Guardian Angel. Of course, these creatures from the light are actually God Drobinas emitting light - as for the "Ancient of Days" in (d) above this is described in verses 7:9-10 from the "Book of Daniel". Regardless of this most direct empirical confirming material, there is also a large body of evidence already accumulated which confirms the same by proving that our memory, personality, conscience, etc., does NOT remains in the physical body that dies, but in the drobina of counter-matter (i.e. in the God Drobina) which is assigned to us and which lives forever - as examples of this evidence consider the phenomena of "reincarnation" and "deja vu", or the existence of a "conscience" organ which constantly whispers to us compliance or opposition of our intentions and behaviours to the commandments and laws of God. The same indirect empirical evidence is also everything that confirms the existence and work of "God Drobinas" in all creatures from matter. Thus, it includes, amongst others, the behaviours of swarms and shoals illustrated with films from "Video #H3a", and also the material illustrated and discussed below for "Video #H3b" and "Video #H3c", and many more kinds of evidence, the explaining the content of which would take needlessly much descriptions and space here. Still another category of such indirect empirical evidence is the tradition of "eunuchs" (see ) as the most faithful and talented helpers of the rulers from the Far East, e.g. from China (instead of, as people would do, in revenge for making them eunuchs to be the most bitter enemies of their rulers) - as an example of such of the most faithful and talented eunuch, consider "Admiral Cheng-Ho", also spelled "Zheng He", who for peaceful cooperation with China and for mutual economic development opened the former Malaysia to his ruler, the emperor of China, while the present town of Melaka is full of his monuments and historical traces. The reason why these wise, comprehensively talented and faithful "eunuchs" of the Far East, means helpers of rulers in old times, can constitute another category of empirical evidence, is that for these rulers they modestly fulfilled the unrecognized by people functions of "Guardian Angels" - which in a coded manner confirm, among others Biblical verses 22:23-30 from "Matthew" and 12:25 from "Mark". Let us remember what I am explaining, among others, in the caption under "Fig. #K3a" from my web page "god_exists.htm", namely that both the rulers and their closest advisers and helpers are always given to nations and to countries by God - e.g. consider the dwarf named "Stańczyk", famous in the history of Poland.


(i) The actual operation on Earth of supernatural beings described in the Bible as "fallen angels", helpers of Lucifer, devils, demons, and under several other terms. These beings that God created, in spite of being eternally living like Angels, and in spite of having powers that are almost identical to the powers of Angels, in fact do everything in a manner that is contrary to God's commands and requirements. The primary goal of their activity is to deceive people - so that instead of worshiping God and obeying God, people worship these creatures. Because God does NOT use these creatures as carriers of the soul "breathed" into the newly born, they have an ugly habit, for example, to overcome the bodies of people weaker in their faith in God, thus cause of so-called "Multiple Personalities" - that is, the manifestation of "Demonic Possessions". In the Bible they are discussed relatively frequently, e.g. in verses which claim that the Earth is actually ruled by their ruler Lucifer, and which I am indicating e.g. in item #A3.4 from my web page named "partia_totalizmu_uk.htm". In everyday life the examples of empirical evidence which seems to confirm their operation are, for example, the behaviours of UFOnauts on Earth - a significant proportion of which seems to break the commandments and the law of God. Another source of such empirical evidence are the accidental entrances or abductions of people to the underground kingdoms, from the recognized out of which, people already know the located under the surface of the Earth supposed underground kingdom called "Agartha" - see (which I described, among others, from (C) to (C") from item #J4 of my web page named "hurricane.htm"), while to which "Agartha", or to another similar underground kingdom, the Polish citizen, the late Andrzej Domała, was abducted by a UFO - the extensive report on whose abduction is provided in the treatise [3b] (in the Polish language) available via the web page named "tekst_3b.htm".


(j) Understanding that the biblical name "heaven" is actually an ancient equivalent of the concept of "counter-world" introduced by the scientific "Theory of Everything of 1985". The evidence which best confirms this, is the compliance of the contents of "heaven" and the "counter-world" revealed to us by the Bible, my Theory of Everything, and scientific discoveries on the existence of "dark matter" (see ) - of the type briefly explained (as to what "dark matter" really is) in item #I2 from my autobiographical web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm".


Of course, the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here consists of more sub-components than time allowed me to document it and confirm it with evidence in the above descriptions. Therefore I am going to continue this documenting as much as the time available is to allow me, and I encourage the interested readers to look again in their free time to my web page "2020life.htm" where I am going to publish results of my research on this subject. In the meantime, it is worth for them to know, that in addition to the above "witnesses", the truth of individual logical findings of the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here is also confirmed in various ways by the logical premises listed in item #C4 of the web page named "2020life.htm" and in many other my publications.

Video #H3a: Here are the murmurations of starlings shown on the 3-minute video. With their perfectly synchronized flight they document that minds and behaviour all of them are controlled by "God Drobinas" assigned by God to each one of them. After all, these living and self-aware God Drobinas (i.e. intelligent "drobinas of counter-matter"), while being a group of individual creatures from counter-matter, are simultaneously fused together into one huge "group intellect" by the living program of God contained in their twelfth "brain" - means in the set of their 12th (highest) memory and processor. Exactly on the same principle as these murmurations of starlings synchronize and program their flights, penetrating without colliding and disturbing through other similar murmurations flying in different directions, also work "whirls" and "streams" of counter-matter controlled by similar "God Drobinas", only that flying in their actual counter-material form, means without directing flights of the living material creatures assigned to them for animating and supervising. All these behaviours document, that each of the creatures taking part in them is controlled by an individually directing it "God Drobina" of the appearance shown below in "Fig. #H4ab", the four heads of which, containing together as many as 12 processors (brains) and coupled with them 12 memories, allow for a perfect synchronization with other "God Drobinas" of everything that a given God Drobina can do, e.g. for precise synchronization and collisions free directing their flights or behaviours.


Starlings are NOT the only living creatures, which form such perfectly synchronized murmurations that behave exactly like the "whirls" and "streams" of intelligent counter-matter that control them (i.e. like God Drobinas) - effects of action of which whirls of these drobinas people can watch daily on TV in the form of high pressure (male) and low pressure (female) weather atmospheric circulations, as well as tornadoes and hurricanes - for details see item #K2 from my web page "god_exists.htm". Exactly the same murmurations are formed also by a large number of other species of birds - for example see the videos of murmurations of birds unknown in Europe, which in English are called Sandpiper (see ), Cowbirds, Red Wing Black Birds, and Quelea (see ). During my professorship in Borneo, I also had the honour of watching an identically synchronized streams of bats emerging from the huge tunnel-shaped cave called the "Deer Cave" (see web page "magnocraft.htm"), which I researched personally and described in my publications because it was evaporated by UFOs. Most of people have probably also seen shoals of fish or insects in similar synchronization. Readers who want to watch more of the behaviours of such murmurations of birds can search for them on YouTube through the command . Other examples of them, which I would also recommend for reviewing because they also illustrate the mutual collision-free penetration of different flocks of birds flying on collision courses, can be run at the following addresses: (2:47 min), and (3:23 min).

Video #H3b: Here is about 9 minutes long English-language video that illustrates the appearances assumed by the embodiments of some of the most important Archangels known by name described in the Bible. As the video shows, Archangels are able to design and program for themselves any shapes of bodies in which, during their stay in our physical world, an individual "God Drobina", containing their self-awareness and living software, is embodied. This their ability results from the ability to program other surrounding "drobinas of counter-matter" (i.e. "God Drobinas") into atoms from a "periodic table of elements" specially created for their use and very different from the one already known to people, which I described above in (g) from item #H3 of this post, and then programmatically create from these atoms all necessary objects and substances. (The general principles of programming the counter-matter in order to create objects needed by someone are discussed in more detail in item #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm". In turn the creation from appropriately pre-programmed counter-matter the "Inca Walls" existing until today in Peru is described in there in item #J4.5 while shown on the film .) Such unique shapes into which Archangels are embodied, on the one hand result from life experience and creative capabilities that programs contained in their souls are able to prompt to them and that are to differ from the standard shapes given to living creatures created by God, on the other hand, they are also a symbolic expression of the specialization and personality of each of these Archangels.

Video #H3c: Here is a 7-minute long video, documenting a whole range of human-shaped beings displaying supernatural powers, inhuman speed of action, indestructible bodies, disappearing from sight or suddenly appearing where they are needed, transforming into shapes of animals, etc. Some of these beings at critical moments fully or partially glow or flash with strong white light (i.e. with the so-called "extraction glow" - as the Bible reveals that angels shine, while my research on phenomenon of telekinesis deduce theoretically and document empirically since 1985 that telekinetically performed work always induces the appearance of such an "extraction glow"). The documenting of these creatures on films while they glow with a white "extraction glow" is one of the examples of strong empirical evidence for the continually existing and for the God supporting purposes of acting on Earth of creatures in the Bible called "Angels" - as it theoretically results from the statements of the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, and as confirms it the most important "witness" in the form of Bible verses. So although some videos, the addresses of which I have listed here, perhaps, among others, also show some different creatures (e.g. time travellers - see ), while some of them may even be human fabrications, but in view of the multitude of such videos that are already available on the Internet and also the method of filming them, for example by CCTV or by cameras in cars, is confirming their authenticity, still provides an important confirmation of the truth that, for sure, a large proportion of them show the documentation of actual Angels.


On YouTube one can already find a lot of videos showing such glowing with the telekinetic "extraction glow" human-looking creatures. One can search for them, for example, using the command: (for videos trying to report "Angels"), or using the command (for videos trying to report "miracles"). If the reader is interested in this subject, then I would personally recommend him/her to watch the following videos from a large number of those that I looked at in January 2021 for documenting item #H3 here: (6:27 min), (4:01 min), (8:50 min), (3:47 min), or (9:16 min, "People With Real Superpowers Caught on Camera").



#H4. Since the development of the entire "Theory of Life of 2020" is the result of the knowledge about counter-material "God Drobinas" accumulated so far by my Theory of Everything of 1985, let us summarize the most important information about these "God Drobinas" and indicate where in my publications the reader can find more on their topic:


From the everyday use of computers, we already know that programs can NOT exist in a pure form, means while not remembered on any information carrier or transmitted through some accepting them carrier of information with physical features, i.e. they cannot exist e.g. in the pure form of a "program" separated from any information carrier that stores or transmits it - as in pure form there exist e.g. air, water, or electric sparks. In turn, since my Theory of Everything of 1985 established beyond any doubt that the "soul" initiating life is a collection of many different programs, it means that also the soul must be recorded on some information carrier capable of supporting it. In the years: from the development of my Theory of Everything of 1985, until 2020 - I knew that the carriers of all programs used by God are "drobinas of counter-matter". However, in 2020 I discovered that these drobinas of counter-matter which are carriers of God's programs, in fact are living, self-aware, rational, self-learning male and female "God Drobinas" of counter-material structure - as it is explained in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm" while is also briefly summarized in item #I2 of the autobiographical web page "pajak_jan_uk.htm". Only then from "whirls" of this counter-matter the matter of our physical world is formed - including our bodies. This in turn means, that initiating life through the "breathing" (in present computers described by the term "download") of the software soul into appropriately prepared for it a body made of matter, must depend on introducing into this body "God Drobinas" that are carriers for programs of soul, means in the memory of which God Drobinas are contained, amongst others, programs of the soul (including the non-transferable "seed of self-awareness", the database of personality, and long-term memory). In turn this method of using God Drobinas means that their key features become extremely important for us (i.e. for the recipients and carriers of these God Drobinas) and for the God Drobinas themselves, because these key features define also the features with which we are endowed due to their use as information (soul) carriers for programs of our own seeds of self-awareness, databases of personality, karma, translation programs between languages, programs of life and fate, and all other software that they make available to us. So let us learn about the most important features of these God Drobinas.


Male and female God Drobinas are eternally living, indestructible, self-aware beings with miniature bodies made of counter-matter. Both the cabalistic book "Sefer ha-Zohar" and the pre-Christian mythology of NZ Maoris about the superior God Io accordingly (although in different ways and with terminology difficult to understand today) state that all God Drobinas have as many as 4 circular "heads" in each one of these "heads" are 3 independent "brains" (means sets of 3 processors and 3 memories individually assigned to each of these processors) - as it is illustrated in "Fig. # H4ab" below. Together, each God Drobina has as many as 12 sets of "brains", each one of which includes memory and the processor assigned to it. In turn the operation of each of these brains is so established that it has full control over all brains located in a given God Drobina lower than itself (i.e. with a lower number than itself), while in order to be able to interact with the brain located higher than itself (i.e. of a higher number), it must be to this interaction "invited" and its intentions "approved" by the brain that is higher than it. The highest and most important (i.e. twelfth) of these "brains" is occupied by the group memory and processor of God. In this way God (or more strictly the "Holy Spirit") exercises absolute control over all God Drobinas contained in the volume of infinite in size and time universe onto which God already managed to extend His dominion (i.e. into the highest memory of drobinas of counter-matter of which volume God introduced own programs that manage these drobinas). Each of the God Drobinas contains in itself the software that defines it - including, among others: the embryo of self-awareness, the database of personality, the memory of experienced life events, etc., etc., and also contains the software that God developed and introduced into some of its brains and memories. This software is already evolved due to experiences through which a given God Drobina has previously passed during the to-date half of its infinitely long participation in the chaos of the counter-world - see . In turn since the moment when God Drobina is "breathed" into the body of a material creature prepared for it to take care of and to guide, this God Drobina symbiotically shares with the creature the software of "soul" that it contains.


During its service as a supplier of "soul" to a creature created from matter, a given God Drobina quickly acquires a whole range of completely new for it life experiences and knowledge. In this way, the assigned to these God Drobinas service in such a role, accelerates the knowledge and awareness of the universe and serves for the good of these God Drobinas. Thus, it is in the interest of God Drobinas that the material body into which they were "breathed" in order to fulfil the function of carriers of "soul" in it, in the course of its life it actually acquired attributes, memories and habits, on earning of which in creatures created from matter God cares the most - after all then after the end of the existence of the present world, the memory and achievements of these God Drobinas will NOT have to be erased, nor will a given God Drobina be isolated from others for the rest of its infinite life because of acquiring wrong personality traits - as it already happened with the third of all God Drobinas that have sided with Lucifer (The Bible, Revelation, verse 12:4). No wonder that the Bible states that Angels sing for joy when a sinner assigned to them to be led and supervised voluntarily turns onto the right path - see, for example, verse 15:10 in "Luke"; and also states that the righteous someday are to judge the Angels - see verse 6:3 from "1 Corinthians".

Fig. #H4ab: Here is the approximate appearance of the pink male (left) and blue female (right) "God Drobinas" (here their colours are only used to distinguish them from each other - but in fact, their bodies are all chalk-white). Their appearance and the extensive evidence which confirms it, is described in details in items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm".


Note that just because of the similarity of the appearance of male and female "God Drobinas" (in the highest, twelfth memory of which, the group "living program of God" is contained) to the appearance of the human body, the absolute truth and also a well-coded confirmation for a large proportion of findings of my "Theory of Life of 2020" is expressed by the verse 1:27 from the biblical "Book of Genesis" informing us - quote: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."


The discovery of the existence, appearance, and attributes of "God Drobinas" provided us with a powerful "key" to knowledge, and the confirmation for many truths about which previously our ignorance of these facts could sow various doubts. Now this key allows us to gradually reveal from the darkness of ignorance increasingly more truths about life, God, and the reality that surrounds us - as it has already started to establish and confirm with the required "3 witnesses" the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here. Therefore, in my opinion, it is extremely important that readers learn exactly and NOT "reject" but start to use in their life the knowledge that has already been established about "God Drobinas" and is confirmed by the "3 witnesses" indicated with it. Therefore, apart from the above-linked item #I2 from my autobiographical web page named "pajak_jan_uk.htm" and items #K1 and #K2 from the web page named "god_exists.htm", I would also strongly recommend reading item #A1 from my web page named "evolution.htm", and (A) and (B ) from item #E1 of my web page named "smart_tvs.htm".



#H5. So what next works and actions still await me in the process of further refining the theory described here - e.g. [1] explaining with the help of the theory discussed here a number of further scientifically unexplained manifestations of the phenomenon of life, [2] extending the number of documented specific examples of these "3 witnesses" which prove the truth of each of the explanations for the manifestations of life covered by the theory described here, [3] my own (or any other researcher's) efforts to develop a scientifically irrefutable formal proof that the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here reveals the truth about life:


Motto: "If in our universe that is infinite in size and time, the truth of the already postulated solution for a vital research problem is NOT confirmed irrefutably by the independent and indicated here at least "three witnesses", then this means that the already postulated solution is a mistake or a lie, while a solution conformable with the truth and God's design must be sought among other drastically different possibilities of solving the same research problem." (The principle of searching for true solutions to research problems, revealed by the way of achieving mine solutions to these problems - which are conformable to the truth because always are confirmed by the three independent "witnesses" described here.)


Let us discuss in more detail the activities that are required to complete each of the component works indicated in the title:


[1] Explaining with the use of the theory discussed here a number of further so far scientifically unexplained manifestations of life will be continued for a long time. As the development of this theory progresses, the explanations obtained as the results of this research, together with the required "3 witnesses" who will confirm the truth of what is to be worked out, will also need to be documented in writing and published as further fragments of the theory described here. These activities may take many years to come. After all, in the final part of item #H1 of this post, the level of difficulty of their implementation is compared to the difficulty of producing prototypes of new machines or complicated programs that have not existed before. For comparison, e.g. explaining with my Theory of Everything of 1985, whatever the humanity still does NOT know, I continue since almost half a century.


An example of such manifestations of life still awaiting an explanation confirmed by the required "3 witnesses", is the puzzling question, which in the future may be answered by my present "Theory of Life of 2020". This question is induced by the content of a number of Bible verses, e.g. by verses 22:23-30 from the biblical "Matthew" and 12:25 from "Mark" (conveying that: ... For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven) or, for example, verse 6:3 from "1 Corinthians". It tries to establish with the help of the theory described here, whether when after the end of the present world the saved people will receive immortal bodies, then [A] do they will then be a continuation of the present principle of self-consciousness, independent life in bodies of matter that are separated from the God Drobinas that are the donors of their souls, only that it is realized in already different, immortal material bodies similar to second bodies received by Angels, or [B] these verses already contain an encoded announcement that actually the software of their souls (means their self-awareness, personality, memory, knowledge, experience, etc.) will be "merged" with the software of their "soul" bearers as indicates ? In other words for [B], will these saved people become just "brains" in God Drobinas, who only remember their previous lives and thus are experienced in matters of the physical world, but which in fact already have immortal counter-material bodies of these God Drobinas, while only to be able to continue the accumulation of further knowledge and experience in the physical world, they additionally will be given a second body made of matter of the human size and human appearance, similar to the second bodies presently possessed by Angels?


[2] Extending the number of documented examples of these "3 witnesses" which confirm the truth of each of the explanations of life covered by this theory. In a large part the finding of examples of these "3 witnesses" who confirm the truth of each of the explanations provided by this theory is already completed. For example, about the fact that intelligent and living "God Drobinas" do exist, a significant group of such "3 witnesses" is already found and documented in the abovementioned items #K1 and #K2 from my web page named "god_exists.htm". Thus, the increase of the number of these "3 witnesses" may only add further documentation of similar such witnesses whose existence the life in the future may reveal to us.


[3] The development of scientifically irrefutable proof that the essence of the "Theory of Life of 2020" discussed here states the truth. After all, in past my intuition, and now my scientific experience, definitely confirm that the reality that surrounds us was intentionally created so that: "if something is absolute truth, then for sure it can be irrefutably proven scientifically with a properly formulated formal proof". After all, it was just following the tips of that my experience which in 2007 allowed me to prove undeniably with a formal scientific proof formulated in accordance with the rules of mathematical logic that God exists - in spite that atheistic scientists stubbornly claimed (and since the blocking of public access to my research is still enforced until today, many of them claims until now), that the existence of God supposedly never can be formally proven. That my scientifically irrefutable formal proof for the existence of God can be verified by everyone. After all, it is published and available to everyone in item #G2 from my web page named "god_proof.htm".


But whether it will be me or someone else who eventually develops such a scientifically indisputable formal proof for the truth of the "Theory of Life of 2020", everything depends on our God. After all, the gathering of the knowledge necessary to work out such a proof requires time, while only God can provide such time and the necessary inspiration.



#H6. What next theory of the continuation of research and publication of the results obtained due to the "Theory of Life of 2020" described here, will be able to "piece" together in someone's mind - only that working out the elements of their "puzzle" will probably take further 3x35=105 "human years":


From the analysis of time intervals between "piecing together" in my mind successive more and more complex and important theories that I have developed so far, i.e. "piecing together": (a) "Periodic Tables" (4 years), (b) "Theory of Everything of 1985" (12 years), and (c) "The Theory of Life of 2020" (35 years); it stems that in order to gather in my mind all the elements of the "puzzle" from which the next theory could arise that would be even more complex and vital for humanity - as I described it in item #B3 on the web page "2020life.htm", and then symbolically "shake" this mental "tray" with these elements of the "puzzle" (i.e. the "shake" carried out on each occasion of returning to thinking over and working out again the entirety of the knowledge accumulated on a given topic), cause that these elements "put themselves together" in my mind into a picture of the next, new, even better and more breakthrough theory, in each subsequent case the interval of my time elapse was about 3 times longer. Means, in order for the next breakthrough such a "super-theory" to appear e.g. in my mind, it would need to elapse at least 3x35 means 105 "human years". This in turn means a physical impossibility. It is a pity, because from my experiences it appears simultaneously that a kind of "gut feeling" or "intuition" on what it will explain, or what it will be about, each future new theory regarding which the process of such "piecing together" in my mind is just started, typically exists for a much longer time than the beginning of gathering information about it. For example, in my mind this "gut feeling" or "intuition" takes a clear form of a "craving for knowledge" or "inquiries" about some matter, which constantly bothers me for many consecutive years, even before I make any attempt to find an answer to it. (This confirms the truth of the verse 7:7-8 of "Matthew" from the Bible, recommending "knock, and it shall be opened unto you".) In my case the next problem which has been bothering me for a long time, although I have NOT started collecting information about it yet, is the described in "chapter P" from my Polish monograph [12] (available via "tekst_12.htm") the question still hopelessly waiting to find an answer: "What might be hiding beyond the "into depth" super-dimensions similar to the fourth linear dimension "G" of the counter-world?


The existence in our universe of at least one dimension "into depth", an example of which is the "fourth linear dimension of the counter-world (G)", opens the entire mythical "Pandora's Box" of inquiries of both, the scientific type thus explained also theoretically, and the philosophical type. It can also be predicted that to these philosophical questions the humanity is NOT able to provide the correct answer until its knowledge exceeds the level of the "sixth technical era" described in item #J4.6 from my web page named "propulsion.htm" and enters the seventh era of "omniscience". Nevertheless, as it is the habit (and liking) of truth-seeking persons, our curiosity already requires us to ask these questions and speculate about possible answers to them. An example of such a currently unexplainable question could be "what is in, and beyond, the 'null point' of the dimension 'into depth' of the counter-world?" It is known that, by definition, each dimension "into depth (G)" must be a concentric dimension - as evidenced by e.g. the "effect of perspective" in graphics that I described, among others in items #D3 and #A0 from my web page named "god_proof.htm". That is, at infinity, all the "into depth" dimensions converge at one "null point". So, is this unique area of the "null point" of universe, for example, the home for a super-intelligent superior-being, or e.g. a passage to a different counter-universe?


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